Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Signet-Powers » Tue Feb 20, 2018 10:52 am

The blood bowl stadium in the centre of the city had been turned into a landing ground. Transports dropped off cultists by the hundreds, dressed in all different colors but all issued a similar looking gasmasks. Their clothing was air-tight and it needed to be.

They launched cannisters from mortars and grenade launchers, cannisters that spread burning white phospherous wherever it went. It created a cloud of white smog that got into every nook and cranny the civilians could hide. A weapon that was meant only for the slaughter of innocents.

The Nurglites and Tzeench followers had already moved ahead, the Marines of Reschtahks warband preferring the use of mechanised transportation to get as many of their Marines into the enemy’s faces as fast as possible. It was here that their excessive weight, toughness and muscle allowed them to brute force their way to victory.

The Slaaneshi Marines however had held up, Noise marines tuning their instruments of death as Desilin stepped through a portal to the surface. It stayed open behind him, his gaze looking over the captured Guardsmen that were already being crucifed on the stadium walls. “What a pathetic bunch of snivelling cowards.”

The nearest cultists dropped to their knees. All except the commander, dressed in black fatigues. Instead he moved to address the Lord directly, a cocky stride in his step.

Before he’d even spoken the two Daemonettes that had been clinging around the sorcerors chest and arm dropped to the floor and scuttled at him. They stopped barely a foot away, an ear-pericing screech as they readied their claws.

He stood his ground, unlike the rest of the cultists. Three more Daemonettes followed through the portal and gathered around Desilin like guard dogs.

“Calm now.” Desilin smirked. “No need for that.”

They reatreated hesitantly, curling around his legs and gripping on tight, eyes not leaving the commander. The noise marines were watching now, playing a menacing beat on their guitar like weapons.

“Reschtehk is already on his way to the Governors building.” The commander explained. He removed his respirator to reveal the palest of pale skin and blood stained lips. “Your cultists are already moving out.”

“I trust so. You’ll be joining them?”

“I will stay here for now, ensure the tributes are properly prepared.”

“Good. If this ship of yours the…”


, lives up to expectations, well… When we butcher the inquisitor you can have first pick of his collection of treasures, as was agreed.” He narrowed his eyes. “Would you like my pets to assist you?”

The Daemonettes hissed at the commander once more.

“No. I can do it on my own. Besides, pull this off and you’ll have all of them you could ever want.”

“So be it.”

With a click of his fingers the roar of engines was heard. Desilins bike came skidding around towards them, it’s possessed form pumping out smoke and hot air.

The sorcerer saluted mockingly as more bikers pulled up alongside him. with a kick of dust and a rise in volume from the noise marines that elected to stay back and defend the stadium, he took off.

The commander merely watched, signalling the cultists to return to their feet. He spat on the floor in disgust and affixed his respirator. “So be it…”

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Salamand3rs4Lyfe » Fri Feb 23, 2018 3:25 pm

Something about the plan of attack unsettled Ikaroth, first off was the creature wreaking havoc in the atmosphere...that thing unsettled all of his inner circle except Osmar, being daemonic in origin meant things of the empyrean held little sway over him. Even the fearless and steadfast Kugarr and his DevilDogs had more than a few hushed words about the creature. Then there was Deselin....he respected the abilities of the sorcerer lord don't get him wrong, but it almost seemed like there was something he wasn't sharing. He didn't even seem willing to divulge to Reschtahk, who despite having religious beliefs that were the polar opposite of Ikaroth's seemed sincerely willing to befriend him. Despite his unease he decided to proceed with the plan, but he had to be wary as he didn't doubt that he would be betrayed if it proved advantageous for someone to do so. After all one doesn't survive as a servant of chaos for untold thousands of years by not seizing any opportunities that arose.
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Driedguide42 » Fri Feb 23, 2018 4:23 pm


The Wardens had identified the Governors palace as the most defensible location on the planet and Varath had set the pod landing sites around the immediate area to keep back the tide of traitors the 13th taking the lead in this fight. The companies expertise in close quarters had been honed in the void of space as much of the 13th's short history had been spent fighting in boarding actions often alone. As a result most of the company had equipped mostly the short ranged versions on the basic Primaris weapons. Squads of cultists disappeared under the deluge of auto bolt rifle fire or suffered under a barrage as revilers moved into their ranks, cutting them down quickly with blade and bolt.

Captain Renantinus Tero moved with his makeshift command squad (the banner bearer and his self being only primaris in said formation) alongside a hellblaster squad. Up ahead a squad of Nurgalite Marines had just finished mutilating a squad of guardsmen only to turn around a salvo of plasma bolts melting the their armour and cooking the rotten flesh under it, those whose constitution allowed them to survive the barrage of plasma where taken down by well placed bolter rounds into the now compromised armour. The encounter concluded Chaplain Venalos the 13ths sole chaplain got the captains attention.

Venalos "Captain Varath sends word that the rest of the strike force has landed and taken up defensive positions, we are to relive his marines so he can start making hit and run attack with mechanised units"

Renantinus nodded respectfully unlike the techmarines assigned to the 13th the Chaplian and his librarian counterpart where far less hostile. Renantinus suspected that the Master of the Forge had deliberately chosen hardline traditionalists of mechcanicus doctrine. Venalos and the psyker Helgik had remained professional throughout their assignment.

Renantinus "understod" he opened the company channel "All units objective has been secured, proceed to defensive positions"

With that the majority of the company pulled back to Citadel taking up position on the lines, many of the 13th brought squads of the millitarum along with a few armoured vehicles, Renantinus Tero coordinated the defensive actions reliving the 3rd captain to co-ordinate with the Inquisition.
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Raschier » Fri Feb 23, 2018 8:25 pm

On the frontlines of Ferrous-Alpha

"Any man that dares to run will feel the sting of my sword or the burn of my pistol!"

Estaryia was shouting to the guardsmen holding the barricades, waving her bolt pistol in the air, ignoring the bullets flying around her. Damien was walking behind her, holding his lasgun and keeping his head low. They had held this position for several hours already, keeping cultists away from the main road leading to the governor's building. For cover they used the rubble of a collapsed building close by, with some barbed wire, craters created by the orbital bombardment and some quickly dugged trenches. The assaults were relentless, giving them not a single moment of rest. Casualties had been mounting up to the point they were equiping civilians with the lasguns of dead guardsmen. Aiming was not really necessary, the cultists were being pushed into the firing lines by what seemed to be zealous fanatism or a fear of what was behind them. It mattered not, they could not let this beach head fall. Estaryia kneels beside a guardsman fiddling with the vox-caster.

"Is that piece of crap finally working, we need to call for reinforcements!"

"N-No madam, we still only get noise."

"Dammit, keeping working on it."

A sudden silence overtakes Estaryia, no shots flying over or being returned. She turns around, Damien was no longer behind her. Her guardsmen were cautiously watching over the edge.

"Why are we stopping, I never said you could stop!"

One of the guardsmen turns around, he was one of the civilians turned soldier, his helmet sat loose on his head, his flak was to big for him and he was wearing his ordinary clothes underneath the armor. He kept his head low as he started to speak.

