Boff: Blood and Sand.

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Boff: Blood and Sand.

Post by Signet-Powers » Mon Sep 21, 2015 10:22 pm

"'Ere, Boss." Danny-Boy called out from across teh command Deck of the Space Hulk, S.H.Frangit. "Dey got 'ere now."
Boff was snoring on his Kapin's throne when Danny-Boy awoke him. "Huh? Wa'... who's 'ere?"
Danny Boy span the monitor around to show Boff the projection of the Dark ELdar cruisers at a distance from the Ork fleet. Boff chuckled. "finally, been wai'in' for 'em."

As the Dark Eldar crafts were allowed onboard the Hulk, the various Mek-Boys and Ship-Boyz stopped what they were doing to watch the new visitors. They then immediately got back to work when the 17ft Warboss in his Mega-Armor and his MegaKnobs emerged from the Big door leading to the hallway.
Boff marched up to the craft and crossed his arms. The craft doors opened and from within emerged at least 20 Hekatrix Bloodbrides.
Boff cracked a smile when he saw them. They looked ridiculous. All female, heavily armoured (if it could be called that) on one side of their body while the other side consisted of leather strips and exposed flesh.
That said... he remembered when Missus Spiky Ears had cut apart that Ork who'd thought the same thing about her.

One of them stepped out infront of the others. She pulled out a sheet of paper and cleared her throat. Then she read it out, attempting to put on an Ork accent. "Aw'ight my laaaaads, we's da Wych c'lt o' Strife, innit. We come for da one c'lled Greasy Boff."
Boff chuckled. "Why ya no' talkin' poper? Dat'd be me. Missus Spiky Ears send ya?"
The lead Bloodbride hesitated, then dropped the piece of paper onto the floor. "...The Lady Galianostra has paid for your transportation, accommodation and preparation for your event. It will be hosted by the Wych Cult of Strife. I am Syren Menith and will be your escort."
She clicked her fingers and a larger ramp on the craft opened up, much large than the one they'd came out of and big enough for Boff to fit onto.
Boff nodded approvingly. "I dunno w'at dem words meens, but if Missus Spiky Ears says ya aw'igh' den ya aw'igh' by me."

He turned back to his boys. "Ladz we goin' in!"
Before the Bloodbrides could even try to stop them, every Ork on the deck stopped what they were doing, cheered, and ran towards the ramp. The Bloodbrides all looked to the Syren. The Syren looked back at the craft.
As more Orks ran onboard, the ship began to tilt slightly, its anti-grav tech unable to counter the excessive weight as more and more got on. She looked back at Boff. "We can't bring this many with us!"
Boff crossed his arms firmly. "If I'm goin' ta figh', I need ma Boyz der!"
The Syren growled slightly. She couldn't refuse to bring him, It had already been paid for. "...Fine."

After more ships were called and even more Orks had piled onto them, they exited the Space Hulks docking bay and headed back through a Webway portal.

(OC: More soon.
Decided to do this little spin-off series because Boff wouldn't exactly mix well thematically with the horror theme of Gehenna.
First match will be against a Carnifex, but feel free to give suggestions, or worthy prisoners for Boff to fight against.)

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Re: Boff: Blood and Sand.

Post by Hedonismbot » Tue Sep 22, 2015 2:19 pm

You never know, he could be as greasy as he wanted in there, but I agree, at least for now.

Nothing's more scary than being sbuck up on by an ork covered in grease!

Looking forwards to the fight.
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Re: Boff: Blood and Sand.

Post by Kovlovsky » Tue Sep 22, 2015 3:16 pm

That will be awesome to read! I'm already impatient to see the follow ups!
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Re: Boff: Blood and Sand.

Post by Signet-Powers » Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:35 am

"BOFF BOFF BOFF BOFF BOFF!!!" The Orks chanted, pumping their fists in the air. Around the Chamber the Wyches didn't seem to be amused, but they were too focused on their tasks to tell them to stop.
Boff was busy warming up his Klaw arm when one of the Eldar, a male one in a uniform that didn't appear to be designed for combat, approached him holding a sort of recording device over his shoulder and began to set it up. "You lookin' for summit?" Boff asked him.
"His name is Ra'Jeesh." Menith said as she strode over. "But that's not important, what's important is that you're ready to fight out there."
Boff grinned and struck a heroic pose to the further applause of the Orks. "Indeed I is!"
"...Acceptable." Menith remarked as if it was nothing. "Remember that once your opponent is released it won't hold back. Everyone in the cities gonna be watching this, so the better the event, the more money we make, the more fights you get to join in."
"Boff cackled. "Jus' leev i' ta me, Boff show ya spiky earses how a real figh' looks like."
The Syren squinted at him. "I doubt that."
Ra'Jeesh finished setting up the device and activated it. A small light lit up Orange and he stood out into front of it. He took a deep breath, clicked his fingers and the camera started rolling.


