Army backgrounds

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Army backgrounds

Post by Necrons 4eva » Sun Sep 20, 2015 12:53 am

Type your army backgrounds in here. If you have multiple armies, make multiple posts. For any changes, just edit your original post as to keep the size to a minimum and make sure to include a character list!!!
Necrons, Resocakh dynasty.
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Re: Army backgrounds

Post by Necrons 4eva » Sun Sep 20, 2015 10:12 am

Resokach dynasty
The Resokach dynasty of necrons are known for their brilliant silver and gold coloration on everyone from the lowliest warrior to the Phaeron himself.

Before the bio-transference, Resokach dynasty necrontyr were known for having shorter lifespans than the rest of the necrons. As a result of this, Phaeron Nosnibor was the most adamant supporter of the Bio-transference. As a member of the triarch, he held great sway over the Necrontyr. Many say if it had not been for him, the C'tan's plan would've been rejected. When the process started, the Phaeron decided that he and his forces should move to the edges of the little remaining necron territory. During the bio-transference of himself and his nobles, their facility was attacked. As a result, the bio-transference was not entirely complete. Physically they are necrons, but himself and his nobles have just enough soul left to give them emotions. Not strong ones but emotions nevertheless. After the defeat of the Old ones, Phaeron Nosnibor was also the most adamant defender of the C'tan. He eventually befriended the night bringer and attempted to help him stay alive. When he was destroyed, so was the Resokach dynasty. But, the cryptek Nosolj, who had been elsewhere during the attack, was able to re-create a tomb for the royals to reanimate from. As a result, Nosnibor and his royal court were able to live. However, they were unable to find s tomb to sleep in, and as a result, they spent millions of years roaming the Galaxy. During this time, they became obsessed with technological advancement to prevent the silent king from doing this ever again. They were able to create a sort of mobile tomb that was in their ships so that they wouldn't need a tomb world. They also began trying hack into other tomb worlds. With no supporting troops, the Resokach dynasty needed warriors, desperately. They were able to "steal" tomb worlds from other dynasties and cause all the necrons there to become loyal to them. They killed the overlords of the tombs in to process. Many of the tombs that failed to arise quickly or had horrible technical glitches were due to the Resokach dynasty. When the first necrons began awakening, the Resolach dynasty's numbers had swelled to a little under the size of the Sautekh dynasty. [i can't find an estimate of size of dynasties or forces so I can't give a number, help would be greatly appreciated]. After they revealed themselves to the Galaxy, the Sautekh dynasty made many threats to them. At the moment, the two dynasties have an uneasy peace.

The Resokach dynasty is one of the few dynasties to be ok with allying with eldar. This is mainly due to the war that they went through years ago where the dark eldar of lady Galianth Galianostra. When asked to, the two armies will ally. In addition, the necrons became close allies with the forces of the Nurgle Lord Reschtakh during the battle for Evrmore VIII and the Slaneeshi sorcerer Deselin during the campaign for the Evrmore system. They also have allied with orks from time to time, the forces of Roctan da Destroya. This being said, all their hatred that was directed towards the eldar has changed into hatred for the Imperium. Only a few imperial armies are permitted to work with the necrons. After the events that happened a few years ago, Phaeron Nosnibor has developed an utter hatred towards space marines and the imperium.

During the fight for the Nova Armenium sector, the Overlord Ronnok rebelled against the Phaeron. The Phaeron crushed the rebellion and imprisoned Ronnok. However when the Overlord Seyah turned on the Phaeron in the Teaxis sector, Ronnok was released and now fights with the Phaeron.

During the battle for Lucis that came after the Traxis sector, the Phaeron was able to accomplish three major technological feats. He was able to put the essence of a C'tan in his own body and contain it for enough time to do some real damage. He was able to create a massive C'tan shard of the nightbringer, which is now nearly 2 km in size but can be reduced if the god so chooses. And he was also able to create a Bio-transference machine.

Currently the Necrons are headed towards the Dracoon system for unknown reasons.

-Phaeron Nosnibor

-Aza'gorod (the nightbringer shard)

-Szartek the hunter
---Szartek is a cryptek who is known for stealth tactics with his desthmarks. He has the ability to teleport when necessary and has a staff that feeds off of nightmares and uses the fear of his enemies to cause damage. They have black swirling through their armor and the sight of him, his 2 other crypteks, of his 30 death marks cause fear to most. They are nomadic and only came back to the Phaeron when they heard that they could help. The pack will most likely leave soon.

-Nosolj the beast master.
---Nosolj has the body of a wraith and a wraiths whip could but the torso of a cryptek. Known for often surrounding himself with other canoptek beasts.