"Uhm, their is nothing to shoot at, madam."


"T-their is no enemy in sight, they have halted their a-assault."

"That is impossible!"

Estaryia walks closer to the edge of the barricades, and takes a look over the edge. She saw dust and smoke, but no living cultists. It surprised her, their was no reason to stop, the enemy seemed to have infinite numbers of those traitors, something had to be wrong. Several guardsman started to cheer, for they thought they were victorious. Estaryia turned her head towards them, giving them an icy glare, the guardsman immediately stopped their cheering.
Then she heared Damien's voice, she looks up and sees Damien standing on the second floor of a ruined flat close by, a binocular in his hand, pointing in the air. But before she could look up, a buzzing sound breaks the silence. Estaryia looks up with shock, seeing chaos marines descending with jump packs. Before Estaryia could shout out orders, a marine landed right in front of her, knocking her of her feet.
Her head banged against the ground and everything around her became blurry, her ears were ringing, but she could faintly hear more enemies landing close by, the rumbling of chainswords and the screams of her men as they desperately tried to fight back. Estaryia had to fight to stay conscious, but she was losing that fight, her vision became even darker, she could only see the shape of the marine in front of her, as he raised what seemed to be a chainsword in the air. She tried to reach for her bolt pistol or raise her sword arm, but the muscles in her body refused, she could hear the marine laughing. Was this her end, laying helpless on the ground, waiting for the killing blow. She could feel her consciousness slipping, it wouldn't belong before she'd go out, and probably never wake up. The marine finally decided it was enough and slashed down, Estaryia closed her eyes and waited, but the final blow never came. With some trouble she managed to open her eyes for a short moment, only to see a bright white light emmiting from what seemed to be a large sword, as it cut off the head of the marine that stood in front of her. The shape holding the sword then turned towards Estaryia, and she could see a pair of white flames burning instead of eyes, then everything became black.


The sky was clear, except for thick trail smokes left behind by overflying Helldrakes looking for prey. They missed such an opportunity, as on one of the many top floors of a flat, their was the slightest hint of movement. Tempestor Huccino was pressing his body against one of the still standing pillars, above him their was nothing but sky, as the roof was blown away. He held a binocular to his eyes, scanning the city for enemy movement patterns. Behind him his squad was hiding aswell, most of them standing close to the edge or a window, aiming their guns at the street below them, while the others were guarding the stairwell, a single scion was a bit further away from the rest holding the squads vox-caster. Huccino lowered his binocular and turned to the scion with the vox-caster, his voice was altered a bit by his respmask.

"Cornelis, communicate the following: lots of airborne transports landing close to stadium, large groups of Tango-Deltas* moving through city, columns of armoured transports moving towards governor's building, possibly filled with Tango-Bravos**."

"Yes sir, that all?"

"For now."

Cornelis nodded, his face hidden behind a respmask. Huccino turns his back towards the city view, and is about to look through his binoculars when he hears a soft whistle and then the voice of Destr.

"Group of Tango-Deltas entering street, what are your orders sir?"

"Hold position, probably looking for UC's*** of which there are none in this vicinity. But keep an eye on them."


Huccino raised his binoculars and resumed his scan of the city. While doing so he could hear Tjep and Samr talking to each other.

"They're coming pretty close to our flat. Do you think they'll notice your boobytrap, Samr?"

"Nah, I hid it pretty well, they won't notice where they're stepping into."

"You wanna bet that they'll find it?"

"You're on Tjep, the usual?"


Huccino shook his head, will those two ever learn to keep it professional when they're deployed. But even he couldn't help but look at the cultists as they were close to entering their building. They entered carefully, almost professionally as if they were trained to do so. A few seconds went by before the last cultist entered their building, he could hear them making noise inside the flat. Huccino was counting the seconds in his head.



The building shook as the explosion bursts through the remaining windows and holes of the first floor, creating thick smoke clouds. Huccino could hear Tjep swearing and Samr laughing, and he again shook his head. He then resumed his scanning, but it was made harder because of the thick smoke clouds coming from the first floor. He lowered the binoculars again, it was no use, the clouds were to thick. He whistled and made a hand signal, and his squad immediately stood up and started to move down the stairwell. Huccino went first with a chainsword strapped to his back and pistol in hand, then came four men with hot-shot lasguns, after them came four men holding plasma guns, and last came Cornelis with pistol in hand and vox on his back, keeping the phone part close to his left ear. They moved with ease through the first floor, their respmasks filtering and keeping their vision clear.

Huccino had just left when he noticed more cultists coming around the corner. He quickly took a few steps back and drops to the ground, his squad members following his lead. After a few seconds he takes a look, seeing twenty cultists escorting just as many prisoners, he signalled this back to his men. Huccino followed this with another few handsigns, and the rest of his squads dispersed. They took position inside several buildings on the street, hiding and waiting in cover for the enemy to come closer. The whiplashes, yells and the moaning of the prisoners became louder with every second, Huccino's trigger finger started to twitch as his hatred grew with every lash he heared. He waited a few seconds more and then ordered his men, through the comm, to spring the ambush and he jumped out from cover, firing bolts at the cultist holding the whip.

The surprise was complete, the first 4 cultists dropped before anyone knew what hit them, they then tried to hide behind their prisoners, ran for cover or where looking around, still confused at what hit them. Another three were killed by the scions, the plasma bolts melting through their improvised armor and flesh, before the rest managed to get behind cover. The prisoners were still standing in the middle of the street, confused at what was happening, some kneeled and started to pray out loud to the Emperor, others called for help not knowing who was killing their captors. Two more cultists were popped, their brains painting the wall behind them, as they tried to look where the shooting came from. The rest of the cultists just started to shoot in random directions, holding their guns above cover while keeping their head low, hoping they would hit something. And they did, several of the prisoners were hit by stray shots from the autoguns. This caused panic among the prisoners and they started to run for cover, dragging the dead bodies along as they were still chained to them. They ran into one of the buildings in which Tjep was hiding, almost knocking him over. Tjep calmed them and whispered to run upstairs and don't acknowledge him, as that would betray his position. The cultists were still shooting in random directions, while one was calling for help on an old vox phone, all of them not seeing that a scion was crossing the field to flank them. Several las shots hitting the cover kept the cultists effectively pinned, allowing the flanking scion to throw in a frag-grenade killing both the vox operator and three of his comrades. The remaining seven lost their nerves and ran into the open, fearing that another grenade would soon drop and kill them aswell, instead they were greeted by a salvo of hot-shot las fire and plasma bolts, killing the last seven cultists.

The scions quickly regrouped after the fight.

"Great job with that grenade Vivo."

"Thank you sir."

Vivo nodded and Huccino turned towards Tjep.

"Where did you leave the POW's Tjep?"

"Two buildings ahead sir."

"Alright quickly gather them, we need to move, those bastards managed to call for reinforcements, they could be here any moment now."

"Yes sir!"

