Idea for video series about Infinity fluff

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Idea for video series about Infinity fluff

Post by NemoNoName » Thu Nov 26, 2015 5:48 pm

Watching the recent Tau reviews by Matt and Dave gave me an idea for a (short) series of videos about Infinity:

Talk about the fluff. No need to go into too much detail, but make a few videos going with a broad overview and several videos going into factions with a bit more detail.

Not particularly exciting so far, I know. :)

The twist :idea: : make it a two man show with one person who doesn't know (much or anything) about Infinity. In my minds eye I see Dave as perfect for this role.
Especially if you can weave actual gameplay stats into this. Of course, they would have to know some of the game, so a few initial videos teaching How-to-play-Infinity (a series in their own right) could be made.

Imagine Dave learning about Sepsitor taking control of enemy troops or of Impersonation and deploying next to your opponent. 8)

Try and imagine him learning about Achilles: "So he's very good at shooting and and melee. And he's very hard to hit when shot at. And he's very fast.
He's got how many wounds?!"

(I know, I know, it would probably need a lot of background for him to appreciate this properly. Still think it would be fun to see)


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