Ideas and concepts for factions

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Ideas and concepts for factions

Post by Tomm666 » Sun Jan 29, 2012 4:53 pm

After watching your latest Dark Potential video i thought of some pretty cool ideas for some of the factions (i think theyre cool anyway lol). I havent read through all the forums and their topics so im not sure if what im saing has been posted somewhere else or the same ideas have already been mentioned by people but regardless i thought id share some ideas anyway.

Ideas for the "Reclaimers" or "Ravagers"
my idea for the "reclaimers" is that when the X'lanthos released their virus on the humans the "reclaimers" had some kind of special reaction to it due to a DNA fault that a certain amount of the population carried called gene 3. This gene meant that instead of dying or becoming sick the virus morphed and mutated their minds into blood lusting,rage filled people that are cannibalistic and are the kind of leave no prisoners, no mercy creatures that you see in things like resident evil or 28 days later etc. The ravagers are also a little bit like the wraiths from stargate atlantis in that they dont live on a planet but more stay in orbit of planets on massive ships that they've ravaged and welded together and just given personalised touches too and they come to earth or land on planets to gather more people to harvest. whenever they harvest from planets and colonies or wherever they go they give the ppl the option of either becoming dinner or join the ranks of the ravaged. if the "hostages" agree to join they are then taken to an operating room (for lack of a better term) and are then cut, stretched and just mentally and physically tormented and scarred so as to have the same appearance as their brethren. This is how the "ravagers" repopulate or replenish their ranks. While these people favour humanity they dont just bind themselves to only using humans for their army and food and will often take animals off worlds and kidnap and X'lanthos' that they come across giving the aliens the same option but turning animals into hunting creaturs or using them for sport's like cage fighting and what not.

This is the first idea for the reclaimers and everyone can feel free to add things or criticise any ideas. I literally made all this up as i was typing it so if it appears all helter scelter then thats why.

Ill put up more ideas for more factions depending on feed back from this one


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