Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by originalpancake » Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:10 am

Penal colony Planet side

Tarken and morgan jogged down the alley way
Tarken: If i may ask, Who exactly are you
Morgan: me i'm one of the prisoners on this world, ex-military. The guard's are desperate. They will pretty much parden anyone that know's how to shoot a gun. Of course the pure nature of this conflict is quickly seperating the chaff from the elite.
Tarken:so which one are your
Morgan; Well i'm still alive arn't I
Tarken: True. Second question any idea where any other's are
Morgan: if i did i'd be with them right now. my guess is there proably holding out some where.
The pair rounded the corner and ventur back out into the street.Tarken scan's the street with his boltpistol signalling the all clear. He point's to a blown out diner. The pair moves in quickly taking cover
Morgan: what ar we doing standing a...
Tarken:shut it i hear something.
Tarken gazes warelly. Several lictor's stride down the street stopping every now and then sniifing the air a nd hissing befor moving onone them stop's. Ti start's aproaching the building. It hisse's sticking out a obseamly long tounge out of it's tothy jaw. tarken wait's for the beast to come closer. He then let's of several shot's from his bolt pistol into it drooping it to the ground. the other one turn's and charges. Morgan swritches to his slug thrower pushing tarken out of the way letting two full volley's into the creature. Tarken hears a hissbehind him. He reavs his chain sword sping a nearly blocking the incoming attack from the lictor.
Morgan turns and fires killing the beast. another one ponces on tarken but tarken doges below i't strike raming the chain sword through the beastdroping it to the floor. With one hand still on the chain sword, he draw's his bolt pistol taking a shoot into the dark coner. With a loud crash the last lictor fall's out of the coner and into the light.
"well that wasn't to bad Tark"
"still to close for comfort."
they hear dunshot's coming from the street next to them.Both burst through the back door seeing severa guard's and prisoner's held up in a building. they are being closed in by thermagant's led by a tyranid warrior.They nod to each other and charge. in blaze of flames tarken rushes threw them burnign them alive and stabbing any thing that makes it threw with his combat knife. Tarken rushes fire several rounds of his blot pistol while hacking with his chain sword they both gradualy make it to the warrior both leaping twoards him scwering hime twice at once. And with that the mighty beast fell.

In Orbit on station

Primarch rushed down the hole way slashing several guard's along the way. he turned grabing the door and ripping it of the hinges throughing it at the nearest gaurd. The creature srhreached calling brood brother's too the now unlocked armery. a wave of guard's mixed in with prisoner's came down the coridor halting and taking postion's. the patriarch was surrounded.The guards squeezed the trigger ready to fire
"Comence fire in three"


there comander's head exsploded from the impact of a sheet of meatel. they opened fire on the creature the creature
juped grasping the ceiling having them open fire into each other. When the volley stopped both side's had been scilenced.After that at least 45 brood brother's showed up now armed with more realible sluge throwers and atou gun's they also werearmed with longer version's of the standard combat knife.Now with the asimilation of this many people the patriarch knew the layout of the base. He imediatly schreached.Leading to hime being joined by several more pure-strain gene-stealer's numbering in the 30's. the swarm marched for the hangar, being joined by several other well armed battle brother force's and gene-stealer's along the way. The real battle for Otisira Station was about to begin.

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Salamand3rs4Lyfe » Tue Mar 06, 2018 12:07 am

As Babdar made his way towards the beachhead with the Chaos bikers known as the flameriders, several raptor squads and his ChangeSeekers he could hear the sounds of battle, which piqued his interest because none of his forces had voxed an indication of any enemies. As he drew closer he noticed that the sorcerer Deselin was in combat with more of the primaris marines, signaling for his forces to enter the fray he swung his accursed crozius at one of the marines surrounding Deselin. "Here, let me help you slay these dogs of the emperor cousin, we can taste the glories of chaos together" he screeched with a zealous fervor.

Osmar reveled in the killing, something that alarmed the very small part of him that was still human deep down. He had his sword sheathed at his side and was using his talons to pull guardsmen apart and scythe through space marines like wheat, fingers of black lightning arcing into the melee. He roared, causing green flames to spew from his maw. Even he was suprised by the changes that were wrought upon him by hearing about what the ritual would do to the planet, he never would have thought to betray Ikaroth no matter how much he loathed him and his treatment of the Daemon Prince. He failed to see the eyes burning in the air watching him.

Iscariot flung fireballs down off of a rooftop, only stopping to occasionally check the surveillance spell he put on Osmar with his mind's eye while a squad of chaos chosen fired their plasma guns from the main level of the building. So far the Daemon Prince wasn't doing anything overtly suspicious, however that didn't mean they could let down their guard even for a second. His force axe flared a bright orange as he charged up another fireball and instead of lobbing it into the crowd flung it skyward towards a valkyrie attempting to make a strafing run, the poor soul piloting the craft didnt even see his death fly towards him.

Kugarr hatched a plan, it would require hijacking the rhinos of the adeptus sororitas and using it to get the possessed through the energy field, then he could use their bloodlust and pure killing power to drop the field so him and his DevilDogs could enter while corpsebreather bombarded the defenses. He decided to vox Ratoghan and see if he could more easily secure the church's downfall "warpsmith, i need you to look at the schematics for the church. Are there any other ways into the building?" After five or six minutes he received a warbled response from the space hulk "it appears there is a tunnel network leading into the church from the governor's building, i can't get you and your squad in but i can teleport the standby terminators into the tunnels and have one squad make their way into the church and the other into the governor's palace"
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Raschier » Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:17 pm

In the sewers of Ferrous-Alpha

Lumas and his scions were scurrying through the sewers, it was pitch dark and even with their visors it was hard to see more then a few meters. They had been running for at least an hour and a half, and now they were just a few miles away from their destination.

"Keep this pace men. Just a few miles left."

The dull sound of an explosion shook the ceiling of the sewers, dust came trickeling down. Lumas ignored it, the ceiling would hold, even though it was in disrepair, that is what he hoped at least.
They ran several minutes more when an explosion, this time louder and closer, shook not only the ceiling, but the whole sewer aswell. Lumas stopped and ordered everyone to halt. The dust trickeled down in larger quantities, it worried Lumas, and when rubble fell down, he knew what was happening.

"RUN! The ceiling is about to collap..."

Lumas didn't even finish his sentence, as the ceiling fell down. He jumped aside, avoiding the falling rubble, but as he fell down he heared a loud thud. He pulled himself up and looks around to see who survived or what that loud thud was, but the dust blocked his vision. So Lumas checked his dataslate-monitor, looking at the vital signs of those that entered the sewer. One of the names showed a red dot, meaning that he showed no vital signs. The dust wasn't settling so Lumas checked the position of his group on his dataslate aswell, they were scattered but close by.

"Scions rally at my position, something came down with the ceiling."