-Seyah (imprissoned)

-Ronnok (previously imprisoned but now released)

Kill team squad

Squad 327T and squad 1S
Squad 327T is composed of 5 tomb blades with shield vanes, shadow looms, and particle beamers.
Squad 1S is composed of 5 of szarteks hunters (desthmarks) Szartek is found with this squad. (He's got the upgrades of the harbinger of despair from the last coded but with the new profile)
Special rules
Szartek- Hit & Run
Tomb blade 327-T1 shrouded
Hunter 1-1 scout
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Necrons, Resocakh dynasty.
6255 WYSIWYG almost all painted

Chaos Space Marines, 2nd legion
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Re: Army backgrounds

Post by Hedonismbot » Sun Sep 20, 2015 11:33 am

Overall back ground up later.

Figures of import:

-Lady Galianth Galianostra, Archon, leader of the "bloodlickers" faction.

-Klaivex Vithos, the Lady's chief of security and head of her bodyguards.

-Dracon Korvan, a junior officer in the ranks of the Archon's trueborn.

-"the doctor", Haemonculus ancient of the prophets of flesh. Has an actual name, but everyone simply calls him that.

-Hekatrix Beyon'che, an allied wych leader from the cult of strife.

-Hekatrix Solon'che, another wych leader from the cult of strife.

-Patrick Stewart, head beastmaster of cult of strife and one of the chief purchasers of "new stock".

-Nakoruakh, mandrake and leader of the frozen claw.

-There are many other dracons/sybarites, haemonculi and wych leaders to be put on the roster as well, but they haven't been named as of yet.

My Kill team roster:

Dramatis personae:

-Dracon Korvan.

Bio: A rising star in the ranks of the Lady's trueborn, collectively nicknamed the "bloodtusks" for the large spikes they adorn all over their armour, often covered in the blood of their foes by the days end and some times sporting trophies from their many battles fought.

Got to the position of Dracon, mostly through sheer bloody minded determination to crush anything that stands in his way, mostly with extreme violence. Tends to get a bit carried away sometimes, which has caused him some trouble in the past, but has a certain magnetism that draws people to him, which is why he was selected to nominally lead the mission. The only one is he afraid of at all is Archon herself and perhaps Klaivex Vithos(though he'll never admit the latter).

Wargear: Splinter rifle, power sword, haywire grenades.(The more ways to hurt you the better).

-Trueborn Dall'as

Bio: One of the trueborn chosen for the mission on Gehenna. Keeps his mind as clear as his scalp, even in the midst of bullets flying all around him. While a formidable warrior in his own right, his area of expertise is the acquiring of knowledge and information, for he believes that will lead to true power over skill with a blade, unlike Dracon Korvan. As a result, he has become quite good with manipulating technology of all sorts and this is the main reason he was chosen for this mission.

Wargear: Splinter rifle(technically his mind doesn't count as a weapon, so it couldn't be listed here, sorry).

-Trueborn Li'lu Multi'pas

Bio: While calm and level headed like Dall'as, that's where the similarities end. Li'lu simply seems disinterested in most things, even if being charged by a rampaging horde of carnifexes, it would barely register with this highborn lady sporting a long flowing purple topnot. That's not to say she is lazy. The way she dispatches foes with both rifle and blade in such a prescise and efficient manner seems almost unreal. It is these qualities that had her chosen to go to Gehenna though she could care less.

Wargear: Splinter rifle(she'd bring more if it wasn't so boring).

-Trueborn Don'ni

Bio: If you needed to liven things up, this is the guy you'd call. Always the life of the party at any social function, orgy, mass murder, etc. Don'ni is always a blast to be around, with no small hint of irony with his weapon of choice, probably because being able to take out the biggest and most dangerous of foes always guarentees he'll be at the center of attention. May try a bit too much to get everyone to notice him though and sometimes pulls panks on others if being ignored. Most of the time the target of those jokes is his cousin Mar'ri.

Wargear: Blaster(well, duh).

-Trueborn Mar'ri.

Bio: A massive brute of a woman with a temper to match her bright red hair(Don'ni then dyed his hair dark blue). Mar'ri, is quite tall and incredibly muscular for one of her race and has been nicknamed "the female ork, or big woman" behind her back, though Don'ni simply says it to her face to rile her up. She is able to heft a splinter cannon almost effortlessly and mows down hordes of the foe, while often uttering a string of curses(about half the time the only thing she says are swear words) . She always seems to be in a bad mood and is never happy, though I'm sure that Don'ni being horribly maimed and killed in the most hideous fashion imagineble would turn her frown upside down.
Aside from her expertise with hvy weaponry, the Archon most likely sent her to Gehenna because being put in close confines with her cousin will yield some interesting results.

