Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Salamand3rs4Lyfe » Fri Jun 22, 2018 7:15 pm

Pain. Pain was a sensation that Ikaroth was in constant contact with. Ever since him and his brother were recruited into the vaunted ranks of the Adeptus Astartes, ever since his chapter's fall from grace, ever since a daemon forced its way into his brother's body and overtook his consciousness. It was pain that reminded him why he was fighting, why he hadn't lay down to die like a sick dog. As the wound in his leg throbbed, Ikaroth and the parts of his warband not engaged at the cathedral began to make their way back to the blood bowl stadium when suddenly an explosion rocked a nearby street.


"What was that?" As nearby chaos marines voxed in to report on the sound, Ikaroth turned and saw a wounded Desilin being dragged out of an alley by a group of slaaneshi daemonettes. Without hesitation Ikaroth took command of the situation with a plan swirling through his mind "whatever made that explosion might still be there, send the changeseekers to investigate. Someone help get Desilin on the disk, we will have the apothecaries at the stadium patch him up" as the human cultists began to swarm down the street the explosion came from, Chaos space marines dropped their weapons and approached Desilin to help him onto the disk. Speaking softly Ikaroth tried to calm the daemonettes who didn't look too pleased at the attempt to approach their master "easy children, our apothecary will be able to help him. he might die if he doesn't get help quickly and im afraid you are dragging him a little slowly. I have much respect for your master, you have my word that no harm will come to him. You can even come along if it suits you"

*Battle at the Cathedral*

As Kugarr and his DevilDogs worked through the grandiose halls of the cathedral cutting down sisters of battle that got too close with their lightning claws and blasting them at range with their combi-bolters they begun to notice that the warrior nuns seemed to be lost or without leadership, this was further evidenced by the chamber they found with two battle sisters tied up and unconscious, suggesting that someone else had been here before them. With Corpsebreather and the Possessed outside keeping the inquisitor and his stormtroopers entertained and Belthuzzad's hunting pack cutting their way through the bowels of the cathedral Kugarr noted that it was going to get crowded real quickly.
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Raschier » Sat Jun 23, 2018 12:13 pm

In the Cathedral's upper levels

The fighting could be heared all over the fourth floor. The stomps of heavy terminator armor echoing through the hall, the sound of bolter fire overshadowing the light footsteps of scions. From the shadow Lumas and his scions looked at the battle going on between Chaos Terminators and Sisters of Battle. Huccino taps on the shoulder of Lumas and whispers.

"Sir, I thought the Terminators were stopped in the sewers?"

"These probably arrived in those rhinos."

"Then what should we do? We have the weapons to take them on."

"Yes, but not the men."

"Then we led them die here?"

"We need to think about the mission, we need the priest alive. Besides I trust that the Sisters will overcome them, they got the numbers and the weapons to deal with those Terminators."

The sound of a whip hitting the ground caused both men to again concentrate what happens outside. Here they saw that dozens of scarcily clad women, carrying two handed chainswords passed them, and joining the fight.

"See, there they are. Now how are the cables coming along?"

"Fastened, sir."

"Alright, Merv you take the priest with you, we zip two floors down, there we will make our way to the balconies overlooking the courtyard and provide fire support from there. Now lets move!"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In the Cathedral's Courtyard

Canoness Vorpal stood atop the balcony, beneath her was the courtyard, which was filled with Sisters and Militia fighting against mutated Chaos Marines. She unleashed another salvo into the mix, carefully aiming at the Possessed so not to hit any of her own Sisters. It was hard, the fight was a mess, her Sisters were not trained for melee combat, let alone the Militia. They were slaughtered down there.

She stopped firing, as someone tapped her shoulder and shouted to her.

"Canoness! They're coming up the stairs!"

She turned around, and indeed Possessed were storming up the stairs, shoving off and killing any Sister in their way. The Sisters in return created a blockade atop the stairs and fired down, scything down several Possessed. The others pushed the dead Possessed aside, to be in turn shot down by the Sisters. The third wave adjusted to the Sisters tactic, and used the corpses of the dead as shields. Slowly they move up the stairs, growling and hissing at the Sisters.
Vorpal lowers her boltgun and grabs two bolt pistols, readying herself for a brutal close combat fight, the other Sisters grabbed their pistols aswell, with some also grabbing a knife, or a sharp rock.

