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Battle for Serpia, part 4...
It had been hours.

It could only have been hours.

Wolcott felt like his insides were tearing out through his side. It took him a full minute to muscle up the strength to wipe the dust from his face. The light burned. As he painstakingly pulled himself up he began to put together the situation he was in.
The Valkyrie had crashed, and everyone inside had died. He could see Sargent Redwoods corpse with several pipes protruding from his chest. The decorated veteran, and his squad. All dead. He’d wondered why he was the one who survived but he heard the familiar drone of his refractor shield and figured it was the only solution.
He spent another few minutes trying to get up. His body was pumping blood back into his legs and he could only stumble.
Once that was done he groaned. Cautiously, he reached for the Valkyrie door controls and pressed the button. It wouldn’t open, as to be expected. The hole that had been ripped in the wall was his only way out. He readied himself and stepped out.
The city centre was filled with ash. Destroyed buildings cloaked in debris. Everything beyond a few metres was blurry and he could feel a throbbing in his forehead. He looked about to see if he could spot anyone.
Everyone was dead. He began to walk, dragging himself forward. To his fortune, the feeling of pins and needles in his legs was starting to disappear, but his mood couldn’t be lifted. He passed rows of guardsmen. Mostly blown apart, their insides littering the ground. He almost tripped over a severed arm at one point.
As he got near a line of destroyed chimeras he noticed the Spireguard troops lying dead near a barricade. Soldiers of the Thousand Sons. Not just them but there was even a couple of marines.
He made his way over to them. He rolled one over, what looked like a sorcerer he couldn’t recognise. Dead just like the guardsmen.
He sighed and checked the body. There was a hole going though it’s torso, and its communication equipment had been short circuited. But, it had some stuff still useful.
A warp grenade and a bolt pistol. The staff wasn’t of much use and he severely doubted that he could use the other marines botlers. The bolt-pistol it would have to be then. Held with both hands.
He attached the warp grenade to his belt and held the heavy bolt pistol with his stronger left arm. It was then that he heard someone’s voice; “Agh!”
It was confused and in pain, like a restrained grunt. “Hello?” he called out.
“Wolcott?” The voice replied. A woman’s. He stepped away from the sorcerer and passed around a large pile of rubble to see an injured guardswoman on the floor.
“Yeah, it’s me.” he called over to her.
She was one of Redwoods squad, the woman Rachel who’d fell out of the Valkyrie. He could tell by her carapace armor but it hadn’t stopped her leg from twisting all the way around as she’d hit the ground. “h-ARRgh-Hey… sir…” she grunted in response to him.
“You hurt?” he asked.
“Kinda…” she said through clenched teeth. “But I’m fine, I just need to-“
There was movement in the foggy dust cloud. Someone there. “Hey!” she called out to them. “We’re over here, if you can-“
Several beams of light burst forth, hitting her all over. Wolcott jumped in shock. If she wasn’t dead before she sure was now.

Several soldiers emerged from the clouds, wearing the colours of Serpia. Wolcott quickly ran back and skidded behind a destroyed Leman Russ. Two of them approached the woman they’d just shot while the others spread out. “There was another voice!” the squad leader said.
Wolcott growled and took a deep breath. He readied the bolt-pistol, took aim, and fired directly at the sergeant.
There was an ear-piercing bang, followed by an explosion of gore, then the patter of body parts hitting the floor. The Serpians screamed but Wolcott continued to fire. He cut two more down as they too ran for their own cover.
“Return fire!” someone yelled as Wolcott blew a chunk of his cover away. Ashton could hear the shouting from others in the clouds, further away but not too far. There others nearby, lots more. He kept pulling the trigger until he heard the clip.
“FETH!” he spat.
He began to sprint away and chucked it in their direction. “Grenade!” someone shouted by mistake. It wasn’t a grenade but that mistake would give him a moments head start. He sprant. He sprant for hs life.
After ten seconds he could hear them giving chase. They were shouting and firing randomly, the clouds of dust blocking their vision as much as his.
Walls exploded nearby him. Bits of earth was kicked up and red beams narrowly missed him. He could hear the sound of engines behind him. A transport of some kind.

Eventually he came out of the clouds and into a large opening of clean air. It was the promenade he’d arrived at when he first got to the city centre. He got a good view of most of the city here.

It was totalled. Without the void shield the Serpians had had free reign to fire artillery as they pleased. He could see smoke everywhere, and hundreds of aircraft flying through the sky. Finally, for the first time, the scale of what had happened was clear to him.
He’d lost. There was still heavy fighting going on some areas but it didn’t matter. They had no chance.
A las-beam hit him square in the middle of the back and knocked him over. He landed on top of a dead lieutenant he didn’t recognise and had to push himself off. The refractor shield had saved his life but it was seriously low on energy.
Three Serpians came running out of the cloud and one stamped their foot on him. They raised their guns. “What do we have here?”
“Looks like an officer!”
“A Captain?”
“Could be…”
Wolcott suddenly noticed the dead Guardsman lieutenant had a lasgun next to him with the bayonet drawn.
“Wait…” one of the Serpians said. “Isn’t that… the Brigaider?”
“yeah!” Another agreed. “HEY!!!” He shouted behind him to more Serpians that were emerging from the clouds. “We got Wolcott! Call HQ, tell them-“
Wolcott grabbed for the bayonet and twisted his body. He rammed it into the throat of the Serpian on top of him and reached for his las pistol. The next Serpian trooper tried to fire but the refractor field just about held. Wolcott shot him right in the face and the same with the other.
The other Serpians tried to raise their guns as Wolcott got up but their sergeant raised his palm. “HOLD YOU FIRE!!!”
“He’s got nowhere to run, cut him off!!!”

Wolcott tried to sprint down the promenade. The Serpians weren’t firing at him but where they shouting at him to stop. As he was running he noticed a series of arial transports headed in his direction. A squadron of Valkyries and a thunderhawk gunship encircled overhead.
“No, no, no, no…” he muttered helplessly as he continued running. For a brief minute he’d hoped he could get away, but as Serpian Tauroxes pulled up on the promenade about 100 foot ahead of him, he knew he was surrounded.
He came to a stop and keeled forward, having lost his breath. The Serpians kept their distance and raised their guns as the Thunderhawk and Valkyries came down to land.
He looked about the ground desperately. There was a few dead guardsmen with weapons. They wouldn’t be of much use to him… but… he might as well.
He staggered over to them and pulled out the first thing he could see, a power sword. He swung it slowly and activated it, the energy rippling off it. The Serpians stayed their ground. He expected they’d think he wouldn’t be stupid enough to try and use it, but he still had a warp grenade on him. They didn’t know about that.
He felt his side stinging and leant forward, resting his hand on his stomach.
Everything had gone so wrong, everything had…
Once he got back his breath, he looked up at the visitor stepping off the Thunderhawk, not 20 foot away. It was a large collection of Serpians in carapace, led by the man himself.

Xavier took the cigar from his mouth and blew out a huge puff of smoke, for a second blocking the view of his entire head. “I got say… you got some big ones, boy!” he placed it back in his mouth, holding it in position with his teeth.
Wolcott stood there for a second. The man was much bigger than he was, and strongly built. A clear warrior, unlike him.
But he no longer cared.
Wolcott practically began to cackle, a hideously nasty laugh. “Boy? BOY!?!” he raised his arms and span around a single time. “Look at this!!! Could a boy do this!?! Could a mere child cause all of this!!!”
“No.” Xavier nodded. “This takes conviction.”
Wolcott nodded. “It does. The sort that my people have, and yours don’t!”
“Don’t we?”
Wolcott shook his head. “No. You’re weak!!!”
“And yet…” Xavier removed the cigar and chucked it to the floor. “In front of me stands a small man, barely out of his teens, the leader of an army that lays in ruins at his feet. You took us by surprise, nothing more. You’re no leader, just a pirate. A lucky piece of inbred scum that murdered MY people, attacked MY planet, and slaughtered the innocents I SWORE to protect…” he stood on the cigar, putting it out.
Wolcott laughed again. “And I’d do it again!”
“WHY!?!” Xavier yelled. “What was the point of all this!?!”

“The point,” Ashton said with curved lips, “is that I can.”

The Serpians seemed to be horrified by his response. Xavier even was taken aback for a second, but he quickly regained his composure, his brow furrowing and his face turning red with rage. “Because. You… Can?”
Wolcott nodded. His smirk had disappeared and he now spoke with a serious tone. “I should have murdered you all from orbit. Wipe out every disgusting microbe you call your people in a single go!”
Xavier shook his head. “You’re insane…”
“I might be. I don’t really care either way.”
Xavier took a few steps forward, gesturing for his men to hold their fire. “Well you should… because your lucks ran out, little boy.”
“It appears I’ve made myself unpopular doesn’t it. So what? You won’t kill me, you’re not trying to kill me, are you?”
Xavier didn’t respond. Wolcott knew he was right. “You need me alive. A bargaining chip. You kill me, Kestral will send everything after you. Well it makes no difference… because I’ll come back. I’ll just come back again and start another war! Kill and destroy even more of you! And do you know why? DO YOU!?! IT’S BECAUSE I’LL NOT HEAR ANOTHER SLAVE RACE-LECTURE ME-ABOUT FETHING MORALITY!!!”
“Ash…” said a familiar voice, coming from the Thunderhawk, but he didn’t hear it properly.
“This planet belongs to me,” he continued, “it all belongs to me!!!”
“Ash, please…” the voice said again. Familiar but weak.
Ashton began to slow down as he recognised it. “And… and I will… I’ll…”
“Ash… just stop.”

Xavier smirked for the first time, and stepped aside. The Serpians behind him stepped aside as well, making a path.
Wolcott watched in silence as The Sisters of Battle lead someone off the transport. “Traitors!” he was about to shout at them, before he saw her. He’d recognised the voice but he hadn’t expected… this…

Caroline was shoved forward like a prisoner, but she wore no handcuffs. Her head had been shaved and her Armor stripped off. She was covered in fresh scars and cuts, her robe having had the sleeves ripped off and torn all over.