The Stadium was large, almost a mile wide and filled with more than a few thousand seats. In many ways it was similar to a human sports stadium, but that was to be expected as it served the same purpose. In addition, it occupied a late slot at a time that didn't tend to get much viewership, but they hoping to increase the viewer numbers on repeats.
It was a simple stadium and the actual battlefield in the centre was made up mostly of dirt and a few large boulders.

Originally they were intending to use a much larger and more extravagant one, however an incident earlier that week involving a Mon'Kiegh army lead by some Inbred idiot entering the city meant that it had to be rescheduled. This was the best they could find on such short notice.

As the crowds waited in anticipation the holographic screen above the Stadium activated and projected a 3-dimensional image of Ra'Jeesh. "Lords, Ladies, citizens of this noble city, today we have a very special guest in the fighting pits today, a warrior and beast of brute strength and abnormal cunning." He spoke with a voice that was inoffensive in all mannerisms and aspects, much like that of a Human talk show Presenter.
"I present to you all, the one, the only, GREEEAASY BOOOFF!!!"
The projection unit turned and displayed an image of the large Warboss, soaked in Grease and a figure of pure, untamed muscle and power. He flexed abrasively and let out a loud "WWWWAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!"
The crowd cheered and jumped up and down, several Security officers having to whip the few that went too far.
Boff proceeded to pull the recording device from its stand, held it up to get a wide angle shot of his face and pointed his finger at it. "Aw'igh', ya Spiky Earses betta li'en up cus I is 'ere and I is gonna show ya 'ow Greasy Boff is da GREASIEST!!!" The Orks behind him roared and pumped their fists in the air some more.

The crowd continued to cheer but up in one of the VIP boxes the Dark Lady herself furrowed her brow at the Holographic image. Brushing her perfect orange hair aside she leaned over towards one of Eldar staff members by the door and made a come hither motion. Nervously the staff member stepped past the Incubi Guards and approached her with her head bowed down respectively. The lady paused for effect. "...I don't remember paying for that many Orks to come with him."
The staff member nodded. "My apoligies M'Lady, but the Ork insisted."
Galianotra nodded slowly. "And who's paying for their transportation?"
The staff member hesitated. "...I ...I don't know, I'm just-"
"-You mean I'm paying for it?" The staff member didn't have a response, pure fear in her eyes. Galianostra didn't move at all,just continued to stare at the staff member in silence.
Eventually the staff member found something to say. "W-would a free, complimentary bag of pretzels help?"
Galianostra was about to order the Incubi to sever this girl in half when she heard the word Pretzels. "...Yes."
The staff member nodded with a relieved smile and ran off to get the Pretzels.


Boff dropped the recording device to the floor as he began to head for the chamber doors. Ra'jeesh had to pick it up and hold it out by hand, much like a human taking a selfie. He smirked charmingly in an attempt to recompose himself. "And now, without further adue, Put your hand in the air and scream! It's time, fr the one, the only..."
Before Boff got up to the door, Menith tapped him on the leg and he turned to face her. She sneered as she wiped the Grease that she'd just got on her finger off on her leg armor. "One last thing, this is a show, so try to make it entertaining. No one enjoys a one-sided fight, the closer the battle is, the closer you get to being invited back next week."
Boff thought on this and nodded approvingly. "I get's ya, I get's ya..."
"Do you?" she muttered rhetorically and walked off.

The doors opened.
Boff was simultaneously blinded and deafened. The adrenaline in his body started to really kick up and his boyz cheered as he ran out onto the battlefield.
YES!!! he thought gleefully as he held out his arms to the crowds. Dis is wha' bein' an Ork is all abou'!
He began to pump his fist in the air and roar "WWWAAAGGGHHH!!!" Those of the audience who had placed their bets on him copied, while those who'd placed bets against him booed and started fights.

Boff struck several poses as he absorbed the atmosphere, so distracted was he that he didn't hear the opponents doors open on the other side of the arena.

