Various Rule Clarifications

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Various Rule Clarifications

Post by Jhonon1 » Fri Sep 28, 2012 1:02 pm

I'm new to the Forums here, but I have been following Dark Potential for some time. Just recently downloaded the latest rules, 0.4.1, and have been left with a few questions.

First up would be the Reclaimer Field Platform Team, is there only one weapon platform or does every model have one? The way the equipment rules currently seem to work (to me at least) is that what is listed in the Equipment section is issued to every soldier. Assuming the unit only gets one Big Gun, I am not sure how this might be corrected, possibly a seperate Unit Equipment with the text of "ONE Heavy Lancer Platform OR Harasser Artillery Platform."

Second is the Grav Jetpack rule. What does Flying do?

Then comes the lack of stats for the Targeting Scanner in the Reclaimers weapon section....

Also for the X'Lanthos Commander it say "Add X'Lanthos Gravitic Mine for +10 Points". Does this mean he only gets one mine? Or should the Commander be able to throw multiple longer range mines and there was a little typo?

On typos, other than what affects the game as above, I'll asume you guys will find and fix them later.

FINALLY (for now) there are a few naming discrepancies, the ones I noticed were the Reclaimer Weapon Platforms, neither of the names in the weapon section match up with those provided in the units description, though guessing which is which isn't that hard clarity is still the best...

I shall return with more questions!!

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Re: Various Rule Clarifications

Post by slaughtergames » Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:55 pm

welcome to the forums!

first question: you are right. it should indeed be specified as one.

Fly will be added in 0.4.2, but since there hasn't been alot of discussion, we never got so far as to update the rules.

Targeting Scanners work the same way for the reclaimers as for the PMC. just look in their entry. (eventhough I think it should also be listed in the reclaimers' stuff)

for the mines, i guess you are confused by the way the rules are written. basically, if you're equipped with just one thing, that doesn't mean it's single-use. for example, under wargear, recruits have 'combat knife', but still everyone in the unit has them.

to be more clear: nothing is single-use unless specified so in the rules.

I agree that there are a few flaws in the naming, for example 'add grunt' makes little sense.

I shall wait for your following questions!
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Re: Various Rule Clarifications

Post by cymruvoodoo » Thu Oct 04, 2012 10:38 am

Hey! Welcome, as was said. I think you've made good catches here. On the Reclaimer weapon platform thing, they're brand new for this iteration and they definitely need more work. The rule "weapon platform" does talk about setting a model on the tabletop and about limitations on the unit using that piece of equipment beyond the normal rules. Would adding the following wording to the start second paragraph of the Weapon Platform rule make it more clear?

A unit equipped with a weapon platform will only have a single piece of that equipment for the entire unit unless specifically allowed additional models of the equipment with weapon platform in the unit entry.

As an alternative, perhaps a note in the unit entry of each unit with a weapon platform to the effect of:

Remember, a unit with Weapon Platform equipment only has one piece of that equipment for the entire unit.

I would also like to have clarified that a unit can provide its entire bonus to firing the weapon platform so long as one member of the unit is in base contact and the rest of the unit has LOS to the target. As it is, I think the rule could also be read to say that any model wanting to apply +1RA to the shot must be in base contact with the weapon platform. Now, if it's that, we also need clarification, I think, so either way, some tweaks there.

As for the Flying rule, let me tell you, I would really like to know how that works also. It sounds fun.

I was a bit confused by the X'Lanthos gravitic mine entry for the commander as well, and still sort of am. I can only conclude that it's a cost thing - you can get the cheap and cheerful version anyone can have, or you can buy the expensive kit with extra functionality. It does look a bit odd that those are his only two options.


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