Round 2 Rules/OOC

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Round 2 Rules/OOC

Post by Tmb » Sun Jan 29, 2012 7:15 pm

Chat here, about the game, or balancing issues.

Or in paladins words: be an idiot here.

The Stat Line:

Initiative: Determine who attacks first in close combat, if you double your opponents Initiative you get to attack two times before he attacks, if you triple you get three attacks.

Force: How much damage you do, you add force plus how much your weapon damage is. If you double your opponents Toughness with Force then you will do a 2X Dmg critical if you you have three times the opponents Toughness with Force Then You will do 2X Dmg and a 50% Chance do reduce there initiative by 4.

Tougness: How hard it is to hurt you, If you double your opponents force with toughness then you have a 50/50 chance of not feeling any pain, if you triple your opponents force with toughness then you have a 75% chance of not taking any damage. If The Opponents hit is a critical then you have a chance of ignoring the critical

Hit Points: How much health you have. If your health exceeds 100 Then you get +1 Toughness

Weapon Skill: How good you are with a weapon. If your weapon Skill Doubles your oppenents evasion then you have a 25% chance of dealing a critical blow which does 3X Dmg, if you have three times then its a 50% chance.

Evasion: How hard are you to hit. If your Evasion doubles your oppenents weapon skill you get a 25% chance to dodge his attack if you triple it then you get a 50% chance.

Healing Skill: (Unique for Mages) How good your healing spells are.

Magic Skill: (Unique for Mages) Chance of hitting with your combat spells, how extra Dmg your combat spells do.

Wargear has 2 or more abilities to choose from, those abilities will determine how much damage you do, if hit your target. (some abilities affect your stat line, but not permenently)
Tip: Each Class has a special move that you can use once in a arena fight make it count!

So here are the classes:


Initiative: 4
Force: 3
Toughness: 2
Weapon Skill: 7
Hit Points: 70
Evasion: 10
Special Ability: Stealth: Always Attacks First, No Matter What (Including armor, bonuses or abilities, he always attacks first, always)

Wargear (Take Two Weapons and One Equipment) :
Wrist Blades (Weap):
I) Stabby: D6X2
II) Assassinate: 2D6X4 (If You Do Not Kill The Opponent With This Strike They Will Receive No Damage)

Hidden Pistol (Weap) :
I) Trick Shot: 3D6X3 Hits On 5+ (1Handed Strike)
II) Pin Point: 2D6+4 (2Handed Strike)

Throwing Knives (Weap) :
I) Epic Throw: 4D6 (Always Has A 50% Critical Rate)
II) Dash Throw: D6 (Has A 90% Chance Of Dodging The Enemies Attack, 50% Chance of Critical)
Smoke Bombs (Equip)
I) Reduce Opponents Weapon Skill By 4
Stun Grenade (Equip)
I) Reduce Opponents Initiative by 4

War Master:

Initiative: 2
Force: 4
Toughness: 4
Weapon Skill:3
Hit Points: 85
Evasion: 2
Special Ability: If The Gladiator Takes More Then 30 Dmg in one round of Combat next round he counts as tripling the opponents toughness with force.

Wargear: (One 2 Hand and Gloves and 1 Armor)
Sword Of Gods(2Handed) :
I) Power Attack: D6X5 Dmg,
II)Rampage: 5D6 Dmg
Add 1 To Your Force and 1 To Your Weapon Skill

Cestus of Oblivion (Gloves) :
I) Stunning Strike: D6X4 Dmg (25% To Stun)
When The Cestus of Oblivion is equipped you may Deal 10 Dmg to yourself, and deal 6 Dmg to the enemy
Add One To Your Force

Soul Reapers Claws (Gloves) :
I) Hack n Slash: 4D6
When The Soul Reapers are Equiped You do 3 extra Dmg to the enemy, and Then you gain 3 Hit Points.
Add 5 Hit Points

Swords of Flames (2Handed)
I) Slice and Dice: 10D6 (Counts as Having 1 Weapon Skill)
II) Sword Launch: 2D6X2 (Auto Critical)
Add 1 To Your Weapon Skill and 1 To You Weapon Skill

Imperial Fleece (Armor)
Add 1 Toughness

Feather Armor (Armor)
Add 1 Initiative


Initiative: 2
Force: 3
Toughness: 3
Hit Points: 70
Evasion: 3
Healing Skill: 3
Magic Skill: 4
Special Ability:

Spells (Choose 3) :
Baelfael: Reduces opponents initiative by 2, deals 2D6X2 Dmg
Ashtarth: Reduces opponents initiative to 1 for next combat phase
Zoniha: Heals 3D6 Health Note: Can't Go Over Maximum Health!
Zael: Roll D6 and Keep Unleashing Zappiness until you roll a one.
Molok: Whenever an enemy attacks you the take 10 Dmg (Automatically In Use From Start To Finish of the game)
Regulus: 1 Cast Allowed, Drains 50% of the enemies health on the roll of 6
(Note 50% of the Health they have when you use this move)

Journey Man

Initiative: 6
Force: 3
Toughness: 4
Weapon Skill: 5
Hit Points: 75
Evasion: 3
Special Ability: Can Always Strike Twice On An Opponent
Wargear (Select Two Items)
Compound Bow :
I) Bomb Arrows: 2D3x5 Dmg, Takes two rounds of combat to use.
II) Flaming Arrow: Deal D6 Dmg, and D3X2 fire Dmg for three rounds of combat
(Fire Damage Is Not Affected By Toughness Value!)

Tornado Boomerang:
I) Steady Toss: D3X6 Dmg, Auto Hits
II) Cyclone: D2X12 (Takes 2 Actions)
1-3 Result = 1
4-6 Result = 2

Stun Shells
I) Reduces Opponents Initiative by 3

Master Dagger
I) Ha! Hey! : 4D6
II) HEEYA! : 8D3

I) Wide Radius Auto Hit D6X3
II) BOMB-ardement : 5D6

Also just so you know each class has been based off of a character from a video game some more directly then others, Pm who they are from and I will give you a special move, that should be balanced.
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Re: Round 2 Rules/OOC

Post by IGfanatic » Sat Feb 25, 2012 2:35 am

Silly spambots...

Anyways, Tmb, continue with this game!
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