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Post by Signet-Powers » Mon Dec 21, 2015 2:12 pm

The City was in uproar. Citizens who'd been armed by the drafting initiative had now tuendd on the PDF and fighting filled every street. The citys Defence force was pushed to their limit and beig overwhelemed. They had bigger concerrns than a single train station.
The Valkyries and Vendettas swarmed down and opened fire, missiles and multilasers slaughtering the policef forces that had gathered to stop the rioters breaking in. The police did the smart thing and ran towards the station doors while the crowds screamed and dispersed. The Lionesses dropped out using Grav-chutes while the sisters merely dropped out.
Eketarina hit the floor and bent to her knee. She raised her rifle and fired onto several police troopers that where retreating into the station. "Head count!"
The women in her squad all gathered around her on one knee and counted themselves in.

She looked to the distance and saw the sisters sprinting towards the main entrance. Her jaw was open. They certainly weren't Marines. The Thousand Sons fought in a far more reserved manner, acting like small strike teams, fighting from behind cover and making the most of their advantages.
These Sisters were different. They ran towards the door in a large group, revving up chainswords and firing streams of bolter fire and burning prometheum. They sprant and leapt at walls to burst through into the building, while more of the mwith Jump packs camethrouh the roofinto the trains stations upper floor.
They fought more recklessly, but against this sort of enemy they could afford to.

Major Nadia and her Command squad where already running to their vantadge point. Lieitenant Paula made a gesture towards Ekaterina Tellin her where to go. Ekaterina gave he gesture back that the order was recieved with a thumbs up. "Squad, let's go! On me!"
There was 3 main roads that lead towards the station. The Sisters were on the task of clearing out and takingover the station while the Lionesses had to keep the reinforcments from getting near. Luckily, they had 3 platoons, meaning 1 for each street.
Eketarina and her sauad set up at the toll booths leading down the northern road. They had just gotten the Lascannon set up when the PDF Tauroxes came around the corner.

"Shoot to incapacitate!" She ordered. The troopers did so and fired. The Lascannon hit the first Taurox and smoke billowed out. It span sideways and rolled over. The Tauroxes behind it ahd to skid to a halt a some crashed itno each other.
Lieutenant Paula gave out an order from her position. "Suppressive fire, keep them in the middle!"
The Heavy Bolters fired at tbe Soldiers that tried to run towards the buildings. A few where burst apart by bolter shells, while the smart ones quickly learned to stay in tbe middle of the street behind the Tauroxes. Speaking of which...

Ekaterina ducked down as the Autocannon rounds burst in to the wall over her head. Other women yelled, except for one who screamed asshe was caught off guard. Ekaterina didn't recognise who it was but her body was severed clean in two, her blood repainting the ground.
Panic began to fill her mind as she went over ebery possible name of who it could be in her head.
But that was drowned out as the Vendettas screeched not too far above them. Their six Lascannons hit the Tauroxes a tore through them. The sound of multiple explosion sfilled the air.
They loaded up mortars and fired on the Serpian soldiers, who where now trapped between suporesive bolter fire and exploding Tauroxes.

Eketarina smacked the side of her head. "Focus!" she growled. As the medic ran up to the disembowled trooper she returned to position and fired. Just in time to see the new line of Tauroxes come around he corner.


At the invader controlled capital city, Talious Primus, the Kestrals had finished celebrating and we're getting to work setting up patrols and surveying the damage they'd wrought.

Wolcott was tired. He had heard that the planetary governor had been taken prisoner but he didn't care right now.
Counter Admiral Nakhimov approached him as he left the command centre. "Found you, Lord Suren says he urgently needs to-"
"And I said I don't care what he wants! Go. Away."
He barged past Nakhimov who could only scowl and headed out of the command centre.

Half an hour later.

He was sat at the recently set up bar and called for a different drink. The Corporal serving everyone eyes the piles of drinks that Wolcott had only taken one sip off before shoving aside. "Are you sure you don't-"
"Give. Me. The. Drink."
The Corporal shrugged and poured him a glass. The other officers and Guardsmen eyed him suspiciously and moved away.
Except for one.

Someone entered and sat down right next to him. He closed his eyes. "What!?!" He growled.
"-oh... Um... I..."
He recognised that voice. He looked right to see his Vanquisher gunner he'd saved earlier that day. Suddenly his shoulders relaxed and his voice softened. "OH! Conny, sorry I thought you were-"
"It's alright sir." She chirped. "And that's just my nickname, my name's Jennifer."
"Yes, I remember. Jennifer."
"Yep... Is... Something wrong?"
He shook his head and smiled sadly. "No, I'm fine." He sipped his drink and handed her one of the full glasses. The Corporal serving glared and went off to serve someone else.

"Um..." She started. "I wanted to say thanks."
"For what?"
"Saving me. See." She moved slightly and showed off her leg. He remembered that she'd lost it earlier. "They made me unconscious when the doctor fixed me. I woke up afterwards and they won't let me thank him-but he did an amazing job! It works better than the other one!"
He stopped sipping and looked right at her. She was serious, serious and smiling. "Are you okay?" He asked.
"Yeah... Why?"
"No reason. I'm just not someone you should be thanking."
"Aww, don't be silly why not?"
"Because I'm a mass-murder. A trafficker. A monster."
"What? Who said that?"
"No one."

She made an offended face and shook her head. "Really? ...Look, sir, my grandad was in the Guard and do you know what he used to say?"
"We have to put our race, before all others. Now these Serpians, if they have to suffer so that we may live better lives... So what?"
"..." Wolcott would have agreed with her. Before. Before Caroline. "...that b*tch..."
"Caroline. Telling me what I'm supposed to be like, how I'm supposed to act."
"She said that? ...look sir, I know she's your girlfriend but-"
"She's not my girlfriend. She wasn't then and she damn well isn't now."

His words seemed to flick a switch in Jennifer. Her eyes opened and she leaned closer. Her voice became smoother. "So you're..."
"Mm." He nodded and drank some more. "Why?"
She stuttered. "So... Um... You um... Do you wanna?"
"Wanna what- oh." He looked straight at her.

She leaned even closer. "Well."
He couldn't say yes. She was a nice girl, at least conventionally but... This wasn't comfortable at all. She was far, far too forward, not like...

"Sorry. It's not you, it's me."
She looked disappointed. "...oh."
"It's my fault, I'm... I'm not the sort of person that makes a good, you know-"
"Sure you are! I've known you for ages. You're kind, sweet, charming, powerful and... Pretty."
He laughed. "Pretty? Me?"
"Yeah, course! You're black hair, your perfect skin, your blue eyes, your style, everything!"
He grinned. "Thanks, and my eyes aren't blue."
She nodded. "Yes they are."

He squinted at her. "No, my eyes don't have any color. It's because of the gene-therapy."
Jennifer shook her head and laughed slightly. "Sorry, I'm... Looking at them right now and they're blue."
His smile disappeared. "I think I know the color of my own eyes. Black iris, white pupils."
Her smile disappeared as well. "No. They're blue. They're definitely- Hey!" She waved over the Corporal from earlier. "What color are his eyes?"
The Corporal gave off an annoyed face. "Green."
"What? No, they're bl-" she stopped. "Oh, actually yeah, they're green now."

Wolcotts heart stopped beating. She smiled. "That's so weird."

Before she could say anything else he jumped out of his seat. "I need to..."
"Woah, where are-"
He didn't answer her, instead moving towards the door.
"Sir! Are you okay?"
He burst out the doorway hour a further word.

Solemnly she turned back to her drink. "Oh..." She took a sip before looking down at her leg. "Wait... This isn't my leg.


Wolcott burst into the nearest toilets he could fun and ran up to the mirror. Two guardsmen were smoking. "Brigadier." One grinned. "Fancy a smo-"
Get out." He grunted.
"GET OUT!!!"
They did as he said and quickly exited.

Wolcott looked at his reflection, his breath frantic. He looked into hie own eyes.
Brown. Black pupils and brown irises.

He shook his head slowly and felt his mouth quiver. "No... No, no, please no, not again..."
His left eye suddenly turned green.

He screamed and punched the mirror. It shattered and his hand broke, but he didn't care.
It was happening again.
He ran his hands through his hair and panted. "No, no, NO NO NO NO!!! Please, no- don't..."

He wasn't sure what to do.
He grabbed the edge of the sink and vomitted violently.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Kovlovsky » Mon Dec 21, 2015 3:06 pm

I hope people didn't miss the last post I made on page 99. It's one of my finest text to date and I hope people read it.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Wed Dec 23, 2015 8:27 pm

The wind was still roaring from the nuclear detonation. In fact, lightning was strikig down every few seconds. As rain started to fall Nadia reloaded her last clip. She had the other empty ones stuffed into her backpocket to refill later.
Explosions amongst distant skyscrapers told them that the rioting was bad. So bad that the PDF wasn't even sending that many troops after them, not as much as they should.
They still sent a lot though.

She looked over her women. Their carapace armor was a lot stronger than flak, a benefit of not being part of the Guard, but it could only protect them so much. In addition the NBC suits they were wearing overtop made it more difficult to move about and aim with the condensation building on their lenses.
Women lay bleeding and with limbs missing. Most were still up and fighting though, including the heavy weapons teams. Lieutenant Paula was giving out a new order when they heard the noise.
"That's... not..." Nadia pleaded.

The rumbling shook the checkpoint walls they were taking cover behind as the Leman Russes emerged from behind the destroyed Tauroxes. "Everyone! Fire
on the-"
Before she'd even finished the wall besides her exploded. She and those near her were thrown backwards through the air. She yelled as she hit the dirt but had survived. As had her command squad. Her breath had been taken for a second and the airtight suit wasn't exactly helping, but she quickly recovered. What else could she do?

"Hey!" a voice shouted. She looked towards the source to see three of the Sisters of Battle emerge from the train station. "Come on!" They were waving over, giving the signal that they were ready to go.
She had not time to think otherwise. As more Leman Russ shells fired in their direction, everybody got up and sprant for the train station.

