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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Thu Dec 17, 2015 7:35 am


Wolcott had been staring blankly at he coffee table for ten minutes. He felt... empty. Like... like nothin else mattered. He couodn't help but hink about her. The way she'd looked at him, what she said... how she felt. He went to run his hand through his hair but stopped halfway and clenched tight. "...I'm. Not. Lying."
He cursed and stood up. He felt... like "Sh*t."
He left the room, slamming the door behind him and made his way down to the main command centre. As he got there he saw McKinley and Brusilov speaking to Colonel Opens by the map table.

"Brigadier." Owens nodded, grimacing after a second when he saw that Wolcott was in such a mess. "Are you okay sir?"
Wolcott ignored him and looked at McKinley and Brusilov. He felt angry at them. Pure anger. Something deep down. They tried to hide it but they were happy together.
That wasn't fair.
"Colonel McKinley." he said quietly. She tensed up, as did Owens. They'd expected a much more blunt tone, this... made them nervous.
"B-Brigadier." She stuttered. "You told me to come to you immediatly."
"Two hours ago."
She swallowd. "I came as soon as I could. The enemy reinforcements meant I had to..."

As she spoke Wolcott realised he felt like screaming at her. It wasn't fair. This wasn't fair, she didn't do what she was supposed to do and it wasn't fair, IT WASN'T F*CKING...
"Fine." he muttered.

She went dead silent. "...Fine?"
"Fine." He couldn't do it. He couldn't shout or scream. He felt... pathetic. Like he couldn't do it if he tried.
Owens was just as confused. Infact, every single Guardsman and officer had stopped what hey were doing and were looking over. "Fine?" Owens asked.
He shrugged. "Fine."
Brusilov looked at McKinley and smiled. "Fine."
"...Fine..." she repeated, a look of fear in her eyes.
They all glanced at each other nervously. Owens looked down at his maps, then at Wolcott, then cocked his head. "...wh... h... fine?"

Wolcott looked down at the map. "McKinley, your... regiment has the only still working Nuclear deathstrike. Isn't that right?"
"Yes Brigadier."
He nodded. "The Military of this world thinks we only won here on a fluke of some sort. I gave them an ultimatum. Have they surrendered yet?"
Owens shook his head. "No Brigadier."
Wolcott looked back at McKinley. "I want you to take the nuke outside the Void shield and fire it at this city." He pointed at the map. "It's called New Haven. I want it gone by sunrise. Is that clear?"
McKinley nodded. "Yes Brigadier... but... won't-"
"Don't. Question. It. ...Just do it." He replied in the same calm manner. He was beginning to sound particularly unhinged.
She swallowed. "Yes Brigaider."

"Excuse me but I couldn't help hut overhear." Came a voice. Wolcott turned tobsee Admiral Nakhimov standing here. "You're launching nukes?"
Nakhimov grinned awkwardly. Clearly he did not like this. "Should you not inform the fleet and Sons of Osiris of that first?"
Wolcott shrugged. "Then tell them. It's still happening."
Nakhimov bit his upper lip for a second and seemed to almost lean to the right. "Yes, you know... Lord Suren actually wishes to speak with you on a matter concerning further action against the-"
"And?" Wolcott interupted him.
"Well, do you not wish to hear what he has to say?"
"He's not my Lord. And if I've more important things to deal with right now than him."
Nakhimov let out a small groan. "I... see..."

Wolcott turned back to McKinley. "Get it done."
"Yes Brigaider."

He now looked at Owens. "The Serpians the Doctor worked on. Where are they?"
"We've got them into position, just as you ordered us to do."
"Show me." And with that, the two of them left the room, leaving McKinley and Brusilov standing there.


New Haven.
167 miles south east.

The soldiers on the wall alerted command that a large series of vehicles was approaching. It looked like a PDF convoy. As they got near the city gates they slowed down and several figures exited. A platoon of PDF soldiers approached the figures, weapons raised. "Identify yourselves!" The captain yelled.
The figures wore Serpian uniforms. The leader stepped forward. "General Zaurus."

The city defenders lowered their weapons the Captain deactivated his Chainsword. "My apologies General. I... We had assumed the worst."
The general nodded and spoke in a tone devoid of human emotion. "Yes. I need to enter the city."
"Why? What happened... We weren't told to expect-"
"I need to enter the city." The General repeated.

The captain was suspicious, but this was the wrong day to refuse to follow orders. "Yes sir." He turned to his men. "Open the gate!"

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Hedonismbot » Thu Dec 17, 2015 11:37 am

++For Wolcott++

It seems that my patients are in position and ready to be tested.

However, I have also heard that you wish to nuke the city as well.

While making an example of things is appreciated, that will not do in this case.

Or was the lady not clear enough when she said to take as many alive as possible. I expect that this should be enough to get the point across.

++End transmission++
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Kovlovsky » Thu Dec 17, 2015 1:58 pm

To the Stormtroopers’ surprise, the whole wall was blasted away in front of them, but they reacted with cold blooded professionalism and opened fired on the shadowed silhouettes that were running toward them in the dust lifted out by the wall’s explosion. The four Hot-shot Volley gunners fired burst of lasbeams without being too much regarding of what was hit. All they knew was that the things came down and it was good enough. The special force Major, however, started to question what they were firing at. They were too small to be Space Marines like it was reported… And then he saw her. A woman… No a mother running with her baby in her hands! THE CIVILIANS!

- Stormtrooper Major:
“CIVILIANS! Cease fire! Wait for the marines!”

His soldiers apparently realised their mistakes at the same time because they stopped firing and some of them rose to better see the unwanted carnage they did. All of them had their eyes wide open in shock at what they just did.

This wavering only last for 5 seconds at most, but it was enough to destabilise them. At this point, two squads of marines emerged from the dust with their bolters roaring. The Stormtroopers fired back almost immediately, but the few who had risen up in shock were cut down by the enemy fire. A few marines were killed, others were just advancing while firing like if they didn’t care to live or die and were protected by a shimmering shield. The Major ordered to fire on the unprotected ones. There were a few fatalities on the Chaos Marines’ side, but they had gone to ground behind the first line of barricades that was now empty of Stormtroopers since they were already all dead. The Major had already lost half his men, but he was determinate to avenge the death of the civilians used as human shields.

- Chaos Marine: “Flush them out!”

A frag grenade exploded and killed or heavily injured a few more Stormtroopers. The situation was dire, but the enemy had suffered at least 5 or 6 deaths which isn’t bad taking into account what they were fighting. It was then that a Chaos Marine with large horns, a plasma pistol and a powerfist charged in his men accompagned by marines with heavily decorated armors… It had to be their chief.

- Major: “Fire on the one with big horns!”

His soldiers immediately obeyed, but their weapons were only hitting the energy field protecting him. Reaching the Stormtroopers, he started ripping and tearing them with his oversized fist. The human troopers were good fighters and were able to fight back against the warlord’s retinue, but the Lord was too strong for them. The major was unsheathing his power sword when someone screamed:

- Governor Diocletian:
“Everyone stand down! Enough blood was shed today! I want to parlay!”

