atopsy of a X'lanthos

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atopsy of a X'lanthos

Post by Crazy9 » Sun Jul 08, 2012 5:04 pm

(disclamer:this story is a colection of ideas and thaughtsand dosen't agree with curent fluff,forgive spelling mistakes and bad writing thank you)
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first I would like to thank the Cololiton for this wonderful oportunity to study the X'lanthos life forme I know you took a risk in alowing a sientest with contriversall ideas to study this specimin but i asure you i will keep my ranting to a minimum.
subject: #00127
subject name: N/A
subject spices: X'lanthous
subject wight:310lb
subject hight:6'4
subject gender:undetermend
the first thing i notesed a bought the specimin was it's amenss sive it's back crest was messered at 4 feet in lanth after anetal insicen we found the Xlanthos have to biolagical fluids orgens included general orgens like a liver pancreis kidnes where not present and thier was no reconiseble blaterthe heart was much more compleckt than cerently recorded in a spices haveing two diffrent pump systems for the two diffrent fluieds the brien was an inch shorter than the human brian but had 36%more sinapses thises are mostly located in sight hearing and two lobes that im calling the sender, resiver lobesall other orgens are have no deteminale diffrensesthe X'lanthos musle and bone strukter is a mess they have no aposeble joints a high center of gravity two spinal colummes and no spinal cord the last one to me is perhapes the most disturbing as prevesly stated the X'lanthos have tow biological fluieds blood and some kind off clear liqued slightly thiker than blood it is a nuterent high substans with catlests blood cloting and promotes celleular growth and carries unique blood cells disiend to kill canser growthswe have determined that thes cells are of X'lanthouse make and do not origenaly belong to the X'lanthos spices the most interesting thing abought it is that it conducts bio-electresity and gives the Xlanthos suprisingly good refelxses for its sive the Xlanthose also have very weak uper body streth while X'lanthos finger and wrist streanch is more than a mach for a humans thier forearmes and shoulders have weak musles with suiprised me consedering thier large uper bodys the resin is the uper body and and back crests are mostly hallo and hold the brians supply of bio-fluied as we have dubed the compound(not very scientific but it was an ensimes idea so don't be to ruff)while the uper body is under develeped the lower body is over develeped desiend for balences and power X'lanthos phisical streath is in thier legs even hevaly incumberd as they are the can still move with the same speed and flexability of much lighter anamels I have talked to are soilders and they have confermed that the X'lanthous are capable of suprisingly fast manuvers the

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Re: atopsy of a X'lanthos

Post by Crazy9 » Sun Jul 08, 2012 5:47 pm

X'lanthos's true physcal weakness is thier large profile with is much more visable and provides a large area to hit.
X'lanthos eyes are strange to say the least the dont take in light with is obvius senaces the don't have pupiles or leses insted ther eyes scan light this is verey usefull sinces the specimin can filter out things like rain glar choices with spectrum they see out of very verscitale and the eyes have shown moderet genitc tampering to the filtering system.
now on to conmunicaton this is were much of my conterversy with my fellow perees comes from i am in able to exsapet the therory of gamatransphoto comunicationsand my atopsy of the body has not proveen it right or wrong. while i will freely admeet thatthe X'lanthos are indead more radeated than humans i would suggest that they have come from a more radeated worled thant humans Vercos 12 has more radeation than earth and its inhabetes show the sings of it but the X'lanthos spicimn shows no sing of radeation poisining as would be comen from this form of comunication, thier is no nucular fusinon devises that could be found any were in it's body and are troopes and worlds show no sing of radeation poising or its effects after ingagmentmy points as alwasare this 1. were do they get the energy in order to do the nucular fuison reaction needed to produses gama rays
2.why do they not uses this energy resorses millaterly and do they survive constent raw exposer no matter how resilent the X'lanthos would literly talk you to death of course thier is the idea that the X'lanthos exorbe and then emittetthe gama rays this is a hard to deffend hypotises becuse of the nature of gama rays very little can stop it from pasing through a solid obgect redirecting it would be hard engouth with out having to carry the light soures and actualy harnisting it and contaning it,you then have to put a gama ray weak spot or your informaton would just be exsorbed by the person your trying to talk to of courses my oun therory of eletrical-soft energy emiton conmunications is equaly flawed in that the X'lanthos has to have have some kind of a hardwierd dark matter ponental energy controler that would alow the X'lanthos to minipulate lower energy forces but I am positive that the X'lanthos comunication is in the sender/resever nodes
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Re: atopsy of a X'lanthos

Post by OmegaOm » Thu Nov 29, 2012 4:58 pm

I agree that gamma rays should not be the idea for communication.
It does not make scientific sense. Good sci-fi needs to be believable. I do
not think there would be a way to make that believable.
Unless the X'Lanthos developed this as technology, themselves, and is not a product of
evolution. Still Gamma rays rip apart all biological cells.
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Re: atopsy of a X'lanthos

Post by GREENSTUFF-JUNKIE » Sun Jun 02, 2013 1:38 pm

The wonder of Sci Fi is that you only have to explain what you want to. If Gama Rays don't work, say, "unidentifyable form of radiation most comparable to gama rays" Nice Work.

First post! Good job, now post more...
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Re: atopsy of a X'lanthos

Post by alon » Mon Aug 26, 2013 1:37 am

It is not making any kind od sense of using gamma rays...

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Re: atopsy of a X'lanthos

Post by Marit Lage » Mon Aug 26, 2013 2:41 am

Why does it have to be anything like gamma rays? Wouldn't low intensity x rays or microwaves be more feasible?
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