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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Driedguide42 » Sun Jan 17, 2016 11:46 am

Fivos, Hive City, PDF Command
"Understood Captain" Lieutenant Bennet turned away form the vox as the his communications Officer passed him a message. The Lieutenant reads it and keys the vox "Captain reinforcements have arrived they are identifying themselves as the Iron Wardens and are landing additional forces in the city, my communications Officer has given them your current location and their leader is on his way to meet you at the keep"
Fivos, Aboard Thunderhawk FireBlot
In the troop bay of the aircraft Captain Auron watched the other squads make their preparations. The turquoise helmeted veterns of first squad were all ready sorted, virous power weapons and lighting claws humming ready to jump out of the Thunderhawk at moments notice. At their fore stood veteran sergeant Henricos marked as the leader not just by the Mechanicus standard red strip across his helm but also the massive thunder hammer he carried, a wepon he wielded with such skill he could easily best members of several other chapters honour guard. The only reason Henricos had not risen so high was due to the Iron Wardens having no need for such meaningless titles.
The other squad's on the other hand were making final cheeks. The Marines of Fifth tactical were mostly just checking the ammunition for their bolters and flamer and Eighteenth recon were loading their assorted shotguns and bolters. Two marines of the recon squad were syncing their teleport homer to the Gorgon's Wrath in orbit while a third loaded hellfire shells into the squads heavy bolter.

The vox suddenly filled with static which was replaced by the calm voice of Librarian Semos "Captain we have the location of the Helios Guard Commander, the PDF have informed us that Captain Daros has led a strike force to reclaim a strategic point known as Oro's Keep. Coordinates have be sent to your pilot".
"excellent, what is the situation in orbit?"
"not as good as it was Captain the imperial Battle group has left, the Champions of Luna with them"
"did they give any explanation?"
Auron frowned, this would mean that if any ork reinforcements came they would lose orbital superiority instantly and his force would be trapped on Fivos.
"Understood Semos, your orders remain, provide orbital support when necessary but the slightest hint of trouble and you get the Gorgons Wrath out of harms ways"
"I understand, shall I prepare the reaming squads for drop assault?"
"tell Squads 5 and 8 to get to their pods and prepare the death storms for lunch and tell Calgos to ready his Talon"
"Very well, Emperors Speed brother"
"By the Will of the Gorgon Librarian"

The vox fell silent and Auron muttered a prayer to the Emperor for the Helios Guard innocence, other wise this would be a disaster for the company and the chapter at large, one that his Gene-Father would never forgive him for.
Iron Wardens - By the will of the Gorgon
"Make war and move on, and again, and again, until nothing breathes which stands against us. All else is sophistry and pretty lies"
- Ferrus Manus, Primarch of the Xth Legion Iron Hands.

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Kovlovsky » Mon Jan 18, 2016 1:57 am

On the Wrathful bridge...

Lord Suren was sitting on the newly repaired command throne of his battleship pensive. He felt it: the Warp translation. There were newcomers here that could make his plan go awry. I could they get there in two days? That was weird, like some kind of Deus ex Machina in a movie. And how couldn’t Aphael predict it?

- Navy officer trembling: “My Lord, sorry to interrupt, but…”
- Lord Suren laconically: “A new fleet has arrived… Yes I know. My question is, how many ships?”
- Navy officer now feeling more secure: “The scanners’ readings tell us that it’s a slightly stronger fleet than us with many troop transport crafts in tow. Their transponders are clearly of military nature and from our charts, it seems they are from Tallarn and Mordia.”
- Lord Suren: “Imperial reinforcements… No Space Marines?”
- Navy officer: “There is a Space Marine ship at their head… The Helios Guards…”
- Lord Suren: “Predictable.”
- Admiral von Hipper: “What are your orders Lord?”
- Lord Suren: “You will go straight toward them. We need to hold them for as long as we can. We can’t afford them to unload their troops on the planet.”
- Admiral von Hipper: “We will certainly suffer significant losses.”
- Lord Suren: “They shall certainly be a lot lower than if we have to fight hundreds of thousands more troops. Target the troop transports in priority. We must destroy a maximum of them. Unleash everything.”
- Admiral von Hipper: “Everything?”
- Lord Suren: Everything… Except the Cyclonic torpedoes of course… These ones, I keep them for my old furry friends. Ah and hold Azazel and his 1st Heavy Fighter Wing in reserve too. He will be my trump card.”
- Admiral von Hipper grinning despite the critical situation: “He certainly won’t like it.”
- Lord Suren: “He can wait before adding a few more in his 50 000 or so air to air victories tally. It is not like it would make a big difference in the end.
- Admiral von Hipper: “Azazel personally downed 50 000 enemy fighters?!”
- Lord Suren: “When you are a fighter ace for 10 000 years, these things tend to accumulate a little bit. I've stop counting the total of enemy aircrafts his whole wing destroyed. Send my orders Admiral.”
- Admiral von Hipper: “Of course, my Lord!”
- Lord Suren: “Communication officer! I want a direct channel to General Malinovsky’s headquarters.”
- Communication officer: “Immediately my Lord!”
- Malinovsky: “I’m at your service, my Lord.”
- Lord Suren: “General, there is a change of plans.”
- Malinovsky: “Of what nature?”
- Lord Suren: “A new fleet has translated in the vicinity. The ships are identified as from Tallarn and Mordia and as you can expect, there are a large number of troop transports with them. They are supported by a single Helios Guard ship. You will have to do without the guns of the fleet. Do you think you will be able to stop the counter-attack without them?”
- Malinovsky thinking for a few seconds: “Yes. It will be much harder, but it’s possible, titans or not. The Tallious Army is a machine, and machines can be broken!”
- Lord Suren: “I like your spirits general! But, what is your plan?”
- Malinovsky: “I’ve talked about it extensively with my subordinates and I found a solution to our dilemmas. The outer perimeter of the city will be held by light infantry to slow the enemy progress and it will fall back progressively toward the city center. Our main forces will be held back. The idea is to force the enemy to enter the city and fight us up close. If we try to hold them out of the city, they will crush us with their large firepower superiority. I’ve given orders for our troops to be at 50 meters from the enemy at all times. I call this “hugging them”. This way, it will force the enemy into a choice. Either they use their full firepower, particularly from their titans, and they will suffer from massive friendly fire that will damage them a lot more than us or they will have to hold fire and engage us up close. If the titans and knights dare to enter the city, we will engage them at close range with tank hunter teams with meltaguns and bombs. We will do the same with tanks accompanying the infantry. Our own armor will be hidden in buildings and rubble. It will mostly be held in reserve to support our infantry and make local counter-attacks to restore the line where it’s breeched.”
- Lord Suren: “It’s well thought. However, I know the Imperial Army very well and they aren’t known to have the same concern about minimalizing casualties than you, general. They may well end into firing carelessly.”
- Malinovsky: “With all due respect my Lord, my experience fighting the Tallious people told me that they share my concern. They’re not the Death Korp or the Ice Warriors of Walhala.”
- Lord Suren: “So be it then. I approve your plan.”
- Malinovsky: “I’ve already started implementing it.”
- Lord Suren: “Good. I like officers with initiative. If you repulse the counter-attack, I shall make you Marshal of the Mutualist Union.”
- Malinovsky with a slight hint of pride: “Thank you my Lord.”
- Lord Suren: “You are dismissed, general.”
- Admiral von Hipper: “The fleet is ready. We are advancing toward the enemy fleet.”
- Lord Suren: “Good. Now the real trial starts.”


It was a sunny warm day – like one of those of May that are neither too hot nor too cold – and families went out to have some quality time together. There was a happy young mother with red hairs playing with her kids in a park. There were flying animals in the trees that were somewhat similar to birds since they were singing exotic songs. A small four limbed reptile like creature climbed in another tree like a squirrel would have, holding a nut in his jaws. He had a flamboyant bright green, red and blue throat, singling him as a male of his species. Children of this world certainly found them cute since they enthusiastically designated them with their little fingers while their mothers were telling their proper names. Everyone was cheerful and appreciating the weather. Some fathers were chatting together while glancing from time to time to see if their children were safe. Oh no, there was one unhappy face. One child tripped on something and knocked his kneecap on a wooden beam in the sand square. His mother was comforting the crying boy. In the background, you could see the quiet lower urban areas where they probably came from and yet further, the sky scrapers of the city center. It was the city of a civilised world, not the overcrowded habspires of hive worlds. The city wasn’t that far from

Suddenly, the red haired woman felt that something was wrong, very wrong. She took her youngest in her arm and told the other to come with her. She was looking around like if she had detected an unseen danger. The other parents seemed completely oblivious to her alarm and continued playing, chatting and whatever they were doing. Understanding that she was alone in knowing what would happen, the young mother tried to convince the others of the danger incoming. She shouted to them to flee, but no sound was coming out of her mouth. She tried to physically shake them from their heedlessness, but they only repulsed her with either surprised look or angry remarks. For the first time, her desperate face could be seen. The woman was Amelia. The threat was revealed to be real out of the blue: the nuclear attack siren was heard. Amelia turned around and fled with her children as far as possible from the city center. She knew it was a desperate race, but she wanted to do the impossible to save her family. Then she heard the shrieking warhead falling on the city center. The warhead exploded obliterating the center. The shockwave blasted away the flesh on the fleeing parents and their children. Amelia wanted to wake up from the nightmare, but she couldn’t.

- Cavernous male voice: “That’s what you did, Amelia.”
- Amelia: “I didn’t want to! He forced my hand!”
- Cavernous voice: “No, Amelia. You are lying to yourself. We have always… the choice.”
- Amelia: “Wolcott is mad! He would have killed me!”
- Cavernous voice: “Do you really think that or are you telling yourself this convenient lie to cover your responsibility? You killed them – my innocent children – and all that for your career in the heretic Kestral army. You turned your back to me, your father.”
- Cavernous voice: “That’s the heart of the problem. You rejected me, your true father, your only father.”
- Amelia: “WHO ARE YOU?!”
- Cavernous voice: “I am your Emperor.”

Amelia blood froze solid. How could the emperor contact her personally? She was just a simple woman in a sea of human beings.

- Amelia: “Why would the Emperor have any interest in me?!”
- Cavernous voice: “I love all my children and I know each one of them, even better that they each know themselves. You have betrayed me and all Humanity by following Wolcott, Amelia. You have become a heretic and there is no peace and no forgiveness for them.”
- Amelia: “NO! IT’S NOT TRUE!”
- Cavernous voice: “You shall be judged and found wanting. I shall destroy you like you destroyed my children!”
- Cavernous voice now with a sadistic tone: “The wages of heresy is death!”

Amelia fell from her chair on the cold ground of her HQ. She wasn’t sure if it was a waked dream or if she had a nap that went terribly wrong, but she was sticky of sweat. Anna ran toward her and helped her sitting again.