He had a strong voice full of dignity. A tall and lean man walked slowly forward with a noble attitude. He had a kaki doubled breasted military uniform similar to what a Lord Commander would wear with large golden epaulettes and a lot of medals on the left part of his breast. He also had a flowing crimson cape on his right shoulder. He had a face that reminded of the Roman Imperators of Antiquity. Lord Caelius ordered his marines to stop fighting with a sign of the hand and turned slowly toward the governor and inclined his head on the right like if he was evaluating the human advancing toward him. When the governor came at one meter of the much bigger chaos lord, the governor looked his adversary in the eyes. Neither of them talked for what appeared to be a long time. Aphael appeared on Caelius right not very far, but at a respectable distance like if he wanted to observe the scene impartially, but while hearing everything.

- Governor Diocletian:
“So, are you the one who unleashed your brutes on my beloved planet?”
- Lord Caelius: “No, but I’m the one who he sent to capture you and your lovely family.” He pointed his plasma pistol toward the two children cowering in the corner. One was a teenager girl with silky brown hairs who was holding in her arms her little brother.

The governor looked to Caelius with scorn.

- Governor Diocletian: “Your master doesn’t even dare to make his hands dirty. He sends one of his dogs to catch his prey.”

Caelius closed his fist tight, but didn’t answer to the insult with violence.

- Lord Caelius: “He had more important things to do.”

The governor nodded with a smile of mockery.

- Diocletian: “He chooses his collaborators poorly. He sends someone with so little honour that he uses civilians as human shields. You certainly needed a lot of courage to do this instead of braving my soldiers’ firepower by yourself.”
- Lord Caelius coldly: “The civilians were in the middle of a battle zone. You were weak of showing mercy by hiding them here while fully knowing we would storm this place sooner rather than later. You killed them and I was simply the instrument in their final fate.”
- Diocletian: “I have to admit that it’s a beautiful way to excuse your own cowardice.”

Aphael sensed that Caelius would fly into rage and intervened before he killed the governor. He put his hand on Caelius arm and stepped in to defuse the situation.

- Aphael: “This verbal sparring is very interesting, but if you want to save yourself and your followers from a gruesome death, this won’t do any good.”
- Diocletian: “And you are?”
- Aphael: “I’m Iskandar Aphael, second in command in the Brotherhood of Vengence that is invading your planet.”
- Diocletian: “I want to speak to your chief.”
- Aphael: “Lord Suren has given Lord Caelius and me full authority in this matter.”
- Lord Caelius interrupting: “The choice is very simple governor. Either you surrender peacefully and your followers live, or we kill everyone and capture you by the force of arms.”

Aphael wasn’t really impressed by the diplomatic talents of Caelius, but this would do he guessed. The governor thought for some time, but there wasn’t much of a choice here.

- Diocletian:
“If I surrender, I want you to promise to not harm my family and let the people live and treat the soldiers who surrender as prisoners of war. In exchange, I will tell all troops of the city to stand down to stop the massacre.”
- Lord Caelius: “I want you to tell to your entire forces on the planet to surrender.”
- Diocletian: “It’s out of question!”

Aphael sensed that Caelius would act brashly and intervened.

- Aphael: +You won’t obtain anymore of this man! Lord Suren won’t appreciate it if you kill him. No terminator armor! Have you thought about this?+

Caelius wanted to smack this sorcerer right now for having talked in his head, but he was right, he was being unreasonable.

- Lord Caelius: “Fine, tell only the defenders of this city to surrender.”
- Diocletian with sadness in the voice: “Then I accept your terms.”

Caelius gave orders so that the surviving Talliousans be taken prisoners. The governor was escorted by the lord’s own Chosen.

- Aphael: “We will take his family as hostages. This will ensure the governor’s cooperation.”
- Caellius: “Haven’t we promised to do no harm to his family?”
- Aphael with a sadistic smile: “Oh! But we won’t harm them. We will just imprison them in a nice apartment with a lot of guards to ensure they are safe.”
- Caelius smirking: “You are even more devious than me.”
- Aphael: “Lord Suren didn’t choose me as second in command for my beautiful eyes.”
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Fri Dec 18, 2015 8:17 pm


As the Marines lept into the horde and took the fight to the Xenos, Commissar Resnov was suddenly overcome by a wave of nausea. Be grabbed his forehead and stumbled backwards a few steps.

In his head... there was...
A girl...
Why was there a girl? Who was she? What was she...
No, wait... he recognised her...

Now there was new images. Images of... things. Lurid things, the sort he'd never think about normally except...


what... what was that- who was...

Let. Me. Out-

"Commissar?" Two Guardsmen had stopped shooting to stop him stumbling backwards off the platform. "Sir are you allright?" You where-"
"I'm fine, get back to shooting!" he lied.
The Guardsmen nodded. "Yes sir." and went back to shooting at the Tyranids.


Caroline had invited the Major onboard the Valkyrie that she was on. Nadia had hesitantly agreed and now they where on their way. 15 minutes of awkward silence had past. These power armored women where mysterious, but she could still tell that there was some sort of animosity between them.
She finally spoke. "So... can I ask a question?"
Caroline removed her helmet again and smiled. She seemed relieved that she'd broken the silence. "Off course you can."
"Why..." She pointed at heir armor. "Are you lot like... marines or something?"
Caroline smirked. "No. We're not Marines. We're Adepta Sororitas."
Nadia nodded. "I... I have heard of Sisters of Battle I think. From the Ecclisiarchy?"
"Yes. But we also serve..." her smile dissapeared and instead turned into a frown. "...Saint Ashton and the Kestral Sector."

"We serve the Emperor!" Another sister snapped.
Nadia felt the atmosphere change dramatically. From the way they shuffled and looked at each other, she could tell that they didn't seem to hold the Commander here in high regard.
Caroline slowly turned her head towards the sister. "Would you like to repeat that?"
The sister said nothing. Nadia felt extremely uncomfortable, and in only her carapace armor she also felt extremely uncomfortable.

Caroline looked back to Nadia. "We should discuss the operation so that you may pass it onto your forces. We'll need to be going into combat immediatly upon deployment."
"Right. Yes Canoness."
Caroline smiled again. "Our target is currently in a city called 'Thairan' on the other side of the planet."
"And we're taking the transports there?"
"No, we're taking them to a nearby city called 'New Haven'. Once there, we'll be stealing a high-speed train and taking it straight to Thairan."
Nadia nodded. "Right. But won't they just stop the train after we've taken it?"
Caroline shook her head. "They won't know. We have... men on the inside. In addition they'll have more important issues to deal with."
Nadia nodded and smiled. "Yes Cannoness. We have men on the inside?"
Caroline looked at the other sisters to dare them to interupt her. They looked away. she looked back at Nadia. "When you serve the Emperor truly, your victory is guaranteed. They've seen sense and helped us to end this conflict."

Nadia swallowed nervously. "The... Emperor..."
Caroline cocked her head. "Yes." She handed Nadia a map. "We've planned out our route of attack and there's information on what we need you to do. You'll want to pass this information onto your company."
Nadia nodded. "Yes Cannoness." She turned on her Vox-comms system. "On it."

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Kovlovsky » Fri Dec 18, 2015 10:18 pm

I'm sorry to have taken so much time to write the next part of your event only for posting such a short text. When Hedo told me that I had to write something about it, I had zero inspiration. I haven't read something about Tyranids since the 3rd edition. It's the only thing I was able to come with. Sorry guys.