The Possessed had almost reach the top when a roar could be heared from outside the Cathedral. The Possessed stopped moving, giving Vorpal time to look to the Cathedral entrance. A mass of massive black armored figures bursted through the entrance, crashing with their large shields into the rear of the Possessed, as they pushed back the Possessed, Vorpal could see that these figures were Bullgryns. They then started to swing large mauls, crashing the limbs and skulls of the Possessed. The Possessed reacted quickly, those not in combat turning around and jumping on top of the Bullgryns, mostly without success, but some managed to get pass the shields tearing a Bullgryn down before a maul crashed into their skull. In the front of the Bullgryns stood a smaller figure, skillfully swinging a large glowing sword, cutting of arms, wings, and heads.
The Possessed were now effectively pinned between the Bullgryns and the Sisters, and a smile appeared on Vorpal's face. Which quickly dissappeared as she heared the loud sounds of bolt pistols firing, and she turned her attention back to her own fight. Those Possessed that were coming up the chair had discarded their cover and rushed towards the Sisters. Vorpal pulled the triggers of her bolt pistols as fast as she could, mowing down two Possessed, before she had to reload. She wasn't the only one of her Sisters that had emptied her pistols, and the seizing of bolt fire gave the Possessed time to get in close. Claws pierced power armor, and three Sisters were torn limp by limp, their screams muffled by the sound of the battle down stairs.
Three Possessed were also rushing towards Vorpal, but she managed to reload her Pistols and open fire again, taking a few steps back in the process. The Possessed were nimble and fast, and were getting closer by the seconds. Vorpal walked backwards, firing towards the Possessed, managing to kill two of the three before she felled the railing and couldn't back off any further, but she continued to fire at the surviving Possessed. The Possessed nimbly managed to dodge the bolts and leapt towards Vorpal, crashing into her and causing both of them to fall over the railing towards the ground floor.
Vorpal fell on the ground below, the Possessed landing some feet away from her. She struggled to get up on her feet, grabbing her guns from the ground. She could see that the Possessed had gotten up as well, having no visible damge from the fall. The Possessed continued his attack and rushed towards Vorpal, she quickly raised her guns, aimed and pulled the trigger.

*Click* *Click*

Her heart stopped, her breath snapped, her eyes widen, time slows down, as she hears that her ammo is out. The Possessed is now but a few feet away from her. Her mind starts to race, her life flashing by, a quick prayer to the Emperor. She closes her eyes as the Possessed raises his arm to strike, this was her to be her end, she had hoped for a few more years, but the Emperor had decided it was now, probably for her failure to protect this planet and this Cathedral. In these last few seconds she could hear every sound from the battle around her, from the grunting of the Bullgryns to the prayers of her Sisters, she could even hear a pistol shot from an unknown direction, and the bullet closing in fast, then a soft splat followed by a louder bang as a bolt shot exploded close by. Then she could feel the warm blood as it hit her face, but this wasn't her blood and the final blow should have hit her by now, so she opened her eyes and sees the Possessed standing in front of her, his arm still raised, but their was now a large crater where the head of the Possessed used to be, the blood still squirting out of the hole. Someone had shot the Possessed just in time, Vorpal looks to her left where she heared the shot coming from, there she saw the young man with large sword looking at her, he had the sword in his left hand, and in his right he held a bolt pistol of unknown design pointed towards Vorpal, the smoke still flowing out of the barrel. He nodded, put the pistol back in his holster, and grabbed his sword with both hands. Vorpal was about to nod back when suddenly the man drops his sword, grabs his head with both hands, and drops to his knees screaming.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

They had made it inside, though he had to send a portion of his Bullgryns to keep that Defiler busy, that was going to be a tough fight, but with the help from the plasmas, they will be able to handle it. He still had enough to pin these abominations. So now it was only a matter of eradicating these abominations as quickly as possible, but now these abomination fought like a cornered rat with nothing to lose, recklessly attacking in the hopes of taking someone down with them.
Jacob saw how the Cannoness fell down with that abomination, and quickly grabbed his heavy bolt pistol. He couldn't lose one of the objectives this close to the finish line. With the battle going on around him it was hard spotting them again, but he managed to do so just in time. He quickly aimed and shot at the Possessed, and with luck he managed to hit him straight in the head, the resulting explosion from the bolt erasing said head.
The Cannoness turned her head towards Jacob, not knowing what to do in such a situation, he nodded. Slightly embarrassed he raised his sword again, letting his psychic powers amplify his sword skills. But something went wrong, the screams in his head became louder and louder, until it became unbearable. He dropped his sword, the pain in his head overwhelming all senses. He clutched his head, falling on his knees, the pain preventing him from standing up. It was that monster outside, he felt it at the start of the fight, but it had grown in power it seemed, and now it was overwhelming his mind.

