Bit of a story.

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Bit of a story.

Post by Ravenss » Sun May 27, 2012 5:29 pm

The X'lanthos commander stared down the empty street. A tree growing out form a subway stood stock still, against the wind. A window on the 2nd floor of a building thurst open, over looking the road. The way the vegitation in one residence moved. Ambush. 'Humans, ambush, defensive positions!' the commander said, which to humans sounded like a series of low and high pitched clicks, and the occasional humm. But the aliens understood, moving in almost drone like obedience, they took up guard positions on either side of the street, while a squad with a sharp shooter peeled away, heading for an abandoned hotel. By now the humans had lost the element of suprise, and came bursting out of hiding in a hail of gun fire, plasma rounds, and wild whoops of andrenal induced glee.

This is all i have currently of a short story Im making for Dark Potential, hope you enjoyed reading it. :D

-Zerga303, Ravenss, Slender_Mann, and many other names.


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