She looked at him.
He looked back at her, tears swelling up in his eyes. “Wh…”
“You need to stop.” She said simply.
He didn’t seem to hear though. “What… what happened…”
“Ash, please…. Just stop already.”
“What happened to you…”
The sororitas stood in silence and the serpians shuffled about uncomfortably. Xavier raised his chin at her. “She got exactly what she deserved. I forget the term…”
“Repentia.” Valentine corrected him, still wearing her own power Armor.
“Yes.” He nodded.

Caroline looked at Ashton, looking right into his eyes. “It’s over… Ash, everything’s over… just…”
“No…” he pleaded.
“If you give up, we can still save as many as we can…” she explained. “There’s no way out of this just… please… for me.”
“Ash! Just for once, do the right thing!” She argued back. “We can’t keep doing this! You can’t! If you give up, you can still…” her voice caught in her throat.

Ash felt his body go numb. “…still what…”
“Fix everything, make everything better! You can get the Kestrals to surrender, to leave… no one else has to die, you can… you can still redeem yourself in the emperors life you can-“
“-No, that won’t happen! There’s no going back for me now!”
“Don’t be an idiot!” Xavier interjected. “I’m willing to let your army live if you surrender yourself right now.”
“Is that what you want?”
“Oh believe me.” Xavier said dryly. “If I could I’d tear you apart piece by piece right at this moment…”
Wolcott looked back to Caroline. She’d been beaten, stripped of her Armor and humiliated. All because of him, all because…


This isn’t me!
This is their fault!
I didn't do this, they did! Valentine, the traitorous sisters, Xaviers, the Serpians, everyone, everyone who’d defied me!
If everyone just did as I said, everything would be fine…

He looked down at his fist, his fist grasping the power sword. “They did this to you…”
Caroline shook her head. “No, Ashton, please, you need to-“
“Caroline… it’s okay.” He nodded. “I’m going to fix everything.”
Xavier grinned pleased with everything and Caroline smiled slightly. “R-really?”
He nodded. “Yes.”
Xavier lit another cigar. “So you’re surrendering?”
Ashton tightened his hand around the swords grip. “Oh yeah…” he growled. “I’m going to surrender…”

He sprang into action, leaping right at Xavier, sword raising. “I’LL SURRENDER YOUR FETHING HEAD!!!”

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

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Battle for Serpia, final part...
Xavier unsheathed his rapier and powered it up at the last possible second. It was enough to save his life. Had he waited a moment longer Wolcotts blade would have passed through his jugular. He parried the blade and knocked Wolcott aside.
But that wouldn’t stop him. The boy screeched almost inhumanly and span. His blade extended and Xavier had to again parry it.
Wolcott yelled in anger another time and struck again, and again and again.
His attacks were wild, a berserker rage. He wasn’t thinking about it, his mind overcome with thoughts of hatred. Xavier meanwhile stood his ground, carefully planning his footsteps. The soldiers all around were hesitant to stand by and watch but they knew that the High Lord-General would have ordered them to save him by now.
“You’re a fast little b*stard, I’ll give you that!” The old man spat.
Wolcott didn’t let down his assault, still swinging madly with huge, broad motions. “JUST DIE ALREADY!!!”
“I think not…” Xavier replied and feinted. Wolcott swiped past him completely. Xavier now turned on his heel and kicked with his alternate leg, knocking Wolcotts from him. The boy almost flipped, landing on his back with a thud.

He cursed and quickly rolled away back onto his front. “You think that would have made me surrender? Do you?”
“Knocking you down, Id assume so-“
“-Bringing Caroline here! Like this! What you’ve done to her!!!”
Xavier’s eyebrow raised at Caroline and she didn’t say anything, just looked down at the ground solemnly. He looked back to the boy and smirked.
There was a crackling sound in the sky. “Ah, you hear that?” Xavier grinned. “That’s the sound of ship warp portals. That’s the sound of reinforcements arriving. More allies of mine, you understand?”

Wolcott breathed heavily and got back to his feet. More ships… he had more ships… “Feth it!” He leapt into battle again.
This time thought he showed far more constraint. His blade struck for the kill, but Xavier again parried. Now Wolcott brought his blade back and readied it in the appropriate position, waiting for an opportunity to hit again. “You think you’re any better than me?”
He went in for a jab and Xavier dodged. He brought a follow up strike, going for the man’s legs but he knocked it aside. “In what possible contemplation could I not be?”

Wolcott feinted to strike in one direction brought instead went for another. He managed to hit xaviers armor with a tremendous spark but had to leap back to miss a return blow. “I did what I did because I can, would you not do the same?”
Xavier spat and went in for a strike himself. He aimed for the boys arms, but the boy parried him aside. “I’ll show you what I’ll do!”
“But exactly that! Revenge! You want to kill me don’t you? Even though you say you need me prisoner you want me dead! Don’t you! Admit it! You’d do anything, anything to get revenge for what happens here!”

Xavier and Wolcott struck and parried a few more times. Xavier watched Wolcott intently. He seemed to be trying to antagonise him, get him to fight harder. The boy may have been in a mindless rage before but he was pulling some sort of trick now.
As Xavier felt his legs start to weaken he realised what it was. Wolcott may be a short man but he was a young man. With every strike Xavier could feel his years. Wolcott was tiring him out. This was why he was trying to upset him.
Xavier stepped away and Wolcott pressed on with his attack. Xavier blocked him calmly and carefully, causing Wolcott to smirk. Suddenly the boy went into a flurry of fast attacks. “One of us might as well die here-General-because it doesn’t end here, does it!?! You want revenge! You’ll kill anything that gets in your way-just like me!!! You’ll-“

Wolcott stopped and backed away, leaving Xavier standing there on his last legs. HE wiped the sweat from his brow and turned, panting for air. Caroline was looking at him, a look of pleading on her face. “Why do you keep doing this?”
“Doing what?”
“Fighting… you don’t need to fight him, nothing will come of it!”
“So you want me to surrender!?!” he argued. “To him!!!”
“YES!!!” she yelled.
“WHY!!!” he yelled back.
“Because I don’t want you to die! I don’t want anyone else to die for nothing! You’re not going to stop anything like this, you’re just going to get more people killed!”
“And!?!” he blurted. “This planet is a threat to us, to Kestral! I’m keeping my people safe, that’s all I’ve ever done!!!”
She slowly shook her head. “No.”
His entire body felt weak. “What…”
“You never did any of this for Kestral. You only did it for yourself.”
“Because I know what’s best for all these annoying little people that-“
“You did it because…” she grit her teeth as she said it. “because you’re a traitor…”
“Me-Look at what they did to you!!!”
She shook her head, tears welling up in her eyes. “You still don’t get it, you stupid idiot. They didn’t do this to me, I made them. They only told me I had to try and get you to give up, I made them do this to me!”

He stood there for a moment, not registering what she said. Xavier took this as an opportunity, running up and striking.
But Wolcott was spry. He twisted and blocked the blade. Xavier almost fell past but caught himself and tried to hit again, his breath failing on him. “Too many cigarettes?” Wolcott mocked.
“You’re… you’ll…” Xavier tried to respond, but he was right. His breath was going. It had been so many years since he’d been in a fight, his sheer size advantage over the boy wasn’t enough.
He went for one last, desperate strike, putting his full weight into a stab at Wolcotts stomach. He missed. Wolcott responded by raising his blade and bringing it down with his full body weight, severing Xaviers hand at the wrist.

The Serpians all gasped and began to raise their weapons as they watched their High Lord-Generals hand and rapier fall to the floor. Xavier himself had only a second to take in what had happened when Wolcott span and struck his chest with the blade. It shattered and exploded in sparks against eh carapace, making the soldiers cover their eyes in protection and short circuiting Wolcotts refractor shield.
Xavier was flung back off his feet and rolled against the ground, no longer able to fight. The blade Wolcott held was now broken, but he needed to act fast. He skidded towards Xavier and grappled him. The man fought but not quick enough. Wolcottt wrapped an arm around his neck and pulled out a grenade, just as the Serpian troops began to shout.
He pulled the pin from the Vortex grenade but held the trigger down, causing Xavier to stop struggling. He could have easily thrown Wolcott off himself, but that wouldn’t be a wise decision.
“This is a Vortex grenade! Anyone even tries anything, I’m takin us both to the warp and back, you hear me!?!” The Serpains made motions like they were about to act but their officers ordered them to hold. They weren’t prepared to risk it.

As Wolcott looked about nervously, Caroline stepped forward. “What now?”
“What now?” he spat back.
“What are you going to do now? There’s no way out of this, you need to-“
“-Why do you keep telling me to surrender!!!” he shouted at her. “You were supposed to kill him, not… why would…”
“Ashton…” she started. “This has to stop! Its gone on long enough, nothing will come of it. I can’t turn my back on the Emperor and I…”
“Shut up!” he said. “You made me listen to you before, so now you’re now you’re going to listen to me!” Xavier struggle slightly but Wolcott only shook the grenade, letting him know it was still there.
He looked straight at Caroline, his face white. “I… I did everything for you… everything… and I would have done anything…”
“You can’t do anything now Ash-“
“SHUT UP!!!” he screamed. It made her jump back slightly. “You ruined it!” he continued at her. “Everything I’ve done, you ruined it all! You could have killed him and we’d have won! Destroyed this rock and-“
“-I don’t want it destroyed!” she shouted back.
“Does it matter!!!” He shouted back. “These people are dead anyway, whether its by me or someone else! I don’t care about what happens to them- I only care about what happens to you!”
“What are you even saying!”
“That I-“ he gritted his teeth and crunched his face up. Then he came out with it. “I love you! All right? I love you! Do you… you feel the same don’t you?”