They entered and passes what looked to be a large number of dead bodies. they'd been torn apart by bolter shells or worse. Because of that damn gas mask, she couldn't cover her mouth with her hand. It filtrates dangerous particles, but not foul odors. She felt the sick catch on her throat.
"This way!" the sisters directed them, pointing through a set of doors.They ran through as the sisters provided covering fire to see a large ornate train ready to go.

The Soritias were busy pulling people in noble clothing off it and chucking thsm onto the platform. Major Nadia ran up to the leader. "Canoness, are we leaving now?"
"That's right, notime to wait."
Nadia hesitated. "B-but we havn't properly secured this station or the network, they'll just destroy the train when we depart! We have to-"

*KKKKRRRAAAKKK!!!* came the sound of a shell lansing outside.
"They'll destroy it before we depart otherwise!" Caroline told her.
Nadia groaned slightly before turning to her company. "Onboard, all of you!"

They did as they were told and got in. The Canoness turned her attention to the sisters that were covering the station entrance. She raised her power-sword high. "Everyone, suppressive fire and fall-"
Before she could finish a squad of five sisters came runnin through a door. "Banewolf!" The superior shouted.

The doors exploded and the vehicles followed through. Shots were fired in its direction as the squad triedto get away, but the torrent of flame caught 3 of the squad. They were engulfed and meltedin seconds, their screams echoing around the reat hall.
"Dammit! You lead it back here!" Palatine Valentine yelled.
Caroline grunted at her angrilly. "We leave now! Get onboard!"
The sisters did as she said and leapt on, including the two survivors of the five man squad.

The banewolf moved to fire on the train. Caroline swallowed hesitantly. It was only just starting to pick up speed and the meltas put the dominions at risk. They didn't have anything strong enough to take it out.
Fortunatly someone else did. Several autocannon and lascannon shots burst from the windows and tore through the banewolf, detonating it like paper-mache.
Caroline looked to see the Lionesses heavy weapons teams cheering as the train pulled out of the station.


In the New Haven traffic control centre, things were notgoing smoothly. The rioting was way, way out of hand and the PDF was ordering a retreat to the southern district. The traffic controlers were essential in this. If they didn't ensure that the police and PDF had full control of the system, they risked losing the city to the traitor conscripts that wanted to surrender to the invaders.
"Sir!" one traffic controller called out. "There's an unschedualed train oulling out of station 14-B."
"What route is it taking?"
"The High-speed route sir. They appear to be schedualed to stop at Thairian."
"Huh, why would they do that? Well we should-"

"Sir!" another controler interupted. "We're recieving a visitor. One General Zaurus is coming up."


Though they had expected to be stopped automatocally, they hadn't. They pulled away from the city of New Haven, watching the city dissapear on the horizen as green thunder began to fall down on it repeatedly.
Caroline was watching it, a hollow look in her eyes.

"You okay?" came a voice. It was thick in accent and unusually gruff for a woman. Like they were speaking in a low octave from the back of their throat. The sort of voice that Carolines throat would go sore if she tried to imitate.
"Yes... Thank you..."
"Sergent Ekaterina." The woman replied with a nod. As she casually removed the NBC suit Caroline got a better look at her. She was older than most of her soldiers, after all she was a Sergent, yet probably only had a few years on her.
"Sergent Ekaterina. You fought well today."
"As did you."
"You didn't see me fight."
She shrugged. "And you didn't see me fight, but comrades say, comrade does, no?"
Caroline raised an eyebrow "Comrade?"
Ekaterina cocked her head. "Aren't we?"

Before Caroline could answer, there was a scream on the other end of the train. "What was that?" Ekaterina sked all of a sudden, reaching for her lasgun. Several more spireguard women did the same, preparing todefend themselves from attack. "Stowaways?"
"No." Caroline said firmly. "That's one of mine and I'm not hearing bolter fire. That... wait here." There was a panicked look on her face and she ran through the doors, down to the first train car, leaving the Sergent and her soldiers standing there.



Resnov killed another, and another and another. The Xenos fought without any sense of command or discipline, entire sections of the horde changing direction at a time. They were holding well, but it was not easy by any stretch of he imagination.
And the Marines... Not being a Kestral native Resnov didn't exactly find their hatred of this falcon-wearing culture hard to justify, but nethertheless they fought with sheer determination and commitment.
He supposed in a grim way that this was one benefit of the Xenos. They brought even the most hating foes together with a common enemy. With damn good reason though.

From what he could tell the Marines were putting their hopes into killing the Heirophant. Resnov seriously, seriously doubted it.

"Commissar! You'll want to hear this!" a comms officer called out and chucked up a Vox-caster.
Resnov turned away from the wall and caught it. "Resnov speaking."
"Commissar," came the reply, "good news, we got you a pilot. Luckily for you there we managed to find quite a few lunatics onboard."
Resnov turned to see the Heirophant approaching fast. It was now less than a kilometre away. "Good, I knew we could rely on you. ETA?"
"40 minutes."
"That's the best we can do!"
Before Resnov could reply he noticed several panicking Guardsmen around him back away from tbe wall.

Resnov span to see a Gaunt barely a few feet directly in front of him. "Give me a second." he spoke into the vox.
He immediatly pulled out his power blade and rammed it up the creatures lower jaw and out its head as it screeched. He pulled out his Bolt-Pistol with his left hand and shot two more Gaunts that emerged over the wall besides them. He pulled he trigger at the third one but it clicked empty.
He had no time to reload. The Guardsmen on his left and right werebeing useless. "Reload this." he ordered and chucked the Bolt-Pistol to the one on the left. He then pulled the lasgun of the one on the right as the Guant with the Sword in its head fell backwards off the wall.
He shot another one that leapt over and blew its head open. A second tried to scramble over it and he fried it. Two more came over to the left so he aimed and killed them as well.
The Guardsmen on his left had fiished reloading the Bolt-Pistol and held it out. Resnov took it with his left hand and wasted no time. With the Lasgun in his right hand he blew chunks out of the few in front of him, with the bolt-pistol in his left he shot into the soft side-carapace of those coming over further down the wall. He kiled what must have been twenty of them, their corpses sliding off in pieces.
Eventually the Lasgun ran out. He cursed and set it to overcharge. He lobbed it into the horde. It detonated spectacularly, launching bits of dead alien fifty feet into the air and setting them on fire.

He pulled the Vox back up as the Guardsmen got over themselves and retook their positions. "You were saying?"
"The Xenos have too many airial units, we can't get you out if we have no transports to pick you up with!"

The Marines yelled and stole his attention as they leapt into action. It seemed that whatever their plan was, they were putting it into action.

He held the vox back up to his mouth. "Allright, we'll give you an opening. See the big one?"
"Yes Commissar."
"Good. When it dies you'll have your chance. Get down here immediatly or so help me you, and I mean you PERSONALLY will find yourself on the top of my fething sh*tlist! Am I clear?"
"Yes... Commissar. Out".

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Acanthus » Thu Dec 24, 2015 6:19 pm

Thorald shook his head violently. "No, he is not. He is in a sus-an membrane coma, and beyond my abilities to awaken. Only an Apothecary can aid him now. But I will not leave him behind. Not while he draws breath." Having said that, he mag-locked his massive assault cannon to his thigh plate. Placing one of Reavus' arms around his shoulders, he put his own arm around his Sergeant's back, gripping one of the massive pauldrons from behind. Chainfist hand still free, Thorald turned to the Scions. "Come. We are close."


Daros smiled behind his scorched helm. The assault on Oro's Keep was going well. The Orks, taken completely by surprise by the dusk attack, had been pushed back from the curtain walls and trenches, leaving piles of their dead in their wake. Only the central keep now defied the Space Marines, and that would be seen to shortly.

Daros activated his vox. "All brothers, advance. Keep to cover. They may be idiot beasts, but Orks can still use guns." After receiving the green acknowledgement blinks from each of his Sergeants, the Captain turned to his Command Squad. "Brothers, form up. We move."

The Veterans didn't need to be told twice. Three moved to the front, locking their storm shields together, while Ancient Othonorel and Apothecary Baetoban took up the rear, ready to spring to their brother's aid as they were needed. Daros himself marched between the two formations, power fist crackling in one hand, combi-grav primed and ready in the other. His armor was pitted and scarred from the earlier fighting, and his helm and chest were blackened by an Ork flamer. But he was not slowed in his advance.

Around him, brothers from Third and Fourth Companies adavanced, steadily keeping suppressing fire aimed up at the xenos on the walls. Ork return fire emerged in sporadic bursts, but the creatures were nervous, excited, and firing in the night. Most of the shots went wide, though Daros saw one hit home in a neck joint, dropping a battle-brother to the ground. But he was close enough now. With a shout, the shieldwall of his squad parted, and the Third Captain stepped forward. Raising his combi-grav, he squeezed the trigger.

Green boots burst forth with whirring hum, striking the stone wall. For a moment, nothing happened. Then the wall began to sink and droop, as though stepped on by an invisible foot. Daros was already moving, power fist ready, as startled Orks were revealed in the courtyard beyond.

The vengeful Captain struck like an arrow into their midst. A smash of a power fist cored a xenos like an apple; the butt of a bolter snapped an alien head back like a whip. The Command Squad had joined in now, weapons rising and falling alongside their commander's. The rest of the Helios Guard began to reach the breach, drawing the massive, brutal knives for which the Chapter was famed. Orks began to die, at first in great numbers. But slowly, cohesion returned, and the aliens struck back. Roaring aliens rushed headlong into stoic Astartes, and superhuman blood began to flow. But Daros had anticipated this. Indeed, he had counted on it. The Ork in charge of the garrison had to die, in as public and violent a display as possible. That would break the horde.

It was not hard to find him. Surrounded by scar-covered bodyguards, the large, though not massive, Ork gesticulated and waved like a maniac. Daros kicked aside a smaller greenskin, throwing it into the blade of one of his brothers, and roared a challenge, vox-amplified and terrifying.

The Ork stopped, and turned with a bellow. Several bodyguards stepped forward, but it waved them off with a grunt. One, then another, dropped, slain by sniper fire. Nathanahel's Scouts had played their hand, but it did not matter. This was the culmination of the battle for Oro's Keep.