Tjep nodded and ran back. Just as he exited the rendezvouz point the earth started to shake and the sound of tank tracks could be heared. Huccino cursed and took his binoculars, the rest quickly took battle positions inside the building.

"What do you see sir?

Boris asked, while aiming his plasma gun towards the potential threat.

"Dust clouds and the shape of armoured vehicles."

"Tangos or friendlies?"

"Don't know yet."

Samr took a few steps down, slightly lowered his gun and looked towards Huccino.

"What about Tjep?"

"He is a big boy, he knows what to do."

Samr nodded and went back up, though his face couldn't be seen underneath his omnishield helmet and resp mask, Huccino could see from his posture that Samr wasn't satisfied with this answer, neither was he, but it was to dangerous to sent reinforcements to Tjep without knowing what was heading towards them. He returned his gaze back to the approaching armoured vehicles, who were they? Where they friend or foe? He could finally recognise the shapes as being those of a rhino or razorback, this didn't really comforted him though, as he could still not see the emblem yet. Huccino signalled his scions to be ready for combat, for he had learned that it was better to be prepared then to wait and be surprised. The rhinos came closer, Huccino pressed his binocular closer to his eyes, so close even that they touched the lenses of the respmask. The rhinos were really close now, dust still obscuring large part of the heraldry. Then the rhinos stopped and shapes dropped out at the back, Huccino slowly grabbed his holstered pistol, the dust began to drift away. Was it friend or foe? Huccino took a deep breath, just a second and he could see if it was to be a fight or not. Then he saw the heraldry, he took a few moments to take it in, then checked again to see if it was true. But it was, before them stood rhinos and marines from to the Iron Wardens.

**Tango-Bravos=Chaos Space Marines (regular armor)
***UC=Unarmed Civilian

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Signet-Powers » Sun Feb 25, 2018 3:48 pm

The Governors tower was alive with the sounds of alarms. Singh paced back and forth in the main hall, numbers and names running through his head. Around him, officers and soldiers set up desks and whatever form of computers still worked.

In one corner, Vox-systems were desperately dragged in, tested and tossed aside when they didn’t work. In another corner maps and images were being plastered all over the wall of the city. The aim being to give a full view of what they were facing.

Not that Singh needed it. You only had to look out the window to see what was happening.

“Inquisitor, the Marshal.” One of his own personal Stormtroopers alerted him, a caution in his voice. The Acolyte had a few words with them in private about the incident with letting Jacob into his office. They were to shoot anyone trying to do it on sight next time, regardless of rank or if they were scions as well.

But now was not the time for that. He waved them aside, addressing the red armored Lumas directly. “It seems Highland was right, we were expecting a visit.”

The Tempestor nodded. “My men are setting up a perimeter as we speak. How many guardsmen are at your disposal?”

“Not many, a few regiments, mostly scattered all around the city but we have a couple of hundred here at this building right now.”

“There’s millions on this planet is there not?”

“Yes but we can’t contact any of them.”

“What exactly does the vox-situation look like?”

He beckoned Lumas over towards the window. “See that horizon?”


“Anyone past it, who literally can’t see this invasion happening with their own eyes, doesn’t even know its going on. This cyber-attack hasn’t just hit our vox-network but everything attached to it. the government, the media,- all down. We can’t even contact the Astropath centre to call for help.”

There was a pause the Marshall spoke. “The eclisiarchy’s network is still operational, but they dind’t respond to our calls.”

The Acolytes eyes burned at that news. “Barnaby. The High-Priest. I assumed he was already sending someone but if he’s ignoring us…” He slammed his fist against the window. “he’s just sitting there with an army and watching us die!”

He took a moment to calm down, breathing heavily, when before he could say anything else a squad of Guardsmen entered the room. They were carrying in with them a number of large crates. They dumped them on the nearest table and opened their contents. “Just like you asked sir,” the Sargent declared, wiping sweat from their brow, “15,000 flares all together in the underground storage.”

“Good.” Singh looked over them. “They’ll have to make do. Distribute as many of them out to everyone as you can. ”

Lumas turned and motioned towards the Ecclisiarchal church in the distance. “They have the Frateris Militia do they not?”

“Yes but they’re not what I’m interested in. There’s an order of Sororitas there, the Valorous Iscariot. 1,500 of them I believe.”

The Marshalls head turned sharply. “Sisters of Battle? That could be more than the numbers we need.”

“But they serve the Ecclesiarchy above all else. Meaning they serve Barnaby before me.”

“I take it this high-priest is a problem?”

“More than that. He’s actively been trying to the Astra Militarum against us. Against the Inquisiton. He accuses us of meddling in affairs that are not within our jurisdiction. If he’d go this far…” he hesitated. “Wait, are you implying-“

“What? To kill him? of course not. I’m merely suggesting that my men can… ‘remind’ the High-Priest of the penalties for civilian interference with Inquisitorial military deployments.”

Singh smirked. “Okay. I can get.”

“What’s the best way there.”

“Going straight through the city won’t be possible. Air-drop may be the quickest way to get to him, but it’s too risky. And with those Helldrakes out there, I can’t ask you to do that, you’ll be shot down for sure.”

A passing officer stopped in her track, listening in to the conversation. “Um… sorry, don’t mean to interrupt but… what about the tunnels?”

They both looked at her. “Tunnels?”

“Yeah, well… they’ve been abandoned for decades but you can get into the sewers from there and find your way to the Ecclisiarchy. It’s a maze but it’s doable.”

“And you know about this how?”

She hesitated. “…Well… my wifes cousins knows some people that smuggle contraband through them. Never been down there myself but she says that the battle-nuns will sometimes get things delivered through them.”

Singh raised an eyebrow at the marshall. “That’s an option anyway.”

“Possibly.” Lumas agreed. “But it’s contained. Not ideal if a fight breaks out.”

“Well I’ll leave it up to you.”

“Oh trust me, we’ll get in there, one way or another.”


Bolter fire was erupting as the 13th Rhinos got closer. Two squads of wardens were holding a street on their own, 4 Tauroxes unloading guardsmen by the dozen as they battled an unseen number of cultists a good 100 yards ahead.

Renantinus dismounted his convoy, the banner bearer following close behind, and ran up to meet the brother-Sargent behind the wall. The glance he got in return was dismissive but not unwelcome. “Varath sent you?”

“Yes, my 13th are to relive your positions for in order to-“

“Got it.” the Sargent interrupted, and turned to the rest of his squad. “On the rhinos, let’s move! You too 7-8!”

The Tacticals laid down blithering hail of fire as they peeled back into their nearby transports, Teros’s own Intercessors taking up the spots and covering them.

He watched through his auto-bolt rifles scope as the culstist seemed to back off, the Rhinos pushing onward through the dust. Even a couple of guardsmen squads followed, leaving them behind to cover the rear.

He motioned to his reivers to take up positions, his hellblasters to form a reactive base of fire and his intercessors to move up when it happened.

The first rhino exploded.

It’s roof ripped high into the air, the blast blowing nearby walls open and litteraing tacticals across the street.