She hesitated. “I want to…” Then she turned away, her voice going soft. “But I don’t. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry but… I really… really… don’t…”

Ashton seemed to freeze.

He looked at her for a few seconds, a distant, hollow look in his eyes. “…oh…” was all he could mutter.
The silence continued for a few seconds more, before he finally released his hold on Xavier. The old man fell forward, gasping for air. Two Serpian soldiers ran forth, keeping their eyes on Wolcott to make sure he wouldn’t act. He didn’t. They grabbed their High Lord-General and dragged him back to the rest of the men, several gathering around to check his condition.
Caroline took a step towards him and smiled. “Ashton… listen to me, everything’s going to be fine.”
He didn’t say anything.
“You just need to listen to me, okay. They’re going to let everyone go. The Kestrals. You just need to-“
“Give up…” he whispered.
She nodded. “For me.”
He closed his eyes. “For you?”
He looked up t her. The face of concern he had before was gone, replace by a look of pure, unaltered contempt. “Why would I do anything for you?”
She was confused. “Wh-what?”
He smiled madly. “You ruined everything…” he loosened his fingers around the grenade trigger, but didn’t drop it.

“Feth!” The Serpains cursed. “Move! Live grenade!”
They backed away quickly, dragging Xavier with them. “Wh-what-what’s going on…” the old man grumbled.
The sororitas began to take steps back to, but Caroline stepped forward toward Wolcott. “What are you doing!!!”
“You ruined everything…” he repeated.
“I would have given you anything and you just betrayed me…” he seethed.
“ASH!!! THROW IT!!!” she begged.
“You chose them over me.” He said calmly. “They’ll have you die a repentia, when I could have made you so much more than that.” He grinned. “You ruined it all you worthless, backstabbing, FETHING LITTLE CUN-“

He was cut off as the grenade in his hand detonated.

A rift opened up inside him, causing him to scream. It expanded quickly into a black hole, blasting out and sucking warp energy. Caroline watched in abject horror as Wolcott collapsed in himself.

…Dragged into the warp.

“No-“ she muttered. The warp rift expanded, crackling with supernatural and violent energy. Ripples like lightning scorched along the concrete pavement.
She took an involuntary step towards it, her arm outstretched. “I need… to-“ A bolt of energy stuck her and sent her flying through the air. She soared backwards and rolled along the floor smacking her head.

The last thing she saw as she fell unconscious was palatine Valentine grab her arm and began to pull her away, away from the warp rift that was sucking everything in.


Xavier was finally getting back onto his feet after his men had dragged him all the way down the path from the warp rift. He looked at it as it expanded, and much to his annoyance consumed the Thunderhawk. It seemed the pilot had been able to abandon it in time.
“So…” he groaned. “He’s gone…”
“Seems that way…” an officer nodded.
He sighd. “Little… well now there’s no way we’ll get his army to surrender. Seems we’ll have to kill them all.”
“Yes sir, I’ll give the order right away.”
“Good. Someone keep an eye on this warp rift, make sure it doesn’t-“
“Sir!” a comms-officer shouted. “you may want to hear this!”
“Is about the fleet that just arrived?”
“Yes sir.”
“Great, I look forward to hearing from our new allies.” He eyed the sisters that were surrounding the unconscious Caroline. “I’d love to inform them of the new… alteration…”
“No but- sir, that’s the problem. The new fleet aren’t our reinforcements.”
Xavier felt his heart stop beating momentarily. “…what!?!”


The Kestral Dauntless ships fired down bright, white energy beams against the retreating ships while the Retribution class ship, the Bellum Avis, circled around alongside the Thousand Sons ships. It’s broadside weapons were aimed directly at the enemy fleet, daring them to try and engage.
“Are we sure we can trust them?” Admiral Collins asked, tapping her fingers suspiciously on her chairs arm-rests.
“Not a chance in hell.” Solstice confirmed. Alarms blared violently as a lance shot from a Serpian ship dissipated against the Bellum Avis’s void shields. “But they aren’t firing at us at least.”
“Incoming hail!” Someone shouted.
“Bring it up.” The admiral said with a lazy gesture.

A large holographic image appeared on the viewing screen in the middle of the bridge. It projected a larger than life likeness of Admiral Hipper from the Thousand Sons ships. Behind him they could see officers and crew scrambling around as sparks flew off control panels. “This is Admiral Hipper of the sons of Osiris, do not fire! We are allied with the Kestral forces on this planet under-“
“Yes.” Solstice interrupted him, stepping forward and crossing her arms. “Your ships were in Traxis, your lord sent me a message, remember?”
“Yes, you’re another of the prestige Wolcott family I believe?”
“General-Major Solstice Wolcott of the Kestral 8th Division. We were informed that there were Kestrals upon this world, evidently things are a bit out of control, would you say?”
“contact with the ground units is still intact, but we’ve not had the ability to get them back up.“
“Well now we’re here. once we’ve established control of the situation, we’ll get about-“
“With all due respect, Major-General!” he interrupted her, "That isn’t an ideal situation! We’ve suffered heavy casualties and the enemy might be bringing more reinforcements any second!”
“Might they…” she rubbed her chin. And who exactly are these enemies? “In that case begin mass evacuation. You collect your forces, we’ll collect ours.”
“Of course.” Hipper agreed. He was about to say something else but Admiral Collins cut the channel before he could.

She leaned over in her chair towards Solstice. “Those are Imperial ships out there, Mordian and Tallern identification. And in the middle, that’s a marine cruiser. Now, I may just be an Admiral, but these ships our friends here are on aren’t exactly standard issue to me.”
She was right. The Thousand Sons ships were ornate in design and clearly heavily modified. Although there was nothing on them explicitly signalling them as Chaos ships, they clearly weren’t Imperial to anyone half-intelligent.
“Be that as it may, it’s always, ALWAYS better to know the situation before you start acting on it. We lead them back to Traxis, if they start anything there we immediately outnumber and overwhelm them.”
“I suppose.”
“Establish contact with our forces on the ground, I want to be put on with the highest commanding officers, yesterday.”
The Admiral nodded and gave out a few orders. “see what we can find.”
The comms-officer got to work right away. “This is Bellum Avis, broadcasting on all channels. Any kestrel forces on Serpia, reply as soon as possible, I repeat…”

It continued for a few minutes, lots of responses coming in all at once. Eventully they found who they were looking for.
“We have a Colonel Owens.” An officer called out.
“Owens?” Solstice questioned. “I don’t remember a Colonel Owens.”
“Bring it up.” The Admiral said.
A holographic image appeared, this time showing Owens as the sound of explosions and lasfire provided a backdrop. “This is acting-colonel Owens of the Kestral 83rd Brigade, at your service!” he saluted the Aquilla over his chest.
Solstice saluted back. “Greetings Owens, you’re acting-Colonel?”
“Yes, our command staff was KIA on…” he hesitated. Something stopping him from speaking any further. “I’ll explain later, can’t right now!”
He’s hiding something. “Is Brigadier Wolcott there?”
“He was, but I’ve lost contact. Last I heard he was heading up to the Th- I mean, Sons of Osiris ships.”
He’s here? her lips curled against her will or better judgement. Part of her wasn’t sure if she’d find him here, but so she had.
“Great! All right, Owens, I’m Solstice, Solstice Wolcott. Hello.”
Owens stared blankly. “Um… Hello, Major-General.”
“Now that’s out of the way, what’s your situation?”
“We’re surrounded. We’ve got most of our men and women on mass-transport ships but we can’t get up in the air!”
“I see.” She nodded.
“We got another transmission, an acting-colonel McKinley!”

Solstice cocked her head. “McKinley? Bring them up as well.”
[/i] The image of Owens moved to the left and a similar sized image of Amelia McKinley appeared next to them. The fighting in the background of her transmission was much louder, and she herself looked like she’d been fighting. Her face was drenched half in blood and she appeared to be in shellshock.
“You McKinley?”
She waited for a second then nodded. Almost whispering. “Yes ma’am…” under her breath. “We’re in… in the same… in the same situation. Most of us are-“ there was the sound of a nearby explosions and she snapped her head sideways, then back to the transmission. “Most of us are in ships, ready to take off. We just can’t. The Serpians have air control, we don’t.”
“Well you do now.” Solstice grinned. “Both of you, I want co-ordinates and locations of enemy anti-air emplacements. We’ll blow them away, clear the skies for you. Don’t hesitate, get everyone you can off planet, understand.”
“Yes Major-General.” They both said.
“oh, and one more thing. Neither of you are actual Colonels but you’ve both done… extremely well given the circumstances. Kestral couldn’t be prouder of you.”

They both looked at her in silent surprise, having not expected a compliment like that. It was almost as if they weren’t used to anything other than being berated. “Um…” Owens started. “yes ma’am, thank you ma’am.”
“Thank you.” McKinley nodded, and they both terminated their transmissions.
As the evacuation was carried out and infantry transport ships began to head down and from the surface, the Admiral looked at Solstice. “That was-“
“Doesn’t matter now, we get everyone on board, and then we leave.” She turned to go and do another task, but before she did so she looked back. “Oh, and one more thing. Tell them to bring back any Kights… if they can.”

