Noob overview and rant abought X'Lanthous

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Noob overview and rant abought X'Lanthous

Post by Crazy9 » Sun Sep 23, 2012 1:40 pm

first peasy tell me if i have misunderstood a rule, am bieng short sighted made a mistake baught somethig inportant, am being a jerk or stuiped.
first lets do qestions ihave a few taht i would liek to be anwserd
1. Q1 do floors count as diffaculet teran i ask to see if tis posible for and assassin touse an inch of movment to fall through a biulding Q2 if the anwser is yes do you hve to fall all the way dowen or can you stop at any flour.
2.alot of questions for phase troopers
Q1 can phased vison or ammo ignor cover boneces Q2 if yes dose this also ignor Dug-in specal rule
Q3 can phased ammo or vison ignor intervining modles
Q4 can phased vison ignor smoke grenades.
now that all the nice questions are out of the way let go in to scrutnizing units, abilites, and upgreads
how could infulred vison get worse i have all ready ranted abought this. but let look at this if your a solder squad you'll need 6's to hit at rrage band 2 or 16-24 In. -2 range -2X'Lanthous vison -2 cover ( in open) -2 str. of energy wepons if you get a gancing hit at -1 str. you'll need 2's or 1's to wound at all very unlily and by the time it is worth it you can just walk around it ( by the way i forgot abought squad boneces sorry about that).
Lurkers- this unit is a over priced trow away unit. but its got stelth and recon and its like a mini assassin squad right? wrong, this unit has only one perpes you go to your eneamy and you ether shoot them with your crap guns or target them so some one eles can shoot them with thier good guns. then you get shoot so much becuse hay your thier, still targeting and anti grav. is to good to pass up but to be affective you cant realy use thier specal abilites you have to be close and protected also loner dosen't realy help them ether.
X'Lanthous commander- he has to be the single most hated unit in the game i don't now what he sad to Matt but farfaeched probly said the same thing to Meamoto ( don't worry if you don't get it) he has been nerfed to the point of being nuterd anyone elles remeber range 4 electron masser ( with is a medeocer weapon if you what my opinon) and now that upgreads are here he has been even more slighted. (here i will say that i have come to understand theat the PMC is Matts brain chield and i have yet to be disproved of that) will the PMC Directro gets extra command pionts, better knifes, grav. and smoke grenades. and the reclamer caption starts out with repulsers and can get grav. smoke and flash Grenades ( i think, could be wrong) the X'lanthous commander gets the best thing the coice between not one but TWO grav. grenads nothing says love like the chice bettewn Grav.gerdaes and Gravity grenades NOw with exteded range!! come on did anyone even put thaught in the X'Lanthous upgreads that should be Q5 can the X'Lanthous Commander get both grav. grenads he dosen't even need them.
Manipulater- talking abought upgread ill be quik for this one besides having the worst or second worst hard for me right now AoE in the game he was nerfed becuse he had the dark shield now you have to pay for dark shield if you cant see were this will go thats ok a nuf has been said.
Infestor- is probly the sadiest unit ever a great big gimicy unit how never had the chance of being good he has the second worst blast weopn in the game with the worst reson its a anti-solo AoE that is bad at its job just like the rest of him you have to pay in order for him to play his role as team medic other wise he'll poison your units and he is a terable medic. even though hes pethitic i can't feel bad for him becuse he was alwayes a bad unit.
now to rap things up i well say this the X'Lanthouse are a very balenced unit mabe to balenced becuse everyone they fight has a hard counter to them and they don't have any hard counters hofuly X'lanthous vison can even up the playing field (also good that you have to pay for smoke now that helps) any way can't wait for lanche thank you for reding

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Re: Noob overview and rant abought X'Lanthous

Post by cymruvoodoo » Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:39 pm

Good questions. I can't give you an official answer, but I can tell you how we have played it:

1 - Moving through the floors of a building does not impede an assassin but he still has to treat it as upward movement. So, two inches spent per inch upward. This, plus the change to stealth, means that Assassins are better off staying on whatever level of terrain they start on until they're ready to drop stealth and sprint. It might even mean that it's a good idea to drop stealth on an assassin on turn one just to get that double move and then re-stealth at the start of the next turn for mind games. I feel pretty sure than an assassin is in complete control of phase-shifted movement so may stop on any floor as long as the proper movement cost to get there is paid?

2. I would say that Phased Vision allows LoS to targets otherwise blocked by terrain but that by the wording of the rules all targets shot at by virtue of Phased Vision are automatically in cover to the extent of whatever Phased Vision is ignoring. Treat them as if they were at the edge of, or in a window of, or whatever is appropriate for that type of terrain. Therefore, no ignoring dug-in

3. Phased Ammo specifically only ignores Terrain, Phased Vision specifically only ignores terrain, AoE effects, and walls. Therefore, no, Phased Vision does not negate Models In The Way.

4. Phased Vision definitely, while not "ignoring" smoke, acts just like the X'Lanthos Vision rule, except at a smaller penalty. Note the mention of "AOE effects" in the rule.

I have to say, I don't think there's any need to improve X'Lanthos vision/Infrared vision any at all. Yes, there are plenty of situations where taking a shot at something through smoke is not very good odds, but isn't that the point of throwing smoke? Let's look at some solid numbers here, eh?

Squad between 16-24", as with your example, and shooting through smoke. Who is the target? We'll run two examples, one Recruits, one Corporate Agents. We'll go with a 6-model squad of X'Lanthos. The numbers thus work out to be:

Corporate Agents at the second range band; six model X'Lanthos Soldier Squad - RA18 - 4 Defense, -1 Dug In, -2 X'Lanthos Vision, -2 Cover, -1 Range = 8 or less.

That's not bad odds at all. Definitely in favor of the shooting squad, although that strength penalty for shooting an energy weapon through smoke is going to hurt. However, with an 8 or less to connect, you will hopefully get several tries to put some hurt out there.

Recruits at the second range band; six model X'Lanthos Soldier Squad - RA18, -4 Defense, -2 cover, -2 X'Lanthos Vision, -1 Range = 9 or less.

Again, lower strength but with that 9 or less to connect, you can save the CP for helping you light up the recruits on damage, and the odds are in favor of at least one model getting knocked off.

Now, yes, longer range will make for worse shots, but longer range is always going to make for a worse shot. But look at it from the other side of the coin. In short range situations, when the PMC is trying to screen their rush with smoke and terrain, the X'Lanthos still have shots they can make, even if they're not as good as a shot without the smoke there. Ones and twos to wound is still 33% odds and really it's better than that since CP can buy 3's to kills and give the others re-rolls depending on how important getting the kills is at this point.

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Re: Noob overview and rant abought X'Lanthous

Post by miniwargaming » Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:31 am

Hmmm... I'll have to clarify the Phased Vision / Ammo rules as I didn't think about specifying whether they would get the cover bonus.

The answer is no, the target does not get any cover bonuses, including Models in the Way, AOEs, or anything else.

Having said that, Gravity AOEs would still cause the -2 penalty.


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