terms used on this form

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terms used on this form

Post by Wiouds » Tue Dec 13, 2011 8:39 pm

This is a list of terms that I have found while going though this form and what I use. This list is not official. Feel free to add terms.

Here are the more common terms

DP: short for dark potential

Squad: this is the basic combat force in DP. A squad can only be made up of the same type of squad member.

Solo: this is a squad that is made up of a single squad member

Turn: a turn is made of up the two player alternating moving one squad at a time.

Phase: the part of a turn when one squad is being moved.

Active squad: this is the squad that the player currently working with

activated squad: this a squad that a player has moved early in turn

not activated squad
: this is a squad that a player has not for the given turn

Command points
: these are points that the player can use to take special action.

Squad size: this could be the starting limit for a squad size or in game size of a squad.

Movement: this distant that a unit can move on flat open terrain

Shooting Skill: how well the squad can shoot

Defense: this is how well a squad’s can keep from getting shoot.

Armor: this is how well the squad’s armor can withstand attack

Hit Points: this number of hits a squad member can take before being removed from play

Gun Strength: how strong the weapon is against armor

Gun Range: how far the weapon can be shoot affectively

Rate of Fire: this is mow many time one weapons can release and attack

Cover: is any objects that help protect a squad near by

Light cover: is the weaker cover. Currently is a +3 to defense of a squad

Heavy cover
: is the strong more solid cover. Current is a +6 to the dense of a squad

Overwatch: is a action that a squad can take to get ready to attack enemy forces with in is range.

Suppressing Fire: this is a special attack that is reducing the effectiveness of a squad for taking action by preventing it from moving its next phase or forcing the player to use command points.

Suppressed: this is when a squad failed a suppressing fire role. A player must skip activation or the player must pay a command point to take the action.

: this is where a squad is able to hid itself from the enemies.

Stealth tokens
: these are the location that a squad that is using stealth can be.

Other terms on this but they may come from ideals for the game

Wounds: Wounds happen in a squad member is able to fight but is hurt so they can not fight at their best. Wounds in a squad have negative affects on the squad.

terrain zone: there are areas that has special affect with them. This could be a area that reduce movement speed or a forest like area.

Crossfire: this is where two squad fire at the same times to reduce attack.

Joint fire: this is where to squads attack as a single squad.

Terms that I used

unit: this is the basic measuring unit used in the game.

For the 2d6 roll
Current offense: this is all positive modifiers for the 2d6 roll. This includes squad’s shooting skill, and squad’s current size.

Current defense: this is all negative modifiers for the 2d6 roll. This includes squad’s defense and cover.

fighter: this is a basic squad member in a squad without armor, abilities, or weapons.

Squad member
: is a fighter with selected weapon, armor and abilities.

Movement points: this is a token value that stands for being able to move one measured unit across flat open terrain. This means that it takes one mp to move one measured unit. If terrain takes twice as much to move it takes 2mp to move one measured unit.

To squad
: this is an attack to all single one foot squad
To area: this is an attack that has an wide area and can hit a number of squads
To vehicle: this is an attack to a vehicle
To air: this is an attack on a air born unit/squad

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Re: terms used on this form

Post by Kris Knives » Tue Dec 13, 2011 9:18 pm

Excellent list! This is extreamly helpful. Thank you for putting this together.


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