Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Signet-Powers » Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:25 am

She lay there. On the ground. Shaking.

It had been a long time since she’d felt like this, the fear down her spine.
A long time…
Very long time…

Through the sounds of distant battle the footsteps grew louder. Slowly getting closer, before stopping. She was leaning over her now, her frame as imposing as it ever was.
Sosltice tried to speak, the words catching in her mouth. God I’m pathetic. “I-I I’m s-“
“Shut up.” her mother snarled. It was with such force that even the nearest stormtroopers turned to look. “It’s fortunate that I was here, you almost ruined everything.”
She shrank back even more, regressing like she always did. “I know.”
The General crouched, leaning in, her face getting uncomfortably close. “You know, everything I’ve ever done was for you. For our family, for all of us. And you constantly… constantly embarrass me!”
“I know- I- I”
“Always! You really are a worthless aren’t you? “
She was right. she’d known that since birth, she was right. “I am.”
“Why do you do that? I’m your mother! The woman who created you and you treat me like dirt! After everything I’ve done for you still try to find a way to f*ck it all up!”
She felt her stomach give. “I tried, I really-“
Her mothers hand struck her across the face. Less of a slap and more of a punch. “What did you say?” then anther. “I said w-“


She turned her head to see Tressos staring at them from the ramp. Though he’d been mostly distracted with loading the superweapon back onto the transport crafts he’d been unable to watch this in silence. “The Weapon was a success, should you not prepare to leave?”
Even the stormtroopers, thugs that they were, seemed relieved to see him say something in their place.

Solstice could see the brief flash of shock on Francessa’s face, only for a micro-second. “Of-course.” That brief realisation that she’d just been caught. But it disappeared, and he turned back to her daughter. “See what you’re doing? Making me look like a bad mother again. Am I a bad mother?”
“Then why don't you stop feeling sorry for yourself and-“

Before she could finish there was a thunderous crack, not far out. Across the courtyard, lightning seemed to hit the ground between them and the stormtroopers barricades. It was blinding, taking everyone’s attention.
Once the flash wore off, it was clear for all to see. A countless number of Helios Guard terminators had teleported down.
And at their head, stood the Chapter Master himself. Acanthus Valorum. His hammer Rilgard in one hand, his shield eternal in the other.

The towering warrior took everyone’s immediate attention. The stormtrooper weapons turned their way, the general stood to her feet and Tressos backed up into his craft.
But the terminators stayed in their spot.
Francesca brushed a lock of hair aside and fixed her cap, taking a few steps forward as four of her men guarded her anxiously. There was a good fifty feet between them and the Marines.

“Acanthus Valorum of the Helios Guard.” She began. “Allow me to introduce myself, I am-“
“I know-who you are.”
His voice carried with purpose. It bit everyone except her, their eyes crossing between each other.
“You know my son, certainly. I… I must apologise for the events of seven years ago. He was always a difficult child, we had such… trouble disciplining him. We tried our best, but sometimes people suffer from such mental conditions that there’s little we can-“

“Shut. Your. Mouth.”

Solstice was taken aback. Never had anyone spoken to the General like that, never! She was beginning to crawl back, towards the ramp to Tressos ship, aware that something might kick off.

But the General retained her composure, only smirking ever more. “Is that the base level of discourse you’re capab-“

He took a step forward, removing his helmet to reveal his face, eyes locking onto hers. “I tire of this. Of dealing with your kind. Who claim that civility, respect and moral virtue belong only to you, yet in that name commit such unforgivable barbarism!”
“Barbarism?” she laughed, the stormtroopers copying nervously.
“Here’s what’s going to happen.” He explained calmly. “You’re going give the order for surrender.”
“To this world?”
“To your entire Sector.”
She snorted, but heard him out.
“You’re going to tell them that the Kestral Sector surrenders unconditionally to the Conclave, to the Helios Guard, to the Iron wardens. You’re going to confess to your dealings with the Drukhari, to the people you’ve slaughtered, to all the crimes you’ve committed, and then, you’re going to turn yourself, and your brother in for execution.”
Her eyebrows raised. “For execution?”
“Do that and we might allow your children to serve penance once your sector is disbanded and reorganised in appliance with the Emperors law.

A short beat passed between them, before the General forced a laugh. It was clearly fake, Solstice knew her too well. She would never laugh for real. Even the stormtroopers copied.
It made her feel worthless. She could never be like that, be that brave to laugh in the face of someone like that. She had heard what Valorum was like, directly from Ashton Wolcotts reports during the war. He describe what a monster this person was, how he’d butchered countless innocents and savaged numerous loyal Kestral soldiers.
She knew she could never be brave enough to face him.
Her mother was right.

The General wiped her cheek and took her own steps forward. “Okay. I’ve heard your argument, as weak and unintimidating as it is. But unfortunately, for a threat to be credible you have to back it up. Look around you, I have over 100 Stormtroopers in this courtyard alone, in an instant we could drop you like that!” she clicked her fingers. “Do you think you’re ten special marines could kill us all?”
The amount of plasma guns and volley guns the stormtroopers were levelling their way in this stand off was easily more than the terminators could handle.
“We could kill you all with one of us.” he replied.
The Kestrals laughed at that. “Well then,” she smirked. “Let me educate you. I am a general, of one of the biggest armies the Eastern Fringe has ever seen. I have over a MILLION Guardsmen under my direct command-“
“you exaggerate immensely.”
“-and several billion Planetary defence troopers spread over many worlds. I have countless ships at my beck and call and more money than a single person in your little conclave. Our Sector has stood for well over two centuries, killed too many enemies to count, done so much with so little!”
Her voice started to get angry now. “And if you think your band of barbarians can just turn up and expect me to give up and beg for mercy, you don’t even begin to understand what you’re-“
“Quiet!” he interrupted her again, suddenly listening to his vox-bead.
She had a clearly irritated look on her face. she really wasn’t use to insubordination like this. “Don’t tell me to-“
“QUIET!” he roared, then turned his head away.

As Valorum listened in to the frantic messages bursting across his vox-network his heart sank.
“they’re dead!” one rang out.
“All of them! Not even bodies left!” crackled another.
“We have civilian casualties all across the second sector, not a single one alive.” The voice of Cvriac burst over. “It must have been the weapon, it’s atomised them. We have Guardsmen surrendering everywhere, they don’t even seem to understand what’s happened.”
He felt his heart beat faster the blood pumping around his head at super-human speed.

He looked at her. at the general. At the woman who looked too much like her son, the false saint, for her own safety right now. “What did you do?”
She seemed to relax slightly, a smile curling up at her lips. “Oh, you’ve just found out?”
“What did you do! What is that thing!” he looked to the weapon now loaded up onto the skittari transport.”
“What I did, was remove an infestation of vermin from my property. This is a cleanser, built by the same ancient race who created the Whitestone Fortress you’re conclave is so interested in. It was designed to rebuild the genetic code of specific genomes, to rewrite DNA as to eliminate hereditary diseases and medical conditions on a global scale, we just ugh…” her voice trailed off a second for effect, “re-engineered it to remove a… more human type of disease.”
“An ethnic cleanser!” he growled.
“Transmitting a signal across the entire planet.” There was a glee to the way she said it. “What you just seen is a prototype, the full weapon will be able to fire a signal with full, galactic transmission. Stretching across the entire Milky Way. Once we have declared Independence there will be no star they can run to, no where they can hide. We will annihilate the lesser races and any who do not bow to our rule. My empire has just begun, and as you can see, the weapon works flawlessly!”
“How many people did you just kill!” he demanded.
“I don’t know. Don’t really care to be honest. My family has two centuries trying to civilise the savages of these worlds, eventually we just have to accept that some races are naturally more inclined towards violence than others. Our beautiful, righteous, Kestrel children need to be protected from them, and nothing will stand in the way of that.”
Valorum was silent.
Her head cocked. “Not that I don’t find it enjoyable, ofcourse.”

Valorum couldn’t believe it.
Many had died in the war seven years ago, entire planets wiped of life. But never so fully, and for so little reason. Even Ashton, for all his evil, was still a rational actor and did what he did with some strategic purpose.
But this…
And seven years was a long time. The genocide had started before he’d joined the battle then, for it to begin again now, on his watch…
The Primaris Terminators readied into a fighting stance. To his left- The Librarian Garren, didn’t even need to be told what to do.
There was a flash of purple warp energy in his visors eye slits. In an instant the heads of more than 60 of the kestrel stormtroopers twisted violently, all the way round, their necks snapping and their bodies falling dead to the floor.

