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Post by Driedguide42 » Sun May 22, 2016 10:06 am

Iaculum Bridge

Since the Wardens execution of the majority the of the ship senior officers the command deck had been in a state of panic, working quickly they had initiated the lock-down to keep the Iron Wardens fragmented. For most forces this would mean they would be fighting in smaller scattered which could be eliminated by the more numerous guardsmen. The only way out would be for a strike team to fight its way to the bridge and take direct control. To the officers it seemed like the Marines had forgotten this fact as they were seemingly focused on regrouping and then crushing any position the defenders tried to fortify, looking for nothing less then total eradication. In reality this was because the bridge was already taken, the officers just hadn't realised it yet.

The first sign to the officers indicating trouble was the shock-wave of teleportation and by the time anyone could react the air was filled with bolter fire which either knocked the mortals to ground or punched into their bodies. When the security team that had been holding position outside they were met by 6 armoured giants, 5 grey and one black. The skull helmed Chaplain Thortes unleashed his combi flamer engulfing the entire squad in fire.

Iaculum Hanger Bay

Since Auron had taken command of the defence of the hanger the guard had been pressed from the bay and were now being hunted by 5 man teams of bolter armed Marines. The devastators and vanguard squads had remained in the hanger keeping it clear, ready for the worst should it come to past.
Auron "Company leader's report"

Thortes "bridge has been taken, however the weaklings are no doubt plotting to take it back"

Auron "understood" Auron allowed himself to smile under his helm, this meant the Wardens had control of the ship however brief. "Torval what is your status"

Torval "data center has been cleared and data is secured, however my squad is at 40%"

Auron "see if you can override the vessels servitors to bolster your numbers and make all hast here"

Torval answered in affirmative and clicked off his vox and Semos reported

Semos "We are just about to breach the galler field generator room. We believe the storm troopers have taken refuge in there possibly to summon more warp spawn"

Auron "do you require reinforcement brother?"

Semos "No Capitan, alert me when our tech-brother has returned and we will make our own way off" more harshly he added "don't wait for us captain, I mean it, the infection cannot be allowed to leave"

Auron "good hunting then, command out"
Iaculum Galler field generator
Semos entered the generator room and the sternguard filed in behind him. It was immediately apparent that something was in the room. While usually a blank would be invisible to a psyker in the Galler field generator the surrounding warp energies meant that the Liberian only had to look where the warp was not.

Semos "hiding behind a blank will not protect you from my wrath" he stated factually " or the wrath of the demons you are using to stall us", he laughed with out humour "tell me are all Kestrels so blind and arrogant to think they could escape making deals with the warp and emerge unscathed, no matter ounce we return to Mars the entire Mechanicum and Inquisition will be calling for your heads"

Another voice interrupted the Psyker

Resnov "How ironic witch, Khorne calls for your's"

From somewhere above the demon fell into the squad and Semos moved his shield and prepared his maul for combat.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Sun May 22, 2016 4:38 pm

Iaculum Gellar Field Generator
It dived at the first Sternguard and rammed its left claw into its throat. Making a noise like choking on its own excitement, it pulled hard and tore it out. The rest of the Sternguard raised their bolters as the daemon leapt off, the jugular and veteran warrior falling to the floor messily.

The Scions stayed hidden as the sound of shouting and bolter fire filled the room. “What do we do?” Parker asked.
“We help the Daemon,” Richard grimaced, “for now. Get the Marines out then kill it and lock down the room, see where we go from there!”
The scions nodded and leant out of their cover, opening fire. The Marines were focused on the Daemon that was circling them so didn’t notice the scions until it was too late. Richard layed down a supressing barrage of lasbeams without really coming out of cover. He wasn’t hitting anything but he wasn’t supposed to. Parker sprant across to the opposing side of the room with Graham, staying low and taking more accurate shots.
The Marines quickly readjusted their positions and rolled into cover, but the Scions had been lucky and penetrated one of the Sternguards armor. Their body rolled onto the floor, steam pouring from it and never got back up.