- Anna: “Are you okay Amelia?! I heard you scream things about someone not being the Emperor.”
- Amelia: “I’m okay… Don’t worry. I just hope I haven’t wakened your baby.”
- Anna sitting on another chair: “No, he is sleeping in the other room. He didn’t hear anything.”
- Amelia: “You must think I’m mad. They all thinking I am now. Even Alexei.”
- Anna comforting Amelia: “You know, I come from a poor hive world and if you knew all the things I’ve seen, you would understand that it takes a lot to impress me. I often have premonitory dreams that are often very troubling.”
- Amelia surprised: “You do?”
- Anna: “Yeah, it’s often terrible things. By example, I foresaw when my husband was killed. It was terrible.”
- Amelia: “Oh! That must have been horrible.”
- Anna: “Yes, it was. You can tell me what happens to you. I won’t judge you. I would be poorly placed to make judgements on you anyway.”
- Amelia: “You won’t.”
- Anna taking Amelia’s hands in hers: “No, I swear it.”
- Amelia: “It’s just that, I’m not used to tell my problems to others.” A tear rolled on her cheek: “It’s so hard… Nobody in my family ever cared about what I felt or what I had on the heart… My parents were completely absorbed by their own issues and were favoring my older brother. I was just a future… I would rather not speak of what I was for them, but truth is, I had to rely only on myself.”
- Anna: “I can’t believe you didn’t have a few good friends or a boyfriend to listen to you.”
- Amelia: “I was too afraid to tell them anything. And I only had one trustable boyfriend until I met Alex. But, one day, his family was sent off world and I never saw him again.”
- Anna: “Sent by who?”
- Amelia: “My father played his relations and he organised their deportation. You see, my boyfriend wasn’t of noble blood and more importantly…” She struggled to not cry: “No, I’m not ready to tell you this. Maybe another day, but not now. I don’t trust you enough.”
- Anna: “Tell me about your voices then.”
- Amelia blowing her nose in a handkerchief: “Okay… The voice accuse me of being an assassin and a killer of innocents.”
- Anna: “Why would a gentle woman like you be an assassin?”
- Amelia: “The other day, my leader ordered me to launch a nuclear missile on a city to raze it to the ground. I tried to argue against, but he silenced me and I didn’t dare to oppose him. I was so scared by him. He’s… creepy and you never know how he will react if you confront him…”
- Anna: “I’ve met him. He sent us here in fact. He tried to force the governor’s children to marry one of his brothers and one of his sisters to take the planet inside his family’s empire. I’ve seen the man and there was something weird in him… Something troubling… I felt it in my skin. He was hiding something and I was in alert while near him. He also had a bandage around the wrist like if he tried to cut his veins, but only on one hand.”
- Amelia trembling: “You know now part of why I’m afraid of him. I also saw him killing his whole command on the order of a Xenos woman after our campaign in Lucius. I’m terrified at the idea he could do it again.”
- Anna hugging Amelia: “Don’t worry, I’m here.”
- Amelia: “Thank you. It’s good to be with a friend for once.”
- Anna smiling: “I think we will become great friends.”
- Amelia smiling back, but with a hint of sadness: “I think yes. So, I did it and I feel so much culpable. The thought that I killed so many innocent families just destroys me. And now I’m hearing voices telling me that I’m a murderer and a heretic.” She took her head in her hands and looked on the ground. “It’s starting to convince me that I’m truly one.”
- Anna: “These voices are they a bit incoherent or do they seem sentient?”
- Amelia: “What do you mean?”
- Anna: “I have… I had an aunt that was schizophrenic. She heard voices in her head that were telling her how she was worthless and insulted her. But when she described them, they were kind of random. They didn’t have an organised discourse or a point to prove. They were like: “You are ugly! You are stupid! Nobody loves you!, etc.” Are they like this?”
- Amelia: “No, they are showing me visions of the destruction I did. Then they tell me that I liked it when I pushed the button. Or they pretend to be the Emperor and that I abandoned him and became a heretic. But my family has a mental disturbance history, so I might be schizophrenic for real.”
- Anna: “What kind of mental disturbance?”
- Amelia: “My uncle and one of his son were psychotic. My mother is depressive and so was her mother. My father and my brother have bouts of extreme anger. I remember that when I was young, I cowered like a little ball in the corner of my room in hope that my father wouldn’t vent his rage on me. But I was even more terrified by my brother, but I’m not ready to tell you more on this.”
- Anna: “Oh that was awful! It mustn’t have been good on your mother’s condition if she was with a violent man.”
- Amelia: “Yes… It led to her suicide. She voluntarily swallowed an overdose of medication when I was 10 years old. She was the only one in my family with which I had a relatively normal relation, so it hit me hard.”
- Anna: “How did you do to remain so cheerful and optimistic about life having lived in such a horrible place? At least, this is what the others told me you were like before you ordered the strike.”
- Amelia: “My friends often asked me the question and the only answer I could find is that it must have been a defense mechanism to not abandon and let myself die like my mother did. Maybe I have a strong self-preservation instinct. I don’t know.”
- Anna: “Still, I think that your condition is different. Tell me exactly what the voice said in the latest dream.”

Amelia went to describe the whole previous scene and all what the supposed Emperor voice said.

- Anna: “It sounds really different from my aunt. And something in me feel it’s far more sinister than that.”
- Amelia nervous: “Like what?!”
- Anna: “I don’t know, but I think something wants to trouble you. Maybe there is a psyker around trying to manipulate you. The Thousand Sons are pretty powerful from what I experienced firsthand.”
- Amelia: “Shhhhhhh! You mustn’t tell their name loudly! It’s a secret and if they learn you told this around to Kestrals, they might kill you.”
- Anna: “They weren’t mysterious about their identity to me.”
- Amelia: “Maybe, but they forbid to the Spireguards to tell their true identity to Kestrals at the penalty of death.”
- Anna: “How did you came to know that then?”
- Amelia: “It’s Alex. He couldn’t bear it more to lie to me.”
- Anna: “Yeah, I understand.”
- Amelia: “Anyway, why would they want me to go mad? What did I do to attract their attention?”
- Anna: “I can’t answer for you, but if it’s not the Thousand Sons doing, what could do this?”
- Amelia: “Well, I could be simply schizophrenic. Mental sicknesses often declare themselves in very stressful situations.”
- Anna: “Yeah, maybe. But there is treatment for this anyway. You shouldn’t be ashamed if you need it.”
- Amelia: “But my soldiers count on me to lead them. I can’t abandon them now. And there is not time to treat me.”
- Anna smiling: “Yes, but at least there is hope for you.”
- Amelia: “Yeah, that’s true. Thank you, I feel that the burden is lighter now.”
- Anna: “It was nothing. You should tell your Alex about it. I’m sure he wouldn’t judge you. He loves you deeply Amelia, I feel it in my bones. He would do anything for you.”
- Amelia: “I’m not ready to tell him.”
- Anna: “Why not?”
- Amelia: “I was abandoned by all my boyfriends before. Most men I dated exploited me and then dropped me like a used sock. I fear to lose him as well by frightening him.”
- Anna: “You know… I have a secret to tell you as well… I have a particular talent that might appear as curse for some and a gift for others. I feel things about people because I’m…” A tear rolled on her cheek. “I’m a witch.”
- Amelia: “Oh! That’s quite a surprise, but I know you are a good woman and that’s the only thing which counts.”
- Anna smiling: “Thank you. So I felt that Alex will be at your side no matter what. It’s radiating from him. You can tell him anything about your life, anything, and he will always be there to help you anyway.”
- Amelia: “I hope you are right.”
- Anna: “I sure am.”
- Amelia: “Thank you Anna. I feel much better.”
- Anna: “Don’t hesitate to confide in me. I will be as silent as a tomb.”
- Amelia: “I will remember that. You know how to make people open up.”

Suddenly something was heard from the speakers:

- Colonel Johnson: "My fellow Kestral soldiers. At this very moment, we are in dire circumstances. We have lost many friends during these past hours, and with little to gain for it.
- “And now, we face overwhelming numbers. it is for this reason, that it gladdens me to inform you that the Brigadier, is gone. His life extinguished by a cowardly, but ultimately beneficial, traitorous attack only moments ago."
- “My first and only objective, is the lives of each and every one of you loyal soldiers. I will guarantee that this war ends with as little casualties as possible. There will be no more fighting. There will be no more genocide. There will be no more needless death!"
- Amelia: “What is this madness? ”
- Anna: “Do you want that I leave to my room?”
- Amelia: “No, you must see this mess for what it is.”
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Hedonismbot » Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:30 pm

Though has been a little while here it is:

For this completing your last challenge. Signet, Graham now has 2 wounds, to represent him being able to survive some very horrific injuries that should have killed him.

Acanthus, Reavus has also become tougher and now has the equivalent of a 4+ fnp.

Now, for the last bit. Due to the difficult nature of the battle, both of you get an additional reward, but what that is.........

Is up to the other person.

Both of you will decide what the other person receives as their reward, provided it's within reason of course.

Others will have their own unqiue gifts, once they have completed their own battles.

So don't think the Eversor is dead yet Kov, you know what happens to them when they're going to die.......
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Kovlovsky » Tue Jan 19, 2016 4:50 pm

In the Space near the planet Tallious...

The two fleets were going headlong toward each other’s. The Imperial fleet was in a diamond formation with the transport ships in the middle. It was hinting that they had the order to breakthrough and would have to protect the transports from all sides. Lord Suren ordered the adoption of a curious formation. He ordered them to form two superposed thin horizontal lines. From the imperial fleet, it looked like a long, but short wall of ships coming straight at them. When von Hipper asked why he wanted to use such a uncommon formation, Lord Suren answered: “You shall see.”

- Lord Suren to all ship captains: “At my command, steer the helm 90 degree to starboard!”

Both fleets were coming toward each other at alarming rate. The enemy fleet had its strongest ships at the tip, like a spear being trusted toward a foe. But Lord Suren was confident that his 3 battleships and the traditionally heavily armed Chaos Cruisers would give him the initial advantage.

- Admiral von Hipper: “We’re about to enter into lance firing range!”
- Lord Suren: “Open fire as soon as firing solutions are acquired. Don’t spare the torpedoes neither. Concentrate the fire on the tip of the enemy formation.”

Both fleets opened fire with their long range weaponry. The Imperium favored torpedoes for their accuracy; Chaos favored lances for their destructiveness although at extreme range, the beam started to be less easily aimed because of fire control limitations. The shower of firepower was truly a sight to behold, illuminating the darkness of space with beams of energy and hail of guided missiles. Many torpedoes were intercepted by defensive fire, but many found home and detonated against shields dangerously weakening them. Fortunately for the Chaos fleet, the wide formation adopted allowed to use their fleet’s large number of bow lances to full effect while a good half of the enemy fleet was behind the transports to protect them after the imminent breakthrough. Enemy torpedoes and lance hits rocked the void shield of the rather impressively large Wrathful, but they held.

- Lord Suren: “Concentrate the fire on the tip of the enemy formation!”

A Chaos cruiser suffered a devastating hit on that went through a forward magazine bulkhead and the resulting detonation disabled it and the crew abandoned the ship. Maybe a third of the crew managed to get to their escape pods before the fire reached another magazine and provoked a massive explosion that completely destroyed the ship.

- Lord Suren: “Continue forward and hold fast!”

Some enemy ships started to suffer a lot too. The enemy fire started to weaken, but they were still fighting hard and without flinching.

- Lord Suren:
“General Novikov! Unleash the first wave of attack crafts!”
- Novikov: “Right away, Lord.”

On the contrary of the timid Mechanicum, the Dark Mechanicum was unbound by any laws or restrictions. It was free to experiment with all kind of forbidden knowledge including the madness found in the Warp. Absolutely devoid of any kind of ethical principles, the Heretek was an engineer of dark innovative dispositions and of infinite cruelty and villainy. And the result was an incredible human cost for any successful technological knowledge, but it paid off.

