The Past: Part 2

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The Past: Part 2

Post by AirborneHam » Mon Aug 27, 2012 1:30 am

“So Blake is really going down to Earth?” Sven was following Anata home from school, like usual, and had to ask all of his inane questions. She wished that just once she could have some time alone, but he constantly annoyed her by hanging around. The biggest issue was that there really was nowhere to hide from him on this hunk of metal. Her only privacy was her bedroom, and even that she had to share with her mother.

“Yes. For the last time, yes. Now that he’s 15, he is being sent for training to accustom his body to the high gravity. Why does that fascinate you so much?” Anata turned down a corridor that cut through one of the housing blocks. It was the shortcut home but their parents had told them to never take it. She knew Sven would never go against his mother and the remainder of the walk home would be peaceful.

“Anata. We’re not supposed to go down there.” Sven stopped at the threshold of the corridor. As Anata continued to walk, he crept forward slowly, his feet barely moving with each step. “You know what my mom will do to me if she caught us walking through the corridors.”

Anata stopped. She turned her head and said mockingly, “Then don’t follow me.” She continued to stride into the darker, unlit part of their orbital. The walls were bare and large containers took up much of the floor space. There was only a narrow navigable path that Anata could fit herself down and the poor lighting slowed her even more. When she reached the first turn she looked back at the entrance from which she had come. She couldn’t see Sven standing there anymore.

She was finally alone.

The forested highway stretched on for hundreds of kilometers. Anata had been traveling for four days, seeing rivers and lakes in nearly every direction, but when she investigated, she discovered only abandoned shacks or desolate towns. Her findings could only suggest two things: that every last human on Earth had died, or that there was some place nearby that was safer than any other.

Being alone was nothing new to Anata, but it was not something she enjoyed. Ever since Sven had been deployed in the Tech Recovery Teams, she had been one of the only people her age on the orbital. This was due to the fact that the orbital she lived on was for the soldiers, so only men and boys lived there, the families with daughters lived on another vessel. She had grown up in a family with two sons and a daughter, so she was raised on the orbital with a very masculine environment. This also meant she was harassed by many of the boys her age and older, those who had few interactions with the opposite sex.

No. She couldn’t think about then, she had to think about now. She often got lost in her thoughts while traveling, but she knew she had to remain sharp at all times, else fall prey to those who wait in the shadows.

Anata climbed to a vantage point atop the remains of a large truck. The sight was a common one on Earth. Trees lined the horizon, not even ceasing when they met roads or buildings. Occasionally a water tower or skyscraper could be seen breaching the tree line, but those were grown over by vines striving to be taller than all else. There was nothing that wasn’t overgrown, nothing that showed signs of industry or human influence. Except…

She looked out across the vegetation and noticed something out of place. Far off to the East, in a clearing that seemed untouched by nature’s overzealous grasp, stood a wall. It appeared intact, almost as if it was being maintained. IT was most definitely metal, although several supports were the color of wood. Distracted by the sight of the structure, Anata almost failed to notice what lay directly behind it: a river. It stretched almost two kilometers across and ran the color of dirt. Upon it floated several objects, at this distance unrecognizable, but they could only be one thing.

In her excitement, Anata slid down the hood of the truck and bolted in the direction of the settlement. The ground was a blur beneath her as she ran down the overgrown highway. She knew she could never make the entire distance at this pace, but she was too enthused to care. She would run out of energy in a few thousand meters and then walk the rest of the way. Hopefully, with any luck, she might even reach the structure by nightfall.

People. Anata was going to see people. She knew this was a settlement, she just knew it. There was no other explanation. It was on a river, just as she had assumed. What made no sense was that there were no patrols or hunters. Even being as far off as she was, she expected there to be people. Maybe it was some holiday that the humans on Earth created to mark an event. Maybe it was a day of mourning for a fallen leader. There had to be an explanation to the lack of people.

After almost three minutes of running, she began to slow and heard the pounding of blood forcing its way through her veins. Between the beats of her heart, Anata made out the sound of shouting, although she couldn’t understand what was being said. She looked for the source of the voice, but failed to find anything, only stumbling forward in her exhaustion. She heard the shout again, this time making out the words “we caught ourselves a girlie!” The voice was male, and sounded uneducated.

Anata frantically searched for the man. A gunshot rang out, piercing the overpowering sounds of her breathing. She looked in the direction the shot came from and saw, atop a crudely built watchtower, a figure. The person’s hand was on a lever and as it was pulled, Anata felt the ground beneath her give out. When she landed, the last image before she blacked out was the bone in her shin piercing out of the skin in a deadly sharp point.
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Re: The Past: Part 2

Post by slaughtergames » Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:46 pm

ouch! too much trust. good job :)
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