Before they could even react a second explosion followed, two tauroxes splitting apart as melta-beams cut them open.

The second rhino skidded to a halt and let loose with its Heavy Botlers. The Marines disembarked once more and hit the floor, firing their weapons down the street as the Guard behind them ran for cover.

“Reivers!” Tero yelled through his vox-bead, quick to get to work. They zipped up to the roof of the nearby buildings and ran ahead. “What are we seeing?”

The tacticals roared to each other as heavy weaponry fired back at them, Bolter shells and autocannon rounds that bounced off their armor in sparks of bone shattering force.

“The Nurglites have moved elsewhere, this is something else.“

Before the Rievers could finish the reply there was a loud screech of noise that shattered the very road they were all standing on. The guardsmen screamed and grabbed the sides of their heads as the sonic attack continued, blasts of energy smashing into the Rhinos ahead.

It burst, bits of metal falling all over the place and sending fire with it. The Tacticals changed position, taking cover behind the wreckage and increasing their barrage of bolter fire, firing through the smoke and dust that hid the opponents.

“We need to go on the offensive!” venalos said.

Renantinus took his advice to heart. “Supressing fire! Hellblasters cover our brothers retreat!”

Before that could happen, there was a roar of engines and several bikers burst through the smoke. They skidded before the destroyed Rhinos, kicking up dirt and bits of flame with their approach.

The tactical sargent screamed orders at his men, but it was too late. Their positions were lit up with melta-beams, the same weapons that had taken out the first Rhinos, as well as heavy flamers and plasma-fire.

“Weapons free!” Renantinus yelled. His primaris opened fire, aiming for the bikers. They cut two down, a third spinning and kicking up more dirt as cover, a fourth leaping off his bike and using it as protective cover.

The fifth however stayed in position. He was larger than the rest, if only slightly, and wore a beautiful purple cape the fluttered out behind him. The hellblasters took aim for him, letting off five rounds.

He simply raised his hands and they stopped mid-air, only a foot in front of him.

“Ooh…” Desilin grinned as he looked over them. “What have we here…”

They fired more rounds at him, but he didn’t lower his hand. Each bolt or plasma round simply hung in front of him to no avail. The only thing it got out of the Sorceror was laughter. “So, I take it you’re the new breed of loyalist pigs that have given the DeathGuard so much trouble at Ultramar?” he looked to his Demonettes. “Hide somewhere safe my pretties.”

Renanitus watched as the pink creatures scuttled off him and into some nearby building. He was hesitant to use his own weapon, lest it added to the mass of rounds hovering in front of the sorceror

The burning Rhinos behind the Slaaneshi were tossed aside as several Chaos vehicles pushed through, a Land-Raider at the forefront and Noise Marines marching alongside, sonic energy blasting from their cannons.

Desilin climbed off his bike and sneered. His tongue ran along his lips, caressing the decapitated head of a Guardsman his daemonettes had violated and stuck upon a pauldron spike. “It seems Daddy’s got some hazing to take care of…”

He struck out with the palm of his hand, sending the auto bolt rounds and plasma back at the 13th.

The Primaris dodged aside as the earth exploded around them, two or three caught in the blasts and torn open. A cocoughany of screeching filled the air as Slaaneshi raptors descended, the Noise marines opened fire, and the land raider let rip.

Renanitus opened fire on the nearest target as he saw the Sorceror out of the corner of his eye ready his staff and charge in.

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Salamand3rs4Lyfe » Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:42 am

As Ikaroth and his chaos spawn escort cut through a cluster of guardsmen he started to have a hunch, as he swung his daemon blade he simultaneously voxxed all of the forces under his control to test out his suspicions. "Kugarr, i want you and your DevilDogs to head to the church. I'm sending corpsebreather and our possessed brothers to help lay siege to the eclisiarchy. If im right and we can destroy the church then we will be a step closer to victory in this battle, it will also help increase our standing in the eyes of Deselin and Reschtahk" as Kugarr chirped an agreement Ikaroth sent a vox to Babdar personally "i want you to lead the ChangeSeekers, our bikes, and the raptors to flank the beachheads the imperial guard are trying to maintain, if Kugarr fails in wiping out the eclisiarchy then i don't want to be stuck with no ground gained". Ikaroth wondered if it was time to bring out the warhound titan they kept bound within the space hulk, he decided that now would be a good time to show the other chaos lords that he was powerful enough to sit at their table. "Its time to unleash Iratourak"

"i want you to lead the ChangeSeekers, our bikes, and the raptors to flank the beachheads the imperial guard are trying to maintain, if Kugarr fails in wiping out the eclisiarchy then i don't want to be stuck with no ground gained" Babdar smiled as he sent the soul of another Iron Wardens abomination to the great Changer of Ways, if his lord wanted the beachhead wiped out then he would personally turn the beachhead into little more then a pile of rubble. As he turned to see a intercessor take aim at him with his bolt rifle suddenly plasma bolts incinerated the primaris marine as a chaos chosen squad came into range.
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

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on board the last whisper

As warpsmiths scurried around trying to prepare the great titan Iratourak for battle, Ratoghan the head warpsmith was overseeing it all from a command deck overlooking the great titan's chamber. While warpsmiths and the pink horrors attending them daubed blood on the titan's weapons Ratoghan was inputting the activation codes and chanting the necessary spells to awaken the daemon for which the titan is named. As the last words of the chant thrust their way out of Ratoghan's lips like a blade thrusting into a ribcage, the great titan lifted it's canine shaped head and gave a mighty roar and began thrashing against the ensorcelled chains subduing it. Suddenly with a snap the chains broke and the titan was free, leveling its plasma blastgun at the nearest group of warpsmiths and letting loose until nothing remained of them but ash. Klaxons blared as pink horrors and warpsmiths ran out of a door that was beginning to close to contain the titan, who in a fit of rage fired a volley from it's vulkan pattern mega bolter at the ceiling of the chamber. Ratoghan made a decision and started heading to the bridge to vox Ikaroth and tell him there was no way the titan would be able to join the battle for the planet.
Ferrous alpha
Ikaroth's vox chirped suddenly, the voice of his head warpsmith Ratoghan coming through and sounding more than a little panicked "my lord, the daemon bound within the titan is out of control, something is wrong. It isn't safe to send the titan into battle, you will have to find some other way" Ikaroth grit his teeth, the titans malfunction was likely due to that Thing in orbit but it didn't matter now.
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

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Meanwhile on hive ship apis

Mother neith: "Oh What's that my ruiness benificiarys, You want me to devour a penal colony. I can get behind that a world for my taking that i can consume without thought. Yes that sound's nice i'll be there right away."
Mother Neith: " Sadly It doesen't look like any of my infitrations forces are nearby. Oh well geuss I'll have to do this manualy.