Daros began to run, as fast as his legs could carry him, power fist raised behind his head. The Ork roared, raising tow massive chainaxes, and rushed to meet him. At the last second, the Captain ducked, and twin blows, inches above his head, went wide. He raised his fist, but the Ork was smarter than it looked, and took the brunt of the blow on its arm. Muscle and flesh were pulverized, but the creature didn't seem to notice. It tried to ram him, but Daros just managed to get aside, though it's charge did clip him and send him sprawling. The beast turned, impossibly quick, and swung an axe in an arc that he could not hope to parry. So he rolled, and the blade bit into the soft earth at his side. The Space Marine kicked out, and his armored boot struck alien knee. The creature gave a surprised howl, but did not fall, staggering back instead. Quick as a snake, Daros rose, swinging his power fist at the monster's head. But the Ork warrior was fast, and, in an impossibly graceful motion, it brought its arm up, catching the wrist of his power fist inches from its face. Daros frowned behind his helm. That was unfortunate. The alien snarled with rage and defiance. Daros gave an imperceptible shrug, raised his weapon, and fired point-blank into the green face.

Thirty-seven minutes later, Oro's Keep was in Imperial hands once again.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Fri Dec 25, 2015 11:00 am

Several hundred lightyears from the Fivos star system, in the nearby star system of Orious, an alarm blared on a Battlecruiser. The fleet was in low orbit over the planet and had been since the Ork incursion into Fivos. The entire planet was on lock-down and no ship could enter or leave the system without them knowing. Despite this high level of precaution however, it seems that they'd gotten through.

The Ships Captain made his way down to the mess hall. The main doors where open and the hall was blanketed in darkness. Ths lights had been broken. Countless crew members where gathered with their shotguns primed and loaded. "You've had your fun, beast!" The Captain declared. He was an older and well respected man, as well as one of great authority. "But it ends here."
"Oh yea'?" came the response from the darkness, followed by several gruff cheers. "Who gon' ma'e u' lea'e? YOU!?!"
"If we must." The Captain confirmed. The crewmen sniggered.

"You are outnumbered ad outgunned. But, before we kill you, tell me... how did you do it? How did you sneak past our radar?"
"Hahahaha!!!" The orks laughed. "Stupi' humie know' nu''in!"
"What don't I know." The Captain smirked to himself. Orks were such dull creatures, so easy to trick.
"You d'nno why we's 'ere!"

The Captain noticed something wet land on his shoulder. With a sigh he flicked it off. Probably just a leaky pipe. He had other concerns right now. "And why's that?"
"'Cus we's jus' d' d'st'shun." They laughed.
The crew laughed as well. The Captain grinned. "Sorry, I didn't quite catch that last part. dsdsdhudnsu? Is that a word?"
"Dis... dis..." they struggle to pronounce. "Dis'actshun!" they finally managed.
"What from?" he grinned.


The Captain went dead still as he heard the thunderous voice from up above. Another drop of the liquid fell past his face and landed on his shoe. As the crew looked up at the cieling and screamed in horror, the Captain lookeddown at the liquid.
"Is that.. grease?" He managed.

The 50 or so Kommandoes fell from the cieling and onto the crewmen. Shtoguns blasted off, but not doing anyway near enough to stop the Orks. Choppas cleaved men down the middle, others beaten to death with the blade handles, some really unfortanute ones ripped apart by hand.
The Captain tried to look up but didn't do it in time to see the now 21 foot grease-soaked warboss land on top of him.
There was an echoing squelch as the Captain was completely pulvarised. His insides burst out like as if a brick was dropped on an egg.
The Warboss roared and swung his Power Klaw, slicing several crewmen and even a few unlucky Warboss in half. He raised his twin-linked shoota and blew even crew to pieces.

As the last of the crying crewmen was ripped in two by ten orks in a game of tug of war, the Warboss slammed down his meg-armored boot. The thunderous boom got all the orks attention.
"D' time 'as come! T'day we add d's shi' 'ere t' our colle'shun! Ya know w'at t'do!"
"WOOOOO!!!!" The Kommandoes roared.

All around the ship wall panels burst off and Kommandoes lept out at unsuspecting passers by. Ensigns, cleaners, officers, they all fought back and not a single one survived.
The Warboss and his mob slaughtered their way towards the ships bridge. The crewmen tried to set up barricades, but the Orks merely forced their way through.
Eventually the reached the bridge and the Warboss used his PowerKlaw to rip the door off.
They entered the bridge cheering, but after ten foot the Warboss raised his PowerKlaw to tell them to stop.

What must have been several hundred crewmen stood on the bridge with their weapons raised. Outside the main window, they could clearly see that the rest of the fleet had gathered around the Battlecruiser.
The ships lieuteant stood at the front. She lowered her Bolter. "That's far enough! Let me be clear, Ork! You and your disgusting xenos bretheran will leave this ship immediatly, or the fleet will not hesitate to blow it out of the sky!"
The Warboss grinned. "Oh yea'?"

The Warboss laughed heartily, then maddly. The rest of the Orks followed. The Crewmen shuffled about. It was genuinley terrifying.
The Warboss eventuallly stopped laughing. "Don' y'know who I is?"
"Should we!?!"

the Warboss put its hands on its hips and grinned. "I is Greasy Boff, da Greasiest Ork o' dem all!"

The Crewmen all looked at each other. The Lieutenant allowed herslef a slight grin. "Greasy eh? And how, pray tell, do you plan to slip your way your way out of this one... Boff?"
"Li'e dis."

As boff said that the SpaceHulk decloaked.

Its sheer size dwarfed the fleet several times over and it was barely a mile away from them.

The crew all turned around to face the window and stared at it in horror. The Lieutenant felt her knees go weak. "Wh.. wh.. how..."
As the Space Hulk opened fire Boff roared and the Orks charged. The Crew were panicked and only half of them opened fire in time.
The battle was brutal, vicous and incredibly one-sided. Orks roared as they used crewmen limbs as baseball bats. Humans screamed as they were trampled and crushed by the green tide.
Outside the fleet desperatly tried to defend hemselves but it was no use. The Space Hulk was incredibly fast, its stolen Dark Eldar technology allowing it to circle the ships faster than they could turn.

Boff smashed his way througb many if them. There was a shout as the lieutenant pulledout a powerfist and tried to swioe at him. He dodged it, as well as he follow up swing.
He booted her.
She flew across the room with a yell and hit a control panel. As she fell to the floor the panel sparked and exploded.

The Battlecruiser suddenly lerched the left uncontrollably. Boffs eyes widened. "Uh oh." Boff shoved the fighters out of the way and ran up to the control panel. "Um..." He wacked it.
He grabbed a nearby lever, ripped it off and stuck it into the control panel buttons. More sparks came off and now ten different alarms where blaring.
He even picked up the Lieutenant by the legs and wacked her repeatedly against the panel like a hammer.
Still nothing. Now a message played over the ships speakers told him that the ships weapons were powering up.

He shrugged and dropped the Lieutenants body to the floor. "Eh.. w'a'ever." and went back to join in the fight.
As the ship span uncontrollably, it let off lance shots in all sorts of directions. One shothit another cruiser directly in the engine exhaust.
There was a ripple of explosions down that Cruisers body before its energy core detonated.

The explosion was so bright that it was like a sun had just came into existance. The ship shook violently but the energy shields just about held. The other ships weren't so lucky as the Space Hulk had already damaged their shields considerably. They were vaparised.
As was all organic matter on the entire side of the planet facing them.


Several hours had passed.

The Ork Fleet made its way out of the system before reinforcments arrive.
Boff was sat upon his throne on the Space Hulk, looking at a holograme of the new BattleCruiser he'd just aquired. "So... w'at ta call m'new sh'p."
The Mek-Boy, Danny-Lad, rubbed his chin. "I dunno Boss-Kappin. But I go's summi' you may wanna see."

Danny-Lad was an excellent Mek-Boy, and second in command. Boff had many Ork Nobs as his second in command, but since Lucius Danny-Lads skill at mechanical engineering had proven an incredibky useful asset. In adition he enjoued the position. Boff was a firm believer in the academic warboss management theory of differeing hierarchical needs based upon motivational and hygienic environments and rewards. Danny-Lad was easier for this than Ork Nobs, making him perfect.
"'ight den. Le's see."

Danny-Lad turned a display screen to show a recording between two Imperial figures. Boff recognised them as the ship Captain he'd squashed and also the ships lieutenant.

***"The Orks are in the mess hall Captain."***
***"Yes, apparently so. I'll deal with them myself."***
***"Very well then. How did they managed to get here from Fivos without us knowing?"***
***"No idea, but I'll find out."***
***"Be careful sir."***
***"Trust me, nothing bads going to happen. It's only a few orks. What's the worst hey can do?"***

The recording ended. Boff was puzzled. "Fivos?"
"It's a nearby humie system." Danny-Lad explained.
Bodd pondered on this. The humies on that ship thought he came from Fivos. He hadn't, but this meant that there were other Orks in Fivos. "Well den... it see's we go's ta go 'n' see who dees Orkboyz in Fivos are."

The Space Hulk let out a burst of radioactive energy as it used the Dark eldar technology that Galianostra had yet to confiscate back to open up a webway portal large enough for the fleet to fit through and take the quick route to the Fivos star system.

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Kovlovsky » Fri Dec 25, 2015 1:47 pm

On the Wrathful’s command bridge:

- Communication officer trembling: “My Lord…”
- Lord Suren: “What?”
- Communication officer: “Wolcott is still not responding.”

There was a long silence.

- Lord Suren strangely calm: “I want everyone to leave the bridge except Qaralek, von Hipper and Malinovsky.”

A whole lot of officers and crewmen scurried out of the room, happy to be spared the extreme violence of their Lord’s wrath. A popular running gag of black humor told that Suren’s angry outbursts were as violent and explosive than his own ship ones. They didn’t want to test the truthfulness of the joke. At the end, the three poor souls were all that remained on the bridge and they were throwing scared looks at each other. The most telling thing was that even Qaralek was clearly afraid.