Wargear: Splinter cannon(and enough cuss words to make a bloodthirster cry in a corner). Special rule: Relentless.

-Hekatrix Beyon'che

Bio: Leader of the band of wyches of the cult of strife sent to assist their allies and the one responsible for choosing the other wyches that came with her based on their various fighting styles, Beyon'che was chosen to lead their little contingent to assist the Black Heart and perhaps capture some of more interesting specimens to take back to the arenas. As for the wych herself, Beyon'che has a natural talent for close combat and battles with her have had foes often reeling from a savage onslaught of relentless blows, all placed with expert prescision and barely controlled fury. She has even fought foes thought to be way beyond her abilities to a standstill and often times, besting them, as the mementoes on her back mounted trophy rack and part of her topnot hints at this. With her favourite agoniser whip in hand, foes like the terminator armoured sorceror Park'kir and the emperor's champion Thalrus learned the hard way to not underestimate this wych and would explain how she has achieved her current rank. Special rule: Zealot.

Wargear: Splinter pistol, agoniser, plasma and haywire grenades(can take on just about anything and has).

-Wych Dol'li Pat'ron

Bio: Despite being a fully grown woman(and I think you know what I'm getting at) Dol'li choses to enter the arena with pigtails and makeup, done up to give the appearance of being a children's toy. Even her fighting style mimicks this, though it's not say this is a bad choice, as her own "toys", a pair of razorflails, can suddenly lash out in many unexpected directions and tear off a limb, eviscerate, decapitate and exfoliate(wait a minute) a foe should they even think for a second that she isn't a threat.

Wargear:Razorflails(sold seperately) and plasma grenades.

-Wych Saibot Bo'on.

Bio: While many gladiators of the arenas use misdirection as a way to win, Saibot Bo'on has trully made it an artform. Wearing a sensory deprivation mask to hide his facial expressions from the foe, he makes extensive use of plasma grenades to incredible effect, and can herd a foe with a chain of explosions, to a predetermined kill zone, where they are completely at his mercy. Another favourite of his and a real crowd pleaser is to time the explosions of the grenades right before he moves, and says "mandrake vanish" using the blinding light of the blast to quickly relocate to another spot. The mandrakes themselves haven't commented on this and no one is stupid enough to try and get an interview.

Wargear: Splinter pistol, curved knife and a lot of plasma grenades.

-Wych C'lint Venomwood

Bio: While not very flashy, C'lint is the epitomy of his cult's credo of speed over strength. He makes it a point of requesting that all his foes are allowed to use their firearms in bouts against him. Often times, he'll stand off against them wearing a scarf to conceal the lower half of his face, so only the top part, which is covered in various scars filled in with tatoo ink to make look like quite the frightening opponent indeed and see how long it takes them to lose their nerve and take aim. They never get to fire a shot as the speed at which he draws his sidearm is astonishing, even by the standards of his kind. Do you feel lucky, do ya, punk!

Wargear: Heavily embossed, custom splinter pistol, puch dagger(sometime he'll engage in knife fights in the same manner) and plasma grenades.

-Wych E'mo.

Bio: While the very nature of their is a bloodsport, E'mo makes the exsanguination of her opponent's vital fluids a point of pride. Sporting the standard red and black hair, common to the warriors of her cult, she has had her stylist do a bit of extra work to get the right side of her nearly obscured by it, with the only way to see whole thing is for her to flip it back in that certain way. During battles, her weapon of choice is the punch knife(a pair of knives mounted horizontally between a handle close to the very back). She uses this to great effect and stab, slash, lacerate, or simply nick the arteries of the opposition, she favours going for their wrists, to allow them to watch, helpless, as they bleed out.

Wargear: Splinter pistol, punch knife and plasma grenades.(And life is just so hard, sometimes you feel you have to end it. So why not help them along).

Note: All wyches have combat drugs.

-Klaivex Vithos.

Bio: Ever since Lady Galianth had ascended to the position of Archon within the kabal, he has been there, serving as the head of her incubi bodyguard from the moment his shrine was given the job. Given the high profile nature of his charge, he is almost always kept busy and has little time to relax. As such, he takes any tasks he is given very seriously and will fulfill them without hesitation.

There have been many occasions on the battlefield(and some not) where he has even given his own life to keep the Archon unharmed, though the haemonculi regeneration chambers may be a factor in this regard.

His main reason to be here instead of at the Archon's side, is to keep an eye on the rest of the team and send them a very clear message. "The Archon will still know what you did, even here, so don't fail me".

