New to Infinity and need help to build my Aleph army

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New to Infinity and need help to build my Aleph army

Post by XTREM1337 » Fri Aug 15, 2014 1:13 pm

Hi, I'm new to Infinity and I need help to build my Aleph army leg.

I know that I should buy the starter pack (with Asuras) which is around 120 pts I think.

The guys from my gaming club play with an army of 9 to 12 miniatures.

I heard good things about the Rebots etc.

So now I dont know what I would buy to complete my first leg army to 9 or 12 Aleph. I wont spend 300$ I want the best army for the price, the most popular, easy to play and competitive...

Thanks for your help, I'll appreciated it

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Re: New to Infinity and need help to build my Aleph army

Post by Peregrin » Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:25 am

Don't mean to leave you hanging or simply redirect you, but unless someone who has more experience with Aleph decides to post, your best bet is probably either the Datasphere forums, or the official Infinity community forums.

All I can say is last time I faced them, Achilles pretty much ate any of my team he came face to face with, though I won through objectives... I was playing generic Ariadna.
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Re: New to Infinity and need help to build my Aleph army

Post by Angelust » Tue Aug 19, 2014 11:51 am

It sort of depends on what kinds of games your group plays. ITS? YAMS? Straight kill em up missions?

The starter is a very good value. You may want to do a little counts-as or proxying with the box to get maximum mileage. ... roList.jpg

Aleph has a couple different approaches to ITS missions, if that's what your group plays. It can be a brutal killing machine that tries to salvage objectives after the killing has stopped, or it has some very tough specialists at a fairly high point cost. Currently models like the Marut, Asura, Spitfire Deva, Achilles, etc, are extremely good on the active turn, and generally quite capable on the reactive turn.

Personally, I think some of the most effective models in Aleph currently are Deva with Devabots, Asura with spitfire, Dakini HMGs, and Achilles. The spitfire MSV2 Deva is also a bargain. In ITS you'll need specialists though, so Thorakitai paramedic/Forward Observers and Dakini Paramedics will likely be needed.


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