William Arnold Blackwater: A history of the Bandits.

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William Arnold Blackwater: A history of the Bandits.

Post by Force » Thu May 03, 2012 7:55 pm

This is the back story for William Blackwater, the ultimate father of the bandit faction. I wanted not only to develop the faction, but I wanted to give them a name, and a purpose. I would be delighted for any and all to add pieces to my story. I would like to expand "Darwinia" more.

William Arnold Blackwater (Born July 1st, 1892 - Died December 29th 1974. Aged 82)

William was born to Anne Blackwater, and John Henry Blackwater July 1st, 1892. The Blackwater family resided in Chesapeake, Virginia until 1909 when William moved out of the family home at the age of 17. His mother passed away one year later as a result of contracting polio. His father would not pass away until 1920. Not too much is known about his parents. Though, his father had served in the Confederate States Army during the United States Civil War as a Lieutenant Colonel. His mother Anne was rather submissive to John Henry during their marriage. In one of his many writings, William described his father as "Crude, loud, and sloppy, yet commanding and honorable"(Self Evident: The Human Mind). The relationship William held with his parents was poor. His father was harsh on him for the smallest of things, and his mother wasn't commanding enough. This lead to him having a rather dysfunctional childhood.

However, little William grew up to be a devilishly smart boy. His father was very strict, and made sure William was a "proper young man". He out-performed other children scholastically and physically. His father made sure he grew up physically fit and academically inclined. His father simply wouldn't have a failure of a child. William moved out of his house at the age of 17 to attend the United States Military Academy in 1909. He graduated the United States Military Academy in 1913 and served in the United States Army until 1917. Two months before Blackwater was allowed to leave the Army, the United States entered World War 1. Because William had already served five years in the United States Army as an officer, he was the rank of captain. Thus, he fought in the trenches with the group of men he was in charge of. The horrors he witnessed during this time would lead to a mental deterioration. This subsequently led to his sociopathy, and obsession with the social construct of the human race.

After his time in the war, he came back home and bought a small house in New York State using what money he had gotten from the Army. From there, he would begin his writing career. Many books that he wrote were essentially commentaries on Darwinism and the human psyche. The irony in this considering his twisted mental state is astounding. Nevertheless, his most famous writing is entitled "Darwinia". In "Darwinia" Blackwater expressed how it was the strong that would take from the weak to keep being strong. He broke down walls of morality and revolutionized the way human society was viewed by the general public. It was published in April of 1946. After experiencing little success in his writings beforehand, Blackwater took the end of the second world war as the perfect time to express his societal commentary. The war had been over for almost an entire year. However, the entire world could only sit dumbfounded as the damage of the insane Adolf Hitler was tallied. Blackwater wanted to give as many people he could a reason for such atrocities he had experienced in world war one, and the ones the world encountered in world war two. So, he wrote "Darwinia" during the war knowing his endeavors would be successful if he were to release his book after the war. "Darwinia" brought about the quotes so well known today such as "Never doubt the capabilities of the mind", and "Those who actively live in poverty shall stay in poverty". He wanted his audience to take away his opinion on humans. The idea that some humans are inherently more evil, and they tend to be the ruling class because they take advantage of the lower class.

This book became wildly popular within most of the allied countries because it gave the respective countries great pride. It showed the citizens that Hitler's ability to be evil was directly related to the power he obtained. That made the countries that fought him proud to be fighting for equality and justice against the evil 1%. The book became a staple of American life. Many years later, each page would be delicately analyzed by American high school and college classes alike, just like the works of Shakespeare. People viewed his social commentaries as works of art and important to understanding us as humans.