Wargear: Klaive(he doesn't need anything else to kill you). Special rule: Preffered enemy(everything).

-Nakoruakh, Mandrake clan leader.

Bio: Not much can be said about the secretive mandrakes, but it is known that Nakoruakh has risen to leadership of the frozen claw mandrake clan through various means. His abilities at infiltration and assasination are exceptional, even for those of his kind and no one is safe from his blade if there are any dark areas around. Go ahead and hide if you think that will help you but he's mostly likely there already!
His reasons for being here are fairly obvious, for a mission that requires stealth and subterfuge, you'd pick someone who's really good at it.

Wargear: Rusted bonesaw and baleblasts(that's right, the guy can hadoken you).
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Re: Army backgrounds

Post by Acanthus » Sun Sep 20, 2015 11:48 am

The Helios Guard, 773rd Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes

The Helios Guard have a color scheme of gold and black, with more gold denoting greater seniority, and less denoting less experience. Their symbol is a black skull over a golden sun, or, for the 1st Company, a golden skull over a black sun.

Believed to have been founded sometime during the late 35th Millennium, very little is known of the origins of the Helios Guard. They are not mentioned in Imperial records until the 36th Millennium, but brief mentions in planetary records and the chronicles of other Chapters mark them as coming into being sometime before that date. Regardless, the Chapter, in its earliest days, was known for two things; the sheer resilience of its Marines, and their relentless search for knowledge of their forbears. For millennium they searched, with nothing to show for it. Brothers became disillusioned, so much so that some fifty or so turned to Nurgle. Fleeing into the Maelstrom, the traitors drew the eye of the Inquisition. That organization gave the Helios Guard a choice; embark upon a penitent crusade after their brothers, or be destroyed. So began the Rebirth, as it is called by brothers of the Chapter.

Entering the Maelstrom, the Helios Guard encountered all manner of foes, from Ork enclaves and pirate kingdoms, to daemonic forces and Traitor Astartes. But their fallen brothers continued to elude them. Onward they pushed, with each battle weakening the Chapter further. But the Helios Guard refused to give in before they destroyed the leader of the traitors, Theren. Finally, with five hundred Marines left, they reached the daemon world of Rellan. Here, they found Theren, at the head of an army of Nurgle daemon, Death Guard, and traitor Helios Guard.

The Chapter descended upon the traitors in fury. For ten days they fought the traitors and their allies, but there were too many, and slowly, the Chapter was ground down to a mere two hundred brothers. The only surviving officer, First Captain Valodis Llero, was faced with a choice; either fall back, or die. Llero took the third option. Riding his Land Raider up and down the line, Llero exhorted his brothers to glory, promoting each of the two hundred to his own lauded first. In the ensuing battle, the Helios Guard managed to defeat their foe, with Llero himself taking Theren the Blighted King's head. Although Nurgle took Theren's soul and raised him again as a daemon prince, their goal was accomplished, and the Helios Guard left the Maelstrom.

One of the many changes Llero made to the Helios Guard was halting the practice of searching for answers. While allegedly to prevent another catastrophe such as the Rebirth, some believe that Llero had other reasons. Who can say what was revealed to him whilst he dueled Theren alone on the ridges of Rellan? Nevertheless, the Chapter has followed his decree for thousands of years since, as well as keeping his tradition of a two hundred man First Company, sometimes called the Last Company.

The Helios Guard hold a bitter loathing for the followers of Nurgle. Many of their toughest battles and worst losses have been against those plague-ridden creatures. In addition, the Nurgleites, particularly the Death Guard and their ilk, have often shown an unhealthy obsession with the doings of the Chapter, something which sets each and every Helios Guard on edge. recently, the Chapter has developed a hatred for dark eldar, Orks (particularly the 3rd Company), necrons, and traitors from the planet Kestral. The Helios Guard are willing to work alongside the more benign xenos (such as Tau and Eldar) if it means the destruction of these particular foes.

The Helios Guard maintain no homeworld; instead, they are fleetbased. However, Tibur, a cold, mountainous feudal world, serves as their primary recruiting world, as well as a training world and gene-seed repository. Their fortress-monastery is the battle-barge known as the Fortis Praefectum.

During the Traxis campaign, the Helios Guard fought with the doomed Conclave of Seekers. When Traxis fell, they held the line over Balrus, allowing cvilians and technology to be evacuated, before escaping through a warp gate. Following the attack on Tibur by Necrons and traitors, the Helios Guard went to Lucius for aid, holding it for as long as possible, until the dark eldar sucked it into the webway. Now, following that battle, the Chapter is making for the Dracoon system, both to replenish their Scout Company with feral worlders from Gehenna, and to follow up on rumors of a gene-seed cache hidden in an old Inquisition fortress.