Over the next few hours, the Kestral fleet laird down suppressing fire on the city, around the Kestral held positions. Slowly but surely they evacuated as much as they could. They managed to get most of them on board by the time that the enemy fleet began to come back around for another attack.
Solstice and Admiral Collins were watching the oncoming ships on the holographic display port when the doors to the bridge opened and Owens entered with Nakhimov. “Owens.” Solstice greeted. “And uh…”
“Counter Admiral Nakhimov of the Sons of Osiris, at your service General-Major.” He said with a bow. He spoke with a wryly smile. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
“likewise…” she said calmly. There was a flirting nature to his voice, but one that suggested he was deliberately making her uncomfortable to size her up. See how she’d react rather than to actually try anything. She didn’t like it either way and made it clear in her body language. “Owens, is everyone on board?”
“that I know of Ma’am. 70,000 guardsmen, four platoons of Leman Russes, a single Valkyrie company and a few more. We at least salvaged nearly all of our artillery though, and we got the shadowsword back.”
“A Shadowsword? Really?”
“Yeah, it got flipped over but the gunner, Jessica, she managed to flip it back over.”
“I look forward to meeting her then.”
“I don’t know about that…” Owens shuffled about. “She’s a bit… unpleasant. That’s personal though, she’s a dedicated-“
“No, I understand. You manage to salvage any knights?”
“Brilliant! And Ashton?”
“…we… havn’t been able to locate him.” His voice was kind of depressed. At first she thought he was faking, and he didn’t seem to be, but there was something there. Genuine concern, if only small.
“He’s not on our ships either.” Nakhimov added.
“Then we go back. “Solstice nodded. “I want-“

Alarms began to blare again as lance fire hit the shields. “Major-General!” Admiral Collins called. “We got leave this system!”
“But my brother-“
“Will still be alive. He’s a high value target, there’s no way they’d kill him.”
Solstice clenched her fist. All this way and she still didn’t have him. She was so close!
She sighed audibly. “Fine. We make for Traxis immediately. Once we’re there we’ll begin negotiations to get him back.”
“Negotiations?” Owens questioned.
“There’s no way he’s dead, he can’t be dead. He isn’t. Everything will be fine once we get to Traxis.” she nodded. “you’ll see.”

As the more ships for the conclave of seekers warped into the system, the Kestral and Thousand Sons fleet also warped out.

Heading back to Traxis.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

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OOC: Just so everyone knows due to Acanthus' disappearance I am taking my force out of Fivos placing them here.
Aboard the Gorgons Wrath, Imperial Naval Station Nova

A grey battle barge sits just out of range of the station obscured in the asteroid belt facing the the edge of system, it's escort of Nova frigates attending it, ready to strike at a moments notice.

Auron, Capitan of the Iron Wardens 1st company stood on the bridge, clad in his Grey mark 4 Maximus Armour, helmet mag-clamped to his waist, and stared out into the void. He turned around to the centre of bridge and the holo table. Around the table were three of his companies commanders and at various stations mortals worked endlessly to keep the Wrath at maximum alert. The grey marine clad in Mark 6 spoke first.
Mallis"I am surprised that the navy granted us the use this station for our investigation"
Auron"You shouldn't be we have waited for weeks and no ships have arrived to reinforce the position, besides you expect a navy commander to defy the will of the Adeptus Astartes?"

Torval"Not when we have the fire power on this noble ship alone to destroy this pathetic excuse for defence force" The techmarine growled highlighting a list of ships on the holo table "the wars across the sector have severely depleted the forces avalible to keep consent patrols"

Auron"I will be sure to highlight that fact to the Mechanicus when I send our report of our findings..."

Nav Officer "My lord's sensors are picking up an craft exiting the warp"

Mallis"Do we have visual?"

Nav Officer"Yes Lieutenant forwarding it to your station now"

The holo on the table display shows the sensor data then highlight's the contact. A 3d projection of a Dauntless class cruiser appears on the table, sections are highlighted and corresponding data appears showing everything from energy leaves to damage assents.

Torval"Capitan ship registry confirms that this is of Kestrel origin"

Auron"Excellent, Mallis hail them once we begin interception inform them that we are coming aboard, while I am gone the ship is yours, Semos you will also remain here, if there is any sorcery in play inform me immediately"

Semos"I will remain vigilant Capitan"

Mallis merly nodded and moved to the ships command console.

Auron"Torval you will accompany myself 1st veteran squad and 6th Tactical squad in meeting their officers, Mallis tell Chaplin Thortes to get 3rd veteran ready for teleportation and all tactical and assault squads ready to board should the Kestrels make the foolish decision to refuse us"

With that the Captain and tech marine left the bridge and made their way to the hanger.

Gorgon's Wrath Hanger bay

Upon entering the hanger the two officers made hast to the grey Thunderhawk and the Marines that stood at attention in front of it. Half were wearing turquoise helms that marked them as veterans of the Company, the others wore the simple grey of their chapter complete the the turquoise trim and the left shoulder pad that was coated in the red of the Mechanicus. The Vanguard sergeant Henricos addressed Aroun

Henricos "awaiting your orders Capitan"

Auron"Excellent" He address the assembled Marines "Wardens, our mission here is a simple but critical. As you all know the Forge world Lucius is lost to the Imperium of Man. Of all the forces that took part in that battle under the imperium's banner only the Kestrels have failed to mention anything of their involvement on the planet. We are here to verify the claims of the Helios Guard and the surviving tech-priests and make sure that the Kestrels face the consequences"

Henricos "How capable are these Kestrels"

Auron"what we have learned is that they are numerous even for a Guard force, however they are no Death Korps or Steel Legion, they are weak in will once faced with their betters and their officers on Lucius showed a large amount of incompetence. However they also completely merciless, willing to make large sacrifices both on their end and non combatants, give them no mercy should they resist"


And with that the Marines all boarded the Thunderhawk which quickly set out into the void.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

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Everyone aside from the ships captain and second Lieutenant stood at attention as Commissar Resnov stumbled through the door on crutches. The guard closest to the door stepped over in a gesture to help him but Resnov waved the young man off. "I'm fine." he said confidently. "To your duties everyone."
Everyone relaxed and went back to what they were doing moments before he'd entered.

The Captain had been pacing frantically. He approached Resnov with a relieved face. "Commissar, glad to see your well and up, but you really should be resting."
"Your concern is appreciated Captain but not necessary. I've rested enough, how long was I unconscious?"
"Quite a while. We left the Dracoon system weeks ago. You need a shave."
Resnov grinned and stroked the beard that had grown on his face. "Hah, you're right. anyway, where are my manners? Commissar Resnov." he held his hand out.
The Captain took it and shook vigorously. "Captain Dubec, I'm at your service."
"I'll take you up on that someday. For now I'm at yours. Tell me, what's the current situation."
The Captian lead him over the the railing. The ships deck was built in a similar manner to a church, with a railed platform at the back of the room overseeing rows of desks, crewmen and servitors. Above it all in the centre of the room was a large holographic display of the system they were in. "We came to this system to drop off the civilians. You may not be a Kestral native but even you must be aware of how Kestral treats refugees."
Resnov nodded. "I can hazard a guess... You made a wise choice."
"Yeah, well we get here and within minutes there's several void craft heading our way. They've already contacted us and demanded we let them onboard. Marines, Iron Wardens specifficaly."
"I don't recognise the name."
"We neither." came a woman's voice. Resnov turned to the left as the 1st lieutenant waltzed over. She held out a book with a list of numbers in it. "The Navy carries lists of all Marine chapters operating within this segmentum, these Wardens aren't from around these parts."
Resnov nodded. "They won't have come a long way for just a simple chat I'm betting. If they're sending transports then where's the rest of the fleet?"
"The Voidcraft are coming from this line of meteors." The captain pointed to a spot on the holographic display. "It's a radar blindspot but we know there's an Imperial station. They could have a fleet, they might not, we don't know."
"But we couldn't take that risk, so we're letting them onboard." The Lieutenant added. "The main docking bay."

Resnov took a step back and stroked his chin. "... Right then... So I guess I'll need to be the one greeting them right? What are our options if things go wrong?"
The Captain smirked. "Well the Lieutenant here will be going as well. We have a full company of armed security and ofcourse, however may of your Guardsmen are up and ready to fight."
Resnov shook his head. "So in other words, not much?"
"No not really..."

"There's still us." came a voice from the corner of the room. everyone span to look at a figure that was leaning behind a large column.
"By Pious- how long have you been hiding there!?!" The surprised Captain demanded.
The figure stepped out from his hiding spot and shrugged. "Long enough."
Resnov raised an eyebrow. "And you are?"
The man in acid stained carapace armor approached and ran his tongue along his upper teeth. His beret was hanging on his belt atop a severed Skitarri head and his balaclava was pulled down, revealing a number of scars and the word Regie tattooed across his neck. "Tempestor Prime Parker, or Gunnery-Sargent Parker if you prefer."
Resnov repeated the name to himself. "Parker..." his eyes opened wide. "The Scions that- Wait- but you were on Geheena weren't you? How could you be here? No one knew about your teams mission or that you were even there, well except-"
"While you were unconscious you were talking about them in your sleep." The captain explained. "The medics heard you and informed me before we'd left Dracoon."
"We made our way off that planet on a Valkyrie we'd found." Parker confirmed. "Seems that things went to... how should I say this... complete and utter sh*t, while we were gone."
"It's a good thing you're here then, come on." The Commissar lead hobbled out of the room on his crutches, followed by the ships Lieutenant, Parker and a compliment of security staff. They made their way towards the elevator that lead to the docking bay and pressed the button.

When the doors closed Resnov looked the scion up and down. "I take it you heard about the Colonel?"
"I did..." Parker nodded solemnly. "You made the right choice. She would have agreed."
"I hope so."
"Yeah, well Richards took the liberty of rewriting the official reports, he does that a lot. Trust me, you may have known Coloenl Harrison but you never knew Major-General Wolcott. If she knew you were the one that killed Harrison you'd wish you'd died to the Tyranids. If anyone asks no one knows how she died. That's the official story."
"I... thank you... By the way, had I known of your mission before the Tyranid fleet shown up I'd have sent someone earlier to retrieve you. I trust your mission was a success?"
"Something like that." Parker said in a distant voice. "But... that's a story for another time."

