Army backgrounds

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Re: Army backgrounds

Post by Lightningsymphony » Mon Dec 14, 2015 7:59 pm

That's possibly the best idea.
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Re: Army backgrounds

Post by Driedguide42 » Thu Jan 07, 2016 12:37 pm

The Iron Wardens

Defenders of sub-sector Claxics

Loyalty- Not yet determined.


Founded late in the M35 the Wardens were founded partly as a possible counter to the marines that were now rouge due to the Moirae Schism. While these outcasts would go on to prove themselves loyal as the Sons of Medusa, the Iron Wardens themselves would go to prove themselves as tactically brutal Space Marines.

Like their forebears the Wardens have close a relationship with the Adeptus Mechanicus. This not only allows the chapter to use and maintain advanced weapons and vehicles but often the chapter will march alongside the Skitarii and other forces of Mars. This however leads the chapter to accept numerous missions from the Mechanicus often without questioning the orders given. This has lead to clashes with other parties chaos, xeno and Imperium alike.

The chapter doesn't follow the codex as far as chapter organisation goes. They are ruled by a chapter council rather than a chapter master. Veterans are spread across all companies and the duties of scouts are carried out by experienced battle brothers. Four battle companies with 200 battle brothers each, which are reinforced by reserve companies of 80 men. This gives the chapter the ability to hit harder than codex compliant chapters. But at the same time it means the chapter must choose which calls for assistance it responds to.

The chapter dreadnoughts are formed into the 9th company. Lead by the most senior of their number, the founder of the Iron Wardens Kentaro. The 9th rarely deploy as one they are usually assigned to strike forces lead by a venerable dreadnought.

Significant Personal

Capitan Auron, Capitan of the Iron Wardens 1st company, Master Of The Iron Council

The current Commander of the 1st company Auron has proved himself in many a campaign, from the Decimation of WAAAGH SkrapToof to the quelling of Grolock II rebellion. However it is not his impressive battle record that lead to his promotion to 1st Capitan. Being the face of the chapter means that he must deal with the large amounts of officials received by the chapter, meaning he must be not only a leader and warrior, but also a diplomat for a chapter that dances a fine line politicly due to their relations.

In battle he wields a power blade gifted to him by the Mechanicus upon being promoted to captain, it has a extremely potent energy field. While this field is prone to overloading Auron believes that the increased power offered by the weapon to be worth the risk as even Terminator armour offers little more than modest protection against this blade. Often accompanied by his personal Vanguard Squad, Auron will strike into the heart of the enemy to remove its head. This is not some personal vendetta to satisfy his own honour but to use the death of their commander to send them running making it easier for his brothers to decimate the enemy.

Venerable Capitan Kentaro, 9th company Venerable Capitan

A former Iron Captain of Clan Sorrgol who disagreed with the decision to let the Moirae Iron Hands live to harbour other castaways. Left with a small cadre of Veterans when the founding for a new chapter was called. Become 1st captain of chapter installing many of the chapter beliefs and traditions. Later crippled and placed in a Dreadnought, eventually rising to venerable captain of the 9th company. His body is latter destroyed in battle with the emperors children when the Venerable captain makes a heroic stand in order to ensure the recovery of relics thought lost in the great crusade. Fortunately the sarcophagus survives the battle and after being recovered by his chapter he is placed within one the recovered relics, a Contemptor patten Dreadnought.

Techmarine Torval, 1st company Lord of the Armoury

Being the Lord of the Armoury of the 1st company Torval is responsible for not just his brother techmarines but all the vehicles and relics in 1st company. Torval speaks plain and bluntly so Auron tends to leave Torval out of meetings. Torval is a skilled tank commander and will often lead the company war machines in daring spearhead assaults.

Lieutenant Mallis
Auron's right hand in the 1st company, Mallis is the anvil to his captains hammer,forcing the opposing commander to focus their attention on Mallis while Auron leads search and destroy missions into enemy territory.

Chaplain Thortes
The sole Chaplain of 1st company for centuries Thortes is uncompromising and devout warrior. He utilises the cold anger of the Wardens to push them to new levels of devastation. He has yet to find a warrior fitting enough to assist him in his personal goal. The utter destruction of the third legion.

Librarian Semos
A capable warrior and powerful psyker Semos is calm and collected individual. Since being assigned to 1st company Auron has found Semos' talents for divination of significant help to his battle plans.

Venerable Calgos
The head of the Dreadnoughts currently assigned to 1st company Calgos tends to remain silent except in dire circumstances.

