Possession-new unit idea for X 'Lanthos

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Possession-new unit idea for X 'Lanthos

Post by kaalu » Sat Mar 23, 2013 12:14 am

so i had an idea for the X'Lanthos to have a model with the ability to possess enemy models (only one model at a time) this model would not be able to move while possessing another model instead that model would activate in its place. this seemed like an interesting idea because it would allow for more close-quarters combat (i have only seen 1 or 2 actual "hand to hand" fights and thats only because of the assassin) the caster can end the possession at the beginning of activation but the caster is then finished with their activation for that round. possessed model may also make attempts to break the possession via either a command roll or a perception roll. (cant decide which one seems more fitting but leaning toward command because it seems like will power) if command roll then add a rule that the target may only use their own un-modified command score, no input from commanding officers. this is to give incentive to not just try to always possess commanders and other high-value targets but to go after members of a squad. I am unsure of range (long for sure tho) but line of sight should NOT be required. the attempt should be made by the caster rolling a perception check that would suffer over distance. attempts to break the possession would also get bonuses if the target is out of optimal range. lastly, if the possessed model is killed the caster model should suffer a _ (thoughts? (should also diminish over distance)) strength hit that is unblock-able but can have command points used to re-roll or change results. (will also be stunned for next activation) if you make the model a solo unit with medium to high point cost and low defense and say medium armor (low if unit still seems overpowered after play testing) and possibly reduced move speed? also no weapon of its own so it is powerless if caught out?


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