A second unlimited Reclaimer unit

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A second unlimited Reclaimer unit

Post by Captain-Shawn » Thu Mar 21, 2013 6:27 am

I find it a little odd that the Reclaimers don't have a alternative Unlimited unit choice. Granted there is nothing forcing you to take nothing but the limited options, but still I think it would be nice to get another option for some standard units equiped with Particle Rifles. So here's just an idea of what I had in mind. Just a little idea for a little something to spice things up and add more variety.

Vanguard Team: 50
MV:8 Def:4 AR:3 ST:1 AT:1 RA:13 CC: 7 PR:7 MR:7 WO:1 CP:1

Size: 3-5
Equipment: Repulser, Particle Rifle, Exoskeleton, Det Pack
May Take an Additional Team Member: 15 points per
May Add Flash Grenades: 5 Points
May Add Grav Pack: 10 Points

Basically what these guys are a slightly buffed Initiate team. Fluff wise this team would be composed of Initiates who survive many missions to which their officers combine them together to form a special team that spear heads an operation. They try to equip themselves with the right equipment to help them survive without support and hold a position while waiting for backup.

Additionally, there could be an interesting take on a sniper like unit where instead of a normal sniper rifle it'd be something like a Particle Beam (maybe simply just a solo with a Particle Beam). Also just because it sounds cool, a Repeating Repulser would be an awesome weapon, which could be maybe something that fires multiple spray templates with decreasing range on consecutive shots? Just throwing around ideas~.
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