The dust was slowly fading. Several scions managed to rally to Lumas. The sound of a mechanical legs alerted the scions, shaking the ground. Lumas readied his plasma pistol, the rest followed their leader's example and readied their weapons aswell. Several more scions carefully rallied to Lumas position. Another footstep was heared, together with what sounded like the release of steam, this unnerved even the hardened scions. Lumas slowly took a few steps back, the rest following suit. The dust was almost faded, but the light shining through the hole in the ceiling blurred the vision of Lumas. His night visor was useless with that much light so he turned it off. It took him a few moments to let his eyes adjust to the light, then he could see the shape in the light. It had two feet and was rather bulky, Lumas noticed what it was when he saw the tendrils.


A hellish scream answered and the Hellbrute charged out of the light into the dark, it's scourge tendrils lashing out at anything close by. The leg of the closest scion was grappled by one of the tendrils and pulled towards the monstrosity, his head hitting the floor so hard that the crack of his helmet could be heared over the sound of shots. He was then ripped into two pieces and thrown towards the cluster of scions, knocking two down. One managed to get up in time and fall back, but the other was crushed beneath the feet of the hellbrute.
Lumas and the rest were continuesly walking backwards, firing their weapons into the Hellbrute. The hellbrute shrugged of the las shots, even those of the volley guns did no visible damage, the plasma shots on the other hand did manage to deal some damage, but the hellbrute ignored it and continued his onslaught. It opened fire with his two heavy bolters, killing another two scions. Lumas ordered his plasma gunners to overcharge their plasma, and they managed to shoot of two of its tendrils, but they lost one gunner in the process as his gun overheated and exploded, covering him in hot liquid plasma. Lumas was about to shoot again when Johnson came to him.

"Sir, it has us pinned down. Let me and my squad distract him, so you can continue the mission."

"I need your squad Johnson, we just have to take it down."

"My squad has suffered tremendous casualties sir, while your and Zimmer's squad are intact. The mission comes first! Let us distract him!"

Lumas knew Johnson was right, the Hellbrute caught them by surprise and had them pinned. If they didn't get rid of it quickly, it would jeopardise their mission, not to mention slaughter them. Lumas had thought about sacrifising one of the squads, but was hesistant, now it was time to make that hard decision.

"Fine! The God-Emperor be with you."

"As to you sir."

Both men gave each other a nod and began shouting orders to their men. Lumas and the remaining squads quickly pulled back and ran further, trying to create as much distance between them and the hellbrute, while Johnson and those left in his squad goaded the hellbrute into another direction.
Lumas could hear the fighting growing distant as they kept on running, and eventually it stopped. At that moment Lumas ordered his men to stop, letting them catch their breath. Lumas himself looked at the map on his dataslate-monitor, they were close now and when he looked up he could already see the light of the entrance before him. Lumas made a quick scan if anything was following them, but he could not see any sign of live. So he ordered his scions to move towards the light, silently.

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Signet-Powers » Tue Mar 06, 2018 6:54 pm

Otisira station.

She’d been walking down corridors for twenty minutes, sneaking as best she could and checking each direction twice for signs of life before moving. She’d been a good fighter before her incarceration, but that was seven years ago, and she hadn’t held a gun once in all that time.

Did she even remember what a battle was really like?

These thoughts worried her so she put them to the back of her mind. The station was on backup power now so the lights were dim, but as far as she could tell she was getting closer to the East side of the station.

It was a this point the cheap prosthetic piece of junk that replaced her right arm started to break down.

“Dammit!” she grunted.

“You need a new one.”

She looked up to see a familiar figure, a young man, leaning back against the wall with his arms crossed. “It’s fine.” She replied.

As if on cue a spark came off it. He shrugged. “Doesn’t look that way to me.”

“Well I don’t care. I’m almost there, one of them can help me out.”

“Yes.” He nodded. “The East side of the station. Assuming there’s anyone there anyway. And assuming they’ll even help you on top of that, and not just throw you out the airlock.”

“Well they’ll do a damn lot more to help me than you’ve ever done.”

“Well that’s a bit unfair. I’m not real, I’m imaginary, I’m a figment of your imagination. I can’t do anything.”

“You can be quiet.”

He grumbled, looking off with a sly smirk. She ignored him and continued walking, listening out for any noises.

The hallucination followed her, keeping pace. “You’re awfully calm. You realise this is your ticket off this station right?”

“I’m just surviving. Once I get off here they’ll put me in another prison so why get excited.”

He nodded. “Pay attention. Does this seem like a normal prison riot to you? This is something more.”

“I told you to be quiet didn’t I?”

He made a sneer and vanished, leaving her alone once more. She almost had time to think about what he said when the door at the end of the corridor she was currently in opened and several flashlights shoe out. they blinded her, causing her to raise her arm and cover her eyes. “IDENTIFY YOURSELF!” the voice screamed, panicked and aggressive.

“A prisoner!” she called back. “I’m a prisoner, don’t shoot!”

“She human?” a voice asked.

“She’s a prisoner.” Declared another.

“She’s armed.” Added a third.

“So? We can’t leave her there.”

“You kidding, if she’s on this station she’s a murderer. Leave her to rot for all I care!”

The hallucination appeared alongside her. “I think they don’t like you.”

“Shut up.” she whispered.

“We’re too many men down, we need the guns.” One of them lowered the flashlight, and as she was now able to make out, the gun that it was attached to. “come over here, arms up and don’t try anything funny.”

The others reluctantly lowered theirs as she approached, only for them to instantly raise them back up again. “Behind her!”

She glanced back as a wave of genestealers slaves came charging around the corner, shivs and stolen weapons raised high.

She swore, breaking into a sprint towards the guards, sliding just in time to get though the door before they began to shut it.
It was almost closed when a purestrain got half way through. It screeched, head trying to chomp at them one arm flailing about wildly. A second arm managed to slip through and reached for one of the guards heads.

Desperatly she punched it with her mechanical arm. Her fist stuck its head, and it reeled back out, claw slashing a chunk of metal off it in the process but saving the guard.

With a thud the door shut and they backed away, panicking. “Y-you saved me…” he panted, sweat pouring from his face.

“Seems so…”

“See, look at that, making friends already.” The hallucination mocked from the corner of the room. He never seemed to leave her alone in moments of calm. "Let's hope they don't find out you're crazy."

“I said I’d be fine.” She replied sarcastically.

The guards were confused. “Who are you talking to?” one asked.

She hesitated, suddenly remembering she was no longer in a cell and there was other people around. “N-no one. Anyway shouldn’t we get going?”

“Yeah.” The guard nodded. “Jeffries by the way. This is Hannah, David and Leon. We guarded D block so I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”

The other 3 guards gave a pilot nod as they started to leave. Jeffries waited, a gesture which took her longer than it should have to realise he was waiting for something. “Oh- um, I’m prisoner 24-5647.”

He smirked. “Well I’m not calling you that, what’s your proper name?”

She hesitated. She hadn’t told anyone it in seven years, and for good reason. She knew that if anyone found out who she really was she’d have far worse hunting her down than even the inquisition itself.