Semos raised his shield and caught several hotshot-lasbeams on it. He growled spitefully. They were two men down already. Honorary veterans, lost in mere seconds to these traitors!
The daemon seemed to take a chance and go for him, circling around a control console and leaping, claws outstretched. Semos feinted and swung his mace. The blunt end struck the creature full in the face and blew its head almost completely off in a bloody mess. It flew backwards through the air and hit the ground loudly. The scions stopped firing and hid back behind their cover.
Semos deactivated his mace momentarily, smacked it against the shield to create a loud bang, then reactivated it. “Is that the best you can do?” As if to answer his question, surge of warp energy emanated from the generator and penetrated into the dying daemons body. It regenerated with impossible speed, snapping it’s bones back into place and flinging back onto its feet. It roared and ran for him again.

Richard looked about and surveyed the situation. Bolter shells were passing over his head. He wasn’t sure what type, but he knew that the last thing he wanted was to be hit by them, even in carapace.
He looked at the generator, then back down at his rifle. He may not know much about ships, but he knew that the Gellar-field generator was connected to the Warp drive. And the Warp drive was connected to the main engines.
If they stayed here they were doomed. If the ship went into warp they were doomed. If the marines were successfully fought off the ship they were doomed. The only way that anyone was getting off this ship was…

He knew what had to happen. He’d lost so many men on Geheena. His entire platoon… and now he was about to lose this ship and everyone on it. Everything would have been for nothing. He looked at Parker and Graham. Both of them barely out of their twenties. He sighed. He was an old man compared to them. “Boys.” He called out.
Parker was using his rifle to fire at a beam next to a marine that was trying to advance on his position. “What is it?” he looked to Richard and found his answer.
The Tempestor-Prime was setting his lasgun to overload. Parkers eyes opened wide. “SIR!!!”
“I’m not the officer now, you are!” he called back.
Graham took a break from shooting to look. “What is-“ he went silent as he saw it too.

Richards nodded to them both. “My leadership lost me everyone on Geheena. I won’t lose you two as well. Do something worthwhile with yourselves.” He took a deep breath, his eyes watery with regret.

“NO! Wait-“ Parker tried to shout but it was too late. Richard got up and ran at the generator. Several bolter shells tore into his back, those that got through his carapace tearing chunks of flesh from him…
But it didn’t stop what was happening. He fell forward and his lasgun skidded towards the generator, both it and the powerpack on Richards back detonating spectacularly.

The marines were blown off their feet as the generator blew up in response, and explosions began to ripple down to the warp-drive, then the ships engines. The two remaining scions were slammed into their cover by the tremendous force as huge blasts of warp energy burst from the machine.
The entire ship seemed to reverberate and shake from the blast. A hole had been blown in the wall next to the generator. Graham pointed it out to Parker and instinctively ran for it, laying down blind fire at the marines. Parker looked at the remains of Richards and cursed, running as well.
The room was flashing with blinding energy, making it almost impossible for anyone to see to see. It was like being at some sort of rave, only one filled with explosion and screaming. Despite this, as Parker ran, a thought occurred to him. He quickly turned on his heel and reached down, grabbing the small red box that the Daemon had thrown on the floor. The one with Harrisons soul in it. He then ran out the hole with Graham, escaping into another hallway.

They sprant as fast as they could, running through any doors they could find. The ship was shaking violently and alarms were blaring. “The daemon should buy us some time!” Parker yelled. “But the ships going down!"
"We're crashing? Where?”
"I don't now!"
“What do we do?”
“I don’t know! Run like hell!”
They ran as fast as their legs could carry them, all the while the alarms continued to blare.

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Lightningsymphony » Tue Jun 28, 2016 10:49 am

Several holes in reality appear in but moments in time, their warp-born nature quite clear by the uniqueness of their shape and appearance, but this is no warp storm or the beginning of one. In fact, slipping through these portals in a show of stately grace were no less then a dozen Astartes Vessels, and first among them the mighty Battle Barge The Eclipsed and it's tri-fold strike cruiser escort. The vessels moving with a rumbling stately grace towards the planet they had come to bear witness to. A world that had only recently been invaded by the masquerading Dominion under orders from Wolcott. They would be determining the future of their place within this war that was rocking this segmentum, and determining their side. A task not easy for the ancient Reclusiarch Rakus-a great warrior of their order and a direct servant of the Council.

