Morat vs Pano

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Morat vs Pano

Post by LonePathfinder » Sat Jun 07, 2014 10:21 pm

During deployment you may not deploy a mine with an enemy unit in the activation area of the mine (Circular or Tear-drop template). Since Morat deployed first, the Crocman was not allowed to put the mine so close to the Morat link team that they would be in the blast zone at the start of the first round.

When a mine hits is does Shock damage, no unconscious level but straight to dead for 1 wound units.

But I guess error 1 (mine too close), and error 2 (not dead by mine, not unconscious) balance each other out.

At 14:40 Morat link leader with combi shooting at crock minelayer, with cover should be +3 range, +3 link team - 6 TO Camo - 3 cover = 8, not 5, so no crit.

25:50 When directly hit by a missile, you apply AP and EXP to the unit hit. When in the burst of a missile, you only apply the EXP. So there should have been 2 rolls of 3 dice for the Aquila Guard and the Doc, not one roll with 6 dice. 3 were AP and 3 were not AP.

At 30 and some times before, the armour save for the Cutter against a HMG is higher than for a Combi. So he needed to beat a 7 against the HMG, not a 5.

Once again, thanks for the work and effort put in to the Batt-rep. Looking forward to many more.

You might just want to read up on Quadrant control because 1.- you were supposed to get points after each round, and 2.- the game ends after one team goes in to retreat, so the winner for this game is not so obvious. I think the Morats may have actually won the game on objective points.

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Re: Morat vs Pano

Post by Angelust » Fri Sep 26, 2014 12:29 pm

It depends a lot on whether you're playing ITS missions or not.

Morat Aggression Force acts like a brick to the face - powerful and lacking subtlety. It's major weakness is that it lacks camo, infiltrators, and most importantly, effective specialists.

In a typical 300 point force you want a minimum of 3 specialists usually, and some options to complete classified objectives. The zerat hacker is decent at it, but she's pricey.

If you're shooting for a 300 point force eventually, many people really like the 5-man Yaogat link team as a super hammer with MSV2, and great options for defense and offense. Shore up the rest of the team with some specialists like Zerat hacker, Obsidon, maybe some forward observer morats, and try to fit in some Pretas if you can to provide area denial with mines, chain rifles, and dogged impetuous models. Q drones are probably the best HMG total reaction remote in the game for its points. Daturazi chain rifle witch soldiers are awesome when coupled with Yaogats for smoke, great CC ability, and mimetism with high PH (for dodge and smoke throws).

If you're willing to step outside of Morats, you get a ton of options that make a really nasty force for ITS - shrouded observers let you have great camo-infiltrating specialists with automeds, Skiavoros gives you an excellent Lt. with Mnemonica, and you get unique kill-crazy units like Ko Dali, Vector HMG, Charontid HMG, etc.

In general vanilla Combined army is more competitive because it's more suited for ITS play and has more options, Morat sectorial is strong in beat-em-up games because of Yaogat link teams.

In more casual games, you can make either army work quite well.


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