The Generals eyes opened wide, taking an unconscious step back in panic. The stormtroopers who were still standing yelled and screamed, scrambling back and clutching their necks in fear, a couple even dropping their weapons and running away as fast as they could move.
Further up the skittari transport ramp Solstice felt her mind go numb with fear. “He- he just- he just-“
She could hear Tressos not too far behind her call up someone on his vox channel. “Dris, it’s getting too dangerous down here, we need to be ready to warp out of this sector the minute I get back on the ship”
The General was at a loss for words, unable to speak. One of the remaining squads of stormtroopers hesitantly went to guard her, replacing the four twitching corpses on the floor in front.
Valorum approached, his feet echoing across the yard. “It seems… I was being…” he was unable to speak, like he was out of breath. A level of anger he’d never known before. “too subtle…
“W-wait!” she tried to say. “You don’t need to do this, we can work something-“
“My Lord!” one terminator called out. “Don’t do it, we need to-“

But Valorum wasn’t listening. There was an explosion of concrete as his foot took off.

In mere seconds he had crossed the distance, bee-lining straight for the kestrel matriarch, the terminators having no time to keep up. Gunfire exploded into life, the stormtroopers plasma guns letting loose but his shield took the brunt of the force.
He smashed into the first soldier. They simply burst against him, blood splattering everywhere.
He eviscerated a second and a third faster than anyone could make out. A fourth he ripped in half and a fifth the beat to death with a sixths body.
Hen he punched straight through the sevenths chest and out the other end the remaining three simply ran away. this left him with a straight 2 metre distance between him and the general.
For some strange reasons she’d found herself unable to run, even as too many hot-shot lasbeams rained down on the armored giant before her. “Allright, I admit, mistakes were made- but-“
His hammer struck down on top of her with so much force that her personal force-field was instantly broken.

It crushed her, totally and utterly, sinking a good three feet into the ground.

Solstice watched in horror. It was like a grenade had gone off, there was so much dust and blood fired into the air.
Even with the terminators battling the remaining stormtroopers on the barricades, even with the Stormtroopers screaming and running away all around, even with the Skittari running down to defend the ramp and the war raging on in the sky around them…
All she could focus on the 10 foot wide blood stain that had been the woman who’d raised her.
The woman she’d failed…
She screamed and reached for her plasma-pistol, setting it to overcharge and opening up on him.
It caught his attention, his rage induced eyes looking up at as he blocked it with his shield. Still she didn’t stop firing, even as it began to heat up.

Suddenly without warning Tressos knocked the weapon out her hand. “Are you stupid!” he roared. “It was about to go off and kill you.”
“So what? She hated you! We need to leave, get insid-“
A still living stormtrooper in the distance threw a grenade at Valorum, he caught it mid-air, then threw it back with enough force to cleanly decapitate not only the thrower but the man behind him as well. It was enough of a distraction for Tressos to try pull out his own gun.

In the brief last few seconds Valorum could only make out his fury. His anger. His horror.
The sounds of his fellow terminators screaming to fall back grew louder through his vox. He wasn’t listening though. He was just thinking back to that time he had his hands on the false saints throat and let him go.
He should have just squeezed. Ended it there.
It would have been so much eas-

Tressos had pulled out his Transuranic Arquebus and fired it point blank into his chest. There was simply no stopping it. The shield was destroyed and Valorum's armor didn’t even slightly resist.
He toppled backwards, falling to his knee and grasping his chest. He looked up at the tech-priest, backing away as the ramp closed. He tried to get back up and follow but more shots came, the skittari transports own weapons system now spraying him with radium rounds as it took off. the other marines firepower bouncing off the hull.
The engines burst into life and he was thrown back onto the floor, every Nano strand of his body in pain.

The terminators ran over as it disappeared into the sky, Garren removing his helmet and looking all over him. “Fool! You should have waited-”
“Their General’s dead…” he coughed, his energy draining from him with incredible speed.
“I know,” there was a slight high to his voice. “You’ve cut the head off the Falcon, but you’ve lost too much.”
“The radiation poisoning.” Said another marine. “If it weren’t for your new body you’d be dead for sure, you’re Sus-An membranes going into affect.”
Garren nodded “We can’t possibly know when you’re going to wake up.”
“I know.” He nodded. He only had a few more seconds. “Tell… Tell the Wardens they were right. They… they need to… exterminatus… before… before…”
“My lord?”
He went quiet, his heart slowing down and his body going into a coma.

Garren cursed, slamming his fist down on floor. “Dammit.”
A Marine covered Valorums eyes and prepared to call down a Thunderhawk for recovery. "Should we inform the chapter?"
"No. Keep this from our brothers until after the battle."
"Yes Lord Librarian."

With a nod, Garren stood aside and closed his eyes, taking the liberty of contacting Captain Auron directly through telepathic channel. "Cousin Warden. How goes the battle from your end?"

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Salamand3rs4Lyfe » Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:33 am

As Ikaroth and his blabbering Chaos Spawn escort raced through the city cutting down anyone foolish enough to stand in their way. Vox chirps from all across the city came through telling him of his forces arriving at and consequently securing their dropsites, from the Chaos Predator tank beast of perdition in the West to the Rubric Squad Sons of Anarchy In the North. There was a cacophony of clipped "Building cleared" and "All targets eliminated" in his ear as more and more of the Chaos forces made planetfall, soon the pair of maulerfiends, BloodDrinker[/] and SkinFlayer[/] had also entered the fray tearing and ripping into any enemies encountered.

Missiles streaked over Kugarr's head and autocannon rounds streaked by as the Havoc Squads of The Privileged got into position and zeroed in on high priority targets. The Privileged may not follow the rules set by the codex astartes anymore but they haven't regressed to mindless savages as many warbands from the eye have. Kugarr also noted that aside from Kestral guardsmen which he had strict orders not to fire upon, the only opposition he encountered came from the Iron Wardens and Helios Guard chapters of space marines. After the firing of the super weapon Kugarr noticed that every building him and his DevilDogs searched was clear of any civilian presence whatsoever.

Soaring over the city Osmar saw burned out tauroxes along with the remains of human cultists from the ChangeSeekers and he was pleased to see Babdar's pawns already showing their human weakness while his Rubricae had yet to fall in battle, he was anticipating rubbing that fact in Babdar's face after the battle hoping it would curry enough favor with Ikaroth or even the god of sorcery, Tzeentch himself that he would be rewarded with his own place in the daemon legions. Landing on a nearby cathedral roof with a thud the Daemon Prince started to chant, every dread syllable that sprang from his mouth spiralled down to the street causing Pink Horrors to pop into existence like firecrackers going off.
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Driedguide42 » Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:17 pm

The Gorgons Wrath Command Deck

The deck shook with the report of weapons fire as the Wrath and the rest of the Warden flotilla harassed the incoming Chaos transports. The two forces were currently were maintaining a respectable distance from each other neither commander was willing to break orbit and engage for fear of leaving their ground forces without cover or means of evaction.

Capitan Auron was overseeing the ground battle when Garren's telepathic communication entered his mind.

Garren"Cousin Warden. How goes the battle from your end?"

The barest irritation flicks across Auron's thoughts before it was quickly replaced by his clam logical demanor

Auron"Chaos forces are making their presence known and the Guard are either in full retreat or attempting to fight off both forces, what is your satus"

A moment passed before the Chief Liberian replied.

Garren "The General was killed before she was able to give the surrender order, the daughter and reneged techpriest are escaping with the weapon, do you have air assets for an interception attempt"

The Warden looked at the admech transports fleeing on the sensors

Auron "Unfortunately none that would make it before the transport make to cover of their fleets point defence, we would have to try a boarding action and with that chaos hulk in the way it is unlikely we will be able to deal with both it and the Mechanicus flagship at same time"

Garren"Understood, there is another issue that I would like you to keep quiet"

Auron "What is it"

Garren"Chapter Master Acanthus Valorum has been gravely wounded and has fallen into suspended animation"

Auron frowned visibly, the Primaris Marines while in little use in his own chapter where under study by techmarine and apothecary alike. The study had shown that the new Astartes where significantly more durable then himself and other brothers of the 1st.

Garren "before he passed out he said something your Wardens needing to conducted exterminatus"

Auron "Understood prepare you men I will be issuing a force-wide message shortly"

The Captain felt the telepathic link end and move to the commutations station taking control from the servitor, he took a moment to consider his words.


Mallis had returned to the dropsite after the chaos warband had landed, the loss of local resistance groups had also lead to the blunting of the initial assault. Currently the 1st and 9th where attempting to hold the landing zones from both demonic horror and confused kestrel a like.

The com suddenly came to life.

Auron "To all Conclave forces on and around Iso. This is a priority Alpha transmission. The weapon the Dominion just wiped the inhabitants completely and both the weapon and those that made it are attempting to escape. This battle has lost all strategic value. As such all forces planetside are to return to orbit. Exterminatus will commence ounce the last transports hit high orbit. That is all."