Major Characters:

Acanthus Valorum: Chapter Master of the Helios Guard, Valorum began his life on Tibur, as the son of a blacksmith. When his father was murdered by a passing lord for sport, the eight-year-old Valorum followed him to his fortress, where he slew the lord with his own warhammer, a weapon which has born special significance for him from that day on. Reclusiarch Gerodus found him, and brought him to the training halls, where he passed his trials with flying colors. After serving first as a brother, then a Sergeant, in the Second Company, Valorum was sent to the Deathwatch, where he served for ninety years, taking the rank of Watch Captain for the last sixty. He returned to his Chapter, serving briefly as Second and First Captain, before taking the rank of Chapter Master when his predecessor, Thracian, was killed by a Hive Tyrant. Valorum's first act as Chapter Master was to slay the monster with Rilgard, the weapon he has born ever since.

First Captain Arren.

Second Captain Cvriac.

Reclusiarch Gerodus.

Epistolary Garren.

Sergeant Thales (MIA, presumed dead).

Kill-team characters:

Terminator Squad Reavus, the Hunters of Kestral

Terminator squad Reavus lead the baording attack on the Kestralite flagship during the battle over Balrus. They earned many honors for such a feat, and were one of the relatively few squads to survive the ensuing battles intact. It's members are:

Sergeant Reavus: a veteran warrior with a dry sense of humor, truly legendary resilience, and three centuries of service to his name, Reavus is often held as an inspiration for neophytes of the Chapter. For his part, the sergeant takes great embarrassment from this. He is often seen as First Captain Arren's second, and the two are quite close.

Special Equipment: chainfist

Additional rules: FNP (stacks with IH Tactics for 4+)

Brother Darius: a brooding, melancholy figure, Darius is known for his equal skill fighting right or left handed. He is relatively young for a Veteran, and it is only a mater of time before he rises to command his own squad.

Special Equipment: chainfist

Brother Thorald: quiet and icy calm. Thorald served in the Deathwatch of the Ordo Xenos, coming back with scars crisscrossing his face and body. He is skilled with the assault cannon and heavy flamer, and is regarded as the squad's heavy weapons man.

Special Equipment: chainfist, assault cannon

Additional rules: Preferred Enemy (Xenos)

Brother Everon: a massive, incredibly strong Astartes, Everon often leads Squad Reavus' close combat battles. He has fought everything, from Ork warlords to daemon princes, and enjoys boasting about it, much to his squads amusement.

Special Equipment: Chainfist

Additional rules: Smash

Brother Warin: the new recruit, Warin has only recently joined the First Company. He was found alone as a child on the mountains of Tibur by Reclusiarch Gerodus, and his origins remain a mystery; his brothers don't ask, and he doesn't tell. Nonetheless, his absolute loyalty is unquestionable, and some believe that he thinks he owes the Chapter a debt for taking him from whatever situation he was found in.

Special Equipment: Chainfist

Squad Reavus is under strict orders to share whatever they find only with Reclusiarch Gerodus and Chapter Master Valorum.
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Re: Army backgrounds

Post by Signet-Powers » Sun Sep 20, 2015 2:51 pm

The Kestral Sector.

The Kestral sector is a collection of sub-sectors including the newly conquered Traxis. Though coutnless systems within the Imperium have gone renegade, kestral as smart enough to pretend to still be loyal. Though they still bear the Imperial Aquilla and pray to the God-Emperor of Mankind, they show little respect for any authority other than their own sectors and regularly declare war on loyalist worlds. They invade Feral worlds that can't fight back and replace their governments with their own. They are one of the largest contributers of resources to the Dominion, though they deny its existence officially, and the benefits they have gotten back are one of the few reasons why there's been no real attempt to bring their system to heel... yet. Well, that and the huge donations they make to the Ecclisiarchy.

Notables names;

- Previous Brigadier Ashton Wolcott of the Kestral 73rd Brigade. MIA
- Previous Canoness Commander Caroline. MIA
- Major-General Solstice Wolcott of the Kestral 7th Division.
- Colonel Elliot Harrison of the 753rd regiment. MIA.
- Brigadier Connor Owens of the 73rd Brigade.
- Colonel Amelia McKinley of the 73rd Brigade.
- Lord Munitorum Jebadiah Wolcott.
- Lord General Francesca Wolcott.

Notable groups:

- Kestral 706th:
Fought in traxis, disbanded and re-arranged shortly after. though officially they claim credit for the successful invasion of the sub-sector from heretical forces, the truth is that their alliance with the Dominion helped to kick out the enemy loyalsit forces.

