Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by originalpancake » Tue May 01, 2018 4:49 pm

Tarken: Reaver do you know any fortified postitions in the area.

Reaver:Yea we keep undeground bunkers in case of large scale riots we can go there to bunker down and try to rally any other survior's

Tarkens squad were running down the street. a streak of light appears in veiw.

Tarken: looks like they evacuated the station, the escape shuttles are entering the atmosphere. Squad were moving to regroup from the survivors and wil fight through what ever tyranids stand in our way,got it.

Squad: YES SIR

They began marching twwoards the landing site ready to fight through whatever is between them and the shuttle

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by originalpancake » Thu May 03, 2018 5:14 pm

The spalshing of the sewer water could barley be heard over the movement's of the tyranid force above.

Tarken: Reaver how close are we to the predicted landing zone.

Reaver:we should be there in 2 minutes at this rate.


Tarken looked down at his own bolter pistol and loaded a new clip in the pulling back the bolt.

Reaver: this sould be the entrance.

Tarken Lock and load people. Were going in


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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Raschier » Sat May 05, 2018 3:10 pm

Inside the Cathedral, on Ferrous-Alpha

The Cathedral was busting with life, Sisters were shouting orders and firing from broken windows, while the Frateris Militia members scurried around carrying ammunition caches, so the heavy bolters would never tire. The floors were littered with stone rubble, broken, stained glass and some corpses from Sister and Militia alike. And on occasions an explosion shook the building as another shell hit the Cathedral, filling the chambers and hallways with smoke and dust clouds. All these factors made it hard for the infiltrating scions to remain unseen, and it was a close call several times, but they still managed to remain hidden, although it delayed their mission by some hours. Several times they could hear a Sister talking to a superior, but the noise was to loud to hear any names. When a Sister remained in contact long enough, the scions could get a rough position of a leader figure, but so far they weren't lucky.

"Cornelis do you get anything?"

Lumas sat impatiently in a corner together with Cornelis who was listening on his Vox while checking his dataslate. They sat in an dark room, filled with beds and matresses, and was thus most likely used as a sleeping quarter. Tjep stood point and watched the chamber, which was filled with several Sisters. The rest of the scions remained motionless, or aimed at the door.

"A few more seconds........ Got it!"

"Shhht, you got the location?"

"Better, I got a destination."

"Alright, send it to my dataslate."

"Already done sir."

Two knocks alerted them to Tjep's presence.

"Movement, the girls are leaving."

"Which way?"

"To the south, Marshall."

"Good, away from us. Now gather up, we found another possible destination of the Canoness, so this will be our plan..."

Marshall Lumas explained the plan, and after that they moved out. Hoping to finally intercept the Canoness.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It took them 15 minutes to reach their designated ambush point, a long hallway filled with large banners hanging from the ceiling, ending in a T-spilt. Marshall Lumas hid at the right side of the T-Split, together with two Scions, one holding a Plasma gun, the other holding a lasgun. Across him sat Tjep, with his Plasma gun and two others with Lasguns, while hanging from the ceiling and hidden from view by the large banners were Huccino, Zimmer and Boris who's holding a lasgun in his hand. At the beginning of the hall, inside two opposite chambers sat Samr, Cornelis and the three remaining Scions.

Foot steps could be heared a few minutes after set up. Three pair by the sound of it. They entered the hallway through a large door. They were in conversation with each other, but the scions couldn't hear what was said. Lumas remained in contact with Cornelis through their earpieces, as it was Cornelis' job to identify the target.

"What do you see Cornelis?"

"They haven't passed u... If you don't shut up Samr will be forced to silence you permanently."

"What is happening Cornelis?"

"Our room wasn't empty sir, we found a Sister in prayer, so we were forced to deal with her non-lethally. Now she is trying to make some noise through her gag, to alert her sisters. We can't have that."

"Understood, what about our target?"

"Not yet passed, but she's getting closer."

"Alright, radio silence from now on. Send two bleeps if target is confirmed, one bleep if target is false. And try to keep the lady silent without killing her, we lost enough of them already."

"Roger that, Marshall."

Lumas didn't have to wait long, because after less than two minutes:


Lumas clenched his fist, finally they got her. And he started to count down from 30. When he reached five he raised his hand counting down the rest with his fingers, at zero both his group and Tjep's group entered the hallway, weapons raised. The Canoness and her bodyguards looked surprised at these sudden intruders, but quickly recovered and grabbed their weapons, aiming them at the scions.

"Fall back Canoness, we'll hold them off long enough for you to es..."

At that moment Huccino, Zimmer and Boris zipped down from the ceiling, with Boris aiming his lasgun at the Sister on the right, Zimmer aiming his bolt pistol at the Sister on the left, and Huccino aiming his bolt pistol at the Canoness.

"You're not going anywhere ladies."

Said Huccino with a smug tone in his voice.

"You fools, our fellow Sisters will burst through those doors any second now!"

Lumas wasn't fazed by the Sister's statement, and just casually looked over her shoulder. At the large door stood Samr, Cornelis and three others, with Cornelis giving him the all-clear sign, while Samr looked through the door into the other hallway. Lumas looked back at the Sister, and shook his head in disagreement. The Sister was angered and shouted:

"You have any idea who is standing in front of you!"

"Calm down Sister Fresaa."

The Sister looked surprised at Canoness Vorpal, who continued talking.

"They know exactly who I am, and that is the reason why they haven't shot us yet. Now tell me, who are you?"

Lumas took a step forward and saluted.

"I am Tempestor Marshall Lumas, of the 77th Kalos Falcons Stormtrooper Regiment!"

"Hmmm, the Kalos Falcons you say? I can't remember that they were on the list of regiments stationed on Ferrous-Alpha. So why is their a clandestine regiment on my Shrine World?"

"We are part of the retinue of Inquisitor Jacob Highland. Our arrival was kept a secret for reasons known only by Lord Highland himself."

"So you're not one of Singh's dogs, that is fortunate. You have my respect for staying out of sight from my Sisters and the Militia, but it took you long enough to find me since you arrival through the sewer entrance."

Huccino and Zimmer moved slightly back, their stature showing that they were surprised that the Canoness knew. The two sisters beside Vorpal looked at each and were just as surprised as Huccino and Zimmer. Even Lumas was slightly taken aback by this revelation. Canoness Vorpal laughed shortly, sending shivers down Tjep's spine.

"You thought I didn't know about the sewer entrance? What kind of Commander would I be if I didn't took pre-cautions? How is Sister Klementine, she hasn't reported anything for several hours? I presume you haven't killed her?"

"She is a little tied up right now. So how did you know, and why let us run freely?"

"A lady has its secrets. And the reason I didn't act was that I figured you weren't here to take over, but rather free us from our chains."

"Hmm, why not act on it yourself if you wanted to be removed from these chains?"

"The chain of command can be a real pain sometimes, and I couldn't act against his wishes, as that would be against the wishes of the Emperor. Or so would most of my Sisters think, but I know he is doing this for his own gains and petty squables, not for the Emperor. As the Emperor would not refuse to safe keep his people, or deal with an invasion from the Archenemy by hiding away."

"I see, so we can count on it that you won't interfere, and I can count on your help after these chains have been removed?"

"You have my blessing to remove him from this place, after that I'll take over temporary command and further help with the defense of this world. Though I can't promise your safety until you removed him from play."

"We are close to his office, so that won't matter much. You have a defense to organise, so we won't keep you longer from that task. For the Imperium!"

Lumas made another salute, as does the rest of the scions around him. The Canoness nods and salutes back.

"For the Imperium!"

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by originalpancake » Sat May 05, 2018 6:24 pm

Tarterus tyranid's camp

The flesh sculpters were scurying around the landing site picking up and moving the regurgitated biomass of it's fellow tyranids. They had begun there true perpose now that the spawnign pit's had been finished they had begun the construction of the towers. The towers were huge spire of flesh and bone that go straight up to lower orbit. These spires are delivering biomass to the hive ships while they are based with a giant digestive pool at the bottom. the flesh sculters are working in both directios working in sync with the ones constructing the tops of the towers on the hive ships. one of these spires has already been finished and the flesh sculpters have moved on to the next one. the spawning pit's have gone into full swing spawning ripper swarms and other tyranid monstroucitys. the tyranids have moved onto the phinal phase of the invasion. leting loose spores into the atmosphere and have realesed feeder organism's at this point the landing cite is more then 100 kilometers wide most of the city is now flooding with tyranids now the consumption of the planet and it's secrets are only a matter of time.

Otisira station.

The station was cleared all restitance quawelled ripper swarms had been brought in through the hangar and temporary digestive vatts as well as a tower to the main hive ship had been constructed. the first ones to go were the low ranking slaves, then they began comsuming the dead. it only took about 30 minutes and the whole station was cleasend's of bio mass. the only things still alive up there was the patriarch and 30 genestealers told to guard the station from any reinforcments coming to defeat the tyranids.