- Colonel General Malinovsky: “My Lord, I can’t allow you to insult the soldiers…”

With supernatural strength, Suren tore the command throne from the floor. The three onlookers started to tremble, thinking they would be the target. He threw it on a console, crushing two servitors against the wall. The console exploded and what was remaining of the automats burned and you could see their skin peeling off from them like an orange.


He turned toward Qaralek and reaching him he pointed at his breastplate.

- Lord Suren with a vicious voice: “And you in particular!!! You are my ambassador to him and you didn’t even try to do anything to clear this mess!!!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING QARALEK!!!!!?????
- Qaralek: “But my Lord, you ordered me to…”

Qaralek swallowed his pride.

- Lord Suren: “Now I will be clear. You go on the ground and reach Wolcott. You will tell him about the titan personally. Use force if necessary. IS THAT CLEAR???!!!!!
- Qaralek bowing the torso: “Crystal clear, my Lord.”
- Lord Suren looking happy and stangely joyful: “Good! Hahahahaha! Good!” Still smiling, Lord Suren put a hand on Qaralek’s shoulder: “I do not wish to kill so committed a sorcerer as you, Qaralek.”

Lord Suren bumped Qaralek aside with his shoulder and went straight for the exit.

- Lord Suren pointing the destroyed console without stopping: “And clear this mess over there Admiral.”

He exited while being looked with terrified eyes by the officers and crewmen who were waiting outside. One female officer was crying in shock and another one was comforting her. A male officer was looking on the ground similarly in shock. The others were shivering or sweating in abundance, thinking that they would be broken to pieces by the enraged sorcerer lord, but nothing happened.

- Admiral von Hipper:
“Does it happen often to him?”
- Qaralek: “Fortunately not, but when it does, normally there are a few people who die. So, we can say that we were lucky today.”
- General Malinovsky: “I have nothing to do in this debacle! Tell this Nakhimov idiot to do his job admiral! We wouldn’t have been treated like sh*t if your men were doing what was asked from them!”
- Hipper disdainful: “I have no order to receive from you, commoner!”
- Malinovsky furious: “Stop it with your self-aggrandizing crap! You’re just a counter-revolutionary coward! Always quivering under Suren like the aristocratic pansy you are! I haven’t seen you take a single friggin’ initiative in 10 years!”
- Hipper unsheathing his power sword: “How did you call me again?!!!!
- Qaralek unholstering his bolt pistol: “Now gentlemen, I think this is going too far. Go back to your duties or I will be forced to put a bolt in your respective head.”

They both listened, but they were still furious at each other. Malinovsky exited with panache while Hipper went back to his duties on the bridge. The other officers started to enter the room.


Tallious in the morning of the 2nd day, near Colonel McKinley's headquarter:

The fighting was slowly dying down for now. The remaining Talliousans defenders were being mopped up by the troops and it was a question of time before the last determined pocket of resistance would be crushed. However, the war wasn’t won as there was a massive enemy counter-attack incoming. Amelia and her HQ had been running around giving orders, checking the defensive preparations, fixing all the logistical problems that were happening, etc. during the whole forenoon. The lunch time pause was a welcomed break and she decided to pass it a bit away with her sweetheart. They were in a ruined building that was used as a small depot, but was currently empty of personnel.

- Amelia: “At last, we’ve got some time to rest. Pfieeew! That was quite a busy morning.”
- Alexei: “Yeah, that was pretty restless.”
- Amelia: “Do you feel better that you opened your heart last night?”
- Alexei: “I have to admit that a huge load was removed from my shoulders. And you, how are you feeling?”
- Amelia: “I don’t know. I feel somewhat better, but… I have to say that when I admitted what I did, it was kind of the first time I was really frank with myself. It’s hard to take that everything that you believed in is now in jeopardy because of the decisions of someone else.”
- Alexei: “You mean Wolcott?”
- Amelia: “Yes…”
- Alexei: “He’s a jerk”
- Amelia amused, but slapping his shoulder in disapproval: “Alex! Don’t say this that loud! Someone could overhear you!”
- Alexei: “Sorry, but we have to be honest. The boy isn’t fit for command. He’s too unstable.”
- Amelia: “It may be true, but he’s still my direct superior.”
- Alexei: “Unfortunately.”
- Amelia trying to change the subject: “You’ve never talked to me much of your native planet. I heard that it’s almost a paradise…”
- Alexei amused: “Who told you that? Cpt. Batov?”
- Amelia surprised: “Yeah! How did you know? You were spying on me on the ship?”
- Alexei: “Oh no. I just know the guy very well. He’s a good soldier, a generous person with a big heart, but he’s politically naïve. He’s a true believer. The reality is far less impressive.”
- Amelia: “He seemed to say that your life expectancy and material ease was much higher than what the Imperium’s planets usually enjoy.”
- Alexei: “Materially yes I guess. But the whole place is an open topped prison.”
- Amelia: “What do you mean?”
- Alexei: “Suren tolerates no dissent and he has his goons to insure nothing can oppose him or his regime. He has a secret police called the Thought Police.”
- Amelia: “It sounds sinister.”
- Alexei: “It is. It really is. They’ve got psykers: telepaths. They read right through your mind and if they don’t like what is in, they just arrest you. They have no real guidelines or procedures to limit their power. “
- Amelia: “It sounds like the Inquisition.”
- Alexei: “Yeah, but the Inquisition doesn’t patrol the streets to catch off guard people with “disruptive” or “counter-revolutionary” thoughts. They don’t infiltrate operatives in your apartment block to spy the citizens. They don’t arrest people for telling jokes or just swearing about some idiotic bureaucrat because you just had a bad day. The inquisition is spread thin and focuses on large cases of dissent or dangerous activities. The Thought Police is everywhere.”
- Amelia: “Is it that much terrible?”
- Alexei: “It is and it’s not the worse. Most people who are arrested either never come back or they do so completely broken. They are either just husks with not much will remaining or are sleeper agents and moles trying to catch others.”
- Amelia: “But how do you do to survive that?! How can you even live past 13 years old?!”
- Alexei: “We learn to control our thoughts early on and we learn who you should pay so that the authorities close their eyes on the people you want to protect. It’s how it works on Severnaya. But we have nice hospitals, apartments, personal cars, good food and nice looking streets. Sounds like a paradise, heh?”
- Amelia: “I see... But why do you fight for them then?”
- Alexei: “Because it’s my planet and I love her and its people. It’s hard to explain to someone who isn’t born on Severnaya. It’s not about politics. It’s a gut feeling.”
- Amelia: “No, I understand you more than you think. Life isn’t that much better on Kestral and yet, I’m fighting for her.”
- Alexei: “How could it be worse?”
- Amelia: “First off, the ordinary people are certainly not as well off as your people on a material side. And… We have our cultural and social problems…” Her voice trailed off.
- Alexei: “Such as?”

There was a long silence. Alexei was starting to be uncomfortable. She was looking in the void and pain could be read in her face.

- Alexei: “Are you okay Amy?”
- Amelia snapping back in reality: “Sorry, I just had a little down time. I didn’t sleep much last night.”
- Alexei: “Are you sure there isn’t anything else?”
- Amelia: “No, no. I’m okay.”
- Alexei: “If you say so. By the way, I have something to tell you that isn’t encouraging.”
- Amelia: “What is it?”
- Alexei: “The enemy counter-attack: last intel says that they have about 1 million men with tanks and artillery. But the worst is that they have titans.”
- Amelia: “What?! But I’ve got no word about it from Wolcott!”

Alexei shrugged.

- Alexei resigned: “It well may be our last day together.”
- Amelia sad: “You think we won’t make it out alive? We’ve got Space Marines on our side.”
- Alexei shrugging: “There is a limit to how much they can reverse a losing situation.”

Alexei approached and smiled gently to her. He put one of his hands on her lower back and she startled slightly.

- Amelia:
“I know how you feel, but we could be seen. We don’t know if we will survive or not, but let’s not throw away or career before…”
- Alexei caressing the side of her head: “Listen to me, my little bird. It may be the last chance we have to have a moment of tenderness before dying. I don’t want to die with regrets in my heart. I want to die knowing that I have lived what I had to with you.”

He looked in her eyes and she looked into his. They slowly approached their lips together.

- Radio chatter: “Echo 0, this is Echo 1. We’re reporting hostile activity in the northern sector. We’re requesting assistance for crushing the guerillas. Over.”

A Space Marine in the garb of the Thousand Sons just walked through the doorstep at less than two meters of them and walked pass. He didn’t see them because they were in his dead angle. He looked like an officer of some sort and was followed by three other fully armed marines. The two lovers tried to not being seen.

- Thousand Sons officer: “Roger Echo 1. Hold your positions. I’m sending Echo 3 to 5. The 47th and 58th rifle companies will also join you in the sweep. Over.”
- Radio chatter: “Understood Echo 0. We’ll be waiting for further orders. Over.”
- Thousand Sons officer: “Be on your guards. Echo 0 out.”
- Thousand Sons officer to his squad: “Come with me, we’ve got a lot of work before us.”
- Thousand Sons: “Yes sir!”

The two lovers were looking like fugitives that were at two fingers of being captured by the police. They waited that the marines left and then looked at each other’s. They started to laugh.

- Amelia playfully:
“Just imagine if they had caught us in the apparel of Adam and Eve while doing our little dirty affair.”
- Alexei: “Hahaha! Our faces would have been redder than a Blood Angel!

They laughed together to tears like two school children.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Sat Dec 26, 2015 11:11 am

Richards looked at Graham. "Can you-"
"I'm fine!" he snapped. Graham rarely ever raised his voice, it was unsettling. But then he wasn't exactly in the best condition. He was about to let the Terminator know they could get moving, but Thorald was already on his way. Graham let out another groan and almost slipped, but Parker was there to catch him. "I said I'm-"
"You're not fine, here, I'll help you." Graham didn't seem like he wanted to trust Parker right now, and who could blame him. He had little, if any reason to believe that they weren't infected like the others had been. But he had no choice. He let Parker put his arm around his shoulder and they were also on their way, keeping a good 5 metre distance between them and Thorald that was.

They made their way further through the facility, past corner after doorway after corner. Thankfully Grahams condition did nothing to affect his natural abilities it seemed. Tyranids would not approach and scurry off into the darkness if they found one as they entered a new corridor. Richards though, being the only free-handed member of the two teams, carried the plasma gun now, ready to shoot just in case.