On Gehenna:

- Hybrid: “Brothers…”

The hybrid have had enough with his brothers who wouldn’t let themselves been loved by him. He had been forced in this fight by their aggressive reaction and now he had to defend himself, but he had no taste for killing his valiant brothers. But this yummy yummy human however… he would be delicious.

He barreled into Reavus who was brutally pushed aside and even with his terminator armor to keep him stable, it wasn’t enough. The hybrid charged the human called Richard. Using his momentum, he used his claws like a spear in the hope that the soldier wouldn’t be fast enough to dodge the deadly attack.

On his side, the Hive Tyran hissed, challenging his adversaries into the last fight of their lives. He readied himself for a renewed string of attacks.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Sat Dec 19, 2015 6:57 am

Richards hesitated to respond. The abomination was almost at him. Only a half-second more and he'd be dead. Everything flashed before his eyes. His entire life up till now.

Someone shoved into him "Look out sir!"
It was Graham. He knocked Richards aside and onto the floor. Richards hadn't even noticed him get back up. He tried to say something but it was too late.

The abominations claws went straight through Grahams armor and out his back. Grahams top half jerked forward, his mouth opening wide and vomiting up blood. He let out a painful choking sound as the monster hissed and raised him off the ground.
It smiled and opened its mouth.

"Feth You!" Parker screamed and fired at its head repeatedly. The abomination hissed angrily as one lucky shot hit the roof of its mouth. It let Graham slide off its claws and readied to charge Parker.
But Reavus came sprinting back in. He caught it offguard and tackled it up against the wall.

Richards moved over to Graham. There was a lot of blood coming out of him. "Sh*t, can you hear me scion?" Graham tried to nod but hie eyes opened wide in pain when he did. "You're not dying here!!! No one else is dying here!" He pushed the intestines back into him as Parker came skidding over.
Richard and Parker looked at each other in the eye for a split second... But they had no time to argue.
Richard pointed at the plasma gun. "Quick!"

Parker grabbed it and span around. On the other side of the room Thorald was dodging the swipes of the Hive Tyrants blade with suprisingly agility given his armor. "HEY!!!" Parker yelled.
The Hive Tyrant turned its head in its dirction. Parker pulled the plasma guns trigger. The plasma round streaked through the air in a mesmerising blue light and hit the Tyrants right in the eyes.
It reeled backwards, not dead but temporarily blinded.

Parker then span back around to Graham and quickly pressed the steaming barrel of the weapon against the bleeding wound that Richard was holding closed. Graham screamed as it was cauterised shut.

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Hedonismbot » Sat Dec 19, 2015 7:13 pm

Acanthus, it's all up to you to finish it!
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Acanthus » Sat Dec 19, 2015 7:54 pm

The Eversor didn't even slow down. As Antoninus' corpse fell to the floor, the Assassin was already moving, combat drugs sending a fresh stream of psychotic fury through his veins. Dodging shots from the Thoudand Sons with terrifying ease, the rage-killer leaped, feet-first, into the midst of the Chaos Marines.


Oro's Keep was infested. There was no other way to describe it.

Ork banners waved from a hundred different points. Guns, crude and smoke-belching, but lethal nonetheless, stood at key points along trench lines and walls. Here and there, a collapsed wall marked the spot where the Orks had broken in during the first hours of the invasion, but, for the most part, the defenses were intact.

Scout Sergeant Nathanahel smiled. Through his binoculars and enhanced vision, he could pick out every detail of the Keep's defenses. And what he saw pleased him greatly.

The Orks had been overconfident. So sure were the brutal xenos of their imminent victory that they had left nothing but a token garrison, several thousand at the most, to hold Oro's Keep. The aliens were bored and listless, and it showed. Fights were commonplace, as were murders, thefts, and all manner of savage deeds. Evidently, the creatures did not know that the Space Marines had come to Fivos IV. That suited Nathanahel well enough.

He turned to one of his Scouts. "Contact Captain Daros on the vox. I wish to speak with him." Moments later, the Captain's voice came grating through the vox-speakers. "This is Daros."

Nathanahel smiled again. "Brother-captain, this is Nathanahel. We have completed our recconaissance mission, and it is as we expected. The Orks have not heard of our arrival from their surviving comrades. They are bored and discontented. In the last ten minutes, I witnessed no less than a dozen fights break out amongst the smaller ones. The defenses are largely for show. We could sweep them aside with ease."

Daros answered quickly. "Well done, Sergeant. Now pull your men back to safer territory. Await further instructions."

Nathanahel was taken aback. Had he done something wrong, that the honor of the attack would not be his? "Brother-captain, do you plan to strike?" The Captain laughed. "Not to worry, brother. You will have your glory. In a few hours, the blow will fall. We will strike with the dusk." And with that, the link was cut.


Thorald seized his chance. As the Hive Tyrant staggered backwards, he raised his assault cannon. It was nearly empty, but it would be enough. As the great alien opened its mouth to screech in pain and frustrated rage, he pulled the trigger.

Diamond-tipped, high-caliber rounds poured through the monster's mouth. It staggered back, screeching, then choking, as blood began to pour from holes torn throughout its head and neck. Finally, with a last, gurgling growl, it slumped, dead, to the floor. Thorald's last round had found the monster's brain.

Reavus wasn't having such luck. His chainfist, embedded in the stomach of the abomination, was stuck. To make matters worse, the creature had recovered from the surprise assault, and glared at the Terminator Sergeant with pure, unadulterated hatred. With his armored hand, he punched the creature in the face.

Its response was a strike that shattered the eagle on hit breastplate, cutting through to flesh beneath. Reavus went sailing through the air, trailing blood, before landing, still, on the floor five yards away.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Kovlovsky » Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:17 am

Tallious, on the road toward Amelia's McKinley HQ:

Colonel McKinley and Major Brusilov sat at the back of their all-terrain vehicle. The driver was driving in silence. In fact, nobody was talking. In the window on her right, Amelia was looking at the sunset. The sun was beautifully lighting the clouds in a colour gradient of orange tones and the sky was slowly turning to purple and violet. It would be very romantic if she hadn’t such a dreadful order to execute. Annihilating a city with a nuclear warhead was incredibly ruthless thing to do. As retaliation, it was only barely acceptable. As first strike, it was a war crime. Thousands of innocents would die uselessly: mothers, childs, fathers. The young and the elderly would be vaporised if lucky and horrifically burned and disfigured if not. The survivors would die a slow death. First, they would have nausea and diarrhea. Then they would gradually lose their hairs. Their skin would suffer necrosis and internal hemorrhages would multiply. Finally, even breathing would become a struggle of every second. And she would be the one to press the button…

Amelia had never thought that she would have this responsibility one day. After all, her career was only starting. Normally, becoming a colonel would take at least 25 years of service if you are remarked early on. It would take longer if you weren’t. For Amelia it happened overnight and she clearly wasn’t ready for it. Oh she was bright enough to do the job and she was proud to have done pretty well so far. That wasn’t the problem. She wasn’t psychologically ready for this. It was too much in one go. Too many responsibilities, too much stress, too many contacts with Brigadier Wolcott…

He hadn’t exactly be brutal with her… not directly at least. But there was a weird aura about him. It was some kind contained aggression. There was muted violence in this man. He was gloomy… creepy. She didn’t understand what the other women found in him. She heard quite a lot of chatter from them about how he was cute or even sexy. Even some of the Spireguard women she met the other time on the Wrathful had a crush on him. But the spell wasn’t working on Amelia. She feared him… Yeah, it was the good word: fear. She never knew if he would jump at her throat, throw her on the ground and desecrate her or simply yell at her like she was a piece of crap. And now, he ordered her to become a mass murderer just by obedience. She had nausea just at this thought. She looked at her hands and they were trembling. Her whole body was trembling uncontrollably.