The ships lieutenant made a motion like she was about to say something, but he elevator stopped and the door opened. They were at the docking bay and a large number of Guardsmen and Naval security were preparing defence protocols. Two more scions were waiting for them. Richards waved them over. They both approached, another Tempestor and a single scion.
"Where's the rest of your platoon?" Resnov asked.
"This is it." Parker said.
"Richards held out his hand to shake the Commissars. "Pleasure to meet you."
Rensnov nodded in agreement. "Same to yourself. And..." he held out his hand towards Graham, but Graham seemed hesitant to approach. Resnov couldn't help but feel incredibly uncomfortable by Graham, something eh couldn't quite describe. His throat felt dry and a headache had suddenly overtaken him.
"Don't worry about him." Richards said. "You arrived just in time, they should be coming on-board. Parker, lose the head."
Parker raised an eyebrow. "Huh? ...OH!"
He quickly unhooked the Skitarris head and hid it behind a box.
"I do wish you'd stop wearing that thing..." Richards muttered grimly and they all made their way over towards a set of barricades.

The scions loaded their Hotshot-Lasguns and readied themselves behind the Commissar, balaclavas pulled over their faces and Berets fixed in place. The security teams and Guardsmen took positions behind fixed emplacements, but with their weapons lowered as so not to immediately cause hostilities. Resnov stood afront everyone else as the hanger bay doors opened and the Thunderhawks came into dock.

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

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Main anger Bay of Dauntless class light cruiser Iaculum

The thunderhawks ramp hit the deck and Auron marched out. The natural bulk of his fully sealed Maximus armour only increased by the Jump pack attached to his back, a necessary precaution he and his vanguard squad had taken for the trip across the void and while not advised by codex-compliant chapters a rocket propelled marine was effective at clearing long ship corridors. The 1st company captain quickly noticed a number of thing's about the figures facing the Wardens.
1. Their were not nearly enough men here to repel the Wardens contingency plan
2. Aside from a few Plasma and Hot-Shot weapons the soldiers had few weapons that were capable of droping the marines quickly
3. No weapon they had could scratch the Thunderhawk
4.The figure at the fore was in Commissar uniform and held up by crutches, yet still giving an aura of confidece around him.

After Auron came first veteran squad, keeping close enough to intercept any energy bolts with their shields, while sixth tactical remained near the craft to provide cover fire for a hasty exit if required. Finally Torval emerged from the craft, servo harness unfolding he stood shoulder to shoulder with the captain. Auron did not remove his helm when he broke the silence.

Auron"I am First Captain Auron of the Iron Wardens, with me is Techmarine Torval, who speaks on the behalf of this ship"

Commissar Resnov "I am Commissar Resnov and I will speak for the Ship and all forces embarked aboard her, what is the problem here"

Auron nodded at the Commissar

Auron"I appreciate you a man gets straight to the issue, very well, all Kestrel units aboard this vessel are hereby placed under the custody of the Iron Wardens, you will allow my Techmarine to investigate this ships databanks and allow my Marines to search the ship freely"
Several guardsmen begin looking at their fellows nevously

Commissar Resnov"Captain with all due respect I do not understand, Kesterl is loyal to the Imperium above all, we have served and bled in its name, and now you and your Iron Wardens come out of nowhere, force us to allow you aboard and now you accuse us of heresy. I would like to know on what grounds"

Auron "The Kestrel Brigadier Ashton Wallcot and his force's are to be triad for the destruction of Forge world Lucius, we have multiple sources that indicate that not only did the Kestrel forces attack the forge world unprovoked, but of recording a threat given by Wallcot just before he launched a two stage cyclonic torpedo at the planet" He pauses allowing the Commissar to process this. "anyone unaffiliated will be free to leave as soon as we have checked personnel files, as for any Kestrel units they will be held by either us or the Adeptus Mechanicus until they have been cleared of charges or their sentence has been decided".
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

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Resnov’s head was hurting and this wasn’t helping. So it was true? The people they’d interrogated when Ashtons fleet had returned from Lucius without the brigade had been telling the truth. Lucius is gone. But…

No, surely not? There’s got to be more to this… right?

He couldn’t help but believe the Marine face value. When she’d been alive Colonel Harrison had done everything she could to be a reasonable leader, something Resnov had found inspiring, but this was in stark contrast to the rest of the Kestrals.
He didn’t doubt that they’d do something like this… something so…
The marine was waiting for an answer.

“…Very… well then. The Guardsmen and crew will stand down immediatly."
The ships Lieutenant stepped up besides the Commissar. “1st Lieuteant Stevens.” She said with the sign of the Aquilla over her chest. “Welcome onboard the Iaculum. You may have free reign over any floor and area that you wish, however may I guide you to the nearest conference room? You’d find it a much more suitable point to base your stay onboard this ship than you would here.”
“Indeed.” Auron agreed. Without further gesture the marines of the sixth tactical began to spread out around the docking bay in manner that suggested they were preparing for more void craft and Marines to turn up.

The Lieutenant and her security compliment began to lead Auron, Torval and the Veteran squad to a door that lead out the bay. The vets had their storm shields raised but their power weapons by the hip. Ready to defend at a moments notice but not expecting any sort of hostile action. Resnov stumbled quickly to keep up on the side of the marine and the tech priest, while the scions kept close behind him.
As they got out into the corridor Resnov felt a churning sensation in his stomach. He leaned his head forward and clutched at his wasit. The sensation disappeared and he shook it off.
“You’re injured.” Torval noted abruptly, his servo harness whirring as he spoke.
“I’m fine, just-“
“Evidently not.” The Techmarine growled.
Resnov was about to say something else when another pain gripped him. He simply bit his lip this time and walked it off. “I take it there’s others coming onboard?” he asked to mask the pain.
“Naturaly.” Auron nodded. “I intend for a full sweep of this ship, no stone left unturned. We’re looking at a few weeks at minimum. If the allegations against Wolcott are true then…”
The name seemed to echoe in Resnovs head, in a way that he didn’t recognise. Suddenly the pain came back stronger, quickly spreading up his throat and giving him an unbearable stinging sensation throughout his brain.
He came to a sudden stop and grabbed his forehead, gagging in pain. Although the Lieutenant and crew kept on walking for a few feet, the marines came to a sudden stop, Auron turning on his heel. “I understand that you’re injury is debilitating, but if it’s going to be a problem then-“
“It’s fine, really!” Parker blurted as the Scions stepped forward to help the Commissar. “He’ll be right as-“
Resnov keeled forward and vomited forth what could only be described as an aggressive amount of blood.
A speck of blood had splashed onto Aurons power sword but even deactivated it sizzled off into red vapour. “Right as what exactly?”
Richards quickly put Resnovs arm over his shoulder and Parker copied with the other one. “We’ll deal with this, Lieutenant, you take over.”
The lieutenant nodded and made the final few steps towards the large conference room, opening the doors and welcoming the marines in. Auron followed confidently, as did the veterans. Torval however spent a few seconds watching with suspiscion as the Scions held the Commissar through a different door into another corridor.

They dragged him down two corridors. There were a couple of guardsmen on the way that were complaining about being disarmed when they say what was going on and offered to help, but the Scions declined. They lead the Commissar into a suitable room to rest as he continued to choke up blood.
Richards patted Resnov on the arm. "Are you allright?"

There was a faint noise in the back of Resnovs head. Let me out... "I'm f-fine!" he lied.
They seemed hesitant to believe him but they had no choice. Richards turned to Parker and Graham. "We'll need to go back and see how the ships Lieutenants doing with the Marines-"
"SIR!" Parker interupted him. "If those Marines find what they're looking for this whole ship is fethed! This crew may not have gone to Lucius but the ships files will confirm that it was Kestrals who destroyed it!"
"What do you want to do about it then?"
Parker hesitated, thinking for a second. "...I don't know, maybe we can-"

"AAAAAAAAAAARGH!" Resnov screamed and fell to his knees, vommiting up more blood. The Scions moved to help him but then stopped.
The blood kept on spraying, unnaturaly so and too much of it. There was something not right about it, something not of the matterium. Graham the Pariah moved up to the man and placed a hand on his shoulder. Resnov seemed to stop vomiting at his touch but was unable to speak. He looked up and his eyes had turned black.
Richards gave Parker and Graham a stern look. "This is-"
"-not good." Parker confirmed.
"Parker, Graham, keep an eye on him while I'm gone."
"What?" Parker argued. "But sir, we-"
Richard was turning to leave but snapped back to Parker. "PARKER! For once just do as I say! Make sure he doesn't leave this room!"
Parker wanted to argue back but couldn't. He just nodded and sighed in an irritated manner. Richard nodded and left, shutting the door behind him.

A minute later Richard re-entered the room were the marines and ships lieutenant were. "Sorry about that, the Commissars injuries are most severe. He'll be incapacitated for quite a while. I'll be speaking on behalf of the Guardsmen onboard this vessel."
"And you are?" Auron asked.
"Tempestor-Prime Richards. On the authority of the Militarum Tempestus, before you begin an investigation and arrest the crew, I must demand that you present evidence of your claims against the Kestral forces."

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

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"Inside the med facility of what used to be Wolcott's new command ship."

The vidscreen showing ashton's final and permanent demise had just ended. With that, the whole room went dark, only to be bathed in the soft afterglow of static from the screen itself.

"Well that fool had better not expect me to bring him back after pulling a stunt like that one. The last time some one attempted a feat such as this, he came back completely possessed and caused a massive disjunction that nearly destroyed Commorragh itself. Also got on Vect's %^$t list and that's possibly the worst thing of it all.

That and we have no body parts of his left to work with".

"Though I do love the irony of his fate, considering that he tried so hard to avoid daemonic influence. Somehow, it's a fitting end for him and one I will show to my colleagues whenever I return home. Sure to get a few laughs".

