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RP- Faction and characters.

Posted: Sat Jun 03, 2017 10:09 pm
by Signet-Powers
Much like last time, this will be a thread dedicated to faction/character descriptions and backgrounds. This should provide a useful refference as the narrative goes on.

Re: RP- Faction and characters.

Posted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 5:17 pm
by Driedguide42
The Iron Warden

Updated for Ferros Alpha

Founded late in the M35 the Wardens were founded partly as a possible counter to the marines that were now rouge due to the Moirae Schism. While these outcasts would go on to prove themselves loyal as the Sons of Medusa, the Iron Wardens themselves would go to prove themselves as tactically brutal Space Marines.

Like their forebears the Wardens have close a relationship with the Adeptus Mechanicus. This not only allows the chapter to use and maintain advanced weapons and vehicles but often the chapter will march alongside the Skitarii and other forces of Mars. This however leads the chapter to accept numerous missions from the Mechanicus often without questioning the orders given. This has lead to clashes with other parties chaos, xeno and Imperium alike.

The chapter doesn't follow the codex as far as chapter organisation goes. They are ruled by a chapter council rather than a chapter master. Veterans are spread across all companies and the duties of scouts are carried out by experienced battle brothers. Four battle companies with 200 battle brothers each, which are reinforced by reserve companies of 80 men. This gives the chapter the ability to hit harder than codex compliant chapters. But at the same time it means the chapter must choose which calls for assistance it responds to.

The chapter dreadnoughts are formed into the 9th company. Lead by the most senior of their number, the founder of the Iron Wardens Kentaro. The 9th rarely deploy as one they are usually assigned to strike forces lead by a venerable dreadnought.

Force Organisation

Battle company
1 Captain
2 Lieutenant
2 Chaplains
1 Warden-Adept
5 Techmarines

4 Veteran Squads - (Usually a mix of Terminators and Vanguard/Strenguard)

8 Tactical Squads - (These squads lack any weapons heavier then a Heavy Bolter)

3 Bike or Breacher Squads - (The chapter disregards the use of conventional Assault Squads in favour of marines armed with flamers and chain swords without jump packs, their purpose being to rout entrenched enemies from cover)

3 Devastators Squads

2 Reconnaissance Squads - (The Scouts of the chapter are experienced brothers used to provide Intel to command along with assassination or sabotage missions)

Force Organisation

Reserve company
1 Captain
1 Lieutenant
1 Chaplains
1 Warden-Adept
3 Techmarines

1 Veteran Squad

4 Tactical Squad

1 Bike or Breacher Squad

1 Devastators Squad

1 Reconnaissance Squad

Notable Personal

Capitan Auron, Capitan of the Iron Wardens 1st company - (effectively chapter master due to the chapter being headed by a council)

Techmarine Torval, 1st company Warden Adept - (A Lord of the Armoury is simply the most senior of a Company's techmarines who then answer to the Master of the Forge)

Lieutenant Mallis 1st company

Lieutenant Henricos 1st company

Chaplain Thortes 1st company

Librarian Semos - Epistolary

Venerable Calgos - Dreadnought 9th company (All chapter Dreadnoughts are assembled as one company then assigned to the others.)

Captain Varath 3rd company

Lieutenant Vis 3rd company

Techmarine Medoza 3rd company

Captain Engard 5th reserve company

Captain Renantinus Tero (Primaris) 13th Company (the all Primaris company most of the specialists are normal marines along with 30 members of other companies on penitence duty)

Epistolary Helgik 13th Company

Chaplain Venalos 13th Company

Re: RP- Faction and characters.

Posted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 12:49 am
by Acanthus
The Helios Guard

Founded sometime in the late 35th or early 36th Milleniums, the Helios Guard are renowned for resilience, tenacity, and survivability. The Chapter is relatively insular, having only a few close allies (namely the Obsidian Fists, the Death Korps of Krieg, and, recently, the Deathwatch). None now living know from which Chapter the Helios Guard are descended.

The Helios Guard have a particular hatred for the forces of Nurgle. Indeed, it was to Nurgle that Veteran Sergeant Theren, known as the Blighted King, turned when he and his forty-nine disciples broke with the Chapter in the 38th Millennium. To avenge themselves upon their traitor brothers, the Helios Guard launched a Crusade into the Maelstrom, known as the "Trial by Firs" or the "Rebirth." By the end, only two hundred battle-brothers survives, but they succeeded in killing the forty-nine and in banishing Theren (now a daemon prince) for seven hundred and seventy-seven years. Following this, the Chapter's First Company was reformed to consist of two hundred men, in commemoration of the Rebirth, and the "Mantle of the Warden," a symbolic rank granting an officer of particular worth command over all operations in the Chapter Master's absence, was created.