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Signet-Powers » Mon May 07, 2018 1:33 pm

Governor's tower.

“How are we on that uplink?”

Singh marched around the command centre with purpose, his eyes drawn across the countless officers working as best they can to keep a control on the battle.

“Not yet Inquisitor!" a young man responded. “But soon my Lord.”

“How soon?”

“Pretty damn soon my lord.”

He allowed himself a smirk. “Good, and watch the cheek.”

“Of course my Lord.”

He rubbed his hands together, moving out to the balcony to look over the smoke covered city.

Various flares were up over the skyline. Green flares signalling a harsh front line in an outward arc a mile and a half out. Red flares further up dotting out areas of fierce resistance. Gunfire and explosions rang out like thunder and lightning.


He turned, a man in a commissars uniform standing before him. “Yes, that’s me.”

“I’m Cadet Damien, Commissar Estaryia wanted me to speak to inform you that she’ll be back to action as soon as possible.”

He hesitated. “Why, were is she?”

“In the infirmary, she’s injured.”

“But not dead?”


“Good.” he nodded. “Good. that’s one person still alive anyway.”

“Yes my lord.”

Singh paused, looking the man up and down. “…you’re a commissar?”

Damien hesitated. “…yes my Lord. Commissar Cadet.”

“Then you’ll know I’m only an Acolyte and you don’t have to address me as ‘my lord’.”

“Oh.” His hands motioned about for a moment, aimlessly. “Right.”

“Right. Well anyway, I need you to report back to her that… that…” he stopped, looking back towards the city. “You hear that?”


The sounds of battle had stopped.

No gunfire. No explosions. No screaming. No noise.

Just the wind.

Singhs throat tightened, an ill feeling on his mind. A feeling like before, back on his ship. When they’d been attacked in the warp. “That’s not right.”

He could sense Damien reach down for his pistol, evidently feeling the same way. Even the command centre behind them with the Officers and Astartes tech-marines had gone dead quiet.

“We should go back inside.” Damien noted. “Now.”

Down on the streets, amongst the rubble and blown up pavements, the army of cultists had came to a standstill. Even the guardsmen and solders defending the world had done the same.

Everyone sensed it.

A powerful feeling of supernatural dread that bit into their very soul.

Closer towards the city centre, only the Sorceror Deselin hadn’t noticed it. Focused as he was on the sword plunged through the front of his armor.

He was stumbling, holding himself up on a car in an empty street.

He was alone.

Which was good. He preferred that, truthfully. Not that he’d ever admit- not that he even wanted to. But he did.

Babdar had saved him. His Tzeenchian bikers arriving just in time. A second later and the Primaris Captain would have likely gutted him.

The Wardens had been driven off, taking the smart option and retreating. In the midst of the confusion he’d lost sight of the Captain. Heck he’d lost his entire warband running to hide somewhere.

Why did he do that? Why did he always run?

He cursed as another jolt of pain burst through his body. Maybe to himself, maybe to Slaanesh, maybe even to the world.

He leant against a burnt out police car, touching the blade. With a snort he flexed his right hand, channelling warp energy into it. For a second he thought about how much this next step was gonna hurt.

“Feth it, I’m a Marine—I’m a lord!” he spat at himself, and yanked the blade out.

It was indeed just as painful as he’d imagined. Agonising even. If he was mortal it alone would have killed him. but he wasn’t.

His magically induced hand sealed the wound. With the other he tightened his grip about the sword handle.

This wasn’t okay. He told himself. You are better than this. You must be better.

His memories went back. Back a long time. To his parents.

Part of him wished the brainwashing as a scout had gotten rid of these memories. Burnt them from existance like the rest of them. After all, if you didn’t remember something from when you were a child does it even matter if it happened?

But no. It was there.

The memories were always there.

What his father did to him. Every night. Burnt into the back of his mind.

And he hated it. Every second of it. How much he had screamed as it had happened. begged and pleaded. How pathetic his Astartes training had taught him it was.

What had been wrong with him? Why does the one true god even feel he's worth her pity?

He looked about the silent street, at the every houses and abandoned homes. How many lives had he destroyed? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of Thousands?

He hoped it was more.

No one rescued him when he’d screamed for help- the pain had never stopped. Not until the marines had found him at 8. Taught him to fight for his right to live. Why should he care about anyone else?

He rested the tip of the blade on the road and looked up to the sky.

It was quiet enough that he could hear the birds a few blocks down squawking loudly. Probably looking for a missing chick or something else that the small creatures cared about.

“Animals…” he muttered to himself, amused. He’d never really considered what-

A sound struck his ears. It was in the nearby building, moving fast.

He dived off the cop car, turning just in time as a window shattered and a large body lept through.

Renanitus Tero. He rolled into a crouched position. Bolter rifle in hand. Aimed straight.

Desilin created a barrier just in time. The Botler rounds shattered off it. exploding in sparks.

But he was weaker than before. And the barrier barely held.

One shell got through, cracking against his left pauldron and sending him stumbling back a few steps.

The Warden dropped his weapon to hang by the slip and ran forward, smashing through the barrier and slamming into the Sorceror.

The two struggled. Alone in this street. The Captain obviously the physical superior.

After several quick swings he disarmed the sorcerer of the blade, pulling it clean free from the Slanneshis hand.

Rage took over Deselin. He channelled all his power into his fist and punched. Warp energy blew the captain backwards.

Then he pulled up a gesture. In an instant a wall of fire separated the two, a wall that separate the street across the middle.

Renanitus watched the Sorceror, no real signs of distress, then checked the blade. The edge had been shattered, the powered component damaged. He lightly chucked it aside and carefully reloaded his rifle.

“Aren’t you calm.” Deselin snarled. “I thought you’d have ran away along with the rest of your brothers.

“I could say the same to you.”

“Shut up!” he spat, pacing backwards. “Look at you, one smug little cunt! Won one fight and think you can do what you want.”

“I never had a quarrel with you.” the captain replied, raising his voice slightly. “ I do this because it is just! You have only yourself to blame for what comes next.”

DO I?” he pointed, retreating faster. “And what does come next? Tell me, do you know?”

“I know enough.”

“So no. You know nothing.” His eyes moved towards the sky. “It’s almost here. can you hear it?”

A noise emanated from the sky. Loud. Like a foghorn. A sharp whine following it that echoed around the city.

“What is that?” the captain demanded, looking around for a way past the barrier quickly.

“See. You don’t know anything. You don’t even begin to comprehend!”

“This barrier will not hold forever!”

“No.” he nodded, several craft suddenly circling low overhead. “But it will hold long enough.”

The silence that had consumed the city was starting to end. Explosions and gunfire rattled back off in the distant as a thunderhawk circled around the street above Deselin. Renanitus grit his teeth in frustration. His company had done a good job of drawing most of the traitor marines away so he could hunt down the sorcerer on his own but evidently not all of them.

The ramp opened and a heavy figure fell out. much bigger than the sorceror, possibly even heavier than him.

The traitor hit the ground with a solid thud, smashing up the ceramite and concrete at his feet. He was wearing cataphrii terminator armor, so old as to be as loud as a jet engine. Heavy titanium reinforced chainmail under armor plating that would put a battle tank to shame. Unnaturally strengthened muscle and fat flowing through the joints. 3 large horns, one of each pauldron and one on the front of the helmet, like any Lord of Contagion.

Lord Reschtahk flexed his neck and cackled to himself. A cackle that was, made louder by his armors speakers.

He was carrying two blades, but stuck them inside his own gut to sheave them in his fat. Deselin stood alongside, charging up warp energy to empower himself. “You’re dead now!”


Reschtehk lunged.

He crossed the fifty foot gap faster than someone of his girth had any right to. He smashed into the captain like a semi-truck.

The two bodies scrapped another fifty feet along the road. The Chaos Lord slamming the loyalist through the ground as if just mud. Concrete rained everywhere.

When they came to a stop, Tero lodged a good foot deep ino the road, the Nurlge Lord raised both hands. He clamped his fists together and breathed once. There was a momentary pause that gave Tero time to raise both arms defensively in front of his face and save his life.

When Reshtehks fists came down, enhanced by the terminator armor, they cracked Tero’s gauntlets and the sound shattered every window in the street.

The captain swore, unable to stop himself. The pain was strong and sudden, unlike anything else.

Deselin came sprinting around in an arc, taking the opportunity to kick Tero hard in the face and preventing him from countering Reshtecks next attack.

The Nurlgite held the captains right arm aside and with a screech of motors punched him in the face.

The helmets HUD went haywire, blocking his sight. Taking him out of the world.

Deselin reached down and pulled at the helmet, trying to rip either it or the captains head off.

Tero roared, used all his strength to pull a hand free and grabbed Reschkteks horn. He twisted, causing him to break off his pinning hold and giving him a chance to break free.