- Daemons of the Kestral 706th:
*Information unkown. If sightings confirmed of Hostis Intercept, do not approach.*

- Kestral 7th Division:
This division is lead by the Major-General Solstice Wolcott. They are currently deployed in the Traxis sub-sector. The 73rd Brigade is part of this division.

- Kestral 73rd Brigade:
The 73rd brigade was under the command of Brigaider Ashton Wolcott, now the remainder is under command of Brigadier Owens.

- Kestral 753rd Regiment:
Was under the command of Colonel Elliot Harrison. Regiment entirely KIA.

- Kestral Stormtroopers:
*Information classified.*

- Arden Vultures:
A minor order of Adapta Sororitas, recently dedicated to the Kestral sector. Unique in that they physically graft skin and surgically alter the appearances of their sisters to appear more 'angelic' and 'racially pure'. Descended from the order of the Bloody Rose, their allegiance is to their ruling Ecclisiarchal domination, and their allegiance is to Kestrals donations of Throne-Gelt.

- Stillborn:
Foreign Legion platoon of Tempestus Scions. Allegiance will last until recalled by their greater regiment.

Since the expansion and establishment of the Kestral Sector and the planet of Kestral Primus as Sector-Command, it has taken over numerous several sub-sectors. Their territory includes several star systems, and a 3-class system of citizenship, however most of these worlds are rife with insurgency and resistance.

Kestral is a society of nationalists, putting forth the idea that no one is worth more than the state is. This requires a form of blanket equality. Everyone is equally worthless, except for the ruling class that is...

The Sector is ruled over by a Ruling Noble family descended from the original General who created the system, that being the Wolcott family. There are only two generations of Wolcotts alive right now. The first generation is the brother and sister Lord-Munitorum Jebadiah and Lord-General Francessca, and their large number of cloned children.
They regularly put these children automatically into powerful positions of authority upon adulthood, with varying results. This includes governing and authoritative positions, and it is no mere coincidence that doing so allows their family greater influence and power. The Wolcotts officially deny that they serve the interests of Kestral before that of the Imperium, however off the record this is a much less common claim. Only two serve in the Military at the moment, that being Solstice and Ashton. Some critics suggested that this puts forward a bad precedent that could lead to The Wolcotts putting their own interests ahead of the Imperiums. these critics mysteriously disappeared soon after and were never heard from again.

- Kestral Military
“We are the Falcons from the stars.
All beneath us are insects.
They will be liquidated! They shall be spared no pity!
We are the mortal coils, the ethnic cleansers and the subjugators!
Kestrals first, all else last!”

-Creed of the Kestral Imperial Guard Corps.
Kestral PDF and Guardsmen are dressed in brownish fatigues and kevlar-lined smocks, with Green Flak breastplates, shoulder pads and helmets. They all carry a lightweight M35 lasgun, including the PDF. though each regiment has an official, imperial classification, they are all shipped to the planet of Kestral Primus itself where they are initiated into Kestrals own regimental structure by the Lords Munitorum and General of the Wolcott family.
These uniforms are capable of zipping up to be completely airtight and radiation proof, effectively their own hazmat suit, and with good reason. A common tactic employed by Kestral is the use of white phosphorous to eliminate enemies in highly populated urban areas. this often results in huge collateral civilian death tolls, but the Kestrals rarely ever value the lives of non-Kestrals above that of the shells they're firing at them.

Each Kestral occupied world has its own PDF as part of the Kestral United Defence Force, putting the number of soldiers under Kestrals PDF at huge numbers, not taking into account the Imperial Guard army under their command. There is no restriction onwho can join up provided they pass the training. Payment is pathetically weak to non-existant, however the PDF naturally provides free shelter, food and water resulting in a large number of lower class teenagers signing up. Life in the lower class can be agosingly bad, so they see the Kestral regime as saving them from such a life. Otherwise, numbers are achieved through conscription but this rarely happens without due cause. Retirement is an option available at any point, but these people face extreme social stigma and financial punishments should they choose that option.
The Guard meanwhile accepts Kestral citizens of any class, though lower class citizens can't join as enlisted officers and upper class citizens can't join as soldiers. Despite the lack of restrictions to joining as the PDF, to become a Guardsman the candidate must receive a refference from the PDF, though this isn't particularly difficult to achieve. 1 term of active service is mandatory. The payment is much higher and tax benefits are provided for the families of all guardsmen, but casualty rates are high.

