Playable Faction: Deytah

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Playable Faction: Deytah

Post by aNukklehead » Thu May 10, 2012 12:54 pm

Here is my second Faction for Dark Potential

Deytah on Earth
The Deytah were a slave race brought to Earth by the X'lanthos or some other alien race. However, due to Earth's lower gravity than their home world they were much stronger and escaped from captivity. They flourished in Earth's environment. They live in mountain ranges and jungles mostly in Asia.

The Deytah are extremely good at hand to hand combat do to there size and strength. They are about 7 to 8 feet tall as adults. Youth Deytah's size change according tho there age. Deytah are very strong due to the amount of muscles in their arms. Studies suggest that they used to be flying creatures. Due to evolution this melded their wings with their currently existing arms making them twice as strong. The bird aspect of them shows as they leap from tree to tree in a jungle or rock to rock on mountains. The Deytah also have a unique exoskeleton on their heads. It is a naturally occurring skull on the outside of their head.

Deytah Tribes
The Deytah have split up into different tribes that constantly war or form alliances with each other. One tribe is lead by an Elder. The Elder helps the War Chief of the Tribe to decide when to go to war are what not. The War Chief is also guided by 5 to 10 Shamans. Deytah males and females are equal in all aspects in the tribe. Warriors/hunters are sent out periodically to steal from other tribes or to hunt animals.
Here are some of the bigger tribes:
Que'Ktan- Expert hunters and woods men. Tend to live in the South American Jungles.
War'yad- Most technologically advance of all tribes. They have primitive guns. Live in the mountains of Russia.
Shal'Nel- Desert dwellers. Very mysterious. They live in the gobi Desert. Masters of stealth

The Deytah don't really want to get home. Partially because half of them have never seen it.
The Deytah tend to keep to themselves. They don't really come in contact with the other inhabitants of Earth. But when they do have humans or Dwars our whatever it may be intrude on their territory...the intruders are often found strung up from a tree.

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Re: Playable Faction: Deytah

Post by ashan46 » Tue Aug 21, 2012 12:08 am

An interesting idea for a potential faction. I can see it fitting in with the Dark Potential story. It also reminds me of the idea I had for my faction idea, the Highlanders. Check em out. ... 16&t=79335


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