The narth whale fires up bring the tyranid hive fleet through to the peneal colony right into high orbit.
Morher Neith: hmm a station well we can't have tha... Wait what's that you just want it cleared out and left completely intact. Ok then infilitration forces it is
Morher Neith: Prepare the gene-stealers the sneaky ones not the ones that just rush twoards the enemy. No those Gene-stealers are for assualting the planet.launch i exspect them to be lauchend in 30 minutes at most . now regualr gene-stealers prepare for launchh


The Sac of toxic goop carrying several genestealers urdles twoard the suface. the first sac burst onto the large hive mining city of tarsk bursting onto the street in a cloud of acidic gas. emerging from it is the first tyranid to make planet fall... The brood lord. Several more sacs landed behind him containing many gene-stealers the initial landing force now numbered mor ethan a hundred and still more sacs were falling. they then began there charge rushing twoards the "civilians" who even the best of them were petty criminal's and the worst terrible tratiors. The wave of tyranids crashed into the civilians impaling and devourering them. a few attempted to run, others armed themselves, one or two of them taking down a gene-stealer befor being slaughters. Most lied motionless in fear almost acepting there fate in a way. eventialy the closest thing to a defence force came blasting at the tyranid wave pushing back the swarm. several other pods landed containg warriors to provide fire support. the warriors moved up and fired there weapons each kiling lines of the helpless militia. Suddenly genestealers started falling like flys. machine gun fire had oppened up on them kiling 30 of there gene stealer wiht the first slavo. several more pods land containg the main bulk of the invasion force termagants and hormagants. the genestealers rush down a allyway attempting to pursue the civilians. the hormagants step up to kill there place promptly rushing twoards the maching gun bateries supported by several tyranid primes arme wiht lash whips and bone sword. the machine gun fire let's loose taking down one horma gaunt after another even some tyranid primes fall to the immense fire the gants also move up armed with devourers fireing upon the suporting penel legion squad suporting the machine gun's kiling several of there most important mebers. The advance had bean halted for the tyranids until one huge pod droped reaveling a huge scalled creature with giant wings and one long blade like horn protruding from it's tothy head. The Hive Tyrant "STINGER" has made planet fall

The gene-stealers lead by the brood lord g down the ally way untill they come up to a streat. It looks like civilians are evcuwating. Never missing a oppurtunity the gene-stealers lauch a assualt using the chaos to there advantage to kill hundreds of civilians some of the escort's put up a fight but are killed by the numerous gene-stealer force, one brood breaks into a building discovering a severall women and children. But there is no mecie for criminals they are promptly killed and eaten as well as all organic matter. the panicing civilians unfortunatly were rallied and armed into a make shift fighting force attempting to fruitlessly fight back the tyranids. that was befor a exsplosion detonated in the hoard a lemon russ tank reavelaed it's self. It was vary batered and battle worn. steel plates had been riveted to it to repair. Even dispite it's apearence it was still an tank and pushed back the gene-stealers. a tounge like claw latched onto it puling it into the hoard and into the jaws of a monster. the penal forces failed to notice another pod landing bring in another monstorous creature. The beast pulled the beast int it's gamping jaws slowly crushing the tanks it's crew tried to get but either got stuck or murderd by the genstealers. and then in one movement the creature cruched the tank in it's jaws. the line wavered but due to the vary purswasive barrle of the comisars gun leading them they did not shatter the tyranid line clashed with theres. A true display of blood appendages and the tyranids acidic fluids. The brood lord ran on top of the beast jumping from it onto the comisar the comisar doged it fiaring several rounds into the thing befor taking his chain sword and parrying the blows of the massive beast one stike after another the comisar parryied striking the creature off balance. He went for the killing blow taking a upwards slash but was meat with two of it's arms restraining the sword while the other two grasped his head. The thing lifted him up riping the chain sword fro his grasp. It let out a shriek the penal legionaries turned just in time to see there comanders head be crushed. Seeing this the force scatered into a retreat but were chased down by the brood lord and his gene-stealers and killed

Onboard Otisira station.

The patriarch went through the vent.poping out at one of the militia there grabing it and pulling it into the vent and depositing it's gene-seed. Making it it's slave. the patriarch had done this to at least people by now and was ready to spring the assault to exstrminate this station along with it's 20 bretheren. Because soon the planet won't be the only battlefeild in the system.

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

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Otisira Station.
It had taken her four hours to realise something was up.

Granted, the Imperial authorities didn’t care about penal colonies, so they tended to only be given the cheapest possible pay and therefore got lazy guards as a result. But this was Otisira station, they were never this late when it came to feeding time.

She approached her cell door and knocked a few times. “Hello?” he called out.

No response.

She slammed his fist against he door. “I’ve been on good behaviour this month. Come on. Lunch time was hours ago!”

Again, nothing.

She wondered if she’d done something wrong. If the were purposefully ignoring her. True, she was a criminal, but they’d never not fed her before. This behaviour was unusual.

She sighed and slunk up against the wall, when he heard it. A distant scream through the metal of the walls.

That was when the door burst open.

The sound of gunfights and shouting filled the room. The cells doors were soundproof, so she hadn’t heard a thing. This battle had been raging on for hours.

The guard stumbled in, blood soaked and carrying an autogun of some kind. “Oh thank the Emperor. I thought everyone had been evacuated. Can you fight?” he asked.

She was confused. “Um… what? What’s going on?”

“Your file says you were ex-military. CAN YOU FIGHT?” he repeated, louder.

“Y-yes, obviously.”

He nodded. “Good take this.” and chucked her the gun.

She caught it, but couldn’t do much but stare. “You’re giving me a gun? What’s going on, is- something happening? I havn’t had-“

“We’re under attack! You wanna die?”


“Then come on, we’ve got to get to the east side of the station so that-“

Before he could even finish something smashed into him. He was thrown to the floor, the enslaved prisoner that had leapt atop biting at his throat.

She swore and ran out the cell door.

“get it off me!” he begged.

She raised her weapon instinctually and pulled the trigger.

Nothing happened.

She turned it sideways, checked the hammer. Jammed.

The genestealers slave bit down on the guards face, ripping his nose off. the pain caused the guard to size up, allowing the attacker to stab him in the stomach.

She kicked it off, desperatly trying to unjam the weapon.

The figure turned, snarled and dived for her.

Escaping death by mere miliseconds the gun finally started to work and blew a hole through its brain.

She dodged aside as it tumbled past, twitching to a stop.

She looked back to the guard, breathing his last few signs of life before falling silent as well.

“Great.” She sighed to herself. She looked about at the already evacuated cells, the darkneded lights and the flashing red emergency lights. and took the guards electrified baton. “East side of the station then I guess.”


With a gale of winds Osmar landed atop the stadium, overlooking the work that had been carried out.

The cultists had set up hundreds of makeshift crucifixes all around the upper level seats. Injured and dying Guardsmen had been nailed too them, clearly too many, as many crosses held five or six of the soldiers.

Civilians meanwhile were herded into the centre, crushing up in barbed pens and overflowing out the stadium doors. Lines were marched in with hands above their heads, every so often cultists would drag several away from the group to shoot against the wall or use for a far worse fate.

The Daemon Princes eyes crossed over towards the cultists below. They’d stopped momentarily, pointing up towards the prince in surprise.