Since the Gothic War, a new generation of Chaos attack crafts had replaced the obsolete Swiftdeath Fighters and Doomfire Bombers. In the lightless depths of the corrupt Forge World Xana II sitting deep into the Eye of Terror, horrific forges work day and night producing the Hell Blade interceptor and the Hell Talon fighter bomber in the thousands each day at the cost of innumerable lives. The unfortunate slaves are spent like raw materials would and working until death release them for a cause that might lead to the destruction humanity. Even more unlucky ones are sacrificed in the vast daemon forges to feed the daemon engines that produce the machines that will sweep the skies of the valiant Imperial pilots that are defending humanity. Warlords, mortal and immortal, human or space marine, daemon or not quite yet, exchange terrible tributes in exchange of the highly advanced aircrafts. Most offer large quantities of slaves for working the forges, but powerful artifacts and darker offering are also accepted. The demand for these crafts is high and so is the price to pay. Nobody knows what Suren paid to get a hand on these new aircrafts, but it was surely terrible in nature.

The Hell Blade is a strange blend of extremely advanced technology and the baleful daemonic energy of the Warp. With a body looking like a twin bladed dagger, the aircraft is a swift and very manoeuvrable light fighter aircraft. While this nimbleness is explainable in atmospheric flight, manoeuvrability is a relative concept in space. Without air flow to serve as a support for turning, a machine has to rely on vector-trusting engines or unpractical retro rockets. But the Hell blade cheats: through some unknown technology, it is equipped to be able to make short range Warp jumps in any direction, allowing it to turn much more sharply than any fighters currently in service except those of Eldar conception. This edge allows it to evade enemy fire and outturn its foe in dogfights. Its two twin-linked Hellstorm Autocannons are reliable and effective weapons, but it’s relatively light armament compared to the heavier fighters that the Imperium usually fields. The Hell Blade relies entirely on its high speed and agility to survive and destroy its opponents. The aircraft has been designed to be mass produced relatively easily in large numbers. Because of its expandable quality, the pilot is usually a servitor hard-wired on his fighter. In addition, the cybernetic quality of the pilot allows the “pilots” of the wing to fight in perfect coordination, analysing and processing battlefield data faster than human pilots would. What is loss through it is that they lack the creativity that well trained pilots would have and tend to switch between a selection of tried and true formations and tactics. It makes them somewhat predictable, but ruthlessly efficient as they know no fear. However, some of them are piloted by real pilots. In Lord Suren warband, one quarter of the Hell Blades have human pilots and are highly trained.

The Hell Blade is complemented by the Hell Talon fighter bomber. Larger, but almost as fast and still quite manoeuvrable for a Starfighter of this size and speed, the Hell Talon is largely based on the same technology than its smaller interceptor brother. Crewed by three servitors, they are equipped with a twin-linked lascannon in addition to the usual twin-linked Hellstorm Autocannon and 8 bombs of different types. In space combat, its role is both attacking larger ships and fighting the enemy fighters. It relies less on manoeuvrability and more on firepower than its companion. Only 12.5% of them are human crewed n the Brotherhood of Vengeance because of how dangerous the job is. Did I said that both designs were devoid of any space worthy escape capsules?

In the Wrathful internal bay, the ground crew was making signs to the 23rd Interceptor Squadron’s Hell Blades to position themselves for taking off. Commanded by Colonel Viktor Trofimenko, the wing was an elite unit, one of the first that was trained as part of the Naval Aviation of the Thousand Sons fleet. He was personally an ace with 69 victories and there were a considerable number of aces in the formation, but less successful of course. Being an ace on a Hell Blade was generally a short lived career as if you were downed in space flight, you were dead for sure. The human piloted ones only had a simple ejection seat, a parachute and the pilot jumpsuit wasn’t void shielded. Combined to the fact that when mortally damaged, the Hell Blade’s body tended to disintegrate as the Warp energy bound into the hull retook its rights, your chances of survival were minimal… But somehow, Trofimenko survived and he received the most experienced pilots in his wing. There were pressures to ground him and put him as an instructor in a training regiment, but he resisted it. Being in the thick of fighting was the only place where he was in his element.

- Colonel Trofimenko: “All systems check. Ready to take off Control.”
- Control: “You have the authorisation for taking off. Good luck Colonel.”
- Colonel Trofimenko: “Roger Control. We’re heading out.”

Each ship let out a swarm of the small fighters, bigger for the battleships and smaller for the more modest cruisers and frigates. Had it been in an atmosphere, the otherworldly high pitched shrieks and wailings of the sinister crafts would have been frightening, but in space, only the silence reigned. Anyway, it was rare to see ships scurrying away like frightened rats. 23rd Interceptor Squadron’s mission today was escorting one of the rare bomber squadron that was human piloted. It was also an elite unit specialised in destroying hard targets like tanks or ships. The strategy today was quite basic: overwhelming the enemy fighter escort and plunging right in the heart of the enemy fleet and destroy the transports. Capital ships would have to be ignored until new orders were received. The losses would be terrible, but as always, the servitor piloted crafts were in the first line and would bear the brunt of the initial showdown.

- Captain Belenko: “Enemy fighters inbound. It looks like Fury Interceptors.”
- Colonel Trofimenko: “Finger Four formation!”

For musical ambiance 8) :

Then the long range firing started. The Fury fighters fired guided missiles to the chaos incoming Chaos Swarm. The servitors instantly started to manoeuver and jettison chaff to evade the missiles. Even with the warp tricks, many were destroyed in spectacular shower of Warp flames that coloured the space in shades of purple, but since they were outnumbering the imperial fighters 6 to 1, losses could be absorbed. The Fury was a heavy fighter banking on sturdiness, speed and very high firepower to win its battles. The Chaos equivalent put all its eggs into out manoeuvring its foe, getting behind and never let the foe escape the middle of its sight. But the sacrifices would be high to get there and many more Hell Blades would be lost for each Fury interceptor destroyed.

Now both formations clashed and each enemy tried to manoeuver behind the other to deal them a swift and spectacular death. The finger-four formation allowed 4 flights of 4 aircrafts to fight together and coordinate themselves for either defensive or offensive purposes. Each four planes group are made of two squads of two planes. The flight leader at the head and his wingman are the offensive part while the two other aircrafts have a defensive purpose and cover the two others.

A Fury interceptor went straight toward Trofimenko trying to kill him swiftly with his lascannons. But just as the weapon officer was about to squeeze the button, Viktor hit the Warp translation command and jinked to the right making not only the Fury miss, but overflying his flight. The colonel turned swiftly to the left to place himself behind the enemy fighter.

- Trofimenko: “Cover me Belenko!”

The Fury pilot was a good one. Rookies usually flied very conservatively and didn’t push their planes to the limit. It wasn’t the case here and he brusquely changed directions to make Viktor missing, but he had seen others like this. He aligned the aircraft in his sights and squeezed the trigger. The Fury engine exploded and the aircraft started to fly erratically and the crew ejected a few seconds before the explosion of the damaged batteries of the lascannons. Another Fury had profited to go behind Trofimenko and fired but missed with its cannons. The colonel engaged again his Warp device, but the Fury pilot knew the trick and kept his distances, giving him a better view of the situation.

- Trofimenko: “Belov! I’ve a Fury behind me! Take it down! “
- Lieutenant Belov: “Roger! We have him in sights!”

Viktor pulled his controls and went up to make a u-turn, the Fury was confused and abandoned the pursuit. Belov flight chased it.

By this time, the capitals ships of the two fleets were about to enter inside macro cannons and plasma batteries range.

- Lord Suren: “Now! Steer the helm!”

The whole fleet turned starboard. The double line sudden change direction meant that now the whole chaos fleet could fire its broadsides on the enemy fleet going straight at them.

- Imperial admiral in a muted shocked voice:
“By the Emperor.They’ve crossed our T.”

The Chaos fleet fired broadside after broadside on the tip of the enemy diamond formation. The enemy command battleship at the head couldn’t resist for long on the concentrated firepower and exploded after its magazines were pierced. The grand cruiser at its right was mortally damaged, but didn’t explode. It started to drift and would have to be abandoned by its crew. The Battle cruiser on the left of the battleship however, manoeuvred at the right moment. Even if it was heavily damaged, it survived by plunging and thus evaded a large part of the incoming firepower. It would have to take a place in the middle of the formation. The rest of the first line felt the wrath of chaos, but none were damaged to the point of having to change place in the formation. The imperial combat ships overflew the Chaos ships and some transports fell prey to the chaos guns and were swiftly destroyed, but it couldn’t last. The Chaos fleet needed to turn to pursue the enemy fleet or they would reach the planet.

- Lord Suren: “All ships, follow my lead.”
- Lord Suren to the Helmsman: “Steer the helm 90 degrees to starboard.”

The fleet followed the Wrathful and took a standard battle line formation to pursue in parallel the enemy fleet.

By the time this was done, the fighter wings of each side looked like a large swarm of wasps turning around each other’s and harassing the bigger ships with bombs, missiles and cannons like if they were large animals that disturbed their nests.

- Colonel Koryolov: “Here is the 31st Bomber Squadron. We’re initiating the bombing run. Cover us.”
- Colonel Trofimenko: “Roger, we’re covering you.”

The Hell Talons plunged on the diamond shaped formation trying to get through the capitals ships protecting the transports on the top of the formation to attack the troop carriers. The defensive fire was thick and many Talons were blasted by the plasma and laser turrets firing on the chaos crafts. Macro cannons were also shooting with proximity shells that made flashes of light all around the diving fighters and bombers in a similar way to old WWII Pacific Front archival videos. However, nobody here had a clue about it. The Talons dropped their armor piercing bombs on the lightly armed and protected transports while firing their lascannons and autocannons non-stop. The first waves bombs only hit the void shield, but it fizzled and broke and the next waves hit the hull. The ship cut in two and disgorged thousands of soldiers in the void. Two others nearby transport ships were destroyed. The price was high however and many Thousand Sons squadrons were devastated.

- Colonel Koryolov: “We’ve got it!”
- Colonel Trofimenko: “Good job!”
- Koryolov: “We’re going to attack the next one.”
- Trofimenko: “We’re right beside you!”
- Belov: “We’ve lost Gradenko and Gerasimov.”
- Trofimenko: “Then, we will avenge them!”
- Belenko: “Damn right!”

In the Wrathful, Suren was satisfied, but the enemy fleet was still in shape and the Thousand Sons attack crafts were mauled.

- Lord Suren: “General Novikov, what is the status of our attack crafts?”
- Novikov: “We’ve lost 35% of our fighters and 42% of our bombers in the first wave.”
- Lord Suren: “And the enemy?”
- Novikov: “Not more than 25% for their fighter and it’s probably more likely to be around 20%. Their bombers suffered more and lost about 33% of their strength. We’ve destroyed around 15-20% of the transports.”
- Lord Suren: These are acceptable losses and we still have numerical superiority. Press on the attack and release a fresh wave.”
- Novikov: “Yes Lord.”
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Wed Jan 20, 2016 6:38 pm

Geheena, deep inside the Inquisitorial facility...

Upon inserting the thumb drive, the ancient and powerful computer system activated. The screen flashed black and blur as it loaded up the files, and Richards looked at what remained of his men. "Right, this is as far as we go into this facility."
"We're calling the mission here Master-Chief?" Parker questioned with a grunt.
"We are. We're too many men down and the enemies far stronger than we anticipated. Plus given that we're so low on ammo and what with Graham here, that..." he gestured towards Reavus with his thumb, "is our best ticket out of here."
Parker grumbled angrily. "So.. for feths sake, why did we even come down here then?"
"We came," Graham interjected, "Because w-we needed to find out w... what was wrong with this place. Now w-we know..."
Richard nodded. "Our mission was a,,, success more or less. We nuke this facility and take that thing with it, make sure that it never gets out."
"We should have just nuked it from the start." Parker said.
"Arguably, but then it wouldn't have been effective as this is, nuking it from within." Parker wasn't happy about this reply but he accepted it and turned his attention back to Graham.