And just as fast as it came it dissappeared, allowing Jacob to open his eyes. He grabbed his sword and stood up, but his senses were still shaken and he couldn't see the Possessed Marine that was rushing towards him until it was to late. The Possessed marine jumped on top Jacob with his right claw aiming for Jacobs heart, Jacob managed to partially deflect the thrust pushing it away from his heart, but the claw still managed to wound him. Jacob fell to the ground, with Possessed still on top of him, its right claw holding Jacob down. The Possessed raised his left claw and readied the killing blow, but before he could lower it, a Bullgryn maul hit him straight in the face, launching him into the air. The Bullgryn turns towards Jacob.

"Nobody hurt Highman. We here to protect."

"Very good, what happened to the large *cough* crabmachine?"

"Crabmachine fled, no match for us. Still lost a lot of comrades. But he fled!"

He then grabs Jacob and puts him back on two feet. The wound was deep and blood was still flowing out, he pressed his right arm against it to stop the bleeding. The pain was immense, and it was hard to stand, but he still tried to look around. He was now surrounded by several Bullgryns, he saw plasma bolts coming down from the higher balconies of the Cathedral, on those balconies stood what seemed to be scions shooting down at the Possessed, the Possessed had lost a great number and had seen that the situation was hopeless and started to run away, trying to get out of the Cathedral. At that point Jacob was about to drop to his knees again, but a Bullgryn caught him before he hit the ground. Jacob did lose consciousness, and when he came by he could hear cheers, he turned towards the Bullgryn that was holding him and asked.

"What happened?"

"We won, Master Highman!"

"Good, gooo..."

"Master Highman? Ey somethin' is wrong with Master Highman!"

Jacob could feel his consciousness slipping again, and he saw Lumas and the Cannoness pushing aside several Bullgryns while they rushed towards him, then everything became black.

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Salamand3rs4Lyfe » Sat Jun 23, 2018 6:12 pm

*Inside the cathedral*
Kugarr raised his chainfist to intercept the overhead strike of a giant two-handed chainsword, impaling the battle sister wielding it with his lightning claw as he did so. It was at this point that he heard a roar of pain, looking over he saw one of his DevilDogs fall to the furious blows of two of the sisters. With an angry yell he ripped his lightning claw free, tearing the sister impaled upon it in half and backhanded another trying to approach and decapitating her. Wading further into the melee he voxed his squad "defensive formation, minimize casualties and watch each other's weak spots" with chirps of affirmation the chaos terminators fought their way into a diamond formation to compensate for the bulky warplate. "Watch left brother!" Kugarr shouted before turning the face of a charging sister of battle to mush with his chainfist, saving the terminator next to him from a swing that would have split him in half, "thank you my lord" the terminator nodded in appreciation. As the terminators begun to create a rhythm of slaughter a sound rang out


Then a Terminator screamed out "No, Amarou!" As his battle brother to his right had his leg sawn through, sending him crashing to the floor. With a roar of primal, unfiltered rage his friend begun firing his combi-plasma into the sisters non-stop until the coil began to glow an angry red color. With a pop the coil exploded bathing him in superheated plasma, he was dead before his body hit the floor.
*In the courtyard*
As the bullgryns started to rout the Possessed, those that could escape the courtyard began to retreat to the nearby blood bowl stadium. Seven possessed chaos space marines and a badly damaged Corpsebreather were all that remained of the outside force. As the defiler scurried away it swiveled its battle cannon towards the church and began firing, both in an angry tantrum and to provide cover fire so no imperial forces could follow their retreat.
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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

Post by Signet-Powers » Tue Jun 26, 2018 3:05 pm


The sisters pumped their fists into the air, a chant passing around them that even a few of the Falcons were picking up. that was withe exception to a few, gathered around the Bulgryns earnestly.

Lumas ran up, shoving them aside to see Highland lying in their arms. "Oh..." he muttered softly. "Marshal..."

"Inquisitor." he leant down to speak to him. "Are you injured, what happened?"

"I'm fine." he spoke back. "Just..." before losing consciousness again.

"What's wrong with him?" he asked one of the Sister Hospitalias seeing to him.

"He's drifting in and out of consciousness." she replied. "There's nothing we can do, this is a problem beyond the mortal realm of medical healing. We can only have faith that the Emperor will prevail."

"We can have a it more than that!" a voice announced behind them. Lumas turned as Huccino approached, holding up a data-slate of some sort in his hand. "This here is top class Ecclisiarchial anti-virus software."

Lumas's eyes lit up. "Can we use it?"

"Better than that."

Vorpal approached as well. "We've linked it up with the Wardens. The data is transmitting as we speak."


"Meaning that we have barely minutes before we're back online."

