READ THIS FIRST - How to get your question answered

If you have a direct question to ask Matthew about Dark Potential, ask it here.
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READ THIS FIRST - How to get your question answered

Post by miniwargaming » Tue Aug 02, 2011 10:08 am

I have had requests for me to answer questions directly, so I have decided to make this section.

This section is for you to ask me questions about Dark Potential to help you better develop ideas for it.

This is NOT a section to ask "When will you be doing [INSERT THING HERE]?" Instead, you should ask questions like:
spehktre wrote:1) For write-ups, stories and other fluff, how graphic and gritty do you want DP to come across? Do you want the world to feel deadly and savage, where horrible things happen, or more "adventure" styled, where the gore and pain of existence don't really enter into it?

2) Do you want your "bad guy" races (Raiders and X'Lanthos) to really *be* evil, or do you want some shades of grey?

3) How "Alien" do you want the X'Lanthos to look? The forums are rife with imagination and ideas but really need some more direction if they're going to create anything cohesive. You want humanoid? Featureless? Totally alien? Small and smart (like Grey aliens) or huge brutish kill machines with claws and spines?

4) Animals. Similar to the X'Lanthos questions. Do you have any specific guidelines for what you want to see?
Please post ONE question per topic


If you see somebody ask a question that I have already answered, please do me a huge favour and reply to them with a link to my response. This will save me a ton of time.

Thanks for all of your help!


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