As he watched the Eldar crowds he couldn't help but feel a strange sense of understanding with them. The way they were acting now, the way they cheered and booed and thought amongst each other. They way they were here to watch a fight for fun, the competitiveness, the enjoyment and the adrenaline...
...It was all... very...
Boff had always known that the Orks were the most superior race of all. The others liked to hold this sort of arrogance, this denial of the facts facing them directly in an attempt to assert some false sense of ideological progress and self-worth.
The Orks weren't like that at all. The Orks were simple, but simple isn't bad. He'd accepted that. Simple is good.
Orks wanted to fight, and Orks are willing to fight, because they know its good. They know they all enjoy it.
The Eldar refuse this... They put on this fake display of hiding and controlling their own emotions when they know that they enjoy this. He looked over the crowds and smiled. They enjoyed this. They enjoyed the adrenaline rush, the fear and the passion. The violence and the noise. They enjoyed this, they lived for this.
This was what all species should live for, it's what all species should want, it's why Boff knew that Orks are the best, it's because they accept who they are and they-

The crowds all suddenly screamed and shouted as if a switch had been flicked, interrupting his thoughts. Boff wondered why they'd suddenly done this. Then he got the answer.
There came a loud, animalistic roar from behind him.
He spun around just in time to catch the limb.

The Carnifex was big,like really big. Bigger than Boff and he was bigger than most Human homes. It had tried to spear Boff with one of its claws but Boff had caught its limbs in his spare hand.
It didn't even roar, instead immediately following it up with a swipe from another limb.
Boff let go of the first limba dn dodged teh second one.
Again it didn't take a break for a second, diving straight for Boff and swinging two more claws.
Boff rolled aside and raised his Power-klaw defensively.
The Carnifex reacted by again going striaght in for the kill, its four limbs stabing towards him a frenzy.
Boff jerked his body to the right, narrowly missing the strike. He swung his Power-Klaw upwards and cut through the monsters abdomen, projecting almost a literal ton of intestines and guts 20 feet into the air.

Boff roared and smashed his fists together as the carnifex fell onto its side, spilling its insides everywhere. "YEAH, DAS W'AT YA GET!!!" He hadn't expected it to go down so easily, but it had just gone in, straight for the kill and hadn't even tried to feint or catch him off guard.
It had been predictable.
He got a good hard look at the dying creature. It's body was large and bulbous, covered head to toes in carapace and sticky flesh. It had four limbs on its front, each one with a massive claw on the end, while it posses two powerful looking hind legs.
Boff sighed as the crowd began to boo. He kind of agreed with them. This was disappointing. He'd expected more from this creature, what with its thick armor, its powerful muscles, it's retracting intestines, its massive mandible teeth-
-Wait, what?

It's intestines were retracting back inside its body, while in the visible hole what intestines where already inside seemed to be inflating. Before long the gap was filled up and a new layer of flesh and exo-skeleton began to morph over it.
Boff's jaw dropped. It regenerates. He hadn't been told that it could regenerate.

The Carnifex barely waited for the audience to notice it wasn't dead, again diving straight for Boff. He tried to catch its claw in his power klaw, but the claw didn't stop. It cut through, chopping off a digit and slicing Boff's inner arm.
Boff leapt backwards, trying to get some distance between himself and the creature but it wouldn't let him.
It charged him, Claws pulling back to stab at him again.
Boff rolled away, taking another swipe and removing more organs.
The Carnifex didn't even stop this time. Its organs intestines merely dangled on the dirt as it continued its relentless attack.

Boff dodged another swipe, and another and another. He was waiting for it to stop, waiting for a pause in its advance but that pause never came. The crowd was loving it.

Eventually Boff had had enough of this and decided it was his turn. This time he took the blow of the claws, letting them jab into his shoulders. Two stuck in, deep enough that the emerged out of the other side. It wasn't enough to make Boff lose control of his arms though.
He reached in and grabbed the beasts head, pulling himself close to it. He used his Power Klaw to punch it in the face, exploding it everywhere. He then punched it again, and again, and again and again...
He made quite the mess.

Eventually the creature slumped down motionless.

Boff ripped its claws out of his body and booted the creature. He turned to the cheering audience and held out his arms. "ARE YOU NOT ENTERT-"
before he could finish he heard a gurgling nose behind him and three claws emerged from his stomach.

The Carnifex lifted him off the ground and charged at the nearest wall of teh Arena. He smashed into it and wall cracked,. As per usual the creature didn't pause, smashing him into it again and again.
The crowd cheered louder at the intensity of it all... but the Wyches didn't seem to feel the same way. On the contrary they were panicking as the wall between the arena and the crowd began to break.