Alexei couldn’t be blind to his lover plight. He delicately took her left hand into his. She turned around and made a not very convincing smile.

- Alexei: “It’s Wolcott’s order that put you into this state right? Do you want to talk about it?”
- Amelia: “No, I’m fine.”
- Alexei: “You are almost as pale as your superior.”
- Amelia: “I will survive, don’t worry.”
- Alexei: “I very much know that you are a survivor. It’s not I want for you. What I want is to make you happy.”
- Amelia: “You have made me happier than I have ever been in my life.”
- Alexei smiling: “Yes, but not right now. I’m here to help you. It’s my job. But I can’t succeed if you don’t help me in accomplishing it.”
- Amelia: *Sigh* “You are very kind my love, but I just don’t know what to say except that I feel dirty as hell.”
- Alexei: “Just tell me what you feel then.”
- Amelia: “I’m not made for doing brutal things like obliterating mothers and children just because it will damage the enemy. I’m not one of these heartless officers with a steal resolve who throw their men in the carnage like if they were ammunitions and who are celebrated as war heroes by the Imperium… I’m neither a Chenkov nor a Venner. It’s not me.”
- Alexei smiling gently: “And that’s why I’m here with you.”
- Amelia smiling against the better of her: “Stop making me smile, I want to be sad and angry.”
- Alexei: “It means I’m doing my job. It’s not the last time you are hearing of me!”
- Amelia: “No, but seriously, I still feel like crap. I will kill a large number of innocents and I can’t do anything about it. It fills me with so much rage. I shouldn’t have enlisted in the army.”
- Alexei: “If you hadn’t, we would never have met.”
- Amelia: *Sigh* “I guess it’s true. But it will still make me a murderer.”
- Alexei: “You aren’t responsible for the decisions of others. It’s Wolcott who is the murderer, not you.”
- Amelia: “Is that what you tell to yourself to help you sleep when Lord Suren sends you devastate someone else’s planet and killing its people?! We’re always responsible for what we do!”
- Alexei: “If you don’t want to be helped, so be it.”

He turned away and looked outside.

- Amelia: “Oh! I’m so sorry my love; I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
- Alexei: “Well, you did. You insinuated that I’m an assassin and it worked. Thank you.”
- Amelia: “That’s not what I meant. Please, pardon me Alex.”
- Alexei:
- Amelia crying: “I don’t want to lose you. I said this without thinking. I’m not myself tonight.”
- Alexei: *Sigh* “You won’t lose me. I just need some time to swallow it. We will talk later back to the HQ.”
- Amelia still crying: “Okay. If you prefer it that way.”
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Sun Dec 20, 2015 8:15 am

Fivos IV...

The fommunication towers had been mostly abandoned with exfeption to essential personal. The PDF had long since taken the assumption that no one was coming, however things where changing.

Corporal Monroe practically ran up to the Vox-speaker. "Yes! This is Fivos IV control tower 77-B. Come in Major Alexei do you read me?"
"Yes we read you 77-B." came the reply.
"Our main ports are gone, but we still have a large landing platform available for you to make your landing, you can get about 10 Valkyries on it at a time."
"We'll be there ASAP. Over and out."

Corporal Monroe turned towards private Donelly. "Private, I need you to go and inform Lieutenant Bennet of this. Tell him the 'Rousion Ninth and the Champions of Luna have arrived."
"Yes Corporal." The trooper nodded and ran out the room to deliver the news.



As Graham still screamed Parker heard the loud thump. He turned to see the Abomination towering over the limp body of the Terminator. Parker felt his blood run cold. No... he thought. The Terminator wasn't moving, it was still. Perfectly still.
On the other side of the room Thorald turned and stopped dead as he saw the body of his brother. He roared and raised his weapon, but as he pulled the trigger the chamber rang empty.
He might not be dead... Parker thought but he had little time to act on that. The Abomination looked up at them. Its face no longer seemed to have any form of intelligent thought but instead that of a rabid animal. It sprant for them.

The wall exploded in a shower of metal and alien screeches. The Genestealers burst through and hissed, having been signalled here by the death of the Hive Tyrant. The Abominations attention was suddenly taken away from the Scions and towards the hundreds of Gaunts that swarmed in.

Thanks to Grahams abilities, the warp sensitive creatures circled past the Scions, instead flocking towarss the beast.
"Move him! Now!" Rochard shouted. The Abomination tried to fight off the swarm as Richard and Parker picked up Graham and ran towards the door on the oppisitie end of the room.

Thorald was too gettin attacked by Tyranids, but as the Scions got near the crratures backed off, unable to get any closer. Thorald looked at them in confusion, but they ran past and towards the door.
Richard hit the panel and he door opened. He looked at the Terminator. "Come on!"
Thorald looked at them for a brief few seconds, then instead ran towards the fighting, towards Reavuses body.
"Fth!" Richards yelled. He looked at Parker. He gave him the same look back.

They needed to shut the door and abandon the Terminators. The longer they waited the closer Graham got to death, and if Graham died then they'd have no protection against the swarm.
Richards cursed. No. No more. No one else was dying needlesly on his watch. He pulled out his Hotshot-Laspistol and fired into the Tyranids, killing two that attempted to leap on Thoralds back.
Parker hesitantly did the same. "Hurry up!" he shouted.

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Kovlovsky » Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:11 pm

Tallious, at Colonel McKinley’s HQ:

Amelia suddenly stopped 10 meters from the door of her HQ. She wasn’t unable to enter it because she knew what was to be ordered and she was sure she wouldn’t have the right to be happy anymore after this. A mass murderer: that’s what she would become.

- Alexei: “I’m sorry for my attitude earlier. I felt stung by what you say in the car and reacted wrongly. I didn’t want to make you cry.”
- Amelia with a sad smile: “It’s okay my love, it’s okay.”
- Alexei: “Are you sure? I hurt you too.”
- Amelia caressing the side of Alexei’s head: “Yeah, but I said something that was mean to you. You aren’t an assassin despite what your command asks you to do. You are a good man.”
- Alexei: “You aren’t an assassin either Amy.”
- Amelia: “It’s gonna change tonight.”
- Alexei: “No, don’t say this. Whatever happens this evening, whatever you are forced to order, you aren’t an assassin either. Wolcott is.”
- Amelia: “It’s easy to say that from your perspective. You won’t be the one to press the button.”
- Alexei: “What is important isn’t who press the button. What is important is what is inside your heart. When I look into it, I see a kind hearted woman with a lot of love to give to others. I don’t see a black widow or a careerist ready to do anything to secure advancement. You are a very good person, one of the best I’ve ever met.”
- Amelia with a single tear running on her cheek: “I’m no longer sure Alex. I didn’t even protest the order.”
- Alexei: “You tried, but with the tone Wolcott had, he could have killed you on the spot had you persisted. I wouldn’t have done better.”
- Amelia: “You really think that?”
- Alexei: “At this point, there isn’t much to do. You can’t even resign. You would end in front of a firing squad.”
- Amelia: “At least, I would have the conscience clean.”
- Alexei struggling to not cry: “Maybe, but I would lose you and… I couldn’t survive to it.”
- Amelia: “You would survive to it. I’m certain you would.”
- Alexei: “I need you Amelia. I beg you, don’t do something stupid.”
- Amelia: “Okay, come here.”