"Brothers, we are here to ascertain the likelyhood of an alliance with these Serpians against the Dominion. Though we must also bear in mind we could join this motley assortment." The skull masked warrior tells the fleet at large, "Though I am unsure of the intentions of these rogues who call themselves the Dominion. Reports from both sides of this conflict are quite varying, we need to look for evidence of Heresy on this world. Specifically, reports of a part of a Legion of Chaos marines."

The grim news causes many glances to and fro among the captains of the companies to be deployed. Uncertain this is the best use of their forces-but it seemed logical. They needed this information before they could make any real choices for themselves. Before the Knight turns to the only non-Astartes fighter on board-an Autarch of the Sulvathan Craftworld-Adraius, an Autarch. "We are here Xenos, as directed, where is your fleet that you said would help us?"

"Unlike you Astartes, we Eldar do not need to decieve our allies." Says the Autarch, pointing out in the distance as several vessels simply blink into existence, lead by a single Void Stalker battleship known simply as The Leviathan. "We shall descend to the planet, ensure you are not late Reclusiarch. I doubt my people will be welcome here."

Within moments of arriving in orbit, Eldar ground forces are appearing in the war torn sections of the planet, Dire Avengers keeping watch as Guardians carefully begin searching for information among the ruins. Any Serpians simply told they were investigating the attack and would be leaving when they had the information they sought. Reassuring them they are on their side by mentioning a force of allied Space Marines descending to help the people as well. They would be working hard to ensure they could stay on the good side of all of these people.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Driedguide42 » Thu Dec 22, 2016 9:06 pm

Iaculum Galler field generator

Semos was the only Warden to remain on his feet on the account of the weight of his Terminator armour and as result the Librarian was the first to recover. The Stormtrooper had seemingly thought that blowing the warp drive would stop the Iron Wardens or at the very lest slow the Marines. In reality the stupid mortal had gifted victory to the Librarian. The waves of warp energy that were expelling from the now ruined drive were making it much easier for Semos to summon the powers of the Warp but the advantage would be only momentarily.


Acting swiftly Semos gathered his power and shot bio-electricity at the daemon who recoiled form the sudden psychic attack. It snarled at the warrior and charged forward once again and when Semos attempted to block it attempted rip the shield away.

Daemon "Now fool do you honestly think that your tricks will work on one blessed by the blood god?"

Semos "No but it distracted you long enough for the warp energy to dissipate and without an anchor in this realm you warp spawn weaken"

The Daemon could feel its power fade as its body began to weaken and its new home dimension called for it to return. Once its legs began to give Semos pushed forward and ploughed in to the wall, cracking sounds emitted form the daemons body, however this was drowned out by the once mortals screeching as it was pinned to the wall and then released quickly and allowed to fall on all fours. Semos stepped back and psychically activated his mace and griped it two handed above his head.

Semos "By the grace of Him who sits on the Golden Throne on Terra I here by condemn you back to the foul warp with which you have chosen to have aligned yourself with. You will suffer the full punishment worthy of such a crime at the hands of your so-called God's for only the Emperor alone offers Mercy"

And with that he brought his weapon down with such force that it dented the deck plate and the Daemon faded to the warp.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Sat Dec 24, 2016 1:23 am

The Scions ran.