He could see their affinity. The stench of the gods they worshipped. But it mattered not. He knew what was happening here. What would happen here. He grinned to himself.

He knew what was going to happen.

A leap and he dropped a good fifty foot to the earth below. Any cultists that hadn’t seen him jumped out of their skin at the noise, but quickly returned to their duties if with nervous looks over their shoulders.

Osmar passed them, approaching the commander. The man was distracted by a prisoner, a high-ranking official that had been captured. His hands clasped the mans head, causing great strain to said victim. Whispers escaped his mouth, supernatural in nature, but they stopped as the giant approached.

The victim was dropped and the figure turned, cocking his head to the side. “I was wondering when you’d turn up.”

“Our goals align.”

There was hesitation in the mans voice. “You know what I’m doing here?”


“And your masters?”

Osmar sniggered, an odd action from such a powerful being, enough to unnerve the closet cultists. “They know naught.”

“Will you tell them?”

“…Perhaps. Though it could serve us both not to.”

“Ah,” the commander nodded, “the real reason you’re here. Very well then, I don’t see why not.”

The Deamon Prince rubbed his hands together, an oddly human gesture that gave the nearby cultists cause for concern. “A wise agreement. I look forward to your work coming to fruition.”

Meanwhile... across the city.

The Ecclesiarchy church was blaring with lights, drowning the streets around them. Hundreds of civilians had swarmed around, though they were all turned away. Kugarr and his devildogs had arrived before the others, eager to scope the area out before entering himself.

They’d made their way down abandoned alleyways and on top an empty factory to get a better view, his helmets HUD system zoomed in, detailing the situation in full.

There was a 200 metre long no-mans-land to the churchs outer gates, all around the building. Massive cannons rippled along every orifice like a fortress, and armored figures patrolled those walls constantly.

“A frontal assault?” one of the Terminators suggested. “Charge through the mobs and kick down the door before they even have time to respond.”

“No. there’s an energy shield of some kind. Look.”

He pointed at a small group of civilians in the distance trying to sneak in past a barricade. They almost got close to the wall when their bodies were suddenly disintergrated and turned to dust. A squad of sisters ran over to inspect the damage.

“Will that work on our armor?” the Lord mused to himself, flexing his chainfist in annoyance.

“Maybe. Maybe not.”

“Well regardless we can’t send the possessed or corpse breather in with it still up. We need to lower it first, and if they see us walking up that may not be possible.”

“We exactly can’t sneak ourselves in in Terminator Armor.”

Kugarr continued to watch, looking for a solution, when he noticed a convoy of Sororitas Rhino’s leave through the energy field, it’s blue energy rippling off their hulls harmlessly. “Oh, I beg to differ…”
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by originalpancake » Thu Mar 01, 2018 4:25 pm

the patriarch scutles though the stations vent. It come across another guard, it approaches slowly twoard's the vent cover sticking it's tounge through the cover injecting it's gene into it. Bringign it under it's controll. The guard wanders off. Then the door burst down on one of the guards quarter reavealing a new born hybrid two guards are chased down the hall firing on several brood brothers befor being shot by the new hybrid. the patriarch see's several others sneeking around atempting to flank the hybrid and brood brothers. The patriarch then burst out of the vent impailing on and crushing the other with there claws.It then orders all gene stealer's to comense there assalt. the patriarch rushes down the hall rounding the corner
spearing several more passing several hybrids the trap has been sprung and the station is in chaos.


The hive tyrant rose into the sky flying past the machine placment blowing it up from behind the tyranids swarmed past flowing into several buildings
since there landing there force strenght had doubled in this city and established a drop zone out side the city droping several thousand tyranids already currently perparing for assalt on the major military and defence locations. lictor's have also succsefully preformed several assasainitions and have throne the military hiarchy into chaos. stinger lead his force of 200 tyranids down the street twoards the section of the city where comissars live. they rush down the street several large exsplosions spread through the hoard. they came from several canons set up in a place ment in fron't of them. They were sit up on a wall that was a checkpoint for the City as heavly armed as a fotress. a pod comes crashing down into the wall crushing it under the pods massive weight shock waves spread through out the city window's shatterd. The crash throw up huge deposites of somke, ash and sulfur several people survived rallying to try to contened the massive beast. They didn't stand a chance they were silinced by the burn's of chemical flames. as the smoke cleared it revealed the shape of a moustoustie biger then the last folowed by the tyranid hoard it's name Ignis Eget.

The tyranid force lumbered forward meeting up with the brood lord and his gene-stealers but they were now suported by a bio titian. Several squads tried to stop them they failed. Final reaching there first strategic goal. the brood lord orderd the bio titian to burn down the houses while the hormagaunt's and gene-stealers scourer his burning wretch's for survivor's he and the wrest of the force moved deeper engaging the other human forces they burned the district down leaving no survivor's in the distance you could hear other pods landing with more bio titians. This was the landing of the wrecking crew. it's hard to imagine that not even day's ago this planet was still buisness as ussaul.

bio-pods were landing in the feild. a brood lord standed ready observing them at least 5 hierophant's could be seen through out the force. The heradin caeli hovered over head flying in slow circles waiting for comands dispersed through the synaspe. several other heradins were out doing hit in run attack's on artillery emplacements. acting as mobile bace's for smaller gargoyle's for a moment mother nyse allmost gave the order to the brood lord to comence the main assault but she decided against it

Mother Neith: not yet I think i can grow this force a little bit more. besides the hit in run attacks are being quite succseful i woulden't want to spoil the fun for those girl's. Plus those lictor's have thrown there pdf into complete dissaray and there still killing more. but I'd say this pie hasn't quite cooked yet so it'l need to go back in the oven befor it's ready to eat... MY DARLING'S

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Salamand3rs4Lyfe » Thu Mar 01, 2018 5:59 pm

Ikaroth didn't trust Osmar, he knew there was some sort of hidden agenda. Ever since the meeting when it was mentioned that the planet would be flooded with daemonic activity the daemon prince started acting strange. Ikaroth knew that if he left the daemon prince to his own devices then something bad would happen that would likely culminate in his own death, so he sent a vox message to the one sorcerer in his coven that he knew still had greater loyalty to him than Osmar "Iscariot, i have an important assignment for you. Meet me by the bombed out coffee shop east of the governor's palace". Iscariot was the chief Librarian to the Sons of Tyreme before their fall and is the second most powerful sorcerer in the coven, second only to Osmar himself. He is incredibly skilled at arcane surveillance, be it of a person or a place.

