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A quick question on a faction ideaology

Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 12:21 am
by Thillidan
Hi Matthew,

I have in the span of one day watched ALL of your dark potential videos... as soon as you explained the idea on what dark potential (the energy and etc.) was i was hooked... im a bit of a psychics and science fan (i do i major in it at university)...

when watching the raiders (bandits) video i got the sudden idea for an ideology for one faction...

If humanity had stayed away from technology and ignored dark potential manipulation, they would never have spread throughout the galaxy.. and therefore (because you said the X'lanthos never knew anything about earth) we would still be all alive and healthy here on earth... so could one of the two human factions perhaps see dark potential as a Heretical disease that leads to destruction and disaster wherever it is...

so like how the tau in 40K have no psychic capability, one of the factions see dark potential as something to avoid regardless of the situation they are faced with... because after all, it was the use of dark potential manipulation that caused our eventual destruction. so would it not make sense to fear it, considering the human survivors probably dont understand it anyway. and humanity has always feared that which we did not understand.

perhaps the raiders use dark potential as a fear tactic as well, using it to make large explosions or earth ruptures, causing floating islands or levitating mountains to scare people away from areas in which have weapons or munitions?
For example. say as a raider, you find a lovely STOCKED TO THE BRIM weapons manufacturing facility, that you COULD power and fix up... if people came searching in your dirrection, you would set off a dark potential bomb and make some hills levitate and waterfalls coming off of them, and little in atmosphere "asteroid" rings around your weapons facility so people stay away, and you, being all powerful, make weapons and go raid people...

Please let me know what you think of my idea. I really hope you could make this a HQ choice or a special weapons choice (like have a squad who specialise in (i guess you'd call it) Dark Potential Terrorism... thanks matt in advance

your admirer and extatic fan

Re: A quick question on a faction ideaology

Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2011 4:10 pm
by slaughtergames
welcome to the world of dark potential thillidan..

i think you started pretty good with the whole fear idea.... but guarding a facility with floating hills and waterfalls and whatnot? it would probably cost to much energy to do..
not to say the idea is bad... AND, they also already have to power up the facility; imagine that if you had all that energy, you could also just channel that into a potential-energy SUPERWEAPON of some sort...

and what kind of in-game use would you have for the flaoting hills? :D

if you like, go to the mechanics discussion of dark potential!

Re: A quick question on a faction ideaology

Posted: Sat Oct 15, 2011 12:15 am
by Thillidan
Thanks for the reply..
well the flaoting hills to defend a base was jsut an example.

my idea was, lets say, u have a unit of raiders with a Dark Potential Warhead (like a demo pack) and when they set it off it does damage and everyone within a (something) radius of the centre point makes a fear or moral check, if they have an ability like; for example, give the corperation an army rule called fears potential... so they are afraid of it. it would give u an amazing tool for raider to use to scare units out of cover, or to move units away from tactical objectives, whereas they would normally stuggle, given what they have available to them...

i would however make this unit that throws ONE of these per game a very expensive Elite choice or HQ unit...

and some units would be immune to the effects of the fear, like corperation droids, reclaimers. You could even make it that some of the lesser X'Lathos units are afraid of it, because it is such a powerful weapon that humans designed...

Re: A quick question on a faction ideaology

Posted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 6:10 am
by slaughtergames
alright, the fear thing is pretty nice, but that would also be a mechanics discussion.
but let's not get to far off topic.

you proposed that a faction might fear the DP powers/technology because it caused the downfall of mankind. i like the idea, but i do not see to what faction it should apply;
-animals obviously don't know that it exists
-scavengers wouldn't care about humans like that
-corporation would see it as a great power source, wouldn't they? i bet they used it a lot during the war and like it
-reclaimers NEED it to stay alive in space
-bandits would see someone with a DP weapon as a "stronger one"
-X'lanthos would like it, because it's such a useful tool.

but i can't stop feeling it was a good idea.... but i don't see it happening as a faction-wide rule or something.

Re: A quick question on a faction ideaology

Posted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:18 pm
by Thillidan
oh, now i understand. see I thought the corperation wouldnt use DP to power things, because they cant get any more than what they have... and since its been a few hundred years, they wouldnt have much, if any, left...

my idea was that could have been what makes the bandits tactically equal to the corperation (since polls and such showed people liked the corperation more than the bandits/raiders) and to get one of these DP warheads off in the game could be a tactical game changer...

please let me know because i realy think it would be a useful idea for the Bandits, in both gameplay and to increase the attraction to getting them for an army...

Re: A quick question on a faction ideaology

Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2011 7:19 am
by slaughtergames
well, the DP warhead sounds nice, but remember it would be more powerful than an atomic bomb!! :shock: so yes, it would indeed be a game changer...ROFL

otherwise, i think a "fear" aspect to some DP powers would be very nice... otherwise, come over to this topic: ... 22&t=66686
it isn't very long at all, so you don't need to read as

we could discuss further what kind of power would scare the pants of people, and how that would fit in the mechanic (yay for mechanics!)