Playtest turn mechanics, am I doing this wrong?

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Playtest turn mechanics, am I doing this wrong?

Post by griffinthemad » Thu Sep 08, 2011 5:33 pm

I've done some play testing and have noticed something.

What was used:
Player A
4 squads with 3 units in each squad
Shooting Skill: 2
Defense: 10
Weapon: Pistol (2 shot)
Armor: 5

Player B
2 squads 6 units each squad
Shooting Skill: 2
Defense: 10
Weapon: Pistol (2 shot)
Armor: 5

Turn sequence as I understand it, is player rolls for initiative and activates a single squad. Then the other player activates a squad.

The player with more units then moves their squads freely after the opponent makes all activations they can?

They way it was played out:
Player A won initiative.

Player A activates 1A and suppressive fires squad 1B successfuly

Player B activates 2B and attacks squad 1A killing 2

*Now Player A is free to move the rest of their units until the turn is up? Player B's squads have both of their activations used up and Player A can now move the other three units.

Player A activates 2A and 3A and 4A all attacking 1B killing 4

*Now all units have activated, is there another roll for initiative or does the first roll stand? If it does Player A starts suppressive fire again on 1B and it more or less repeats.

We played a few and each time the player with move squads was winning, one game Player A flanked 3 squads on Player B's squad and just kept the first squad suppressed. The best was when the suppression failed and Player B managed to take out a squad and another unit from a squad but, still lost in the end.
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Re: Playtest turn mechanics, am I doing this wrong?

Post by wasaw47 » Thu Sep 08, 2011 9:28 pm

well for the turns i think you should roll to see who gets first turn, and then you alternate. so on turn 2 player B would get to activate 1st.

i think that for the turns you are doing it right, with player A getting to activate 3 units in a row.

maybe you could try having player B have 2 units of 3 and one unit of 6, or 3 units of 4, to make it more fair.

overall i think this shows us the advantage of bringing multiple small squads over bringing few large squads.

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Re: Playtest turn mechanics, am I doing this wrong?

Post by folifurieuz » Sat Dec 31, 2011 1:28 am

I think the reason why you feel something is wrong is that the cost of a squad is not necessarily the sum of its parts. That is to say, in terms of points cost, a squad of three might not cost half as much as a squad of six. Seeing as a base squad of 3 would not only give you three dudes on the board but a new activation, it should be worth more than just the price of each individual dude.

Supposing a squad of 3 cost 10 points, but adding someone to the squad only cost 1 point, then in a 40 point game, player A would have had 4 squads of 3 (as per your game) but player B could have had 3 squads of 6 with a point to spare, giving a significant numbers advantage (4x3=12 vs 3x6=18): he could have just shrugged off the few casualties he got and powered through with his 6 extra guns.

So yeah, the price of the squad should reflect the fact that it gives a player more than just 3 more dudes; it gives the player the capacity to act.
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