He got up, trying to run for the side, trying to get some distance, but Deselin launched a lighting bolt and tripped him up. He’d barely even hit the floor when Reschtehk grabbed his left leg and swung him, throwing him through a nearby building like he weighed nothing.

Bricks and mortar exploded, and he passed through into the next street.

He just about managed to get back up and run behind a car to hind as the two lords followed him through.

“Where are you?” Reshtehk called out, scanning the street both ways “Come on. Comeout, come out… I promise it’ll only hurt a lot.”

Deselin was shaking in frustration, his embellished robes torn and polished armor smothered in dust. “He’s here. He won’t run.”

Renanitus pulled out his knife, gagging down blood. At least the sorcerer was right on one thing.

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Salamand3rs4Lyfe » Mon May 14, 2018 5:39 pm

After dodging a multitude of traps Belthuzzad's hunting pack finally reached a door with the fleur de lis of the adeptus sororitas embellished upon it. Belthuzzad turned to give the two members of his hunting pack an affirmative nod before voxing Ratoghan "warpsmith, scan this door for traps, and alert lord Kugarr that we have reached the cathedral and will enter upon word that the Possessed brothers have entered" . The click in his ear signified the warpsmith's affirmation, speaking to his hunting pack as he checked his combi-flamer and crackled the energy field on his power maul he barked out one final order "check your weapons and shoot on sight. we kill them all for Loctar and his pack, leave no survivors or your heart is forfeit" the rage in his voice was unmistakable.

As the land raider bearing Kugarr and his DevilDogs rumbled to a halt behind the Sororitas rhinos Ratoghan voxed the terminator lord "the hunting pack in the tunnels outside the cathedral is ready to enter, just waiting on your terminators and the Possessed". Kugarr growled his reply into his vox "the convoy with our Possessed just arrived at the gates, once they drop the energy field my DevilDogs and i will move in, tell Belthuzzad i will be waiting" before clicking the vox over to Ikaroth "my lord, the siege on the cathedral will be underway shortly"

Ikaroth was starting to get tired of these damn primaris marines, no matter what injuries he inflicted on them they were able to keep fighting. Even normal space marines weren't this durable. As he zipped around the battle on his disk of tzeentch swinging his daemon blade Abdication into the squad of primaris intercessors milling about trying to deal with his chaos spawn escort he suddenly got a vox message from Kugarr "what do you want Kugarr? I'm a little busy at the moment" as he panted from the exertion he could almost hear the wheels turning in Kugarr's head as he thought of the best thing to say to please Ikaroth. "My lord, the siege on the cathedral will be underway shortly" Kugarr piped out quickly knowing it would not be wise to keep Ikaroth waiting for too long. "Good" Ikaroth smiled and watched an Iron Warden intercessor punch a hole in the chest of a rubric marine with his bolt pistol. The rubric marine lurched forward and his eyepieces grew dark then, after a moment his eyes assumed the same phantom green and he raised his inferno bolter and turned the intercessor's chest into a pile of goo.
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Signet-Powers » Wed May 16, 2018 2:22 pm

Prison planet surface.

The smoke had cleared by the time she woke up. A pain crawling down her neck. The shuttle hadn’t exactly entered the atmosphere slowly.

The sound of gunfire echoed around her skull. As consciousness came to she looked around the pod.

There was blood over the walls, a couple of guards killed on impact. Some had survived though and had gotten outside. Evidently thy were fighting something.

It was now that she noticed it.

Jeffires. Lying with his head leant forward.


Her throat caught. Bile building up.

He appeared again. The hallucination. Sitting alongside Jeffries body. “He’s probably still warm.”

She didn’t say anything.

“The first person whose been nice to you in years and he’s dead.”

“I barely knew him.”

“And now you never will.” A smirk crossed his face. “You’re alone again.”

She looked away, looking towards the opened doors. To the light.

“The surface is out there. The planet. You won’t survive though.”

“You don’t know that.” she picked up a rifle from one of the guards.

He reappeared by the doors. “But you do.”

She didn’t say anything. Instead loaded the weapon and prepared to leave.

“You can’t ignore me forever.” He called after her, before disappearing again.

It had been years since she last stepped foot on a planets soil. The gravity threw her off, almost enough that she never noticed the scene around her.

The shuttle had destroyed a small shack in impact. Green grass covered grassy knolls and muddy hedges as far as the eye could see. Three of the Guards that had been in the shuttle were applying pressure to the wound of a injured member, two more dead ones buried under alien corpses only metres away. A group of 7 or so wounded sat in the middle, clutching their injuries.

“What are you doing!” one of them shouted when he saw her. “Get over here, it’s not safe-“


The creature screeched as it lept atop a hedge, a raptor of sort, the tyrranid Guant.

The guards raise their weapons and fired, lighting up the hedge with gunfire. The creature dodged left and right, before falling back. “kill it! fething kill it!”

“Get after it! before it alerts the rest!”

“NO!” she cried out. but they weren’t listening.

Three more lept atop the other side of the clearing, darting towards them as they were distracted.

They were fast, incredibly fast. Faster than even the fastest speeders she’d seen. had she not already had her gun drawn their way she would have been unable to stop them.

As it was she took out the first two. Precise shots only just about hitting their centre mass. Sending them rolling.

The guards panicked and turned, just in time to get the last one. it’s brings burst out of its reinforced skull as it crashed into them. It knocked one of the guards over, just about coming to a stop in time.

“What the feth!” One guard roared.

“They’re Tyranids!” she yelled at them. “That one on the top of the hill fell back- they’re not operating on natural instincts?”

They were confused. “So?”

“So they’re operating under synaptic control, meaning there’s some sort of commander nearby, meaning we need to get out of here now!”

“Hey!” the lead guard roared. “Who do you think you are prisoner, you better-“

Four more gaunt leapt atop the destroyed shack, three more circled around a another hedge. Seven more close behind. They hissed. Then waited, crouched. Heads darting between each other as if awaiting a signal.

The guards panicked and opened fire. When the first gaunt died the rest charged, blabbering t the mouth.

Terror took over her heart and she tried to shoot back, but her gun jammed.

“no.” she muttered under her breath. Watching them get closer. “No, no, no-“

Several loud bangs. Explosive. Filled their ears.

The closest Gaunts fell in under a second, bolt rounds tearing them open.

The rest turned on a dime, launching themselves towards the source. More gunfire ripped the ground around them and took them down. Red and orange beams. Lasfire. Even a missile round blowing up a huge heap of dirt.

Silence took over the guards and they turned their heads.

From out the smoke walked a number of prisoners, at their head a Commissar, his Bolt pistol held at the hip like the cowboys of the ancient Terran west. He span it on his finger before slamming it back in the holster. “Looks like we got here just here just in time.”

The guards ran up, thankful looks in their eyes. Tarken turned back towards his group. “Reaver, I may be mistaken but did you just you just waste a missile round on those things?”

“Waste is a matter of perspective sir. If I don’t use them now, may never get to, you know?”

“If you say so.” he addressed the Guards. “So… you all from the station?”

The first saluted. “Commissar, we came down as quick as we could, the station was overwhelmed. By… by those things- the prisoners they were-”

“Woah, woah, Slow down, slow down! You’re safe now.” He patted the guards shoulder. “Right now, it’s a good thing we found you when we did. How many of you can walk.”

“Most of us, but some are…”

He looked at the injured. “I see. Right well we a few lasguns to spare, those of you who can fight take one, the rest carry the injured.”

“There’s… there’s Xenos everywhere.”

“That’s why we’re heading to one of the underground bunkers. We’re gonna hole up until reinforcements arrive.”

“But there’s already reinforcements coming!” the guard who’d been the shuttle pilot interjected. “They’ll be landing at the city.”

“Are you certain?”

“Yes, that’s why we came down here. our landing co-ordinates were off.”

He nodded. “That’s good then. We’ll go there then. everyone get ready to move.” He looked around. “Who can shoot a lasgun?”

A guard raised their hand. “I can.”

“I can, well sort of..” said another.

“Me too.” Said a third.

Caroline walked forward, nodding to get the new arrivals attention. “I can.”

Tarken’s eyes turned her way. “you’re a prisoner?”

“So are half of your group, and they’ve got guns.”

He raised an eyebrow. Reaver smiled alongside him. “But you’re from the station. Otisara station is for serial killers and mass-murderers.”

All eyes were turning her way.

“Your point?” she asked, a low tone to her voice.

There was a long pause, then Tarken took a step forward. “You can shoot?”

She didn’t back down. “Very well.”

One of the guards nodded. “She is actually pretty good at shooting. We’ve seen it.”

Tarkens eyes didn’t move off her. she sighed. “Look, I have no reason to shoot you in the back. I just want off this planet, same as everyone.”

The exchange was cut off by a distant animal roar.

He smirked. “Well I’m drawn for options and it seems the world’s end is your lucky day.” He turned back to the group. “Off we go boys and girls. We’ve got a city to reach.”