They hugged for a long time.

- Lieutenant Nathan: “Sorry to disturb you Colonel, but you are waited inside. Wolcott just sent an angry vox call asking why it isn't launched yet. It was quite cryptic, so I don’t what he was talking about.”

The two stop hugging like if they were teenager lovers surprised by the girl’s father.

- Amelia: “Yes, I’m coming in. You’re coming too major?”
- Alexei: “Huh? Yes, madam.”

Nathan shook his head at the masquerade they were doing. It was so obvious they were in love. No need to hide it anymore. After walking for some time, they reached the ad hoc command center.

- Captain Mary: “What the hell was he talking about with “Why it isn’t launched yet?” He didn’t even care to tell what missile or bomb he was referring to!”
- Amelia: “Captain…”
- Mary turning around wide eyed: “Colonel?! Oh! I’m sorry… It’s just that… Well…”
- Amelia: “No worries Captain, I’m a little bit shaken myself.”
- Mary: “So what is it about ma’am?”
- Amelia with an almost dead voice: “He wants me to launch our surviving nuclear tipped Death Strike Missile on the city of New Haven.”
- Mary: “Oh!”

Nathan removed his cap, scratched his head and put it back. A fly could have been heard flying.

- Mary: “With all due respect ma’am, Wolcott has lost his mind. They don’t even have nuclear weapons!”
- Amelia shrugging: “That was his order.”
- Mary: “Oh dear… It’s not really your style.”
- Amelia: “I know… but he told the order in a tone that didn’t allow discussion.”
- Mary: “He shouted it to you?”
- Amelia: “Not really… He said it very calmly, but there was mute aggression into it.”
- Alexei: “I would say that he was only waiting some resistance to jump at her throat and slash it.”
- Amelia: “Yes… It was really creepy.”
- Nathan: “There aren’t many things to do then…”
- Amelia shrugging: “I will have to obey.”
- Amelia turning herself toward the captain and ordering with a dead voice: “Order the preparation for the firing of the Death Strike in less than 10 minutes.”
- Mary with hesitating voice: “Y-yes ma’am.”

Amelia had arched shoulders while waiting to give the order to fire.

- Mary: “They are requesting the authorisation code.”

Amelia gave her a piece of paper.

- Amelia: “You have everything here.”
- Mary: “Kestral’s 178th HQ to 5th Battalion, confirmation code 7-3-O-Z-3-6-1-B, over.”
- “5th Battalion to 178th HQ, code confirmed, we’re proceeding to the launch on the given coordinates, out.”

The missile was rising in the now violet sky. It would have looked good if they didn’t know what was in the warhead. Flying at Mach 6, it would soon be on its target.

Amelia was feeling sick. Her legs almost gave up under her and she had to grip the console in front of her for not falling. Alexei jump forward to help her standing up, but she rejected his help. She had her head dropped forward. She was breathing heavily and she placed a hand on her breast like if she felt a powerful surge of pain in her lungs. She started to cry.

- Alexei: “Are you okay colonel?”
- Amelia: “Let me alone! I need to be alone! Captain, you are replacing me!”
- Mary: “Oh… Yes ma’am.”

She went in adjacent room and shut the door close.

- Amelia muttering: “I’m an assassin now…“

Someone knocked at the door. He entered.

- Alexei: “Amy, I…”
- Amelia: “Alex, please. I need to be alone.”
- Alexei sad: “Okay, if prefer it this way. If you need me, I will be waiting outside.”
- Amelia: “Thank you.”

He closed the door.

- Amelia muttering: “I’ve killed mothers, fathers, children, innocents… How can I still have the right to be happy again?”

Tallious, just outside the city of New Haven…

It was dangerous to venture outside in times of war. Celia knew that very much. But life had to continue even in times of war, the garden wouldn’t maintain itself alone and besides, they were outside the void shield anyway.

- Tom: “Give me back my truck!”
- Jenny: “It’s my time to play with it!”
- Tom: “I still need it!”
- Celia: “Jenny! Wait that he is finished with it before taking the truck. You wouldn’t want that he tears your toys out of your hands, do you?”
- Jenny: “But mommy! He plays with it since one hour!”
- Celia: “We’ve been outside for 10 minutes. Stop dramatizing everything, love.”
- Jenny: “It’s not fair…”
- Celia: “Come, I will show you something.”
- Celia: “Look. Beautiful, isn’t it?”
- Jenny: “Yeah! This is a flower?”
- Celia: “Yes love. This will soon become a vegetable when beetles start to go for the pollen in it.”
- Jenny suspicious: “What kind of vegetable?”
- Celia: “Cucumbers.”
- Jenny: “But cucumbers aren’t vegetables.”
- Celia: “Why not?”
- Jenny throwing her two hands in the hair: “They taste good! Vegetables don’t taste good!”
- Celia: “Hahaha! In truth, cucumbers are fruits because they have the seeds in them. True vegetables don’t, like potatoes by example.”
- Jenny confused: “But potatoes taste good too! They can’t be vegetables!”
- Celia: “Being vegetable has nothing to do with taste.”
- Jenny: “Huuuh?”

Then suddenly: [url][/quote]

- Jenny: “What’s that mommy?!”
- Celia: “Tom! Come here!”
- Tom: “But I still want to…”

Celia jumped forward took Tom in her arms.

- Celia: “Hold my hand Jenny! We have to run together! Okay?!”
- Jenny: “But where?!”
- Celia: “Under the void shield! Quick!”

Panicked people in the streets were running away toward the center of the city. Some people who were too slow were pushed on the side or even crushed under the panicked mob boots. Celia put Tom on her shoulders and took Jenny in her hands to go faster, but she saw the missile coming over their heads at altitude and crash directly on the void shield. She felt despair for having failed to save her children. A blinding light was seen and soon after, they were vaporised by the heat and then the shockwave.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Acanthus » Sun Dec 20, 2015 3:06 pm

Thorald was dimly aware of the supporting fire of the Scions around him, but it made no difference. He had to reach his sergeant. He had to reach Reavus. The veteran leader was still prone, but his status rune in Thorald's helmet display showed the red of critically injured, not the amber of dead. Sus-an membrane coma. It had to be.

He smashed his chainfist into a leaping Termagaunt, shredding it and sending pieces flying, and smashed another aside with the sheer bulk of his armor. The abomination was, thankfully, distracting the majority of the swarm. That was a small blessing.

But it was not enough. So intent was Thorald on Reavus' fallen form that he almost didn't see the Genestealer coming for him from the side. The creature loosed and piercing screech, coiled its legs, and leaped...

Straight into a pair of hot-shot las bursts, one from Parker and one from Richards. The creature shrieked as its flesh and carapace burnt away, but Thorald paid it no heed. Gathering up his fallen sergeant with his right arm, he sprinted as fast as the load of two Terminator suits would allow him for the door.