A grin took the scions commanders face. "then we only have one thing left to do."

1 mile from the Daemonship.

The very air itself was becoming louder. Damien gripped his weapon tightly, looking around for signs of danger. The convoy continued for street after street, but danger never came.

Bored, he decided to ask a question. "Estaryia..."

She gave him a look. One that was filled with suspiscion. "Using my first name now?"

"I'm just asking a question as a friend."

she took a swig from a bottle of water. "Go on then."

"Well... do you have a choice?"

"To do what?"

"To be a Commissar."

"W..>" she hesitated. "No one has a choice to fight for the Emperor. it's a duty."

"No." he shook his head. "Seriously, do you have a choice?"

there was a pause. then. "I... I um. does it matter."

no it was his turn to take a moment. "Yes."

she thought about that. "I suppose-"


She turned as two massive warp portals opened in the air not too far in front of them.

The chimeras at the front skidded to a halt, drifting in the rubble filled roads.

Rhinos etched in Tzeenchian symbols smashed through walls and crammed up the roads, creating barriers that stopped them from passing.

A figure on a floating disk appeared through the smoke, the shadows of chaos marines marching below him.

And above it all, the two portals burst with light as two renegade Knights stepped through, their weapons ready to fire.

Damien felt his heart go numb. a short time passed for way too long as nothing really happened. then someone screamed an order and a hurricane of death broke loose.

bolt rounds and laser fire rippled the streets. heavy weapons and lascannons tore buildings and vehicles assunder.

Damine himself fell off his transport, smacking into the dirt as bodies fell all around him.

Those that hadn't been quick were ripped open by bolter fire. human beings, most barely older than 19, turned into sprays of red liquid and purple meat faster than anyoen could blink.

It was a traffic jam. Hundreds of humans piling one way, hundreds of chaos marines piling the other.

Damien almsot scrambled to his feet as the knights opened fire, directed by the Ikaroth from his disc.

Two skyscrapers were torn up, spilling over and crashing onto the human forces.

Damien put his arms over his head and kept himself down. he had compeltely lost control of all direction and sense of self.

There was a screech as debris fell on top of him and his vision was lost.

Blood bowl stadium

The last of the civilians was finally scooped up, the cultist commander looking up in astonishment.

"So..." a voice spoke weakly. the commander turned to Desilin standing there, barely able to stay up. "Is it done."

"You should have left." he replied.

Desilin spat. "I've come too far!"

"Far at what?"

"Everything!" the marines around him crowded close, weapons raising. "What's going on! We were promised an army! Where is it!"

"promised?" the commander tilted his head. "You are a traitor. why should you believe in the concept of promises."

He growled. "What have you done?"

"What I came here to do."

"Were's our daemon army? Is that not why we're here?"

"You need to stop talking now. you've exhausted my interest in you."

The marines were in shock by that, Desilin in utter disbelief. "You little- mortal- waste of skin..." He turned to his daemonettes. "Violate him. violate every inch of his body for his insolence."

They screeched in excitment, readying their claws and bladed arms.

Then they lept.

Bouncing along the ground.

Crossing the distance in seconds.

They raised their arms to strike then-

They stopped.

A low sound emitted from the ship. the commander stood there, looking the daemonettes up and down. their bodies stuck in palce, blades inches away from him.

Then they turned around, facing towards desilin.


The Slaaneshi marines backed up, but desilin held his place. "What is this! Kill him! I command you! I am your master."

"Oh..." the commander shook his head. And his he did so his voice was projected from the all around him. from the corpses. from the nearby vox radios. Even from the daemonettes mouths. "No. No. No you are dust. Cosmic dust but dust all the same. Dust living on the corpses or rock floating around your dying suns."

"I am the Sorceror Desilin of-"

"You are tiny. And no longer necessary."

Desilin shook. "feth you all then!" he reached to his bolt and pulled out his bolt pistol. he took aim at the commande and fired.

The mans body burst, head dissapearing first, followed by the torso then the waist. the legs stood there for a second, stumbling backwards.

Then he laughed.

But his laugh wasn't coming from his body.

It was coming from the ship.

"You're so small." the daemonettes replied in unision. then their voic was echoed from the craft far above. "So tiny, frail things."

The Chaos marines began to fire. Noise weapons and bolt rounds letting loose.

The ships tentacles struck down, each one seeming to almost knit a portal just above the ground before lashing back upwards. from each one deamons of all kinds emerged. Nurglings, Bloodthirsters and more. "So very very frail."

"What in the hell are you!" desil launched what little firepower he could produce in all directions.

