supression simple mechanics

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supression simple mechanics

Post by Packetboy » Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:32 am

So, I'm totaly new to this, but I really like the whole concept of this game. I have been watching some mechanics video. I don't know if it was old stuff or not.

Here is the concept: When a unit activate and try to supress a other one for each 2 guy in the squad they get a bonus of +1. (5 guys = +2 bonus) Than you look a the cover value. Ex: 6 (heavy cover) So roll a d6 and add your bonus (+2) to hit and if you equal and/or go over the value of the cover you suppress the unit as you overhelmed the cover with bullet/laser, effectively supressing the unit shot at. So Single model would have a hard time suppressing unit but larger one wouldn't. (They could be some special sniper rule but...)

What do you think of this basic cover mechanic. It might imply that most cover would be heavier. 6 being standard.
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