Yet another topic on Suppressing Fire

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Re: Yet another topic on Suppressing Fire

Post by Bolter4556 » Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:16 pm

I think that suppression fire should be exactly like overwach only the 90 degree arc should be placed on the squad leader. Also that the squad cannon use anyone elses command points when doing it.

Just a sugestion :)

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Re: Yet another topic on Suppressing Fire

Post by Micky » Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:35 am

I kinda like a lot of the ideas in here, but I had my own idea (and rather than starting yet another thread, I figured I'd just add it here).
Make 'Suppressive' a weapon special rule, only attached to weapons with a high RoF or carried by squaddies.

When using this weapon(s), the controlling player can perform Surpessing Fire. This modifies the attack as follows:
-1 Strength
-1 penalty to hit

After resolving the attack (resolve wounds as normal), the targetted unit must make a Morale check even if it did not get hit, with a -1 for each Margin of Success on the to-hit roll, and a +1 bonus for each Margin of Failure.
This is done instead of a standard morale test for getting hit.

If the check succeeds, the unit is unaffected.
If the check is failed, rather than breaking, the unit must immediately move at its full movement rate into / towards the nearest piece of cover that would give it shelter from the firing unit, and loses either its movement or its action in its next turn.

If the targetted unit is already in cover, it becomes pinned and must make a morale test to leave cover unless it moves out of the supressing unit's line of sight.
How would these sorts of rules work for you guys? Not too powerful, but not useless either, and not too complicated or requiring command points.


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