But they were probably gonna die anyway so why not.

She muttered it quietly. “Caroline.”

He nodded, a flirty look in his eye like he was about to make a pass when the Genestealers claws tore through the door. “Feth!” he gasped. “Time to go!”

They both ran, following the other guards as fast as they could.

“Sir! Word from the Marshall.”

Since the Wardens of the 3rd had relieved Huccino and his scions of their primary objective they’d been hunting down cultist “Capture squads”. It wasn’t particularly hard to find them, fleeing civilians were more than too eager to share whatever they could. The cultists would chase them through the streets making them easy pray to blow away from the upper levels of nearby buildings. The Low level light and sound of their hotshot weapons made them almost impossible to track.

Though the cultists weren’t idiots. Eventually they started to play smart, acting more cautious and going from room to room. Not that it helped, Samr and Tjep had an almost terrifying level of enthusiasm about the challenge.

Huccino didn’t quite share it. They were here saving dozens of civilians at a time when they could kill someone important and save thousands in an instant.

At any rate, as he fired on yet another squad of the sadistic gasmask wearing thugs, he was glad that Cornelis had finally picked up new instructions so they could finally do something productive.

“Go on.” He nodded.

“We’re to rendezvous with the Marshal, they’re sending a Valk to an LZ 400 metres south.”

Huccinos eyes darted over the civilians behind them, men, women and children all gathered in the corner, shivering in shock and covered in dirt. The cult had been picking up their attacks, they’d never make it out on their own. “Roger, Tell them to send 2 more for UCs, redirect to a safe LZ, that’s all.”

“Yes sir.” The scion transmitted the reply and confirmed it moments later.

Huccino watched through his binoculars as the other soldiers in parallel buildings began to peel back, steadily lowering their rate of fire and leaving one by one to hide their retreat.

Though the skies belonged to the Helldrakes there was enough smoke and dust that the Kalos modifed Valkyries had managed to sneak about mostly unnoticed. They landed in a secured street, more than a block away, engines humming softly as the ramps came down and civilians were herded onboard.

“All clear?”

The scions scanned the street. It was oddly quiet. “All clear.”

“Good, take off now, get on or get left behind.” He slammed his fist twice against the metal frame and the rest of the squad ran onboard.

With a kick of dust the transports took off, raising just above the rooftops to avoid showing up on any radar and skimming back towards the tall superstructure to the East.

Samr leant out the open right door with his leg hanging out. “Hard to believe 14 million people live in this city.”

“Lived.” Tjep corrected him.

“Stow it.” Huccino interrupted, noticing the horrified reactions of the younger children they’d taken onboard. “We’re to re-deploy straight away so check your weapons are prepped and work-“

A massive beam of white light struck the Valkyrie across from them.

“F***, what was that!”

Samr swung around the Heavy Bolter gun. “Fire, behind us! Southwest.”

“That was a Lascannon!” Vivo noted.

“You sure?”

“Clear as day.”

The Valkyrie began to roll over, spilling two unfortunate civilians out of the open side-door.

“Pilot, what’s going on!” Huccino roared down his vox-bead, but got his answer when the cockpit rolled back up.

The Valkyrie continued spinning, bouncing across a rooftop, the left wing tearing from its body. It descended faster, smashing into the dirt and crashing into an abandoned construction yard.

“Who was on that?”

“Caleb and Jaren sir.”

As if on cue anti-air fire filled the sky, missiles roared past them but none hit home. “It’s too hot down there we can’t pick them up!” the Pilots spoke through the vox.

Huccino swallowed, gritting his teeth in frustration. “Then get us back to the Marshal, ASAP!”

It was only a minute before Caleb had regained the strength to kick the ramp down, though it felt like ten. He climbed out, removing his damaged helmet and surveying the situation and survivors.

He could see the distance trails as the other two Valkyries flew off, as was expected. It was protocol after all. He checked for Jarens body to find it with a pipe sticking through the place his stomach should have been.

But before he could even gather his thoughts a storm of gunfire surrounded him. Two men and a woman were cut down by the cultist gunfire before he could warn them. canisters of white phospherous burst high above in the sky and rained down white smoke.

He acted on instinct. Reached for his lasgun and took aim.

Fist it was Two cultists. They came sprinting, going for one of the now three civilians that were left. Caleb fired several times till they didn’t twitch no more. “Get back here-NOW!” he shouted.

The man got up, scurrying as fast as he could back towards the wreckage. More figures emerged through the smoke, and Caleb put down as may as he could, but the man simply wasn’t fast enough and their bullets got to him first.

His body skidded, giving Caleb reason to curse as he heard the others scream and die.

He was on his own, and they were closing in.

There was movement from the left. He fired but they dropped behind cover. Same with the right and in front.

They were closing in, and though he got a few bullets started to ripple of his carapace. It took the damage but it knocked him on his back.

His breathing grew erratic. This was it. The moment.

They finally reached him, two grabbing his right arm and another his legs. He kicked them off, but was too close for his gun so fell back to his blade, stabbing one in the collar.

The taller one tried to wrestle the knife off him as the other tried to wrap around his waist and slam him against the crashed transport. He just barely managed to shove them off once more, raising his gun once again.

But a couple of the heretics had found their way behind the Valkyrie. They climbed over and lept off, smacking the back of his skull as hard as they could with a blunt instrument.

He hit the dirt. Incredible pain filling his mind.

Desperatly, he reached for his pistol, eager to blow his own brains out than face capture.

But his body went weak, unable to stop a cultist from stamping down on his hand and causing him to let go, such had been the strength of the strike.

His vision went, and he was only able to hear a last few exchange of voices before losing consciousness.

“He dying?” one cultist asked.

“No.” said another. “He’ll wake up, or we’ll make him anyway.”

“Take him to the commander, he’ll want to see for himself.”

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Salamand3rs4Lyfe » Thu Mar 08, 2018 2:39 am

"Barnabus, i want a sitrep now!" Ikaroth snapped at a nearby marine. "My lord the battle appears to be going well, the forces of the other chaos lords are gaining ground and pursuing their own goals while our forces are cutting a bloody path through the city" he replied. barnabus is the aspiring champion for one of the warband's several chaos space marine squads, a grizzled veteran of many campaigns, he was more cybernetic then astartes at this point with a bionic leg, right hand, and his whole left arm along with an eye replacement and a mechanical primary heart. He carried his unique double headed chainaxe into battle and led one of the chaos space marine squads that forgoes carrying a bolter into battle and instead charges into close combat with bolt pistols and chainswords; of which there were several. Barnabus led a tactical squad before the chapter's fall from grace which means that he is one of the oldest and most well respected warriors in the warband.