By now, the Tyranids were dispersing around the abomination like water around a ship. Some still fought it, but most had electd to go for easier prey. The predatory xenos charged, screeching, for Thorald and Reavus. The Deathwatch Veteran took the head off the first of the Hormagaunts, and, hurling its body towards its fellows as a momentary obstacle, redoubled his pace for the last ten yards. Las bursts from the Scions punched Tyranids off their feet, and, just as Thorald and Reavus made the doorway, it slammed shut, a second before the Tyranids would have reached the exit. Frustrated hisses and clicks resonated from without, but Thorald paid them no heed. Ignoring the Scions, he laid out the prone form of his leader and knelt to examine the ghastly wounds.


A mob of Orks sat discontentedly outside the trenches of the 'umie fortress, idly tossing unfortunate gretchen to the pits of squigs to pass the time. Ever since coming to this Gork-cursed world, the fighting had become less and less common. Biggrag, the Nob in charge of Oro's Kep, said that it was because there weren't many 'umie's left to kill. That didn't stop the boyz from venting their frustrations on anything and everything that came by, however.

Nasrog and Urgok, for their part, were trying to make the most of the situation. A pair of Deffskull boyz, they had taken to looting and selling the 'umie flash and dakka they found in the fortress. So far, they'd gotten quite a pile of teef out of it. But, with night faling fast, the two had decided to hunker down and wait till morning. It wasn't that they were afraid of the night. Not at all! It was just that Orks didn't see very well in the dark. And any git that disagreed would soon wish he hadn't.

So it was that Nasrog and Urgok found themselves on the fringes of their mob as the sun began to set below the ridge ahead. As he prepared to unload and count the teeth they had made that day, however, Nasrog thought he saw something in front of the setting sun. Was it some kind of light trick? "Oi, Urgok. You'z seein' dat?"

Urgok squinted into the light, his blue-painted face scrunching up. After a moment, he shrugged. "Mus' be da loight, Nasrog, ya git." Nasrog became instantly furious. "Oi! Oo's you calin' a git, ya snot?" Now it was serious. Urgok drew his choppa just as Nasrog drew his shoota. The heavy-bladed axe smashed through Ork skull just as high caliber rounds burned through green flesh. As the two boyz fell to the ground, Nasrog dead and Urgok dying, the sounds of blazing bolters roared to life.


Arren and his squad of Vanguard Veterans soared forwards on wings of fire, ancient weapons humming with incandescent power. A flock of Harpies tried to intercept them, but to no avail. Bolt and plasma shots saw them tumbling from the sky, while lightning claws, power fists, and ancient blades made short work of the rest. These were the Dawn Wardens, elite of the First Company, each a veteran of a thousand battlefields and a slayer of a hundred thousand foes. They would not be slowed in their attack.

The First Captain noted, with approval, the actions of his brothers and the Guardsmen on the ground. The humans fought courageously, keeping the swarms of aliens off both their own heavy weapons and his Devastator warriors. Their discipline was admirable, their skill commendable. But his concern was with his own warriors. Below him they fought, Sternguard Veterans alongside Tactical Marines of the Sixth. An assault squad from the Eighth performed their part in the macabre dance of war, while Dreadnoughts of the First and Sixth and Devastators from the Ninth poured fire onto the Hierophant and other larger organisms. But all was not perfect. A squad of Guardsmen was overrun, torn apart by Termagaunts, while a warrior brood carved apart two Tactical Marines and forced the rest to use krak grenades to destroy them. Gritting his teeth, he drew his massive, Terran-crafted broadsword. Along its silvered length, there was not a single blemish, imperfection, or ornamentation. It did not hide what it was. A killing tool, in the hands of a master warrior. Behind his helmet, he growled. The Hierophant. That was the key.


They came in swarms, and they died in swarms. Acanthus Valorum had pulled all surviving Imperials back to the Governor's Palace, the only official building that had escaped destruction in the daemonic assault. Its void-shields and massive walls still stood strong, its weapons fired shot after shot. But the aliens were numberless. Thrice they came, and thrice they were repulsed. After the third strike, there was along reprieve. And it was during this break in the battle, this eye of the storm, that Valorum made his decision. Gathering his senior commanders, he told them of their one chance.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Sun Dec 20, 2015 6:36 pm

New Haven...

Captain Mathews was looking over the conscripts as they marched down the street and towards the military base. Families and civilians had gathered on the pathways and were waving goodbye. The conscripts wore simple flak armor, probably not strong enough to protect them from Lasguns but enough to protrect them from shrapnel. It mattered not though, there was over 340,000 of them in this city alone, far outnumbering the amount of PDF troops several times over.
On the massive display screens around the city a broadcast was being played from the planets news network. They were discussing what the protocols of the drafting was and how the war would be likley to develop.

That was when the alarm went off.

The Newsreporters seemed to stop talking as they recieved new information. In the streets the civilians started to panic and the conscripts looked at the PDF troops with worried expresions. One PDF looked towards tbe Captain. "Sir? Is that-"
Mathews nodded. "It... wh..."
The Void shield made the sky look a mixture of blue and purple, but they could see it alright. The dot approaching from the distance at incredible speed. The missile.
"No..." Mathews swallowed as the nuclear missile detonated.


An hour later... order had returned.
Outside the void shield the mushroom cloud had finally dissipated and the destruction was clear. Nothing outside the North of the void shield had survived, while everything to the East and West had been flooded with radiation and set on fire. Everything underneath the Void Shield was safe however.


In the Void shield control centre all the tech-priests cheered. The Chief-Bishop smiled and patted his second in command on the back. "How is the shield doing?"
"Holding at 99.98% power Bishop. We are more than safe!"
"Excellent! Casualties?"
"Minimal. No more than a few thousand outside the shield."
"Tut... still, we saved 3 million lives today." He patted the man again. "We survived!"

As the men cheered, the door opened and a squad of PDF soldiers entered. The Bishop turned and grinned. "General Zaurus, what a surprise. The Void Shield is holding and can take 1,000 more nuclear attacks like that!"
General Zaurus had a straight face. "Good to know." he replied robotically, pulled out his pistol and shot the Bishop in the head.

The Bishops body fell limp to the floor and every turned to see. The Squad of PDF troops copied in a relaxed manner. They raised their weapons and opened fire on the defencless priests.


In the streets Captain Mathews was busy reorganising the conscripts into formation. There were PDF soldiers and police running about and even the civilians from before had returned. "Why has everyone come back Captain?" An officer asked.
"Because we can. We surviced. The shields held! Those inbred cowards tried to kill us all and failed!"
A large number of soldiers cheered and whooped, and soon they were followed by the conscripts. The civilian seven joined in.

Then the displays screens turned back on, only this time it wasn't the news. The man was one everyone on Serpia had learned to recognise over the last 24 hours."Is that Wolcott?"
"Yeah." Mathews nodded. "That's him."
The crowd began to jeer and boo, as well as chant "NO MORE INBREDS!!! NO MORE INBREDS!!!" It picked up and carried around the entire city of New Haven.

Wolcott had a straight face on the recording. There was something inhuman about him, an aura that was almost... xenos.
"I offer you and your children mercy. Protection from war and death... And this is how you F*CKING REPAY ME!!!???!!!"