It wasn't long until they arrived at a security checkpoint, one complete with inactive turrets and barricades. They all cautiously stepped through the metal detector out in front. It went off on all of them. Richards sighed a great sigh of relief as they passed through. "Great. At least we know none of us are those... worm things."
"How so?" Parker asked.
"Because," Graham finished, "when we shot them in the armored sections it reacted like flesh, not carapace."
"So it wasn't real carapace?"
"which is why the metal detector wouldn't have went off if one of us was infected.
Parker nodded. "Got it."

Parker let Graham rest against a counter while he took a look around the station. "I'm not seeing any bodies or blood."
"Tyranids don't leave anything behind." Richards replied coldly. "Not bone, blood or follicle. If its organic, its digested."
"But there doesn't appear to be any signs of fighting, in fact..." Parker checked one of the turrets. "...Ammos full. They never fired a shot."
"So they abandoned it then."

Richards turned to see where the checkpoint lead. It was a door linked up to a disinfectant chamber, with biohazard signs and chemical suits next to it. He raised an eyebrow at Thorald. "Is this the place?"


Tallious, the train...

Caroline burst through the door and into a dining car, to see several of the sisters struggling to hold another of them. "What the hell is going on!" she demanded.
Several of them looked at her and stopped, but a few kept on doing what it was they were doing. Caroline snorted and pulled out her Power-Sword and activated it, the sound screeching about the room and getting everyone's attention.
Now they all stopped, the sisters letting of their victim and letting her drop to the floor. As she landed she scrambled backwards, trying to get out of thd door on the other end but 2 more sisters blocked the way. Instead she looked about, panic on her face. "I'll ask again, WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!?!"
"The meaning, is responsibilty."

Caroline looked towards the source of the voice. "You're behind this?"
Palatine Valentine shrugged. "No. She is." she pointed towards the Sororita on the floor. Caroline took a closer look at her to see that she was a sister superior, a sergent equivalent.
She looked back at Valentine with daring eyes. "Valentine, I'm not exactly finding your insubordination funny..."
Valentine shot her a hateful glare. "My insubordination? I'm doing exactly what must be done! She failed to prevent the Banewolf, resulting in several sisters dying needlesly, and putting this entire operation, your entire operation at risk."
Now Caroline recognised the cowering superior as the one who'd lead the squad back at the train station, the one that had been chased by the Banewolf. "I'll ask a third time. What is this?"
"She failed in her duty." Valentine snorted. "She doesn't deserve to be held amongst us."

Caroline stared at Valentine, a look of horror on her face. She now knew exactly what they were doing.

"The price for failure is absolute." Valentine shrugged. "It's not just her, the other one's accepted her need to redeem, she merely awaits her turn." She pointed towards a sister that Caroline only just noticed was standing in the corner, her head down in shame.
Caroline felt a surge of anger build inside her. Before she could speak the sister Superior on the floor opened her mouth. "I-"
"SHUT IT!" Another sisters spat and went to kick her. As he foot madecontact, Caroline moved. She grabbed that sister by the throat and rammed her against the wall.

The others jumped at the sudden movement. Valentine folded her arms. "You'd punish us but her?"
Caroline keot her eyes on the sister she had by the throat. "I am the commander here..." She then dropped that sister gagging to the floor and stepped over to Valentine. "Not. You."
"Then you do it."
"Your the Canoness." she sneered. "It's your responsibility, you do it."
"No." Caroline sneered back and turned to leave. "Return to your posts and I'll hear no further word of this."

As she reached the door Valentine let out an audiable sigh. "As expected."
Caroline stopped. "...Excuse me?"
Valentine looked to the other sisters, who looked around nervously. Then she looked back at her commanding officer. "You're not one of us. Not really."
She tightened her fist. "You're really pushing me, aren't you."
"I'm telling you, Canoness, that you have to do your duty! As a Sororita, as a Canoness and as a daughter of he Emperor!" She pointed her finger at the still cowering Superior and raised her voice. "Now your duty, is to take this here coward-"
"no..." the superior begged.
"-and force her-"
"Duty?" Caroline grolwed, her face turning red.
"-To repent for her failures!"

Caroline shouted now. "Do not tell me of my duty!"
"Then follow them!"Valentine shouted back. She then turned to the sisters. "Do it."
The sisters nodded and moved on the cowering superior.

"STOP!" Caroline yelled. Half of them stopped immediatly and more hesitated, but several didn't, picking up the crying superior by her arms.

"Keep going!" Valentine told them. Those that had stopped looked helplessly between them. Those that were still going began to pull bits of armor off the superior.

Caroline practically roared now. "I!!! SAID!!! STOP!!!"

They ripped off another piece of armor. The superior was shaking as she was being stripped down violently. "Please, no I... I-"
"Ignore her." Valentine smirked. "We don't listen to cowards or noble sh*ts courtesians. Remove all of it unt-"



In the other end of the train, the Spireguard 'Lionesses' company were busy talking about a variety of stuff. Major Nadia, Sergents Ekaterina, Lieutenant Paula and Dana were busy playing a game of cards when they heard the noise. Ekaterina, who was being the dealer, stopped shuffling. "What was that?"
The noise had vibrated down the entire train, travelling along the rails and pipes.
"That..." Nadia said with a scrunched expression. "...sounded like a... whip..."
They all gave each other an odd glance and got up to go and investigate.

On the way, they passed many more confused looming Lionesses. "You seeing what that noise is Major?"
"Yes comrade." Nadia replied. She had a concerned look on her face.
"Hey..." Ekaterina patted her on the back. "I'm sure it's nothing." she thouht back to how the Canoness had stormed off earlier. It likely wasn't nothing, but Nadia seemed stressed enough as it. She had no intention of putting her commanding officer under stress needlesly.

They were about to open another door when it burst open and several sisters of battle stepped through. "Sorry, but I heard-" Nadia started, then stopped. "Wh-what happened?" Three of them came through, it appeared to be the Canoness, leading two sisters of Battle that had horrified looks on their faces.
"Nothing." Caroline said through gritted teeth.
"Doesn't look like nothing!" Lieutenant Paula added. "We heard-"
"You heard nothing." Caroline said firmly. Then she turned back to the room she'd just came out of. "MARYLINE!!!"

She yelled it so loud and with such anger that they jumped back slightly. Ekaterina leaned over to peep into the room she'd just left. The sisters all had distant looks on their faces, except for one, the one she recognised as the Canonesses second in command.
She was covering her face with one hand, attempting poorly to hide a large gash that tore through her face. It was a big one, deep as well, going from the top of the left ear, cutting her nose in half and stopping just below the right ear. It was bleeding profusely and she wasn't letting anyone else come near her.

Her peep ended however as the Sister that could only be Maryline left the car and shut the door behind her. "Canoness, I-"
Caroline let the two she was seeing to sit down before rounding on Maryline. "Shut. Up." She sounded violent, uhinged even. "Get me a medical kit. NOW!!!"
"Yes, Cannoness, sorr- I mea..." She stammered and ran back into the car.

Caroline looked at the Lionesses now and smiled sweetly. "My apoligies for that... can I help you?"
The smile made Ekaterina uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. It was genuine, as in she seemed genuinley happy to see them. Ekaterina had seen that smile many times before.
"We heard a noise." she said. "A violent noise."

Carolie swallowed. "You... did hear a noise. I won't deny it. But it's all sorted now."
"You sure?" Nadia asked suspiciously.
Caroline looked at the sitying sisters and tried offering them a supportive hand, but they turned her down. "...I'm sure."
Nadoa loomed back at the others. "All right then Comrades... lets go."

Theuy turned to go, but Ekaterina stayed behind a second. "Caroline? Is it?"
"...If you have anything you need to speak about... just... come talk to me, okay?"
Caroline bit her lip for a moment, then nodded slowly. "We'll be at our destination in half an hour Sergent."
Ekaterina felt her shoulders weigh heavy. "Yes... Comrade." and left with the others.


There was a flash of purple light and the Space hulk left the webway. "BossKapin, we're der!" Chief Mekboy Danny-Lad shouted.
"Good! So w'ere is dis.. Fi'os IV den?" Boff was practically rubbing his palms together.
Danny Boy tapped a few buttons on a panel then his face dropped. "Is... ... It's... a bi' futher away dan we though' KappinBoss."
Boff clenched his Power Klaw together. " 'ow far?"
"...13 lightyears. Di' is the closes' da webway takes us."

Boff let out an ear shattering groan and slumped back in his throne, knocking pieces to the floor. "So... 'ow long's i' gonna ta'e t' ge' der?"
"At da full speed... a couple 'a days, maybe.."
Reluctantly, Boff restrained his annoyance and waved his hand. The Ork fleet began on its way, its slow... eventual way...

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

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"How much longer?"
"only a few minutes."
"Good. I've been dealing with the Phaeron's civil war for too long. Time to show the Helios Guard that we are as big of a threat as anything else. Ever since Balrus, we've been at war. Its been far too long since our last encounter."
The chaos ships began approaching the planet.
"Set a course for above Oro's keep."

A few minutes later, the nurglites established orbit above the keep.
"Send a message to greasy boff. Tell him 'Reschtakh is here, and ready to support.'"