As the three man terminator squads, designated 'hunting packs' to the rest of the warband made their way down the tunnels with their combi-flamers sweeping from wall to wall they could hear the sounds of battle much further down the tunnel and the roar of a helbrute. After five or so minutes of trudging along, the hunting pack heading to the governor's palace came across an incredibly embellished door leading to the palace itself. With a mighty blow from his power axe the leader of the hunting pack, loctar sent the door crashing down off of its hinges. With the bolter portions of their combi-flamers barking they entered the palace.
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Signet-Powers » Thu Mar 08, 2018 8:42 am

The Hunting pack was raring to go, but soon realised their mistake when their insides were blown out from their armor and their bodies utterly annihilated.

The Battalion of over a hundred guardsmen that had been put on duty to watch the various tunnel doors had been getting bored and frustrated when this had occurred. “What the hell was that?” the senior officer asked.

A guardsman looked at the tunnel entrance through his infared-binoculars, staying down behind the reinforced barricades. “Looks like they are- well I mean they were, -Heretic Astartes sir. I think they found the landmines sir.”

“Are you sure? That seems unlikely, did they think they could just smash their way through the door with no resistance?”

“Looks like a 3 man team, so I think so.”

He shrugged. “Weird… Ah well, better safe than sorry. Blow all the tunnel entrances. Flood them with burning promethium as well. OH-- and place down more demo-charge traps just in case."

"Right away sir."

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Salamand3rs4Lyfe » Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:39 pm

The hunting pack under belthuzzad's command was trudging their way towards the roar of the helbrute when suddenly the whole tunnel rumbled from an explosion and dust fell from the ceiling. "Loctar, report your hunting pack's position.....loctar?" As belthuzzad voxed for him, anxiously swinging his power maul he started to get worried. Loctar was always the reckless brother but he never went without checking in, "warpsmith i can't get into contact with loctar, can you reach him?" He voxed Ratoghan while his packmates took up watch positions on either side of him with their combi-flamers ready to incinerate any suprise visitors, "my readings suggest that his pack stumbled upon a booby trap, the only life signs i am getting are loctar's and they are fading fast....correction: they WERE the only life signs, he is dead. Be wary of more traps" Ratoghan quipped with his usual emotionless demeanor, the fact that they were blood brothers didn't escape him; he truly felt sorry for belthuzzad but grief would have to wait until the battle was won.

Loctar looked up from the floor towards his packmates, what he saw brought him sorrow. His packmates were little more than pieces, their advanced terminator warplate offering little to no protection against an explosion from directly on top of them. He suddenly felt very cold, looking down he discovered that he was little more than a torso. Loctar couldn't believe he was stupid enough to believe the humans didn't have the forethought to rig the tunnel with explosives. As the life finally bled from him he shed a single tear, he hadn't been able to warn his brother about the traps
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by originalpancake » Fri Mar 09, 2018 12:23 am

The hierophant's Nock and Ignis marched down the street. They shook the ground with evry step they took. Ignis was behind Nock burnig most of the building's in sight. Suddenly they got it, new order's from Mother Neith. Nock took his shock tooth and slamed it into the building next to him. Imediatly tearing it back out reducing the building to ruble. THis revealed a large colection of troop's in a city square. The troop's turned seeing the massive beast. Some one faintly heard the words"OPEN FIRE" befor the noise was blocked out by the sound's of gun fire. The bullet's simply bounced right of Nock's armored shell. The commisar yelled into his vox caster. Then the skie was full of fire raining down on Nock. The artillery shell's were right on target punching a hole. Then the hole started patching it's self the creature stood up terifieing the guards. Then they all were lit ablaze as Ignis rouned the corner. Nock marched out into the crowd the tendril's on his under-belly killing anythig close to them. The troop's were helpless. They tried to put up a vailent defence, but in the end they were all either crushed or burned
Mother Neith: Dropsite secured my children.
Spore pod's began raining down on the ruined square. Dropping thermagant's and hormagaunt's in the thousand's. They also began dropping trygon's and mawlock's supported by ravener's who all burowed into the ground upon landing. more pod's came down carrying canifexes mainy those of the rhino varient.Then the Hive tyrant's came down, the commander's of the force. Two of them broke of with forces and spread out into the city. Of cource both stinger and his forces as well as the brood lord and his genestealer's were both spread through out the city. They were causing chaos and preventing the enemy regrouping and mounting a defence.There were also several other pair's of heirophant's through out the city destoying fortifictaions.
Nock was at the edge of the circle nocking down huge spire's of cells, gaurd's quarters, mess halls and workshop that in normal times would be full with prisoner's 24/7. More pod's came down containing harpy's and flesh stacker's meant to construct spawning pit's on the surface. But there was one pod that was much bigger then the rest, it was as big a the pod of a hierophant. The pod landed with a crash revealing a huge winged dragon like creature who's belly was bristling with latched on gargolyes. The haridin "Avim" had arived along with the tyranid air force.

Osirisa station

The primarch and his now armed brood brother's as well as a 30 odd pure-strain's marched down the hallway. The primarcn wlked up to the heavy door to the hangar
Pratriarch:plant the exsplosive's.
a brood brother carrying a back pack walked up to the door taking out a charge pack and rigging it to the door. The brood backed up just in time to avoid the explosion. the pure strain gene-stealer's Charged into the room slaying the personel in fron't of the door. the brood brother's marched into the room supported by heavy stubber fire. a guard in one of the tran'sport's peaked his head out seeing the ensueing charnage. One of the pure-strain grabed him pulling him out of the craft and crushing his head befor moving onto the craft it's self.
The Patriarch walked up into the hager's side door ripping it off the socket's. It ran up the stair's behind it and smashed though a second door. Two gaurds shot it but the bullet's bounced off. It grabed their head's crushing them into each other. it then went onto the three bridge officer's. IT impaled the two low ranking one's graping the third one's head with two claw's befor injecting it with gene-seed
Patriarch: You work for me now.
The patriarch tossed him aside looking the panel they had been operating it read "Distress signal sent on all vox frequency's. Transmision has reached ferrous-alpha and will over load all frequency's brodcasting the signal planet wide as well as to any ship's in betwean. HE grabed the captain and brought him down to the brood who had finished cleanign the hagar. he throwed him into their rank's befor tossing him a auto gun.
Patriarch: Welcome to the brood brother.

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Raschier » Fri Mar 09, 2018 8:46 pm

In the sewers underneath Ferrous-Alpha

When the Valkyries had dropped them off at the governor's building, their comrades told Huccino that Marshall Lumas had already left and that they should hurry after them. The Marshall had an 15 minutes lead on them, so Huccino had given the order to move double time. Now they had been in these sewers for hours and still no sight of the scions that had gone ahead. Huccino ordered his men to rest, it was no use to arrive their exhausted.
They had just stopped for a few seconds when they heared the tunnel collapse, mere moments later the sounds of plasma and hot-shots could be heared followed up by a roar that sounded inhuman. The Marshall was in trouble, Huccino and his squad didn't wait a second longer and ran towards the sounds of the battle, but they were to late. When they arrived at the scene they only found the rubble of the ceiling, and their dead comrades. It were only six that they could count, so some had to have survived, but the corpse of their attacker was also missing, so ghat thing was also still alive.
Huccino and his squad halted for a moment, for the road split up here, with one way going forward, while the other went left. They were about to take the left one when the sound and resulting shockwave of an sxplosion shook the sewer walls, and thick clouds of black smoke appeared from the left path. Huccino and his squad readied their weapons, waiting for someone or something to appear out of the thick black smoke.

