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Suggestions on the Bandits Faction

Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2012 7:29 pm
by GamerCr0w
First i will give you some information about how i like to see Bandits faction and how i have organized it inside my mind to work. Still just a fan stuff so ofcourse this will turn in to non-canon text when real fluff comes out.

anyway first the Bandit gang organisation infos:

Bandit gangs:
Bandits are constructed out of people who had no other options in means of survival or were hired for the job. Bandits mostly rank in depending on their strengths meaning that those who are new or weak will be pushed around. As the gang grows larger some authority is needed in order to keep the Bandits in united group. So the Bandit king is born in to the Gang, either with peacufull means or with violence, depending on bandits.
To secure his authority Bandit king chooses few of the most loyal followers to secure his place in atop of the hierarchy, these individuals are called Gang leaders. However sometimes Gang leaders aren't enough to secure Bandit king, so gang leaders hire or appoint others to work as enforcers to Bandit king's laws.
As the Bandit gang grows even larger not every member know each other, meaning that there is a possibility to attack own allies accidently. Wise Bandit king creates a colour scheme, a logo or a banner that helps Bandits to reqodnize each other.

Bandit gangs are led by Bandit king, right below him are the Gang leaders to promote their leader's authority. Ofcourse there are more bandit gang members than Gang leaders, so riots, rebellions etc. are expected to happen. To prevent these, Bandit arbitrators are required. The top three of the hierarchy is almost unchangable, if Bandit king isn't thrown from his throne.
But one faction within the Bandit gang works out of the border of authority, the Gang Docs, as they are hard to find and even harder to keep among the bandits. When time comes their authority can only be over ruled by the Bandit king and even he might have to back down if the situation includes dangers such as infections or containous diseases.

Bandits do not very good reputation amongst other factions due to their way of raiding and unreliable nature. However in some cases the Bandit kings can persuade other factions to work with them or sell them equipment, this might be caused by real promises bandits are going to keep or then just because Bandit king is very convincing.

Bandit king, Gang leaders and arbitrators wear the best armours and wield the superior weaponry.
Thugs and Thief troopers are given some armour to protect them. As for their weaponry, they are allowed to take almost anything with them. Only exceptions are the rare and extremely powerful weapons, they cannot be trusted with such equipment.
Scums aren't given any armour for they haven't proven themselves to be strong enough to be noticed by high authority. When a Scum does something that could be rewarded, they are assigned to other duties and equipped depending what they do.
Stalkers don't need much armour because it would only be on their way, they are however equipped with either long range rifle or powerful close combat weapon. In some cases if the Bandit king or Gang leader sees appropriate they may given explosives.
Attack dogs may be armoured but this happens very rarely, dogs can be easily replaced as long as there are at least few back in the hideout.
X'Lanthos' equipment depends greatly what they had before they left from their own race. Bandits might not have much equipment for these alien creatures, but there is always the option of stealing equipment they need.

other species in bandit gangs:


Bandit king:
The ultimate leader of the bandit gang

Gang leaders:
The generals of the Bandit king who are usually sent to superwise Bandit king's minions.

Bandit arbitrators:
Law enforcers of the Bandit gangs.

Gang Doc:
Medical crew of the Bandit gang.

Attack dogs:
Dogs that have been trained and now live, eat and fight amongst the bandits.

Low ranked in hierarchy and quite poorly equipped infatry.

X'Lanthos Strikers:
X'Lanthos' that have sided with the humans but weren't excepted in their ranks, leaving them to join Bandits. Basically the heavy infantry of the bandits.

Thief troopers:
Basic infantry of the Bandits. Equipment changes from basic rifle to small team of rocket launchers.

Special unit for sneaking and finding ways in. Commonly carry some specialised equipment with them.

Units specialized in close quarters fighting. Assembles from very various persons and usually led by a veteran fighter.

Info of the units in game:

Bandit King: Powerful character with high quality weapon and a lot of command points. How ever he can be taken down easily if not around his own men to take the bullets for him, so keeping him behind the lines in important. Weapon would most likely be some kind of assault riffle or a shotgun. you would be able to take only one of these in your gang.

Gang Leader: An individual character that would cost way less than Bandit King, but would also have lower stats. He could choose from Melee, Mid range or long range weapons such as Combat blade, Machine gun and a riffle. This way he could fit a role that you might be missing from your gang. They could choose to take smoke grenades with them if needed.

Bandit Arbitrator: Character with a low defence value but high armour value and is also equipped with powerful melee weapon. Basically a tank character. Has high leadership that he can share with command point to one unit in a turn, representing his command to stay and fight. To balance him, he would have only two wounds.

Gang Doc: Gang Doc would be a field medic of the army and would cost the most, even more than Bandit king. He would be a solo character with an ability of using an action to replenish one wound of an friendly character in contact. He would however have poor armour value and only one wound, making him very very fragile but usefull.

Attack Dogs: Attack dogs are fast unit with high defence but with no armour or just a little armour. They are close combat unit, that focuses on harassing and diversing enemies while other troops work their magic.