In the facilities
"What the hell???"
Szartek knew it was an illusion. He knew his sensors were being tampered with. But it seemed real. He fired his nightmare stave, hoping it might counter the affects. Aside from the slight pain, it seemed to counter the nightmares and end the hallucinations. But when he came too, he wished he was still hallucination. He watched as the marines and the necrons began beating each other senseless. No one was dead, yet, but Pericthyus seemed to be the only other one with his senses. They went to walk towards each other, but a tomb blade smashed into the sorcerer. Szartek hit the tomb blade with his staff and blasted him with the stave. The tomb blade's engine sputtered and the driver began shuttering. It was disables and definitely not functional.
"Well this will be interesting..."
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Tue Dec 29, 2015 1:03 pm

The Ork fleet, consisting of one advanced Space Hulk and several other stolen and modified Imperial vessels, came to a halt besides a small moon near Fivos XI. This kept their presence hidden, but let them bounce the signals around various other worlds in order to somewhat scan Fivos IV.
Their hunt for information ended quickly afterrecieving the incoming messge. "KappinBoss!" Danny-Lad yelled. "Dem Spiky armor la's say dey go' der ship abo'e da Heeley'os Gods gits."
Boff wasn't sure if he was happy about that. Something was wrong, dead wrong... but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. "So da Heely go's are on da plan't?"
"Yes KappinBoss."
Boss nodded while tapping his chin in a thoughtful manner. "Den we go in, 'ARD!!!"
Dany-Lad nodded and picked up the speaker. "Danny-Lad to all Krewboyz! We goin' in 'ard 'n' fas'! Ge' yourselves rea'y fr da biggun' cus we gon-"

Bff sddenly lept from his Kappins-throne. "WWWWAAAAIII'''!!!!!!!!!"
There was silence around the room. Danny-Lad hesitantly spoke into the speaker again. " 'old up..."

Boff paced towards the holographic screen that was displaying Fivos IV and the Nurgite feet. He lowered his brow. "Summi's up."
Danny'Lad scratched his scalp. "Eh? You thin' dey're betrayin' us KappinBoss?"
Boff shook his head. "Nah, dey our ma'es dey is, dey wudn'n do dat!" As far as Boff card this was true. Although he'd had problems with the Slaanesh marines these nurglite marines were hardly a problem. In fact, as far as humies went these were maybe the most Orky of all humies. They weren't the problem here at all.
Boff leaned towards the hologramme ships. "If da Heely Gods are der... where's deir ships?"

Danny-Ladd tapped a few buttons on a console. "Dunno Boss, can't fin' dem."
"...And if dey're deir..." Boff continued, "den why avn'n dey fired on the spiky armor 'umies ships?"
"Maybe they havn' ha' time ye' KappinBoss?"
Boff shook his head again. "Nah, no' da Heely gods... them gits know 'ow t' figh'! Dey wouldn' le' dis go on withou' a reason..."

Danny'Lad suddenly caught on. "You thin' i's a trap KappinBoss?"
Greasy Boff now nodded. "Asbo...abso... abso-loo'... ... ... yep."
"Bu' how did dey know we was cummin'?"
"Dey didn't!" Boff declared, "Because this tra' isn' for us!"

He pointed at a comms-boy. "Warn da nurgly boyz! I's a trap! I be' anythin' on it!" Then he turned to Danny-lad again. "You're in char'e, I need to inves'ga'es dis!"
"y-you're goin' down der?"
"I am. Greasy Boff is not jus' da sneakies' Ork of dem all, Greasy Boff is da sneakies' of all da thin's! I WILL NO' BE OUTGREASED!!!!"

Half an hour later, the Ork bomber crashed into Fivos IV at supersonic speed. The explosion was huge and the sound could be heard for miles around. It didn't matter though, Ork ships crashed all the time and the PDF wasn't going out of their way to investigate something so trivial.
Had they done so they would have found the trail of grease leading away from it...


City of Gyraxian, 73 miles north of Tharian.

The high speed train slowed down as it approached the station. The PDF troops on the station made their way over to the platform and the sergent coughed into his glove as it got near. He looked into the windows as it passed, but he couldn't see anyone there. Eventually it stopped.

He waited and the doors didn't pen. He sighed and approached the nearest one. He knocked.
No response.
He knocked again. "Is something wrong?"
No response.
He turned to his men and made a gesture. They readied their weapons and he revved up his chainsword. He banged his fist on the door. "You have 5 seconds to open up, or else!"

Around the platform there were various railings and platforms. Many PDF troopers had set up heavy weapons and while they had readied them when the train had pulled up, now they were beginning to get twitchy. They readied their fingers over the trigger.

The Sergent raised his shotgun and pulled out a melta-charge with his other hand. He looked back at his squad. He raised his fingers.
"3..." he whispered.
They shuffled about into position.
They nodded to let him know they were ready.

The door opened suddenly and a woman stood there in a Tallious uniform. She jumped slightly as she saw their weapons but readied themselves. "Hello, can I hep you."
The Sergent looked her up and down. "I told you to exit."
"Yes!" she nodded. "Yes you did but... um... there was a problem." Her voice was deep and thick. An accent he hadn't heard before.
"A problem?" he didn't sound convinced.
"Yes, something important broke, so that was why I had to take a while to answer the door, because of... of... of the thing..."
"Right..." he lowered his weapon. He turned back to his squad and they relaxed. "Go and get a tech-pr-"
"NO!!!" she practically shouted. He looked back at her. She stuttered. "We fixed it."
"You fixed it?"
"Yes, it's fixed, I've fixed it, it's all... fixed... everything's fine... now... here... with us..."
He looked at her and furrowed his brow.
She smiled back. "How are you?"

He shrugged and smiled back. "I'm all right, thanks for asking."
She nodded. "Glad to hear that."
"Could be worse though. At least we aren't suffering from the riots. Void shields are down everywhere because of those..." he gritted his teeth. "Disgusting heretics. citizens everywhere have been overtaking their local city councils and PDFs by force, more than half the cities have surrendered."
"...rrreeeaaallllllyyy?" she asked. "More than half?"
"Yep. They've been loading themselves onto mass transports and making their way there. This city's okay, so's Illanois, Reyago, Tharian and a few more."
She tutted. "Sounds terrible.""
"Yeah... you have to wonder what they're doing with all those people going to that city."
She clicked her tongue. "I wonder..."

He clapped his hands together. "Anyway..." he lifted up his checkboard. "Says here that you're going to Tharian, a General Zaurus signed you off from New Haven."
"Yes, err... we're taking a VIP to Lord General Xavier, it's urgent."
"High Lord General Xavier." he corrected her.
"Yes, him."
"Good, sign here." he handed her the checkboard. She hesitated before signing it. "Here you go."
He took it back and smiled again. "Thanks. We'll clear you to go, you should have a straight line to Tharian from here, we'll actually call ahead and get someone to give you and your... VIP, an escort to the Generals new HQ."
"Aww, thank you?" she said and made a flirty motion with her hips.

The Sergent went to walk away but stopped "Oh, and uh, one last thing, keep your eyes out out to the left, you'll see the knights."
"Knights?" he face seemed to change, no longer smiling but one of serious concern.
"Yep, Knights. I can't ay too much as its classified, but lets just so those foreign inbred f*cks won't be around for too long." he grinned and waved goodbye. She stood there for a few seconds before closing the door.

She turned back around a corner and entered the room where the Sisters and Lionesses where hiding below the windows. "Well?" Nadia asked her.
Ekaterina shrugged and started to undo the Tallious officers uniform. "I think they fell for it."
"I'm sure they did."
Canoness Caroline gave her a curious look. "He said something about Knights?"
"Yeah, he said they're deploying them."
Carline nodded. "Then we'll have to move fast. How long till we get there?"

As if on cue the train began to move again.
"Not long." Nadia commented.


Wolcott opened the door and entered. He was on a... a ship of some sort. He didn't remember coming on board, but he was here now. He did remember this ship though.
The Hostis Intercept.
He recognised the shape of the halls and the corridors. The specific piing and the aging cracks in the walls from the centuries old materials used in its creation.

He didn't remember all this blood though.

It ran everywhere, from every angle to every corner to every wall. As he paced further and deeper into the ship he saw more horror. Bodies. Limbs. Organs and bits of dead people.
He felt like he was gonna throw up, in fact he wanted to, some way to make all this seem real. Nothing happened though.

Eventually he arrived at a door. It was a door he more than recognised. He was hesitant at first, afraid to go near it. But something made him do it. Something deep inside him, a gut feeling even. He put his hand over the security door and was met with the famiar beep as it opened.

That was what he saw before him. Piles of dead Guardsmen and officers, Kestral Guardsmen and officers lay everywhere. They'd been torn asunder and pieces of them decorated the walls.
He had to cover his mouth. The stench was unbearable, cutting deep into him. Now he finally threw up, heaving out not vomit but a large amount of blood.
When he noticed he reeled back, backwards into a console panel. He looked at it, suddenly remembering where he was.
The emergency control room. This was... when the Helios Guard had invaded his ship. When he'd retreated down into the ships interior, when he...

He heard it in the corner, the sound of ripping and tearing. It had its back to him and was kneeling. It was doing something with its hands and every so often a spurt of blood burst forth.
"What is this!" he demanded.
The creature didn't respond. It just giggled slightly and continued what it was doing.

Wolcott stepped towards it. "What the feth is this!?!"
The creature giggled even louder now. As he got closer he noticed it was wearing a Kestral uniform, a Kestral colonels uniform. It suddenly dumped a skull on a small pile of them to the left, all covered in blood and freshly skinned. It then pulled over another dead body and began to skin its head too.

Wolcott pulled out his las-pistol and aimed it directly at the creature. "FETHING ANSWER ME!!!"

The daemon stopped what it was doing. It then slowly got up, still giggling. It turned around.
He breath caught dead. In truth he'd known what it was the moment he'd entered the room. What else could it be.

It was him. Back when he'd been possessed. "What do you want!" he screamed at it.
It laughed, then laughed harder and louder. It began to shake violently.
H covered his head as it burst, drenching the room in even more blood than before.

He had thought for a second it was over, but it wasn't. The various bodies around the room began to move, getting up and putting themselves back together... all giggling.
He tried to shoot several of them but it didn't help. They just kept getting up.
"Feth... feth... feth..."
He knew what to do. He swallowed and pressed the las-pistol up against his head. he pulled the trig-

"FETH!!!" he screamed as he woke up.
He was in a hallway, on the floor, surrounded by concerned Guardsmen. "Sir, are you-"
"WHERE ARE !?! ARE WE ON TALLIOUS!" he roared at the nearest one.
They looked at each other suspiciously. "uh... yeah."

He jumped up, swaying slightly but keeping himself up. "Sir, you need to-"
"I'm fine!" he lied. "I eh... where's Owens?"
"I'll take you to him." A Guardsmen said and led him down towards the command centre operations room.