"Cornélis! Try to reach Marshall Lumas' vox frequency. See if they are still alive."

"Yes sir!"

And Cornélis pulled back behind the rest and grabbed the vox phone.

"Squad Shadow to Squad Skull, can you hear us squad Skull. Over."

Silence followed, tension rose as no answer came from the other side.

"Try it again."

Huccino ordered. Cornelis nodded and retyped the vox frequency.

"Squad Shadow to Squad Skull, do you copy Skull? Over."

Again silence. Huccino cursed, but as his first curse passed his lips, the vox silence ended and a whispered voice could be heared, broken by a bad vox signal.

"This i... squa... Skull, we ...opy Shado... Over."

"What is your position Skull? Over."

"We are at ...e entran... of th... urch. Ove..."

"Which way from the collapsed T-junction? Over."

"Forwa... roa... Over."

"Thank you Skull, we will move towards your position. Over."

Huccino knew enough, the black smoke had dispersed and nothing had came out of it, and nothing could be heared either. Whatever had caused the explosion was probably taken down by it aswell. He and his men took the forward junction, but this time they moved at a slower pace, carefully watching every crook and shadow and looking behind them so they would not be surprised or followed.
They had walked for thirty minutes when they saw light at the end of the sewer. Carefully they moved towards it, until from the light of the entrance a voice rang out.

"Identify yourself or you'll be shot to pieces!"

Huccino recognised the voice as Tempestor Zimmer. He and his squad stopped and he quickly answered with the secret code, before they were shot to pieces by their own comrades.

"Barnaby is a greedy pig!"

Huccino could hear some murmer, then the voice rang out again.

"Your bloody late to the party, Huccino."

Huccino and his squad moved forward, they exited the sewer and entered the hallway before the entrance. Huccino could now see the wires and explosion rigged to the ceiling of the hallway, but only because of the inbuild night vision in his respmask. Three large rectangular boulders provided cover inside the hallway, probably placed their by the Battle Sisters themselves incase of an underground attack. Behind each of those boulders stood a scion with a volley gun pointed towards the sewer exit, the skulls painted on their respmasks looking menacingly forward, ignoring Huccino and his squad. You could only see these scions as you entered the hallway, because the light of the entrance was bright enough to obscure their stature from view from outside the hallway.
The hallway itself was dark, with the light from the entrance making it even darker at places where its glow didn't reach it. The entrance itself was small, a marine in power armor would barely fit through. A bright light shone from behind the entrance into the hallway. Huccino and his squad passed Zimmer who stood in the before the entrance.

"You know that the party only gets interesting when Shadow Squad arrives. Jokes aside, you expecting someone or something? Because you got this place rigged up thight."

"You must have seen that damned collapsed ceiling, didn't yah? Well, not only rubble fell down, a whole bloody hellbrute came with it aswell. Caught us by surprise, killed six of Johnson's men before Johnson and his squad managed to distracted it, which gave us a chance to continue our mission."

"I see, then I probably bring some good news. We heared an explosion close to that collapsed sewer, I think Johnson might have killed it."

"You should report that to the Marshall, he wants to see you anyway."

Huccino nodded and gave Zimmer a strong handshake. He entered the church through the entrance, it was bright and his eyes had to adjust after being so long in the dark. After a few blinks he could see a long bronze corridor, red drapes with each having different emblems of the Ecclesiarchy painted on them, hanging on the walls. Inside the corridor Huccino could see several men of Zimmer's squad leaning against the walls, two other scions were tying and gagging an unconscious Sister, most likely the unlucky guard. A man that was clearly the Marshall waved at Huccino, his iconic black peaked hat could be noticed anywhere in a crowd. Huccino walked towards him and then saluted as he stood beside Lumas.

"You're late Huccino. What was the reason of your delay?"

"We had to rescue and escort several UC's back towards the Governor's building."

"Uhu, did you suffer any losses?"

"Unfortunately so Marshall, Caleb and Jared's Valkyrie was shot down by anti-air and are presumed dead."

"Shame. Have their dataslates been blocked?"

"Yes, they won't receive any new intel or mission details. Unfortunately, they had already received mission details about this mission."

"Hmph, then we must presume that our enemy knows about the secret sewer passage."

Huccino put his hand to his ear and talks into his headpiece.

"Zimmer, I want half your squad to reinforce my command squad in guarding the entrance. We might see some more company coming from that way."

Huccino couldn't hear Zimmer's answer, but a few seconds later several of the scions leaning against the walls grabbed their lasguns and walked outside, into the hallway.

Sir, I have some good news aswell, the hellbrute that attacked you has probably been destroyed...

And Huccino gave the Marshall his full report about what happened. The Marshall seemed to be relieved by the news, but also slightly saddened by the death of Johnson and his squad.
After Huccino's report, Lumas ordered those that were not guarding the entrance to join him. Here he explained to upcoming plan.

"We have to remain unseen, for we are uninvited guests here and the sisters will shoot us on sight, hopefully they'll be to preoccupied with defending from the outside that they won't notice those on the inside. We will not use lethal force, these are to be our allies, even though we won't be shown the same mercy. To rectify this we'll first need to find the Canonness, if we can convince her that we are here to help, then her sisters will follow. After that we will go towards Barnaby and arrest him. If we are lucky he will go with us quietly, otherwise we'll have to force him out. Then we have possibly two exit options, the first we'll be through the way we came, the second will be through the front door. If possible we'll take the sewers again, less exposure and more secretive, but if these are filled with enemies we will have to blow it up and go through the front door. Are our objectives clear?"

*Yes Sir!*

"Alright then, let's move! For the Imperium, for the Ordo Xenos, and for Lord Highland!"

*For Lord Highland!*

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Signet-Powers » Sat Mar 10, 2018 3:21 pm

Governors tower.

Singh was looking over a sheet of notes when Varath approached him once more. “We need to talk, once you have the time.”

“Ofcourse, I’m free anytime you need me.”

Varath gave him a slight incline of the head. “Ah,” the Acolyte nodded. “Right this way.”

They headed off for a moment, making their way to Singh’s office were no one could overhear.

“I did not mean to keep secrets from you before, but I felt it necessary to keep others from hearing it first.”

Singh filled a drink of scotch. “That secret huh?”

“Indeed. I told you the rest of our chapter would be arriving as swift as possible but you need to know the news of what transpired on Iso.”

Singh hesitated, then placed his drink down. “I’m listening.”

