Literature student looking to expand on his writing exp?

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Literature student looking to expand on his writing exp?

Post by jorrdann » Fri Mar 09, 2012 5:08 pm

Dear Matthew,
Recently I have been looking for somewhere to add a bit of experience to my "writing belt" (for it is a career path I have been highly considered taking) and I stumbled across this , highly inspirational, project of yours. Now my question to you is...
"can I help attempt to flesh out some of the races in your game's universe?"
This would involve me writing up say ,the various histories of a race, you looking at them , (agreeing, disagreeing ect ect) and then being the judge of whether you want to use the exact words (with a bit of editing of course) for you cannon history.
This is probably a common request, but I could not help but ask for I am so desperate to get into a concentrated,pre-set goaled and,most importantly, creative side project to go along with my studies. It would be a project I would be 110% (if such a thing were possible , but then again your game's energy does revolve around dark matter <--- Bad pun) devoted to and would , most likely, have content spouting out of my computer every week (if I actually have something to write about).
But anyway thanks for reading and I hope to get a reply off you soon
Yours sincerely (and Gratefully)
Jorrdann (AKA Thatguywiththetypewriter)
P.S: I am asking you this way for I am not a fan of showing my work off in public (E.G: Forums) for I see it as somewhat a crude concept as I am not much of a social network sort of person (if that does not sound completely snobby)

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Re: Literature student looking to expand on his writing exp?

Post by miniwargaming » Sat Mar 10, 2012 6:40 am

I'm not looking for writers yet. However, you can feel free to post a fan fiction form of any story in the Fan Fiction section.


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