"It doens't matter. you will never know."

He fired, fired everything he could. but the daemonettes were fast enough to dodge everything before ramming into him.

Their blades entered his stomach, then his neck, then his skull.

They slashed and slashed and slashed, leaving nothing behind.

Eventually, once they had ripped him apart, he fell down, hitting the floor with a thud.

In his last few seconds he watched as the ship let off a growl and it's legs began to move. more potals opened and more daemons emerged. lightning made contact and the sky turned dark.

His mind turned to that one night.

As a child.

When he found the little daemon, hiding alone in that cave.

He should have reported it. should turned it into the proper authorities.

Shouldn't have let it corrupt his mind as it had. shouldn't have let it hurt him like it did so.

Maybe then he wouldn't have ended up this way.

But he was glad he didn't. glad he'd let it.

It had been the only living thing who'd ever cared about him.

The battle.

Damien groaned, shoving the rubble off him. miraculously he had survived, though the street hadn't.

The sky had turned red with lasgun beams. every which way you looked someone screamed. Death incarnate.

In the distance, he heard Ikkaroth himself, the chaos lord, his voice projected for his forces to hear. "Rubrics! tear them assudner! Leave nothing behind!"

to his left he herd someone crying. he turned to see three medics trying to shove some young womans intestines back into her stomach. "Come one! Come on shove it back in!"

"I'm trying!" the other medic screamed back. "I'm doing everything right-it's not going back in, something's pushing it-"

there was movement behind them. Something huge and robotic.

damien watched as the Rubric emerged, robotically moving towards them.

panic and reality returned to him. he looekd about, desperate for a weapon of some kind.

the rubric stomped towards the nearest medic, who turned with a look of shock on his face. "No! Wait!!" he pleaded. "I'm a medic! I'm a medic- I'm not a fighter- I surrender."

It grabbed him by the arm and lifted him up.

the others scrambeld away, the medic just kept screaming. "I Surrender! I SURRENDER! PLEASE NO- I!"

It grabbed at his left arm adn twisted, snapping it off as slowly as it could.

rh medic screamed. then the rubric reached up for his left leg and did the same, giving him reasont o scream louder.

Damien watched as the medic was slwoly torn apart. Just liek Ikkaroth had ordered. Once there was jsut a torso left it dind't even kill him. it jsut tossed it aside and grabbed the injured Guardswoman to do the same with her.

Damien looked around again. Desperatly. he could hear more rubrics approaching. more of them.

then he found something. Something undereath the dist.

A boltgun.

He raised it, aiming quickly and opening fire.

the Rubric had the woman up off the gorund when the rounds hit his armor. they made holes, but all that came out was a small amoutn of dust.

it slowly turned its head towards Damien. With a low rumble it turned its attention his way, simply folding the womans torso in half with a sickening crack of the spine and dropping her.

damien swore. then fired again. the rouunds struck it, tearing mroe holes, but ot slowing it down at all.

this was it. it was getting closer. he was de-

something big and heavy struck into it. Large. A Marine of its own. Silver.

it rammed its blade into into its neck, tearing its head off and throwing it as far as it could.

Damien gasped, watching in awe as the Warden got to his feet. checking around. "This is Varath, all brothers know that we're facing Rubrics."

"Yes captain!" another yelled as he lept over a piece of rubble to join. "We should also rendevouz with Tero up ahead."

"Understood. Keep me posted." he looked around once more before his eyes settled on Damine. "I know you?"

Damien found himself suddenly stuttering. "w-uh-uh yes! c-commissar cadet captain!"

the Warden nodded. "Well then on your feet soldier! We are moving!" and with a light tug he bragged him to his feet.

As they emerged throught eh smoke Damien got a clear view of what was happening in the battle aorund them.

the knights had leveled most of the nearby streets. huge craters and natural trenches had been creating. Way too many soldiers to count were firing in the general direction of the enemy and marines were running amuck.

up ahead, in the centre of the battle, he could jsut about make out the lone deathstrike, and the red and black hat of Estaryia as she was rallying soldiers around it.

"that's it!" damine pointed. That's the plan, we're getting that thing under the ship.

"Got it!" came the reply. he voxed his forces. "All brothers, be aware! We are to defend the deathstrike missile with our lives!"

"For the Gorgon!" came a roar. loud and crossing over the battlefield like a bomb.

everyone paused. the enemy and the huamn forces. then cheering. Guardsmen firing up int the air like victory had already been won.

"Marines!" cried one Guardsmen.

"The Astartes!" cried another, kneeling for a second in prayer before returning to battle positions.

