Contest: Dark Acoustics Reclaimer Military Index

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Contest: Dark Acoustics Reclaimer Military Index

Post by Xefa01 » Mon Apr 09, 2012 6:38 pm

Hey everyone, so as my enthusiam quickly grew out of hand I soon began to realize that all the stuff my brain was coming up with to flesh out the Reclaimers for the Dark Acoustics Story line was growing at an uncontrollable rate.

It's now become apparent that I need to split the Dark Acoustics Codex into categories so it doesn't become a monster wall of text that nobody wants to read.

For starters I'm breaking the index into the following categories:

Index of Terms:
-Reserved for terms and devices that don't necessarily fit within the other categories

Reclaimer Naval Index:
-This index will reflect all the new stuff I've come up with regarding the organization and weapons used by the Reclaimer Navy.

Reclaimer Military Index:
-This will encompass the library of military branches that operate as the Reclaimer's ground presence. This will also include a listing of all small arms I've built upon.

As always please give your feedback. I'm NOT a scientist and most, if not all, of the things in these lists reflect science and technology that I barely understand. Alot of the "jargon" I use is a re-working of what I think Wikipedia is saying when explaining these concepts.

I only want for this stuff to make sense and fit within the Dark Potential canon so if you see something that doesn't make sense, PLEASE leave feedback.

The following index is a growing list of terms and objects used in the Dark Acoustics story line. Starting from Act I Part III on, items will be given an * if it can be found and elaborated upon in the "Index" documents. As new items and terms are introduced, the indexes will be updated.

Zone 12:
The Grid’s hub of security and main HQ and training facilities for Black Ops teams stationed moon side. Most notably this zone is infamous for being a fortress within a fortress as over 80% of The Grid’s software based security systems are wired to various servers and generators routed through Zone 12.

This wing also features its own Heaven-Blade APC hanger and shuttle-to-fleet space port as Black Ops sanctioned tasks are generally locked down with the highest security classifications and transportation to and from theaters need to be as free from regulatory questioning and registration as possible.

Black Operatives:
A highly clandestine branch of the Reclaimer military, technically they fall under the auspices of the Naval Fleet Command but largely operate independently and/or attached to other teams.

Nicknamed Spookies, Black Operatives are commonly fielded as solo agents in the field for matters of national security or as advanced recon for missions where failure is not an option. Their training HQ is based out of Zone 12 in The Grid but it is unknown where active, real-world Black Ops posts operate from, if there are any.

It is common for Black Operatives to not be found in any databases or networks and their missions often “never happened”. It is not surprising that relatively little is known about Black Ops movements and even less about the agents carrying them out. Almost everything regarding Black Ops is heavily classified to all but the highest orders of the Military chain of command, and even then data is strictly kept to a need to know basis.

Black Ops teams (when such a highly trained assemblage of assassins is necessitated) are named exclusively after extinct, Earth based apex predators such as “Barracuda, Mamba, and Grizzly”.

Special Operations and Recovery (S.O.A.R)
The name of this branch of the Reclaimer Naval Fleet Command is misleading as the team does relatively little Recovery, their operations falling more in line with recon and neutralization of enemy detection and warning systems.

S.O.A.R operatives exclusively work as small teams of highly trained advanced combat units. They’re main duties are often to scout out unknown regions where technology is believed to be hidden. They map areas of tactical viability, enemy strengths, and sabotage resource caches and supply lines so Technology Recovery Teams can come in and do the visible work of cleaning house and actually recovering the artifact.

Much like Black Operatives, most of their tasks are thankless and “non-existent”, as their more visible (and regulated) counterparts in the Technology Recovery Teams reap the credit for the success of a mission.

S.O.A.R candidates are almost exclusively selected from other specialist units such as Technology Recovery Teams, and historically they have even been known to share assets and personnel with Black Ops.

Technology Recovery Teams (credited to forum user AirborneHam)
Reclaimer Specialized Marine units formed from soldiers from other areas of the Marine Corps who show exceptional talent, skill, and bravery.