"Nurse, find the highest ranking of Wolcott's subordinates that still lives and is aware of me. They couldn't be more incompetent than their predecessor, though with Monkeigh, you never know".
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Sat Apr 30, 2016 10:33 pm

Inside an isolate room aboard the Iaculum.
Parker had been pacing back and forth, his hand gripping the weapon handle tightly. Resnov was on his knees, every so often heaving up a litre of blood. He'd vomited out far more blood than the human body was capable of holding. And yet, Graham was right there.
Parker couldn't say he always like Graham. on the contrary the Pariah was always a source of discomfort. It wasn't just his natural abilities that made Parker queasy sometimes, but ore how he was always so quiet, never saying what was on his mind. Never talking or starting conversation. Never outgoing. Not like...
Parker grunted and took an aggressive step towards Resnov as he spat up more blood. "Why's he still doing this? You should be stopping this!"
"I don't know?" Graham shrugged. "It works on weaker daemons."
Parker grunted. "So it's a powerful one then?"
"Yes." Graham nodded.
"But not that powerful." he took a step closer towards Resnov and looked him in the eyes. The man was not under his own control. Somewhere in there Resnov was still alive, maybe. But this thing wasn't him. "What are you..." he muttered through gritted teeth.

Resnov was standing on a field on top a mountain. It had taken him a while to realise that it was Kestral Primus, as evidenced by the burnt sky and the barron land that spread to the horizon, valleys every mile or so littered with slums and floodlights. It took him not long after that to figure out that this was all in his head.
"Why am I here..." he asked to no one in particular.
"You're not." came a god-like voice. A womans voice. A familiar voice. "I am."
"Harrison..." he said. It honestly didn't surprise him that much, what really surprised him was that he hadn't been expecting this. The Daemon had regenerated and burst its way out of the marines body when it had killed her, why wouldn't she do the same with him? "Why are you here?" he demanded.
"I won't be.. not for long." the voice continued. It was intimate in a way he couldn't put into words. he felt... like he believed what she was saying. Undoubtedly so.

Back in the room Resnov started to make aggressive noises, like growling. Parker stepped back and tapped Graham. "I think we should stand back."
"Wait." Graham responded. Slowly he removed his glove. he cautiously reached forward and placed the palm of his hand across Resnovs forehead.

In the Daemons dreamworld Resnov fell to his knees and heaved onto the floor. it hurt and stung like no pain before in his life. As he vomited someone approached, someone he hadn't seen before. She came to a stop just in front of him and kneeled down.
his head tilted upwards slightly, but the light was behind her, meaning he couldn't see her face. "What..."
"I can't stay here anymore..." she said. She placed her hands on his cheeks.
"I don't..." the words caught in his throat. "I did everything I was supposed to!"
"I know." she nodded.
"I didn't want to...2 he realsied he was beginnign to cry. "I didn't want to kill you..."
The daemon Harrison held his head close against her shoulder. "I know... you did everything right..."
he was shaking, sobbing uncontrolably. "I did... I did everything as b-best I could..."
"I know... I know... you know... you can make it up to me."
he leaned back. "H-h-how?"
"Just take my hand... and everything will be forgiven." she held out the palm of her right hand.

"ARGH!" Graham shouted and pulled his hand back.
"You okay?"
"It burnt!"
Resnov was gyrating, twitching at incredible speed. Blood was dribbling from every orifice and a strange chattering noise was coming from his throat.

"y-you'll... you'll forgive me?"
"Yes." Harrison smiled. "just take my hand."
Resnov hesitated. She was a damone. She wasn't to be trusted but... in this light. On this world... after what he'd done...
he rmeembered when he'd first seen her. How he'd been unable to think about nothing else for weeks. he remebered th moent he found out that nothing was possible between them and how much it hurt.
And yet, she'd always been kind. Never held it against him, even whenever he acted out of order, and he had done.
And after all that he'd been the one who killed her. WHo betrayed her, one of the few genuine, honest kestral natives.
This was the least he could do...
"I'll do it." he smield and placed his left hand on her palm.
She grinned and placed her other hand over the top of his left hand. "There's just one more thing you're going to need to do..."
"Anything! he gasped.
Her smile dissapeared. "You're going to need to die."
He was about to say something back when the world exploded, his soul burnt and impossible pain violated not only his mind but every single inch of his body.

Resnov suddenly stopped shaking and seemed to fall to the floor limply. Parker and Graham who had had their weapons raised lowered them slightly.

Parker raised an eyebrow towards Graham. "Umm...".
"Is he..."
"I think so..." Parker said grimly. The two of them approached the Commissars body and Richard poked him with his boot.
Graham said nothing.
Parker sighed. "Well feth..." he looked towards the door. "Guess I better go tell Richards..."
Had he been paying more attention to Resnov's corpse he would have noticed the eyes open again.

No longer human.

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Driedguide42 » Mon May 02, 2016 1:10 pm

Iaculum Hanger Bay

The hanger of the light cruiser was now filled with activity as more of the marines transports arrived and began offloading marines. Semos stepped off the Storm raven in full terminator joined by a sternguard squad. The other marines in the hanger represented were all the devastators and fully half of the 1st companies tactical squads. The rest of the Iron warden's had remained on the Gorgon's Wrath ready to board should this meeting turn violent.

Semos "Brothers with me"

Sternguard Sergeant"Of coarse brother Librarian, but are you sure that we shouldn't inform Auron?"

Semos"I am, a minor warp ripple is quiet common after a warp jump, however we must be cautious, on a ship this badly damaged I fear the chance of the great enemy piercing the galler field is to great to sit and do nothing"

With that said the squad left the hanger, with Semos leading them to the source of the ripple.

Iaculum Conference Room

It was dead silent in the room as Auron simply stared at Richards, and then a deep chuckle filled the air

Auron"Tempestor-Prime, the last man who demanded anything of my chapter had a regiment of Imperial guard with tank and air support millions of PDF troopers and an entire world at his disposal, it all amounted to nothing once he was executed for crimes against the Imperium, and now you think that the three men under your command will get the Iron Wardens to bend to your will"

Another chuckle and Auron nodded to Torval who produces several small datapad and places them on the table

Auron to Richards-"very well storm trooper I will humour you" - to the assembled officers - "the datapads contain several interviews and mission records from the Helios Guard and Mechanicus forces on Lucius but most concerning of all is this transmission from his flagship"

Torval presses play on one of the recordings

"Acanthus Valorum. You know who I am.

I have here a Two-Stage Cyclonic Torpedo, and if you don't leave this ship IMMEDIATLY I'll launch it. You get one guess where at.

This is non-negotiable, leave my ship and I'll allow Lucius to live.

Or stay on board traitor, and we'll celebrate yet another of your countless failures together."

Auron "now the Helios Guard were investigated by the mechanicus just as you are about to be, Kestrel Primus on the other hand rejected any offer to come forward with any evidence to prove their side of the story and so we have needed to get involved"

Torval "so are you going to continue to annoy us with useless questions, or are you just trying to by time for your superiors so they can make off with what they can form the forge world"
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Mon May 02, 2016 3:19 pm

Richards hesitated to respond for a short time. He'd expected that they'd have damning evidence for sure... but not this! "I have no more questions." he said simply.

Auron smirked while the ships lieutenant buried her face into her hands. "Tempestor, I appreciate that you're here to help me, but honestly you'd be more useful elsewhere. Where's your platoon?"
"With the commissar."
she nodded. "Go and see to them then, please?"
Richards looked back to the marines. They only returned looks of smug condescension. He looked back to the lieutenant. "Very well then. You know how to contact me if you need me."
She nodded. "Will do."
Richards turned and left the room, prompting Auron and Torval to turn back towards the ships lieutenant. "Now, were where we? Lieutenant..."
"Lieutenant Cooper. And um... oh yeah!" she gestured towards one of her junior officers who produced a set of files. "These are the codes to all of the primary access doors, the secondary access doors can be opened manually. In addition this includes names and emergency details on all of the main crew members normally stationed upon this vessel, however you will also find greater details on them and also those we are carrying through the data retrieval chamber, located here." she pointed on a map with a slightly shaking finger. Her movement was generally awkward and shaky, telling the marines that she genuinely feared them. "What else will you be requiring my Lords?"

Numerous corridors down from the Iaculum's conferance room...
Richard was walking along with a feeling of anxiousness. It was only a matter of time until the marines found what they wanted. Still, he thought, that meant little to this ship. The marine had said that those not affiliated would be free to leave, so at the very least they could make the argument that the ships crewmen and the civilians were innocent. He himself could probably slip away with Graham and Parker if they absolutely had to.
He took a deep breath as he passed a squad of crewmen and guardsmen, entered through a main corridor door only to bump into Richard and Graham that were running his way. "Sir!" Parker proclaimed.
"What are you two doing here?"
"What are you doing here?" Parker replied.
"I was sent out. It's irrelevant anyway, that moron Brigadier left enough evidence to condemn us all. We just stick to the story and see how it goes. It's out of our hands, hopefully it's not too bad."
"Yeah..." Parker nodded.
Richard narrowed his eyes. "What did you do?"
"I didn't do anything, Resnov died."
"We couldn't do anything." Graham confirmed.
Richard groaned. "One problem after another. Show me."
They ran all the way back to the room that Resnov's corpse was in, only to find that the door was torn open and a trial of bloodied footsteps lead down the corridor and arund the corner. "this... wasn't like that..." Parker muttered.
The scions slowed down and Richard felt his heartbeat pick up. He raised his weapon and they aprpoached the door. He coutned down and they moved.
They entered in, swinging their guns around to survey the entire scene. "Feth..."
Resnovs' body was gone, missing.
They left the room and Richard grabbed the back of his head in silent panic. Parker looked about frantically as Graham kneeled down besides the blood trail. It dissapeared after a few feet, but the neon lights that lit up the corridors seemed to be flashing on and off where it lead.
"Well this is just perfect..." Parker growled.
"I swear he was dead!"
"Doesn't matter, if the marines find that thing before we do we're the ones who're gonna be dead! Spread out, both of you gather a search party and find wherever it's gone!"
The two scions nodded and moved out, ordering a number of Guardsmen that were passing by to come with them.