"Yeah!" Screamed a third. "You're in for it now you chaos worshipping bastards!"

the Wardens charged forward like tanks, smoke streaking behind every footstep and a chorus of botler fire echoing across the battlefield.

far above, ikaroth noticed and bit hid teeth together hard. "Damn them. very well. if it's a fight they want, it's a fi-"

"My Lord!"a vocie called. he turned to see one of his sargents calling for his attention. "Behind us!"

looking towards the Blood bowl stadium, Ikkaroth noticed the gunfire of the Slaaneshi forces growing ever smaller. An army of daemons was bee-lining straight for them. His worst suspision had come true. "The idiots." he lamented. "I should have known their plan was too good to be true."

"Then how should we procede?"

he turned anther direction, towards the distant moving dots that were Tero and Reshtehk engaging in close combat. "...we don't." an electrical warp charge passed down his gauntlet and he roared into his vox-transmitter. "This is your lord. The Slaaneshi and Nurglites plans are a failure. A costly one at that. I'm re-opening one last portal. Everyone get back through it or you get left behind." a pause. "...I hope we learnt a valuable lesson today about trusting anyone's leadership other than my own."

Back on the ground, far below, Damien finally reached the deathstrike, the Marines cordoning around it. "What's happening?"

"It's stuck!" Estayria roared. the engines are destroyed!"

"But the missile?"

"Still working. It needs a Commissar's authorisation to fire."

"We'll push it." Varath said, and he and two other marines got behind it, shoving it forward. the dirt in front of it practically exploded as it started to move forward with some speed.

One block away

The duel had been heating up. every punch sent each other through a wall or smashed a car. neither of their armor willing to give.

Reschtehk had been sent a bunch of cultists from the Tzeenchians to help, but in truth he'd just used their bodies as throwable projectiles to launch at the Warden captain in failed bids to distract him.

but they were getting tired. Even as superhumans. Reschtehk was about to go for one more punch when he saw the warp portal open behind the not too far away knights.

they dissapeared back through it, the Tzeenchians cutting their losses, the portal held open by the floating disc above it.

"Hah." he snarled. "They're running while they can. Because they should. It's the smart thing to do. But you!" he pointed towards Tero. "I like you. You don't run"

"You're a monster Reschtehk."

"Aren't we all." he tilted his head past tero and chuckled. "I would so very much enjoy to not run either and see this out to it's logical conclusion. but while I must admit that running is the right thing to do here." he tapped a button on his wrist and saluted. "I'll find you again. Captain Renanitus Tero. Make no mistake."

"Wait-!" he rant owards him. "No!"

"So long."

there was bright blue flash and reschtehk teleported away jsut as tero reach him. he skidded to a halt and cursed infustration.

then he heard it.

that which had scared Reshtehk off. He turned around to see the hoard of approaching daemosn and sighed to himself. "Well then..."

Back at the deathstrike.

they pushed it further and further, as the Tzeenchians retreated the enemy changing from mortal to daemonic form.

Damien felt panic in every inch of his being. these were monsters that were coming at them now. misshapen beasts and howling creatures from the deepest realms of nightmares.

"Allright!" Estaryia yelled. "Just a hundred metres more!"

But there was too many daemons up ahead. the wardens that had pushed forward as a vanguard were dropping low in number. "We have to launch it here!" Damien told her.

"But it'll miss!"

"But there's nothing we can do! We fire it now or never."

Estaryia shook for a second. "But what if-"

there was clash of noise and screeching of multiple daemaons. they turned to see two bloodthirsters split in half and turn to ash as Renanitus Tero stepped forward, bloodsoaked and helmet lost, a smirk on his face. "Brother Astartes. Normal-people."

"Tero!" Varath yelled. "Where the damned name have you been?"

"Long story. Not enough time to tell it. You need assistance."

"About time you asked. Put that primaris body of yours to good use and help us push!"

They were getting closer. Much closer. the number of daemons was piling up and the ship was creating more portals even in the sky above them.

"Damn it all!" Varath roared, losing the sense of calm Wardens were most known for. "Do Deathstrikes it have to be twenty tons?"

"You're doing great!" Estaryia cheered on.

Damien gave a thumbs up. "Nearly there! Come on!"

they gave one last push and shoved i into position.

"There! this will do! We can reach it from here!"

Th marines returned to defending the vehcile in a circle, firing off in all directions as Estaryia punched int he launch codes. "30 seconds!" she shouted. "get read-"

the ship let off a nosie, like an angry groan, before starting to turn away.

"W-wait what!" Damine yelled. "No! No! No!"

Estaryia covered her mouth as it began to take off. "No!" No it can't!"