“Francessca Wolcott is dead, and the Kestral forces there are under our imprisonment. They have little way to see off the Helios Guard’s fleet placed over the planet-“

“W-wait- hold on!” Singh interrupted. “She’s dead? The Kestral General’s dead?”

“Yes, we were unable to apprehend her, her daughter narrowly escaped so it was that or nothing.”

Singh swallowed. “This is… he shook his head. “Dammit, this just went from bad to worse.”

“It is unlikely the Kestrals are aware, Solstice fled on the Skittari ship and we’ve jammed all transmissions from Iso save our own.”

“But when they do find out the Kestrals arne’t going to take it sitting down. This is a declaration of war. Who killed her?”

“Valorum personally.” He chose to not speak of Valorum’s condition, lest he upset the Helios Guard once they met again.

Singh rubbed his forehead. “Forgive me for speaking out for place about your fellow Astartes but how could he be so foolish?”

“Well that’s the bad news.”

Singh looked up. “That was good news?”

“The Kestrals appear to be in possession of a weapon of some kind, they escaped with it despite our best efforts. We’ve elected to enact Exterminatus on the planet once it’s been evacuated to hide its existence.”

The Acolyte seemed disturbed. “…what kind of weapon?”

Back at the Blood bowl stadium, the amount of prisoners had piled up so much that they were spilling out through the doors. Half of them had been crushed as more were being forced in under the commanders orders.

It was at this point that the cultists had dragged back Caleb, the captured Scion, now awake and trying to break free. “Look what we got!”

A crowd quickly gathered, grinning as they saw him. “Well, well, well…”

“Looks like one of them special forces types.”

“How can ya tell?”

“Look at his kit.” One cultists chucked the backpack generator and Hotshot weapon he’d stripped of the Scion to the ground. “Ain’t no ordinary Astra soldier.”

“Porbbaly knows something or someone important then.”

Caleb spat blood on the nearest and sneered. “I ain’t telling you anything.”

One cultists cracked his knuckles, already blood soaked from beating an old man to death moments ago. “Let me have first go, I’ll have him screaming in no time.”

“Nah, let me,” tried another, “I’ll tear his finger nails off and use them to scalp the bastard, see if he talks then.”

One pulled out a knife. “I’m going first-“

“You’ll do no such thing.”

The cultists all turned and stepped back, disappointed yet fearful faces as the commander approached.

“Sir.” started one of the two holding Caleb. “We shot down his Valkyrie not too far back, reckon he’s one of them elites or-”

“He’s Militarum Tempestus, currently under acquisition of the Inqusition,” the commander said firmly, looking down to Caleb directly, his voice like calm and polite. “Aren’t you?”

Caleb said nothing.

“I’ve taken notice of your work, you’ve been causing us great inconvenience. Though I should expect no less from Stormtroopers, I’m running an army of idiots, only barely competent at best.”

“Hey!” one of the cultists argued. “I’ve killed ten people today already, don’t tell me we ain’t-“

The commanders eyes glowed a sickly purple underneath his visor. He glanced towards the cultists and the man went silent instantly.

Then he started choking. The man fell to his knees, the other cultists backing away with their heads down and watching as he removed his helmet to vomit up blood.

In seconds, he hit the floor, lifeless.

The Commanders eyes returned to normal and he looked back to the Scion, his voice a hiss. “…as I was saying, I’ve trained the Warbands cultists up well but I can only go so far. They are so lacking in commitment and discipline. Not like you. Not like Scions.”

Caleb stared him down. “Save your little trick. I’m not afraid to die- I do so gladly.”

The man gave a single snort and removed his helmet, revealing a pale and worn-through face, eyes and lips lacking color. “I believe you.” he whispered as his eyes started to glow once more.

Caleb struggled, desperately trying to break away, but more cultists approached to hold him down.

As they did this the commander grabbed him by the head, clamping down hard on his temple. Flashes of white burning pain consumed Calebs mind, easily burning trough the mind-blocks Highland had placed and violating every corner of his mind.

He screamed, unable to do anything else. The pain was agonising.

Then… silence.

The cultists noticed that the Scion had stopped struggling. At a gesture from the commander they let him go, stepping back and handling their weapons carefully.

The commander put his helmet back on and held his hand out towards the stormtrooper. “Now, let’s try again. Come on, stand up.”

Caleb looked up, now firmly under the commanders influence. He took the hand and he helped him up.

“Good.” He looked him up and down. “I know everything about you now Caleb. I’ve seen inside your head.”

The cultist shifted uncomfortably, shared a few suspicious whispers. Caleb merely stood there calmly, almost ignoring their presence.

“77th Kalos falcons.” The commander continued. “So excited to finally be given a regiment of your own. Waiting for it since childhood. Born on a planet you don’t remember, with a name you don’t remember, and a family you never knew. But it’s not all gone, is it, you can still remember the eyes of your mother when you fall asleep at night.”

Caleb stood at attention with his hands behind his back. “I don’t know her name.”

“They took that away from you Caleb.” The commander spoke, his voice slow and intimate. “You can only trust me.”

Calebs fist clenched over his heart. “I live to serve you, my master.”

The commander nodded. “Excellent.” He turned to the nearest cultist. “Call Osmar, I’ve got a fun present for him.”

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Salamand3rs4Lyfe » Sat Mar 10, 2018 10:45 pm

Osmar stood with his chest heaving with a circle of dismembered corpses surrounding him, blood dripping from his claws and sword fastened to his side. Regaining his composure he launched into the air, preparing a spell in his mind and heading to the blood bowl stadium to see what the commander wanted to show him. Tucking his wings behind him to make his form smaller the daemon prince shot towards the stadium like a missile. Only when he was close to ending up as a bloody mess on the ground did he put his feet under him and extend his wings like a ships sail, slowing his meteoric descent to a more survivable fall. Slamming into the turf with enough force to knock several cultists from their feet and frightening even more, he rose to his full height in front of the commander. With a menacing voice Osmar addressed him and the tempestus scion accompanying him "you summoned me mortal? ".

Iscariot voxed Ikaroth "my lord, our favorite Daemon Prince is meeting with the commander overseeing the ritual at the stadium, it seems like the commander has a plan involving an inquisitorial stormtrooper. I think we might need to initiate the spellsilencer initiative after the battle". Ikaroth fired his bolt pistol into the chest of a guardsman before responding "i had hoped not to do it but it seems like that might be what i am forced to do".