Not far from their position, a few floors up, a squad of Guardsmen were patrolling when they heard a strange noise. They went to investigate and found a group of civilians that came running around the corner. "You shouldn't be here!" one of the Guardsmen shouted at them.
The civilians didn't care though, they merely whimpered, cried for help and pointed down the way they'd came.
They were pointing through a window to a room were civilians were being kept. In that room something was wrong. The people in that room were all standing in the far corner, their heads turned towards the corner and facing downwards. they were all standing still, men, women and children while blood soaked the floor.
The civilians continued to run away as the guardsmen readied their lasguns.
"It's happening over here as well!" another guardsman that had gone further down the hall commented. He was looking through a different window into a different room and the civilians there were also standing in the corner, their backs turned to the rest of the room.
The Sargent of the squad snorted and tapped a soldier on his back. "Hey, Peter, go in and find out what's happening."
Guardsman Peter placed his bayonet into position and opened the door. He stepped into the room and held his lasgun at waist height, addressing the civilians firmly. "HEY! Step away from the wall and present yourselves!"
They didn't respond. It was at this point that he noticed that many of them seemed to have blood dripping from their chins onto their shoulders, and others were missing bits of their neck. Like they'd been biting chunks out of each other.
"Did I fething stutter? I said step away from the wall!"
Again they did nothing. Now The rest of the squad entered the room behind Peter as he approached the civilians, reaching to grab them. "I said-"
The civilians immediately turned, diving at the Guardsmen. Peters bayonet went through a womans stomach but it didn't stop her. She grabbed him by the helmet, sunk her teeth into his neck and pulled his throat out.
"HOLY-" the sargent tried to shout but wasn't fast enough. before they even realsied what was happening the squad was torn limb from limb.

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Fri May 06, 2016 4:20 pm

Countless Lightyears away...Oboard the Bellum Avis.
"So... how much?"

The fleets had exited the warp close to an abandoned moon in some backwater system on the way to Traxis. The Kestral fleets and Thousand Sons fleets kept a distance, shipping troops and supplies back to their respective fleets. Communication had been mostly minimal, mainly determing which piece of equipment and staff member belonged to who.
While it had been months to the rest of the Imperium, the fleets had just been in the warp, and so only a week in time had passed for them. Solstice Wolcott was busy sorting out the losses that occured on Serpia. Her brother was missing, along with hundreds of thousands of Guardsmen, and to top it all of she'd broken her wrist earlier that day.
Acting-colonel Owens was sitting in her office across from her, reading out from a collection of files he had. "Ignoring the fuel costs, the attack on Serpia cost us... upwards of 27 trillion Kestral Rubels."
Sosltice collapsed back in her seat and ran her hands through her hair. "For fu-" she groaned out loud. "...Brilliant. Um, you know what," she leaned forward sharply and forced a smile. "that little brother of mine is lucky he's prisoner of this... conclave now. If he wasn't, I'd have killed him myself."
"With all due respect Major-General, Wolcott had little choice in the matter. He was talked into the invasion by Lord Suren and-"
"So it's his fault?" Sosltice interupted him.
"Um..." Owens tucked at his collar. "...Sort of. I actually planned out how we were going to land and siege the city, and he went with someone elses' plan to try and paratroop everyone into it instead. That's where most of the initial casualties occured."
Solstice shook her head. "I'll have to invite this... Lord Suren over to the ship for a chat. Um... if there's nothing else then you should probably get going Brigaider, we've both got stuff to do I'll bet, but it was nice talking to you."
Owen nodded and stood up. "Likewise major-General, but um... I'm only acting-Colonel, not Brigaider."
She nodded. "yeah, but with my little brother gone, someone's got to lead the Brigade, you did most of it on Serpia, might as well be you... why? if you don't want the position I can always-"
"NO! Um, thanks major-General, it's an honor!"

Before she could say anything else there was a knock at the door. "Come in." Solstice waved.
One of the nurses entered the room and bowed. "Dear... other Wolcott, the master wishes to speak to you."
"Excuse me? Which master?"
"The good doctor, ofcourse." the nurse replied.
Solstice was about to shout at the nurse, but then hesitated. She'd been receiving strange messages from people working with Ashton for a long time, telling her that she'd find out who it was in due time.

She followed the nurse down to the main medical bay. It was the same location where she'd found the braindead Scout-Sargent Thales that now served as a coat-rack back in her office on Serpia. She was surprised to see it now back in action. "you may enter." A nurse told her.
They lead her through, past hundreds of unconscious patients till they reached a room named Surgery. She entered through to see the Haemonculus known as the Doctor standing next to a Webway portal. His nurses were ferrying through equipment from Lord Surens battleship where the doctor had been previously stationed. She stood there for a second, unable to speak.
"Ah, there you are." The Doctor smiled. "As my clients have changed ship so have I, I'll be setting office here for the time being."
Sosltices hadn't immediately moved towards her laspistol, but she found it wasn't there. The nurses had removed it from her holster when she wasn't looking.
"How dissapointing." the doctor sighed. "I had expected so much more than immediate hostility."
"You're a xenos!" Sosltice spat. She saw a scalpel and grabbed it quickly, holding it up defensively.
"And yet your brother never held such an inhospitable attitude."
Solstice hesitated. "W-w-what do you- what do you mean?"

The Doctor grinned to himself. This will be easier than I thought. "Why the dear, little Ashton ofcourse."
"Ashley..." she said quietly. "So you're the one that's been messaging me?"
"No, that would be the one I serve. You can call me... the doctor. You're wrist is broken, come here."
"It's just a strain, it's not-"
"Come here!" the doctor demanded. Hesitantly she approached, putting down the scalpel and showing her arm. the doctor pulled back her sleeve and injected something into it. "Hey!" she protested, but the pain seemed to dissapear.
"Your brother..." the doctor said in a calm, engaging voice, "had the wisdom to see the conclave of seekers for what they are." he stepped behind her as she rubbed her wrist. "He came to my mistress, and together, they created the Reclamation Dominion."

She stepped away, flexing her fingers as the pain completely dissapeared. "Where is my brother!?!"
"Captured!" The Doctor lied. "Still alive but prisoner of the conclave. heretics and monsters of the absolute worst. Your brother had a vision, a vision that saw an alliance between Xenos and Human of... similar persuasions. the conclave would rather be submissive to the more disgusting races and worst of your kind. Had it not been for the forces of the Domion allying Kestral, why Traxis would be under Tau rule as we speak."
"Solstice considered his words. "... there's... the number of dark Eldar raids on Kestral broders has stopped, we havn't had a single dark Eldar raid since-"
"Our work." the doctor smiled.
"And this Dominon... How can humans ally with your kind? Why would Ashton-"
"Not all races are born equal. Much like not all humans are born equal. Some, like you, are worth more than other humans. War and death is the result of humans demanding equal treatment. It is only those that accept their place that truly know peace."
Solstice thought about this. "you... you say my brother is still alive."
"I know he is." the doctor lied again. "And you could get him back. if you continue his work. Continue to serve the Dominon. After all, the Dominion serves Kestral as well. Ashton Wolcott pays the Dominon in human waste. The scum and human trash, criminals and worse, they are delivered to us as payment. This is for the benefit of both us and all of humanity. It is the only way that peace and co-existance can ever truly be achieved."

"So..." the doctor moved close, towering over her and looking her straight in the eyes. "Kestrals continued part in the Dominion depends upon you."
Sostice thought about this for a while. "And what... does the Dominion want me to do then?"
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Driedguide42 » Thu May 12, 2016 5:48 am

Iaculum Decks
Semos had seen much as his time as a Liberian. Before joining Auron and the 1st company he had spent much of his time in the Iron Wardens jumping between the reserve companies as they conducted patrol's around the Claxics subsector, the areas close proximity to the Eye meant that events such as this were unfortunately common. Semos had been leading the sternguard to the source of the ripple when screaming had filled the corridor. The scene that greeted them was a gruesome one. Guardsmen had been torn limb from limb and blood was slowly spreading out of a side door. What looked to be civilians were currently trying to removes skulls from the corpse's oblivious to marines now readying weapons.

Semos was the first to make his presence known lighting jumping from his gauntlets and into the mob. The humans exploded instantly meaty chunks flying every where. Several of those remaining turned to face the squad only to be instantly cut down by Hellfire rounds from the marines bolters the acid burning away the remains instantly. Semos looked at the weakness of mortals with disgust.

Semos "Sargent it seems this was no warp ripple, I will contact Auron and inform him that there is a demonic incursion on board this ship"

Sargent "Understood, and what shall we be doing now?"

Semos "we will move to the galler field to ensure the heretics cannot summon more of their allies to aid them"

Iaculum Conference Room

Auron was about to reply to the officer when the company vox activated

Semos "Capitan myself and third squad have found evidence of demonic incursion aboard this vessel, the civvilans on the ship seam to be the ones most effected"

Torval immediately responded

Torval "Is there any indication of what we face?"

Semos "Hard to tell however judging by the unnatural amount of blood I would assume they are trying to invoke Khorne"

As soon as the word blood was mentioned the Marine Officers made the connection to the commissar.

Auron sighed and the addressed the tactical squad

Auron "Execute contingency plan gamma, myself and 1st veteran are heading to the hanger to coordinate with the company"

And without another word the captain left with his squad.

Lieutenant Cooper "Wait what is this contingency plan? What are we to do? Your not going to jus-"

Before she could finish the tactical squad had raised their bolt pistols and blew the Lieutenant's head clear off and the rest of her command team swiftly followed. Torval looked at her remains.

