Jovian Wars Kickstarter Update: Final 12 Hours!

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Jovian Wars Kickstarter Update: Final 12 Hours!

Post by rdubois » Sat Mar 18, 2017 7:37 am

All the Stretch Goals (11 to 15) for the new CEGA and Jovian resin spaceships have now been unlocked and the ships are available as Add-Ons for an extra pledge. With that the Jovian Wars Kickstarter is an amazing success, thank you to all our Backers for making it happen.

We have already started 3D printing of the parts for the first 8 ships and should have all the parts printed by the end of March. During April we plan to get all the silicon molds made and be ready to start casting resin at the start of May. The first Backer Reward Packages should start shipping in Mid-May and we continue casting, packing and shipping until they are out to our backers.

But before we end this Kickstarter we have one last set of Wishlist Stretch Goals to reveal. We would like to get all the older existing CEGA and Jovian Spaceship miniatures remastered at the new slightly larger scale, and for that we need your help. Below is a image with the original Spaceship artwork for final 8 Stretch Goals of the Kickstarter, in small $500 goals, to get the Godsfire, Hachiman, Athena, Tengu, Thunderbolt, Uller, Javelin, and Bricriu remastered. No work has been done yet on 3D Models for these ships, so we don’t know their final size and prices yet. Once the Stretch Goals are unlocked the 3D Models will be made and we’ll add them in the Pledge Manager as Add-Ons for an extra pledge $TBA after the Kickstarter has ended.

Now with 12 hours left we have just over $21,500 Pledges and 5 stretch goals remaining, if you want to support Jovian Wars, click the link below and help us unlock these final wishlist Stretch Goals. ... miniatures

Thank You All, from he Dream Pod 9 Staff!


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