They ran until they reached a door they couldn't pass. It blocked the corridor and was too thick to try and break down. Parker smashed the butt of his rifle against it anyway, grunting aloud as he did so. "FETHING PIECE OF-"
Graham stood there in silence watching it. It was hopeless, the door wasn't opening and hitting it would do nothing. It didn't seem like Parker felt any different, more like he was trying to take his fustration out on it instead. The longer they stood here the more Grahams attention began to turn elsewhere.
The ship was slowly tilting as the systems were powering down. It was too close to the planets atmosphere to be in true orbit and it was already falling. The engines propulsion had been keeping it up. In a few minutes the door would be the floor. the alarms were blaring and other sirens were going off. Lights flickered and the sound of gunfire still echoed through the walls.
That was to be expected. He figured the marines might have activated their mag-clamps in their boots and still be capable of fighting, though significantly slowed down. Perhaps they would have chosen to evacuate instead? He doubted that. They'd be trying to regain control for at least a few mintues. Enough time to hunt them do-

He felt it. His train of thought stopped. A sharp feeling throughout his spine. He knew why, there was no other explanation.

His entire body stood on end. Parker had given up and was cursing under his breath. He collapsed against the wall opposite Graham and gave him a confused look. "What's your problem?" he demanded.
Despite the clear annoyance in his voice, Graham felt no need to raise his own. "The Daemon's dead. They'll be coming for us if they aren't leaving themselves."
"Just perfect..." Parker took a deep breath, cursed once more and punched the wall.
"...Are you ok-"
"NO I'M NOT FETHING OKAY!!!" he snapped. "Richards just- I mean- DAMMIT!!!" he raised his gun and aimed it back down the way they'd came. "They want a fight I'll fething well give them one!"
Graham readied his rifle as well. He gave it the once over, checking the power was still running into it from the reactor in his backpack. It was. "If we could find cover we could try to win them out in attrition, they have limited ammo and we-"
"Quiet..." It was a growl, aggressive but restrained. Graham did so and waited for the Wardens to arrive. it wouldn't be long, they hadn't gotten very far.

A sudden blinding beam burst through the door and made them both jump. They span and pointed their weapons at it. The beam cut from the ceiling to the ground, then hands pushed through the gap and opened the door wide. It was a Guardsman, a squad of naval security and a techpriest. "Stormtroopers?"
"Militarum Tempestus."
The Guardsman smiled. "Thank the Emperor you're here- what's going on? The engines failing and we've lost all contact with captain-"
"What's going on is we're leaving!" Parker explained as he stepped through the door. "We need to get to teh cargo dock, it's our only way off this thing!"
"But the engine..." The techpriest mumbled meekly as she tried to step past.
Graham silently grabbed her by the shoulders, span her around and pushed her to follow the rest of the group.

They managed to get to the cargo bay quickly. The ship was tilting much faster and they were already starting to slip. Transport craft were being loaded with people who were struggling to run onboard. Pipes burst off walls and cargo boxes slid about. "Come on! Move it!" one of the naval officers standing by a Devourer-class dropship called to no one in particular. It was a relatively large craft, meant for transporting entire companies.
"Let's go, nearest one!" Parker directed the group, pointing at the dropship. there was already quite a few people onboard it but the officer began beckoning them towards it anyway. The group they were with headed straight to it.
There was the sudden sound of bolter fire down the corridor where they'd emerged. Guardsmen and naval security came sprinting out, dragging soldiers soaked in blood and missing huge chunks of their torsos with them. Parker cursed again. "Dammit..."
Another loud noise followed, this time from the ship. The engines were finally offline and the entire thing was at the mercy of the planets gravity. everything shook and shifted. Huge crates came flying out of their restraints and crushed people against the walls. transports began to fall out of the clamps and people were tossed left and right.
They had no time to wait. They scuffled towards the devourer and the naval officer managed to pull them onboard just as the Wardens entered the deck. In a panic of screams and shouting, lasgun fire was exchanged but the marines were already taking cover. They returned bolter fire, mowing down naval and security who were unable to immediately do so themselves. "We need to go!" the naval officer roared down his vox bead.
Parker and Graham took aim with their hotshots in an attempt to help but the transports doors were already closing. It was beginning to take off, the engines roaring. It seemed like they would get away...

A stray bolt round hit the engine shaft.

The devourer shuddered. The passengers screamed. Graham held on tightly to the nearest thing he could as it span out of control towards the planet and leaving the ship far behind them.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Acanthus » Sun Jan 01, 2017 2:43 pm

The lord of the Helios Guard was standing when his Captains arrived in his chambers.