Torval "Contingency plan gamma, if the ship or crew is tainted destruction is the only option"

Moving out of the room the Techmarine and his escort maade their way to the data repository.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Fri May 13, 2016 7:15 am

Iaculum decks...
As the search was ongoing everyone stopped as they heard a distant sound. It sounded like far away thunder and seemed to crackle. It was a noise they all recognised. “Bolters.” Richards noted grimly. He turned towards Graham, who was the only Scion with him as Parker had taken some of the Guardsmen off to search elsewhere. “Damn. Well, it was only a matter of time...“
Graham nodded and approached a security console. "We might be able to find out where Resnov went from the cameras."
"Good idea."
The sound of more gunfire echoed from far away and Richards vox-bead received a transmission from Parker. He spoke in code so that if the secure network was cracked they couldn’t be listened in on. “(Richards, you hear that?)”
"(I do. I didn't think they'd go hostile so quickly. Something must have triggered them.)"
"(Gotta be the Daemon. I've been seeing a lot of blood and corpses around here, torn open by hand looks like. The Commissars been busy, not bad from beyond the grave.)"
Richards groaned audibly. "(Wonderful. Well we think we've found a way to find out where Resnov went, think you can find a way to... entertain our guests? Keep them preoccupied?)"
Even though eh couldn't see him, he could tell Parker was smirking. "I can think of a few..."

Not far from their position, a platoon of Guardsmen had been caught off guard by a squad of marines, their bolters making short work of the ill-prepared, off duty young adults. A few of them had survived the initial hail of fire and had taken cover behind support columns and structures, only for the marines to advance on them with little to no resistance.
They were about to reach the final few when a wall across the hall exploded. Guardsmen and naval security bursting through the hole, opening fire against the superhuman foe. The shotgun rounds bounce off the marines armor harmlessly, the lasgun beams hitting and leaving a bright, orange glow but failing to really penetrate as the marines returned fire. The Astartes fired back with inhuman efficiency and blew several Guardsmen in half instantly.
Parker set off another demolition charge and blew another hole in the wall further down the hall. The marines were covered in debris, distracting them and giving him a chance to shoot. He fired at one marine in the centre of the chest over and over again, while 3 Guardsmen sprayed their weapons full auto into the marine by his side. The hotshot-lasbeam went through the armor like a chainsword through butter, but it was still just a laser beam. Marines don’t die from a single hole going through one end to the other so he had to fill it up with as many holes as he could to make sure.
Both the marines fell dead and he quickly hid behind the wall. The Guardsmen appeared to pump their fists in celebrations at the dead marine. “What are you doing!” he yelled. “Get behind-“
A number of .75 calibre explosive munitions travelling hit them at supersonic speed. Parker was drenched in their gut and almost vomited as he saw chunks of meat splatter against the wall behind them.

They weren’t the only casualties either. A quick glance back into the hall told him that almost half of the guardsmen and crewmen were dead. Some were panicking and retreating back into corridor. He cursed and swung back into the hole, keeping his arm elbow down low to tighten his profile and make him harder to hit.
They’d killed 4 marines. He could see 3 more down the hall not too far but he assumed that there must be more coming through the large door behind the marines. “Cover me!” he shouted, but the noise of botler fire was deafening so he couldn’t know if anyone could hear. He took aim at a marine moving up and caught it in the shoulder. It seemed to twist violently in surprise at the realisation that the beam had cut through its armour so easily, but kept on moving. Parker took aim and fired again.
He got three shots on it, two running up the chest, probably hitting one of its hearts but not stopping it, but the third hit the helmet. The head snapped backwards and the marine fell to the floor. Parker grinned at the thought that he’d killed it, but it reached a hand down and flung itself behind a series of boxes.
Parker was about to question why it wasn’t dead when he soon got his answer. There was a blood maddening roar and the boxes exploded in wooden shards as the marine sprant through. It’s helmet was removed and he could see that the left half of its brain was blown off. Enough to kill a normal human but not an Astartes. It was heading straight for him in a beeline, spitting obscenities in his direction. “Oh… feth…” parker said and tried to shoot it.
But it was too fast and cleared the distance in an incredibly short amount of time. It grabbed him by the throat and picked him up a few feet off the floor, spitting more obscenities at him about what it was going to do. Parker punched it in the face but that did nothing. He kicked at it’s torso but that only made it angrier.

Then a hotshot-lasbeam cut through it’s arm. It fell off and Parker fell with it. As he hit the floor he rolled to see Richards and Graham enter the hall with more troopers. “GET OVER HERE!!!” Richards yelled.
Parker wheezed and span back to his feet. His throat was sore from the marines grip but nothing too bad. He made his way over to them as fast as he could, taking a few shots of opportunity as he moved from cover to cover. "You found out where he is?"
"Yeah, cameras show he was-" Richards started but stopped as a bolt round skimmed past his beret. He cursed and fired back. the sound of thumping on the opposite end of the hall told Parker he'd hit something. "-showed he was heading towards the Gellar Field Generator, but so are some marines."
"Great... So we get there first, They'll have to cut through what? 20 or so doors? The ships on lockdown, they don't have clearance to open the doors, we do! We get there first, kill the Daemon, then lay a trap for them!"
"Exactly!" Richard nodded. "let's go!"
As the battle continued the marines killed more Guardsmen, but some Guardsmen got in lucky hits. This was made mute by the arrival of more marines. The rest of the ship so far was putting up little to no resistance having been unarmed and caught off-guard, so having heard that there was competent fighters here the marines had made their way over fast. Another two tactical marine squads and a devestator squad arrived as more Guardsmen filled the hall and the scions finally retreated out into the corridor.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

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"Simply continue your course of action for now monkeigh".

"Considering how much we have already helped your people, there is little to argue about. Think about how many casualties you should have suffered with your estimates".

"Now, take a glance at how many losses you have taken.

Do you think that your so called healers would be able to come anywhere close to the amount of lives saved as myself and my staff have done?"

"This is just one of the many things that my mistress has done for you due to being in favour. There are plenty more, but that would take too long to explain, as keeping your brother out of trouble was a full time job and caused us plenty of, I believe you call them, headaches. Anyways, I'm starting to get carried away, being in this profession, one does not get out that much".

"Hmm, now that I think of it, there is one thing you can do right now. Your brother's former consort, the one called sister caroline needs to be dealt with.

Many of the problems that have led to his current state stem from her influence. She often clouded his judgement with her differing views of leadership and caused quite the strain within the kestral command structure. Sister caroline is also the one who came up with the plan for the drop assault on Serpia, despite the objections of the other commanders.

I will send the whole file of information relevant to her actions to your private quarters. While some see her as a hero, should her indecretions be revealed, nobody loyal to your emperor will want to come anywhere near her, let alone help".

(All info relating to meeting the Archon has been removed though).

My lady wishes for you to bring her to us alive and in one piece. She is not very pleased with her treatment of Ashton and wishes to hear her explain why she betrayed him in person".

"Naturally, it is unlikely that she will come willingly, so do whatever it takes in order to suceed. Pass this test and you may even be given the chance to meet "her" in person".
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Tue May 17, 2016 8:53 am

Iaculum, Generator field room...

The scions reached the Gellar field room to find that the marines weren’t there, but someone already was. Bits of dead Guardsmen and crewmen littered the walls. They typed the passcode into the door and it opened, letting them into the generator room. It was huge, like a cathedral chamber with a large reactor in the middle. Before the reactor was a set of spiralling stairs, and on those stairs was a figure. It bathed in the orange and red glow given off by the Gellar field generator as the Scions approached, weapons raised.
“That’s far enough.” It said, a voice so deep it almost sounded like it was being projected from a set of speakers.
“You’re not the one to be making demands from us. You have nowhere to go, and if we’ll kill you before you can so much as touch that generator. Now, kindly step down and release the commissars body, returning to the realm you came from, before we have to do something you’ll regret.”
The Daemon let out a few chuckles. “She was inside my head.”
Richards lasgun wavered. “What?”
“Her. Harrison.”
“But Harrisons dead.” Parker noted. “You killed her yourself.
“I thought so… but she’d just jumped to my head. She tried to take over, I almost let her…”
“What’s he on about?” Richards growled.
Parker shrugged. “Well… the report said that Harrison was a Slaanesh daemon so… as this isn’t one of those then I’m guessing that she tried to take over his mind and he stopped it by…”
“Turning to Khorne.” Graham finished.
Resnov took a single step down the stairs. “I thought off a Tyranid invasion, I saved hundreds of lives. I never once turned from the Emperor so why should I be some vessel for someone who didn’t think twice about betraying us?”
He pulled out the ring box that she’d given him. It was giving off a strange aura, one that seemed to violently not want to be there. “You trapped her in that?” Graham asked.
“Amusing isn’t it…” Resnov sneered. He chucked the box down the stairs at them, letting it bounce to the floor.
Richard lowered his weapon. “Resnov, it’s not too late! If you rejected that daemon you can reject this one! Just come down to us and we can-“
“Oh but it is. I have no want to return. If the Emperor wouldn't save us on Zerus- if he wouldn’t save me then he can go to hell! Khorne did save me. Khorne recognised me! Khorne has given me gifts that no one else would!”
The Daemon flexed its arms and huge claws sprouted from his hands, each almost a foot long. Richards instantly raised his gun again while the other two flinched.
“This ship shall be my vessel. And this room, shall be your tomb.”
Just as they were about to shoot there was a loud sound form behind them. They turned their heads to hear banging against the door that lead into the room, as well as the mechanical whirring of power armor. “The marines!” Richard gasped.
They turned back to the Deamon only for… “Where’s it gone!?!”
“Crap!” Parker spat. “It can’t have left this room, there’s no other way out.”
“Damn it all- Can’t let the marines find us!” The sides of the room was filled with large power transformers and consoles, as well as piping and cathedral like support structures. The scions took cover behind one, staying as close to the Pariah as possible, though how effective his abilities where going to be in the Gellar field room was in serious doubt.
There was a loud screech as the marine Librarian blasted a hole in the door. Semos stepped in, followed by the Sternguard squad. The Scions cursed silently under their breath. They were trapped in here, with the marines and with the Daemon.


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