Galianostra was still in the VIP stand, eating her peanuts and resting her feet on the upper half of the dead staff girl from earlier. "I feel like-" she paused, not for effect but to give her slave Selene the chance to feed her another one. "-like maybe *CRUNCH*, just maybe this isn't going to end well... *CRUNCH*"
The lead Incubi nodded. "Do you wish to leave Dear Lady?"
She shook her head. "No. This is going somewhere interesting actually..." she smiled as she watched the wall collapse and the creature ram Boff into the screaming crowds.


Boff squashed more than a couple of Eldar as the creature forced him down into the seats. The creature raised its claws to strike at him. Boff reached around for anything to stop it. He grabbed hold of a chair and swung it at the Carnifexes head. It only roared louder and stabbed its claws into his chest. Boff yelled and grabbed onto a screaming member of the audience, squashing it against the Carnifexes head in the hope that the lood and guts would blind the creture.
It didn't. It just continued to stab away at Boff.
Boff thought he was gonna die, here and now when the splinter rounds struck the creature.

"KILL IT!!!" Menith shouted as she and the other BloodBrides and Wyches leapt over the fleeing crowds, firing away at the hulking abomination with their pistols. It turned its attention away from the Ork and towards them, instantly springitn in their direction.
As it cut its way though large numbers of the crowd to get to the BloodBrides, nets were thrown and hooked themselves onto the creature. Three Wyches lashed out Agoniser Whips that wrapped themselves around the monsters limbs while another three attempted to leap on top and firing their pistols point blank into its face.
They weren't playing around or toying with thier prey like Wyches usually do, they were putting their full effort into killing this thing dead.

It didn't wait a second and swung its upper left claw. The Wyche with the whip attached to it was flung in the air with a scream.
It swung its other claw and flung that Wyche against a pole, snapping her spine and killing her instantly.
the third claw pulled itself towards the Carnifexes body, dragging the Wyche with it. The Carnifex reached its mandibles down and picked it up, swallowing it with several loud, wet crunches.
Its back armor began to morph with the new biomass and several large, thin spikes merged from it, piercing through the Wyches that had gotten onto its back, killing them without resistance.

Menith began to really panic and yelled out an order. More Wyches began to emerge and open fire on the Carnifex, their splinter ammunition unable to keep up with the regenerating speed of the monster.
Its sliced through several of the long-time veteran Bloodbrides, spearing them on its claws with ease and eating them whole before they had finished dying.
Menith swallowed. "Augus'vella, d'ardu'li'eore!" she shouted at the BloodBrides and they retreated back leapt up to higher ground, still firing down onto the beast.
it tried to climb up after them, but its weight was to heavy and it ended up ripping down the columns that held up the roof. In doing so it created a sort of ramp.
It climbed up it and got on top of the weather protectors, about to dive straight for the nearest BloodBride when it noticed the crowds of fleeing spectators.

Suddenly the attackers were of little interest anymore. It turned away from them and leapt off the stadium down into the parking lot.
Menith swore as the creature began to spear its fleeing victims like it was an all you can eat buffet and swallowed them whole, each one causing it to mutate more spikes and small bits of armor.


The lead Incubi leaned towards Galianostra. "Dear Lady, it seems to have escalated dramatically. I believe the battle may be over now."
Galianostra stroked her chin. "Who polices this area?"
The Incubi hesitated. " mean is it our responsibility to kill it? No. The Kabal of the Callous Muse runs this sector."
Galianostra smiled innocently. "Then the show hasn't finished yet. Have my Raider brought around."


Kabalite warriors tried pointlessly to kill the rampaging monster, their splinter rifles an ineffective means of controlling the beast. Ra'Jeesh was following it, keeping his distance but recording the entire thing. "Truly a remarkable, once in a life time event!" he laughed charmingly. "Never in my career have I seen something, quite as heart thumping as this!"
Several Raiders soured overhead and opened fire at the creature with their lance cannons. They took out huge chunks of the Carnifex, causing it to seek cover inside a building.
Only once it was inside the building did the Carnifex notice the large amount of Eldar that had seeken shelter there. It wasted no time in tucking in.