Mallis turned to his men

Mallis "heavy equipment and vehicles first" he garbed his bolter and pointed to two squads "squads 5 and 6 your with me, we and squad 18 are the last to leave, dig in and don't let any one though the line"

The Squads formed up and begain laying down cover for the now retreating assault marines and Dreadnoughts, the battle may soon over but the Wardens would end it on there terms alone.
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Signet-Powers » Thu Jan 25, 2018 8:47 am

The craft flew out of the atmosphere and docked with the Mechanicus ship. Dris was standing there, waiting patiently as the doors opened and its cargo emerged. “Dominus, the engines are ready to enter warp transit, the battle has increased beyond initial suggestions.”
“Yes, I know.” He confirmed as he marched down the ramp, Skittari soldiers close behind him while the Kestrals mostly remained in the craft by their broken down commander. “That’s why I told you to tell the bridge to jump to warp immediately.”
“But we need a location.”
“I don’t know- anywhere! Jump into a middle of a black hole for all I care, just get us out of here!”

“We g-go to Kestrel Primus!”

They turned as Solstice fumbled down towards them. gasping for breath, still reeling from the ear-rattling panic attack she’d had on the way up.
“Oh will we now?” Tressos replied.
“You need to b-build the proper weapon, that w-was our deal.”
“Deal?” he laughed. “Look what just happened. Tell your benefactor to shove it, I ain’t dying like that!”
“What!?! You’re part of this, you helped us, you built the weapon for fu-“
“Hey!” he interrupted. “Don’t blame me for that. I’m just a supplier, you lot are the one’s that decided to use it- none of this is my fault! I’m not taking the blame for it.”
“You can’t just run!”
“Watch us, princess.” He turned to leave, gesturing at Dris to follow. “Get someone to escort her to the guest quarters, we can drop them off at the first star port-“
“You’re marked!”

They stopped dead, his head swivelling her direction. “Marked?”
“You just took out a space marine captain. You ain’t going no where without them chasing you down. Bail on the Dominion- we give them everything about you. Your location, your movements, your banking details, your social-f*cking-security number! What do you think they’ll do to you?”
He glared in disbelief, fist shaking in anger.
She nodded. “My mother just died. I don’t care what you think, I’m not letting anyone leave.”
After a brief pause he growled under his motorised breath. “Dris…”
“Take us to Kestral-Primus.”

Back on the surface, Ikkaroth had just driven back yet another squad of Marines when he noticed the purple glint in the distant sky. A warp portal, meaning a ship had left. Not his or the loyalist dogs so most likely the traitor-mechanicus. He shrugged it off when the vox-bead chirped to life once more. “My Liege, a message from our ’benefactors’.”
He dipped behind cover to answer it. “Put them through.”

There was a buzz before a hissing voice filled his ears. It was a heavily distorted voice, a transmission from outside the sector. “How goes the battle lord Ikkaroth?”
“Easier than expected, there’s no one here.”
Two bolter rounds struck the wall nearby. He took a second to fire three shots back before returning to the conversation. “…bar a few irritants. They're falling back quicker than they should be though.”
“Yes, that'll be because the parameters have changed. We believe the corpse-worshipers will try to enact Exteminatus. You need-”

"Exterminatus!" He grit his teeth in frustration, drawing blood. “That’s more than a little inconvenient.” His tone failed to hide his irritation. “I did not come here to waste time on a doomed world.”
“I know. It’s a problem for us as well, the mortals shouldn’t have acted so prematurely. Our attack on Ferrous-Alpha will now be neutered if the Marines arrive to reinforce the world, so that’s why you need to keep them here.”
“And how do you expect me to do that?”
“Stop their transports from escaping the atmosphere. Cripple their Battle Barges, destroy them if you have to. All are suitable options, just keep them away from Ferrous.”
“I’m sure it’ll be easy.”
“You worship the God of change. Find a way.”

He snorted. “This better be worth it.”
“It will be. And one final thing, before you go. Any worthwhile Kestral assets are off the planet, you have free reign to terminate whatever’s left of them.”
“Is that an order?”
“A suggestion.”

And with that the message ended, leaving him to return to the battle.

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Salamand3rs4Lyfe » Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:24 pm

Ikaroth fumed at the news. Would the dogs of the emperor rather turn tail and run leaving a dead world in their wake then face his men? He swung his sword at the nearest marine, cleaving him in two. Soon the area was clear and he heard the unmistakable sound of Osmar's wings flapping as he landed and immediately bowed as low as his monstrous frame would allow. "My lord the rubricae have set up a perimeter, no loyalists will be able to pass." Ikaroth smiled at the fact that the Daemon Prince wasn't a bumbling fool, "good, now gather your sorcerers, i need you to start a ritual to do something to delay the remaining loyalist transports while i figure out how to stop them from enacting an exterminatus." With a nod and a sweep of his large wings the Daemon Prince flew off to gather his coven.

Osmar and his three other sorcerers stood in a circle with their arms extended chanting, as they chanted the clouds gathered, a sickly green color and black lightning shot through the clouds to slam into the engines of the transports to ground them. The air smelled of the warp and the frantic gibbering of the remaining pink horrors reached a crescendo, soon a sound like wet paper tearing signified a warp breach opening due to the sheer presence of so many powerful warp-users and packs of screamers soared through into realspace. As the new daemonic arrivals and the chaos forces in the city surged towards the landing zones, Heldrake daemon engines and Hellblade chaos fighters zoomed to engage the battle barges.
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Signet-Powers » Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:42 pm


Damien double checked his uniform before he arrived at the tower. The Inquisition had seemed to lose interest in speaking with him a long time ago, but Commissar Estaryia was anything if paranoid, and didn’t want to be left out of the loop. She’d made him her private assistant, an adjutent or “Cadet-Commissar” so she could keep an eye on him.

The Fortress world had buildings as far as the eye could. There was no hives, but instead everything was flattened out across the entire surface.
Huge generators, like mountains, hummed on the far horizon, recyling the air and keeping it habitable with all the industrial smog that was produced. Important skyscrapers strung high beyond the clouds, the names of the guilds that owned them plastered lovingly across the sides. And the mega-highways that crossed from one end of the planet to the other side curled around them, all, some roads going deep underground to the hidden bunker cities further down, others leading up and providing the rich direct access to the highest towers.
The Governors pyramid-like building was the biggest however, easily noticeable from the sheer number of anti-orbital platform and space elevators all around it.

Damien and Estaryia made their way to the top, the main amphitheatre where all manner of high-ranking officials and politicians were located. She lead him into the back row where they could see it all.
The Inqusiitor, Singh, was at the far front. He was welcoming everyone in, the usual pleasentries as he readied the briefing. Behind him and below the projection screen, stood Captain Varath and his escort, gleering through the darkness like Gollums.
“A reminder of who’s in charge.” Estaryia muttered.
“Still can’t believe they’re real.” Damien whispered back. “I only heard about Astartes in stories.”
“So did everyone else in here.”
“And who are all these people?”
“Astra Militarum, Navy, Adeptus Munitorum, you name it.”

There was a single clapping sound and Singh gestured towards the projection screen. A series of images began to appear, each of them showing a number of battles and movement information. A whole lot of data Damien didn’t quite understand.
“It’s best we begin now, a final debriefing so that everyone is on the same track.” The Inqusiitor explained. “Unless anyone else would like to add something before we start?”

There was no answer, before the main doors burst open dramatically and a man entered. A high priest, covered in gold clothing and expensive diamonds. He looked impossibly old, barely kept alive by machine parts. Servants carried his scrolls at his side with heavy breaths and great strain. Two Cherubs floated above in a zig-zag, and just further behind that six women in robs and power armor marched close behind.
“Inquisitor, you would dare begin already?” he croaked.
Singh was visibly annoyed, swallowing his breath. “High-Priest Barnabas, I’m glad to see the Ecclsiarchy is getting involved in inquisitorial and military affairs, AGAIN.”
“I’m merely here to see that the glorious God-Emperors needs are met in such state affairs as this.”

Damien was confused. “Who’re they?”
“Ecclsiarchy.” Estaryia scoffed. “Parasites is a better name for it.”
“But they worship the emperor don’t they?”
“Not as much as they worship money. They supported Kestral when it was profitable, then backed out the moment Serpia defeated them. Now they want to try and take command of this operation.”
He nodded, pretending he understood as the tensions increased below.

“High-priest,” Singh sighed. “This is a military debriefing, please take a seat so I can begin.”
“I wish to speak first.”
“No!” he was doing his best not to lose his temper. “I’ve asked you nicely, sit down.”
Voices started to raise, some in protest, others in support. Barnabas’s was the loudest though. “I am the vessel for the Emperor himself! If I demand to speak, I shall!” He gestured and two of the Sisters of Battle quickly stepped forward, making sure the Inquisitor could see they were holding boltguns.

