Group Build 33: VOTE! - reset

This month's theme is Subterranean.
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Who Built The Best?

Poll ended at Mon Mar 19, 2012 7:11 pm

Tinker and Son's Ork Cave
DMDaddy0's Pillars and Shrooms
feddog's Skaven Abandon Mine
Total votes: 22

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Group Build 33: VOTE! - reset

Post by Blue » Mon Mar 12, 2012 5:29 pm

Well the month started off big but only three saw it through to the end!
Who will prevail as this month's winner? You decide!

The names below are click-able for a direct link to their WIP threads for more pictures and loads of inspiration. Please feel free to leave some feedback for these aspiring builders!

Before you vote remember the theme for this build was Subterranean.

Tinker and Son's Ork Cave

DMDaddy0's Pillars and Shrooms

feddog's Skaven Abandon Mine
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Re: Group Build 33: VOTE! - reset

Post by tinker » Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:42 pm

This Group Build was fun to work on. I wish more folks had a chance to finish, but I know how it is goes since I did not finish GB 32. Anyway, here is my two cents on the other builds.

DMDaddy0’s Pillars and Shrooms
I like the way the piece turned out. The mushrooms look great with the red spots on orange. I was worried that the mushrooms would turn out looking very “cartoon” or have a comic book feel to them. This was not the case and I think I will give shroom building a go sometime. I also respect that you used Styrofoam as the foundation. My only concern is that the piece does not have much open space to put minis on during play.

Feddog’s Skaven Abandon Mine
The woodwork turned out great. I like to incorporate broken boards into my builds as well. The stones look very realistic and the flock was placed perfectly. The little details like the single tree and small weed really bring the piece together. It has a very coherent look and is very clean. I would have liked to have seen the inside of the mine. It looked like you had a cavern going in your WIP progress pictures and I was a little bummed that you did not show the underground portion.

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Re: Group Build 33: VOTE! - reset

Post by sebastionsynn » Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:00 pm

man this is a hard one to make a choice with, they are all fantastic pieces. However, i'm only allowed one choice, and i chose the Ork Cave simply because it has more playability to it.

I have to agree with Tinker, the Cave Shrooms is a great piece, nicely detailed, and very well painted and balanced, but not much area for models, and when placed on a table unless you also have a bunch of other subterranean pieces you lose the illusion of being underground.

the Skaven mine was the one that made me hem and haw back and forth, but again playability on the piece is what finally won me over. The woodwork is absolutely stunning, and the rest of the piece is just incredible as well, and again i agree with Tinker in that it would have been nice to see the front portion leading into the mine.

Ultimately, However, it was the second level to the orc cave and the way it fits seamlessly into the first layer to create twice the play area is what won me over. the attention to detail, and the painting is awesome, but yeah twice the play area, is an attention getter.

KUDOS, to you ALL. next month you get to criticize me in turn.
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Re: Group Build 33: VOTE! - reset

Post by imperialork3 » Tue Mar 13, 2012 2:01 am

all are amazing but my favourite has to be the abondend mine
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Re: Group Build 33: VOTE! - reset

Post by camsmclean » Tue Mar 13, 2012 10:54 am

All very nice! I dont have much to add to the other comments.
I ended up going with the orc Cave. i can totally picture some awesome little battles on there. Running through and up and down the cave!
Again all awesome! Looking forward to GB 34!
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