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Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 1:12 pm
by Kriloff
1) What kinds of skirmishes/missions are relevant for this game.
An idea of mine:
As it is post-apocalyptic will you be focusing on resourceproblems (like scavenging) what I think about a scavenging mission, is that you have you soldiers/squads etc. battling over some objectives (or just one objective) such as ammo-cases, food- or medicalsupplies. And they need to retrieve it, not a "take and hold" kinda thing, but more of a "capture the flag and bring it back home" kind of thing. Where infantry can move the object with them, but that they in so doing will be encumbered/slowed down caused by the weight of the thing(s). Another thing is, that depending on the size and weight of the object, some of the infantry will not be able to shoot, thus simulating that they are moving with the object while falling back to their side and that they are more focused of retrieving it as fast as possible than fighting back as the object has somehow a higher priority. general conflicts, scouting.

2) Will you go a little bit gw-deployment/mission type style?

I hope that I am not asking a question which has already been answered, and that my idea is in the right forum. :).

- Kriloff

Re: Missions/skirmishes

Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:03 pm
by castillo1313
I personally like where your going with this!!!