Ferrous-Alpha church.

High-Priest Barnaby was sitting at his desk in his office, a large room decorated in multi-million credit statues and ornaments. The various other adjutants and servitors were going about their business, tending to the fire place and candles around the room.

His eyes kept to the window. Watching the view outside. Every so often the floor would shake, dust falling down from the ceiling.

“Ugh, you there- Girl!” he called out to a trainee sister in the corner. “Do something about that.”

The girl nodded. “Yes my lord.” she opened the door to find a bucket.

He tutted to himself, returning to his notes.

Before long a miute had passed and she hadn’t returned. He looke dup to the door. “Girl?”

No reply.

“Girl? Answer me?”

No reply.

Visibly annoyed, he gestured to one of the many adjutants. “You! Someone! Go find out where she is, go find out why-“

There was a knock at the door.

“Yes!” he demanded. “Who is that! Is that you g-“

There was two light thuds on the window behind him. he turned to see a number of red wearing soldiers rappelling onto it and calmly placing down small explosive charges on the glass.

He stared in shock, slowly getting out of his seat. “What in the name of-“

The main door opened slightly, and something was tossed inside. He turned to see the cannister bounce slowly, coming to a stop.

He gasped.

The cannister exploded, a rbight flash that blinded everyone in the room. The doors burst open, the windows exploded and a number of bodies burst in.




Voices roared and soldiers entered, hotshot lasguns pointed in all directions.

“What’s going on!” Barnabus demanded.

Two adjutants tried to run but were tackled immediately. The few Sister trainees valiantly tried to fight back with their fists, but being barely past their teens were floored instantly.

“On the floor! No one move, get down now!” one of the Scions yelled, firing two rounds harmlessly into the ceiling.

Now everyone was doing as they were told and dropping to the carpet. The scions weapons turned either towards the walls, checking for traps, or towards Barnabus himself.

“What is the meaning of this!” he demanded.

“Target confirmed!” a scion declared.

“Target confirmed.” Repeated another.

Marshall Lumas walked in behind them, eyes focused on the high-priest. “Restrain him.”

Barnabus looked around for an escape, but couldn’t find one. Desperately, he reached for the panic button on his desk, but three of the soldiers caught him in time and dragged him away.

“Ah, ah, ah…” Tjep grinned, “let’s not hurt ourselves now.”

“Who are you!” Barnabus demanded.

“High-priest.” Lumas spoke over them, waving his soldiers aside. “You will excuse our impromptu entrance, only your receptionist didn’t return our calls.”

“How dare you!” Barnabus cried. “How- how dare you think you can assault me—Me –like this!”

“You should choose your words carefully high-priest. The Inquisition does not tolerate threats.” He turned to the rest. “Tie him up or something, we’re taking him with us.”

Tjep grinned as Zimmer producd a pair of cuffs. Barnabus started struggling, desperatly trying to break free. “You’re making a mistake!”

“We’ll see about that when we get back to the Governers palace.”

“You’re dead! You here me! You can tell Singh that there’s no chance the Ecclisiarchy is supporting his little war effort now! That there’s no way we’re doing that! I am the voice of the emperor, I am-”

The Marshall hesitated, turning back to Barnabus. “NO! You are a liar, and a traitor! Thousands of people have died today already because you won’t help us! You’re leaving everyone to die when you have over a thousand sororitas at your disposal!”

He snorted. “Hah, and? It doesn’t matter what I do, this war is ending the same way.”

“The Dominion is ran by genocidal murders and heretical warlords!”

“And that’s different to the Conclave how?”

“Are you deluded? The Dominion wants genocide. Look how many people have died here, just today!”

Singhs face turned from anger to a sly smile. “Oh my… you really don’t know, do you?”

“Know what?”

He laughed. “Oh, this is too good. You ain’t getting nothing out of me.”

“That’s fine with us, Highland is a Psyker, we’ll just extract it by force.” He shrugged.

“W- wait wh-“

Tjep slammed his rifle hard into his face and knocked him out cold, blood running across the floor from the old mans broken nose. “targetis secure sir.”

“Good, all we gotta do is sneak him back out of here.”

Not too far away, closer towards the centre of the city a man stumbled.

Caleb looked up blood running down his cheek from his eye. The sky was fileld with smoke, impossible to see higher than a mile, but he could sense it.

It was there. It was coming.

They’re new master.

A sense of serenity overtook him. but his stomach shifted in pain and he was reminded what the cultists commander had done to him.

He had to keep moving. He had to reach the church. He had to. That was his new purpose now. His greater purpose.

He wouldn't fail his master.

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Driedguide42 » Thu May 24, 2018 10:55 am

Renanitus listened for the movement of the two lords, calculating the best moment to strike, he knew he would have to eliminate the sorcerer first, not only was he much weaker then his terminator counterpart but if allowed to recover the his talents would limit the captains options. Quickly checking his belt he noted his full complement of grenades. Carefully so not to alert the traitor lords to his presence the captain undid fuel cap on the car and readied a krak grenade. Setting the explosive to a longer detonation timer he tensed up to test his strength. Either the car would be the wepon to turn the tide or at lest make one hell of bang.

Governor's tower

Varath had been assessing the defence perimeter when the dread wave had hit. Most of Wardens had noted it for a few seconds, which for the usually unshakeable chapter was a cause for concern. Before entering the palace he voxed the 13th company command channel.

Varath "Captian Renaitus, this is Varath I need a status report"

Venalos "Captian Varath this is Chaplain Venalo, we lost contact with Renaitus not long ago"

Varath "Dead?"

Venalos "Unsure he went after the lord of chaos force we are dealing with"

Varath internally groaned, the captain had left his men to engage a skilled foe in single combat, in some chapters he would be a hero for such an act. The Wardens would call him an idiot. While taking the head off first formed the basis of a large amount warden doctrine, to engage in honour duels was unacceptable.

Varath "Understood chaplain, can you hold out?"

Venalos "Shouldn't be much trouble, the sorcerer was providing the problem, I will find the captain when we are finished, Vebalos out"

Shutting the channel Varath went in, instantly spotting the Acolyte with a Commissar cadet

Varath "Acolyte I assume you just felt that wave, what is it and can we kill it?"
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Raschier » Thu May 24, 2018 8:12 pm

In the Cathedral, at the sewer entrance, 45 minutes before Barnaby's arrest

Ahrin was leaning against the wall of the hallway, his resp-mask was hanging at the side of his face, a sigaret in his mouth. Opposite of him sat Halmer, a lit sigaret in one hand, the other leaning on his knee. Both men's Ryza Pattern Lasguns were leaning against the wall. It was quiet in the hallway, both men were either looking at the ground or had their eyes closed. It was Ahrin who broke the silence.

"So, you think the Marshall got the target?"


"So they'll be on their way back then?"

"I guess."

"Why haven't they contacted us yet then?"

"Radio silence."


"Could you shut up? We only get a 5 minute break, and I'd like to spent that in peac..."

Halmer was interrupted by a soft echo coming from the sewer-doorway, this echo became slowly louder. Halmer and Ahrin looked each other in the eyes, and both came to same conclusion, break time was over. Both quickly put out their sigaret, and Halmer got up his feet. They grabbed their lasguns, put on their resp-masks and ran towards the doorway. At the top of the stairs stood two other scions, one with a plasma gun, and the other with a voxcaster and pistol. Down the stairs stood two more scions, one with another plasma gun and the other with a lasgun. Spread around the entrance hall, behind large rectangle boulders, stood three scions equiped with volley guns aimed at the sewer entrance. All had heared the echo, and all were alert and on edge. Halmer whistled and the scions that weren't cover yet, quickly sought it. The echos became louder, and stomps could be heared now.

Ahrin made a quick scan in his head on what this sound could be, then it hit him. It was too light to be another Hellbrute, and too hard for power armor or something lighter. He turned to Halmer.

"F*ck! Tango-Alphas**, that sound comes from f*cking Tango-Alphas!"

Then he turned to the rest, standing in the doorway.

"Tango-Alphas! Charge the Plasmas! Open fire! Ahh!..."

A hail of shots came from the sewer, and several hit Ahrin in the chest. Most were blocked by his carapace armour, but some went through. He fell to the ground, bleeding. Around him all hell broke lose.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In the High Priest's office, present

"Here, put this resp-mask on Barnaby. It will keep him sedated till we get to the Governor's tower. And don't forget to put the black bag over his head."

Lumas turned around, pointing his finger at Cornelis. Behind him two scions were busy preparing the unconscious Barnaby, tying his hands and putting the resp-mask on his face.

"Cornelis, put me Canonness Vorpal in the line. I'd like to be the first to congratulate her on her promotion."

Cornelis nodded, twisted and pressed a few buttons, spoke a few senteces through the phone and then handed it to Lumas.

