Desired Reclaimer Additions and Explanations

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Desired Reclaimer Additions and Explanations

Post by AkimboJonesx21 » Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:16 pm

I wished to move the "Suit" topic to its on special part of the forum. I also wish to completely explain every idea I made in great detail.

The Strength 1 drop in most of the Reclaimers Close Combat stats

This is to make the weakness of the Reclaimers bodies more apparent, and have them be the weakest faction in Dark Potential. The feel of playing a pure Close Quarters army and not having them run into Close Combat before shooting for them to be effective has a huge difference from every faction we have so far, and I believe those to come.

Strength Stats:

Captain: St2
Reclaimers: St 1
Forward Observer: St 1
Redeemer: St 1
Drop Guard: St 1
Aegis Guard: St 2
Warden: St 2
Specter: St 2
Field Platform Team: St 1

The Kinetic Lance

The Kinetic Lance is a Close Combat weapon that was created from Particle Technology. It takes the Particles around the the 2ft blade (30in in all) and rapidly moves them to achieve an armor penetrating cut. It gives great reach and allows for thrusting, slashing, and parrying motions. This is given to ALL Reclaimer Units for its consistency.

Kinetic Lance:
St: +1
Ignores Armor

EX: a Unit of 4 Aegis Guard get into Close Combat with 5 X'Lanthose Shock Troops. The Aegis squad has a CC of 8, and with 4 squad members, it bumps it up to a 12. The Df of the Shock Troops are 3. The Aegis Guards need a 9 for a successful hit. They roll a 7 and decide not to re roll. The Kinetic Lance gives them a +1 St boost to their base St of 2, which means they need a 3 or less to wound. They roll a 2 and a 5. They cause one wound to the squad of Shock Troops, killing one.

Environmental Sensativity
When this unit is not Immune it suffers from -2 Moral at all times and has to take Contagious rolls that are St2. No matter how many squad members suffer from this, the whole squad suffers from -2 Moral


Suit grants Immunity to the Unit that wares it. The Suit is Critically Breached for Solos on a 5+ for every hit, and for Squads on a 5+ for every missed Wound. These rolls are modifiable and done after wounding. A Critical Breach causes the Unit to loose Immunity.

Squad EX: A Corporation Heavy Gunner fires at a squad of 4 Reclaimers. The Reclaimers have +2 Df due to cover and are in the 3rd range band. The Heavy Weapon Specialist moved so he does not benefit from Heavy. The HWS has a Ranged Attack of 14 and the Reclaimers have a Df of 3. So that's 14-7 which equals 7. The HWS rolls a lucky 5 achieving his full RoF 2. The HWS then needs a roll of 3 or less. he misses all with double fives and chooses not to reroll. The Reclaimers get two unlucky 6s for their Critical Breach rolls and can not use command points due to being out of Command Range and Command Points.
Two Reclaimers are now breached and suffer from Environmental Sensitivity. They now have to make a Moral Test of their base 5 minus 1 for the hit and 2 for the Sensitivity, and they obviously fail. The Squad is now tracked with 2 Critical Breaches on a D6 (not the individual units) .

Solo EX: A Director Has Spotted a Specter in his area. He commences a Ranged Attack upon him. He is in his third range band. The Specter has a Df of 5, but has no cover. The Recruiter needs a 9 or less to his with his RoF 1. he rolls a 7 and achives his full RoF. He now needs a 4 or less to wound. He rolls a 5 and uses a Command Point to drop it down to a 4 to wound. The Specter now as to take a roll to see if he has a Critically Breach. A 5+ is needed to have a Critical Breach. The Specter rolls a 3, so he is safe. The Specter than luckily makes his Moral Test of 5 or less.

This suit is to be given to the Reclaimers Squad, Forward Observer, Drop Guard, Specter, and the Field Platform Team

Enhanced EnviroSuit

Enhanced EnviroSuit:
Suit grants Immunity to its wearer. It also lessens all fall damage to St0 and allows all thrown equipment to be thrown 20in instead of 12in. The Suit is Critically Breached for Solos and Squads on a 5+ for every successful Wound. A Critical Breach Causes the Suit to loose Immunity.

This suit would be given to the Aegis Guard, Captain, and Warden

Squad EX) A Squad of 3 Aegis Guard is being fired upon by a Squad of 5 X’Lanthose Soldiers. The Soldiers have a base Ranged Attack of 12 plus 5 for Squad Bonuses. This equals 17 minus the 2 Df, the level 2 cover, and 3 for the range band. When finished the Soldiers need a 10 or less to hit. They roll a 6 and begin their wounding rolls. The Soldiers need rolls of 2 or less to wound. The rolls come out 2, 5, 3, and 6. They use a Command Point to turn that 3 to a 2. The Aegis Guards loose 2 men but do not have to take Critical Breach rolls because the squad members only have one wound each.

Solo EX) The Reclaimer Captain is being attacked by an X’Lanthose Assassin. The Assassin needs an 11 or less to hit. The Assassin uses his last Command point to get all three of his hits. He only needs a 5 or less on each die to wound. The Assassin rolls a 4, a 2, and a 6. The Captain is dealt 2 Wounds and has to take 2 Critical Breach Rolls. The Captain rolls two 5s and can not change both of them due to only having 1 Command Point left. His suit is now Critical Breach and suffers from Environmental Sensitivity. His Moral Test is 9 minus 2 for wounding and 2 for Environmental Sensitivity. He fails with a roll of 8.

I added this Suit because I found that high Armor low Defense and Commander units would become Critically Breached to easily, and would never see the light of day on the battlefield because of that weakness. I found that this Suit suited (LoL) them better for combat. It also synergizes well with the Distortion Field Generator, making it reasonable to fire behind those units instead of firing at them.

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Re: Desired Reclaimer Additions and Explanations

Post by Sabet » Mon Sep 17, 2012 12:15 am

Problem with the envirosuit is mutli-round tracking for squads. When you have a breached suit, you're taking the contagion hit, but what then?

The contagion hit succeeds, which model do you take off? Do you remove one of the counters? Etc. etc.
That was the problem we had with it last thread.
The Beasts are rising...

Cyrmuvoodoo deserves a reward for the massive contribution to this game

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Re: Desired Reclaimer Additions and Explanations

Post by AkimboJonesx21 » Mon Sep 17, 2012 6:12 am

As the rules state for any wounding is that any unit in the squad can be removed. A squad counts as one unit with many units within it. Each is the same to each other. Just count the number of breaches, roll for all of them at activation, then remove any squad member which is wounded.

There is no need to track Unit by Unit because any unit can be removed in the squad. It works the same as any other wounding. After one dies you remove a Critical Breach from the counter. The Critical Breach counter keeps track of the whole squad, not every individual unit within it.


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