Richard turned and began to look over the objects kept in this room. Most of it was just geneseeds and various other space marine organs. Some corrupted, others not, but all quarantined in protective packaging.
Aside from them though, there was also a lot of other things of particular interest. Strange ruins and objects that he couldn't begin to describe. Eventually he came across one in particular that caught his attention. "...hello..." he grinned and looked closer at it.

It was a skull, more specifically an Eldar skull of perfect white, covered in glowing color-changing runes and its seemed to be giving off a strange dark aura. It was stuck inside a very thick transparent casing with a whole series of warning labels before it.

***WARNING: Darkanium, Eldarius 'Soul-Trap'. This specimen is inhabited by a classification ALPHA-level subject. DO NOT under any circumstances release from its containment. Failure to do so will result in immediate planetary annihilation: WARNING***

Richard glanced over to see that the Terminator couldn't see him putting the containment case into his backpack. Luckily for him, the terminator was distracted.
It seemed that Reavus had gotten bored of waiting for the computer to load and was also looking about the many relics. There was an open case hanging on his waist into which he was inserting vials of samples that he was taking from each organ and geneseed, but he seemed to have stopped by a weapon of some sort.
With a determined spirit, he raised a Relic sword of a material as dark as the night sky itself above his head. It seemed to eat all the light that hit it like a black hole. After a few moments he swung it around with surprising dexterity, testing it out, then rest it against the free side of his was it where the magnets clamped it firmly into position.
"Found something?" Richard asked.
"A relic of another chapter, lost but not forgotten." he replied. "Having had the honor of once fighting alongside them, it'd be a personal insult not to put their weapon to its once noble use again... what about yourself." he looked at the backpack that Richard was holding.

Richard preferred not to say that he had just grabbed the Eldar device, so came up with another answer. "Once you're done here, we're setting nukes on a timer. We're deep enough that we should penetrate the main power columns, vaporise the entire facility."
Reavus didn't reply to that, so Richard wasn't sure if he believed him or not. It wasn't a total lie, after all he was setting a nuke. Before anyone could say anything else though the computer beeped as it finally loaded up.


Zerus, in the middle of Tyranid invasion...

Commissar Resnov wasn't quite sure what had happened. The Heirophants screech had caused him to stagger, but as he looked back up, ringing in his ears, he saw it. captain Arren moved with speed and purpose, he flew up to the great monstrosities mouth and threw something inside. The beast screeched and tried to go for him as the melta-bomb detonated.

It's head exploded in a huge, luminescent mess, only beaten by the psychic shockwave that followed. Guardsmen that had managed to stay standing during the creatures last bout of pain collapsed to the floor now, Resnov, practically screaming as his feet gave way from under him.
It only lasted a few seconds but he saw it again...
The woman...
Why was he... why was...why...
the psychic attack ended and he gave out a gasp of relief.

As he got back to his feet, the damage became clear. Guardsmen and the civilian volunteurs lay everywhere, many getting back up, many more dead, blood pouring from their eyes and nostrils. The marines that he could see had also been taken aback but none had fallen.
Speaking of fallen... the Heirophant. It had fell right on the wall.

"Oh sh*t..." Resnov muttered to himself as he watched a large portion of the walls tart to collapse. Guardsmen yelled and readied themselves for the horde to come through... but they didn't.
"What's going on?" Resnov demanded and ran up atop one of the watchtowers.

When the Heirophant had died the Tyranids connection to the hive mind had momentarily collapsed. Now they were attacking anything that moved, including each other. he watched in astonishment as the endless wave of beasts ripped each other apart, having only moments ago worked together like a well oiled machine.
he wasted no time in lifting his vox-caster to his mouth. "We're clear, the Heirophants dead, you get that transport down here NOW!!!"
"Yes Commissar, ETA 2 minutes, over."
Resnov put the caster down and shouted to the rest of the Guardsmen, what looked to only be several hundred still standing. "FALL BACK!!! FALL BACK!!! WE'RE LEAVING NOW!!!"

The Guardsmen cheered and leapt down from the wall as the Tyranids began to regain their synaptic control. A few Gaunts scrambled over the wall and more came through the hole created by the dead tyrant, but it was nothing compared to before, and many were still fighting each other.
Resnov leapt down from the watchtower, along with the Guardsman that had been up there, and joined a large squad of his men to fire on the approaching aliens. One leapt over a wall and ran right for them, he cut it down with several well aimed bolt rounds to the brain. Another skewered a guardsmen that had heroically tried to drag a doomed trooper to safety, but Resnov killed it moments before it reached a third victim.
he killed more and more. Some tried to dodge his shots, not acting erratically and unpredictable due to the loss of their hive mind. It wouldn't be long through, they'd have to be quick.

They backed through the streets, getting further and further away from the walls. The marines had eventually gotten the message, and although they had a will to stay and fight, reason got the better of them. They sprant over and joined the Guardsmen, killing the few Tyranids that got up close.
Resnov looked to the sky in the hopes of seeing the transport, but he saw nothing. He raised the vox-caster to his lips. "WHERE'S THAT FETHING TRANSPORT!?!"
"We're on a way, just a little while longer."

Then the Tyranids came forth, their hive mind finally reconnecting to the new hive tyrant and re-establishng control. Resnovs jaw dropped uncontrollably as the horde spewed over the wall like a tidal wave crashing against a beach. "Feeeeeeee-"
"Commissar!" A terrified guardsmen called to him.
"What do we do?" asked another.
"What the hell do we do?"
The Marines wasted no time in firing on the enemy, which only spurred Resnovs resolve. "We do what we were born to do, WE HOLD THE LINE HERE!!!" he yelled and fired away, the guardsmen clearly terrified, but not hesitant to follow his command.

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Hedonismbot » Wed Jan 20, 2016 6:57 pm

Interesting, though one may be overestimating oneself. As an inquisitorial facility, it is built to the highest standards and very resistant to the most determined assault, up to and including orbital bombardment....and nukes.

As for the geneseed. The records of the Helios guard are indeed here and in the room are samples from the chapter that date back to up many centuries ago. As for anything else, there is nothing of note, though there are directions to get what is sought after.

Acanthu's rewards get's 2 thumbs up, all that remains is to see what he may give you in return....

It is very close by and won't take too long to get too, though the perils one faces may be harder than anything seen yet.....
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Kovlovsky » Sat Jan 23, 2016 1:31 am

Tallious, In Colonel McKinley’s HQ…

Amelia and Anna checked the screen as the screen as Johnson was speaking.

- Amelia: “I can’t believe Wolcott is dead… He survived to all these coups and mutinies and suddenly someone plants a bomb and he dies… I can’t believe I’m liberated from him at last.”

She realised what she had told, let out a gasp and put a hand on her mouth. Not only this was the kind of speech that could be dangerous, but she realised that just wished for the death of someone. She felt guilty to experience that kind of feeling.

- Interior voice: “You see? That’s the kind of woman you are!”

Amelia shook his head and refused to listen to this voice.

- Amelia: “I’m sorry Anna, I shouldn’t see these things in front of you.”
- Anna: “Don’t worry. I understand you and I couldn’t care less about Wolcott. He’s a sinister individual. We all wished someone to die one day, but not seriously.”
- Brusilov arriving on the scene: “So the jerk is dead now? He wasn’t able to generate any kind of durable loyalty and got his due.”
- Amelia: “Yeah, but wishing someone dead is wrong.”
- Lieutenant Nathan: “Particularly when it’s your superior…”
- Captain Mary: “He was a pain to work with. With him, there were always these lowly insults he would scream to you if something went wrong. After a while, you ended losing your self-confidence. Johnson will certainly do better.”

However something happened on screen.
- Colonel Johnson: “Brigadier…”
- Brigadier Wolcott growling back: "Traitor..."
Amelia let out a cry of surprise.

- Amelia: “Somehow, I knew it was too good to be true.”
- Mary: “We can’t have everything I guess.”
- Anna: “Don’t worry, you will be fine anyway. You’ve done everything you were asked.”
- Johnson chuckled: "Me? A traitor? I only do what's right. You're a fool, and I'd kill you again in a heartbeat!"
- Wolcott looking him up and down dismissively: "I gave you your position, and this is how you repay me? I made you Colonel and this is the gratitude you have to show for it?"
- Amelia: “Johnson must really have been pushed to the extreme to dare to do this. He is a good and loyal man.”
- Mary: “Yeah, he is. I even fancied him at some point.”
- Anna with a complicit smile: “Did it go toward something more… serious?”
- Mary: “No, unfortunately. He was already with someone, but he kept it secret.”
- Anna: “Why the secret?”
- Mary: “Well, it’s a Kestral thing. It would be too long to explain.”

Nathan sighted at this “girly” conversation. He was of the judgemental type after all. Alexei wasn’t amused neither. He wasn’t listening in fact. The major felt that something terrible would happen. He had only seen Wolcott a few times, but he had the gut feeling that he wouldn’t let such an affront to his authority unpunished and he wouldn’t just arrest Johnson. Amelia shared his concern and was rubbing her neck in dark anticipation since she was sympathising with Johnson motives. Anna noticed it.

- Anna: “What is wrong Amy?”
- Sophia coming from behind: “What’s happening?”
- Johnson: "Brigadier... I beg of you... end this! The war doesn't need to continue, we don't need to HARVEST human beings for the Xenos!!!"
- Wolcott maintaining eyes contact: "Their race doesn't deserve to live."
- Johnson sighing: "Then nothing more can be said." and reached for his laspistol.
Wolcott moved faster though, pulling out his right arm and his powerfist went through Johnson’s chest like a claw. The energy screamed and Johnson screamed louder. Blood spurted out messily in short violent bursts and vomited from his mouth.

In Amelia’s HQ the reaction was instantaneous. Brusilov went from surprise at the sudden move to anger “Xenos! We’re harvesting people for them! I just knew it!” he said. Amelia let out a gasp and Anna blocked the view of the screen from Sophia’s eyes. Mary moved backward in astonishment and tripped on a chair behind her and almost fell. Nathan, on the contrary, nodded approvingly, but with some apprehension at the radicalism of the method.

Ashton deactivated the glove after a few seconds and gave off a dismissive sneer as everyone in the room let out sounds of horror. He tightened his fist around the Colonels heart, twisting it and ripping it from the arteries.
- Wolcott to the dying Johnson: “By what right does the Snake kill the Falcon?”

Wolcott cocked his head slightly and tore his heart out.
- Mary: “Oh my Emperor!”
- Anna: “He’s a murderer!”
- Sophia: “The soldier on TV… He is dead isn’t it?”
- Anna with a few tears rolling on her cheeks: “I’m sorry Sophia. I wasn’t fast enough to prevent you from seeing. Yes, he’s dead.”
- Sophia: “It’s not your fault. I’ve already seen people dying in the bombings and some were quite messy. It’s too late.”

Even the ultra-loyal Nathan was shocked at such needless violence. Brusilov shook his head in disapproval and checked Amelia to see if she was fine. She was looking away and was trembling of fear. It was clear that she felt that she could suffer the same fate than Johnson and was absolutely terrified by Ashton. He advanced toward her and he patted her shoulder. He wanted to hug her, but she shrugged him off in silence.