It is a rare honor to be selected to join a “TRT” (pronounced “tart”) as the promotion has to be first proposed by the candidate’s supervisor and then be approved by the Marine and Naval board of admittance. The council is formed entirely from retired veterans from Black Ops, S.O.A.R, the Marine Corps, TrT, and Naval fleet field officers (such as pilots and other special ops programs).

Additional training for the candidate starts immediately aboard one of the many Reclaimer Battleships that support onsite specialist training programs. The elite out of this group are sometimes even given the opportunity to test at The Grid in the small wing assigned to the Technology Recovery Office.

Entrapped Graviton Nodule:
A small cylindrical device with a hollow cavity housed within its shell. These devices can trap graviton strings in a suspended field inside the device's cavity using dark matter tethers (strands of electrons sheathed in dark matter that can detect and attract these strings by matching flux density and spin). These gravitons are stored permanently within the nodule and can be manipulated using internal dark matter stores to sap or add to the potential energy of the independent gravitational field held within the device.

In practice this allows the user to place one of these nodules onto another object and remotely adjust the gravitational force to make the object lighter or heavier using a small signal device. Reclaimer soldiers in the field often attach these to their weapons in gear to make them lighter, but a thousand other applications have been observed by the resourceful.

The practical benefits of these devices are monumental as their simplicity allows anyone to harness gravitational force without the complicated process of adjusting a specific object's potential energy. A feat usually reserved only for trained Potentialists and their expensive suit harnesses and gloves.

Dark Matter Projection Shackle:
Another revolutionary device that allows “non-Potentialists” to manipulate dark matter. Recently re-discovered by a Reclaimer Technology Recovery Team, the DMPS resembles a magazine clip that can be attached to the modified stocks of newer Carbine and Rifle models manufactured by E.S.B Fabrications, the Reclaimer weapons manufacturer that paid for the recovery effort of the DMPS.

The device, when activated, can “shackle” different energy states to rounds entering the chamber. These states can include applying miniaturized force fields around the chambered projectile reducing its exposed frictional contact points, allowing it to travel farther through solid matter such as armor; or increasing the buildup of potential energy within the round, causing it to heat up to the material's melting point as it releases the extra energy during transit, causing incendiary damage to organic targets.

Field operatives have just begun to discover the multitudinous applications of the Dark Matter Projection Shackle.

Dark Matter Canister Barrel:
A universal dark matter grenade launcher attachment that fits all currently known models of Dark Matter canister.

This common Reclaimer device allows assault troops in the field to launch grenades programmed with specific potential energy effects to splash areas down with crushing micro-gravity bubbles or reduce the gravity in a zone, suspending everything inside of it.

Dark Argon:
A super pressurized gas capable of sustained containment and density due to it's potential energy being sapped in the filling process. Many small arms used by the Reclaimers use dark argon as a primary fuel source as it is readily available and capable of longer and superior field performance than standard combustion.

Most dark argon weaponry requires an Entrapped Graviton Nodule to lighten the weapon as the canisters used to hold the compressed gas are bulky and made of heavy gold-carbon alloys to prevent rupture.

Prodigy is the name given to Special Operations and Advanced Recovery (S.O.A.R) Candidate Cadet Katy Blanch's heavily modified CeC–30.

The CeC-30 is the latest model in a long and proud line of military grade Carbines manufactured by E.S.B Fabrications. The CeC-30 utilizes the newest technology known to the Reclaimers, including attachments for the highly prized Dark Matter Projection Shackle.

A 9mm semi-automatic pistol created by Apex Weapons LTD, one of the many weapon manufacturing branches of the Earth-based mega conglomerate AdvaTera Corp, or as it is more commonly known “The Corporation” .