Ra'Jeesh climbed on top of a destroyed vehicle and made sure that he had a good shot of the Raiders surrounding the building. He was giddy with excitement. After almost two-hundred years doing the rounds on Ork fights, his career was bound to be going somewhere good after this.
He held his fingers up to his ears, listening to his manager on the comms-bead. "Lords and Ladies, we've just received word that the Callous Muse claims that they have the situation under control. As you can see behind me-" he again held the camera as if taking a selfie. "-the brave Kabalite warriors prepare to end this degenerate monster. Even the most viscous and deadly of alien killing machines cannot possibly hold up to the superiority of Eldar tech-"

Before he'd finished the building wall exploded and the Carnifex burst out. It's lower claws had morphed into some sort of ranged weapon from the bio-mass it had absorbed from the Eldar who'd been hiding in the building.
It fired several powerful, gooey, organic rounds at the raiders. The first raider detonated spectacularly, Kabalite body parts and spikes raining everywhere while the second broke in half and fell to the ground in a ball of smoke.
The Carnifex ran at the Kabalites before they could respond, scooping them p in its Claws and swallowing them, three, four sometimes five at a time.
Ra'Jeesh made sure he was recording it all. "WOW! I cannot actually believe what I'm seeing, this is truly a horrifying, unwatchable atrocity." He didn't turn the camera away.

As the Carnifex ate the last Kabalite warrior it turned its attention towards Ra'Jeesh.
Ra'Jeesh felt his heart stop as it ran at him.
he leapt backwards off the destroyed Vehicle as the Carnifex scrambled atop of it. "DIGUAVRE!!!" He swore as it leapt for him. He dodged it and turned, spring t as fast as he could.
he ran for another crushed vehicle, slid and got underneath it.
the Carnifex approached and stabbed into it, trying to get at him. Another claw and another stabbed down around him.
He was going to die. His career was about to take off and he was going to die. "typical..." he muttered.

A large piece of scrap flew across the blood littered street and hit the Carnifex. It stopped for the first time and looked up to see where it had came from.

Greasy Boff stood at eh other end of the street, surrounded by his Ork Boyz.
The Carnifex sprant straight for him, having forgot about Ra'Jeed.
Boff pointed at it. "I ain't don wid ya yet!!!"

This creature was not at all like an Ork. It was a killing machine. An organic killing machine. It just did what it did. Kill. There was no enjoyment i it, no satisfaction, no desire, no adrenaline, no anticipation or reason. It was simply a thing. A thing that only went on instinct... and something that only fights on instinct was predictable.

Boff roared and sprant at it. his Boyz letting out a "WWWWAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!" in support.
As they met Boff jerked to the left, dodging the creatures stabbing attack and swinging his Klaw upwards, again spilling out its intestines.
Boff was no longer in the creatures field of vision, unlike the large number of Ork Boyz.
It tried to sprint for them.

But Boff grabbed onto its intestines and pulled. The creature jerked to a stop as its entire stomach content was forcefully pulled out.
It fell to the floor and flailed about. Boff ran up to it and continued to pull, not letting it retract itself back inside.
The Carnifex tried to swing for it, its claws narrowly missing Boffs legs. He slammed its bots down on its limbs hard and separated them from its body.
He reached down and grabbed its back carapace by the neck.

The Orks pumped their fists into the air. "BOFF!!! BOFF!!! BOFF!!!"
Boff pulled back with all his might. The Carapace shell began to make wet, ripping sounds. The creature roared. Boff pulled even harder.
The shell began to rip off, strands of meat and flesh snapping and bursting.

Boff ripped the shell off and threw it into the distance. The Orks got even louder.
The creature flailed around harder and more violently, the exposed insides around its spine bubbling and spraying blood everywhere as it tried to heal up.

Boff roared triumphantly as he grabbed its Spinal chord and ripped it out.

The body gyrated harmlessly before collapsing with a whimper... finally dead.

The Orks let out a loud cheer, loud enough to echo for miles away. Boff was panting with an uncontrollable grin. "Das w'at ya get..." he chuckled and looked around.
In the sky above him, a large number of Black Heart Raiders had gathered, clearly having not intended to get involved but to instead watch. On one of them, he could see a familiar lady smiling. "Huh..." she smiled.
The lead Incubi leaned in. "Dear Lady, I believe it's is over now."
She sniggered. "Oh no... no... no... it's only just getting started."

A Male Eldar with a camera in his hand ran up to Boff and waved to get his attention. "Lords and Ladies, as you can see, this is truly an awe inspiring site. A once thought simple beast, the one you all doubted, defeated the monster that the Callous Heart's best couldn't... the one... the only... GGGRRREEEAAASSSYYY BBOOOFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!"