Current Force and Mission

Word of the supposed destruction of the forge world Lucius spread like wild fire in the Adeptus Mechanicus, rumour and conflicting reports were running rampant as to the events that lead up to it and the state of Forge World is unknown. The Adeptus Mechanicus officially requested the Iron Wardens to investigate. Captain Auron immediately gathered his company and set out.
Mission Parameters
1. Locate leads on the fate of the forge world (reports suggest that Acanthus Valorum of the Helios Guard/Ashton Wolcott of the Kestral 73rd Brigade to be the most accessible sources of info)
2. Find and Secure Vehicles or STC data from Lucius
3. If the world remains intact report location to Mars immediately
Task Force Auron
Forces Available:

Iron Wardens Ist company

1 Captain
1 Lieutenant
1 Chaplain
1 Lord of the Armoury
5 Techmarines
1 Librarian

4 Veteran Squads - (22 suits of Tactical Dreadnought Armor)

8 Tactical Squads - (These squads lack any weapons heavier then a Heavy Bolter, further all Sargent's carry combi-weapons and never CQC weapons)

2 Bike or Breacher Squads - (The chapter disregards the use of conventional Assault Squads in favour of marines armed with flamers and chain swords without jump packs, their purpose being to rout entrenched enemies from cover)

1 Assault Centurion Squad

2 Devastators Squads
1 Devastator Centurions Squad

2 Reconnaissance Squads - (The Scouts of the chapter are experienced brothers used to provide Intel to command along with assassination or sabotage missions)

9th company
5 Dreadnoghts under Venrable Calgos

Vehicle Support
3 Thunderfire canons
6 Predator tanks (3 Destructor patten, 3 Annihilator patten)
2 Land Raiders (both Redeemer patten)
4 Vindicator tanks
3 Landspeeders

Fleet Support
1 Thunderhawk Gunship
3 Stormtalons
2 Stormravens
3 Nova Class frigate's
1 Battle Barge "Gorgons Wrath"---(Has full payload of one stage cyclonic torpedoes for Exterminatus if necessary)
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Re: Army backgrounds

Post by Hedonismbot » Fri Jan 08, 2016 9:47 am

Very detailed with lots of good content. Two thumbs up.
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Re: Army backgrounds

Post by Lightningsymphony » Sun Apr 24, 2016 7:55 pm

The Knights of Solaris, Lady Vasa and the Sulvathan Eldar


Hailing from the world of Kreoth, the Knights of Solaris are a chapter hailing from the Solaris sub-Sector of Vasa. Their origins lying somewhere in the thirty fourth millennium and having over six thousand years of dedicated service to the Imperium of Man. A successor of the Blood Angels, the Knights of Solaris have managed to tame both sides of their curse to a surprising degree-though it does still inflict these unfortunate enough. Their numbers however, have managed to stay fairly steady in recent years, a fact attributed to their unique near pre-heresy organization. Allowing them some more flexibility in some manners, and less in others. Though still not nearly as large as some may fear they would be-having roughly one hundred and fifty per company across Eight companies and a ninth training company. The remaining duties of the blood Angels and other chapters were kept as they should have been, with Sanguinary Priests, Sanguinary Guard, Armory, and of course their Reclusiam. However, the role of veterans is a surprisingly normal role-having around thirty in each Company. They also have a unique council of five-One from each of their special orders and a fifth chapter commander who acts as chapter master when needed.

Their interest in the war that had been going on in Traxis took a sharp turn of interest when they heard of Dark Angel involvement. A group they had met a few times and were curious about. After hearing of something of an end to the war, the council decided to send a small force to witness the aftermath and to see what they could of this wars effects on the people of Traxis. Considering the war was over, the Council considered it only important enough to send a smaller fleet to investigate-only a handful of strike cruisers, light cruisers and a single Battle Barge to investigate under the command of Commander Aldravos. Who would be leading three companies to Traxis to determine the state of it.

As an added bonus, the Craftworld of Sulvathan-a long standing ally of the Knights-have chosen to send a sizable force lead by the Autarch Adraius along with the Knights in order to aid them. Also very curious about this rather large conflict in a galaxy that was already at war with itself.

-Important Characters-

Commander Rakus: Overall commander of the Knights of the Taskforce, Aldravos is a veteran of dozens of campaigns and Reclusiarch of the Knights of Solaris. A direct servant of their council of five. Aboard the battle barge 'Eclipsed', he leads the investigation of what exactly happened in Traxis. His only real task to find and secure any information from both sides of the conflict to see what really happened and why.

Captain Terrok: Captain of the Third Company under the command of Rakus. He hopes this mission shall go well and his men will be able to return safely, though he is also prepared to lose men if it means furthering the Emperors plans.

Captain Isksis: Captain of the Eighth Company under the command of Rakus. He was originally to be sent to destroy an Ork invasion upon the world of Ivos-a task given to the second so Isksis could attend this task-and rather resents his reassignment.

Captain Aldravos: Captain of the Sixth Company under the command of Rakus. He was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Lady Vasa: The only known Daughter of Lord General Xavier of House Kiedrowski, Vasa is the Noble in command of the Warden known as The Duchess Of Hell. She is a Glory hungry Knight, and little will deter her from punishing Heretics.

Autarch Adraius: Leader of the Eldar forces of Sulvathan, Adraius is not a patient Eldar, her talents lying more in rapid assault strikes then talking things out.

Farseer Vulthra: Vulthra has been assigned to this task force in order to attempt to aid her impatient sister Adraius and to seek as much data and information as she can, though this is no easy task.

Forces Available:

180 Tactical Marines-Armed only with conventional Bolters. The main part of the force.

60 Assault Marines-Standard 10 man teams of Marines.

60 Devestators-Standard 10 man teams of marines.

60 Bikes-Standard Full Squads, but may be pulled to different vehicles if needed.

90 Veterans per Company

An unknown number of Guardians and a large warhost of Aspect Warriors.

As well as a number of vehicles and aircraft, not to mention the two fold fleet of Astartes and Eldar.
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