"Canoness Vorpal. Barnaby has been arrested and stripped of rank, because of several severe charges, with neglectence of duty being the least severe. As the next in line, you are now in command of the Ecclesiarchy's forces. Now open the vox-channels."

He gave the phone back to Cornelis. His attention now focused on the remaining prisoners. He looked at them, three men from the Militia and two Sisters in training sat on their knees, facing the ground. Lumas cleared his throat.

"I'm having a hard time deciding what to do with you. You are the only ones that know of the arrest of Barnaby, and I would like to keep it that way. But killing you would be a crime on itself aswell, if we shot you that is. So I'm going to give you five a deal. The deal is as follows, you five don't talk about what happened here, and you are free to go, but if anyone of you talks, then all five of you, or at least the ones that survive thus fight will be charged with treason. That is the deal."

A Sister looks up towards Lumas and asks:

"And if we don't take this deal?"

"Then we'll throw you out that window."

The Sister was taken aback by this quick answer, and quickly looked down again. The rest whispered amongst themselves. Lumas turned away from the prisoners. He didn't have to wait long before their came an answer, though. An Militia man stood up.

"We'll accept the deal."

A smile appeared underneath Lumas' resp-mask, and he grabbed the tip of his peaked cap and nodded this a little, as a sarcastic sign of appreciation.

"I knew you would make the right decision. Untie them, but let them not yet leave this room."

"SIR! You need to hear this!"

Cornelis called for Lumas attention, pointing at his phone. Lumas took a few quick steps toward the vox operator.

"What is it?"

"The rearguard, at the sewer entrance. They have come under attack. Here, they need you."

And Cornelis hands Lumas the Vox-Phone.

"This Tempestor Marshall Lumas, what's wrong?"

"Tango-Alpha's *crack* attacked from sew.. *crack* Taking heavy casualt.. *crack crack*"

"Soldier, how long can you still hold out?"

"*crack*..ot long, we have take.. *crack* ..eavy casualties. *crack crack* to be overrun."

Lumas stood for a dillema. That was the safest way out, and it was now compromised and about to be overrun. But if they blew it up, then the only way out was through the front door, where a hundreds of cultists and traitor marines were waiting for them. Lumas cursed silently, then continued.

"Soldier, push the button. Bring the ceiling down! I repeat, blow it up!"

"*cra* Sir!"

Lumas gave the phone back to Cornelis, then walked towards the Barnaby's chair, and sat down with a sigh. A few moments later, the Cathedral shook heavily, a chandolier fell to the ground in the hall outside the office, and the dull sound of an explosion could be heared. Lumas looked towards Cornelis.

"Any response?"

"Sorry Sir."


"Try to reach Inquisitor Highland, tell him to sent the cavalry."

Lumas turned the chair towards the broken window and looks outside. He could see the warn torn city. He looked at what were once tall skyscrapers, and the places where people used to made a living, but were now all destroyed. He looked at the sky, but he could see no stars or sun, only black smoke and dust, moving in a suspiciously odd pattern. It was hard to look away from it. But then his attention was drawn to the sound of Rhinos driving quite fast towards the Cathedral. They had the emblem of the Adeptus Sororitas engraved upon it, but something was off, the Rhinos were driving to hard and not in formation. Lumas grabbed his binocular and took a closer look at the Rhinos. Almost all of them had been drenched in blood it seemed, and was it still leaking? He looked at the Rhino closest to the Cathedral, and saw something that shocked him. An arm came out from the gunners nest, still moving and drenched in blood, but was quickly pulled down by an unnatural claw.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Inside the Governor's building

Estaryia was walking towards the office of Singh, as she was ordered to report to Singh when she was combat ready again. She actually wanted to talk to Inquisitor Highland about Damian, and her favour, but orders came first.
She was close to Singh's office when she was shoved aside by someone in a black trenchcoat and cavaliers hat, with the right side pinned to the crown. She looked with fury towards the culprit, who was still walking further and seemingly in a hurry, and shouted to him.

"I hope you know that shoving an Comissar is acapital crime! Now stop and turn around, so you can receive your punishment."

The culprit turned around, and Estaryia immediately regretted her choice of words, as she who it was. While his nose and mouth were hidden behind a dark red scarf, she immediately recognise those eyes.
Highland pulled down his scarf, a sly smile appeared, and he answered.

"While I would love to see you punish me, I have to insist that we do that another time and maybe in a more private place. As I have more urgent things to attent to."

And he turns around again and walksvaway in a hurry, leaving an blushing and ashamed Estaryia behind.

It didn't take Jacob long before he reached his destination. The Stormtrooper guard nodded and opened the door for him. Jacob rushed inside, where Acolyte Singh and Captain Varath were discussing something, but they stopped the moment Jacob walked in.

"Inquisitor Highland, good you're here, me and Captain Varath were just discussing what that dread wave could be."

"Something terrible I guess, I don't know what, but that is not why I'm here?"

This was a lie, Jacob knew where its origins lie. The whispers inside his head had only become louder since that wave, which only meant one thing, it came from the Warp. But if he told them how he knew, they would probably execute him where he stood, out of fear that he was losing control. And maybe they were right, as he himself wasn't even sure about it. So he kept quiet.

"Then what is the reason of your unannounced visit?"

"Are your communications almost working?"

"Almost yes. Why'd you ask?"

Jacob puts a note on Singh's desk, and points towards it.

"When communications are back on, and your fleet is operational, then open this channel and tell them that message. My fleet will then come out of hiding and help yours."

"Why can't you do this yourself?"

"I'll be away for the coming hours?"

"Doing what exactly?!"

"I'm sick and tired of being on the defense, so I'm going to show everyone the real strength of the 77th. I'm going to lift the siege of the Cathedral!"

"You mean that..?"

"Yes, Marshall Lumas succeeded in capturing the target, but is now trapped inside."

"That is good news, but with you and the 77th away, our defenses here are weakened."

"Don't worry, I have faith that Iron Wardens under Captain Varath, and the remaining guardsmen, will hold the line."

Captain Varath pounds his chest and says.

"They won't take another foot, Inquisitor!"

Jacob nods in approval and walks out the door. When he closes it, he stands face to face again with Estaryia. This time Jacob greets her more formally.

"Commissar, just the person I needed. While I am away, you'll be in overal command of the Astra Militarum forces."

"Come again? Me in command? What about the Generals?"

"They only seek personal glory or safety, I know you seek to win and I think you are the one most capable of doing just that. So here, take this penchant, it shows that you act under my will."

"I'm honored Sir, I'll do my best."

Estaryia salutes at Jacob, and he nods backs, then walks off in a fast pace, but turns around one last time, just as Estaryia was about to knock on Singh's door, and calls.

"Don't disappoint me Commissar, otherwise I'll have to be the one doing the punishment."

A loud laughter followed, and Jacob runs off, leaving a flustered and blushing Estaryia behind, just as the door towards Singh's door opens.

** Tango-Alphas = Terminators

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Salamand3rs4Lyfe » Fri May 25, 2018 3:00 am

Ikaroth stopped mid-swing, a feeling of pure dread falling over him. A feeling that he hadn't felt since before he became a mighty space marine or fought his way through the ranks of the Son's of Tyreme to become their chapter master and then the chaos lord of the warband they would soon become. Shrugging the feeling off he voxed the other chaos lords to find out what that was when suddenly a bolt round hit his thigh and detonated, launching him from his disk and knocking Abdication from his grasp. With a heavy thud Ikaroth hit the concrete and swung his bolt pistol into a defensive position while his spawn escort jostled and fought to establish a protective barrier between him and the loyalists. Taking a moment to inspect the wound he discovered that the bolt round only blew a good sized chunk from his leg, an incredibly painful wound but nothing the chief apothecary could not fix.

The first sororitas rhino slammed into the gate at a bone jarring speed, the metal around the hinges groaning in protest before buckling and giving way before the bloodsoaked tanks. The rhinos screeched to a halt in the courtyard of the chapel, their doors flying open and daemon possessed chaos space marines swarming out to eviscerate the sisters of battle manning the defenses. The landraider carrying Kugarr rumbled into the courtyard and opened its maw, the terminators inside loping out and beelining for the doors leading into the baroque cathedral. Arcane combi-plasmas spitting molten death as the terminators zeroed in on targets and let loose. With a growl Kugarr voxed his DevilDogs "check your targets, and keep an eye out for Belthuzzad and his packmates. Don't get in the way of their bloodreaping".
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Signet-Powers » Tue May 29, 2018 3:36 pm

“Come on… come on…” Deselin seethed, eyes scanning the road for any sign of motion.

He flexed his right hand, straining as purple energy bounced up and down his gauntlet. It was dirty. A shame upon itself but he didn’t care. He only wanted the Loyalist dead.

With a grunt he approached a grate and readied his fist. A snap of orange energy consumed it and his arm was lit up in burning warp fire.

He punched at the grate. Channelled the flame into it and flooding the sewers. All down the street grates exploded out of the ground and pathways as fire burst forth.