As he said that the cheering grew even louder.

Wolcott continued. "This message goes out to all of Tallious." This was true. The message was played to every city across the planet except the one he currently commanded. "As the people of New Haven can attest, a nuclear device just detonated against your void shield."


In the Void shield command centre General Zaurus and his men finished off the last of the Tech-Priests in the generator room. Zaurus then approached the core generator and opened a panelon it. Radioactive energy poured out but the General didn't care. He activated the Demolition charge and chucked it inside.


"Your Void shield protected you." Wolcott sneered.


As General Zaurus and his squad marched out of the Command Centre doors a large number of Tauroxes and Chimeras pulled into the compound. PDF troops exited and ran towards the centre. An officer approached the Generaland saluted. "General there was an alarm."
"Yes. Intruders. Go and stop them." The General said. The officer nodded and he and his men ran towards the Centre.

The General climbed inside a Taurox and approached the driver as his squad gotin the back. "Where to si-" The driver started.
The General quickly stuck his thumb into the pilots neck and ripped his entire throat out.

As the Taurox drived away the Void Shield Command Centre exploded in a huge fireball.


Wolcott practically glared at the screen. "It won't be there next time."
As he said those words mathews heared a distant explosion. This was swiftly followed only seconds later by the Void Shield deactivating.

Everyone pannicked. Nobody knew what to do. Captain Mathews felt his kneesgo weak. The shield, the thing that had just protected them... it was gone. This man on the screen... he'd just took away the one thing that kept them safe from complete annihilation.

It wasn't just New Haven either. All across the planet the Serpians had seen the nuke on the news, and now they where watching their shields godown as well.
Every Void Sheild across the planet exploded. Except for Wolcotts city.

Wolcotts expression"on the screens hadn't changed, but his voice was now calm and smooth. "People of Talious. This is now up to you. I know that you've been drafted. Your government has armed you.
"In 24 hours, any city that has not surrended to me will be wiped from the planets surface. Your PDF refuses, so you'll need to take this into your own hands. Your PDF wouod allow you, your loved ones and everyone elses loved one to die just to spite me. There will be no more chances. No more mercy. Take back your cities by force."
The screens shut off.

There was silence all across the city. At first Mathews figured that everyone was in shock...but it became clear that it was something else entirely.
The conscripts slowly looked at each other, then towards the PDF troops.
Mathews suddenly realised what they where thinking. "Now... hold on. I know what you're feeling, but before anyone does anything stup-"

His words were cut short as an autogun round passed through his neck. He fell the floor dying and the rioting and shooting kicked off.


Richard looked at Grahams wound. It was a mess, skin that had been roughly seared shut. He knew that there was no way he'd shoved his intestines back in.
Parker put his hand on Grahams cheek. "Kid,you all right?"
Grahams eyes were red. He'd probably be crying if he still had tear ducts. "I can still wal-aaaAAAARRGGHHKKKK!!!!"
"Sh,sh,sh, rest for now, you'll be-"
"NO! I can't I-" Graham tried to get up, but stopped and screamed falling back down.
"Stop!" Richard said. "That's an order!"
Graham looked at him. There was a look in his eyes that he'd never seen before, especially not from Graham. "No."

Scions don't question orders from their officers. Right now, the officers weren't questioning his Scions refusal. Together, they helped him stumbked back onto his feet. Richard let go but Parker kept his arm around his shoulder. Graham was moaning and panting, his face red, but determined.

Richards turned to Thorald and approached carfully. He looked at Reavus. "...Is he...?"

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Kovlovsky » Sun Dec 20, 2015 10:34 pm

They were encircled for a while and help had been promised, but Captain Brusilov knew they would have to come fast or they would be wiped out. The last intelligence report revealed that the Wolves were coming to finish his force. The numbers weren’t precise, but it was not good. He was looking at the holographic map trying to foresee where the enemy would attack while the rest of his small HQ was occupied to other tasks. Suddenly, a huge armored figure with an enormous power axe burst under the camouflage net where the command post was hidden with a roaring chainsword.

- Spireguard officer: “SPACE WOL…!”

He was cut down before finishing his sentence. Lieutenant Meretskov courageously drew his power sword to try to stop the Space Marine. Captain Brusilov was still paralysed by the surprise when his friend was cut in half in a shower of blood that splattered on him. That’s exactly when Alexei Brusilov waked up, swimming in sweat and the heart pounding.

- Alexei holding his head in his hands: “Again this *blip* dream… When will I be liberated from this…?”

Alexei looked at his watch and it was still 2 hours of the morning. He knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep. He had these nightmares since he escaped the encirclement two years ago. He never talked about them to anyone since then. He was too ashamed of himself. He had been trained to face this. He should be able to brush it aside and go forward. But it always came back. His friend was dead and he saw it happening before his eyes. He didn’t even do anything to stop it until it was too late. He still felt culpable. He should have been swifter and help his friend. He didn’t. He felt like a coward.

When his superior proposed him for a decoration, he very nearly refused it because he thought himself undeserving. But he accepted it anyway. You don’t refuse a Hero of the Mutualist Union decoration.

Until today, he thought that he didn’t need help. A soldier must be able to face his problems alone. He started to understand that it wouldn’t work. He needed to speak of this to someone, but who? “No, I can’t speak about this to her. She mustn’t know about my weakness… And she is still troubled by the nuking of the city” he thought. “No, you are being silly. If someone in this wretched world can understand you, it’s her. Besides, since we will probably both die soon, I have to be frank with her. I need to tell her. And after all, it’s my duty to comfort her about the nuclear attack.”

So he put his pants and his shirt and went toward Amelia’s quarters. Without doing noise, he went to her room. She was sleeping on her camp bed.
- Alexei whispering: “Amelia? It’s me.”
- Amelia: *No answer*

Brusilov quietly walked on tiptoe to not brusquely wake her up. When he was just beside her bed, he slowly leaned toward her to whisper her name.

- Alexei: “Amelia?”

She radically turned around pointing her laspistol directly on his head. Brusilov froze in terror at the powering up of the weapon.

- Amelia: “You?! Don’t you know that you should NEVER sneak around a soldier at night?! And what the hell are you doing here?! If you were expecting to fu** me, you can forget it! I won’t lose my career for it! As you should have figured out already, I’M NOT IN THE MOOD FOR IT ANYWAY!!!”
- Alexei shaken: “I know, that was silly on my part, but you are wrong on something.” Now he sounded offended: “I’m not here to fu** you! I can’t believe that you still think I’m with you just for that! I just wanted to talk about something important!”
- Amelia letting out a long sigh: “I’m sorry Alex… I shouldn’t treat you like if you were like all other men I dated. I was angry, but… I shouldn’t have said that. You aren’t built this way.” She sat on her bed and pat on the space left on it on her left. “Come here and I will listen.”
- Alexei smiling: “It’s okay, I forgive you. Thank you to give me a little of your time tonight.”
- Amelia: “What is troubling you?”
- Alexei: “There are a couple of things I want to discuss. First, it’s about what happened this evening.”
- Amelia: *Sigh* “Honestly, at this point, I’m trying to forget it all together.”
- Alexei: “I just want to say that you shouldn’t lose hope about yourself. You are a wonderful woman and Wolcott can’t change that. You mustn’t be too hard on yourself. He forced your hand, but it wasn’t you who pushed the button. He used you to do it in his place because he’s a coward. But you aren’t an assassin. You are the best person I ever met.”
- Amelia smiling softly: “Thank you. You make me feel better. Did I ever said that?”
- Alexei: “I think, but now I have the confirmation.”