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

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It wasn’t long until they arrived at the station now. She could hear the sound of the city in the distance. She put it to the back of her mind though. She had other concerns right now.
She was knelt before a statue of the Emperor. His arms were outstretched and his face as beautiful as it ever was. She lowered her head. “Forgive me father for…” the words caught in her mouth. “I… think I’ve sinned but… I’m not sure.”
“You’re not sure?” came a voice from behind her. She shot up and turned around to see the Spireguard sergeant standing there, her arms folded.
“Oh, it’s you.”
“Sorry for interrupting.” She looked the statue up and down with a nervous disposition. “What… what did you mean that you weren’t sure.”

Carline hesitated. “There are thing I’ve done, recently, that I’m supposed to be shamed of.”
Sargent Ekaterina held her breath. “Right.”
“but, I’m not sure. It’s like…” Caroline started but trailed away. She got up and approached the window, looking out towards the city.
Ekaterina made a clicking noise with her tongue. “You’re changing the subject.”
“You shouldn’t do that.”
Caroline turned back sharply. “And why is that?”
The woman lit out a small wheeze before approaching the window to join her. “Because of what happened earlier.”
Caroline scoffed. “you don’t know what went on there.”
“I know you did the right thing-“
“I made a mistake.”

She stepped away from the window and began to run her hand through her hair. Then she stopped, an almost horror filled look on her face as she realised what she was doing. “oh…” she removed her hand.
Ekaterina grimaced. “Are you feeling all right?”
“No.” she admitted. “I, I don’t know what I’m doing here.” She then slumped down to the floor, her armor clanging loudly on the polished metal.

Ekaterina nodded again helplessly. She didn’t have a clue what to do here. Normally she tried to help her girls, hell she was the oldest so even the Major relied on her. But this girl was different. It must be the religion she figured. “You’re not a Kestral are you?”
Caroline sniggered, the first proper smile that she’d seen in a while. “no, no I’m not.”
“So where are you from?”
She shrugged. “I don’t remember. I don’t remember anything before…” her voice trailed off again. She then looked at the statue of the Emperor. “It doesn’t matter though, as long as the Emperor is in my heart it doesn’t matter. I will always be fine, I will-“
“But you’re not.” Ekaterina interrupted.

Caroline looked at her blankly. At first it was a look of surprise that she’d said that, denied the Emperors being even. But then her face changed. One of sadness know. She was right. “I’m supposed to be fine.”
Ekaterina now sat besides her. It was a little disconcerting. The canonesses armor wasn’t exactly comfortable to sit next to and she was just a few inches taller than her. In addition there was something almost superficial about her face, like she was some sort of mannequin or something. “you can admit it if you’re not.”
“It’s because I don’t have him in my heart.” She said and nodded towards the statue.
Ekaterina considered her next words carefully here. On one hand she very, very much doubted the Emperors existence and maybe telling this girl that it was all not real would fix the problem. After all, that was clearly what the issue was! However, the more she thought abut it the more she realised that probably wasn’t a good idea. “I think you do. Why do you feel like this?”

She suddenly jumped up and paced around in a confused circle. She almost bit her tongue as her face turned angry. “Because it’s all wrong! Everything’s wrong! I’m supposed to be killing heretics and mutants, not worlds that are a threat to his little empire.”
“Who, the Emperor?”
“Not him!”
Suddenly the Sergent realised. “oh, is this all about a man?”
“NO!” she almost shouted back. “I mean, it’s his fault, but that doesn’t matter! I let that little sh*t do whatever he wants and know he’s making me… FETH IT!!!” she went and booted a small stool. Underestimating her power armored leg though it was sent through the air at incredible speed and exploded against the wall.

She then looked straight at Ekaterina. “Do you.. do you know what we had to do to graduate?”
“graduate what?”
“Into this, into a sister?”
It was an odd question, out of the blue all of a sudden, but Ekaterina answered her. “No, what?”

Carline looked towards the window. “I remember waking up early, like every day. Only this time it was different, not like everyday. The superior made us get outside and stand there for 2 hours. We all thought it was because another girl had tried to kill herself and they were doing headcounts or something.”
Ekaterinas jaw opened. “Tried to kill herself? Why?”
“Because of the beatings… the humiliation and the…” she closed her eyes.
“That’s disgusting.”
She shrugged “I didn’t… used to think so but now I’m not so sure but it’s… I mean, we all tried to, but we all got caught.”
Her eyes stayed fixed on her. “What do you mean…”
“There was a girl I knew well. Leapt from the balcony of the gate wall while she was n duty, cracked her head open on the asphalt and died on the spot. Another one tried to copy her. I didn’t know her so well but I mean… anyway she jumped but sh didn’t die. She survived.”
“So what-“
“they dragged her back in, stripped her, lashed her, let her hang by her wrists on the example posts for 5 days.”
Ekaterina covered her mouth. “oh my-“
“She was taken down eventually, but her wounds festered. Gangrene and everything. Didn’t get cured in the end but… well that didn’t matter. The Sister hospitalas didn’t want to fix her properly so they only gave her mild antibiotics. She lasted another year before jumping again. This time she died.”

Ekaterina got up and took a step towards Caroline. “That’s… that’s…”
Caroline nodded. “Yeah. I know. They put up nets around the walls after that, so that we couldn't jump off. But by that time we’d learnt our lesson afterwards.”
“That makes me sick. You mean that you… that’s… they’re teaching you not to escape, you can’t…”
Carokine smiled at her sadly. “let them win? Yeah, we didn’t. Quite a few managed to get away. I didn’t though.”
“What, run away?”
“No… I was too scared for that.”
“So what do you mean?”

Silently Caroline removed her gauntlets. Ekaterinas face was white as she looked at the deep scars running along her wrists. Caroline only smiled.

There was a moments silence.

Then she put the gauntlets back on, still smiling “Anyway, where was I… right, so wed thought that someone else had killed themselves.”
“But they hadn’t. the superior said that it was our initiation test. The day we become worthy daughters of the Emperor.”
“So what did you do?”
“We gathered our stuff, put on our armor and made our way down towards this… this part of the training facility we’d never been to before. We’d heard rumors before and even though we didn’t believe it you could… you could always smell it.”

Ekaterina wasn’t sure she wanted to hear anymore. Caroline swallowed as she said the next bit. “There where these… pits. Lots of them. Most were filled up but there was this fresh one for us. The whole place stank of cooked meat, like food, you know. They um… made us line up by the pit and they.”
She stopped speaking for a few seconds, tears catching in her eyes. But she wiped them away for a moment. “They brought out these people. Lots of them, like there was a few hundred, all just herded in like animals.
“And they made them split into groups, men, women, children and old people, and all just got into the pit. The Superior looked at us and said that we had to choose. To kill them or join them.”
Ekaterina shook her head. “they made you…”
“I killed them. I was… at first I didn’t want to, I was crying under my helmet but kept it to myself.”

Ekaterina wasn’t sure what to do. She thought back to the children back on the capital city. The one they’d accidently killed. She’d tried to put it to the back of her mind but this girl in front of her had done the same. It was killing her inside, had clearly haunted her for so long. Would she become like that?
“We did the same.”
“What?” Caroline asked.
“There were kids back in the city… they were hiding behind soldiers at the time and… we didn’t check, we just killed them.”
“Kids?” Caroline asked.
Ekaterina nodded. “I have a kid back home and I… I-I couldn’t… couldn’t think about it… but…. It’s the same you know. We didn’t mean it. You didn’t want to kill them and I didn’t want to kill them. Accidents they, they happen in war. Wars horrible. It’s not your fault, you just have to remember that.”
Caroline shook her head. “That’s not true though, it wasn’t an accident.”
“yes, it was.”
“no.” Caroline whispered. “because I started to enjoy it.”

Ekaterina looked at her blankly. “w-what?”
Caroline looked at her with a straight face, the sad smile on her lips know curling ever so slightly. “I felt nothing for them. Nothing. They were heretics and I wasn’t. So… they didn’t matter.”
She raised hr brow. “But they were humans.”
Caroline shook her head. “Not anymore. It’s a hard choice but They'd made it! That’s what we do, it’s like you said, war’s horrible so we have to do what must be done!”
“no, that’s not-“ she tried to say but Caroline wasn’t listening.
“If I had gone through all that I’d gone through, if I had given up as much as I did for everything, if I could do it then so could they! If I’m not supposed to feel upset over the sisters that I send to die fighting for humanity then why should- why should I not be allowed to do this! Why should I not b allowed to enjoy this!
“And the smell. I remember… at the start of every year they would give us a small slice of bacon… I just… closed my eyes and pretended it was that. And it worked, I... Started to have fun. The crying, the begging, the screaming it... The smell even. It smelled so... Good...
"Because why shouldn’t I enjoy it? Once you turn on humanity, on the Imperium you give up your right to liberty and safety. You are mine to do with whatever I want, and if I’m going though all this pain then… by what possible right don't I get to enjoy it!?!"

Ekaterina took a small step backwards. “We kill because we have to, not because-“
“No.” Caroline stated firmly. “that’s a lie. Yeah, I mean, we have to kill them, but that’s not why we do it. That’s not why YOU joined the army.”
“Me?” she asked, taken back all of a sudden.
Caroline nodded. “Are you… are you upset with me?”
“I don’t see why you’re having a go at me you f*cking psychopath!”

Carline let out a small laugh. “You’re the one who chose this of your free will! You’re the one who agreed to come here! I kill because I have to, you, what are you gonna do? What are you gonna tell your kid?”
Ekaterina was shouting now. “Don’t you DARE bring my daughter into this!!!”
“Why not?” Caroline argued back. “You burnt those children for her, just like I burnt those children for her, for humanity!”

The door burst open and Major Nadia stepped in. “Is everything all right here?”
Ekaterina looked at her, then back to the Canoness. “yeah… everything’s fine.”
“Nothing’s wrong at all.” Caroline agreed through gritted teeth.
Nadia gave them a suspicious look. “… right, well we’re 10 minutes till our destination. We need to get ready now…”



The girl was silent as they fought amongst each. The sounds of metal on metal, marine on marine and blood against sparking alloy reverberated down the halls.
Szartek and Pericthyus stood back to back in the centre of the carnage. As they readied themselves another tomb blade moved at an impossible angle towards them.
Pericthyus let out a bolt of energy that forced it to dodge to the right. At the exact same time Szartek pierced his staff through the air and caught it in a joint. He yanked it closer and grabbed the pilots head.
Careful not to disable this one, he merely shut it down. It fell forward limply but stayed hovering in mid-air. He casually shoved it into an open doorway, out of danger from anyone else. "The girl!"
"There!" Pericthyus pointed.