On the TV, Wolcott started to make a speech:
- Wolcott: “Lacerating that race traitors heart right in front of you, right here, right in this room, should have gotten the point across I hope.”
- “It suited me to appear weak and pathetic, because it motivated you worthless pudenda’s to take some F*CKING INITIATIVE!!!”
- “There will be no more moves to take over my prestige…”
- “No more aberrations…”
- “As I understand it there are no doubt countless more traitors and would be coups in our force. Much like the rest, they will not succeed. One way or another, I will find you. But... those of you who root out these traitors for me will be duly, rewarded. Work with me, and I shall give you this world in less than 24 hours.”
- “Try to supersede me, and I’ll rend you apart, right in front of the rest, right here, right now…”
- Mary: “After that horror show, I doubt anyone is going to try…”
- Alexei: “At least for the moment, but this guy is hated far and wide. Seeking obedience through fear will last while they fear him, but at the first moment of weakness, he will be in mortal danger.”

"One way or another, I will find you." These words resonated in her mind. She had only spoke words of disloyalty, but what if Nathan opened his mouth?

- Interior voice:
“He shall find you Amelia and you will be destroyed together with those you love.”
- Amelia: “No! He won’t!”
- Interior voice: “Your friends… They know too much.You have to betray them before they betray you. Because they shall sell you to Wolcott to save their skins. You need to pre-empt it!”
- Interior voice: “It will be to your detriment to not listen to me. It will lead to a painful death!”
- Amelia: “STOP IT!”
- Interior voice: "DENOUNCE THEM!!! DO IT!!!!!"
- Alexei: “What is happening to you?!”
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Sat Jan 23, 2016 5:50 am

Tallious, within the sieged capital city...

As Wolcott re-entered the new command centre room everyone quietened down. He ignored them and made his way over to the war table, but they remained quiet. The silence was cut only by the sounds of the shells hitting the void shield in the far distance. "How long until they reach the shield?"
"Less than half an hour Brigadier." Owens answered. "We've managed to pull everyone back underneath the void shield and blocked every tunnel that we know of. We've set up Leman Russes in cover and the majority of their fire is aimed at the main roads that lead in."
"And the knights?"
Owens shook his head. "We had several long range sightings on the horizon. So far we have 7 confirmed at less than 50 miles north to South West and 4 more less than 50 Miles south West to East. We estimate more are incoming.
Wolcott nodded solemnly. "And the Titan?"
"No sighting at the moment, and it's dissapeared from the fleets radar. Given that they're now engaging an enemy fleet, we're unlikely to be relying on them to fight it.

Wolcott sighed. "Is the Shadowsword deployed?"
"Yes sir."
"Good. Where's Jennifer?"
"Here sir!" Jennifer announced from the corner of the room. She saluted the sign of the Aquilla nervously."You said you... wanted to see me?"
"I did." he confirmed. "You're the best gunner in the whole Brigade. The Vanquishers out of action so you're in charge of the Shadowsword."
Jennifers eyes went wide. "Th-th-the superheavy?"
"yes. Is that a problem?"
She hook her head firmly. "NO SIR!!!"
"Good, get it ready then, I'd let you pick your own crew but we're short on time so stick with teh one's already in it. Take it t the main overway that runs through the city and target ONLY the knights."
"I won't let you down sir!" She hesitated before saying the next part. "Um... can I say something?"
His eye twitched as she said that, and quite a few officers shuffled about anxiously, not sure how he'd react. "You may."
"I saw what happened with Colonel Johnson... and... and um... I think you did the right thing. We're Kestrals, not these Serpians, and by trying to k-kill you he chose their race over ours."
Owens gave her an odd look while Wolcott smirked. "I'm glad that we have people here like you to see sense. I have no doubt that together, we'll make it thorugh this day."
She smiled proudly, blushing and a look of awe on her face.

Wolcott turned away and pressed a button on the speaker system. As he did so his voice was projected around the entire city. "Attention all guardsmen, and spireguard, this is Brigadier Wolcott.
I want to make something clear to everyone.
We are all Kestrals. Each and every one of us.

Kestral is not a nation of one race, but many. Traitors such as Johnson may believe we're monsters but he couldn't be more wrong. Individually, we are nothing. 'freedom' and 'liberty' are nothing more than symbols of oppression used by the corrupt and evil to reduce us to nothing.

Look at this very world we stand upon, that we crumble under our heels! What use are human rights when your cities are reduced to ash? What use is democracy when when their pathetic empathy allows invaders to conquer you in such a way? This world is what people like Colonel Johnson want for Kestral, for us, for your family!"

The officers looked about each other nervously, but there was quite a few approving nods.

"Kestral is made up of a union of different races," Wolcott continued, " Every world that joins us, every world that we conquer, they are all part of our nation. Sons of Osiris, Spireguard, with the blood we shed together in the coming fight, you will truly be one and equal to us. You have seen reason and allied yourself with a true and noble cause, and for that, we are brothers and sisters.

Our races are the MASTER RACES!!! We are divine gods of this galaxy! We are as different to the inferior races such as these Tallousians as they are to insects! In fact, compared to our races, their refusal to submit has condemned them to NOTHING more than beasts and animals, cattle at the very best. They should be considered nothing more than mere sh*t to wipe off your boots!

Our destiny, is to rule over these inferior classes. Our kingdom shall be ruled over by our leaders with an iron rod! Our enemies will kneel before us as our slaves, to do with as we please! I declare openly that these people have no right to their very lives! We are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers!
Happy hunting."

he deactivated the comms and took a step back. he grinned at Owens. "The war is coming, and we'll be the victors, no one else."
Owens nodded. "Yes Brigadier. But, we should prepare to retreat just in case."
Wolcott sneered. "No. There will be no retreat, not while this city is still ours. This planet is mine. Am. I. Clear?"
"Yes Brigadier."

Wolcott continued to give more orders to everyone else and they ran off to fill them out. Once he was finished he reproached the wartable and ran his finger along the edge. He stopped and took a deep breath. He knew that the battle was NOT going to go well. The enemy was overwhelming and even with their superior skill they'd only go so far...
and the knights, he didn't even want to think of them, let alone the titan...
"Caroline..." he muttered quietly. She was going for Xavier. He had no contact with her but he could only hope her plan was succeeding.


Tallious. The city of Thairian...

Ekaterina awoke to a groan. Her head stung like crazy and her entire body felt cold. Her vision was blurry and she couldn't see anything, but she could hear the noise. Fighting and yelling.

Before long her sense began to come back to her. The first thing she noticed was that she was upside down and strapped into something. Looking down or... well, up, at her chest she noticed the seatbelt across it.
She was in the seat of an overturned vehicle.
She looked around to see what sort of vehicle it was. It was certainly no military vehicle, so why was she in it when...

"oh yeah..."

it came back to her all at once. They'd been chased down the streets by the cities defence force. They'd struggle to escape properly and ended up in a large firefight on one of the main streets. This went on for a while until they'd had the bright idea of stealing a bunch of vehicles and beelining for Xaviers command centre.
They'd stolen several vehicles, including the lorry she was no sitting in, and the plan had gone well for the most part. The Serpians hadn't been expecting a lorry to go crashing through their checkpoints and so they'd gotten right up to the command centre before word got around their vox-network.
When they realised what was happening, they were already crashing through the command centres main gates.
Then she'd lost control, having never driven a lorry before, and crashed it into the command centres wall.
This resulted in tearing down numerous columns which tore down various walls and ceilings. those that had stayed standing cracked and fell themselves, bringing even more down with them.

In a single few minutes, they'd managed to bring half of the Tallious military command centre crashing down on top of them by mistake.

Ekaterina undid her seatbelt and fell down. she cursed as she landed upside down and fell onto her back. As she rolled over to get to her knees, she noticed the passenger.
private Joan, a quiet girl that she'd never spoken to much but was clearly a very thoughtful and considerate person, now lay limp, several pipes penetrating through her chest and one through her neck. It was a horrifying sight.
Ekaterina covered her mouth to stop from throwing up and quickly scrambled out of the window. She got a clearer view of the lorry now. It was utterly destroyed and covered in debris.

Her vision was still blurry but she could make out the rest of the room. It had once been a huge, ornate hall, but now flashes of red and autocannon fire tore of bits of plaster and paint with reckless abandon. she noticed a squad of Lionesses by a window firing out and yelling something about to many of them turning up. She also noticed another another squad pulling injured women over, what must have been about ten dead casualties lay shoved to the side as the single medic did the best she could.
A hand suddenly grabbed her arm and turned her around. it was Lieutenant Paula. "GET DOWN!!!" she yelled and pulled her to the floor as several red beams flew through a window and over their heads.
Sense finally fully returned to Ekaterina and she had to shout over the noise. "What's happening!?!"
"We'r in the command centre, the other two groups have taken heavy casualties, Lieutenants Harpers platoon is..." she bit her lip. "Gone. The enemy knew where they were at all times and captured them."

Ekaterina felt her heart go heavy. "That's an entire platoon, just gone?"
"Yeah..." Paula said through a look of sadness. "I... don't know if they're still alive or they were executed or-"
Ekaterina rested her hand on the panicking Lieutenants face. "hey, hey, it's allright. There's nothing we could have done, all that we can do is finish the mission. Now, what's our objective."
Paula nodded. "We need to go up stairs to where the generals are." and she pointed at a large set of stairs that the Sisters of battle where fighting a squad of Serpian soldiers in close combat.
"And the other platoon? The one Major Nadia was with?"
"They're here too, but on the opposite side of the command centre. Enemy reinforcements are turning up so we got to get upstairs now! They'll meet us up there once the find another way up."


In the main room the generals were panicking and several squads of PDF troopers ran in. Only Xavier was keeping his calm, lighting another cigarette. "What the Jon Doe is going on in this building?"
A Sargent saluted. "High Lord General, The enemy contingent in this city crashed a large vehicle into the building, structural damage is severe but-"
"They're here!?!" One general practically cried out.
"Oh god!" Another added. "We-"
"We're perfectly safe." Xavier said. "If you feel like you're in danger then go down to the bunker and hide there. I'll be here, leading this war."

The generals looked at each other with ashamed faces, before all heading on down to the bunker with the squads escort, leaving only a few officers and troopers behind.
Xavier sighed. "Good f*cking riddance. Now..." he turned to a nearby communications officer and grinned. "Tell me about this... fleet that's just arrived."
"The Chaos fleet has moved to engage it in combat my Lord."

On the entrance halls main staircase Caroline span her entire body around and cut open the chainsword wielding trooper that had tried to swipe her from behind. As his body fell to the she looked about. She was 2 Sisters down, so there was just her, a sister Seraphim and two dominion superiors. "Are we clear?"
"F*CK NO!!!" Paula yelled as she ran up the stairs, accompanied by her command squad and Ekaterina.
"We got reinforcemetns swarming in outside!" Ekaterina added in, pointing at the main windows where an increasing number of autocannon rounds and fire was coming in. There was a scream as one woman was hit inbetween her carapace armor as if to illustrate her point. Ekaterina winced as she saw it but... there was nothing she could do.
"We move fast. Once we've got their generals they'll have no choice but to stand down." Caroline said.

There was an explosion as something big hit the building and blew a huge chunk out of the wall. Paula sprang into action, running down to give the order to retreat. As Caroline turned to head up the stairs and clear the way, Ekatarina grabbed her arm. "Wait!"
Caroline stopped and turned back. "Is something the matter?"
"You're hurt."
Caroline stared at her momentarily before looking down to see blood coming from underneath her chest plate. "Oh... yeah, I think I... got hit by shrapnel or something, I'm allright for now though-"
"You're injured."
"So what? The armor's going to keep me going until I can get some medical care."
Ekaterina sighed. "Look, Comrade, just... you know what, forget it."
Caroline looked at her oddly. "...comrade?"

Before Ekaterina could say anything else though Paula came running back up the stairs, followed by 2 squads of women as one more squad peeled back from the main windows. "What are we all standing about for, let's get going!" and ushered them upstairs.
Caroline and Ekaterina nodded before running back up to the top of the stairs.