Dark Eldar who'd hidden in the buildings began to emerge as they heard this, clapping their hands, cheering loudly and jumping up and down. As the Orks continued cheering, they too began to pump their fists in the air and cheer Boffs name.
Boff smirked and struck a heroic pose.
Ra'Jeesh approached close to Boff and handed him a small card. "The name's Ra'Jeesh, this here is my contact frequency, Greasy Boff, I believe I could make you a household name."

OOC: More soon.

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Re: Boff: Blood and Sand.

Post by Hedonismbot » Wed Sep 23, 2015 1:57 pm

Well worth the wait and quite good to read.

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Re: Boff: Blood and Sand.

Post by Acanthus » Wed Sep 23, 2015 2:26 pm

The fortress-monastery siezed by the Imperial IRS...;)
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Re: Boff: Blood and Sand.

Post by Lionic » Wed Sep 23, 2015 7:38 pm

Man, this is some good stuff right here.
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Re: Boff: Blood and Sand.

Post by Signet-Powers » Mon Sep 28, 2015 1:32 pm

"KapinBoss!" the Mek Boy Danny-Lad called out to Boff as he slept aboard his 50 foot high Throne of trophies.
Boff stirred and groaned. "W'at? W'at is i'?"
"KapinBoss, da Spiky ear ladz 'ere ta see ya!" Danny-lad span around a display panel to show Boff an image of the Dark Eldar Venom and the passengers arguing with the Orks in the cargo bay.
Boff groaned and got up, almost falling down but managing to keep his balance. "Tell 'em I'll be dow' in a bi'..."

Boff stumbled onto the SpaceHulks boarding deck and towards the crowd that had gathered around the Dark Eldar visitors. Boff pushed his way past them and got up to the visitor.
"Ah." Ra'Jeed grinned as he saw him. "Greasy Boff himself, just the victorious and everlastingly glorious Champions himself!"
Boff stared at him. "DO I know ya?"
Ra'Jeeds face faltered momentarily. "F... from the... from the show last week..."
Boff suddenly remembered. "Oh yeah, you.... who're dey?" he pointed towards the two figures that had come with Ra'Jeed.
"Oh them? they're er..." Ra'Jeed paused for a second. "...interns, yeah, sure. Anyway Boff, can I call you Boff? Can we speak in private."
Boff yawned and nodded, turning back and walking back towards his throne room. Ra'jeed and his companions hesitated before following him at his side.

As they continued walking Ra'Jeed decided to explain what he'd sorted out. "So, Boff, the Lady Galianostra has appointed me your media representative and manager, so it's in my interest that you're fights are as entertaining as possible."
Boff chuckled. "An' mine, hehehe..."
"Exactly, so in the interest of co-operation and success in the market, I to the liberty of planning out tomorrows match."
"I like ya alred'y lil' spiky ear man." Boff chuckled as he opened the elevator door. They al stepped inside and headed upwards towards the throne room.

"So, w'at kinda figh' is i'?" Boff asked with a grin.
Ra'Jeed slicked his hair back. "Well, look. Last week you got their attention! Now you got to keep it, imprint yourself into their minds!" Boff nodded approvingly. "I like i', I like i'..."
"Yes, that's why I've entered you into the cage are-"

Before he'd finished Boff grabbed him by the throat and held up, a full 20 foot from the floor. His Escorts began to panic, not being armed themselves. "Ya w'at?" Boff growled. "Cage eh?"
"No, no, I don't mean..." Ra'Jeed chocked. "The entire area is a cage, it's not a prison!"
"Oh." Boff said and dropped the man. Ra'Jeed fell to the floor coughing, but got back up after a few seconds.

"Boff, Bo- *COUGH*-off... boff... you'll be up against 4 opponents, all *COUGH* go into the cage, only one leaves. You prove beyond all doubt that you're the toughest one in that cage, you get me."
Boff thought about this, the grinned and rubbed his hand and PowerKlaw together. "Oh yeah... I'm ready..."

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Re: Boff: Blood and Sand.

Post by Kovlovsky » Mon Sep 28, 2015 4:31 pm

Ah! That's great! It reminds me of the only good part of Mad Max 3 in the thunder dome. The rest of the movie was bad, but the cage fight was entertaining. I'm looking foward to see that.
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Re: Boff: Blood and Sand.

Post by Signet-Powers » Thu Oct 01, 2015 8:01 am

This time the Dark Eldar had brought more ships with them to pick up Boff and his boys. Ten times the number of crafts that arrived the last time entered the SpaceHulks docking bay.
This backfired immediately as the Orks took this as an excuse to fit ten times more Orks onboard, much to the anger of Syren Menith and her Bloodbrides.