Szartek looked to see her floating there. Her arms were outstretched and the hospital bandages flapped in a month-existent wind.
Szartek tried scanning her but it was impossible. He should have easily been able to scan and map out her entire bodily structure from DNA strands to bone structure, but there was nothing.
Just the girl. Her hair was thin and wiry, and undermeath the black mess of it that hung before her face she wore a medical mask of some sort.

She ignored them and slowly turned around. Down the end of the corridor the zombie horde returned, practically toppling over each other with excitement as they fell down the stairs, attracted by the noise.
She giggled quietly and looked at the lights.

They turned out plunging the room into pitch black. Both Szartek and Pericthyus activated their night vision features but everything was still dark. It was then they realised it wasn't real darkness but another illusion.
"This is unacceptable!" The Necron remarked coldly.
"But we can't kill the girl!"
"No, but she's the conduit."
Pericthyus hesitated to respond as one of his Marines charged into him. He made a quick sliding motion and punched him hard in the face, sending him flying backwards into the darkness. He shook his fist and growled as he heard the approaching undead. "Then we need to cut her off from whatever the source of her power is, and fast. Any ideas?"


"WAAAAAAAAAAA-" the gretchin screamed bravely as it ran into battle on its own, waving it's meat cleaver in the air.

Boff brought his boot down on it and it practically burst, the popping sound shortly followed by the splatter of a 3 metre wide circle of blood.
"As I was sayin'," he continued, "I'm da bigges' 'ere, so if ya wanna figh' me, cum a' me!"
The small encampment of Orks that Boff and his Kommandoes had surrounded and taken prisoner didn't have any dusagreements. The Knob had died, violently, and so there was not a single one big enough to challenge the 21ft Greasy Warlords authority.
"Gud." He grinned to himself. "Now, 'ere's w'a' I wan'-"

"BOSS!!!" One of Boffs boys called out. "Look at that!" And pointed at the sky.
Boff looked up to see what appeared to be a series of meteorites falling through the atmosphere. Boff shrugged "So w'a'? They're jus' space 'ocks."

Then two of them changed direction and turned around.
"Wai'," Boff grinned. "Dey're not space 'ocks, dey're humies!"
"W'a' we do Boss?" Another Ork asked.
"Same thin' we alway' do... We go say 'Ello..."

And with that Boff, his Kommandoes and his new mob made their way towards the same direction as the Thunderhawks far in the distance horizon.

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

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"Looks like the orks charged in first."
"I know, but the marines are on their way. The orks are tough, but I'm eager to get back in the fight. Send me in"
Reschtalkh and his terminators teleported down to the ork encampment a few minutes later, accompanied by green drop pods and a fleet of nurgle ships. "Hello, Boff. Bout time we got back into the fight." The nurgle lord let out a throaty chuckle.

Pericthyus concentrated and let out a blast of energy. 3 zombies fell over, but he felt something gnawing at his ankle. He swung and he felt the head separate from the body, but it didn't feel like a zombie. Now wasnt the time, he had to find the girl.
"Szartek, a little help here!"
"wait. Wraymek will come to his senses in approximately 2.457 seconds."
Two and a half seconds later "What the- wait, what?!?!"
"Yeah, I know, its crazy yadah yadah yadah no time for that now." Pericthyus was yelling over the slaughtering of zombies. "Can you see?"
"ye- WHAT THE-" The aspiring champion swung and took out 2 zombies.
"Yeah Szartek and I" *UGH* "Cant see, we need you to direct us to her."
Wraymek looked around, but the girl was nowhere in sight.
"I cant see her."
"Do you see any sort of source? Anything that looks out of place?"
"It all looks out of place! Wait, there's a glowing box on the other side of the horde."
"Can you get to it?"
"I might as well try, both of you, start swinging forward. All our troops are behind us, so you wont hit them."
Suddenly, Wraymek's vision got dark. He heard a giggle. The three blindly charged forward, swinging like whirlwinds towards the other wall.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

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The Warboss and the Nurgle Lord were a frightening sight to behold.
The traitor had two swords hung on his sides, a daemonic blade that was gag-inducing to look at and a perfect relic blade that could only have been stolen. It clearly wasn't a nurlge blade anyway, as evidenced by the pus that leaked onto it burning away. Most likely worn as a trophy or mockery towards the original owner. It also carried a deactivated power fist, so Gisbourne could only deduce that it was a confident ally to the Ork.
The Warboss was huge, almost equal in size to a dreadnaught and covered in some sort of liquid substance. Gisbourne could tell instantly from the size alone that it didn't belong to the Orks that infested this world. In addition to that its followers were different in size size as well and their armor was an entirely different set of colors, mainly a collection of purple panels. That confused Gisbourne severely, he'd never seen an Ork with the color purple before.
Regardless, both of them seemed to be considerably familiar with each other, and they were heavily armored enough that he could forget about trying to kill them and end it all quickly... for now anyway.

Boff patted his dakka shoota on Reschtalkhs shoulder. "Good t' seeya ma'e! b'n far, far too lon'..."
"And poor Valorum must be feeling ever so ignored." Reschtalkh croaked back under his helmet with a grin.
"Aye." Boff agreed. "Bu', I don't thin' he's 'ere. The Heely Gods for sure, but no' many o' dem."
Boff stepped towards the direction of the descending Thunderhawks in the distance. "An' thin's are afoot 'ere, I can feel i'! No one ou'greases Greasy Boff and dis is a ve'y Greasy si-shu-ashun indee'."

Boff rubbed his chin, sparks flying off as his Power Klaw touched against his chins armor. "Ow's abou', you go ged dem Heely gods, we go ged dese new gitz, watt'ya say?"
"I say... we're being watched."
"Aye, I know." Boff nodded. "No one ou'greases Greasy Boff. Bu' me boyz are dealin' wi' i'."

Gisbourne flinched when he heard that. "Wait, wh-"
Before he could finish he heard the war cry of an Ork Kommando leaping down from the trees at him. He rolled out the way and its blade stuck into the ground. It tried to pull it back out but both Gisbourne and Garos had pulled theirs out and finished it quickly.
"WAAAAAAGH!!!!" came several more cries as Kommandoes covered in leaves began to rain down on the scouts, the intent to kill firmly in their eyes.


Ekaterina loaded her gun angrily. The other women eyed her up suspiciously but only the lieutenant asked her what was wrong. "No, nothing." she replied and held her gun in both hands. "Let's get started.
"Right," Lieutenant Paula nodded. "It's just you've left the safety off."
She clenched her eyes shut angrily and turned the safety off. It was a stupid mistake and they were almost at the train station any moment now. They were likely to face overwhelming enemy numbers and were relying on the element of surprise to carry them to Xaviers location, wherever that was. The entire thing was a colossal risk and mistakes like this could cost her her life.
Paula made a clicking sound with her tongue. "I heard from the Major that you'd been speaking with the eh... marines."
"They're not marines." she corrected her. "They're worse."
"How so?"
She looked the lieutenant straight in the eye. "They're sick, that's why! They enjoy this, all of it! The fighting, the dying, the violence, they're just... sick!"
Paula nodded. "Right. ...well, well keep it to yourself then comrade, the Major will-"

The carrage door opened and the Major entered, followed by several sisters, including the canoness. She kept her eyes down the centre of the hallway and Ekaterina kept her eyes turned away. "We're stopping in 30 seconds!" Nadia yelled. "The Sororitas will take point and clear us a path. We will provide support from the train windows, but as soon as they've secured a path we exit the train immediately, am I clear comrades?"
The Spireguard women all readied their lasguns. "YES MAJOR!"

The train began to slow. Caroline switched on her power sword. "On my mark!"
The Sisters readied themselves to leap at the walls. "3!"
As the train slowed they could hear voices outside. "2!"
The train finally stopped. "1- MOVE!"

The moment the words left her mouth the Sisters all leapt at the wall and the wall exploded. The security and PDF troops on the other side weren't ready at all. Neither were the hundreds of people stuck on the station platform either.
Screaming filled the hall as well as the sound of bolter fire and lasbeams. Everything happened so fast that the PDF soldiers at the other ends of the halls couldn't see what was happening through the crowds. By the time they came to their attention the Sororitas had already reached them.

Ekaterina and her squad provided covering fire from the holes that were now in the side of the train, although she wasn't really pulling the trigger that much. Her thoughts were elsewhere, specifically these people on the platform. They looked like refugees, she assumed the ones smart enough to flee to Xavier rather than Wolcott. They had bags next to them and families. If they weren't being let off the station then... just how many people had fleed to this city?
But before she could finish that line of thought the lieutenant let out an order. "We have an opening!" and pointed at a large gate that was being literally ripped off an escalator tunnel platform exit by two jump pack sisters. "Move up, double time!"
Along with everyone else she got up and sprant, just as the alarms started to blare.


Wolcott practically stumbled into the command centre main room, the Guardsmen on his side keeping him upright. Colonel Owens and many other command staff looked at him with surprise. "Brigadier, are you allright?"
"Yeah!" he snapped, shoving the Guardsman off him ungratefully. "Situation report!?! Have they surrendered yet?"
"No, not yet sir," Owens answered, "but they've... been..." he trailed off before coming to a full stop.

Wolcott glared at him. "What?"
He said nothing.
Owens stared at him confusingly. "...w-what... Owens?"

Owens was frozen though, in fact everyone in the room seemed to be frozen solid. Everyone except him. He could still hear the sound of everyone outside, as well as those in the corridor he'd just came into.

"...but they've been mobilising with the intent for a full counter attack." came a familiar voice from behind him.
He span around to see a Thousand Sons sorcerer and two Rubric Marines standing there. "Oh, Qaralek... What do you want?" he sneered.


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