Several more rounds of explosions rocked the wall as the final few women reached the stairs and ran up, those at the top providing suppressing fire at the soldiers advancing on the windows. The PDF troops took cover and began to fire grenades up at them, but by that time the women were gone up the stairs.
Caroline and the sisters ran down a corridor on the first floor up to the main stairway that lead up the top of the tower. "Allright, let's get going and... oh... sh*t."
Paula ran up. "Why, what's wrong- oh!"
The top half of the building had collapsed down and destroyed a large portion of the staircase. There was no way they were getting up there. "Perhaps we can... make it halfway and find another staircase on the other side and-"
"Or..." Ekaterina interrupted from far across the corridor. "How about the lift?" She gestured towards the lift doors as they opened up. The lights on the panel indicated that they were still working.
No one had time to question the plan though as they suddenly heard shouting from the Serpina troops approaching the staircase.
The max capacity was 50, so they all gathered into the lift and Ekaterina repeatedly pressed the top floor button as the Serpina troops ran up the stairs. "FREEZE!!!" They yelled just as the doors closed. They heard the sound of lasfire and orange blobs of melting metal appeared on the door, but the lift rose up and they escaped before any more shots could get through.

Paula looked at the panel. "So um... what floor are we going up to?"
Caroline stretched her arms in the cramped space. "Should be at the top so... floor 875."
Ekaterina sighed. "...wonderful. Any chance of them cutting the rope before we reach the top?"
"Unlikely. I doubt they have the required cutting tools at the top, plus trying to drop the elevator would only further destabilise the buildings deteriorating structural integrity."

The speakers called out each floor as they passed. "Floor... ... ... 3... floor... ... ... 4... floor... ... ... 5... floor... ... ... 6... fl-"
Caroline raised her bolt pistol and shot the speaker.

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Kovlovsky » Sat Jan 23, 2016 2:48 pm

In the Ordo Xenos installation's archives on Gehenna...

Ctesias ordered everyone to stop with a sign. He knew what happened when an Eversor died and it wasn’t happening. He was knocked out or it was a ruse. He aimed his bolt pistol for the killing blow. The assassin rolled on the floor and Ctesias only hit the floor. The killing machine sprang up and charged Ctesias who succeeded in putting two bolt pistol rounds in the assassin’s torso, but it wasn’t enough to stop him in his tracks. With his last strength, he tried to embrace the Ctesias. In desperation, the sorcerer started summoning the Warp to send a kinetic blast to push back the assassin, but there was no way there was enough time for doing it. That’s at this moment where Tiberius went straight on the assassin and pushed him to the ground. Unfortunately for the marine, the Eversor let out his last sigh at this very moment and exploded in a shower of blood, toxins and bone fragments. Being directly under Tiberius, the strength of the explosion broke his armor in sharpened fragments that stabbed his internal organs. He died on the spot.

- Hadrianus: “Like if it wasn’t enough that he killed Anton, he had to kill Tiberius as well. These assassins are just friggin’ rabid animals!”
- Constantinus: “We will honour our dead by our actions here. Let’s finish this mission ASAP and get out of this madness.”
- Ctesias: “Tiberius saved my life and I will recommend him for a posthumous award.”
- Marcus: “Tiberius might have been killjoy, but it was a lot of fun teasing him. I will miss him.”
- Scipio: “And poor Antoninus, he was the best of us.”
- Constantinus: “Yes, I can’t count the number of times he saved my life.”
- Decimus: “He saved me during the battle against the genestealers. I was going to be gutted after being injured by their acid and he pushed me aside. I owe him my life me too.”
- Ctesias: “I don’t want to interrupt, but we need to get going. Take their geneseed and let’s get to work. We need to find everything we need in this archive and then find the Eldar artifacts we were sent to find.”
- Constantinus: “So we know at last what we were seeking. And for what use?”
- Ctesias: “I don’t know. The Master never said what he would do with them, only that he needed certain specific objects.”
- Marcus with a cocky attitude: “And it’s only now that we’ve earn your trust, isn’t it?”

Ctesias choose to not answer. They all went to search the archives to find something with Scipio, the computer/electronic specialist, supervising the research.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Hedonismbot » Sat Jan 23, 2016 7:38 pm

You begin sifting through the archives to find anything useful. One of the data stacks is particular interest as it begins going into detail about genetic stability and dealing with aberrations to the structure of the human genome.

Unfortunately, just as you begin to read the next part, it cuts off. Looks like the assasin destroyed the next datacrystal when he blew up.

Too bad, you would've been able to cure the fleshchange without resorting to something like the rubric........

There is a bunch of other useful information as well. Pick one of your team members and an army. He now gains preferred enemy against anything from that faction to represent the knowledge gained from the archives.

Lastly, something on the ground catches your eye. Your leader walks over it and notices that it's the eversor's executioner pistol. A few feet further away is his bandolier containing ammo and grenades that was blown away by the blast instead exploding along with him.

Unfortunately the neuro gauntlet was torn to shreds.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Sun Jan 24, 2016 3:09 pm

Tallious. Kestral occupied capital city, the Northern outskirts...

The void shield crackled and the Chimera burst through. "OPEN FIRE!!!" The Kestral commander roared without pause. The Autocannon and Lascannon rounds rained down on the Tallousian transports and sparked off them like rain. In under a minute so much dirt and dust had been kicked up that it was impossible to tell what was going on there.
Around the main highway into the city the kestrals had filled up every single window, nook and cranny they could with weapon emplacments and Guardsmen. They were putting their full force into this plan and praying it would work.
And it did. For a while the Tallousinas kept sending in transports, hoping to push through the blockade, but all they did was add dead Chimera hulls to the obstacles they had to get over. The Void sheild was putting them at a significant disadvantage. They couldn't get any artillery through so the Chimeras were on their own against prepared and overwhelming enemy firepower.
Eventually though they caught on and changed tactics.

The Kestral officers could see the Tallousians gather behind their tanks in organised lines, and their tanks themselves acting like a shield wall, similar to ancient spartans. They pressed forward with purpose, crushing the dead chimeras beneath their sheer weight.
Their hulls were a lot harder to destroy than the chimeras, that was true, meaning that the Kestrals also had to change their tactics.

They let the Leman Russes make some distance before killing them by other means. Mines and IEDs ripped a few open, while the kestral guardsmen threw demolitions charges and meltabombs at them from windows. The Tallousina soldiers quickly spread out through doors as fast as they could, but many got in, resulting in a large number of close quarter duels and chainsword battles.
By the time the last Tallousina Leman Russ exploded, a fresh line of them burst through the void shield, followed closely by Chimeras and hundreds more soldiers. The Kestrals held their ground, but it was quickly clear that they would need to fall back, if only to the next set up location. "PEEL BACK!!!" The officer roared and that they did.

Squads laid down suppressing fire as other squads got up and ran further down the main round to the next block of buildings. They then in turn laid down suppressing fire so the other squads had a chance to retreat. Once all squads had retreated the officer gave the all clear. "Set off those charges, bury these f*ckers alive!"
The buildings that the Talliousians had no secured detonated from within, collapsing over them and their tanks. They screamed as a thousand tons of ceramite and concrete fell on top of them.

The Kestral soldiers cheered as they won this first battle, but it was clear that this was wasn't over. Through the void shield the Tallousians ranks stretched all the way towards the horizen, and many large robotic figures were swiftly approaching.
The Void shield crackled another time and the next wave came through.


City of Tharian, Xaviers command centre.

As the lift neared its destination Caroline moved towards the front of the group. The Spireguards seemed to be readying their weapons for when the doors opened. No doubt there would be a large number of Serpian troops waiting for them. The sisters though seemed complacent.
Caroline frowned underneath her helmet. "Ready your weapons."
The sisters looked at each other for a few seconds before reluctance doing what they were told. Caroline noticed a few odd glances from the Spireguards aimed at them, but she averted herself. The Sargent seemed to be constantly judging them and she didn't like that.

She looked at the digital display of the numbers rising. They were almost there and the lift was closing down. By what she knew, they would still be five floors below the main war room, which was where she expected Xavier to be.

5 floors below. She felt her hands go sweaty. What if he wasn't here? what if everything was wrong and she'd-
4 floors below. Everything started to go through her head. What if she'd been wrong? They were screwed then, plain and simple, unless-
3 floors below. No! He was here. The Serpians wouldn't be so desperate to defend this place then.
2 floors below. She switched on her power sword and the electrical energy crackled from it, making several spireguard women jump in surprise.
1 floor below. She braced herself. Whatever happens next, whatever she'd have to do, she was getting out of here, alive!

The doors opened and she ran forward, raising the sword to swing... but then she skidded to a full stop. As did everyone else.

The corridor they entered wasn't filled with Serpians soldiers, but instead spireguard and sisters of battle. The serpians soldiers lay dead everywhere, except for a large number of officers that were chained up by the wall. The spireguard women had been waiting for them, and Major Nadia approached, a grin across her face. "Comrades! You made it!"
"We did." Lieutenant Paula said from behind Caroline. "How did you get here?"
"We came up the other elevator. Ran into these on the way up."

Caroline approached the officers, and removed her helmet to look upon them with her own eyes. "These are-"
"-The Tallousian PDF generals." Palatine valentine interrupted her with a smirk.
"They were on their way down to the bunker in the basement." Nadia added. "The war rooms 7 floors up, so they ran into us just as we got here."
"Funny isn't it," Valentine said slyly, "that I'v once again done what you couldn't-"

Caroline was beyond finished with Vaentines attitude. She didn't even let her finish her sentance, instead ending it early by swiftly striking her in the face. She heard the satisfying crunch as teh Palatines nose broke under her knuckle and she bounced backwards. Several sisters caught her, but she shoved them off. "Hit a nerve?" she laughed.
"You need to watch your mouth!" Caroline spat. She felt like really going all out on her, beating her to a pulp. Too much had happened to her, she really didn't need this... but, she knew it wouldn't be smart. "Major."
"Yes Canoness?" Nadia responded.
"You say that Xaviers 7 floors up?"
"Yes Canoness."

"What about this lot?" Paula asked, gesturing towards the captured generals.
Caroline hesitated, having almost forgotten about them completely. "Someone will need to hold them here."
"I'll do it." Ekaterina said, volunteering herself. Another squad of women agreed to stay with her.
"Good. We'll be back in five minutes with the High Lord General himself. Can you handle them?"
"YOU'LL NEVER DEFEA-" one of the generals suddenly tried to shout, only to be smacked in the side of the head by the but of Ekaterinas lasgun. "I think I can handle that."
Caroline nodded. "Then lets finish this!" ans lead the way up the stairs.

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Mon Jan 25, 2016 5:48 pm

Zerus, in the middle of Tyranid invasion...

Thy ran towards the centre of the town, gathering up in the open park in the centre. The Guardsmen made a shield wall around the few hundred civilians that were gathered in the centre, the towns streets making surprisingly effective barriers against the alien swarm. The Marines had gone into the buildings to outflank and throw grenades into the distracted horde and to force them to split their firepower. Resnov couldn't see it properly but he could only admire their bravery.
The Guardsmen were firing in concentrated lines, slaughtering the foe but it wasn't enough. Resnov knew it and every second that passed their impending doom got closer.

As Resnov loaded his final, and last bolt clip into his pistol he heard the sudden rumbling. "What the f-" He started but was cut off as the large imperial church that shadowed over the town exploded, it's bell crashing down in a thunderous mess.
The beast was covered in spikes and appendages indescribable by human tongue. It wasted no time in beelining right for the guardsmen.