After an incredibly stressful journey for the Dark Eldar crew, the small fleet of ships arrived in Commoragh and made their way to the arena followed closely by an Escort of Black Heart raiders.
Onboard one of teh ships, Boff was chatting away with his MegaKnobs, recalling his victory last week. "...And den, I saw 'im commin', so I grab onta 'is back 'n'-"
"Boff!" Ra'jeed interrupted him. "A word?"
Boff growled slightly at the interruption. But he knew that the squishy Spiky Ear Lad always had something important to say. "Wa' is i'?"
"Well, wee'll be approaching e stadium soon, I'm just asking if you want your... boyz, to have seats or not?"
Boff furrowed his humongous brow. "Ya wa'?"
"...W-well..." Ra'Jeed stuttered as the MegaKnobs started panting aggressively. "It's just.... last week your boys weren't able to see the match, I mean yes they followed you out of the arena, but wouldn't they want to be in the arena seats and watch you for the whole thing?"

Boff thought on this. "Hmm..."
MegaKnob Jim sneered at the Eldar man. "Who ya thunk ya is? Orkses do wat'eva we wan', ya got dat?"
"YEAH!!!" Another one spat at him.
Boff took two steps over to Ra'Jeed and leaned in closely, close enough that his breath was causing eh small man to tilt over backwards. "I'm Greasy Boff, not ya, ya ain' an Ork, so don't gi'e us orders, go' i'?"!
Ra'Jeed stood there quivering for a second, before swallowing and nodding.
Boff smiled pleasingly. "So we gone do wa' ever we wan'... so we do wa' ya say."
Ra'Jeed was suddenly confused. "You'll do what I say?"
"Yep. Not 'cus ya oderin' us ta, bu' 'cus we wanna."
Ra'jeed wanted to point out that this meant they were following his orders, but he decided against it.


This stadium was much larger than the one from last week. It was almost a full mile wide, a massive oval and consisted of 3 rings.
On the outer ring, about a third of the size of the arena, it was mainly sand and rock. This was bordered by an energy field that had been installed to avoid any incidents like the with the Carnifex again.
The second ring was also a third of the size of the arena, and it consisted of trees and plants. It looked like a crazy jungle, trees of multiple colours and fro entirely different planets, no two of them the same. It was a jungle of sorts.
The third and final ring, the innermost one, was a large caged dome. Within this dome was a collection of items and weapons.

"The idea with this arena," Ra'Jeed explained to Boff as he was being covered in Grease by three Wyches that clearly weren't happy with their task "is like I said. 4 challengers go in, including you, and only 1 leaves victorious. You don't have to kill your opponents and the sponsors won't be happy, but its certainly an option. As long as you immobilise them and make them unable to get up, they've lost."
Boff grinned. "Good, good, I can do dat."
Ra'Jeed grinned as well. "Excellent, so here's who you're facing, the first opponent is-"
"HEY!" Menith shouted, approaching Ra'Jeed. She had an angry look on her face. "What do you think you're doing?"
Ra'Jeed again had a confused look on hi face. "I'm talking to my client."
In a blur she pulled her bald and held it up against his throat. "You just talk back to me?" she whispered.

Boff said nothing as watched teh silly little man start to panic for his life. Boff considered helping him but decided not to. If he couldn't fight for himself, what good was he?
In a way Boff felt conflicted. This man was trying to help him but he was so... small and weak looking... Boff himself was a Warboss, the Greasiest of them all. Was he supposed to have such a little, squishy man follow him around and tell him what to do?
Even if he was right? Yes. Off course he should but... He has his pride to think about.

"I didn't..." Ra'Jeed started but stopped.
Menith nodded with a psychotic look in her eyes. "Never spoil who the opponet is... never... you'll spoil the show."
With a quick flick of her wrist she knocked him back towards the wall. She then sheaved her blade and turned towards the Wyches still greasing up Boff. "That's enough now."
They let out a reliving sigh and stopped, wiping their hands on towels. Boff got up to his feet and glared at the Syren. "I ain't Greasy enu' ye'!"
She snorted derisively. "Then you should have covered yourself before coming. It's time now." She motioned towards a platform on the other side of the room.


Above the stadium, there were several large barges, filled with noble Dark Eldar and all sorts of Trueborn. Boffs Orks and the lower class Dark Eldar were reserved to the stadiums normal seats below. Their view wasn't as good but the atmosphere was alive and kicking.
There was a blaring sound of music and flashing lights, as well as fireworks shooting up into the air as four platforms emerged around the arena.
The audience began to cheer and roar in excitement, ready for the battle to begin.