He was wearing his scarred and pitted armor, the deep red of his right arm standing in stark contrast to the bone of the rest of his plate. His skirt of armored chain hunt down across his legs, and his crested helm was at rest upon the table before him. His honor guard were not present, but the Chapter banner, a reaper advancing before a rising sun, was hung on the wall behind his great stone chair. Aside from this embellishment, the room was mostly bare, emblematic of the Spartan style of the Helios Guard. The table around which the Captains and senior officers had gathered was empty as well, save for the carved sun-and-skull of the Chapter and the bowls of protein-laced wine that rested before each chair.

With a short nod, the Chapter Master gave the signal to be seated. All of the assembled officers complied, save for Gerodus, Reclusiarch. Critically injured by a daemon on the planet of Dracoon Primus, Gerodus was now encased in a dreadnought's sarcophagus. Painted in the red-and-bone of the Chapter, it was the great black eagle across the front that marked him for who he was: a Chaplain of the Adeptus Astartes.

Once they had been seated, Acanthus Valorum took a moment to scan the face of each. It was his way. Only those who could meet and hold his cold, black-eyed gaze were deemed worthy of his words. Each of the gathered few had passed this test numerous times, but the Chapter Master never failed to conduct his search for weakness.

Satisfied, Valorum spoke. "My brothers. For the first time since Lucius, we are gathered in all our strength. The hour is late, but there is yet time for what we must do. As you know, while your companies have been on crusade, the Reclusiarch and I have not been idle. We are now at approximately 75% of our optimal strength in full battle-brothers. More than that, we have swelled the ranks of the Tenth Company to twice its normal size. Furthermore, we have gathered six thousand young boys from the harshest worlds across the galaxy for training on Tibur. Reclusiarch Gerodus and I expect that at least sixty of them will prove worthy of our gene-seed." He paused for a moment, allowing what he had said to sink in. The officers gathered had reacted as he had known they would; nods of approval, half-smiles, and more than a few barely audible sighs of relief. Valorum himself never smiled, but on occasions such as these, he allowed himself the barest threat of one. A slight movement behind his short black beard was all there was, but it was a stark shift from his normal grim stoicism.

Judging the moment right, Valorum continued. "The time has come to return to war. Our strength is largely returned, and the Imperium's need is dire. As you know, there have been stirrings of trouble at the Cadian Gate. We cannot ignore this threat. Captain Erioth, you will take your Fourth Company and Captain Olias' Seventh to Cadia. Lend whatever aid you can to the defenders, but be cautious. If it is truly a Black Crusade we face there, then you cannot waste your lives without cause. The Imperium will have need of every Space Marine if it is to survive such an onslaught." Erioth nodded, and Olias slammed an armored gauntlet against his chestplate. "It will be done, my lord. We will take our Company strike cruisers and their escorts, and learn whatever we can of the nature of this threat." Valorum nodded. "You will. But stay until you have heard the rest." Both Captains sat as ordered.

Valorum turned his attention back to the rest of his officers. "The rest of you will remain with me. There is another threat that will require our attention." Once again, a smile threatened to show itself. "The Conclave of Secrets has reconvened. They believe that they have found the Whitestone Fortress. And if they have, the Dominion will not be far behind."

Captain Cvriac, the Avenger, was first to speak. "My lord, I have heard reports that Ashton Wolcott yet lives. If he does...the Dominion may recall him. And if he comes to their aid, his allies in the Thousand Sons will come as well. Two of our hated foes, together as they have not been for years. We can strike the heads from both snakes at once." Huel Daros of the Third, Master of Endurance, nodded his agreement. "And the Ork, Boff, perhaps. The Third is eager to face him again. We have grown practiced at killing his kind." The necklace of Ork teeth around his neck, each plucked from a slain Ork boss, ticked against his ceramite breastplate as his head moved. Captain Korvydon of the Ninth, the Master of Annihilation, growled his assent. "I will stand with you in that fight. The Ninth is ready to unleash hell upon Captain Oberyn's killer." Oberyn and Korvydon, had matched each other's fiery tempers, and the death of the Third Captain had been a painful blow to his battle-brother.