Amelia huddled against him.

- Alexei: “I have something else to tell you. It’s about me.”
- Amelia: “I’m all hears love.”
- Brusilov hesitating and visibly troubled: *Long sigh* “I… It’s very difficult to me to talk about this… It’s been two years now and I’ve never opened myself to anybody about this issue. I feel shameful.”

Amelia passed her arm around his back and softly caressed it.

- Amelia:
“Don’t worry, I won’t judge you.”
- Brusilov: “Yes, I know and you are very sweet to say that… Well, you remember the medal you saw during our first date and how I got it?”
- Amelia smiling: “Yeah, you were cute while telling me. You were so prideful, like a little boy showing his good grades to his sweetheart.”
- Brusilov: “Yeah, but there was some posturing in this too. I’m not that much happy with what I did that day…”
- Amelia: “What happened?”
- Brusilov: “My men were dying Amy… There were so many wounded with horrific open wounds… and I felt responsible for all of them.”
- Amelia passing her hand in his hairs: “I know. I’ve got the same feeling for my boys and gals. They are like my children and when I lose one, I’m in mourning.”
- Brusilov: “Yes, but that wasn’t the worst part… At some point, my headquarter was directly attacked… by Space Wo… Marines… and I saw my childhood friend being cut in two by one of them with his chainsword. I was splattered by his blood and I didn’t move before it was too late. I felt like if I killed him myself. I’m dreaming almost each night of the day he died. I see him cut in two again, again and again…”
- Amelia hugging him: “I’m sorry for you my love. You should have spoken about it earlier. There are people who might have helped…”
- Brusilov: “I would just be a coward for them. One that is unable to deal with his own problems like a man.”
- Amelia: “No! Don’t say that! You’ve been traumatised by that. You lost your dearest friend that day. If you weren’t emotionally scarred by that, this would have been concerning.”
- Brusilov: “Why?”
- Amelia throwing her arms in the air: “Because you would have been a psycho! Only a psycho sees the people he loves dying without reaction!”
- Brusilov: “You really think that?”
- Amelia finding the question absurd: “Yeah!”
- Brusilov with a timid smile: “Thank you. I still feel soft however. You mustn’t be very much impressed by me now.”
- Amelia: *Sigh* “Men are so silly… Listen to me carefully. We girls, or at least the smart ones, don’t want to date a superhero or some kind of fake personality. You don’t need to impress me. What I want in my life is a man who is sensitive, who has a brain and who needs me. I don’t want to date someone who plays a character in a theatrical play. I just want to be you with all your qualities and all your flaws. Understood Major?”
- Brusilov relieved: “Yes madam.”

There was a short pause in the conversation. Brusilov leaned his head on her shoulder and she leaned her against his.

- Brusilov: “I’ve got something else that is heavy on my mind and that I need to tell to you. It’s burning right through me.”
- Amelia: “Sure my love, I’m listening.”
- Brusilov shivering slightly: “You might reject me for it however.”
- Amelia suddenly straightening up and the fists tightly closed: “You cheated me?!”
- Brusilov: “What?! No! Never! You don’t trust me about this?!”
- Amelia ashamed by her overreaction: “No, it’s not that… I just fear to lose you and I’m a little bit jealous. I had my shares of disappointments with men in the past and it made me a bit more jealous than I should be. I’m sorry.”
- Brusilov: “It’s okay, but don’t worry. You won’t lose me.”
- Amelia: “Thanks for reassuring me… What is it then?”
- Brusilov: “It’s about politics.”
- Amelia: “Like if I cared…”
- Brusilov: “Wait, it’s bigger than you think. But you must promise me to tell NO ONE else. It will be considered high treason and I will be shot for it if someone learns that I told you.”
- Amelia: “I promise.”
- Brusilov: “Okay… Listen… The Spireguards… they…”

There was a short pause.

- Amelia: “Yes?”
- Brusilov: “We aren’t fighting for the Imperium or the Emperor and neither the Sons of Osiris do.”

There was an awkward silence. It was probably less than a minute long, but it felt like 1 hour long.

- Amelia: “I know…”
- Brusilov turning around in surprise: “You do?”
- Amelia: “Yeah…”
- Brusilov: “How is it even possible?”
- Amelia: “I’m not blind. Nobody amongst you salute with the Aquila sign. Nobody has shrines to the Emperor and nobody talks about him. By their own admission, the Sons of Osiris claim to have been casted out by the Imperium. Most of their marines are behaving like lifeless automatons and I didn’t buy the story about their vows of silence. I could make a long list of what was suspect.”
- Brusilov: “It’s not even their true name. They are called the Thousand Sons.”
- Amelia: “Who are they?”
- Brusilov: “I don’t really know. I only know that they want to topple the Imperium and are doing this for a long time. They say that it’s to replace it by something better, progressive, but I doubt it.”
- Amelia in a fatalistic voice: “I see. So they are traitor then.”
- Brusilov: “And that’s all it does to you?”
- Amelia: “Yeah. Part of it is because I know that you are a good man in your heart and that your comrades aren’t really worse than us. But the other reason is that neither do I fight for the Emperor…”
- Brusilov astonished: “You don’t?!”
- Amelia: “At least, I realised that I don’t do it anymore.”
- Brusilov: “Why? Is it because of the nuke debacle?”
- Amelia: “Not at all, it started earlier. Before being taken inboard your fleet. I was fighting on Lucius, my first participation to a true military campaign.”
- Brusilov: “The forgeworld? Wasn’t it in the hands of the Imperium?”
- Amelia: “I now realise it was. Toward the end of the battle – I don’t know why and how – the whole world was teleported to a dark alien place. I know it sounds crazy and you will probably not believe me, but it was. The place looked like a huge city with strange architecture and dark spires that looked like stalagmites. They called it Commoragh and it was ruled by strange Eldars. There was a woman with purple died hairs with a black tight catsuit like armor… The kind that would make any man dream.”

Brusilov repressed a chuckle. It wasn’t the right time.

- Brusilov: “I’ve seen so many things that don’t make sense that I’m not even surprised. I believe you.”
- Amelia smiled in answer to his comprehension: “While we were all looking, she talked to Wolcott like if he was her pet or something. She had a human woman on a leash that was treated and behaved like a whipped dog. And the Eldar woman scolded the Brigadier. Then she ordered him to execute all his command one by one… And he did... I still see their heads being split open by his laspistol, the brain matter being splashed around. I will never forget this day because I realised that I was no longer serving the Imperium… I was on the side of the foulest Xenos you could possibly imagine…”
- Brusilov with a sad smile: “It must have been terrible.”
- Amelia: “I would be a hypocrite if I discarded you like a used sock for not being on the side of the Emperor.”
- Brusilov: “Do you have nightmares about this day?”
- Amelia: “Yeah… That’s part of why I understand how you feel about your own.”
- Brusilov taking her hands in his: “Then we will support each other.”
- Amelia smiling: “Yeah.”

She leaned her head on his shoulder and he leaned his own on her head.
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