A Design Game

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A Design Game

Post by Kris Knives » Mon Feb 06, 2012 5:23 pm

Just like doing acting workshop just doing game design is a great way to become a better game designer.

So while we're waiting for Matt to fully re-engage and make some choices here lets try a few design games to keep sharp, starting with the most basic:

"Adapt a X"

That is right take something which already exists and make a DP counter part.


1. All designs should attempt to be balanced and fun to play both as and against.

2. All designs should be translated into the DP setting and be at least loosely in line with a faction. IE: A dark Jedi might become a X'lanthos Assault Reaver or the like.

3. You may comment on a design but only once. We want to keep the thread moving and not get too wrapped up in any one design nor do we want to heavily discuss any design good or bad. The goal is to get people engaged and get them thinking not produce a serious set of test units. Learning mistakes and even flat out bad ideas go with that territory and shouldn't be harped on.

4. We'll assume for the purposes of this game the following stats will be used:

By Squad Unit
Ranged Combat Skills
Close Combat Skill
Dark Matter Skill
Hit Points

By Weapon
Rate of Fire

Point Cost
Squad Size


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