In response Varath took his own step forward, the louder sound of his own armor silencing the entire room.

“Go ahead.” He said with unnerving calm. “Make. My. Day.

The two Sororitas looked to each other before stepping back, Barnabas reluctantly following them to a series of empty seats in the corner were they stood guard.

“Are those Sisters of Battle?” Damien asked.
“Yes.” The commissar nodded. “I was almost one of them you know.”
“Yes. When I was back in the Scholar Progenium. They assigned me to the Commissariat instead.”
“How come?”
“Because I’m not as thick as Orc-sh*t.”

“Right, we’ll begin then.” Singh declared. “No interruptions this time.
Barnaby scowled from the corner as a holographic display appeared of the nearby star-systems, starting with Traxis.

“Now, the as we all know eight years ago the Conclave of seekers was made public by order of Inquisitor Valayria II. They engaged with a war against a number of forces for the Traxis sub-sector and its subsequent star-systems. This war was waged against what appeared to be an overwhelming enemy known only to us then as the ‘Reclamation Dominion’. With great sacrifice, the Helios Guard spent over 500 of their brothers lives leading this faction on a wild goose chase across the galaxy so that we could recoup and rebuild.”

A naval Admiral stepped forward, reading off a piece of parchment. “As of now we have garrisoned over 78 regiments on this planet alone, totalling over 6 million Guardsmen and subsequent forces. We have a further 45 regiments stationed on other locations, ready to deploy as necessary, and more on the way. Supporting them we have 13 naval battle groups, seven of which are located above this world as we speak, as well as a Black ship and the Astartes ships.

“Now,” Singh continued. “We expect the kestrel navy to come at us with their largest battlefleet, specifically the Bellum Avis Retribution Class Battleship.”

There were murmers around the room. “Is that a strong ship?” Damine asked.
“Pretty strong, yeah,” Estaryia nodded. “It's the main reason the Kestrals have been bullying smaller worlds around for so long and getting away with it. But we have more cruisers by far, and the Astartes have their battlebarges. We can take them.”

Now two images appeared, the first a captured blurry image of the Dark Eldar woman in battle. Red hair, dark clothing, haunting eyes and limbs moving at a speed too fast for even the advanced cameras of the 41st millennium to get a clear shot. When Damien saw her his heart went cold and his blood ran dry.
“Damien?” Estaryia asked.
“I’m fine.” He lied.
The second image was one of an Orc Warboss, huge in scale, wearing purple armor and covered in some sort of liquid substance. There was a monstrous glee on its face, and a colossal number of explosions rippling off its suit.
“Over the last month.” Singh explained. “The Marines of the Iron Wardens and Helios Guard have eliminated two major players in the dominions ranks. Though we have yet to discover how truly deep down the rabbit hole this goes, both of them were significant members of the Dominion before, we have no reason to believe this will eb easily recoverable.”

He clapped his hands together once more, signalling full attention. “Make no mistake, they’re on the backfoot but they won’t allow this to continue. If there is a time to strike, it is now.”
“You suggest an attack on Kestral?” Barnaby cried out. “A loyal sector?”
“I suggest an immediate attack on the homeworld of a dangerous state that is presenting a direct threat to Imperial worlds.”
“This is an outrage!”
“I agree.” He nodded. “I have no intent to commit genocide just yet so I have offered the Wolcotts a truce. They have until the end of the day to surrender their sector unconditionally and without merit. In return we will offer to protect their family and, under heavy surveillance, offer them rule over their homeworld of Kestral-Primus alone.”
Barnaby sulked back down.
Singh retuned to his audience. “If Kestral refuses this offer, billions will die. I don’t want that. Humanities enemies are building up, and we are only fortunate to be this far out of the galaxy that we have yet to truly face these threats. We cannot allow petty differences to divide us on this anymore. To kill each other before the real fight’s even begun. Do I have an agreement?”

After a moments pause, every officer in the room began to cheer in agreement. With a snort, Estaryia turned around and leant against a banister. “That settles it then.”
“Settles what?”
“If they don’t surrender, we attack.”
“What? Tomorrow?”
“No. Probably the day after. But a full declaration of war by the inquisition is massive. It could get out of hand real fast. No more skirmishes.”
“Hmm…” he nodded. “Well we got one more day at least.”
“You should train.”
He laughed. “you’re funny.”
She wasn’t laughing with him. “No, seriously. You’re my adjutant now. You may need to fight at some points. Have you got anything better to do?”
“Yes. Drinking.”
She sounded disappointed. “On your own head be it.”

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Raschier » Thu Feb 01, 2018 5:18 pm

On the planet Ferrous-Alpha

Singh was walking towards his office after the meeting. The meeting had been tiresome, and they had to wait for Kestral's answer, but he knew what it's answer would most likely be. This frustrated him slightly, because he couldn't prepare his forces until he got the answer, while Kestral had now a few extra days to set up extra defenses and bunker down. His mind was so occupied that he only noticed that it was awfully quiet in the hallways when he was nearly at his office. This was odd, normally it would be buzzing with soldiers, priests and clerics. Singh puts his hand on his holstered pistol, and walked carefully past the last corner leading to his office, expecting an ambush or assassination attempt. No one, not even the Stormtroopers that should be guarding his office were present. Singh was confused and on edge, where was everybody, those troopers had explicit orders to not leave his office unguarded and no one has higher jurisdiction then him, not even that creep Barnaby. Singh readied his pistol as he slowly opens the door of his office, it was dark inside, the blinds were closed and the light was off. He thought he saw a silhouette standing next to his large office chair and aimed his gun at it.

"Raise those hands where I can see them and identify yourself."

Singh was nervous, he thought back to the incident with Fellman, and that the thing that slaughtered Fellman had returned to despose of anyone present on that ship. He took a step inside his office.

*Click* *Click*

Singh's heart came to a stand still, two guns were now pointed at him and he couldn't where in the room they were standing. As he was staring death in the face, he gained a sudden burst of confidence and anger, so he straight his back and spoke out loud.

"You dare hold a gun at an Inquisitor! Identify yourself so I know who the fool is, that is commiting this heresy!"

"His name is Victor Lumas."

And the lights turned back on, the sudden brightness caused Singh to adjust his eyes. When his vision returned he could see that the silhouette was indeed a man within his late thirties, with dark red Tempestus carapace armor, a black peaked cap, and a power axe strapped to his back, he had his arms behind his back and stared into Singh's eyes with a cold, stoic look. On both Singh's left and right side stood a Stormtrooper with the same color carapace armor as the man at his desk, their faces hidden behind a respmask and omnishield helmet, their hot-shot lasgun pointed at Singh. Singh still had his gun pointed towards the man he presumed was Viktor Lumas.

"And the last time I checked you weren't an Inquisitor, Acolyte Singh! So now put your gun down before you hurt yourself."

And then Singh noticed that someone was sitting at his saloon table, behind one of the Stormtroopers. A young man, wearing a black trench coat, with underneath it what seemed to be carapace armor, dark brown cavalier boots, and a black leather cavalier hat of which the right side was cocked up and had a red plume hanging to the back, a large white 'I' was visible on the front of the crown. He also saw a rather large Force Sword, which was about the size of an Eviscerator, leaning against the chair the man was sitting in. The young man was smoking a sigarette and before him was a glass filled with one of Singh's expensive liquors.

Singh turned towards the young man and sneered.

"And who might you be then?"

The young man takes a hoax from his sigarette, slowly blows out the smoke and then stands up.

"My name is Jacob Highland, Inquisitor from the Ordo Xenos."

Singh was taken aback by this sudden development, he hadn't received any word that one would be arriving soon. His surprise changed into disbelief, how could this kid be an inquisitor, while he was still but an acolyte. He shook it off, now was not the time for petty jealousy.

"What brings you to Ferrous-Alpha, here to take over command of the operation?"

Singh had a hard time to repress his dislike for the inquisitor.

"No I'm not here to take over your operation. I am only bringing some reinforcements."

"What kind of reinforcements are you talking about, and who sent you?"

"Your boss sent me."

"Inquisitor Valeryias?"

"Yes, she called in a favor, so here I am. Giving you my personal Stormtrooper Regiment, the 77th Kalos Falcons. The full 400 men and equipment, which includes the Shadowsword 'Giants Bane'."

"400 men? That is small for Regiment."

The face of Jacob turned grim. He sat down and took chucked the liquor in one go. The Stormtroopers lowered their guns, and Singh walks towards his desk. Jacob puts his glass down and continues.

"While you guys were sitting on your asses on this side of the rift, on the other side we fought in the Plague Wars."

"The Plague Wars? What was an Xenos Inquisitor doing fighting against Chaos?"