Every sub-sector provides a minimum of 1 regiment per year (punishments are severe for worlds that fail to deliver) and the companies within these regiments are usually split up at Kestral Primus and spread out. The Kestral Sectors local structure is as follows:

Several Platoons (lead by a Lieutenant)= 1 Company (lead by a Captain)
Several Companies = 1 Battalion (lead by a lieutenant-Colonel)
Several Battalions = 1 Regiment (lead by a Colonel)
Several Regiments = 1 Brigade (lead by a Brigadier)
Several Brigades = 1 Division (lead by a Major-General)
Several Divisions = Full army Corps (lead by a Lieutenant-General)
Several Divisions = The full army (Lead by the General)

Kestral Navy:

Though the navy utilised by the Imperium belongs to the Imperial Navy, the Admirals within are all Kestral natives. this was achieved through various means including blackmail and hostile political takeovers. The ships stationed there pretty much serve at the Kestrals whims now, including two battleships. The immobile Emperor Class Battleship that's permanently stationed in drydock above Kestral Primus (Heavily damaged during the Wolcott families takeover of the system 200 years ago) and the Retribution Class battleship Bellum Avis that was given to replace it. The retribution itself is one of the most fearsome ships of the Reclamation Dominion and the pride of Kestral. It's arrival in any warzone must never be taken lightly, for it's last few commanders havn't been known to show restraint.


Kill team:

Small Astra Militarum - Tempestus Scion platoon attached to the Kestral system.
Platoon name: The Stillborn.
Information: ///INFORMATION REDACTED/// While Stormtroopers are common across the Galaxy, Scions are a step above any of them. They are the best unaltered human soldiers in the galaxy, second only to Cadias own Kaskrins, but even then there's a slim difference. Given superior weaponry to the standard Guardsmen and capable of more than holding their own against elite forces of other armies.
The StillBorn is the single platoon attached to the Kestral Sector. They're success rate is so far 100% through a variety of reasons, that being the 8 P's (Prior Preparation Plus Planning Prevents P*ss Poor Performance).
They operate on a simple method. Get in, get the job done then get back out before anyone even realises they were there.
As they are attached to the Kestrals and not part of a Scion Strike Team, I'll be using the 'Codex: Astra Militarum Elite-Scions' rules, so they all get Deepstrike as standard.


- Petty Officer Master-Chief/Tempestus Prime: Richards.
(Hotshot Laspistol and a Power Maul.) Richards has lead Scion platoons for almost 40 years, and he is exceedingly good at it. He worries that his aim is going off a bit in recent years. He is a professional, but not an honest man. Whether he disagrees or not, like all Scions he cannot disobey an order, whatever it may be.Special Rule: And They Shall Know No Fear.

- Corporal/Tempestus: Graham.
(Hotshot Lasgun.) After a mission where they came across a number of Daemons, Grahams dormant abilities awoke inside him.. He is a Psychic Blank. He cannot be approached or seen by Daemons, even if he's standing right infront of them. IN addition, particularly Warp-sensitive ceatures and species such as Eldar will find themselves incapable of approaching him. Human reactions tend to vary, however his assets make him an invauable asset to the platoon and Richards will defend him no matter what. His abilities have caused him to become somewhat introverted. Special rule: Psychic Abomination.

- Corpoal/Tempestus: James. ///KIA///
(Plasma Gun.) James is considered the joker of the group by the others, however to any human that never went though Scion training he'd be considered a dangerous Psychopath. His sense of humor includes a callous disregard for his own personal safety, however despite this he would never jeapordise the safety of others.

- Corporal/Tempestus: Donova///KIA///
(Med-Pack and Chain Las-pistol.) Team Medic. Described as being kind-hearted but ruthless in combat. He is the teams go-to when to comes to getting information out of people in combat zones. The reason for this is that his friendly attitude makes them more likely to talk to him.

- Corporal/Tempestus: Jones.///KIA///
(Volley Gun) Described as being similar to an Ork. Enjoys close combat fighting more than any sane and well adjusted person should. Gets overly aggresive when someone makes direct eye contact with him though.


- Gunnery Sergent/Tempestus Prime: Parker.
(Bolt Pistol/Powerfist) Has been punished for Criminal activity on missions more times than the amount of missions he's been on. Richards can't stand the man, but he gets on well with the others and so makes a reliable team leader when things go wrong.

- Corporal/Tempestus: Regie.///KIA///
(Hotshot Lasgun and Vox-Caster.) Takes an interest in machinery and how it works. For example he's one of the few non-Mechanicus humans in the galaxy who knows how a lightswitch works. Anyone else would be executed for this, but given his military significance he usually only gets chewed out by COs.
Regardless this makes him the Technical expert on the team, able to open locks and unlock Machine Spirit systems that most Scion squads wouldn't be able to with standard equipment. Tends to keep to himself. Special Rule: Power of the Machine Spirit.