“Come out already!” he shouted. Now he approached the buildings on the left side of the street. “I’ll burn you out if I have to!”

He did the same again, channelling fire. The building was annihilated with warpfire, the detonation showering the road with bricks and mortar. The two neighbouring houses giving in as well and collapsing.

He roared louder, doing the same to the houses across the street, bringing them down. “You’re running out of places to hide!”

The ground shook with every step Restehck shook. The giant leaked puss along the ground, a trail of smoke pouring from his armor like a tanks engines. But his vision was torn away, looking towards the sky. “Wait! Something’s wrong… this isn’t supposed to happen yet.”

Deselin wasn’t listening though. He moved further ahead. “Tell me boy, have you enjoyed the galaxy the corpse you call a god left behind? You must have came all the way from Terra right? Have you seen things? New, wonderful things that made you a better person?”

Renanitus prepared himself. The sorcerer was getting closer.

“The Imperium’s dream is dead! It always was. It never existed. We are all slaves to the will of another, the difference is our souls are actually rewarded.”

So close. Tero’s mouth shut, his breathing slowed and his breath held steady. He had one shot…

Deselin reached the car, eyes watching the houses for movement. “Whereas you.”

The clouds parted and something emerged.

“…you’ll die for nothing.”

Govenor’s Tower.

Damien had slunk off towards the window, leaning against it as Varath and Singh spoke.

He wondered how it had gotten to this. how he’d gone from running up some mountain to watching the seniority of the Inquisition and Astartes argue with each other. Two organisations he had fought were only fairy tales and myths not even a few weeks earlier.

It was lucid. Almost like a dream.

Part of him expected to wake back up in a minute and still be on that warzone back at the mountains, fighting the cultists. Even worse, part of him expected to wake up back home. Back on the farm.

By the emperor he hated that farm. Even if he hadn’t conscripted he would have fought to the death to get off world.

At some point Estayria entered the room, looking flushed and embarrassed, only for it to disappear and her composure to return. She stood alongside the two others, occasionally adding in a remark or suggestion.

Every ten seconds or so her eyes would dart his way, eventually mouthing “How come you’re here?” to him.

He motioned towards the drinks on the table nearby, of which Singh had many, and made a chugging gesture.

She rolled her eyes and turned back to the conversation.

He smirked to himself, folded his arms and leant further back against the window. His eyes turned westward, looking out towards the city. Wondering what-

His heart stopped as he noticed it. He was about to open his mouth to speak when another dread wave hit. Much, much more powerful than the last, and now everyone had noticed it.

Further across the city, Guardsmen and cultists stopped dead. The pits of their stomach tightening up and pinning them in place. Several miles from the centre, a chimera battalion had been making traction inwards when they saw it as clear as anyone could.

The clouds in the sky parted and something began to emerged. Something big. Impossibly big, peering through and hidden in smoke.

Lightning danced and shattered against its form, then more and more, unnatural electrical currents hitting against it with untold ferocity. Almost like the planet itself was terrified.

For a second it was silent, then the dread-wave hit one final time and the legs uncurled from beaneath it.

The Guardsmen screamed and turned on a dime, all running and sprinting as fast as they could to get away.

None of them knew what it was. what it was doing, even if was anything at all.

But they ran. Something inhuman and yet primordial inside them screamed at them to run. Told them they had to run. Told them they needed to get as far away as they possibly could.

Felicity, a private, 1st class, could just barely keep up with her squad as they broke up. her legs were moving as fast as tey possible could, dropping her weapon behind her.

She kept running, soldiers fleeing all around her. she ran until she fell and hit the ground.

In desperation she tried to get back up, but somebody crashed into her, knocking down once more.

Panicking, she crawled behind an intersecting house, taking cover and curling up in terror.

The soldiers kept running past, like a never ending stream. She hadn’t realised how many had gone on ahead. Many ha copied her though, small groups of five or so hiding in alcoves and peeking out to look back at what had appeared.

Carefully, she peered out, taking a look at the monstrosity came closer towards the surface.

It was massive. Longer than any ship. Bigger and more grotesque.

It’s entire surface was a mixture of organic and metal material, bleeding off smoke and fire into the atmosphere.

Lightning still shattered off it, the sky going a dark red above.

It croaked, a noise like a dying animal. A noise that travelled across the entire city as something unfolded beneath it.

It was too much. She hid again, grabbing her head and screaming.

Back at the tower, Varath had reached the balcony first, shattering the glass doors as he’d ran through them in a hurry and clamped his eyes over the vision before him.

“Th-that’s…” Singhs words caught in his throat. “That’s… the thing thatattacked my ship in the war… the thing that… that’s been… it’s a...”

Varath said what didn’t need to be said. “Daemon Ship!”

The 9 kilometre long monstrosity swivelled over the city, approaching the centre ever so slowly, thunder and lightning crackling off its repugnant hull. Rain began to pour as countless huge, 3 km-long scorpion-like legs uncurled from its underside, slamming down and fixing its hold into the ground.

Remote fire burst from certain areas of the city, even bigger rounds of artillery slammed against the monster, doing no visible damage at all to a hull capable of stopping planet destroying weaponry.

Blood bowl stadium.

The prisoners, the captured guardsmen and soldiers, the dispossessed. They all screamed. They screamed as the beast came to a stop high above them. Even the cultist and what few chaos marines had been left here were visibly distressed by its hovering presence.

The only one who wasn’t was the Cultist commander. He approached towards it, looking up at the demonic ship and outstretching his arms. His voice a whisper to himself. “For so many years we have waited….”

Though the top half of the ship resembled that of an ordinary battleship merely corrupted and covered with organic matter, the underside looked like an open ribcage, inside of which lay a horrifying mess of metallic tendrils and appendages, swirling around each other like moving intestines.

“For this opportunity to come to pass…”

The tendrils seemed to ungather, stretchingout downwards, a mess of them moving towards the stadium. A hunger that could be felt by the thousands of gathered prisoners screaming in utmost terror.

The commander removed his helmet and grinned. Eyes watering. “The feast of Gods shall begin.”

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Raschier » Tue Jun 05, 2018 11:03 am

At the Cathedral

The moments after the Daemon Ship had landed were followed by an eerie silence, as if every sound was blocked by that ship. The fighting outside and inside had stopped for a moment, as all looked at the monstrosity that had landed on this planet. On the Imperium side they were all lost for words, several militia members took their pistol and blow their head off, unable to comprehend what they saw. The Sisters took a step back, unable to shoot at the oncoming Possessed that had passed the barrier. These Possessed didn't move either, as their gaze was fixed on the Daemon Ship, they had forgotten what they were doing.

The silence was broken by the whistle of missiles, and the sky above the Cathedral was filled with the shapes of a dozen or more missiles. These missiles impacted outside of the barrier, close to Ikaroth's forces. Snapping out of the trance, they quickly find cover from the flying shrapnel, jumping in foxholes or hiding behind rubble and ruins. Because of their quick and disciplined response, they managed to keep casualties low, with only a few unlucky marines dying from the missile barrage. This barrage continued for several minutes, creating a large, thick dust cloud, obscuring the left flank of Ikaroth's forces. After the barrage the silence continued, but not because they were entranced by the Daemon ship, but because they were waiting for something to appear from these dust clouds.

The marines moved slightly closer, their bolters raised, waiting and searching for any sign of movement from within these dust clouds, but even with their enhanced senses they could not see any. Then a sound came from the dust cloud, sounding like a snap from someone fingers, and then an arrow made of pure white light shoots from within the dust cloud and pierces the five marines that stood closest to the dust cloud. The flash revealed a man standing within the dust cloud, dressed in a black trenchcoat, an black cavaliers hat, and the lower part of his face covered by a dark red scarf, a large sword is strapped to his back, and with his right hand raised and his index finger pointing towards the enemy.

The moment the last pierced marine hit the ground, the rest opened fire at this lone man, but before the first shot could hit him, more figures appeared from within the dust cloud. These figures were larger then the lone man, and surrounded him with their large shields, creating a ceramite wall, and blocking the incoming fire from the marines. After a few seconds the marines saw the futility of continuing firing, instead shouting for the bigger guns to come in range and blow a hole through this wall. Several marines left their cover, carrying lascannons, missile launchers and autocannons, walking towards the dust cloud to get a better view. The sound from engines approaching alerted them to their mistake, as from the dust clouds dozens of Taurox Primes raced towards the enemy, equipped with gatling cannons and volley guns they opened fire on the now exposed marines. Several marines could jump out of the way, or dug behind cover, but others weren't so lucky, as they were pierced by the gatling cannons or run over by the Taurox.