Resnov knew this was a problem. He knew this wasn't going to end well. If it got to them the line would break and all was lost.

So he did something really stupid. He pushed those in his way aside and sprant at it. He could hear the Assault marines heading in its direction but he knew he'd get there quicker.
He had a set of meltabombs attached to his waist. He didn't even bother pulling one off, instead pulling all the pins and throwing the set together.
They fell towards the lunging carnifexes leg and detonated, taking its left leg with it.
It tripped and skidded along the floor, coming within a few metres of him.
Immediatly it treied to get up to bit at him, its appendaged swinging for him.

With somewhat inhuman speed he dodged them and lunged at its head. SWORD!!! a voice roared inside his head.
He rammed the power sword instinctively, stabbing it through the beasts brain. It screeched and collapsed to the floor dead.

Captain Arren landed besides him as he backed away, the Guardsmens lines still holding. Resnov was panting frantically. "It's dead."
"So it is." The Captain confirmed.
Resnov grinned. "Well, I guess that-"

The Carnifex jerked back to life and lashed out, its mandible stabbing right through Resnovs shoulder. He screamed in agony as his weapons dropped from his hands.
Arrens reacted without hesitation, decapitating the monster with his greatsword and tearing out the spinal chord for good measure. Resnov continued to scream as the last surviving medic ran over. Arren took one glance at him to make sure he was still alive, before turning to fight along with his brothers.

The medic pulled him back towards the centre, giving him a good view of the battle as a whole. Everything had gone to hell. Buildings were torn down as huge Xenos monstrosities rammed through them. The horde was endless, truly endless. The medic checked his wounds, pulled out the mandible and filled the bleeding hole with a boiling foam substance. "You're hurt bad Commissar, but I'm sure I can-"
"NO!" Resnov spat. "You..." he grit his teeth. "You know what needs to happen!"
The medic shook his head. "I'm not-"
Resnov grabbed his collar with his still working arm and brought him in close. "I'll only get in the way, be done with it quick!"
The medic hesitated. "but-"
Resnov put his bolt-pistol in his hands. "DO IT!!!"

The medic laid him down and his hand shook violently. "...yes sir."
He aimed the weapon at his Commissars head, bracing himself. He couldn't do it, not right away, he was a medic, not an executioner.

Resnov wasn't ready. Not at all, but he grit his teeth and readied himself for what was coming...
The medic took a deep breath. "3... 2... 1-"
"IT'S HERE!!!" Someone yelled.
"It's arrived!" cried another.

Cheering suddenly filled the air as he saw it. The medic dropped the pistol aside and looked up at the descending troop transport.
Resnov smirked weakly. "Took their time..."


Geheena, Inquisitorial facility...

Truth be told, the Scions weren't particularly interested in this room. And it seemed that they'd find little of particular interest from whatever the Terminator was after.
However, as it was, he was their best chance of survivable. But most likely they'd have to ditch it before they decided to escape the facility, speaking of which, they'd have to actually find a way out.

Graham took suprisingly quickly to get himself up and walking on his own. He still winced every so often but Parker offered to carry his equipment for him. A quick look on the Inquisitorial archives told them that nuking the entire facility was unlikely, so they'd have to find another way of destroying it.
"Graham, leave your backpack here." he declared.
"But the nukes won't work." Parker said.
"True. But as far as I see, we should destroy this room at the very least. That... thing, out there, if it's still alive, it'll want these organs. We should destroy them down to the last atom."

He turned to Reavus. "Let us know when you're ready to go, we'll set the nuke on a timer and close the blast doors behind us. Most of this stuffs corrupted anyway, so it should be destroyed anyway. Do you object?"

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Wed Mar 16, 2016 2:46 pm

Battle for Serpia, part 1...

The main doors to the war room burst open and the Sororitas flooded in. Caroline entered, storm bolter raised, and shouted. “IN THE NAME OF THE EMPEROR I DEMAND-you cease… and…sur…”

The soldiers were standing at ease in a line behind Xavier, who was politely sitting at his seat on the round table. He took the cigar out of his mouth and stubbed it in an ashtray. “You’re here. Finally. About time.”
Caroline wasn’t sure how to react. “Is this some sort of ploy?”
“Ploy?” he laughed. “No. I don’t need to perform any tricks. I’ve already won.”
Caroline snorted. “How exactly? I have your entire general staff my prisoner.”
He nodded. “And nothing of any value was lost. Besides, you have them trapped in this building, and I have this building surrounded. Quite significantly so. I’d even call this a suicide mission if I didn’t imagine you had planned a way out.”
“That’s none of your concern. What’s your concern is that your now my prisoner!”
Xavier lit another cigar. “Oh I doubt that. You don’t see the situation you’re placing yourself in. Your army is out-numbered, outgunned and we have reinforcements arriving as we speak. I’m being, more civil than you deserve, so please… sit down and we can discuss this.”
Caroline activated her power sword yet Xavier did not flinch. “I’ve toyed with you long enough!”
“As have I with you.” He clapped his hands. “Subdue her and make her sit.”
“Yes High Lord-General.” Palatine Valentine said.

Caroline had been so distracted by Xavier that she hadn’t noticed Valentine get up close behind her. She tapped something on the back of her life support unit and Caroline entire power armor shut down. “Wh-What the -“ She started.
Two more sisters quickly moved up and grabbed her arms, kicking out her legs and forcing her to her knees. “What are you doing!?!” She demanded, but they merely kicked her over and pinned her down.
By the door Nadia and the women of the Lioness company readied their weapons. “What’s going on, why are we-“
At valentines order the Sororitas drew their weapons on them as well. “This is not a matter of your concern, stay out of it!” Nadia looked at her women uneasily but ordered them to stay back.
Valentine now kneeled by Caroline who was struggling immensely. “Not half as tough now are you-“
Caroline immediately kicked out the legs of one of the Sororitas on top of her. As they fell off her she twisted and punched the other in the face. Her armor might have been deactivated but she was by no means weak. It was enough to completely disorientate the woman and make her fall off as well.

Caroline sprung back up onto her feet and dived at Valentine. “You think I need it to kill you-“ She managed to knock Valentine over and began beating away at her face. Valentine Caught one fist with her palm but Caroline merely leaned in and head-butted her with a loud think.
She punched her again and again, screaming, until the rest of the sororitas tackled into her and again pinned her down onto the floor.
Xavier sighed and blew a large puff of smoke. “As much as I appreciate this spectacle, I have a war to win, so if you’d please.”
Valentine struggled back onto her feet and removed her helmet, blood practically pouring from her broken jaw. “Yes, High Lord General.” She gestured towards the other sororitas who forced binding cuffs onto Caroline and dragged her over towards the war table. They forced her to sit down and pressed the barrels of their bolters against her head.

Xavier looked at her with interest. She was growling back.
He took a another puff of his cigar and smiled in an exaggerated manner. “You got nothing to say to me?”
Caroline didn’t answer.
“Thought not. Valentine, what’s the word from Colonel Johnson?”
Valentine hesitated, wiping more blood from her mouth and as she came to sit two spaces away from him. “He got impatient. Got himself killed.”
Xavier tutted. “Damn. Almost ruined everything. Well, could be worse. Plan’s have changed. Been put into motion.” He turned back to Caroline. “What’s her part in all this then?”
Valentine smirked at Caroline. “She’s Wolcotts b*tch, nothing more.”
Caroline roared and tried to leap across the table, but the sisters grabbed her and forced her back into her seat. Xavier merely grinned. “I wouldn’t be so sure, she just gave you a run for your money. I’m beginning to think I made a deal with the wrong one.” Those words made Valentines smile disappear but he didn’t care.

He leant forward and clasped his hands together. “Caroline… is it? Let me make the full situation clear to you incase you’re unsure.” He leaned forward and tapped a button on a communications device. In the middle of the room a hologram was projected of the city that the main Kestral force was in. The fighting seemed to have no direction to it, but one thing was clear.
The Kestrels were outnumbered, horrifically. Explosions rippled the streets and Imperial Knight were entering through the void shield in large numbers. The sea of troops possessed by the Serpians didn’t seem to end and they clearly had no intention of giving up.
Caroline didn’t say anything. Xavier merely grinned. “Not to mention a large number of ships just turned up, including a space marine vessel. So…” he put out his cigar and lit another one. “It’s not looking good for you. You’re going to be found guilty, put on trial and executed. Your name will be forever remembered as a traitor and criminal against humanity for aiding and abetting a war criminal and friend to the Xenos. Now, I’m going to ask you a question, and I’d like you to take your time and think about your response.”
She glared at him.
He put the new cigar into his mouth and held it there with his teeth. “Would you like me help?”

Both Caroline and Valentine had the same reaction. “What?”
Xavier waved Valentine to quieten down. “Shush, I’m speaking!”
“But you said she’d get what she deserves!“
He turned to her. “You overstate your position! You’re just as guilty of her implication by association as she is. Now. Shut. Your. Mouth.”
Valentine went quiet and he turned back to Caroline. “My dear, a lot of questions are going to be asked about what happened here. If you have any plan, whatsoever of surviving what happens next, you’re really going to want me as a friend.”
Caroline’s lips curled. “We’re not friends. I just helped destroy your world.”
He nodded. “And I was a younger, brasher, more foolish man, I’d destroy you without a moment’s hesitation. But, you’re useful to me like this…” he blew a puff of smoke and reclined in his seat. “I will… allow you to live, provided that you give me something. If not, I can’t help you.”

She hesitated to respond, first thinking about spitting in his irritating face. But then she thought about what he was saying.
Xavier held out his left hand, and put out his glove. “So… what’s your decision. Can I expect your alliance? ...Or are you truly prepared to die for that psycopath?”
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Thu Mar 17, 2016 1:32 pm

Battle for Serpia, part 2...

Wolcott was leaning against the counter. The ground was shaking and he could hear the fighting outside. It was many blocks away but the explosions were endless. He sighed and began to pour himself a drink.
Many guardsmen were running past the open door. He thought about what it must be like. To have so simple tasks. They didn’t need to care about anything other than what they were told to do.
It must be so easy. So easy and yet so powerless.
He downed the glass in one go and smashed it on the floor. As he did so a squad of carapaced guardsmen appeared by the door. Sargent Redwood looked him up and down. “brigadier, this site will soon be compromised! We need to move.”
Wolcott nodded. “Probably. No where else to go though.”
“Except to retreat.” Wolcott almost shuddered at the word but he digressed. He wiped his mouth dry and nodded. As they lead him out of the room he gave an order into his vox-comms and in seconds the alarm was blaring. Guardsmen and officers stopped what they were doing and began to pack up all essential and valuable equipment.