The weapon alone is fairly common and unremarkable, and it's beginning to show its age as a new line of 9mm pistols are being rolled out by Apex every year. The one redeeming quality of the Exodus is that for some reason the company created a unique and proprietary enlarged clip design that fits only the Exodus. It is unknown why they chose to discontinue the design on newer models.

Jade 9mm:
A newer model 9mm semi-automatic pistol created by Aruba Arms, yet another one of AdvaTera's subsidiary arms manufacturers.

The model was featured in the Earth periodical “AdvaTera Tomorrow” as a “brilliantly designed weapon, that features loads of upgradable features.”

D-66 Combat Rifle:
The D-66 Combat Rifle is the latest model in the line to use the famously unassuming name. The “D” series is the flagship assault rifle from E.S.B Fabrications. Just as the CeC series carbines are top of their class, the D series is arguably one of the most deadly assault rifles to ever come out of E.S.B. Fabrications. Heavily modifiable, sturdily built using high quality plastic polymers, and capable of laying down a staggering volume of accurate fire, the D-66 is a favored weapon among Reclaimer military elite.

Solid State Ammunition:
Many Reclaimer small arms still use solid state ammunition, as the materials used to generate this type of projectile are far more common and cost-effective to manufacture.

The relatively basic construction of most solid state weapons also allow field operatives to affect repairs and upgrades with ample understanding of gun mechanics making it an overwhelmingly more efficient option for infantry based warfare.

Directed Energy and Ionized Gas Weaponry program:
The Military Naval Science Commission's ongoing initiative to innovate the field of Directed Energy, Gauss, and Plasma weapons for use by individual soldiers in the field, recognizing the need to keep up with the X'lanthos' own advances in the field.

The results have been exceedingly prolific as these weapons are become exponentially more common as the Commission continues to revolutionize Reclaimer warfare.

Man-portable Dark Microwave Emitter (MDME, commonly pronounced “madame”):
The Madame is one of the many children born out of the Military Naval Science Commission's Directed Energy and Ionized Gas Weaponry program which is an ongoing initiative to innovate the field of energy and plasma weapons for use by individual soldiers in the field.

The madame is a rifle-like device that features a small crescent shaped dish at the end of the barrel and large capacitors to generate coiled or “Gauss” electromagnetism to accelerate a microwave beam generated by large capacitors. Dark Matter canisters are used to focus the beam's potential energy, making it susceptible to electromagnetic interference. The effect is literally a miniature example of its larger cousin.

R23-2 Particle Beam (nicknamed the TeV):
This slightly shorter directed energy weapon uses a proprietary Dark Matter injection chamber to contain and increase the potential energy of an electron beam before firing out through a focusing lens. The weapon has no need for a disposable energy or ammunition source as the internals of the highly prized chamber is self contained. The weapon can be fired indefinitely as long as the operator is diligent about venting the chamber.

The DPF-X-Ray Plasma Gun:
This Plasma “rifle” creates a fusion reaction within a protected plastiglass shell by using Dark Argon to super pressurize the firing chamber before the super heated ionized gas byproduct is ejected through electromagnetic acceleration.

Rampage Hand-Cannon
Another weapon made by the Reclaimer Military Naval Science Commission, the Rampage Hand-Cannon is a short and stocky shotgun approximately a foot in length and four inches wide. The shells it fires are canisters filled with tungsten bbs.

Much like the principles behind the Railcannon, these rounds are fired along an electromagnetically charged rail that vent Dark Matter "steam" into the "buckshot" as its being accelerated. The atoms within the round are excited and by the time it leaves the weapon's muzzel, it's little more than high-speed, high-energy molten sludge.

The energy from this compound would melt the internal workings of the weapon which is why the barrels are so short.

This weapon was developed from a short lived program that saw the company attempt to design weapons and gear for assault troops charged with boarding actions across other vessels upon the discovery that the X'lanthos had a fleet.

When the meager X'lanthos flotilla was discovered to be still limited to Earth's outer atmosphere the program was shut down, leaving any weapons and armor from this era exceedingly rare.
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