"We were stationed on Talasa Prime at the moment Lord Guilliman sent the order for every soldier in the Ultramar sector to join the war. Even an Inquisitor can't refuse such an order. We fought in almost every battle, except the last one. The reason was that our numbers were to few, so we were allowed to remain on Parmenio."

A moment of silence, until Jacob stood up and sent the Stormtroopers out. The Stormtroopers saluted and left, closing the door behind them. Jacob continues.

"We have drifted away from the point. I said giving, what I actually meant is that the Falcons will join your forces, but will only follow the orders of Tempestor-Marshal Viktor Lumas, or any one of a higher rank, which would either be me, an other Inquisitor or an Chapter Master."

"That means that.."

"Yes, they won't follow your command. Marshal Lumas even has the same amount of jurisdiction as you have."

Singh was visibly angered by this turn of event.

"You don't trust my ability to command?"

"It is more of a matter that I know that Marshal Lumas is a pure genius in the field of battle strategy and know that he'll make good use of his Regiment's Strengths. While I have seen the reports on how you handled X-77975, and found it lacking. If you worry that he'll take over full command from you or ignore your strategies in favor of his, you are mistaken. I do recommend that you listen to his advice, I have done so multiple times and I haven't lost so far."

"Is that all Inquisitor?"

"Their is one more thing, you are allowed to eradicate the Kestral people, but Kestral-Prime needs to survive. It is key to the defense in the surrounding sectors that it is almost irreplacable, its buildings can be repaired, the people can be quickly replaced with refugees, but the planet needs to remain habitable. If you do so, you'll receive my vote for your bid as Inquisitor."

This peeked Singh's interest, so much that he forgot the previous insults almost instantly and he turned his chair towards the windows. Viktor had walked towards the door, Jacob grabbed his sword and strapped it on his back, he was about to walk out the office, when he stopped and turned.

"I think I'll stay here a little while longer."

Surprised by this sudden announcement, Singh turns his chair around.

"Why is that?"

A smile appeared on Jacob's face, one that unnerved Singh, he also noticed a light glow appearing in Jacob's eyes.

"Because we are about to receive a visit."

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Signet-Powers » Sun Feb 04, 2018 3:00 pm

On the edge of Ferrous’s star system, Several billion miles from Ferrous Alpha, the Imperial survey station circled around a dwarf planetoids ice rings. It monitored the mining stations which hung much lower, smaller crafts bringing up a constant stream of ice and hydrogen by the hour to the orbiting mining vessels.

Captain Ryan Marlow, commander of the station, watched the flickering industrial lights from out the view port window. Though they were tens of thousands of miles above, he could still make them out from up here. such was the size of that equipment.

“Captain, we’re receiving a strange reading from Sector 74. Warp portal radiation.”

He swivelled in his seat towards the lieutenant at his station. “Sector 74?”

“Yes sir.”

“You double checked?”

“I have sir. Three times.”

He stroked his greying beard, confused. “Well we weren’t told anyone was arriving soon, contact the fleet.”

“Ofcourse sir.”

The Lieutenant walked over to a nearby vox-system as two more ensigns double checked the stations radar systems. Marlow spun back to the port-view. This time he looked upwards, to the 3 Escorts that covered this planet.

“This is Survey Station D66 to the Varillion. Do you copy, over?”

He knew the Varillion was the lead of the Squadron. There was a pause before a woman replied. “D66 this is the Varillion, we copy, over.”

“We’re picking up the presence of warp portals in sector 74. Is this one of yours, over?”

A second pause. “…Um… just a second D66, over.”

He gave a worried look to his captain before she finally spoke again. “Sector 74?”

Marlow sharply looked to the Lieutenant, then to the ensigns. “Get the station on alert. I want everyone at their posts.”

“Variilion,” the lieutenant continued, “We’ve doublechecked, there were at least fourteen signatures in sector 74. It’s 400 million miles out, there could be more. We don’t want to get jumped here, over.”

“We’ll send a vessel out to investigate, in the meantime we need you to-“

It cut out.

The Lieutenant turned to Marlow, a confused look on his face. “We’ve lost them.”

“Re-establish it.”

He turned back to the system. “I—I can’t.”

Marlow addressed an ensign. “What about other communication, can we try that?”

The ensign checked a monitor. “that’s… that’s not… We’re not receiving anything.”

“Not rec- There are 94 combat ready Naval ships in this system!” the captain spoke. “How can we not be getting anything?”

“I don’t know, but perhaps its-“

Without warning every monitor in the room flickered various forms of static before turning to a blue screen. Confusion spread as they tried to fix it, only for nothing to work.

“What’s this? What’s happening?”

“Our systems aren’t working- nothing’s working!”

Something had crashed it. Crashed the stations mainframe. He was considering what to do when someone pointed to the view-port. “Captain!”

He turned to see a flickering shimmer on the far horizon of the upper atmosphere.

Warp portals.

“If there’s anyone who’s not at battle stations I want them there yesterday!” he yelled. “bring the defensive weapons online.”

“We can’t sir!” came the reply. “Weapons systems are offline.”

The weapons too?

Panicked, he looked back to the window. A number of ships, so far away to be mere dots, encroached towards the 3 escorts.

“Fire dammit!” he cursed under his breath. But nothing happened.

They simply floated there, awaiting their fate.

The realisation hit him harder than the escorts were hit by the enemies lances. They had just suffered a similar fate, their onboard systems crashed entirely, leaving them defenceless.

Huge lance beams, each one hitting with planet shattering force, tore up the Escorts shields like they were nothing.

When they fell, the enemy crafts, visible form even this distance as being far bigger, brought themselves up alongside and casually launched their boarding crafts.

These weren’t kestral ships, not even close. They were Hellbringers, the chosen cruisers for raiders and pirates of the foul Gods. They were absolutely not what Marlow had been told to expect.

“Do we have anything that works? How about docking? Can we manually launch ships?”

“We can launch escape pods, yes.”

“Good! Prepare to get the crew onboard, we’ll hold up on the surface. We need to alert the Admirals.”

“But this station-“

“Is lost. We can’t contact anyone here. There are astropaths below, these Dominion bastards can’t prevent us from using them to get a message out.”

“What if they break this station before then?”

“Unlikely. Our defences are better than an escorts. We can take direct crash into a sun and survive, those cruisers have nothing that ca-“

The entire station shook. People were thrown off their feet and crashed against walls. Someone screamed as their leg broke and the lights flickered.

Marlow cursed. The few remaining systems blared into life, pre-recorded voices listing off an endless wave of hull breaches and depressurising decks. “…Ninety crew member casualties on decks 9 through 10. Numerous-“

But even that was drowned out by what followed. A low noise, rising to a high pitched screech that reverberated throughout the very floor itself. It tore through into his very heart and the dread that filled that hole was as unnatural as to overshadow any other moment in his life.

“AAAAARRRRRGGGHHH!!!!!” he roared, not able to control his voice. Desperately, he tried to stand, only for the view-port window to crack.

There was a brief second of rushing air, a small whistle, before the entire thing burst open and everyone was sucked outside.

Marlow felt extreme coldness as he span, the air sticking to the inside of his throat and refusing to move down into his lungs.

The vacuum of space was cold enough to burn. His blood pumping hard as it tried desperately to keep him warm.

He knew humans could survive in space for a short amount of time, but there needed too be someone to pick him up.

That wasn’t going to happen.

In his remaining few seconds of life he could only glance at the scene around him. the chaos ships were coming in here, the station now destroyed meaning there was nothing to warn the people of Ferrous Alpha.

He could only briefly recognise the colors. A few of them were green, the patronige of the followers of nurgle, traitors who were only exceeded in their vileness by the other ships, purple in tribute to the god of excess.

However, these utterly paled in comparison to that horror which bore down upon the station.

Bigger than all of them. Voracious and blood curdling. Humongous in size and girth. It was completely consuming the station beneath it.




The light of the star was behind it. He could only make out its darkened outline as it sank its claws into the station walls, countless tendrils reaching in and pulling bits of deck and thrashing crew members our of it.

Oh well, he thought in the last 3 seconds of life before he hit the atmosphere and was incinerated instantaneously. Guess I should be thankful the emperor dind't let it take me ali-

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Salamand3rs4Lyfe » Sun Feb 04, 2018 8:52 pm

Ikaroth could see the damaged fuselage of one of the loyal thunderhawks over the buildings when he saw a dreadnought scoop up a rubric marine in its power fist and squeeze it, causing the rubricae to crumble like a stone. That was when he made a decision that would probably upset their "ally" . "Everyone get back to the space hulk, we have kept them from leaving and now it is time to join the battle in the ferrous system. There is no way they will be able to catch up in time with their transports and ships damaged" zooming off on his disk Ikaroth could see the erratic movements of the Possessed reroute to the thunderhawks while the Chaos Land Raider carrying the DevilDogs and Kugarr rumbled through the street, its heavy bolter and lascannons reaping a heavy toll as it begun its retreat. Ikaroth issued a vox order to all the Chaos Space Marine squads still at functioning strength, "the Kestrals are no longer a valuable asset, whoever brings me the most identification badges will gain a spot within my inner circle....leave no survivors".