"We 're so close!" he cried back.

"launch it now!" Varath roared.

"But it'll miss!"

"We have to risk it!" Tero replied. "Just fire!"

Estryai was panicking. "We're so close..."

"We don't have a choice, we have t-"

"We always have a choice!" she yelled back. "We always-"


there was a crack high above as missiles lammed into one of the Daemonships legs. Valkyries of the Kalos Falcons soared above and emptied thier missiles and lascannons into the joints as Sisters of Battle vehicles arttilery fired on it from a distance.

the ship screamed, audiably, almsot bursting thier eardrums as it fell down slightly, unable to move for the second. Lasers and weapons along its hull fired in all directions, targeting the attackers.

but it had come back down directly over the group on the ground, and that was all the time the missile needed.

"Firing!" Estaryia roared and slammed her finger down on the lanuch button.

For a moment there was nothing. then a roar of engines a birght flash.

Energy struck the underside of the ship, tearing a massive hole right the way through and out the top half.

they were all blown off their feet, but most of all so was the ship, stumbling around as litterally hundreds of thousands of gallons of what could only be a blood like material sprayed everywhere.

it screamed, anything living screamed. the demons on the ground disintergrated, each one screeching and clawing for air, leaving the battling guardsmen shooting at nothing.

Danien and Estayria had fell over, but teh Astartes picked them abck up. "Come on! Move, move!"

they ran, ran as far as they could. the stumbling daemonship creating earthquakes with every step.

finally, it's engines blurted into life and the thing took off, hovering above, it's legs falling off like a spider, and trying to fly back into the upper atmosphere.

The group reached a safe distance, watching as it did so, Damien wiping his brow. behind them, a Kalos Valkyrie came down to land, several figures quickly stepping off.

"We did it!" Estayria laughed. the first time he'd heard her laugh."

"yeah." he nodded. "But it's escaping. It's still alive."

"Oh..." a voice spoke from behind them. they turned to see Highland himself, barely held up by Marshal Lumas. "I wouldn't agree on that."

"Inquisitor!" Estayria practically yelped aloud. "You're hurt!"

"I'm fine." he smiled at her. "As are we all."

"We've transmitted the anti-virus to the Navy." Lumas explained. "meaning-"

"Meaning our network's back online..." Varath finished.without missing a beat he turned, bringing up his vox speaker. "Fleet?"

"My Lord!" buzzed the reply. "We're here! Back online."

"And the enemy ships?"

they seem to be preparing for retreat. they don't seem to know that we're back up and running yet."

"Good. Annihilate them."

There was a pause before the response. "It would be my genuine pleasure."


Ikkaroth saw it all from his command deck. the Navy opened fire at once. catastrophic levels of firepower tearing ships open. a few rounds hit his own ship but the shields were holding it back.

"My Lord." Babdar interrupted. "We have most of our numebr back. the Nurglites and Slaaeshi's won't be so lucky."

he considered this, then turned back to the viewport. Just in time to see the Daemonship emerge from the atmosphere and every single Imperial ship fire all they could in its direction. It's roar of anguish could be heard through even the deafness of space before it's crippled form escaped through a makeshift warp portal of its own.

"that Daemonship. it attempted to betray us."

"Indeed my Lord."

"Then... it's in our best interests to capture it, don't you think."

Babdar grinned back. "I would agree immensely."

"Well then... let's not waste time. Launch all ships. we are leaving this hellhole." he turned back to where the daemonship had been. "It's over here. Well and truly. But I feel our real war is yet to come."

Two days later.

Damein sat in the bar, watching the news as it was happening.

ships were taking off. troops being loaded onto them by the dozen. the networks were back online and the world knew what had happened.

A woman came and sat down next to him, Estaryia. she had her cap off and was drinking a Vodka and soda. the one single drink he'd managed to get her to try out. "You definitely coming then?"

"Oh yeah." he nodded. "Wouldn't miss it for the world."

"You know you don't have to. I won't be upset or anything. Anyone who fought in the battle against the Chaos forces doens't have to go to war."

"I know." he nodded. "But it's not about that. It's about closure. It's about an end. It's about doing what's right."

"it's a choice?"

he nodded. "Yeah. Somthing like that. I think back to the farm I grew up on, my two dads and my dog, my ex-girlfriends. I wonder if maybe i'd be missing out if I didn't go and find a civilian life of my own but it's just..." he shook his head. "look. Not everyone on the conclave's side is a good person."

Estaryia hesitated. Looking towards the news screen were Singh was jeering up military support for the upcoming invasion of the kestral sector. "Don't I know it."