Kugarr was thanking their lord Tzeentch that the rhino convoy had four rhinos in it because one of the rhinos was a burning wreck with the bodies of the Sisters from all the other rhinos around it. As his DevilDogs loaded back into the land raider he made sure all thirty possessed were in the three remaining rhinos and ready to return to the church. The armoured column was grinding its way back to the church in a matter of minutes, the three rhinos traveling in a straight line with the land raider bringing up the rear with its heavy bolter and lascannons finding targets and tearing them down in short order.
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by originalpancake » Wed Mar 14, 2018 8:37 pm

30 Minutes earlier
Admiral Hector was standing out on the hangar floor observing how the evacuation was going. He was giving order's to repair and support personal through out the hangar
"That should be the last of them prepare the craft for lift off"
Hector walked up the stair's going up to the hanger's bridge. He tap's on the console ordering his subornate's to supervise the guard's. he selected the satellite dish and began broad casting
" This is Otisira station we are requesting support. tyranid's and genestealer's have infiltrated the station and we presume the surface is not doing much better. I repeat we are requesting assistance anything you can spare tyranid's are overwhelming us please send support. priortity alpha prioris this is top priority please send support." he cut the broad cast should reach Ferro's alpha thank god we might get help"
Then the Tyranid's broke in.

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by originalpancake » Tue Mar 27, 2018 2:28 pm

Tartarus Prison Planet side

Tarken and his new squad went down into the basement of the structure. He discoverd A command center like room with comm consoles and screens monitoring the streets out side. Then He noticed a large armored door near the back end of the room
Tarken: Can any of you crack that open
Rever: Yea, got a cutting tourch with me never leave home without it
Tarken: May i ask Why
Rever: If your stuck in a prison sphire for long enough you'll Proably get locked in a prison cell a few times and if you can't get out of there you better sit back and relax because you ain't getting out of there for awhile.
Tarken: fare point, Now get to cutting this thing open.
The cutting touch came to life in a brite burst of lite coming from the plasma. Rever brough it to the door's hinges cutting through the first then moving onto the second one. The Touches lite ceased, he then kicked down the door reavealing a well stocked armory. The squad stepped into the armory. Tarken took a protable vox system that could broadcast across the planet. Morgan seeing the host of Weapons tossed down his improvissed flamer in favor of a Imperail patten one. Rever took a missile launcher from the rack befor stuffing his backpack with as many missle rounds and magazines as he could. The rest of the squad opted For simple laz guns instead of anything fancy.
Tarken: is every one ready
they all stood up and nodded.
Tarken: Good were moving out. We need to find a defensive positon and defending it till help hopfully arives. Also after we set up I'll try to get in comunication with any other surviving forces hopefully rallying them to that position. Now, move out.
The resuplied band climbed the steps out of the lower level walking out into the street's in search of better ground.

The gathering swarm had more then doubled in size already with a constaint stream of new tyranids coming down from orbit. The spawning pits were still under construction.The swarm had began sending it's second waves through-out the city sending larger detachments out. Sending about thirty percent of the new tyranids coming down out into the city. There objective was to put presure on the remainng forces never giving them anough time to prepare or dig in. They were also preparing for enemy reiforcement's they thought were coming due to the distress call sent by Otisira station. They were trying to make it so any incoming forces woulden't have a easy dropzone. All the while not spreading there forces too thin. The war in the air had also begun the tyranids sending harpy's and hive crones down in the thousand's. They also sent about Thirteen haridins so far but more are still coming down. The Haridins are mostly spread out through out the citty acting a mobile air bases, though three of them are currently still at the drop zone. They have also been reinfoced with six more hierophants. Two of which have stayed at the drop zone with Ignace and Nock, the other four have spread out into the city going in pairs of two in the same fashion as the other hierophants.
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Salamand3rs4Lyfe » Wed Apr 11, 2018 1:22 am

Babdar stood breathing heavy from the pitched battle with his crozius at his side, the defiled tool of worship dripping blood onto the pavement. Deselin and his entourage had already moved on pursuing their own goals but that suited him just fine, he was content to offer up a prayer to Tzeentch while the bikers under his command zoomed around the battles edge hooting and hollering. Suddenly the vox in his helmet went off from Ikaroth, sweeping it up from where he discarded it he answered it with supplication in his voice "my lord, what is it you need of me?" .

Ikaroth thought about how to address his request to Babdar knowing he thought the possessed were a gift from their patron. "Babdar, i want you and the marines under your command to start gathering any civilians and taking them to the thunderhawks to be shuttled up to the last whisper, we need them so we can do experiments to learn more about the act of daemonic possession so we can bolster our ranks of possessed and possibly learn how to temporarily force a daemon to possess someone. And try not to let one of the other warbands see you leading the civilians to the thunderhawk, i don't want to have to explain that" he hated lying to his inner circle but that was the only way he could word it without offending the zealot.
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Signet-Powers » Tue May 01, 2018 8:53 am

Otisira station.

Gunfire rattled along the walls and echoed all around the docking bay. Alarms blared and voices yelled. Panicked guards frantically shoved people onto the last three remaining shuttles as cultists smashed against the bay doors.

Caroline had followed Jeffries and his group there, keeping a slight distance but it wasn’t like she even had a choice. It was this or certain death. They’d stripped her weapons off her and she wasn’t the only prisoner being evacuated but there wasn’t exactly a lot of them either.

The guards didn’t exactly have a soft spot for the people here and they’d probably left anyone who hadn’t got out of their cells behind.

As they were waiting she’d found a bunch of crates stacked on top of each other in the far corner. she sat down on them and checked her cybotic arm. Sparks fizzed from the joints and two of the fingers were barely working.

“That doesn’t look too good.” Jeffries noted with a nod as he came over.

“It’s fine.” She grunted back.

“It’s clearly not.

“Well there’s nothing I can do about it for now.” She jammed an abandoned screwdriver into a gap and jerked it about.

“I uh… don’t think that’s gonna-“

There was a scraping noise and suddenly her fingers were able to move again. “There you go, see. It’s fine.”

He shrugged. “As you say so.”

“3rd shuttle taking off in 10 minutes- get your stuff and get onboard!” a pilot yelled from afar.

“We’re heading to the surface.” he explained. “Rendezvous up with the PDF and see what can be done. Should hopefully“

“The PDF’s lost.” She stated firmly. “Or will lose. Soon.”

He hesitated. “What? This is just a Xenos incursion, it’ll be-“

“These are Genestealers. And they aren’t hiding from us so that means there’s Tyranids as well, do you know what they are?”

He swallowed, evidently nervous. “Yeah uh…” and reached into his jacket, pulling out a copy of the Imperial Primer and reading the description verbatim. “Tyranids are weak creatures, physically inferior to a human soldier and reliant on poor tactics such as-“

“Can I see that?”

He gave it to her. “Sure.”

“Thanks.” She smiled, and threw it away.


“It’s filled with trash, lies to keep you fighting to the death so some fat governor bastard can use you as a human shield and buy himself time to escape.”

Jeffries grew defensive. “And how would you know? You an expert or something?”

“No. But I know more than that book. If we go down to that planet, it’s only a matter of time before we-“

The ceiling exploded. A shower of metal and noise. Bits of panel and cabling fell to the floor and strobe lights burst open.

“FETH- FETH- FETH!!!” the Guard roared, raising their weapons and pulling the triggers in a mad scramble.

Cultists fell down to the bay floor. They were rolling over and trying to get up. The gunfire cut them down.

