Squad splitting

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Squad splitting

Post by Wiouds » Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:37 pm

During my play test, I used the rule about splitting the squad into sub squads for a short time. For my play test this only happen during combat.

Let say an attack squad can not have the entire squad be apart of the attack. This made two sub squads: those that can attack, and those that can not. The sub squad that can attack will and the sub squad size is use for the combat.

Lets say the a 6 man squad (Squad 1) want to attack an enemy Solo but only 4 has a line of fire on the enemy. This mean that Squad A is split into two sub squad: the 4 that can attack (Squad 1A) and those that can not (Squad 1B). Only Squad 1A can attack. Because Squad 1A squad size is 4, the squad size for the attack is 4. Also Squad 1B can not attack a different squad.

Squad splitting can also happen for the defensive Squad member. If a defensive Squad has some members in cover and other out of cover then the Squad will be split base off of that. Next the attacking squad can split itself in anyway to deal with the enemies. Each combat between the sub squads is it own battle so they need to use their own role. Any extra hits can not be set to the over sub squad.

For example, what if Squad 1 attacks a 6 man squad (Squad 2)? The problem is that Squad 2 has: 2 members in heavy cover, 2 members in light cover and 2 member out in the open. Over 50% are in cover but different type of cover. To handle this Squad 2 is broken up into sub squad: those in heavy cover (Squad 2A), those in light cover (Squad 2B), and those out in the open (Squad 2C). Now, Squad 1 can break up into a number of sub squad to attack Squad 2’s sub squads. Squad 1 can have a third of the squad attack each sub squad. Squad 1 can have 1 attack Squad 2C, and the rest attack Squad 2B. Squad 1 may choose to have all attack Squad 2A. For this case like say Squad 1 split into two sub squad: A 4 member sub squad (Squad 1A) will attack Squad 2B, and a 2 member squad (Squad 1B) will attack Squad 2C. even if Squad 1B get four hits on the 2 man Squad 2C none of the extra hits will transfer over to Squad 2A or Squad 2B.

I found Squad split to work well. Once you understand how it works it easy to work with. It handles so many questions that come up during combat.


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