Gerodus spoke for the first time, his vox-augmented voice carrying through the audience chamber. "Remember our last encounter with the Dominion, brothers. Zeal and hate are powerful allies, but they can serve to blind us to our enemy's movements. We cannot rush blindly into battle with the Dominion. We should ascertain their motives and their strength before we act." The Master of Silence, Nero Fredal of the Tenth, nodded. "Agreed. We should conduct an expedition to find where hey have gathered and for what purpose."

Valorum nodded. "Yes. I leave that to you, Captain Fredal. Contact our informants on the worlds nearest where the Fortress had been spotted. Order them to search for information as to the whereabouts of the Dominion. Give them the names of Ashton Wolcott, Boff the Ork, and Surin of the Thousand Sons, but do not tell them why we search for them or where we are." The Chapter Master fixed each officer with another piercing look. "Know this, my brothers. The Dominion thinks us defeated. They glory in defeating the Angels of Death. They laugh at us." His black eyes narrowed, and his pale skin pulled tight across his gaunt face. "They will not be laughing much longer."
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Lightningsymphony » Sun Jan 01, 2017 4:21 pm

-The year: 31 Millennium, the Horus Heresy-

The handful of vessels of the World Eaters Legion, captured by the Forgelord Jairo of the same legion from traitors that had since been killed, slowly moved through the void of stars. The grey-blue of their hulls marking them as different from their once-brothers, the legion that at current rampaged with Horus-the Traitorous Warmaster. A report had placed the traitors moving several undermanned cruisers through a system in segmentum obscuris towards the main battle lines. A threat the imperium could not muster the forces to counter. However, Praetor Jairo and his small band of warriors had the ships and position to be able to counter the traitor movement.

Though they likely would not survive such an encounter-their single battleship-the Oberon class, which had been renamed as 'War Hound' after their former legion title-was simply not strong enough to take the enemy down even with the three strong cruiser escort and it's two Grand Cruiser warships that accompanied them. They simply would be outmatched by the twenty strong fleet of the enemy. The Astartes however, were determined to make as many of the enemy suffer as they could before the end.

"Engage the warp drives as soon as able, we cannot allow them any chance of escape. We must capture or destroy these vessels as soon as possible." Was the command that would launch the fleet on their course. Though it would be completely off the course then they could have possibly predicted.

-The Year: 41st Millennium, Present Day-

The small fleet of warships seemed to fall out of the warp mere moments later, the crew scanning and looking over the system-but it was not the system they had at first set course for. In fact, they did not recognize the system, as all of it's planets were out of alignment from any known system. There were ships in the distance, but unrecognized vessels. Their design different yet similar to vessels within recent knowledge.

"Logistics! Where are we? Where is the fleet we were going to ambush?" Demanded the Praetor, looking disturbed under his helmet, though no one could see it. The Mark III helmet revealing nothing to the crew of his battleship. His hands at the ships scanners, working in an attempt to maximize the chances of their discovered area of arrival.

"I am unsure my lord. We can see at least one fleet near us, we shall attempt to hail them and seek information. We shall find out soon enough."

Debate was headed among the captains of each vessel, but simplicity and honest was considered the best choice. Lest they be attacked by the overwhelming strength of their possible enemy, as said enemy outnumbered their small fleet. "This is Praetor Jairo of the Lost Sons, Formerly of the traitorous World Eaters. What is the name of this system, and who is your commanding officer?"

Was the request from the ancient vessel, older then the imperium. Yet the voice would ring well with anyone who knew of the World Eaters before the fall of the imperium. Leaving those with such knowledge-or perhaps even friendship-with a much easier time being able to deal with such a request. Not to mention able to call upon such skill and arms of the World Eaters.

(I am unsure who to put this toward, so I'm just going to offer it in general. Whichever side wishes to reply to it.)
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