As the Orks saw Boff emerged, flexing himself and making heroic poses, they cheered and chanted even louder than they had before. In fact many stared rioting amongst themselves.
Boff was unarmed and naked from the waist up. He was a huge Ork, being 17 foot tall easily and made of almost pure muscle. His right arm was missing a hand as teat's where his PowerKlaw normally was, but he'd make do. There were weapons in the cage in the middle of the arena and he'd go and find something there to make up for it.
"WWWWWWAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!" He roared as the platform came to a stop and he had fully emerged from the arena.
The crowds of his OrkBoys stopped rioting for a second to join in.

Before he had a chance to enjoy it though, he noticed the movement.
The other opponents had come up at the same time, on platforms place around the arena where they all couldn't see each other.
Two of them had ran straight into the trees, although they had done it so fast that Boff didn't have a chance to see them or tell what they were.

"Huh." Boff muttered to himself. Then he shrugged. It didn't matter now, it was time to fight!

(OOC: part 2 soon)

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Re: Boff: Blood and Sand.

Post by Kovlovsky » Thu Oct 01, 2015 1:17 pm

Oh! That cliffhanger! Now, I'm dying to see the next episode. :(
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Re: Boff: Blood and Sand.

Post by Signet-Powers » Thu Oct 08, 2015 3:43 pm

The jungle was thick and multi-coloured. Over here a tree that was orange with purple stripes, over there some sort of indescribable plant with Yellow spines. Not a single blade of grass was identical to another one.
This meant that the plants were barely able to survive amongst each other. many were clearly withering away while others flourished as they stole light and energy from the others.
It was thick, and as Boff made his way through he could barely tell where he was going.

He arrived at a small, 20 foot opening. Here he could see the barges flying over the stadium and the crowds roaring from a distance. The music that had been playing was louder now that it wasn't being blocked by the tree leaves.

A rather large insect flew up to Boff and landed on him in an attempt to drink his blood. Instead it ended up drowning in the thick layers of Grease. Boff picked it up and ate it, crunching it loudly.

As he crunched he noticed a small movement in the trees ahead of him. he crossed the opening and squinted in an attempt to find out what was moving.
It struck at him, a large claw penetrating deep into his shoulder blade.

Boff roared and tried to swing at it with his power claw, only remembering that he'd removed it earlier when the stump of his right arm passed the creatures face without connecting.
The creature instantly pressed its advance without pause. Boff recognised the speed. The Carnifex had been just as ferocious in its attacks.

The claw retracted, letting Boff get a good look at it. It was bigger than a humie was tall, and attached to the creature in a similar design to a praying mantis.
The creature struck again with its other claw, stabbing again into Boffs arm, then it retracted and did it again with the first claw.
Boff swung with his other hand and connected with the Tyranids face. It was camouflaged into the trees and hard to make out, but it's face was obviously a set of tentacles.
It tackled into him, using its claws to try and strike for Boffs vital areas. They cut into his skin but not through his meaty Ork hide.
Boff slammed his fists down on it's back, forcing it into the earth.

It went down with a hiss. Boff raised his boot to stamp down its head.
It dodged out of the way like a snake. Boffs foot slammed down into the mud.
He span to see it crawl into the trees, using the various plants to pull itself into the trees and changing color at a frightening pace as it did so.

Boff wasn't scared though. He smirked. "Huh, and 'ere I though' i' was gone be easy...."

He gave chase, trying to follow the brief glimpses of movement that he saw. He ran past tree after tree after tree.
The lights of the arena and city were blaring though the leaves, leaving god rays of all sorts of colours blocking what little could be seen. Boff growled and decided to use a new tactic.
He grabbed hold of a branch and shook, grinning as he saw movement. The creature was jumping to another branch.

He began chasing it again, punching trees as he passed them.
The creature picked up speed, changing from tree to tree to tree.
Eventually it stopped moving, even as Boff shook the tree it was on. Boff looked at where he thought it was, raising his fist and stump defensively.

The creature had gotten behind him though, stabbing both claws into his arms and pinning him down on the ground.
"OI! Ge' OFF!" Boff shouted.
It hissed and went straight for his head, tentacles ready to inject into his skull and neck.

Before it could though there was another roar as something big ran over.
Trees fell over and the ground shook. Both the Lictor and Boff looked in surpise as the Squiggoth charged right for them.


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