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Post by roirhin » Sat Feb 02, 2013 3:40 pm

I think that the Bioformed should be some kind of swarm army. Their ranks would be made of the creatures of Terra or X´Lanthos that got out of their ships too soon that had survived the virus but have been changed by it and turned in to monstrositys that band together to survive.
As the Warhammer 40k nids or the Starcraft Zergs they should have biological weapons.
I think that their primary squad called the Altered (some kind of Lizard i guess...) would be geared towards Close Combat. As such they should have an CC 13, St 2 and At 2. Plus of course whatever melee weapons they have.

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Re: Bioformed

Post by kaalu » Sat Mar 23, 2013 12:27 am

i agree that the bioformed should be centered around CQB but based off of what i have seen from watching play tests is that when it is required for a unit to get close enough to assault they are often so shot up they can barely fight so i wanted to propose two possible fixes?
1. give bioformed increased move speed over normal units by say at-least half?
2. give bioformed models that are strictly CQB (or maybe all of them?) a special rule that any units fireing on them after turns where they used double move (using action point to move again) the attacker must roll a perception check first?

two other side notes would be that: 1) give ranged units a special rule that their shots are "infected" so that if a shot hits but does not kill (fails to beat armor roll or enemy has more hit points) make it so that there is some kind of damage over time? (i think the X'Lanthos have a unit that does something similar to this?) 2) bioformed should have very high defense stats but very low to no armor


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