They lead him outside, sticking close around him. He could see the waves of guardsmen running down streets carrying ammunition and the huge piles of shells that surrounded the constantly firing basilisks.
They climbed into one in a long line of surviving Chimeras and shut the door. As it began to move, Redwood spoke. “We’ve processed as many prisoners as we can, the good doctors returned to his ship in far orbit. What do you want done with the rest of the civvies we haven’t processed yet?”
“I want them liquidated.” Wolcott replied coldly.
“A shot to the heart sir?”
“No. I want them destroyed. Not a single part left. Burn them down to the bone marrow. There can be no evidence of what we were doing here.”
Redwood whistled and had the vox-caster specialist relay the information over the network. “No chances eh?”
Wolcott nodded. “How far we going?”
“Not long, should be like 10 minutes. The roads gone so we’ll have to get to the area on foot. You’re going up first in the Valkyrie squadrons, make sure you’re safe on the ships until the fleet can give us more breathing space.”
“Good… good…”
They sat in silence most of the way, listening to the echoes of the battle outside against the Chimeras airtight walls.
Wolcott noticed his hand was shaking, violently. He clenched it tight and grit his teeth until it stopped. He noticed the veterans watching him do so but he only smiled back. His hand stopped shaking and he rested it on his leg.
He wiped his cheek and gestured for them to hand him a helmet. “You know… when I was a child… they use to tell us the history of kestrel. All the time. Make sure I knew it off by heart.”
“How our planet was cut off for expressing our right to defend ourselves. How we were starved and blockaded. How they did everything they could to keep us under their control. I leaned how my great-grandmother wouldn't accept it, and how she overthrew them. I learned about the battles and the massacres. How in the end we came out victorious and free through militarisation.”
“I was always told that this was the way of the universe. That Kestral is a shining beacon in the infinite void of dark space. How out of all the billions of feral worlds only our was strong enough to fight back and come out on top. How we are the Emperors chosen in the Imperium and it’s our duty to spread the light…”
He snorted and leant back. “I always believed that I was a savoir. A real ‘saint’, not just by title. I genuinely believed that Traxis was the beginning, that I could…. That I could finally defeat the enemies holding us down… That I could stand up to the oppressors…”

“But that’s not true at all… is it?”
Redwood and the veterans looked about. “Sir?”
“The thing is,” Wolcott continued, “I’m not the saviour. I’m not the freedom fighter against an ironic view of freedom or the hero that protects the masses. I’m not fighting the oppressors. I am the oppressor.”
“You saved Traxis.” Redwood said.
Wolcott shook his head, grinning. “No… no, I doomed then. I doomed their system to enslavement and prisoners to the dark elder. What do you think that means? Do you know what the dark elder do?”
He leaned forward and rubbed his hands together, still grinning. “The weak, the feeble, the young and the old, the disabled, the poor, the needy, the scared and the dispossessed they all came to me and I gave them over to the dark elder. I didn’t even view one in a billion of them worthy of being spared. Now they’re in commorragh. Do you even begin to understand how many people I’ve sent there!?!”
“Their bodies are violated! Sifted! Filtered! Pulped! All because I say my precious bloodline gives me the right to decide what right I have and do not. The seed of my bloodline.”

He let out a slow breath and looked everyone in the eye. “I know… what I am. I’m more than aware… what sort of person I am. And I accept that.”
Redwood loaded a lasgun and handed it over to Wolcott, who held it steady as the Chimera began to slow down at their destination. “And what sort of person is that?” he asked him.
Wolcott smirked. “Evil.”
The Chimera came to a stop and the doors opened. The light that entered was almost blinding but the veterans seemed to be waiting for him to finish before they left. Ashton stroked the handle on his lasgun. “You know what the oldest truth in human history is? All the mass-murderers, dictators and monsters that have hurt countless, untold trillions. They never get what they deserve. Torture, a bullet to the head, a slow and painful death, it’s never enough to undo or even get revenge for what they did. No matter what, they’ll never match what I did. What I’ve done. No matter what, I’m getting away with what I am.”

"Now, let's go and get off this pathetic excuse for substrata rock!" As he finished they readied their weapons and left the transport, right into the eye of the battle.

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Battle for Serpia, part 3...

As he left the chimera he got a good view of the promenade that had came across. Guardsmen had set up barricades and overturned vehicles in huge piles to literally block whole streets. Leman Russes had been drawn up and were constantly firing at targets Wolcott couldn’t make up.
This promenade didn’t sit before a river but instead a sort of lower level of slums and poorer housing. He looked down and saw red flashes of light going back and forth in a mess. It was like a swarm of ants.
Up above he looked to the promenade on the other side of the proverbial river. Buildings were giving off smoke as he saw an Imperial knight walking behind a few skyscrapers. He could see another knight further along the skyline, as well as hearing the rest.
The sky was a bright violet, but it couldn’t be seen. There was so many explosions rippling along the void shield that the sky looked more orange and red. He could see the Valkyries flying around, circling about the city to head to his location.
Redwood pointed towards an abandoned skyscraper, a bank of some sort. “We need to pass through here Brigadier.

Wolcott nodded and followed him through. The building was also filled with guardsmen and communication equipment. As they went through from one side to the doors on the other side, he noticed there was a lot of Spireguard soldiers hiding by the door, as well as heavy bolters and autocannons set up by the windows. Someone let off a few shots and the heavy bolters fired as they got closer.
“Is the street not clear?” Wolcott asked.
“Just a second sir…” the officer in charge of the men responded. After a moment there were several loud explosions and screaming. “Okay, it’s clear now!” the officer nodded.
Wolcott and the guardsmen all left the building to see a squad of Thousand Sons marines pulling their blades from the corpses of the now dead Serpian soldiers. They eyed the Brigadier for a brief second, until a Leman Russ squadron approached from around eh corner and headed in the direction of the serpian troops. The Marines gave out orders to each other and began to follow the Russes and keep up the pressure.
“seems like we’re winning.” Guardswoman Racheal grinned.
“We’re winning around this district,” Wolcott corrected her. “It’s not good anywhere else.”
As if to prove his point they got a glimpse of something big about a mile down the street. Really big. It almost looked like an Imperial knight but it was clearly much more than that. It moved behind towers and streets so far away that that they only got a second to see it, but it was there. “What’s that?” Someone asked.
“Is that-“ Someone else started.
“the Mnemosyne.” Wolcott grunted. “Doesn’t matter, just leave it to the shadowsword. Focus on your jobs and we’ll get out this all right!”

They continued down the streets, lasfire going back and forth, until they reached the city centre. Huge platforms littered everywhere and guardsmen had set up aegis defence lines on every single one. Chimeras pulled up and entire companies of shocktroopers were preparing for a possible final stand.
There was a sort of makeshift airbase in the centre and they went down the main road to get there. As they approached what used to be the city centre toll booth, the guardsmen there told him that the Valkyries were being refuelled.
While he was waiting he pulled up a vox-caster system and began to make a call. He waited for the person to respond, watching the hundreds of men and women all around him.
The city was lost. It was no longer his. The plan was that he’d go up to ship to make sure he was safe and that he’d come back down later… but truth be told, he seriously doubted that he’d be returning.
He’d not let everyone die though. As much as he’d like to say he didn’t care. That they were only a means to an end… the truth was he couldn’t do it.
He didn’t know why but he really didn’t want to leave anyone behind if he didn’t have to. Why? When he was so willing to kill this world did he care-
“Sir?” the person on the other end of the vox answered.
“Jennifer, things all right on our end?”
“Sure thing sir, we’ve taken out three knights already, well… two, but the third isn’t getting back up!”
He heard the rumbling and looked towards the large, multi-lane overpass that ran around the city. There were any Russes and artillery pieces on top of it, using the height to their advantage, but now he could see the shadowsowrd slowly make its way towards the cut off point near the city centre.
“All right, I see you. I need you to-“

The sound of several large nearby explosions cut him off. They were coming from the largest building of all. The capital building.
Wolcott took a step forward toward it as everyone seemed to hesitate and stare blankly. “What the fu-“
He was cut off as the ground shook. The structure of the building seemed to quake and every window shattered instantly. There was huge explosions of concrete as it began to collapse.
He front side of the building fell forward, crushing countless guardsmen underneath it. They could see entire floors fall apart and crumble under their own weight. This wasn’t the only building either, the ones on either side started to break as well.
Wolcott turned to a nearby artillery officer. “You hear that!?! That’s the Mnemosyne! You kill it now! Kill it dead!”
“YES BRIGADIER!!!” the officer nodded and turned to the basilisk crews. “Open fire on that position, destroy it!”
The Basilisks and manticores fired down behind the capital building. There was a mighty sound as they hit something and a huge, powerful void shield crackled with violent energy. Several smaller buildings were flattened and the capital building was only further destabilised.
The artillery fire was still going as Redwood approached him. “Sir, the Valkyries are ready, we can go now.”
“All right,” he nodded and brought the comms speaker up to his mouth. “Jennifer, I’m leaving now, can you handle this?”
“Absolutely sir, don’t worry about a thing, I’ll have this thing dead before they even know it!”
As he got on the Valkyrie he looked out the door to see the Shadowsowrd open fire, an impossibly white laser beam cutting though the capital building and hitting something behind it. There was an even brighter white flash, something so bright Wolcott couldn’t have thought had been possible.”
“Target hit!” she confirmed.
Wolcott grinned and everyone cheered. “Good job Jennifer, now once we’re done here I need you to-“

The capital building exploded and the Mars Alpha-Pattern Warlord Titan burst through it.

Huge piles of debrief, bigger than entire houses were launched miles into the air. A cloud of dust so large flooded the nearby ground.
It skidded along the sound, shredding thought eh barricades like paper and came to a stop next to the overpass.
The Shadowsword dared another shot, but it merely blasted off the void shield like it wasn’t even worth considering.
The Mnemosyne didn’t hesitate to respond. It practically uppercutted the overpass with its quake cannon. The entire bridge was torn from its pillars and flipped into the air. Hundreds of guardsmen, entire squadrons of Leman Russes and the shadowsord were catapulted 100 foot upwards and over the city centre.
“FETH!!!” Wolcott screamed as they came crashing down onto the various platforms. Guardsmen ran about and tried to find cover as they were crushed helplessly. The Shadowsword smashed through a tower and disappeared, bringing the tower down around it.

Redwood cursed through gritted teeth. “his that Mnemosyne thing?”
The Warlord Titan was standing still, not moving. Not attacking. “That’s it, yeah!” Wolcott spat.
“Whats it doing? Why’s it not firing on us?” He asked.
It was at that moment that Wolcott realised. “Oh… oh… no, no, no, NO NO NO NO NO-“
“What is it sir?”
“We’re not the target!”
He was right. After a moment the Warlord titan began to move again. It raised its quake cannon and took aim directly at the large void shield generator.
Wolcott leant against the door frame. Pure hatred in his face. “NOOOOOO!!!!!”

It fired.

There was a great explosion as the generator detonated. The void shield flicked and began to collapse.
It was at this moment that eth Valkyrie began to take off. Wolcott punched the wall and screamed. “They’ve destroyed the generator!!!”
Shells that had been hitting the void shield began to pass though, raining down on Kestral positions in the city. Huge explosion and warheads shattered entire streets and blocks at a time.
“Holy sh*t…” Redwood could only say. “It’s okay, we can still-“
The Titan turned its attention towards the guardsmen in the town centre now, powering up it’s Gattling Blaster.
Wolcott felt his heart stop beating. “This isn’t fair… this isn’t…”
Redwood and the other veterans turned to him. The guardsmen and tanks below were firing on the titan but their weapons did nothing. “Sir? What do we do? What are our orders.”

Wolcott couldn’t respond.

The Mnemosyne opened fire, huge shells cracking the platforms and wiping out squads of guardsmen at a time. Transports and Russes exploded like candy. It raised its cannon slowly, making sure to cover the entire city centre and kill as much as it could. As it got the end and the ground was flooded with smoke and dust, it continued raising its barrel.
“oh sh- EVASIVE MANEUVERS!!!” Wolcott roared, his words finally getting back to him. It wasn’t enough though. As the Valkyrie swerved to try and dodge the shells hit the wing. The resulting explosion tore it off and sent the transports flying, along with the other Valkyries as well.
Wolcott took hold of a safety strap with all his strength. Other guardsmen were sucked out of the hole as it span.

It just kept spinning, an impossibly loud screeching sound filling his ears.

Spinning and falling. Falling towards the ground.

Spinning, spinning spin-

It hit the dirt.


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