- Corporal/Tempestus: Woods. ///KIA///
(Hotshot Lasgun) Quiet and speaks usually only when spoken to. Best shot in the Platoon though, can hit a head from a mile away, no problem.

- Cororal/Tempestus: Leeroy.///KIA///
(Flamer) a sceptical narcissist with a dry sense of humour.

- Cororal/Tempestus: Keiths.///KIA///
(Meltagun.) Keiths has the desire to one day lead a squad of his own, and would do anything to see that happen.

(OOC:Killteam updated.)
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Re: Army backgrounds

Post by Hedonismbot » Sun Sep 20, 2015 6:07 pm

And everyone keeps upping the ante. Really loving the backstory for everyone.

Lol, calling your the stillborns Signet, that made me giggle.
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Re: Army backgrounds

Post by Necrons 4eva » Sun Sep 20, 2015 7:03 pm

Reschtakhs Plauge
The chaos Lord Reschtakh has been a menace to the imperium for a long time. Reports of this chaos lord only date back to M39, though he emerged from the warp with 15 terminators, a sorcerer, and heresy era armor. Their geneseed matches none of the ones from the Herasy. It is theorized that they come from the second legion of space marines, but there is no confirmation. Reschtakh and the others will not tell anyone where they come from. Of the 15 terminators, 4 have died, 3 by the hands of the Helios guard. The forces of the Lord are known for their avid use of plasma and rhinos. Their armor is pale green with golden trim. His forces mainly hail from the death guard or corrupted marines.

Reschtakh- the chaos lord, he has two swords. A daemon sword called The Plauge of Men and a Helios guard sword called Honor's Call. He also has a power fist.

Glashnian- terminato champion with a daemonic power axe and a plasma pistol, commander of some terminators

Runctel- Nas'sugath's replacement

Nas'sugath- ascended chaos sorcerer who turned on the lord

Unnamed biker lord

Kill team
Glashnians champions

Glashnian- upstart aspiring champion of Reschtakh's, uses a power axe and combi-plasma
Special rule- Feel No Pain (5+)

Delacan- has served with Glashnian since before Traxis and is his right hand man. Wields a chainfist and a combi-bolted

Leketium- formerly and simple chaos marine, sent by Reschtakh for his reliability in combat. Uses a chainfist and combi-melta
Special rule- Rage

Yobnoroc- former salamanders marine that fell to the runious powers years ago. Wields a heavy flamer and power axe
-Special rule Zealot

Slynlct- yobnoroc's closest friend, uses a power sword and combi-melta.

I'm sorry this isn't very good, I'll add more later
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Re: Army backgrounds

Post by Hedonismbot » Tue Sep 22, 2015 10:48 am

Alright, so my own kill team roster has been written up and is ready to go.

A couple thing I though I might add.

You can give 3 of your characters one of the universal special rules found in the rulebook. This is mostly to compliment some of the back ground you've written for them and to add more variety to the story.

There some rules that cannot be used though and they are:

-instant death
-any kind of template(if you have a flamer or something, fine but do doing for instance, a large blast, torrent assault cannon)
-rending(current kill team rules won't let us do this anymore, so sadly, it's out.
-eternal warrior
-deepstrike(unless the model has the special rule already, then no. Plus it would be very risky in a place like the facility)

That's all I can think of for now, but it still leads you with plenty of room for options.

Once I've gotten everyone initially participating to put up a roster, I'll assign each person a randomly determined number to see where everyone initially enters the complex. It will be pm'ed to you and you are not to tell anyone what it is.

Lastly, when it starts up, give everyone about a week before you start to write encounters or events for other people. This gives them time firmly establish their personalities so it becomes much easier and more accurate to portray them properly.

I may through in the occasional random event myself though, but nothing too major, for now........
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Re: Army backgrounds

Post by Hedonismbot » Tue Sep 22, 2015 5:40 pm

The only ones I wouldn't use have been listed already.

All the others are legit.

Anything that's part of the unit themselves is ok to use too.

Once you have decided on who's getting what, those rules are stuck in place and can't be moved around.
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Re: Army backgrounds

Post by Necrons 4eva » Tue Sep 22, 2015 9:08 pm

By three of our characters you mean 3 of the models right? I rarely play kill teams so I don't know much
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Re: Army backgroundssg

Post by Signet-Powers » Tue Sep 22, 2015 9:15 pm

I already established a while ago in my narrative on Lucius that one of the Scions is a Pyschic blank, so can I give him the 'Psychic abomination' rule? I know it isn't a universal rule, but its fluffy and will rarely come into play anyway.


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