Scums: A squad of very poor stat'd and low priced meat wall typed unit. Having a weak weapons and low armours enemy might leave them be and get overwhelmed by their numbers or shoot them and fall in to the trap of the cunning enemy. Scums have one of the lowest leadership in the game, do having an Bandit arbitrator to watch over them would be helpful.

X'Lanthos Strikers: An squad that can take some punishment like any X'Lanthos unit. Wielding Biofists and plasma rifles they would be a fresh wind blowing in to the army of fairly poor army of bandits. They would have high point cost and would be limited to only one team for a Bandit gang.

Thief Troopers: The basic infantry unit armed and almost identical to corporation Troopers, having only little lower armour value and leadership. Mainly focus on ranged combat and fight very poorly if someone catches them.

Stalker: An assasin type of character who uses ranged weapon to hunt his prey from the distance. Basically your generic Sniper with a little lower leadership than the other fatcions have.

Thugs: An Close combat option to balance the poor knife skills on the Thief Troopers. Thugs how ever do not carry any kind of ranged weaponry. other than that almost identical to Thief Troopers in every other way.


And then to the example bandit king Noah, Leader of the Drifters:
Noah is a calm and stable minded person with a brains that work with an speed of an super computer. His decisions are well planned and he never leaves anything by the chance, knowing that anyone can jump sides anytime.
Noah commands an large, long branched Bandit gang that has many Gang Leaders and even more enforcers. He also favors people from the other factions as they give him more information to work with.
His recruiting tactic usually follows a pattern: he sends of small groups containing some of his chosen Bandits. This group roams around until it finds potential members, slaves or merchandises/equipment to get. They will either use force or persuasion skills to get what they want. After this the group returns with their catch.
Reason for the name of the Bandit gang comes from the guerrilla typed hiding tactic where the gang members are split in the groups of two to drift all around the areas far and close. All of the members have been given the time and place for their next meeting when they will regroup.

Appereance and the equipment of the Drifters:
Drifters wear brownish gray and beige armours and clothing. They have Blue symbol of river on their right sleeves, and as the authority rises so does the number of the rivers. New recruits with one stream of river, Gang leaders with four.
Like most of the Bandits, Drifters also have to gain their equpiment by trading and stealing, meaning that they most likely will have many variations of the same weapon and armour.


Firstly I wanted to get more than one race in this alliance, and why there couldn't be any X'Lanthos' that would change side, Matthew mentioned that the aliens can me more "human like" so it is quite understandable if some of X'Lanthos' think bit differently, they might have the same goal but different methods. Bandit kings are looking for strong allies and if you can have any information about your enemies, you can have quite an advantage against them.
Second thing i see in Bandits is that they are more of an survivors and gang themed than any real army like organization. meaning they will take opportunities that others might not take. This means that they aren't rotten to the core (though are mostly pretty nasty bunch) and can make any kind of decissions and play in almost all sides.
Also i started to write all this before i knew what Matthew had put on his notes.

Re: Suggestions on the Bandits Faction

Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2012 7:42 pm
by Crusherfex
I like the ideas here, especially the attack dogs and medics.

May I suggest changing arbitrators to "muggers"? They find rebels and beat them into submission and linger over the whole gang. It seems appropriate seeing as Bandits probably don't know the word "arbitrator".

And what about POW? Corporation and Reclaimers forced into the life of a bandit?

On another side note, I'd change "gang leader" to "gang lord". Sort of like drug lords in power/danger.

The rest is solid, like the hierarchy!

Re: Suggestions on the Bandits Faction

Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2012 8:16 pm
by GamerCr0w
Crusherfex wrote:I like the ideas here, especially the attack dogs and medics.

May I suggest changing arbitrators to "muggers"? They find rebels and beat them into submission and linger over the whole gang. It seems appropriate seeing as Bandits probably don't know the word "arbitrator".
well i was thinking about not calling them arbitrators, but i couldn't think of anything better at the moment and i remembered how all of the arbitrators have been in my Dark Heresy games and well.... lets just say that some daemons were nicer to their allies than those guys.
Crusherfex wrote: And what about POW? Corporation and Reclaimers forced into the life of a bandit?
i didn't intend to go all that far first because of Bandits are kinda of an a**holes so they would most likely only rob and kill Corporation or Reclaimer outcasts/soldiers/civilians if they'd see one. of course it might be that Bandits take even them into their ranks, because if X'Lanthos is fine i'd say everything goes.
Crusherfex wrote: On another side note, I'd change "gang leader" to "gang lord". Sort of like drug lords in power/danger.
Good point you got there
Crusherfex wrote: The rest is solid, like the hierarchy!
Thank you. Hope Mr. Glanfield would feel the same way.

i'll be soon adding a lore info for each unit as well, most likely within a day.

Re: Suggestions on the Bandits Faction

Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2012 9:46 pm
by GamerCr0w
Units' (more detailed) lores:
words in parentheses represent the suggestions Crusherfex suggested, i don't want to fully replace the words so that people can still see the original name.

