Weapons tech and plausibility.

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Weapons tech and plausibility.

Post by DarkKnightFXR » Thu Mar 01, 2012 4:50 pm

I was thinking about weaponry and personally, I'm a crazy stickler for accuracy in how they function.

How in-depth are you going to get or do you need ideas and research to be done?

Will this be more of a X weapon does this because it can, it's a fantasy universe. We'll add some kind of explanation but it doesn't need to be X = X because Joules/Weight/Etc are all factored in?

Or, will there be a lot of thought into how some weapons work. For example in modern weapons, the 9mm round has some issues with over-penetration. So, rather then generally doing a 1-hit dropping a person. It might leave a clean entry and exit wound. But, this can also mean it possibly has good armour penetration capability.

A .45 on the other hand, it's pretty garbage against decent protection. But, an unarmoured target is generally down in a single shot due to the width and weight of the round itself.

But, those are just general examples. Like stuff how DARPA is developing homing .50 Cal rounds basically that do some auto-correction on the fly like Fire and Forget missiles of the IFV (Infantry fighting vehicle) Bradley - Coincidentally, I'd dare say it can almost be a better anti-tank vehicle minus its ammo capacity per load.

I assume there will be laser weapons as well. Something I'd like to add is the idea of lasers I hope they will be seen as almost instantaneously making contact with the target due to the speed of light. Perhaps it's an easier weapon to use since you can see with immediate results (from human perception) that you hit or missed and can correct much faster compared to "slow" projectiles like plasma or solid ammunition that may not even break the sound barrier or does so but not excessively where there would be a waiting time.
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