The Lost Sons

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The Lost Sons

Post by Lightningsymphony » Thu Feb 23, 2017 2:47 pm

An Ancient Signal

With the campaign for a lost world currently held off by the arrival of a warpstorm around the system, the disparate factions of the Eastern Fringe were mostly at an impasse. Perhaps small messages being hurled across the void as taunts and rebuttals, but nothing so serious as it had been. This quickly reveals, however, to allow for an ancient signal to carry through. A signal that should not exist, to be the most correct term. The string of code is by far more advanced then anything the Imperium of Man can currently muster, yet it is indeed Imperial. The signal is new, barely pulsing amongst the stars, yet the time stamps of it currently date it just as war raged during the Horus Heresy. What was even more bizarre then the messages existence, was the message itself. The designation numbers for the message are an elaborate system that no longer makes sense unless you were alive during the Heresy-in which case the numbers actually designated a loyalist ship in the emperors service, said ship being of the 12th legion of astartes. The World Eaters. The next string making no sense, even to those of the Heresy, as it is a personal bit of these warriors.

The message, however, was simple: Five World Eaters vessels had dropped out of warp after a hard jump. They may need assistance, as two vessels plasma cores had gone haywire, with the third protecting. They would fire upon anyone who did not identify themselves.

The message seemed legitimate, but it was in fact, not. There were not three vessels in this fleet, but over a dozen between the Escorts, the four Cruisers and the Legatus Class Battle Barge. And, while a few of the ships had suffered damage, they were all still combat ready and effective. The message was to essentially draw what they thought was a few understaffed cruisers from a nearby system and take them for their use. Little did they know, they had not arrived where they intended, nor in the time they had originally intended either. Being in fact, ten thousand years too late to take advantage of such things. However, they loaded ordinance and prepared to strike at anything that didn't identify as an allied vessel at utmost speed. A full battalion of World Eaters, now called the Lost Sons, had stepped up to the table.

Anyone with any familiarity with the World Eaters chapter masters would actually be able to name the voice in the message quite easily, as he was one of the few whose entire Battalion had denied the Butchers Nails use. Commander Althias, leader of the Second Battalion of the Sixth Echelon. The last heard of him before the heresy had muddled most knowledge was that he and his Battalion had been called upon by a Rogue Traitor to a place far from the majority areas where fighting occurred during the Heresy.

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