As the Tauroxes kept on racing, the shouting of men could be heared from within the dust clouds, and a dozen banners could be seen through the dust clouds. The 77th had arrived, and the Battle for the Cathedral has begun.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jacob held his hand against his head, that smite had drained quite a lot of his power, and his head was bursting with pain. He hadn't expected it to be this powerful, but it was probably because of that thing that had landed on this planet, it messed with his head. He could not use any outward spells, or the worse could happen to him. No, he would only use lesser powers, to enhance his fighting capabilities. He looked forward, the Bullgryns were still standing before him, beside him scions ran towards the enemy with weapons raised. He could hear the shooting, the enemy recovered quicker then he had anticipated, and were now putting up a good fight.

An explosion disrupted Jacob's train of thought, and he could see what looked like pieces of an Taurox fly through the sky. He tapped on the back of the Bone 'ead, and he moved aside, giving Jacob a better view of the battlefield. His forces have taken cover in buildings and foxholes, and were engaging the enemy marines, while the Gatling Tauroxes were still racing around, pinning the enemy with their unending barrages. He then looked towards the Cathedral, where the fighting had continued, and the Possessed had entered the Cathedral. That was his target, he had to clear that place of the enemy, with the Sisters he could take the battle to that monstrosity. But first clear those possesed, his scions would hold off any reinforcements for them, but without his help the Sisters would be too weakened to be off use.
Jacob grabbed his heavy bolt pistol, gives some simplistic orders to the Bullgryns, and then they ran off towards the Cathedral.

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Signet-Powers » Mon Jun 11, 2018 1:48 pm

*** Govenors Tower ***

Singh ran out the office in a panic, heading towards the stairs. All around the building people were running to windows or screaming into their own hands. Varath had gone off to address his own forces, so Estaryia and Damien followed him.

They made their way down to the command centre, entering the big room through the doors and addressing all the officers directly. “Everyone listen up!” he called out.

But they weren’t listening. They were all at the main window. Their stations temporarily abandoned.

“What is that?” someone begged.

“What the feth is that?” cried another.

“Hey!” Estaryia yelled, her voice raised. “We demand your attention!”

Again no one listened. Panicked arguing took over, people began shouting and shoving aside. One woman backed away, a Sargent of strong demeanour, and began backing towards an exit.

“Where are you going!” the Commissar demanded.

“I’m not staying!” she shouted. “How can we fight back against that!”

A few other officers shared similar looks of fear on their faces. Estaryia shook momentarily, not sure even if she felt the same way. “You can’t leave! Cadet!”

Damien nodded and the two of them approached the sargent. She tried to move but they grabbed her, dragging her back. “I’m not staying!” she roared.

“By Guillemans name just look at that thing!” a man shouted. “Look at it, what are we supposed to do!”

Estayria shoved the sargent back towards the group and pointed at him. “I said no one’s leaving.”

“Or what!” someone yelled. This time one of the more senior.

She reached for her bolt pistol and raised it at him. Damien, hesitating, did the same.

“You’re gonna shoot me?” the man asked. “I’m a brigadier, you do that and you have several thousand men to answer to!”

“Yeah.” Someone else nodded, pulling out their own pistol. “Two little commissars pushing their weight around.”

“Two of them.” a woman spoke, taking out her weapon as well. “And how many of us?”

Damien grit his teeth, very aware they were severely outnumbered here. Estayria was going red, the frustration suddenly getting to her. “I’ll count to five. One-“

“Three!” a man almost yelled as he pulled out a full on lasgun and aimed it right for her.

“Four!” Damien yelled back as he aimed it for him.

More guns were being pulled out. Pistols, and various other weapons.

Estayria looked them all in the eyes before opening her mouth once more. “Fi-“

“STOP!” Singh roared. Raising his left hand. “Everyone- calm down! Lower your weapons and control yourselves!”

There was hesitation. The man pointing the gun at Estaryia looked past to him. “Control ourselves? We’re not staying here with that thing!”

“I know.” Singh nodded. “And you don’t have to.”

Estayria grunted, turning her head slightly behind her but not breaking eye contact with the officers. “Inquisitor…”

“Commissar, stand down.” He made a lowering gesture with his hands. “Please.”

Damien did so, but Estayria wouldn’t follow. Carefully, he tapped her on the shoulder. “Ma’am.”

She made an angry noise, then backed one foot away before lowering the pistol.

“Look.” Singh put his hands together, trying his best to keep everyone calm. “I won’t lie to you. yes, this indeed a tough situation.”

“And!?” an officer yelled.

“And,” he continued, “I understand how hard this is. So, if anyone wants to leave. You are free to.”

Estaryias eyes went wide. “S-“

He waved her off. “Nothing will be held against you. You have my word.”

The officers considered this, a few lowering their guns. “We aren’t fighting that thing!” someone said in a panicked voice.

“And you don’t have to.” He smiled, before nodding towards Estaryia and Damien. “Commissars, with me for a second please.”

They followed him back out the room, the officers watching as the doors shutting behind them.

The moment they were in the corridor Estayria reared on the Acolyte with an anger Damien hadn’t seen before. “Are you serious!” she seethed.

“Commissar, please understand-“

“How dare you!” she growled. “We can’t just let people leave because they’re-“

“And we won’t.” he smiled again, gesturing behind her.

She turned to se a number of stormtroopers, Singhs own personal cohort, their weapons loaded and ready to go. “You called us my lord?”

“Ah yes.” Singh gestured towards the command centre. “They’re in there. If you would operatives.”

“With pleasure sir.” They passed by the commissars, opening the doors and entering the room.

Estayria watched them enter, before turning back to Singh. “What’s this.”

“Don’t worry about that.” Singh replied. “The issue is resolving itself, all we need to-“

He was suddenly drowned out by the sound of screaming and gunfire from the room. On instinct she turned towards the door but Singh put his arm in front of it.

“…all we need to do, “ he continued, “is ensure that our forces remain effective and operational. I need the two of you to get on the ground and keep the troops at the front line fighting for us. I need to trust that you can both do this for us.”


“It doesn’t matter who is in command or not.” He smiled as the gunfire in the room started to die down. “As long as it gets done.”

The doors opened and Singhs stomrtroopers re-emerged, covered in blood and lasguns shots burnt harmlessly into their carapace.

“So…” Singh asked, fixing his turban back into place. “Can I trust you both to do that for me?”

The stormtroopers eyes turned towards them both, the one at the front wiping off a strip of flesh that had ended up on his pauldron.

“…or…” Singh asked, “well… there’s no problem is there?”

Estaryias voice had lowered, almost going quiet. “No. No Acolyte.”

He snorted. “Excellent. I’m glad I could count on you.” he nodded towards Damien. “The both of you.”

*** Bloodbowl stadium- underneath the ship ***

At the stadium the ships tendrils swirled above, a mass of monstrous metal and flesh like appendages.

They curled around surveying the prisoners below. There was hundreds of them. thousands. And the more they screamed the worse it got.

The cultists had ran. All of them either going crazy on the spot or blubbering on the ground trying to hide. Only the chaos marines stood their ground, watching the cultist commander as he stop on the precipice of a makeshift stage, whispering strange incantations to himself.

One of the Slaaneshi marines approached, looking up at it. “it’s magnificient.”

“I know.” The commander spoke, breaking away.

“And it will be done? it will finally be done?”

“Oh yes.” his words a hiss. “You shall have your army.”

The tendrils reach down, down toewards the stadium. Lightning crackled off them as more, much smaller tendrils emerged off each one of them.

They reached into the crowds, whose screams were now loud enough to be heard across the city, and wrapped around them. each tendril picking a single person and tearing them from their chains.

Limbs were ripped from sockets. Bodies were peirced through the middle. Some people even accidently ripped straight in half.

But it took them all the same. Grabbing them and pulling them up, up high into the sky, up towards its body.

“But we cannot summon the attention of that which lies beyond this realm…” the commander spoke, “without equal payment. A soul for a soul.”

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Salamand3rs4Lyfe » Mon Jun 18, 2018 8:52 pm

As gatling rounds ping harmlessly off of his armor, Corpsebreather let out a roar and swiveled his battle cannon to engage the tauroxes as they drove past. Using his power scourge and power fist to flatten and shred the humans swarming out of the tauroxes. Covered in blood and with fresh cadavers adorning the spikes on his armor, the monstrous defiler engaged the oncoming reinforcements before they could attack the possessed or the terminators inside the cathedral courtyard.

As Ikaroth clambered back onto his disk he voxed the other members of his circle. "I want all forces not focused on the cathedral assault to pull back to the blood bowl stadium, that thing over there will draw the attention of the enemies so i want as much of our force as possible guarding the stadium so it all goes according to plan." After receiving vox beeps of confirmation from all his lieutenants except Kugarr and Osmar, Ikaroth voxed Ratoghan "warpsmith, i want you to prepare Eladekai and Elalaz for battle. We might need their firepower soon...and send the chief apothecary down to the stadium" after hearing the chief warpsmith's response he began to slowly make his way to the blood bowl stadium along with his escort and their other forces.