As Kugarr sat in his land raider he could slightly feel the reverberation from where his butcher's nails implant used to be and while the uncontrollable bloodlust it caused was dimmed it could never be truly erased. He could still remember that fateful day upon the moon of Ditril 4 when he was in a World Eaters warband led by the Daemon Prince known as Kneveral Blacktongue, when all of a sudden Ikaroth and his young but still deadly efficient group of warriors managed to banish Kneveral to the warp and defeat a majority of the Khornate warband, leaving just Kugarr and his terminators alive to be assimilated. Yet Ikaroth placed some trust in him, even going so far as to remove their butcher's nails and allow them to retain the liveries of their former warband. The terminator lord still wasn't sure just how Ikaroth was able to remove the implant but he was grateful nonetheless.
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Signet-Powers » Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:43 am

The image of the planet hovered above the pedestal. It was huge, highlighting every detail of Ferrous-Alpha they’d need to know.

It lit up the entire room. The ominous blue glow shimmering off the darkened corners of this grand bridge. The cultists that operated the machinery and various consoles did their best to focus on it, and not the shifting shapes that crawled across the ceiling.

Not that they hadn’t always been there, but just now the light was disturbing them and their presence was no longer comfortable to ignore.

“Most of the Imperial Navy has been disabled my lord.” the nearest explained. A man barely older than 20, yet worn down by enough regular drug use that he bared the face of that much older. “The trap hidden in the Kestral Archives was activated much earlier than expected. We know they’ll be unable to fight back in half an hour. There’s no estimate on when they’ll be back online.”

Everyone paused at what they were doing, turning to see what the response would be. Their Lord was large, both in height and girth. He leaked puss where he walked, his fat and sweat no longer held back by the armor that had formed itself over the years into his skin. His superhuman form had inflated and occasionally, bubbles of snot as big as a mans head would pop out of his joints at random. Despite this horrific appearance though, they couldn’t look away from the numerous blades he wore on his person, seven stolen relic blades either mag-locked to his belt of hidden in his various folds of flesh.

His laugh was more terrifying than the occasional shuddering of the Despoilers hull. “Good, good, that is beyond expectation.”

The cultist breathed a sigh of relief. “Of course my Lord. We serve to please you.”

The Lords smile faltered. “Why? You didn’t do anything.”

The man shook. “W-m-uuh- my lord I beg apologies for my outburst, I-“

“HAHAHAHAHAH!” the overweight giant burst into laughter, belly shaking as he did so. The other humans around the room looked nervously to each other before pretending to laugh too.

Finally Reschtahk reached down and patted the mans shoulder, bringing calm to the room. “You mortals. So small. So tiny, but funny. You should relax, for our grandfather has given us a monumental treat today. The enemy is vulnerable, and out time is nigh.”

“Yes My Lord. Of course my Lord.”

He was about to say something else when the main doors opened. Smoke and moisture billowed through, and in entered Lord Deselin. his armor perfect and impeccably polished. His robes, the darkest shade of ruby that would be found on this Armarda, billowed out behind like a flowing river. And his face, sharp and defined, long black hair tied back in a bun, a rare preparation for the oncoming battle. “Reschtahk, our glory awaits.”

“Indeed it does.” Reschtahk replied in earnest. “And about time at that. What do our numbers look like.”

“We have 30 ships, our two Despoilers heading the fleets and of course…” his voice trailed, “…that thing. Though, I dread to rely on it.”

“He promises us it will work.”

“He was always unstable.”

I won’t deny that,” Reschtahk smirked. “But I have a good feeling. Our gods want us to win this battle, the risk is nothing!”

Though they were of two separate warbands, two separate minds, two separate gods, both Lords had worked together enough times that the trust between them was implicit. They pushed each other, chasing bigger targets and bigger prizes. Their friendship was secular, so they kept their distance in battle, ensuring that their religious goals never overlapped.

“Sure, if you say so. But we also have word that the kestrals have fled Iso, their ship are returning to their home-world to reinforce it.”

“Really? What happened there?”

“We don’t know, though I’m sure we’ll find out when our friends on the space hulk arrive. Nether the less our man-powers down.”

“Eh… keeping our forces from running into those idiots was an irritancy I don’t seek to repeat on the regular. The quicker they leave the Imperium the better. At least Ikaroth and his legion will be arriving, do we have an estimate on their time of arrival?”

“No, but they’ll be here.” for a moment, a sly smirk touched his face. “Followers of Tzeench, you won’t have a problem with that will you?”

“Hahaha, if they’re in the Dominion, they’re friends of mine. If a pervert like you can get along with Kornites, I can get along with the followers of their blasted god as well.”

“Well good to know. I’ll go let the Marshall know we begin the invasion in the hour.”

There was a bright blistering light from Deselins staff and a warp portal opened up behind him. It scared the hell out of the cultists, who jumped in their seats in a momentary panic. The sorceror gave a nod to Reschtahk before stepping through, sealing it back up behind him.

Reschtahk looked about the cowering minions, then abck to the empty space the portal had been. “Goodbye to you too,” he said to no one in particular. “feel free to open a portal on my ship or do whatever you want, no need to ask me…”

Deselin reappeared on his own ship, making his way down towards the grand hall were most of the cultists could be found. Most of the cultists champions seemed taken aback at his presence, terrified even.

This was good to him. he kept his followers on a tighter leash than Reschtahk did.

The only one who didn’t move away was a figure in black fatigues. He wore his helmet and respirator, even now. “Deselin.” He greeted with a nod.

The sorcerer looked past him to the soldiers all standing in rows. This was admittingly much more disciplined of them than he was useful. “I see you’ve trained my army well.”

“Ofcourse.” The Man nodded. “They were nothing before, they are exceptional now.”

“Good. We’ll keep our end tight. You will have what you came for.”

“I only need one thing. Once I have it I’ll re-join with you and the Nurglites.”

A smile crossed the Sorcerors lips. “Then we begin.”

He turned to address the army of cultists. They were nothing special, pirates and raiders, most of them ‘freed’ from prison planets and criminal re-education facilties. Some were utter scum, most actually. But they all had a bone to pick with the Imperium.

“Soldiers!” he declared, his voice being transmitted aroud the chamber and across the fleet. “Glorious heroes of the true gods. Today, we stand on the verge of greatness.”

He paced about. “The galaxy worships a corpse, a decrepit dead man who hasn’t had any real power for as long as history remembers. For too long were we bound to his name. for too long were we all made to suffer, and die, and kill in such disgrace. The Imperium has seen fit to overrun the largest genocides and mass-murder in human history. But no longer.”

He could taste the anticipation in the air. They’d waited a long time for this. “The eye of Terror has expanded. The warp has breached this realm and brought these rabid bastards to heel. The rules have changed, our access to the powers of the warp are stronger than ever. Our closeness, to our gods… unbeatable.”

“So now, it begins. After years of running, after years of scampering around like rats in the dark our torment is over! We will bring to these Imperial vermin what they have tried to bring to us for years. Pain. Suffering. Agony. We will eradicate the inquisition from this world, mutilate their leaders and end the oppression of the Corpse-god.”

“FOR CHAOS!!!” the army chanted, one fist pumping into the air then lowering again.

“There are 20,000 of us ready for the first deployment.” He continued. “double that for the second wave. But we won’t be alone. Our gods will be providing us with their power to aid us. their… beloved.”

As if to make the point a creatures scuttled up behind him. it crawled atop his back, leering over his shoulder at he crowd. Two more lept down from the ceiling, giving the nearby champions cause to jump out of their skin. A fourth and a fifth crossed over to him, circling around his legs and snapping their pink, crab-like claws incessantly.

“But most of all, you will be lead by us, by myself, by my brothers. I dare say, our marines, are worth a million of their sick, pathetic, feral-world infants they call soldiers. There will be no mercy. There will be no place they can run to. We will grind this world into dust, for Chaos, and for humanity!”

They pumped their fists into the air again, chanting in unison once more. “FOR GLORY, FOR CHAOS, FOR THE BEAUTY OF SLAANESH!!!”
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

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Mallis had watched as the eldritch storm knocked out the engines of the first wave of transports, sending them back to the surface leaving the marines stranded. Acting with all the professionalism and efficiency expected of an Iron Warden the lieutenant had left the holding action in the care of a veteran sergeant and had taken those transports not yet loaded and lead a small force to each crash site.