As Ikaroth and his chaos spawn escort approached the rendezvous point he spotted Iscariot, his force axe dripping blood and hanging from his belt. Motioning for his hands to stay there and dropping from his disk he embraced Iscariot as a fellow warrior and brother, the two were close after a battle upon the iceworld of Ixidorus where Iscariot saved his life. They had clashed with a small force of Dark Angels while Ikaroth's forces were looking for the storied Book of Lorgar, they were after the tome for its store of dark knowledge about Chaos and daemon possession. It was during this heated battle that a younger more brash Ikaroth had challenged the leader of the loyalist forces in single combat, although he was victorious and the company master was slain Ikaroth was wounded. With vengeful Dark Angels terminators closing in to finish the chaos lord off, Iscariot used his powers of geomancy to create a chasm blocking the terminators and buying time to evacuate Ikaroth. As their embrace ended Ikaroth was dragged back into the battle at hand by the sound of a valkyrie crashing into a nearby building, "i hate to get down to business brother but i need your 'talents' at surveillance, i don't trust the Daemon Prince Osmar to be alone....can you keep tabs on him and report back to me?" While the sorcerer was expecting the request, Iscariot was suprised that it took Ikaroth THIS long to make it. He would gladly spy on the daemon prince for his lord and battle brother "of course my lord, i will send you a telepathic message if the oversized worm does anything suspicion. Its harder to intercept then a vox message, even for a psyker as powerful as Osmar". Ikaroth smiled and embraced the sorcerer one more time before mounting his disk and motioning for his escort to follow.

Iscariot could only think that the warband would never be the same after this battle, something was going to change for better or worse.
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by originalpancake » Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:47 pm

Comissar tarken pushed away the ruble from the collasped building he was grogy and coulden't remeber much. Though when he finnall came to what he saw made him wish he would of just stayed asleep. The whole section was on fire. The builading around him had crubled away into huge stacks of ruble he checked his belt his bolt pistol was still there. he looked around for his sword. he noticed a hilt sticking out of the ruble. He dug it out retrieving his chain sword.Sudenly he heard a schreach he looked behind him seeing two gene-stealers rushing twoards him. He shot one with his bolt pistol exsploding it's head with one round befor reving his chain sword; and parrying the hug claws of the other. HE took a upward stoke decapitating it in one smooth movement. he checked his surroundings he saw a narrow alley way, he began approaching it. Unfortunately several hormagaunt's saw him and gave chase. He rushed through the alley way, running thorugh a gate and slamming it shut behind him. He ran several more yards befor triping just in time to see the monster's leap the fence. That was the day he tought he was going to die.The mosters had it's syth like arms in front of him ready to strike... then sudenly all of the creatures burst into flames screaming for several seconds befor collaspsing to the ground. he let himself relax flalling onto his back. A hand extended out to him.
"ello sir the names morgan happy to make your aquatince"
"Happy to meet you too"
tarken took his hand allowing himself to be pulled to his feet
"well as you cansee comissar we have a little bug problem"
" you can say that again"
"yea just one difrence, These bugs are straitgh out of hell"

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Raschier » Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:33 pm

On Ferrous-Alpha outside the Goverment-Building

Lumas walks out of the governor's building with a sturdy pace. He quickly scans the environment.

"Zimmer! Get off your butt and get your squad ready! Recess is over! Meet me at this point in 5 minutes!"

A scion quickly grabs his helmet, stands up and roars some orders to other scions. Lumas turns around scanning the rest of the scions, searching for someone, but not being able to find it.

"Where the heck is Huccino and his squad!"

"Not yet back sir."

"F***, if he isn't back within 30 minutes, he'll be flogged. Johnson, get your squad ready! Meet me at this point"

A few minutes later Marshal Lumas, his command squad, and the two ten men squads were standing at a wooden table with a map laid on top of it.

"Alright, this is a quick Infiltrate and Extract mission."

"What do we extract sir?"

"1500 Battle Sisters or what is left of them."

"You serious? How do we quickly extract 1500 Battle Sisters?"

"By taking one person out of action."

"You mean kill sir?"

"No, he has to remain alive, but in what state has not been specified."

The other scions laughed, Lumas let them for a moment before he continues.

"There are two ways to reach the church, one is through the sky, the other is underground. The skies are the quickest, but are filled with Helldrakes so that is to dangerous. Which means we'll be taking the underground, of which you'll see the map lying here on the table."


"None to speak of. We will be entering the underground here, and exit here. Then we will move silently to this room, where we take out our target. If we find tangos, we will quickly eliminate them, we don't have much cover down their so we need to keep moving and not get pinned. We will remain in vox contact with base, but we might not have a good reception when we enter the underground. Does everyone understand?"

*Yes Sir*

"Good, for Lord Highland and the Ordo Xenos."

*For Lord Highland and the Ordo Xenos!*

Lumas grabs his Plasma Pistol laying on the table and puts on his respmask. The rest put on their helmets and respmasks, then grabbed their hot-shot lasguns, volley guns or plasma guns. They then all entered a pot-hole and moved towards rheir destination.

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Driedguide42 » Sat Mar 03, 2018 6:08 pm

Ferrous Alpha

Renantinus brought his sword Final Achievement to meet the cursed staff. One of the advantages of his origins of training with the other Unnumbered Sons prior to joining the Wardens was the better training in single combat that the Wardens overlooked, with the insight gained from over a hundred practice duels with each gene-line. The Sorcerer was already having to enhance his own abilities with his powers. While the Captain duelled Venalos took command of the wardens while Epistolary Helgik took position behind his commander ready to ward off any hex the Sorcerer might attempt.

Renantinus blocked blow after blow turning aside each attack waiting for his chance. The Slannesh worshipper matched his speed though his weapon was ill-suited for duelling. The look of arrogance soon slipped into one of frustration as Desilin failed to make an opening.

Desilin "Fall abomination, your enhancements cannot match the perfection the Gods provide"

Renantinus"Your kind are a testament to the failers of the past, we are the ones who will finally send you back into the abyss and reclaim the galaxy for the Imperium"

Desilin"Then you will be tossed aside,betrayed by those who cower away behind you, just like us"

Renantinus"Better to die with my role played then to waste my life in petty spite"

The Warden moved in with a single strong thrust into the traitors chest"

Governors Place

Varath stepped into the main hall with a tech brother at his side. Around him the officers continued to attempt to restore communications. Acolyte Singh nodded with respect to the Warden.

Singh "Captain glad you and your men where able to join us"

Varath "It seams your communications are in need of clearing, my tech marines will assist your staff"

Singh "Excellent, do you still have contact with your ships"

Varath "Yes though our numbers are to few with out the proper navel support, they will avoid a direct confrontation until reinforcement or an opportunity revels itself"

Singh "And your fellow Wardens?"

Varath "1st and 5th will surely join us ounce they are able with them we will break the back of this invasion force"

The acolyte sighed and turned to the window watching the exchange of munitions outside as the battle escalated.

Singh "So hold out and hope, lets hope Marshal Lumas is successful"
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Raschier » Sat Mar 03, 2018 7:07 pm

In the Goverment Building on Ferrous Alpha

A few moments later Estaryia wakes up gasping for air, she waved her arms around so she could grab something with which she could defend herself against the enemies in front of her. Then she heared a familiar voice telling her to calm down, she could not yet see where the voice came from, as her eyes were still adjusting to the bright lights, but the voice alone was enough to calm her. Her vision returned after a few blinks and she saw Damian sitting beside her, she also noticed she laid on a camp bed instead of the dirt she laid in before.

