Case Summary No. 252-36: Iain Vass

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Case Summary No. 252-36: Iain Vass

Post by poda_tamas » Mon May 07, 2012 2:27 am

Case Number: 252-36
Subject: Iain P. Vass
Type: Medico-legal examination of accused [Conspiracy with X'Lanthos (S.2:1.1-6; S.3:1.2,5,9-11), Conspiracy against humanity (S.3.1-13; S.3:2, S.3:3.1-2,5)]
Examiner: Dr. JG Vandertol
Method: Interview, Review of Records, Review of Transcripts
Date: September 12


You know, you are right... maybe I should start at the beginning. Its how most narratives are told, but you already know the beginning. The hundred years war. It wasn't so much a war as a hissing contest. At least right up until the X'Lanthos showed up, at least then the Muslims and the Christians were able to stop their damnable bickering, because there's not a hell of a lot to claim belongs to you if it's all.... well, nuclear deserts or a mutated subversion of the Xylo's plague. I should start at the beginning, to help you understand, but the beginning starts with the Xylos, so telling you not all the Xylos are that bad is a heretical notion for you. I mean that honestly. I have some strong relationships with some of them, and there's been a fair bit of dialogue, but you won't understand any of this. All you see in them is what they did to us, but yet, you look at a muslim, or a christian, or hindi... you don't see any of the crimes they committed against you now or in the past... or the strife you have with them now and will continue with in the future. Instead you blindly choose to see only bonds of brotherhood. Even then, what brotherhood you have is weak at best, brittle and prone to infighting.

I give you no statement of defense against against your accusation of why I choose to, as you call it, "conspire" with the Xylos, because you don't know anything about them. What have you heard of what they call the "Zombie War"? Have you ever seen a Xylo murder another in anger? Have you ever seen hordes of them murder each other in anger? Have you seen them engineer bio-weapons specifically calibrated against each other? All just because one refuses to acknowledge the existence of the other as, not simply inferior, but not even deigning to consider them living? I was there, I held their hands and saw the all-too human, vulnerable, pain in them, and I know now, truly, that humanity is a guiding principle of philosophy, not one of genetics!

X'Lanthos, Human.... these are words. Reclaimer will just as readily turn on scavenger just as soon as they've stamped some Xylo's out. I have seen Xylos grow and learn, and see the universe in a new light, possible only because, as they come to say it; "to hear the music of the spheres, they had first to become deaf to each other". It is not my duty to defend myself from your ill-conceived accusations. My duty is to accuse you of criminal and inhuman conduct against living beings, and persecuting them for the mere fact of their genetics or associations instead of any real crime they have committed!

My efforts have saved more humans and living space on this world we are all stranded on and forced to call home, while your continued warring has irradiated twice what I've protected. Yet, I die an infamous criminal, while hatemongers revel in the slaughter of our world for no other reason than it is lucrative to keep people fearful and in need. I have already said everything I've meant to say, and several times over. This is my case, and your own ignorance of the X'Lanthos damns us all.


Examiner's findings:
This subject appears to suffer from the delusion of co-operation between X'lanthos and Humans. This subject presents all of the criteria suggestive of Stockholm Syndrome, though rooted quite deep. It has been noted on a number of occasions that X'Lanthos are known to engage in intraracial conflict, the same is true of humans. If human racial history is taken for example, it becomes clear that theological disputes, disagreement regarding resource allocation or disagreement around political engagement all are sufficient factors against unity. Divisions in class, income, possessions, inheritance, education or racial background become other factors. It should be expected that differing factions of X'Lanthos merely have disparate access to resources, disagree over an item of their theology, or simply wage territorial war for the sake of control of their entire racial collective on Terra in an effort to maintain a maximum united effort against human kind. If factors of disunity can be exemplified in one intelligent species, the same kind of disputes should be found in other species as well, so it should strike us as no surprise that X'Lanthos also engage in intraracial conflict.

Given the extensive damage the Stockholm Syndrom has done to this subjects psyche, I suggest suppression of all information regarding this trial and an immediate execution. The public prosecution of an individual who is mentally handicapped, brainwashed even, would reflect poorly on our justice system, as it would become readily apparent that this individual is not in a mental state to comprehend his own actions. This individual may be rehabilitated, but only at great expense to the state and after a great expenditure in financial support. Even after rehabilitation the subject would require daily assistance as he would no longer function in his normal capacity in his day-to-day life, nor be able to interact with human-kind given his fraught history. The humane direction in this case is to lay this individual to rest in as peaceful fashion as possible, and to bury him in an un-marked grave. It remains important to show the body respect, not to arouse any anti-state conspiracist suspicions. The state's unstable condition would become volatile in the event that the euthanasia of one mentally unstable individual be taken as a martyring.

I trust the foregoing is satisfactory, and remain,

yours truly,

Dr. James G. Vandertol, B.A., M.D., D.C.H., Ph.D.


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