Comparing Squads’ Combat Strength

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Comparing Squads’ Combat Strength

Post by Wiouds » Fri Dec 23, 2011 12:50 pm

When looking at squads there are four values that you need to compare: odd to get one possible hits, number to get higher to pierce the armor, max hits, and odds to get max,. The odds to get one or more on the 2d6 roll. Then, the value the player needs to roll higher than to get a hit. Next, the max hits is just the number of hits that the squad can make in a single combat. Then, there odds to get that max number rolled on the 2d6 roll.

Chart 1: the odds to get a one or more during the 2d6 roll.

The number to get higher is just the target armor – Gun strength. The lower the better.

To compare to squads’ combat strength just pick the a current defense and armor

The max is just the Squad Size * Rate of fire

Chart 2: The odds to get max value just compare shooting skill to the current defense to get the odds of getting max

Lets compare these two Squads with the current defense of 10 and armor of 5:
Squad A
Squad Size 3
Shooting Skill 3
Rate of fire 1
Gun Strength: 2
Life 1

Squad B
Squad Size 1
Shooting skill: 5
Rate of fire: 3
Gun Strength: 2
Life 3

Squad A current offense is 6
Squad B current offense is 6
Both have the odds to get one or more is about 83%

Squad A to beat armor is 5 – 2 = 3
Squad B to beat armor is 5 – 2 = 3
Both have the same value here

Squad A max hits is 3
Squad B max hits is 3

Squad A odds to get max is 58%
Squad B odds to get max is 83%
Squad B is better at getting the max hits.

Since Squad B is only one member then the two odds are the same.


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