Since those days, the Chapter has participated in many campaigns. Of particular note is the Traxis Campaign, the Helios Guard's first action as part of the Conclave of Seekers that led to the loss of almost half of their manpower. Since then, the Chapter has largely rebuilt, and has established sleeper cells of undercover agents and guerillas across the worlds of the shadowy Reclamation Dominion.

Notable characters:

Chapter Master Acanthus Valorum, former Deathwatch Watch Captain and lord of the Helios Guard

Thero Celcon, Master of the Fleet

Dreadnought-Reclusiarch Thawn Gerodus

First Captain Varth Arren, Lord of the Two Hundred

Second Captain Vos Cvriac, The Avenger

Third Captain Huel Daros, Master of Endurance

Fourth Captain Tuizus Erioth, Master of Vigilance (currently engaged near the Eye of Terror and cut off from the rest of the Chapter)

Fifth Captain Merek Andrel, Master of Crusades

Sixth Captain Yaren Devitan, Master of Penance

Seventh Captain Horic Olias, Master of Relics (fighting alongside the Fourth and cut off from the rest of the Chapter)

Eight Captain Gregor Seric, Master of Strength

Ninth Captain Toras Korvydon, Master of Annihilation

Tenth Captain Nero Fredal, Master of Silence

Chief Apothecary Samos Arth

Forge Master Anak Krayt

Chief Librarian Rikal Garren, a former Epistolary, member of Valorum's honor guard, and apprentice to the late Chief Librarian Thyman

Re: RP- Faction and characters.

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 6:08 pm
by Signet-Powers
Major factions:

The Reclamation Dominion:

A shadowy organisation whose own members don't even know the true purpose, the mysterious Scholar seeks to gain dominance over countless hundreds of worlds along the Eastern Front, were the Imperium struggle to keep a grip of it's own territory. The true aim behind this remains unknown, however its influence stretches across armies not only alien in nature, but also those forces both loyal to the Emperor and not.

The Conclave of Seekers:

Created and run by Inquisitor Valeryia II the Conclave of Seekers fights a proxy war against the Dominion, using the forces and influence of the Inquisition to assert the Emperors domain and carve out a new future for the Eastern front. their aims are, the eradication and dissolution of the Dominion, as well as the retrieval of the mysterious Whitestone fortress that has since disapeared amongst the stars.

Minor factions loyal to the Dominion:
Boffs orks:

Decimated at the Naval battle of the Rhea star system, the Ork warband belonging to the Warlord Greasy Boff presented a significant pillar of the Dominions military might during the Traxis wars. this armies destruction lead to the hastening of the Dominion's superweapon project.

Dark Eldar of the Black Heart:

A contingent of the ruling Drukhari party of Commoragh is know to have run the Dominions military arm during the Traxis wars. To what extent the entire Black Heart was involved is unclear however a minor Archon by the name of Galianth Galianostra was committed to the cause. It appears that she at least was KIA on planet 76779 by the Helios Guard, however due to the nature of the Dark Eldar race her death is not confirmed permanent until the Inqusition has completely finished processing the body. the Drukhari organisation has not been destroyed or taken out of action as a whole, however, they certainly appear less involved than previously. The Astartes suspect this may be down to rumoured political undercurrents in Commoragh by the description of inquisitorial spies.

The Kestral Sector:

The government of the plant kestral has spent the last two centuries forcing their rule over numerous loyalist worlds. for the past the inquisition and greater Imperium was willing to look past this, however at the start of the Traxis wars they saw an opportunity with the Dominion to expand their territory much faster. This lead to direct warfare with the Astartes on numerous occasions and had resulted in the deaths of four trillion human beings at the hands of Ashton Wolcott. Currently the attack on the planet Iso revealed that the kestrals have invested int eh production of an ethnic targeting superweapons for the Dominions use.

Re: RP- Faction and characters.

Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:36 pm
by Salamand3rs4Lyfe
Sorry if i necro this but i was wondering if this is something id be able to join in on with my chaos warband?

Re: RP- Faction and characters.

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:04 am
by Driedguide42
Salamand3rs4Lyfe wrote:
Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:36 pm
Sorry if i necro this but i was wondering if this is something id be able to join in on with my chaos warband?
No Problem. This page is used to post your faction info. Mostly your Leader and his inner circle a little bit of background on your force.
You can choose which side to support the Conclave of Seekers or the Reclamation Dominion. You could always act as your own force or be more mercenary with you actions (support one side but are simply taking advantage of the situation)

If you need more info just ask though Signet is the acting GM so to speak.
The General Discussion/Player Feedback forum is the best place for further questions.