Caroline lept up, Jeffires grabbing her by the arm. “We need to go!” he yelled. “Now!”

Another hole exploded in a wall along the side of the bay. Then another elsewhere, and another and another after that. Cultists and Genestealer hybrids began to jump in, beelining for the guards and toppling them under their bodyweight.

“Feth it!” the last shuttle pilot yelled. “We’re leaving now!” and ran onboard the crafts ramp.

“Come on!” Jeffries cried, dragging her along.
The two of them ran for the shuttle, a good twenty foot away, only for the wall near them to rip open and 3 cultists pop out. They were armed, carrying a knife, a sharpened pipe and an electrified baton.

Jeffries went cold dead, either shock or fear paralyzing him on the spot. Carolines heart stopped, if only for a moment.

She tore her hand away from his and shoved him aside, saving him from a deadly strike..

The one with the pipe went for her first. She raised her metal arm. Blocked the blow, punching it in the jaw with her other hand. Sent it reeling.

The second two attacked at the same time. She bounced back, deflecting as best she could, unable to risk letting them get a hit in.

Jeffries was starting to get back up now, turning to help her. “No!” she roared. “Just go!”

He paused, looking at her, then behind her.

She could hear it, approaching footsteps and gasping breaths. There was more coming from behind.

“I can handle it!” she tried saying, but he wasn’t listening. Jeffries leapt on the one with the electrified baton and grappled him from behind, wrapping his arm around its throat and dragging him backwards.

That left her with the shiv cultist and not a moment to spare.

She let him go in for a jab, narrowly missing enough that she could grab his armed wrist and twist it violently.

The man screamed, but not as much as when she clamped her metal hand over it too, crushed his hand into red mush and flipped his entire body over.

He hit the floor hard and the shiv simply slipped out of out his grasp. She caught it and span, ramming it straight through the temple of the nearest cultist running up from behind.

His body toppled, rolling to its death.

She moved on to the next attacker with a single step closer, a solid robotic punch to the face that sent brain matter squirting out the back of his skull.

The third was unable to stop her. She tackled into him, punching him as many times as she could in the stomach area, then letting him fall back as darkened blood vomited from his mouth.

The man with the pipe had gotten back up now and was sprinting straight for her, swinging hard. in the distance, a couple of the other cultists had taken notice and were starting to turn her way. She could only turn in time to block the pipe with her natural human left arm.

She felt a searing pain screech up her shoulder as it made contact. She cursed, only just about able to bring up the metal arm defensively to stop the follow up attacks.

The assailant caught on and grabbed her robotic arm, trying to pull it aside so that he could get a hit in. She kicked him hard, even several times in the groin, but it didn’t break his determination.

Behind him, she could see Jeffries just about manage to break the neck of the cultist with the baton, before stealing the weapon for himself.

“GUN!” she roared at him. “NOW!” and held out her arm.

As quick as he could he drew his pistol from his holster and threw it towards her. she caught it, the pain once more searing up her arm, and fired it point blank into the attackers liver.

The man stumbled backwards, shock taking over his face. She corrected herself into the correct firing stance and fired one more shot into his face, sending him dead to the floor.

She turned, firing single shots at the cultists running in their direction. Each one a head shot, sending a body rolling to the ground.

Jeffries mouth was agape. “Holy sh-“

“On the shuttle!” she yelled and ran past, dragging him now.

They got onboard the ramp, just in time as it started to close. Looking back she could see the bay being overwhelmed, barricades falling and Guards crushed beneath enslaved bodies.

The doors were just about to shut when there was a solid thud and she looked out to see the main barricades explode open in a ball of fire.

The creature that stepped into the bay was absolutely alien, bigger than the others. Purestrain genestealers and armed blood brothers spreading out around it and racing to finish off the survivors.

The Patriarchs gaze crossed the entire bay, before resting on her.

Her heart stopped beating as thier eyes connected.

It smiled.

Like a human.

But before anything else could happen the shuttle doors slammed tight shut and the craft took off.

It raced away from the station at lightning speed, heading towards the planet as fast as the pilot could take it.

She relaxed, breathing heavily and wiping blood off her arm.

“Holy sh- Holy… I can’t believe we made it!” one of the survivors gasped.

“We almost didn’t!” declared another.

She looked around the shuttle. There must have only been ten of them in here, including the pilot. Not many compared to how many were on that station.

“You though!” one guard said, pointing at her. “You just took out those guys like it was nothing!”

She shrugged. “It was nothing-“

“Grot crap!” Jeffries cut her off, grinning. “Where’d you learn to fight like that? That was some special forces type stuff right there.”

“Just somewhere.” She mumbled.

“Well you stick with us from here on out. We’ll need someone to hide behind when we get down there.”

Their laughter was comforting, but she wasn’t a fool. They were doing it to comfort themselves. To try and get over the experience they’d just been put through. They were just prison guards, not warriors, she knew how people worked too much.

She dared to look out the window and almost wasn’t surprised at what she saw. The Tyranid fleet, numerous horrifying looking ships stretching into the far corners of the planets orbit and raining down organic dots upon the planet.

“All right,” the pilot called out, “you lot want the good news or the bad news?”

“Good news.” A guard replied.

“Well someone’s picked up our distress signal and ships are on they’re on their way. We’re to arrive at the city and help reinforce it for evacuation.”

The guards cheered, happy that help was finally coming. “See.” Jeffries smirked at her. “I told you we’d be fine.”

She smiled politely, but she knew something was up, she could hear it in the pilots voice.

“And the bad news?” someone else asked.

The pilot took a deep breath through grit teeth.

“Well uh… the guidance system’s fried so we may be landing outside the city by… more than a few miles to say the least.”

This wasn’t the only planet that something was landing on however.

Several lightyears away, in orbit over Ferrous-Alpha.

“My Lord! We have movement, heading towards the surface.”

Admiral Yeoman was busy rebooting Singhs blackships systems, a holographic display of the state of their networks beamed directly into his commander suits HUD system, when the crewmen had called out to him.

He raced over, resting a hand on the panel and looking out to the dead of space. “Where?”

“Over the city, 80 degrees north by north west.”

Though the ships magnification systems were offline, his artificial eye wasn’t. He zoomed in his vision, seeing it perfectly clear.

The creature, the one that they’d been barely able to track going from ship to ship and physically tearing them apart, the one that had tried to attack their ship mid-war transit, had changed course.

It was now descending.

Towards the city.

“What happened, did something attack it?”

“No my Lord. It changed course on its own.”

The beast hit the planets upper atmosphere, a red glow and darkened smoke consuming it as it went down. “how long till it reaches the surface?”

The crew had been using a pen and paper, as well as binoculars, telescopes and all sorts of primitive star-charting devices to keep track of the enemy fleet without their ships own system to do it for them. “At its trajectory and speed, we reckon not even fifteen minutes.”

He tightened his fist in frustration. They had no way to send a signal down to the surface to warn them. “Well whatever it is… pray the Emperor is watching over them.”
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