Many hundreds of years have now passed since Blackwater's death. Before the great war, many large corporations ruled the Earth, and the many planets beyond. The entire earth was essentially an oligarchy in its own right. During this time, corrupt politics was a must in any society, and so was corrupt business. Out of a company named "Detritus Industries" came the Blackwater raiders. The company was a universal conglomerate that owned rights from evolving cyber technologies to hygienic soaps. Arthur Blackwater was the head of Detritus Industries. He was a man whose dark ambitions led him to the top of the company. He stepped on many heads, and lived the high life while the most menial of workers toiled away in the many factories Detritus owned. His real name was Arthur Douglas. He had grown up in a wealthy family where he was spoiled and taught the ways of dirty business by his father, Samuel Douglas - founder of Detritus Industries.

Arthur Douglas called himself Arthur Blackwater ever since he finished high school. Having read the book "Darwinia", Arthur became infatuated with the idea of him being the top of the top. He wanted it to be known that he was better than the 1%. He was higher than the average man. He was Arthur Blackwater! The message he took from the book was that the evil prevail. He was already a wealthy child soon to take over the family business, whose humble beginnings come from illegal deals with other companies and crime syndicates. The opportunity was there, and he grabbed it. He cared less about who he stepped on, so long as he go to the top. Get to the top he did. When the great war came, Detritus Industries became all but nothing. The X'Lanthos had targeted human industry, and Detritus being one of the largest corporations in the world fell hard. Almost all Detritus buildings were annihilated during the fighting. This also included the headquarters of Detritus Industries. From the ashes rose Arthur Blackwater. With such great wealth, he could easily afford to hide from the war. He hid from the war like the fortunate son he was. He took shelter in a safe house many miles underground where he lived comfortably as people died. When all was said and done, and the world was left in rubble, Arthur went right back to trying to be the 1%.

His business may have been reduced to nothing, but he still maintained the Blackwater philosophy. Arthur used money to persuade other humans who survived the war to join the Blackwater cause. From here, the Blackwater Raiders became what they are today. Arthur crafted a business out of crime and raiding. The people behind the Blackwater cause were just as evil as he was. They all embraced the Blackwater philosophy, and Arthur Blackwater made sure to give his followers a purpose by telling them they too would become the 1% from raiding and pillaging. So, with his vast amounts of money, Arthur built a crime syndicate out of nothing. He spend money giving his followers weapons, and living spaces. All that was left was to follow the Blackwater spirit. Crush the weak and take what will only serve to better their cause. This is how the Blackwater Raiders work. They pillage any other human societies they can find and take their technology to better improve the original technology funded by Arthur Blackwater. Arthur Blackwater currently heads the Blackwater Raiders. Since the world is in ashes, Arthur Blackwater cannot very well create a massive Blackwater base. So, the raiders live in their own groups under the name Blackwater Raiders. United by a single purpose... to commit atrocities for the betterment of themselves, they follow a simple ranking structure, so that way their raids are organized.

At the same time, they function like a crime syndicate, trading with other human groups who get friendly with them to make money. They subsist by taking from others. They all believe in a perverse version of Robin Hood's philosophy. Blackwater philosophy is a singular rule they all follow under the guise of Arthur Blackwater. Now that Blackwater is getting older, the Blackwater philosophy is becoming legend to the younger generations. That is why the Blackwater Raiders are such a threat to us today after war has ravaged this world. If they become to powerful, they will become more than a loosely organized group of raiders under one name. They will become their own people. Their terrible and immoral actions must be stopped for the good of humanity... lest we all face the consequences.

Thus ends my story behind the bandit faction. They now have a name, and a general back story as to how they formed and subsist in a post apocalyptic world. It would be a dream come true if some of this lore were to be implemented into DP. That is the sole purpose I wrote this. I have a vivid imagination and I know that DP had been having some troubles with ideas for the bandit faction. I followed some of the ideas given by some of the other previous posters and what Matt had explained in some of the updates. For some reason, in any game, I'm also an extreme supporter of raider factions so I really wanted to write this. Thanks!

I hope I didn't write too much! My apologies if I made any mistakes here. I'm a little too tired at this time to re-read it all!


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