"but.." he continued, "it's not about that. We can't let people like... like the Dominion rule freely. Doing nothing's the same as helping. Sometimes, i think."

She nodded. "I suppose that's something to believe. So um... what about... The Inquisitors offer. To become an Acolyte?"

He shrugged. If I keep fighting in this war, I might as well take it. What about you? Have you asked him yet?"

"He's making me war-master remember. I don't need to ask him for anything."

"No I mean... you know."

he face went red. "No. Not yet."

he noded bheind himself, to were Highland and a number of Scions were laughing by a games table. "I dunno. Maybe. Someday."

"You ever been out with anyone before?"

"Kinda. Not really- look I can't jut go and ask someone out."

"Okay." he nodded. "Okay. I won't force you. but uh... listen. I need to ask him about the time I'm shipping out to be an acolyte, can you come with?"


"Please." he begged. "I wanna make a good impression. I don't wanna mess this up. I just need you to verify a few things."

"Okay. I can do that."

"thanks. You're a good friend."

she smiled. "I know."

together, they got up and corssed the bar, her hanging close behind him. When they got near Damien tapped Highland on the back, getting his attention. "Jacob."

he span around, grinning when he saw him. "Damien! there you are, good to see ya. But first names already?"

"It's a free bar..." he shurgged.

"ah, I'll forgive you this time."

Damine laughed. "Well, uh, listen, do you know the local coffe palce on third street?"

"I... I saw it. Yes."

"Well Estaryia here was going and needed someone to go with."

Estaryia's face almost went white with panic. Jacob turned her way with a smile. "Really?" he chirped.

"Wh-" she stammered. "I-uh... i... I... I mean if you... you want I thought..."

Damien patted him on the shoulder before slinking behind, winking at Estaryia as he dissapeared into the crowds.

As he left the bar he took a moment to lean against a railing, looking out over an emergency cosntructed overpass at the ruined city. the smoke had cleared now and the damage was done. the capital was to be moved to another side of the planet while the governers tower and surrounding immediate neighbourhoods sheltered the citizens.

Below, not too far, he could see the Astartes speaking to the a crowd of sitting guardsmen. Tero and Varath stood at the front, Tero acting out the fight he'd had with the Nurgle lord and the guardsmen watching like children in a classroom.

it was a rather odd vision after what had happened the past few months.

he smiled. then took out a cigarette and looked towards the sky.

The moon was up, and the stars shone along the night sky. He always liked stars.


The figure stood by himself. Whispering quietly. a voice passed through his head. Omniscient and channeled through the warp. "Osmar."

The figure stood up straight. "I am here."

"Their weapons tore my body assunder but I am still very much alive. And we have our daemon army."

Osmar grinned. "I am glad. This form of mine is insufferable. Human bodies are weak. Small and frail. The sooner I can abandon it the better."

"You may need to wear it a while longer. When my hull is repaired I shall return. Stronger than ever. But that will take time."

"How much time?"

"I cannot say."

"Then I shall wait."

"Good. Time is a weakness of the mortal realm, we daemons do not abide by it. All will come to us in due time."

"I will not fail you."

"See that you do not."

Osmars eyes closed, he wiped the blood that had streaked from his human forms eyes and looked around his current location.

He was in a bathroom, having locked himself in a stall, pretending to have needed the lavatry to get some privacy.

He opened the door and returned to the waiting room, there were Marshall Lumas was waiting for him. "Ahh, Caleb, thought we'd lsot you again."

Osmar put on the voice of the man whose body he'd stolen. "Should chip me like a dog sir."

"I may just." Lumas chuckled. "Anyway. Good news for you."


"The process has been completed. we found no trace of chaos taint on you."

Osmar grinned inside. "Excellent."

"You're free to return to duty with us."

He smiled . "I can't wait."

Lumas saluted. "For the Emperor."

"For the Emperor."

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Re: Only the dead will see the end - RP narrative, season 2.

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This looked bad, Kugarr knew it. They were surrounded, their forces outside were retreating and leaving them with no escape. Kugarr locked eyes with the battle sister he knew would kill him, closing his eyes as the warrior priestess readied to thrust her two-handed chainsword straight through his primary heart. The whirring blade never came however, with a loud crack and the smell of sulfur, Kugarr and the one surviving Devildog were back inside the teleportarium on board the Last Whisper. In his daze he didn't even see Ratoghan approach, didn't hear as he explained "Lord Ikaroth ordered me to pull you out, he feels that the battle is almost over and he wants a quick extraction in case things go sideways". All Kugarr knew was that three of his battle brothers were dead and his armor was splattered with the gore of the enemy.
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