Bandit king: The strongest and wisest bandit of the whole group. Bandit king is most often very careful with his security when it comes to his underlings, as he trusts only his Gang leaders(lords) for they are loyal enough to die for him. Other members of the group might hate him enough to try suicide bombing, especially those who were once slaves or were forced to obey him. Because he himself is also a human he knows how weak minded people can be when their agreement is asked while offering brides. For this reason Bandit king needs to rule with an iron fist. When it comes to an dealing with other factions, Bandit king prefers to put his loyal subjects to take the risk of being shot, even if it would be only peace offer. Cause if there is something that Bandit king know is that: if something is too good to be true don't take it.

Gang Leader(Lord): Skilled in arms and great strategists who are devoted to serve their king, the Gang Leaders(Lords) are the elite of the elite in any Bandit gang, making them perfect to supervise Bandit King's other underlings on the battlefield. Only thing in common amongst them are skills of the Gang Leaders(Lords), other than that they are all different persons with different methods to work and think. This means that even they have brawls with each other from time to time to prove whose right, the small fights how ever rarely end in the death of Gang Leader(Lord) and when they do the surviving side needs to have either good explanation or fast legs to survive rest of the day alive.

Bandit Arbitrator(Mugger): These strong willed individuals are most easily described as Bandit law fanatics, they enforce the gangs rules/laws and will even go against their superiors if needed. Bandit Arbtrators(Muggers) use very violent ways and it's not unusual if the person they are "teaching a lesson" dies or ends up in the sickbed for few weeks because of the broken bones and internal injuries.

Gang Doc: Gang Docs are either hired, found or kidnapped to work under the Bandit King. Because the medical treatment is complicated and extremely hard to find after the disappearance of the common medical stations and doctors. This causes Bandit gangs to be very protective over their Gang Docs and are willing to do almost anything to keep them within the gang, even the Bandit King is mostly willing to some of his personal profits to Doc just to be sure.

Attack Dogs: Dogs also survived the war and viruses that raged all over the planet. As the dogs that eventually had become more of an wild pack animals rather than staying as lapdogs. As the time passed dog packs met more and more of an Bandit gangs, some of the Bandit Kings and Gang Leader(Lords) started the attempt to tame and train dogs to serve them. After a while some of the dogs started to stay with the gangs, mostly not because they were tamed but because Bandits fed them regularly, Dogs also learned simple commands and got fed more if they obeyed. Eventually they became standard attack dogs for many Bandit gangs as they are fast animals who can at least hold the enemy while Bandits act.

Scums: Scums as their name suggests are ranked lowest in the hierarchy, for they are assembled from newcomers and slaves. They have no control over how they can live and they know that they are expendable. If scums aren't supervised they might start to plot against their leaders and sometimes are able to get some of the higher ranked persons join them. How ever if the gang has invested anything on Bandit Arbitrators(Muggers), the rebels are soon taken out and some are never seen again.

X'Lanthos Strikers: Commonly most of the X'Lanthos' hate humans, but of course there are exceptions. Some might suggest their superiors an option of peace, this doesn't usually end well and in worst cases the X'Lanthos has has to escape to the wilderness in order to survive. Eventually, if they are lucky they will come across a Bandits who won't try to kill them. These bandits may recruit X'Lanthos in search for easy manpower. Other option might be that the X'Lanthos' disagree in their tactics, some might leave holding grudge to others and still hating humans. X'Lanthos' know that humans are fighting amongst themselves, meaning that there has to be some people that they might encounter and listen to their suggestion of calling truce until two of the major human organisations, Corporation and Reclaimers are defeated. Some of the bandits agree with this deal, knowing that if X'Lanthos' betray them they can still just kill the "Temporary allies".

Thief Troopers: Most common infantry within the Bandit gangs, troopers who have been around long enough to know how things work. They aren't completely loyal but most of them do not have anything against their leaders as long it ends up for their favor. Thief Troopers are most commonly given ranged weapons, the quality and the style of the weapon depends what the current leader see appropriate for them to have. Thief Troopers are commonly working with Thugs to work as a team in order to fill each other's shortage of equipment.

Stalker: Stalker is mostly self trained sneaker who is used to stay unnoticed. Stalker is most likely to join Bandit gang on their own, this way he is able to get more cover within group and is secured to get food and shelter as long as Bandit gang is doing well. Stalker however never seems like one of the bandits and also acts separately during the raids. When situation seems that he might die, Stalker usually flees to live another day.

Thugs: Thugs are common within gangs, for they are those who cannot be trusted with a ranged weapon, either they are too dangerous with one or cannot hit even an buildings wall with a assault rifle. Thugs aren't all that pleased with their organizing, for they are the ones to run towards the foe and take the first hits. Thugs have low morale and like to team up with the Thief Troopers who can provide them covering fire.

Some of the pictures that remind me of the Bandits: ... 18&t=74567

Here's also my collected thoughts and other things i've come up with: ... &sk=t&sd=a

Re: Suggestions on the Bandits Faction

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2016 10:42 am
by hannamarin1
these suggestions do make sense, has an essay about gang violence to read!