Re: RP- Faction and characters.

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 11:17 am
by Salamand3rs4Lyfe
Cool, thanks for the quick reply.

The Privileged:

The Privileged are a group of renegades formerly known as the Sons of Tyreme that fell to Chaos in M39. The chapter known as the Sons of Tyreme were named after an Imperial Fists hero, Tyreme Atropos. After a series of wars over their homeworld of Rusol left the chapter weak, a voice could be heard in the mind of each of the brothers of the chapter promising power in exchange for eternal fealty to the Changer of Ways Tzeentch. As they believed they were weak to the imperium the Sons accepted the limitless power. A few days after their acceptance powerful warp storms enveloped Rusol, they only lasted for fifty years but were powerful enough to leave the surface of Rusol uninhabitable to non-astartes lifeforms. The chapter master of the former Sons of Tyreme, Ikaron Ascadath Decreed that they were privileged by their new master to sow havoc in the decaying imperium and he christened the warband as The Privileged. Due to the warp storms that ravaged their homeworld of Rusol The Privileged field a large number of possessed, which they often use as a vanguard for their invasion forces while daemon engines and havok squads bombard the entrenched defenders from afar. The cults that dedicate themselves to worshipping the warband do so from a space hulk which orbits Rusol, this lack of sun exposure due to the hazardous nature of Rusol’s surface has left the cultists pale and with poor vision. whispers of the Reclamation Dominion helping Ikaroth reverse the daemonic possession that gripped many of their numbers during their fall, including Ikaroth's own blood brother run abound.

Inner circle:

Ikaroth the warp-touched: the chaos lord leading the warband, rides upon a disk of tzeentch and wields a screaming daemon sword.
Hands of Ikaroth: ikaroth's personal bodyguard, a group of four chaos spawn that follow him into battle and act like attack dogs

Kugarr the brazen: chaos lord who "rules over" the terminator forces of the warband. Was the leader of a warband known as the DevilDogs before they were assimilated into The Privileged. Wears hulking terminator armor and wields a lightning claw and chainfist.
DevilDogs: kugarr's personal retinue of terminators and the only ones permitted to wear the mark of their former warband, ride to battle in a land raider and wield lightning claws and combi-plasmas

Osmar the exalted: daemon prince of tzeentch and claims to rule over the assorted sorcerers and rubricae that fight under ikaroth's banner, clad in ornate golden power armor with large wings.

Babdar, the blessed: dark apostle who is often seen preeching the word of tzeentch to cultists upon the space hulk, the last whisper and takes charge of the howling fanatics upom the battlefield.
ChangeSeekers: one of the many cults that worship the warband and led personally by Babdar, the blessed, being the largest and most flamboyant of the cults they wear bright colorful outfits to proclaim their allegiance

Re: RP- Faction and characters.

Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 6:05 pm
by originalpancake

A new tyranid hive fleet has appeared in the outer reaches of the galaxy. The Hive Fleet has been named Hive Fleet "SWARM" after it's black and yellow color's. It has not attacked any planet's yet but the mear apperence oof a new hive fleet is considerd a Priority Alpha Threat and imperial action sould be taken swiftly and mercilessly too counteract this new threat this new threat.

We Have also noticed several smaller forces detaching from the fleet we curently belive them to be gene-stealer infiltration forces un frotinatly we have lost track of them an beilive they could of posibly infilitrated several civilian craft already and have set their cource for a planet. Considering this all imperilail gaurdsmen sould keep a close watch on new citizen's enteringyour planet. We have curently observed 6 small splinter fleet's detache form the main hive Fleet, But we are currently still on the look out for others. we have cureently fully identified 2 of the splinter fliet both of wich are gene stealer cult's that operate ferly idepnedently from the regualar fleet. they have also infected imperial ships

This Hive Fleet Has also strangly allied with the chaos gods. Presumubly under the notion of being able to feed on whatever they want without resistance.


Center fleet:
Norn Queen"Mother nyse"

Aboard tyranid hive ship"Apis"
swarmlord "stinger"

Splinter fleet "Wasp"
Patriarch insidious croll
currently abord a infected imperial light cruiser

Spinter fleet "hornet"
patriarch snile claw
Aboard the infected imperial light cruiser

Re: RP- Faction and characters.

Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2018 2:20 pm
by Signet-Powers
1st of the updates here. Will be doing more in due time. should hopefully list all the factions and eventually characters but that might take a bit of time.