"Damian, where are we?"

"Well, we are inside the governor's building, which at the moment is being used as a fieldhospital."

"A fieldhospital? What happened?"

"A lot has happened, the enemy is boxing us in, our forces are scattered and unable to communicate properly and this place might be one of the last bastions remaining that isn't captured or under siege yet. Ow yeah, our position got overrun and we had to retreat."

"How did we manage to get here then, I remember the heretic astartes dropping in and overrunning our position, but then everything became black. If we retreated they would have surely pursuit us."

"We were quite lucky, the Inquisitor swooped in and fought off the enemy with several squads of Bullgryns, he then escorted us back here. The Bullgryns even carried the wounded, including you."

"You mean Singh rescued us?"

"No no, not Inquisitor Singh, Inquisitor Highland. He is leading the soldiers here."

"So he was the one with the burning eyes and the glowing sword?"

"Burning eyes? Glowing sword? He seemed to have normal eyes when I saw him, and their wasn't anything unusual about his sword either, except that it was the size of an eviscerator."

Estaryia sighed and raised herself so she sat in bed.

"Nevermind then, just help me get out of this bed."

"Sorry madam, you got a pretty bad concussion and the Inquisitor ordered me to keep an eye on you, and let you know you are not allowed out of this bed before you are fully healed."

"I am fine, now help me up, cadet."

This time Damian sighed and raised his hand.

"Alright then, how many fingers am I holding up?"

Estaryia rolled her eyes and answered.


A small smile appeared on Damian's face

"I'm sorry madam, it seems you are not yet fully healed, because I am holding only two fingers up."

He put down his hand, and remained seated. Estaryia sighed again and layed down. A loud noise that sounded like an explosion, shook the walls of the fieldhospital. Estaryia clamps her hands around the railings of her camp bed.

"What the hell was that? Is the hospital being attacked?"

Damian, who had remained on his seat and didn't seemed shocked by the loud noise, shook his head in decline.

"You could say that, it is the artillery from the enemy trying to disrupt our position, and sometimes they hit some stored ammunition."

"Their is nothing that can be done about that?"

"Jep, they have pinned us here, but we are managing to hold off their assaults for now."

"Lucky us."

"You don't say, this place is becoming quite the rally point."

This peaked Estaryia's curiousity.

"How is that?"

Damian shrugged with his shoulders.

"The men say ghosts came out of nowhere, killed the enemy and guided them to here. I think their imaginations are running rampart, and it are probably special kind of Astartes."

"It aren't Astartes, Private."

The voice of Inquisitor Jacob Highland came from behind Damian, who's eyes widened, and quickly stood up, turned around and saluted the Inquisitor. Estaryia still laying in bed hadn't noticed the Inquisitor either until he spoke up, and she quickly sat up in bed, saluting the Inquisitor. Jacob made a gesture with his hand.

"At ease soldiers."

And the both Damian and Estaryia lowered their hands. Jacob continued.

"As I was saying, it aren't Astartes. And to call them ghosts would be a bit far off, since you have to be dead to be a ghost, haha. No they are my Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, the 77th Kalos Falcons. They are experts in infiltration and urban warfare. And luckily for us their vox network hasn't been affected by the virus."

As Jacob was saying this, a soldier with a box full of flares passed them. Jacob followed the soldier with his head, continuing speaking.

"Unfortunately, we don't have enough vox-casters to equip the regular infantry with, so we have to resort to more.. primative.. measures."

Both Damian and Estaryia just nodded, not wanting to interrupt the Inquisitor.
Jacob turned his head towards Damian.

"Private, could you go and fetch a cup of hot, seasoned water, the Commisar looks quite thirsty."

"Y-yes Inquisitor!"

Baffled by this odd request, but afraid to anger the Inquisitor, Damian runs away, not knowing where to find a hot cup of seasoned water. Estaryia looks at Damian as he runs away, curious as to why the Inquisitor would sent him on such a menial task. Jacob in the mean time had taken the chair of Damian, and sat down.

"You didn't mentioned he follows orders so obediently."

Estaryia turned around, looking confused at the Inquisitor. The confusement immediately turned into horror as she met the gaze of the Inquisitor. She recognised his eyes, and even though they were not on fire this time, she could still see a small ember of the same fire in the back of his eyes flailing towards her, as if it tried to grab and engulf her. She couldn't utter a word for a moment before she snapped back to reality, her training at the Schola overtaking her fear, but she was still partially lost for words. Jacob just smiled.

"It seems you recognise me."

"You were..."

"Yes, I was the one with the flashing sword and burning eyes."

"What.. How did you..?"

"Some call it a curse, at least they did on my birth planet, but the most common name is Psyker. I use the Warp to empower my sword and improve my fighting skills, and sometimes to encourage my soldiers."

"Why did..?"

"We need every soldier we can get, besides I couldn't leave a pretty face lying in the dirt now could I."

Jacob winked and smiled, Estaryia began to blush, and took a moment to let it all sink in. She shook her head again, now wasn't the time to blush or be flattered by anyone. She looked back at Jacob, ignoring the embers in his eyes.

"Who were you talking about first?"

"Ah yes, your protege. You didn't mentioned in your report that he was so obedient."

"What report?"

"About what had happened on X-77975. Especially what happened to Damian."

Estaryia's face turns white, she had totally forgotten about that report. She hadn't thought they would bring it up again. She quickly regained her composure.

"So that is what you came here to talk about, and that is why you sent Damian away."

"Smart girl. Yes, I wanted to check if everything written was truth. And ask permission from his superior to recruit him."

Shock took over Estaryia, she had begun to see Damian as a little brother of him, and hadn't realised someone would take him away, so soon even. Jacob seeing the slight shock continued.

"You knew that he couldn't become a Commisar, he hasn't done any of the rigorous tests you need to take at the Schola Progenium. And the hope he would stay as your protege was gone the moment you filed that report, they might have ignored in the beginning, but that wouldn't last forever."

"But why him?"

"You kidding? He survived capture by chaos cultists, fought his way out while escorting prisoners and engaged an Druchii Archon in combat, distracting her long enough to allow the Helios Guards Chapter Master to kill her. And this all in a single campaign!"

"Then why ask, you are an Inquisitor, just take him."

"I always ask permission because I rather make friends than enemies. Besides if you accept I would owe you, which could be a real benefit to you."

"And if I refuse?"

Jacob smiles and stands up.

"Like you said, I am still an Inquisitor."

He tips his head to Estaryia, turns around and walks away. Estaryia just stared into the distance, until she was snapped out of it by Damian, who had returned with the hot spiced water.

"Everything alright Madam? You look quite pale."

Estaryia turns her head towards Damian, with a blank stare in her eyes and nods yes. Damian shrugs and gives her the spiced tea.

"I have to go now, the Inquisitor wants to talk to me. I hope he doesn't send me on another fool's errant.

Estaryia just nodded, her mind still somewhere else. Again Damian just shrugged, turns around and walks away. Estaryia kept on staring, not knowing what was happening around her.


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