Starting with those transports closet to friendly lines the lieutenant gathered the survivors of the crashes growing his force with each stop with marines of both chapters. Out of the 2 dozen or so transports only 4 had been destroyed out right by the storm, the lighter storm ravens had sufferd more then their heavier counter parts bolts of lighting striking the vulnerable engine ports of the craft with unnatural ferocity and precision. The only survivors of such incidents were the sarcophagi of the under slung dreadnoughts though their wreaked frames left them defenceless until help or the enemy arrived. Mallis noted that the enemy was prioritising the ships over the soldiers themselves, often simply pulling out after mauling the downed craft.
Mallis eventually manged to reorganise the survivors around the original Iron Warden evacuation site and make his report to the Wrath.

Ferrous Alpha, Falcon Of Deminsor Bridge

The meeting had left Varath in a poor mood, the Ecclsiarchy had been irritating, interrupting and attempting to turn the strategic discussion into a blatant attempt to try and undermine the Acolyte. The fact that this man was attempting to defend a Sector that was a few steps away from declaring independence costing the High-Priest any credibility, the man was proving to Varath why the Wardens limited their contact with them.

Currently he was receiving more poor news from his 1st company counter part.

Varath "So the traitors escaped"

Auron "Unfortunately yes, Though the Helios Guard have taken out their commander in chief and we managed to thin their numbers here hopefully enough for the remaining Wollcots to either capitulate or face a rebellion across their sector, ethier way we will just have to hope they don't realise that we are in a poor position to capitalise on this"

Varath "the Iron Valkyries should be arriving soon they will be able to effectively transport your forces back aboard the fleet"

Auron "true but the enemy all ready has the lead on us, expect chaos reinforcements when the attack comes"

The Bridge suddenly exploded with light and a sound as the sensor station servitor blurted out a report.

servitor "enemy contacts entering sensor range"

Varath "HOW ARE WE ONLY LEARNING OF THIS NOW?" The captain turned to the communications console "Get here fast brother Falcon Of Deminsor out" Cutting the channel he turned to the Holoith showing the incoming ships, the Navy ships were unresponsive to the incursion. "scan the local naval vessals"

servitor "Naval ships are ruining at 10% power, weapons are cold, no response to comm's"

Varath "Send a message to the Acolyte, ground command, and the rest of the battle group, Inform them that the Orbital Defences and Navy Vessels have been disabled, enemy has orbital supremacy" he looked at his current battle group, the initial plan had been for the navy to draw the battle line allowing the Wardens to quickly assault the transport vessels before they could even get close to the planet.

Varath "13th and 3rd shall deploy planet side, Techmarine Medoza has fleet command,he shall ensure the safety of the fleet until reinforcement arrives or the navy recovers" with that he nodded to the ship master to take the bridge, secured his helm and made his way to the drop pod bay as the strike cruiser moved to deployment range. Running the numbers in his head he had roughly 100 marines of his own company with the 130 marines of the 13th, 100 of which where the primaris them selves the other 30 where disgraced marines of other companies on penitence duty. Against an unknown number of hostile with one warband yet to arrive he prayed that he would be able to hold until something balanced the odds.
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

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In orbit over ferrous alpha

Ikaroth sat in the strategium trying to devise a plan of attack while he waited for his inner circle and the envoys from the other warbands that were leading the assault on the planet. He heard of the raids on the imperium orchestrated by the warbands of the Slaaneshi sorcerer Deselin and the nurglite lord Reschtahk, Ikaroth was chomping at the bit to show them just how superior his warriors were. Bowing low for his monstrous wings and shoulders to fit through the doors to the strategium came Osmar followed by the four sorcerers of his coven. As Babdar filed in and set his helmet down he looked over at Ikaroth and piped up "my lord, Deselin and Reschtahk have arrived along with their escorts" . Ikaroth smiled, he would finally meet legends

Meanwhile within the bowels of the space hulk, the Hands of Ikaroth were being fed scraps of flesh to instigate their bloodlust and prepare them for battle. Packs of daemon-possessed space marines loped through sealed off sections of the space hulk, hunting human slaves before tearing them to pieces like sheets of paper. Warpsmiths chanted rituals to awaken the helbrutes and daemon engines of the warband, soon the air was filled with angry hissing as the defiler "corpsebreather" began to fight against its containment. Predator tanks and land raiders rumbled towards thunderhawk transports, while chaos space marine squads stocked up on grenades and ammunition and raptor squads prepped jump packs for use.
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

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The first thing they did as they entered was bow to the demon. Osmar may not have been of their god, but a daemon prince was a daemon prince nonetheless. It almost gave the creature a brief, if surprising, flicker of pride.

Ikaroth took great pleasure in stripping that attention from him. “Welcome to the Last Whisper.”

The Lords stood back up, turning his way.

Ikaroth was taller, he’d expected that, certainly. He didn’t even need the extra height of his four horned helmet to convey this. Yet as he fixed them with his gaze, his icy blue eyes could not deny the sheer raw power these two guests were capable off. They carried themselves with weight, confidence, yet clearly respected the power of their rivals.

Kings shaped in the fires of battle.

“Ikaroth.” Reschtahk grinned through yellow teeth. “Welcome to our new empire.”

“Reschtahk. Desilin.” he returned with two nods, “No anecdotes or title hold close to the stories I’ve heard of you.”

“Haha, They never do.”

“But we did not come to this world for pleasentries.” Desilin added. “We are here for a cause.”

The centre table displayed a 3-dimensional map of the target city. All that could be seen were buildings and residential towers as far as the eye travelled.

The Slanneshi spoke first. “The rift torn from the heart of the eye of terror has crossed through the galaxy. Yet even here, we are too far out to the Eastern Fringe for it to reach us. That changes here. This planet is the most concentrated point of Imperial military for several 100 lightyears. And now, it is completely vulnerable.”

“We will bombard their infrastructure,” Reschtahk continued, “destroy their roads and bridges. Collapse their tunnels and cut them off. An open cage, 10 miles in diameter that no one can escape from. We slaughter anything that fights back, and bring the dying to the centre.”

A coliseum was highlighted in the middle. “It’s a blood-bowl stadium, a crude mortal sport but it’s easily defensible on raised open ground. it will serve as an appropriate staging area.”

Ikaroth narrowed his eyes. “We could just bombard them all from orbit, wipe the planet clean of life. Why bother with such needless complications? And I fail to see how this is connected to the great rift?”

“Because it’s a tribute.”

Another image was projected now, this time from Deslins personal holographic projector. It was an image of the colossal monster outside. The space hulk had barely picked it up on their radar systems. It’s very presence hidden through some level of warp craft eve Osmar couldn’t see through. This was the first good look that Ikaroth had gotten as it ate into yet another Imperial space station. It gave reason to tense up. “Where did you find something like that?”

Desilin shook his head. “We didn’t. It found us. But it serves our purpose. We will ‘feed’ it, so to speak. Gather the dying at the centre. They must be kept alive. Crucified. Marked. When we have enough it’ll descend and turn this planet into a beacon of Daemonic energy.”

Osmar seemed to perk up at the sound of this. ikaroth wasn’t so sure. “And then?”

“Then the great rift will be drawn to it.” Reshtahk grinned. “And the three of us shall be the ultimate power in this section of the galaxy.”

We? Or the dominion? He thought. “Can we trust it? This creature?”

“I can vouch for it.”

“Then when do we begin?”

He grinned. “We just did.”

Down on the surface, the shells rained down from the heavens.

Huge plumes of smoke and noise were sent into the air. buildings collapsed from the shockwaves, crushing the stalling onlookers that often flooded this over-crowded worlds streets.

There was no alarms though, no alerts or warnings. There was a lot of guardsmen but none of them could get their vox-systems working, only able to react to what they could see.

Once that bombardment was over, the transports followed. Bulbous VTOL crafts that were quickly overtaken by the clawed drop-pods of the Heretek Astartes.

One such transport crashed into a busy market street. People were crushed or knocked off their feet, the civilians hesitating to run until the over-arching metal claws slammed into the earth and the doors opened.

The sound of laughter and Bolter-fire was only drowned out by the sound of screaming. Desperate people trampling over the weak and children to escape.

A nearby squad of Guardsmen an round the corner, telling people to get out of the way as they set up some sort of heavy weapon. It fired, heavy botler rounds ripping into the largest opponent only to no effect.

The plague marines just laughed it off as more came down, nurglings pooring out of the gaps in their armor and swarming the defenders.

Barnabas watched it all from the balcony atop the Ecclisiarchy’s grand Church. From here he could see everything. The enemy forces landing down, bringing an army onto this city. A few half-hearted efforts were made to shoot the enemy down before they landed, the only real source of anti-air weaponry from the church itself and the Governors tower that he could just make out on the horizon.

“High Priest, I beg to speak in your equanimous presence.”

