Contest: Dark Acoustics Reclaimer Physiology Index

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Contest: Dark Acoustics Reclaimer Physiology Index

Post by Xefa01 » Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:57 am

Generally Reclaimer's tend to stand about one to two feet taller than the average human. This drastic difference in height is due to the fact that they have developed without the constant influence of gravity present on their bodies. Unfortunately this also means that their skeletal frames developed with less structural density.

On Average a Reclaimer, especially those expected to operate in environments of high gravity, usually weigh the same as an earthbound human of relative height. In other words a tall Reclaimer at 7'5” would weigh approximately the same as a tall, fit earth male at 6'5” (about 190-200lbs). Their less dense skeletal system would be unable to handle their own weight under a high gravity influence. Furthermore, the reduced density of their bones naturally lends to the weight drop.

This causes Reclaimers in the field to appear very tall and thin. Looking about as bulky as an earthbound human with their exo-suits on.

Gravity Training:
Reclaimers activated for military duty generally undergo constant gravity therapy throughout their lives. The exo-suits they wear do most of the job of mitigating the danger of high gravity, but the training is still needed to condition a reclaimer for extended operations and the added stresses of combat. A Reclaimer without any gravity training would find the exo-suit itself excessively uncomfortable.

Virus Training:
When the X'lanthos virus hit Earth, the Reclaimer's ancestors were exclusively space bound. Having evolved and developed in the atmospherically controlled space stations and fleets the Reclaimers never had an opportunity to become immune to the virus. In addition, over generations their immune systems weakened marginally and they became susceptible to other viruses contracted by earth bound humans & animals.

Reclaimers sent to these areas undergo extensive virus treatments throughout their careers that introduce small amounts of the virus into their systems allowing their bodies to grow defenses around them. It is not uncommon for Reclaimer military hospitals to be filled with personnel experiencing illnesses running the gamut due to their vaccinations.
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