Business with a Salvager (Flash Fiction)

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Business with a Salvager (Flash Fiction)

Post by Lumipon » Sun Sep 23, 2012 5:43 am

Business with a Salvager

Desperate times called for desperate measures, and Simon knew that better than most. Still, doing business with a machine was against every paranoid cell in his brain. It had called itself a “Designer” of some sort, but Simon and his people called them just Salvagers.

“Do, we, have, an, a-gree-ment?” Stuttered the four-legged, round hunk of metal in a cold voice over the worn table between them. The sound made Simon’s teeth clench.

“No. We might as well fight the Lants ourselves”, he said, trying to keep his voice level and pretend he and his little community wasn’t completely in the crap. “Seventeen hundred gallons a week is as high as I’ll go.”

The machine was completely silent, disregarding the soft humming sound of its motors. Simon wondered if it was trying to agitate him. If so, it was succeeding splendidly.

“Denied.” The Designer automaton said. “Two-five-zero-zero, gallons. It, is, re-quired.”

frick. It knows we won't stand a chance, the bastard. Simon really wanted to meet whoever it was who created these metallic assholes and congratulate him of his scientific achievement… And punch him in the mouth as hard as he could. But still, these machines were the only hope against the X’Lanthos encroaching New Stockholm settlement. But Twenty-five hundred gallons of water was too much. It almost half of the purifier’s output. Hundreds would die of thirst… But without assistance, the aliens would wipe them out.

Simon tried to grab at straws: “Why do you need water in the first place? Machines don’t need to drink do they?”

Again, the robot took its sweet time. Was it intentional? A connection problem?

“Chemical, solutions, re-quire, pure, di-hy-dro-gen, oxide.” It stuttered an answer.

“Chemicals? What kind of chemicals?”

“Re-quest, de-nied.”

Well, screw you too. “Twenty-five hundred gallons then, for your protection.”

“… Af-firmative. Five-zero-zero units, will, be, de-ployed”, the machine clattered.

“Deployed immediately”, Simon demanded. “The first shipment of water will be prepared tomorrow.”

“… Re-quest, accepted.”

Simon let out a long, tense sigh. This was the only real choice, but not an easy one. There will be uproars and deaths… But at least we might survive over the summer.

The Designer robot whirred, and faced the door behind it. Simon got up from his chair and opened it, as the machine lacked opposable thumbs.

“Thank-you, for, your, as-sis-tance.”

“You’re welcome.”

Now we're getting somewhere...
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Re: Business with a Salvager (Flash Fiction)

Post by willhman » Mon Dec 03, 2012 7:56 pm

Sounds good, dont stop please.

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Re: Business with a Salvager (Flash Fiction)

Post by darkHokie » Mon Feb 25, 2013 2:21 pm

Just wondering, am I suppose to be reading the Salvager's lines in a Dalek's voice? Because, if that was your intention, it worked perfectly.


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