On board the Last Whisper
In a dark chamber on board the space hulk, the flexing of a thunderstrike guantlet and the roaring of reaper chainswords sent cultists and horrors alike running in fear. As the pair of war machines prepared for battle, the chief apothecary and his most capable apprentices loaded onto a thunderhawk to head to the surface of the planet to patch up their lord.
Armies i collect:
11,115pts csm The Privileged
7,268pts Salamanders
1,200pts gsc Sons of Jormangandr

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Signet-Powers » Fri Jun 22, 2018 1:55 pm

The courtyard before the governors building was massive. The structure was surrounded by its own moat, itself filled with gardens and streets in their own right. hundreds of soldiers were now gathered here, alight murmuring of worry passing over them.

As Estaryia and Damien exited the buildings main doors they couldn’t help but notice the ship.

It was far away, no bigger than the size of a thumb nail from this far away.

But it was very much there.

She turned away, watching a bunch of officers talking to each other not too far away. people in uniforms from different regiments and worlds were pushing past each other, trying to find out what was going on.

“Ma’am.” Damien started.

“He just killed them.” Estaryia spoke aloud. “He just killed the senior staff.”

He swallowed. “He’s with the Inquisition though, they can do whatever-“

“Yeah but not that!” she blurted out. her eyes moved his way, there was a stress in them she didn’t have before. “Singh’s a bloody aristocrat, he’s a politician, he isn’t the sort who orders executions.”

“Do you know him?”

“No.” she hesitated. “When he was talking with Varath they mentioned something about a weapon. I asked what it was but they told me it didn’t matter. It’s not the ship but whatever it is has him spooked. Or…”

“Ma’am?” Damien stepped aside to let a line of soldiers pass by. “Should we not discuss this somewhere more private.”

She shook her head. “No we’ll discuss it later.” then a pause. “We can tell Highland!”

“But he’s with the Inquisition. He’s not gonna care.”

“But he’s not like that.”

Damien was confused. “Um… Are you sure?”


“But you don’t even know him.”

She visibly paused. “W-well… yeah but…” her eyes moved away and she wiped her mouth, her cheeks going slightly red. “I just think he’d probably do something.”

“I don’t think we can trust anyone for now.”

She sighed reluctantly. “I know. I kn-“

They were cut off by the sound of a distant foghorn. Everyone turned to glance as the ship released another puff of dark fog into the air above it, moving up towards the sky. It was getting darker above the centre of the city. The guardsmen gathered here were clearly disturbed but far enough away that it wasn’t having the same psychological effect of sheer terror as it was before.

“Well Damien, whatever we do we need to take that out first! We havn’t got anything heavy enough to do it ” she looked at him. “Well?”

He stared blankly. “Well what?”

“I made you my apprentice because you snuck through a cave system filled with cultists and fought with Chaos and Eldar.”


“So think of something. Something outside the box, that’s why you’re here.”

He just continued to stare. She was suddenly very aware that even as a cadet he was siply just some conscript off some random feral world.

“You know what… she rubbed her hands together nervously. “It’s fine. Sorry. Just uh… just go gather around as many NCO’s and officers who can still fight. We’re not executing anyone else.”

“Yes Ma’am.” He saluted and went off to do as he was told.

Looking around, she approached the group of officers she’d spotted before. They turned immediately once they recognised her. “Commissar.” They greeted.

“Lieutenants, Captain.” She greeted back. “I need you to gather up your-“

“Ma’am!” Damiens voice rang out, interrupting her.

She turned around to see him not too far away, pointing towards a distant collection of parked artillery. “I’ve got an idea!”

She marched over, the officers following suit. “Damien, Artillery doesn’t work, starship hulls can survive on the surface of a sun.“

“No, I mean what about that one!”

At this point she realised he was pointing at a specific vehicle. “Oh. …oh that.”

“That’s powerful enough to break a battleship right?”

She nodded. “Yes. …but it’s inter-continental, it would have to fire into orbit then come back down, they’d shoot it down before it even worked. And with the virus the targeting’s not working anyway. That’s why it’s parked here.”

“But…” he replied. “What if we fire it from directly underneath.”

She considered this. the officers around them whispered to each other. The captain tugged at his collar. “Um… Commissar-Cadet Sir. That would… we’d have to get under the err… daemon… daemonship thing first.”

“Well then officers…” Estaryia smirked, possibly the first time Damien had ever seen her so much as smile. “better get everyone we can for this.”

Within the half hour it was underway. The Soldiers stationed by the towers gates opened the defences as a countless Chimeras and Tauroxes drove out. This was all the vehicles they could get up and running, everything committed to one final push. The guardsmen and women that couldn’t fit inside sat on top of the transports or hung off the side, hundreds in all, Damien and Estaryia sitting on one not too far from the front.

“This is it!” Estaryia called behind her, firing a green flair into the sky. “Follow the flares we leave behind. Whatever happens- make sure that thing there gets under the ship!”

She pointed behind her chimera towards the artillery piece. A single massive missile on top of a tracked delivery system.

The Deathstrike.

Damien looked towards the Daemonship towards the centre of the city. They merely had to reach it and fire the missile upwards.

It would take not even twenty minutes providing nothing happened.

But as he tightened his grip on the commissar issue bolt gun he’d been distributed, he knew that something would.


Closer towards the city centre, Reschtehks vision turned towards the daemonship. It was barely a mile away, and int eh sky above he could see it getting darker.

He was distracted by it. “no… no, no… no this is too early.”

“Where is he!” Desilin roared, awfully close to the line of parked cars now. “Aren’t you even looking for him Reschtehk!?!”

“Look at it!” the lord responded. “Pay attention. The ship wasn’t supposed to come down until we were done. something’s wrong.”

Desilin turned towards him. “I don’t care! I want the little bastard found I’ll deal with that la-“

Tero burst out from around the car and lept atop of Deslin from behind. He wrapped an arm around his neck and the other around his waist. “Happy to oblige!”

“Fuc-“ Deslin tried to fight back but he wasn’t even close to fast enough.

Tero flipped the lord, slamming him hard into a nearby building. The brickwork and glass exploded across the street, shattering them in dust.

But Tero didn’t stop. He punched the Sorceror in the face, the again, then again and again. he dind it over and over. a good twenty punches in a single second.

It was fast enough to make his armor screech with the physical strain.

Reschtehk was only just able to turn around in time to see Tero flip Desilin around once more, slamming his body into the car.

Desilin roared in anger, casting out his arm and firing a bolt of warpfire.

Tero dodged just in time and grabbed Desilins face, pinning him down. “No!” he responded. “You’re staying down.”

The Slaaneshis was about to respond when he noticed it. the ticking sound coming from the cars engine.

Tero grunted as Reschtehk turned and charged towards them. But the lord was too far away to stop anything. “It never need to come to this Sorceror. Know that.”

Desilin tried to escape but it was too late. Tero lept aside as the grenade went off.

The explosion and promethium like liquid in the cars engine created a fireball that almost flooded the nearby area.

Reschtehk skidded to a halt, pausing as he watched the sight unfold, unable to get a view on either the Sorceror or the Primaris captain. “Desilin!” he yelled.

A short few seconds passed, before Desilin stumbld out.

For a second Reschtehk fought he was okay, but then he collapsed, his armor melting off in a glowing yellow manner and blood pouring onto the floor.

Deselin couldn’t stand. It was a pain unlike anything he’d ever felt. His organ were failing. His insides were hanging out and his armor was ripped open entirely.

He could hear Tero approaching but he couldn’t move enough to stop him.

The captain raised his knife, ready to give the killing blow. Two pink blurs dived in the way of the sorcerer though, Daemonettes that had been watching from afar.

They hissed, giving the Captain reason to stop. But he grit his teeth and went in anyway.

A good three more Daemonettes lept around their master, eager to protect him. One slashed at Renanitus, tearing a slice into his gauntlet while another dived for his throat. they were unearthly fast but he caught the diving one, ramming his blade into its chest with his other hand and piercing its heart.

It screeched, dissolving in its hand as it was sent back to the confines of the warp as it did so Tero just about saw Reshtehks fist coming his way.

He dodged just in time, the dodged the follow up with the other arm. What he didn’t dodge was the spartan kick that sent him rolling back down the street.

The captain caught himself, preparing his blade. The Sorceror was down but not dead. Still, that was one out, one to go.

Reschtehk slowly began to walk towards him. speaking back to the sorcerer behind him. “Desilin. Go see what’s happening at the Ship. This is my fight now.”

“Reschtehk!” Desilin gagged. “I can still-“

But the Terminator Lord didn’t listen. He just kept on approaching his opponent, slamming his fists together twice and sending out an audiable shockwave.

Groaning, Desilin tried to push his intestines back in. the daemonettes got closer, holding them down as he conjured up one last blast of flame to sear the wound shut. Two of his pets dragged him, helping him towards the ship as the other few guarded him.

He watched the two giant Astartes charge at each other as he was dragged away, light beginning to fade from his vision.


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