He turned around to face her, pouting in amusement. “You may.”

The Canoness stood to her feet, the Celestian behind her stepping aside. “The city is under attack.”

“Yes I can see that.” he snarled.

“We can’t contact the Navy, or the Astra Militarum, but our orders internal communications are triple-locked, they haven’t fallen. All 1,500 sisters are at our disposal, we can deploy at a moments notice. Our best plan would be to encircle the enemy as early as possible and reinforce the governors building with 300 sisters.”


She was taken aback. Even the Celestians helmets inclined in surprise. “But we need to-“

“NEED TO?” his voice raised to a high-pitch. She bit her tongue, clearly desperate to say something but keeping it to herself. “Canoness Vorpal were you not present during inquisitors Singh’s military briefing?”

“…I was.”

“Then you will have seen that he does not consider the Ecclisiarchy worth his time. Did you not see this?”

“…of course high-priest.”

“And you also saw, that he believes the kestrals, who if I remember a portion of 200 of your sisters once served, and have donated countless trilliosn to the holy church are to blame for all the misfortune misbegotten alliance has fell under.”

“…of course high priest.”

“Now, I may be mistaken, but can you see any kestrals attacking us right now? Well? CAN YOU?”

She growled under her breath, grey bangs covering tired eyes as she bit her lip. “No High-priest.”

He nodded, clearly proud of himself. “So. Here’s what you’re going to do instead. You will call every Sororita you can back to this temple. We will shut our doors and defend ourselves, ONLY OURSELVES, until the Inquisition see’s fit to give me a say in matters concerning the Kestral Peacetalks.”

She nodded. “It will be done high-priest. By our Emperors fatherly grace.”

He gave her permission to leave, and returned to watching the battle some more. He would have a minute before had to go back inside, and was reluctant to miss a thing.

Before she left though, he remembered one thing. “Canoness! One last thing.”

She stopped, turning back on a heel. “Yes high-priest?”

“That incident earlier today, I never got around to it. That issue between you and Bishop Gregoria?”

Her face turned harsh. “My sororitas serve to fight for the church, not act as his own private kidnappers. If that squad hadn’t told me about it I would never have found out-“

“Yes, yes, I quite agree. I agree.” He nodded. “…but the thing is, Bishop Gregoria has a strong… shall we say relationship, with our richer sponsors. It would be unfortunate for the church if the actions of one bishop brought us ill-repute at such a troublesome time.”

“The boy was ten years old!”

“Yes, yes, yes. I know. Believe me. Gregorias tastes are… problematic, I know. it’s a hard thing to ask but… it would just be better for us. For the Ecclisiarchy. For the emperor… if this problem could go away and they did as they were told. For the greater benefit of us all, of-course. You wouldn’t want to let us down, would you? We don't like little girls that make problems for us, especially one in our good graces like yourself?”

She hesitated, visibly shaking, before swallowing with a nod. “of course not, high-priest.”

“Good.” he smiled. “I’m so glad we have this understanding. As we say, Forgiveness is the path to rightousness.”

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

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On Ferrous-Alpha

The carrier with 'Giants Bane' had just landed when all hell broke loose. Inquisitor Jacob Highland, Victor Lumas, those Scions that had already landed and the Bullgryns from the 'Iron Walls' 5th Inquisitorial Auxillia were keeping themselves low as shells exploded around them. The Bullgryns had formed a Testudo with their Slabshields, protecting the Inquisitor and the Scions from debri and shrapnel. The sound of the enemy barrage was deafening, Jacob had to yell to make himself hearable.

"Marshall Lumas! What is the status from those still airborne!"

"All Valkyries are still flying high Sir!"

"It's a miracle!"

"No Sir! That is skill!"

Jacob laughed, but it was muffled by the constant explosions.

"What do the Valkyries see!"

"They tell us off incoming drop-pods!"


"No Sir, Traitors!"

Jacob let out some curse words, and after his last curse word the explosions stopped. It took a few minutes and some yelling from Victor and Jacob before the Bullgryns lowered their Slabshields. And the new sight was not pretty, a lot of the skyscrapers were missing several floors, of which the remains were covering the streets below. The governor's building had several new holes in it. The sky was filled with drop-pods, while the ant-air stationed on the govenor's building opened fire. The only thing missing were the sounds of alarms, making everybody alert to the enemy presence. Jacob's focus was interrupted by one of his Scions.

"Sir, we can't come into contact with High Command as if their vox-comms don't work. And the Ecclesiarchy at the Church are either unable or unwilling to answer our hails."

Jacob remained calm as he heared this news. It somehow didn't surprise him, this attack was not one made as a reaction to the negotiations, it was planned a long time before he was even ordered to come here. They attacked in the middle of our preperations, as if they knew when we were at our weakest. His arrival was not announced and kept a secret, which could explain why his vox-casters are still working.

"Tell the forces still in the air to drop and probe the enemies strength. Try to keep extended contact to a minimum. When they come into contact with friendlies, or civs tell them to rendezvouz here at the Govenor's building as fast as possible."

"Yes Sir."

"Can we still contact the fleet?"

"Yes sir, we still have contact with our fleet."

"Not the rest?"

"No sir, only our ships."

"Alright, what is their status?"

"They managed to retreat into a local asteroïd field and managed to avoid major damage. The other ships weren't so lucky as they were unable to move or shoot, only the ships of the Iron Wardens managed to follow us."

Jacob sighed and let this new information sink in. It seemed all so hopeless, they were outnumbered and outgunned. Then the engines of 'Giants Bane' started to rev up, and a spark of hope lighted up, they might not be outgunned at all. And the Iron Wardens might not be effected aswell. Jacob turns away from the vox-cast handler and turns towards Viktor Lumas, who was setting up a defensive perimeter with those scions that were on scene.

"Marshall Lumas, defend the Govenor's building and coördinate our forces, also try contacting the Iron Wardens. Tell them to rendezvouz here. We need to counter attack united and fast."

"Yes my lord, what are you going to do?"

"Probing the enemy."

Jacob smiled and his eyes flared up for a short moment. He told the Bone'ead to follow him, the Bone'ead just nodded, yelled something inaudible to his comrades, and nodded again. Jacob started to run, the Bullgryns following him.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A Plague Marine laughed as the blood shoot out from the heads and limps of his unfortunate victims. His brothers were beside him unloading their bolters into the fleeing civilians. They watched with glee as several guardsmen opened fire, and mostly missing their target, the lasers that hit just bounced of the polluted power armor of their target.
The Plague Marines didn't bother firing their bolters and just charged into them, their bubonic axes raised high, they made short work of the foolish guardsmen. But their joy was cut short. A plasma bolt disintegrated one of his brothers. They were confused, before them was nothing but the dead and fleeing, so it had to be from up, they raised their bolters, scanning the surrounding buildings, only the fleeting sound of an Imperial Valkyrie warning them of their coming doom. It didn't take them long to find what they were looking for, as they stared straight into the barrels of the Ryza Pattern Hot-Shot Lasguns from the 77th, sitting in the windows of one of the ruins. They opened fire mere moments later, this time the shots were precise and the lasers did penetrate their power armour, puncturing the rotten flesh beneath it, pus, blood and dirt mixing on the ground beneath them. Another Plasma bolt downs another Plague Marine.
The commotion drew the attention of more Plague Marines, but when they arrived they found a street devote of life, including their comrades who laid dead on the ground, with no sign of their attackers.

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Salamand3rs4Lyfe » Fri Feb 16, 2018 3:29 am

As Ikaroth passed through the streets with the stench of death slipping into his helmet ventilator he was reminded of an abattoir. The grisly sight of the dead and dying reminded him why he was fighting for the dominion in the first place, to free their brothers from the daemons possessing them would require blood on an apocalyptic scale. He could hear the screams of jump packs and the hooting and howling of raptors as they lept from rooftop to rooftop killing indiscriminately, bolt pistols clacking and flamers whooshing while chainswords roared. The defiler corpsebreather crashed and roared through the city, battlecannon booming and claws swinging through the air, cadavers impaled on the spikes fixed to its torso. Missiles and autocannon rounds spiraled into the most crowded population centers as the Havoc Squads got to work. Chaos marines and rubricae squads waded through the crowds, bolters roaring death to the worshippers of the false emperor. Somewhere in the city Kugarr and his DevilDogs were carving through the planetary defence force with an almost unholy vigor, rejoicing in the slaughter. As his lightning claw flared to life he could feel the buzzing from where his butcher's nails implant used to be and it exhilarated him knowing he was free from the torture that gripped much of his former legion. Osmar soared through the clouds chanting, channeling his anger at Ikaroth's irreverence at his status into a powerful spell meant to summon one of Tzeentch's lieutenants, a mighty Lord of Change.
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